Stan Helsing (2009) - Comedy, Horror

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A spoof on many horror movie series. Ending his shift at the video rental, Stan's picked up by his BFF and 2 cute girls, all going to a Halloween party. Will they even get there?

IMDB: 3.6
Director: Bo Zenga
Stars: Steve Howey, Diora Baird
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 69 found boring (37.68%)

One-line Reviews (43)

The entire journey unravels with inexplicable coincidences relying on cliché after cliché to bring on some cheap laughs, which when proved inadequate there's always the odd toilet joke to stink bomb everything.

But the ride though was good enough to be enjoyable.

There is virtually NO plot, structure or pacing and we never get any explanation of whats going on or why.

It is unfunny and quite frankly pointless as well.

Like the others, it has no plot, no jokes and really bad actors.

The acting, plot, and direction are just missing and kind of pointless.

"Stan Helsing" is a dreadfully dull comedy that is poorly written, poorly paced, and not very well thought out.

The worst movie parody I've ever seen....

There was no plot, horrible acting, and the jokes were groan-worthy.

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The spoof of "Chucky" made me laugh because it was so unexpected.

Somehow, with my mind turned off and my stomach full of Corby's brand whiskey, I found this film humorous and enjoyable from the first five minutes.

Don,t waste your time watching it .

The acting was campy, the plot: mostly pointless, and the ending: dumb.

Ignore previous comment and don't waste your time.

As a fan of both horror and bizarre humor, I found this movie very enjoyable.

At least that way, your dream will be more entertaining than this movie.

But please, don't waste your time or energy on this.

Don't be so hard on it, if you really took the time and understood the humor and just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed it, then it wouldn't be half as bad.

It has no real plot, the characters aren't very interesting, you hardly laugh at the crude and sexual humor that I normally laugh at, and the acting is beyond atrocious.

If you find yourself falling asleep during this film, just hope that Freddy Krueger appears in your dream and slashes this film reel to bits.

There is no plot not script no acting, nothing really present that this would qualify this as an actual movie.

Quite possible the worst movie I have seen this year.

Cheesy, drawn out, cheap, not funny.

Now I have truly witnessed what may be one of the worst movies of 2009.

I'm inclined to believe this is one more film that was a waste of time for the actors, a waste of money to make, and a waste of brain cells for anyone who watches it.

it really dragged as well in places.

If you want a goofy send up of cliché horror tropes, you've arrived.

The props, costumes and production values through out give the impression of being cobbled together by people who either didn't know what they were doing or just wanted a rush job and with such poor acting, writing and story telling, it's quite a boring chore to sit through too.

The story is almost non-existent, and any scene that tries to tell even a thread of a story ends up being predictable and pointless.

90 minutescould be spent doing better things, like watching paint dry, orcounting the grains of sand on your local beach

Cheap, unfunny, boring and a total waste of time .

I can't express how bad it is, possibly the worst movie of all time.

Certainly it's full of formulaic horror-movie stereotypes, which you would expect from a self-proclaimed parody.

I keep thinking I've seen the worst movie ever made, then another gets released .

The worst movie I've ever seen .

It's completely unfunny, uninteresting and unbelievably stupid.

The characters have so much bad timing in this movie that it leaves the whole movie action packed and chopped with humor.

Stan Helsing is definitely worth watching if you are looking for a movie in this genre.

But even by those standards, this movie is dull, boring, and worst of all, unfunny.

But you can see the desperation in the main character's eyes when he has to do another pointless dialog.

If you've got a couple hours to kill and don't mind losing a few IQ points, save your money on the beer and watch this movie.

One of the WORST movies I've ever seen .