Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Admiral Kirk and his bridge crew risk their careers stealing the decommissioned U.S.S. Enterprise to return to the restricted Genesis Planet to recover Spock's body.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Leonard Nimoy
Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 24 out of 205 found boring (11.7%)

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We get the slowest build-up ever, as we spend at least an hour just to get Enterprise to the Genesis Planet, and let's not mention this is essentially a glorified reset button for Wrath of Khan.

A rather fast-moving story with pretty good scenery and somewhat convincing set decoration.

When they arrive there, they manage to destroy David and Saavak's research vessel, take David and Saavak prisoners, and engage the Enterprise in an intense confrontation.

After a pretty slow chase scene, the Enterprise blasts off into Warp Speed whilst pursuing ships break down rather pathetically after Scotty had a bit of One-to-One time with their internal working parts.

The theft of the Enterprise is more exciting than the starship battles in "Khan", and its destruction was sad (a final look at the bridge from Kirk just before he left would've been nice, though).

It's highly entertaining, and remains a great follow-up to Khan.

Merrit Buttrick was boring.

But it's all highly enjoyable, the sets are astonishing, and the film is full of vibrant colours that almost make the film feel a little like 'The Temple Of Doom' in the final act (which was out at the same time).

For example, the final act of the film where the crew arrives at Vulcan with Spock's rapidly matured new physical body was a drawn out ceremony where I found myself checking the time and waiting for it to end.

At least the first film was creative and slightly intriguing, even if it did not translate to the big screen.

Yes, that's a tough act to follow, but this is still enjoyable in its own right.

But because the individuals that are created by this set of actors are so likeable and compelling, the franchise transcends mediocrity, and manages to engage on a human level.

While I think this film is not as good as Wrath of Khan, it's still an enjoyable romp that all Trek fans can appreciate.

After that one, watching this one is a bit of a bore and a let down.

A solid and good yet predictable sequel that does not disappoint .

Worth watching!

This film has too many mundane moments and unnecessary actions that really don't move the story forward.

" But deforest Kelly is actually really good and a lot of fun in this one, and Lloyd is there to make his scenes entertaining.

And what follows is a very exciting adventure.

entertaining Trek outing .

He is no Khan, but he's thoroughly entertaining.

Putting aside fanatical considerations,the music score is one of the most beautiful I´ve ever heard(compare if you can this music by James Horner with that for Titanic,13 years later,I am sure you will find the same emotional paths and intense feelings gathered together by Horner´s score) Adding to all these,the near theater performance you get with DVD gear,sure you will agree with me ¡I am eager to get this movie!

I highly recommend it.

Leonard Nimoy steps in as director and does a confident, assured job; even better, the quest storyline is heartfelt, emotionally wrought, and unexpected.

While 'Wrath of Khan' took a darker approach it wasn't consistently so and had themes that many could relate to, with the pacing being as dull as it was the tone often feels bleak and funereal which takes away from any excitement.

Kirk always picked the most unpredictable irrational plan, that's why Spock was there, to be the rational one.

What I like about this film is that it is quiet, slow - not 'The Motion Picture' slow, mind you - this film has a nice pace and interesting tale.

" On the whole, the trilogy was a good idea, following up a somewhat sub-par return to the screen for Star Trek with "The Motion Picture" that sold itself on the basis of nostalgia rather than story with a relatively entertaining series of three movies, which flowed seamlessly as the story continued on from one to the next.

This is often considered to be a hit or miss among Star Trek fans; well I'll take it over the dull as dishwater original any day.

This is a far more action packed and suspenseful fight than the face-stretching aliens of the Insurrection or the two captains of the Enterprises fighting an old man from a peace loving race in Generations.

The Enterprise crew is reckoning with their losses when Admiral Kirk receives an unexpected visit from Sarek, Spock's father.

This third part in cinema Star Trek turns out to be an exciting and thrilling sequel well directed by Leonard Nimoy .

' In 'Search For Spock,' they've simply turned the volume down a little; other than that, it has all the markings of a reliably entertaining entry in an enduring series.

Leonard Nimoy made a great directing debut and created an entertaining film.

but these end scenes are also well written and compelling.

Novice director Leonard Nimoy rises to the challenge, guiding his tight-knit cast to perfection in the character scenes and delivering some of the saga's most exciting set-pieces along the way, namely the theft of the Enterprise.

After the stiff, pretentious, and unlikeable 'Star Trek- The Motion Picture,' the group quickly rediscovered their focus and returned to form in the tough and exciting 'Wrath of Khan.

With Spock gone the Enterprise makes the slow journey back home battered and weary.

It's also thoroughly enjoyable and compelling to see Kirk & crew in the wry and unexpected role of Starfleet rebels, risking everything to honor their fallen comrade.

Whereas Star Trek I tilted a little too much towards the hardcore fan base, and Star Trek II was perfect for everyone (by far the best of the series), Star Trek III was a decent film that satisfied the intense cravings of Trekkies (not Trekkers, as there was no shame in being a Trekkie back then) for more footage of the famous crew of space pioneers.

During the three-season run of Star Trek: The Original Series, First Officer Spock (Leonard Nimoy) became one of the most intriguing characters on television.

I'm not saying action is the most important part of a Star Trek movie, or even necessarily an important part, but when a movie has nothing else going for it, an entertaining action scene can go a long way.

However in the middle (which is the majority) it is actually quite enjoyable and has many of the strengths of II in how it is fun and has a solid story with some action.

Here, he's a freaking mess, joke cliché nonsense.

It's all wildly entertaining to watch.

The best moments are when everything's moving at an exciting pace as Kirk and his crew hijack the Enterprise or battle the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Once again, another outstanding movie that fell in love with as a pre-teen and I find it quite "fascinating" today.

In the end, it's a very enjoyable film with great acting and pacing.

It is an entertaining thrill ride overall.

The final action set piece is poorly done, but provides some entertaining moments, and does not lessen the quality of the story telling.

" The fistfights are like most of those in the original series: slow and soft.

The film has very little time for those coming to the series afresh, informing us of exactly how it was the second edition from two years previously concluded: the slow demise of Leonard Nemoy's Vulcan character Spock, an act of bravery seeing him succumb to exposure to radioactivity when the entire crew needed him most, greeting us here upon arrival.

With the death of Spock at the end of "The Wrath Of Khan", Kirk remarks that the ship now has an empty feel to it.

But hey, hadn't the crew left Spock on Genesis, they could have spared themselves from becoming criminals, destroying the Enterprise, and boring the fans with this superfluous film where only the music is remarkable.

These boring persons were walking trough a planet which was instable.

The movie's biggest weakness is probably how it gets boring at times.

Sorry, but this is the most boring, stilted, non-enjoyable ST movie of them all.

Still, it's entertaining enough to satisfy.

With Star Trek III, I was expecting it to live up to the high standards left by the second film and it turns out it was actually enjoyable.

"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" is funny, exciting and surprisingly emotional.

We see the slow transformation and evolution of Spock as David and Saavik watch the planet tear away around them.

The lighting is often garish, with entire scenes painted in either primary color washes or a bland pastel color that makes everything look like a Better Homes and Gardens photo spread.

Definitely worth watching!

The Search for Spock combines a real sense of thrilling adventure with careful and precise observations on character, doing so in a manner that the previous two films are unable to match.

I enjoyed the film because of the exciting action and fight sequences, the nostalgia, and the developed characterization of characters I am already so familiar with.

The funny thing is that these flat and dull space shots are in the same film as some wonderful matte paintings and miniature landscape work.

The film also moves at a painfully slow pace, never delivering much in the way of taut suspense, and the plot fails to conjure up any intriguing ideas or surprises.

Even the final ceremony is hokey and unbearable.

mr leonard nimoy should be congratulated for a enjoyable and easy on the eyes film

The trend of Klingon villains starts here, but Christopher Lloyd makes for a pretty dull baddie, missing a golden opportunity to ham it up.

Here, he's not even there until the end, and the dialogue was just retirement home sleep inducing.

I always mention my intense disappointment with the first film.

Fun yet kind of bland .

Even explosions look pale and dull.

Wonderful special effects that are still entertaining by today's standards.

But the movie presents as a contrived, silly film made on the cheap.

Don't get me wrong, it's by no means a bad film, but it is rather tedious to watch, although it does continue to contain many of the aspects that Wrath of Khan had including good special effects and enjoyable acting, although the Soundtrack and Storyline have suffered.

Spock always had been a far better and more fascinating character than Kirk for instance and the dynamic between him and the Kirk character always had been something the series relied and thrived on, so I'm glad they decided to bring him back.

*** Here be spoilers *** "The Search For Spock" was boring most of the time.

Sometimes they think they have found him but it turns out to be somebody else, which is very exciting.

ILM's visual effects are absolutely breathtaking, certainly the best of the time and the miniatures used look great even today.

This made several important scenes seem trivial and pointless.

Spectacular, exciting , fast-paced , thrilling this is the description of this new outing of Star Trek , film that reinvents various elements , including a perfect pulse narrative that does not give a second of rest to the spectator who is trapped for almost two hours approx.

Since the plot was not really interesting, something exciting had to happen.

The story could have used a little tightening and it's a little slow in the first half.

One minor aspect worth watching for is Chekov's atrocious costume when he re-boards the Enterprise, it soon disappears.

This film is even more exciting than riding your bicycle at high speeds, and the space scenes and special effects are even better than what real space actually looks like.

Very entertaining.

This dull, TV-ish installment in the popular Star Trek canon was necessitated by the "death" of beloved character Spock in its immediate predecessor, THE WRATH OF KHAN.

It is just so boring.

Even the movie's key scene, the destruction of the Enterprise, is delivered in ho-hum fashion.

This was possibly the most pointless of all of the movies, considering it wasn't necessarily needed in the long run of things.

Considered by some to be trash and by others to be the only good odd numbered Star Trek film, this is a sufficiently entertaining bit of science fiction yarn that continues following the theme of what happens when you mess with mother nature.

I mean, nothing happens between the second and third film (besides Saavik mysteriously turning from Kirstie Alley into someone at least plausibly attractive).

The obvious and somewhat predictable follow-up to "The Wrath of Khan," this well-paced sci-fi Trek thriller has apparent drawbacks from the outset: there's no Khan; Spock is missing for most of the movie; and actress Kirstie Alley as Saavik has been replaced.

Fortunately, he killed one of the other bores.

Definitely intriguing is Christopher Lloyd as the Klingon commander.

James Horner does a good job in indicating Kirk's state as a mess as he has to deal with the fact that he has an empty feeling in him.

**END OF SPOILERS** Now the film does need a good 20 minutes to truly wrap up and it does get slow and the greatness of the most of the rest of the film truly drops for me here.

A dull and forgettable entry into the series .

This film is a very exciting film.

Robin Curtis was boring.

The odd and even Star Trek movies are both entertaining in their own ways, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is good for one of the odd numbered sequels.

There are far too many slow moments and not enough action or adventure and all of the characters are too well mannered/friendly and lack good personalities or a decent enough background story.

The Klingon Captain running around only screaming for the Genesis device became boring fast.

Here, I think the explanation comes the empty seat for Spock that tells a lot of the importance of the character.

this movie has some boring parts.

This is fun, entertaining, without being less than what Star Trek is...

Boy, was that boring.

My Take: A rousing companion piece to WRATH OF KHAN and possibly one of the better entries in the uneven big-screen franchise.

In confusing evolution with aging, the author also somehow has the Genesis Effect converting Spock's very-dead carcass into a very live Vulcan infant.

Highly enjoyable .

I liked the whole storyline, and the final showdown near the end between Kirk and Commander Kruge (Lloyd) had me on the edge of my seat.

It is not brilliant though and more could have made of the action – in a way the whole Klingon plot does feel a bit like filler at times, even if it does produce the most engaging moments.

The movie moves in bursts of excitement punctuated with long sequences that at times bored me.

The final scene is emotional, but the lead up is somewhat self-indulgent, while Robin Curtis is as stiff as a board and with the emotion of a corpse.

Look for the intriguing feature in the special edition DVD.

So here we are canceling out earlier logic from the previous film, or at least, added confusion.

Yet I did give it a 4 because the underlying story had merit and potential and occasionally became engrossing...

Overall, Stark Trek III: The Search for Spock isn't nearly as strong as the last film, but it's an enjoyable third entry in the franchise.

The way the film weaves between three groups of people (Kirk and his crew, The Klingons and Saavik and David) keeps the film very interesting and engaging throughout and almost makes it feel like an ensemble piece.

They beam down to find Spock's empty casket and a baby boy.

When I watched at first this movie, I found it a bit boring, but with times passed, I enjoyed it better, especially if you followed the Original Series and know the characters' psychology.

There must be more to it than the intense rubbing of fingertips.

The film is exciting, tense and comes with an array of really likable leads at the centre; the leader of whom runs on an emotional tract of honour and grief which is really rather well done – needless to say, it is worthiest entry in the franchise up to this point and came as a real surprise.

Still, it's worth the watch, so check it out.

But then the film picks up the pace with a thrilling second half.

It was plain boring.

The acting in this movie seemed much more monotonous and boring as compared to the two previous films.

Add to that a bad (as in worse than usual) bad guy and a dramatic twist in Kirk's life that gets too little attention and is a mere sideshow to a pretty dull story and you've got the second worst Star Trek installment in my mind.

Still, though, this was an enjoyable movie.

Overall, this movie is very enjoyable chapter to the series.

3.5 out of 10Star Trek III, naturally entitled The Search for Spock, should have been an exhilarating adventure that lauded the bonds of friendship and honor, but instead, it comes off as a hokey, boring journey lacking in imagination and exciting conflict.