Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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With the assistance of the Enterprise crew, Admiral Kirk must stop an old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh, from using the life-generating Genesis Device as the ultimate weapon.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 26 out of 368 found boring (7.06%)

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Star Trek II also benefits from a strong and compelling villain, found in Ricardo Montalban's portrayal of Khan.

And then comes that shot of Spock's empty chair, followed by Scotty's, "He's dead already" on seconds later.

As somebody who's no Trekkie, I came to it fairly ambivalently; the first movie left me a little cold, and slightly bored, so I was hoping this one would be more eventful.

There are some outstanding space battles and a real sense of being out there in the final frontier and thats what makes this movie so enjoyable.

With a genuinely moving ending, Star Trek II moves past its humorous flaws to provide an entertaining film.

The pacing and plot are nicely are much superior to the plodding of the first effort.

The story is well composed and balanced, with a unexpected ending.

Even though the first STAR TREK motion picture made a lot of money at the box office, it was a rather bloated and tedious affair that disappointed fans of the original late-sixties television program.

Monteban goes deep into making this such a shamelessly entertaining goof who is actually a terrifying presence of vengeance against the Enterprise.

Star Trek's main fault was that nothing of note ever happened really, here the filmmakers made sure to give us some entertaining things, and things we could pay attention too.

Incredibly suspenseful, intense action, great acting, music and art perfect for this movie.

He makes the film a lot of fun, but also a much deeper and more compelling ride.

Wrath of Khan possesses everything that makes Star Trek so enjoyable.

But what makes this movie more intriguing and fun not to mention exciting to watch is Kirk's old nemesis-Khan as played by the classiest of comic strip villains by Ricardo Montalban(who was also played the same character in the television version "Space Seed" from the Star Trek series)who makes this movie jumped to life.

The story is very compelling and is a lot closer to the spirit of Star Trek than the original film should've been.

The final showdown between Kirk and Kahn will have you on the edge of your seating, rooting for the swashbuckling Kirk more than ever before.

There are a number of exciting scenes, and a running verbal duel between Khan and Kirk that is quite entertaining.

It is some of the finest and most fascinating sci-fi you will ever see.

There are some exciting ship battles to be seen, an unusually sombre ending (and one of the most touching), and two very angry men trying to outwit one another.

Unlike the first movie, where even the Trekkies couldn't follow the plot easily or stay interested, this film is absolutely gripping.

The plot is stronger and more interesting, the characters are much more engaging, and it's an overall more enjoyable movie.

I'll never forget the moment near the end, when Kirk hears McCoy's broken voice over the intercom and then notices Spock's empty seat.

This film was certainly entertaining and I doubt we will see it bettered by any future Star Trek movies.

If you like your sci-fi a little more moody and intense than simply a little pointy-eared green man talking backwards and then whacking a bloke in a cloak with a glowing stick, then you may just enjoy this, too.

Unlike it predecessor Star Trek: The Motion Picture this film had exciting action as well as both humor and effective human drama.

Needless to say, Khan wants REVENGE on Kirk and the others for sending him there, and so a kind of plodding submarine warfare sequence ensues, with both spaceships trying to blast at each other, and the bad guys get some great dialogue, and Spock gets some heavy drama cos of his sacrifices, and the spaceship looks better and bigger due to better SFX and the score is loud and powerful.

STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN may not be big on spectacular explosions and more elaborate space battles, but its an absolutely rousing space opera with an interesting plot, some intriguing ideas and strong character development.

The Wrath of Khan is a supremely entertaining chapter in the Star Trek saga, even if it goes so much at times into the realm of the "ham-bone" acting style that it reaches critical mass.

Bibi Besch and Merritt Butrick (both of whom have passed on) are engaging as Kirk's estranged family (the death of Kirk's son in the third film is all the more regrettable for this), and Paul Winfield, as the brainwashed captain whose ship is swiped by Khan, is suitably tragic.

But the fact that at the time in 1982 the Star Trek people went for an Empire Strikes Back move is ballsy and quite commendable (not least of which because it's a compelling twist).

Overall, director Meyer, the cast, the special/visual effects team (the visuals still look amazing after all these years), and the writers have concocted a movie that provides for everyone- for die-hard fans it provides a comeuppance for a memorable past episode entitled "Space Seed", and for casual movie-goers it's a movie that skirts tongue-in-cheek with thrilling adventure in one swift stroke.

Wrath of Khan is one entertaining flick, and I would recommend it as a starting point for anyone unfamiliar with Star Trek.

There is one slow scene in the entire movie, and that comes just before we get to see the Genesis Effect inside the Cave.

He is the most intense and challenging opponent for the always emotional James T.

Contrary to popular belief, Meyer was NOT familiar with the series, but he quickly immersed himself with the series' episodes, then looked at Harve Bennett's script outline, and the two of them then hammered out a shooting script.

While it's not a classic like fans claim, it's still very enjoyable and a memorable movie that holds up well.

Sulu),James Doohan(Scotty),Walter Koenig(Chekov),and the rest of the crew for another breathtaking adventure into the unknown.

Enjoyable Science Fiction Adventure .

The item is essentially a WMD, something that is able to wipe out all prior existence on a planet so as to re-tune them to the beholder's new order; in Regular I's case: empty, dead planets into plush Edens so that life can flourish - in the hands of Khan, most probably the other way around.

Highly Entertaining Sequel .

As a Trek movie it was the one that ensured the series had a future after the slow and ponderous original, introducing the wit and well drawn character dynamics of the original series.

Shatner is intense and heroic, a bit unusual for a 50 year old protagonist.

If you like a nice sci fi movie with an enjoyable outcome and emotions along the way, give it a go.


Unfairly or not, Gene Roddenberry was largely blamed for the first Star Trek film's excesses and plodding pace, so he was 'kicked upstairs' for 'Wrath of Khan' and had less and less to do with each succeeding movie.

I recommend it to one and all, be you Trekkies or not, this film will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire way!

I was utterly convinced that Shatner's Kirk was a man on the edge of despair, searching for his proper place in the universe.

It succeeds in the difficult task of balancing human drama and intense action where other action films often fail.

Even for casual viewers only passingly familiar with Trek lore, this is compelling stuff and a great entry point into the huge phenomenon that is Star Trek!

Far superior to its extremely dull predecessor.

and the rest are back with a rather exciting installment to the "Star Trek" franchise.

The film is exciting, thrilling and moving.

Unfortunately, the first film outing for the crew of the USS Enterprise was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

The story is both interesting and exciting and Ricardo Montalban is great as the villainous Khan.

It is excellent on so many levels, the musical score is great, acting from the two leads totally absorbing, fight scenes sphincter clenching good, and then there's the sad stuff.

Kirk meets his fey son, David (Merritt Butrick), swishing about the science space station like Peter Frampton, with his mother who looks like Dee Wallace (Bibi Besch), one of Kirk's old flames, now on slow boiler.

This Star Trek film is completely entertaining, and the action just makes it all the more fun to watch.

I am prepared to ignore its many goofs and plot holes purely because it is so damn enjoyable to watch.

After a rocky start with an admirably cerebral but ultimately dull first big screen outing, the Star Trek series bounced back with this excellent, rip-roaring adventure classic, generally considered the best in the franchise.

), the film is ACTION PACKED!!!

Enjoyable flick, a must watch for everyone .

If ever one considered Shatner a mediocre actor, he might have redeemed himself with that one riveting scene.

Khan has learned of Genesis, and seeks to lay his hands on it, thus tying the plot to the sub-plot, and making for a very entertaining endeavor.

Unlike most villains in the science fiction or action genres, Khan is genuinely menacing through his combination of sheer cunningness, quick mind and unpredictable anger.


Instead, WRATH OF KHAN geared itself with much more interesting ideas, including a far more intriguing villain.

Personally, as a Trekkie myself, I found this second Star Trek movie to have the most riveting plot and the most dramatically done character interaction of all the films...

From the beginning to the end Captain Kirk and company have you on the edge of your seat.

But then comes the Death in the Family, super contrived as it may be: Trying to outrace the Genesis blast, the ever-inefficient Scotty can't provide enough power to the Enterprise, so Spock dives into the Reactor Room to Do Something with the Glowing Something which will Fix Something and allow them to Escape The Blast.

Besides , it has an exciting and climatic ending , taking on the USS Reliant machine war and Enterprise NCC 1701 , similarly to the cold war that will originate a Glasnot theme in ¨Star Trek 6 : the Undiscovery country¨.

Enjoyable sequel to original film with an exceptional villain , magnificently played by Ricardo Montalban .

The action scenes in the movie are truly suspenseful in the edge-of-your-seat sense.

Ricardo Montalban makes an excellent villain, it's a shame the original series got cancelled so early on, otherwise him as a recurring villain would've been very intriguing....

The sequences of these two space monstrosities swooping close to one another, in order to get off that kill one shot - the coup d'gras were tense and exciting.

But while this movie isn't perfect, it certainly is a groundbreaking and awesome film worth watching quite a few times.

Still very entertaining and watchable, even after 20 years!

The Enterprise crew comes in and tries to save the day by battling Khan which leads to some very exciting moments.

8.9/10 - "Khan" has everything you could ask for in a good adventure film: sympathetic, well-drawn heroes, a terrific villain, exciting outer-space showdowns, wow factor, smart direction, a fine tuned script and a touch of reflective depth (the Enterprise crew finally faces up to age and mortality, and questions about the wisdom and consequences of playing God are hinted at).

Worth watching 6/10

Cool yet insane, murderous yet elegantly charming, Montalban makes Khan one of the most intriguing villains in film history.

That honor still belongs to the 4th movie The Voyage Home, an immensely entertaining movie that holds true to the real essence of Star Trek.

I decided that because I was crawling through the original show at the slowest pace possible I decided to instead watch the Star Trek movie that most people say is the absolute best with The Wrath Of Khan (or as Kirk would say it the wrath of KHAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!!!!

A great villain, wonderful special effects, exciting action scenes, with heart & feeling.

The tightly-staged space battles are not exactly on par with STAR WARS', but they're just as enjoyable thanks to some well-crafted special effects and a rousing score by James Horner.

This movie had much more action and was much more energetic than the more bland "Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The most thrilling Star Trek movie...

The movie is very interesting, very exciting, and probably the best action/sci-fi movie of all time (yes, better than those "Star Wars" flicks).

The bland colors from the preceding film have been replaced with intense red uniforms, ion trails, and nebulae.

There's no doubt that this is the best Star Trek film, with the original crew, at keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat, and it is the individual battle between Kirk and Khan that makes this film great.

Kirk, performed by now in full-bloom action-beats-sharing actor William Shatner, put on an astoinishing tense confrontation between to spaceship commanding characters in thrilling scenes of a screenplay written by Jack B.

The new characters; IE: Savik, a Vulcan addition to the crew of the Enterprise creatively and beautifully portrayed by Kirstie Alley; Dr. Carol Marcus and her son; are very well developed without creating long, slow scenes in which to accomplish the task.

Moving, touching, and entertaining.

Boring is perhaps a harsh word but it's definitely a movie with slower moments in it and not all that much action or other excitement.

But it's also very enjoyable as a B movie.

The film is enjoyable because of the nostalgia, the action scenes and most importantly the various characters' interactions with Kirk.

It's a powerful composition which brings the film to life and is very enjoyable on its own.

Of course there are the typical engrossing space battles as well as great special effects, which is practically all the first Star Trek movie, The Motion Picture had going for it.

The most thrilling Star Trek movie with exellent cast of William Shatner (Admiral Kirk), Leonard Nimoy(Captian Spock) and Ricardo Montalban (Kahn) and a remarkable Co-starring Kirstie Alley (Saavik; Alley s motion picture debut).

There's more than enough for the casual movie fan to enjoy about it, it's an entertaining romp and overall I give this Star Trek film a 'G' for 'good' rating.

Sexy, Real, Compelling.. The Greatest.

Star trek 1 was slow, didn't go any where, you didn't feel any danger.

I'm glad it did, because this film is light years more entertaining.

Nimoy is engaging and is given the chance for a painfully effective final scene while Kelley, Doohan, Takei, Nichols and Koenig all do what is required of them.

There's a reason this is regarded as the best - it has great action, acting, writing, directing and a thrilling ride from beginning to end.

Due to its extreme slowness, many have called it "Star Trek: The Motionless Picture".

All of the original dynamics of the ship are there, plus some new and enjoyable ones as well.

Much like the lifeless Sahara, which was once green, but due to an orbital knock 6000 years ago, is now a lifeless stretch of sand and rocks in intense heat.

There is a reason for this film to be a top pick of all the Star Trek films among the fans - it's highly entertaining.

It is widely regarded by fans as the best film of the series, and has been described as enjoyable by both fans and non-fans of Star Trek.

Nicholas Meyer's interpretation of the vision of Gene Roddenberry is a more intense, more grown-up version of Star Trek than seen previously.

I just like Sci-Fi movies that are well done and entertaining.

The film also has an 'endgame' feeling about it, wanting us to respect the age, efforts and experience of the Enterprise crew, but because it wasn't a massive flop (like Star Trek: the Motion Picture) it heralded about a decade of mixed, and sometimes pointless Trek sequels, never actually including the input of the series creators Roddenberry, and of course Gene Coon who passed away before the film series began.

It was thoroughly enjoyable and much improved on the first.

First and foremost, this is an entertaining film.

I highly recommend it.

) This is the most intense of all the STAR TREK stories, with the brainwashing of Chekov early on (is it just me, or does that guy seem to always get in trouble?

Unfortunately, this means that Star Trek II is one of the least visually exciting Star Trek movies (not that the special effects are bad though).

Instead, it's caught up with the more mundane human trademarks of intrigue, chases & battles, and some politics, a trend to continue in most of the films.

Credit must go to director Meyer and Producer Bennett for taking the best elements of the original series, grafting on some potent themes to reflect the passage of a decade or two, and fusing these into a thoroughly exciting adventure.

While lacking Goldsmith's grandeur, the music is evocative and sweeping, and Horner would return to score STAR TREK: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.

The pace is faster, the plot intriguing with nail biting action and great character pieces.

The story covers some fascinating concepts, and is well-structured.

Were as the original movie had it's flows and boring moments this one does deliver on all parts.

Enterprise - while often entertaining and insightful - rarely were displayed with the kind of cinematic greatness in 1982 under the capable direction of Nicholas Meyer.

The pacing is improved, and this is more enjoyable.

It's clever and entertaining, and even kind-of touching at the end.

It seemed that the character's primary motivations were his intense desires and passions, thus making him a being in constant conflict with himself as his emotions overruled the better judgments of his vast intellect.

Another major plus here is that director Nicholas Meyer manages to keep the story engaging from the opening scene to the last.

The most dramatic and most gripping of all the Treks .

Sure the newer series and spin-offs have vastly superior sets and effects but they all suffer from often bland story lines and heavy doses of political correctness.

but it is exciting and engrossing.

The play between Shatner, Nimoy, and Ricardo Montalban is tight and compelling.

'Star Trek' was near dead after the horrid and terribly dull first movie.

Wrath of Khan is exciting, compelling, poignant and sad.

This film wipes away silly and unnecessary special effects and gives us an intriguing story with characters who we understand and care about.

The sizzle however is the fascinating Ricardo Montalban.

An excellent story, tight pacing, a gripping climax, thrilling music, and a powerful theme make this Star Trek's finest moment.

Shatner turns in his best Trek performance since "The City on the Edge of Forever".

Great sci-fi action, fun characters, and an exciting story with a deep undertone.

The story is very creative and exciting.

Stellar performances, especially a powerful one from first-timer Kirstie Alley, along with excellent pacing and good special effects make this entry the most exciting of the series.

After the rather boring first attempt, a film emerged that took elements of the tv show and expanded them to epic proportions.

The film was bigger than life, emotionally involving, entertaining, heart-stopping and a great improvement in the series.

Additionally the plot allows for more of the warmth and humour in the characters to be drawn out, as well as some of the other aspects.

The film has a story line that doesn't bore, it keeps you watching, it is full of unexpected, on the edge of your seat, action-filled plot twists.

The Wrath of Khan is blessedly shorter by twenty five minutes, the acting and special effects are much improved and the story is actually more interesting with plenty of exciting action sequences.

The story is instantly familiar from classic Westerns and adventure stories, the drama is mundane and domestic, and there's lots of action.

A digital readout sequence towards the end is a little confusing, in that why it isn't set for the amount of time in seconds it takes to say "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee...

Despite these positives, the films middle section is painfully slow and despite having a fairly simple plot, its ending, however satisfying it may be, is awfully confusing.

Its that gripping of a movie.

" It's more intelligent than the "Star Wars" movies, and the action is more subdued, but the cast's acting and the plot are still engaging and entertaining.

They either move in straight lines or slow turns.

Having seen it again on TNN recently, I'm not sure why I disliked it so much, and while I won't call it the best Star Trek film (that honor lies with First Contact), it's an entertaining adventure highlighted by good performances, memorable special effects, and two tense space battles.

I have seen all the star trek films and have been well entertained in them all, but this film keeps me on the edge of me seat.

It starts to get you when Bones' voice comes back over the intercom instead of Scotty's, and when Kirk looks over to Spock's empty chair, you know something's wrong.

Highly entertaining and fun.

The movie have the best starship fight's in all ST saga and the ending is simply unexpected and sentimental.

More action packed and interesting than the original Star Trek movie, it brings the TV show cast onto the big screen by meeting a villain from the TV show (Khan), obsessively portrayed by Ricardo Montalban.

Wrath of Khan gets nearly everything right here in a totally enjoyable adventure.

The battle scenes are the most engaging of any movie, and the action only lets up long enough for the audience to catch their breath and to advance the storyline.

The 4 scenes worth watching: The introduction of Khan, his attack on the Enterprise and how Kirk wiggles out of it, the great CGI presentation of the Genesis device and Spock's touching death scene/funeral.

Not the best for me, but an enjoyable adventure, highlighted by an emotional finale.

Instead I got a couple hours of boring dumb threats made by the "evil" Khan.

However, the climax and the ending, if rather drawn out, make it come together.

The thing about TWOK is that it's not without its minor plot-holes or inconsistencies, but it has the energy and compelling, driving core story to make them seem irrelevant.

The film is Fun and Thrilling Also Ricardo Montalban was great as Khan also really Loved the original Crew trying to get Jim Kirk back on the Horse also The threats were dire This is one the best Star Trek Films and One the best Sequels That Made Star Trek The Cinematic Powerhouse it was Today .

The Star Trek feature film debut had its fair share of ambition and spectacle, but was a lumbering beast of a film that proved bewildering and somewhat dull.

The main criticism for the first Star Trek movie, which was also this movie its predecessor, was that it was mostly a boring one.

How we could do with more sci-fi movies of this calibre instead of the empty, soulless, and illogical (sorry!

Even if you don't follow Star Trek or know the backdrop to this movie,its still highly entertaining.

In addition to the unexpected twists and turn and not to mention feats of derring-do the film also has the quality of a sentimental journey.

I saw this only because someone else dragged me to it, and I find it ever so much worse than I recall.

The script is excellent, the performances good, the story is gripping, and the effects are dazzling, while advancing the story.

Montalban's performance is powerful and riveting, and the utter presence of the ruthless Khan can shake you to your core.

It featured a nice plot with some unexpected turns, funny and memorable dialogue, cool sets and uniforms, and good ILM special effects.

What was the most exciting about the movie was the cat and mouse game played out between Kirk and Khan.

After the dreadfully boring original, the franchise decided to step it up, and give us a worthy Star Trek movie.

The movie is extremely well-written, as the story keeps fresh and engaging while offering many sides to the characters and events, as well as avoiding any dull moments.

The bonus disc is entertaining.

I find the story of the movie still intriguing and entertaining after many years away from viewing it.

This film has intense action scenes and a breathtaking final sequence.

It is a masterpiece that combines talented actors who enjoyed their profession, enjoyable special effects even by todays standards, and beautiful,touching music that allows you to experience the movie on a different level.

The end result is a hugely entertaining space opera, though somewhat violent…and, of course, with a climax that will eventually lead to the third film in the series that came in 1984.

Some movies are "different", intriguing, shocking, subtle, message driven, etc. And these movies have there place.

The acting, directing, pacing and overall entertaining is so much better here that it really comes across as an entirely new series and it really makes you look back and wonder why the first one went so wrong.

The effects are as always a treat, the action intense and a good time is had by all (viewers).

Still, it's a fun movie that made Star Trek worth watching again.

It isn't your typical sci-fi shoot em up exploding roller coaster ride, but it is something much more gripping and enjoyable to watch if you can appreciate the beauty of sci-fi as an art form, and less as escapist entertainment.

What happens is entertaining and bold - something unexplored in the first motion picture.

Entertaining Trek outing for an ageing crew .

William Shatner said that the first film became such a big hit because of the intense marketing.

The first film was incredibly somber and moody, shooting for an epic feel with it's slow pacing and it's focus on the expensive visual effects.

Although I will say that the emotional subcontext dramatized here between Kirk and Marcus is enough to put to rest forever any claims among "slashers" that he is gay..17) I had claimed elsewhere that the Genesis device was a big, overgrown ray gun, a contrived sci-fi element as old as the genre.

The animosity between Capt. Kirk (Shatner) and Khan (Montalban) is engrossing.

The story is full of plot holes and, in the end, is utterly boring.

Exciting and watchable Star Trek movie...

All in all an entertaining movie.

And of course, he ends up back in the command chair when a routine inspection and review of the rookie crew on the Enterprise runs in to unexpected trouble.

And, though it might sound a little self-indulgent, whenever I see THAT scene (with a certain Star Trek stalwart dying) it brings to mind the fact that many of the original crews' actors are no longer with us.

With these very moments, the movie establishes that it has an exciting and creative story element in it, as well as good character writing with a sense of humanity - two things very much missing in the first Trek film.

I think if someone else directed then this probably would've just been another bland forgettable Star Trek movie.

With the best musical score by James Horner to keep us on the edge of our seats.

The ensuing struggle, however, is engrossing.

They inject a level of sadness and tragedy into the film that are unexpected and, frankly, undeserved.

It's exciting, funny, smart and emotionally gripping.

So, I was quite surprised when the end credits started to roll; I had just witnessed an entertaining, thrilling, memorable and all- around awesome movie.

This film would appeal to a child with an empty imagination to fill.

According to him William Shatner's performance was somewhat more subdued and effective because he would require him to do the scenes over and over again until he got bored and lost his affectation.

The ending is maybe of the most intense in a Star Trek movie, it works so well!

I loved the special effects, the acting was superb (particularly Ricardo Montalban's performance) and the story was enthralling and entertaining.

Wrath of Khan, A well-directed, thrilling and surprisingly artful sequel, boldly moves this frontier into the future, all while staying true to the ethos of the classic series.

) the characters and work on some intriguing plot lines.

Star Trek II is everything the first film wasn't: It is exciting, thrilling space opera, full of tragedy and plot twists, it has scary and light moments, and is interesting in every minute.

Even without such elements, the characters come off as being well-rounded and enjoyable.

The battle scenes, supported by an exciting James Horner score, come alive through good visuals and top notch editing.

Even at the time of it's release I thought this film, while better than the first one, was over-rated and boring with only 4 notable scenes; the rest of the time you can fast-forward.

), and, when, after intense lobbying by Gene Roddenberry, a few 'Trekkers' in the studio hierarchy, and a lot of fans, the studio finally caved in, they reduced the budget, dramatically, almost daring the production team to create a film of quality.

It's a Star Trek masterpiece, and a highly entertaining, gripping, and dramatic work of science fiction in general that can be enjoyed even by those who are not normally Trek fans.

Dark, affecting, entertaining vengeance .

Slow beginning that picks up when Khan appears, and a little bit hokey of an ending with Spock saving the day by sacrificing himself.

1st watched 5/12/2001 - 7 out of 10 (Dir-Nicholas Ray): Exciting and watchable Star Trek movie with the regular old-timer TV show cast with new faces, and an old enemy in Khan(Ricardo Montalban), who has the best lines and has the best performance in the film.

It has heroic characters, a nasty villain and a sweeping adventure that is both engaging and entertaining.

Still, STAR TREK II manages to be a highly entertaining film even if you're not a major fan of the series.