Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation conspiracy against the inhabitants of a unique planet, Captain Picard begins an open rebellion.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 104 out of 516 found boring (20.15%)

One-line Reviews (340)

Sure it makes for predictability, but most movies are predictable these days.

Plenty of action, adventure, humor, romance, and just enough Sci-fi to be all around entertaining!

ST 9 was a horrible waste of the actors time, waste of the production staff time, and even more horrible waste of the audiences time.

Overall a good showing from TNG cast and a movie well worth watching.

Yes, it suffers from the odd-numbered so-called failed 'Star Trek' outings ("evens are better than the odds") and rightfully so; this "adventure" has to be the most bland of them all.


The whole plot was boring and uninvolving, probably because the pastoral Ba'ku who need protection are unbelievable even in a science fiction movie.

Star Trek: Insurrection is exciting and entertaining.

Nearly everytime he was around that little boy, I just wanted to turn it off.

There are also very cliché sequences - Data's developing friendship with a Ba'ku boy; the entire 'boy-goes-back-for-pet' scene, resulting in jeopardy for the adults who follow him.

Sixes are reserved for films where you at least enjoy the characters, regardless of the terrible (or boring) plot.

History will record "Insurrection" as more of a more crew intensive adventure.

Great opening, good middle and predictable and all-too-quick ending.

I would say its still worth watching.

I found that this movie was entertaining from the beginning.

It was not as good as The Undiscovered Country or First Contact, but it was still an enjoyable film to watch.

I don't doubt that after its 5th or so showing I'll love it, but my initial reaction was ‘Ho Hum'.

The story was a bit ponderous and unfocused.

They should put more effort into creating better quality movies that provide thrilling entertainment for audiences.

However, no storyline can compete with "ST:Generations" whose story and mystery is very good indeed.

Taken together, these add up to a ho-hum adventure, as if the writers were simply caught without any really new ideas.

I came away with a good feeling, but the plot was boring and for some reason the movie looked OUT-OF-FOCUS (Is it just me???

) The makeup artistry was stunning.

To all those folks who gave this movie high marks and enjoyed it, I respect your opinion and that you were able to find something in it that you liked.

For the record, First Contact was the first in this line of Star Trek films I did not especially take to, nor observe much therein to warrant a recommendation; but what director for that film and this one alike, Jonathan Frakes, has done is to correct each and all of both the problems and issues I had rear up in First Contact so as to allow for an enjoyable entry rich in mystery; adventure and that feeling one needs in films such as these that different worlds, times and the-like are actually being explored and engaged with.

Truly, an enjoyable experience.

I said it to my friends as I left the theater, and I'll say it to you, "This was like a good 'Next Generation' episode with a big budget.

Star Bland .

a dull episode .

Jerry Goldsmith's score is also very extraordinary which makes the movie even more worth watching.

Whereas the previous Star Trek movie, "First Contact", was well-written, ingenious, funny, exciting, and an excellent movie in every way, this one had a very weak, unexciting story to tell, a weak plot, nothing particularly funny or exciting, and was just plain boring.

But these same people were also very dull.

Bad as it was, ST:V was more enjoyable for me.

The cutsie little attempts at making this movie entertaining with the Next Generation crew is simply terrible---the writers of Star Trek need to think some things through before they depend on Riker's beard-shaving, a navigation joystick, and Data's playing to carry a Star Trek film.

Overall a very dull effort, with nothing of lasting value to Star Trek.

The action is pretty good, and this is very exciting.

The script does allow some witty moments but too often the dialogue is a bit ponderous, and there are no great lines or really memorable spells of dialogue or interaction.

When it finally starts to shift up, it gets wildly entertaining.

The dialogue is free-flowing and enjoyable.

Murray Abraham won an Oscar and was reduced to the) bland villain and the "oh-so-cute" CGI pet of the child star.

Visually uninteresting.

Some scenes were somewhat slow, and I didn't get the point or why they included the "slowing of time" scenes, but the majority of it was well done.

For neutral non-fan folk it will be a slow arduous slog through some heavy dialog that will probably leave you dizzy whilst offering no reward at the end.

As for action, so muddled by humor, there is little that in truly entertaining.

Having seen Star Trek Insurrection a few times in the theater and now on video, I finally realized how dull the movie is.

Seriously, this is only worth watching if you're a trekkie, and even then, this isn't a movie you want to re-watch too much.

Ho-hum .

This was bland, middle of the road stuff with action that never thrills, too many what the heck moments, too much extraneous pointless filler and a romantic subplot that was under-explored, under-characterised, forced and featured too heavily in places.

It makes slightly more sense if you see the movie, but the plot is still pretty confusing.

Of course you know that everything must work out in the end or there would be no sequel -- but, as usual, it does leave you on the edge of your seat until the final resolution.

Enjoyable and appealing to Trekkies and non-trekkies.

The plot seemed to be pretty much entirely lacking, and the story was somewhat dull.

WAY too long.

"First Contact" was genuinely exciting and engaging; several times during that movie I caught myself wondering "how on earth are they going to escape?

I felt like I could have taken my mother, who fell asleep during Star Wars.

In fact, the film might be much more enjoyable if the viewer stops half-way through and finishes it up a week later.

It's exciting, entertaining, has a good sense of humor, a lot of fun and the special effects are excellent.

CGI and the special effects seemed good to me and were used consciously, without exaggeration but, despite these merits and being a movie worth watching, there's nothing to make this movie striking or memorable.

They tried to give us a light-hearted story and it came across as ill-conceived and dull.

)The movie, in a word: *yawn*

The action scenes are enjoyable, there's some decent acting, the scenery and photography are classy and good-looking.

The enjoyment I felt in this movie was entirely due to seeing the characters again; the story was confused and uninteresting.

It's an entertaining little premise that works fairly well, and so then we have Picard and the Enterprise rebelling against Star Fleet and fighting for the people.

The first half of this movie was slow and boring and the second half had little action and excitement.

Highly entertaining .

yes that's right, its basically all about evicting some perfect happy go lucky boring blonde haired blue eyed farm folk off their planet...

Aesthetically, both new alien races are duller than dull, with the Baku not even possessing a single distinctive non-human trait.

Then it get's stuck in second gear way too long.

However this film is pretty enjoyable and one does not regret having spent two hours watching it.

Some of the quotes are too bad to bear, the whole story was boring and you could easily foresee all of what happened.

I caught it in FLIXe the other night and, surprise, found it to be a very enjoyable movie with all the good things about Star Trek in place and done well.

Jonathan Frakes manages to make this the most humorous Trek film yet, and just when you think a scene is becoming boring, he injects some humour and action to move up the tempo.

This movie, however, falls way short of the intense, edge of your seat feeling the Star Trek: First Contact offered.

Disappointing, plotless rubbish - and that's from a fan.

Yes, another Enterprise is trashed and lives are threatened (Riker on a joystick, controlling the remains of the starship, brings unintentional laughs, and Data's butt comment, embarrassed ones), but the end result is neither suspenseful nor exhilarating.

The story was boring, the print I saw was horrible and choppy (the sound even went out at one point), and the campiness was something I really didn't want in a Trek movie.

Goldsmith's predictable repertoire (ST:V, ST:FC, ST:INS) Score should be more like ST:VI, divers, dark and sweeping.

By the time this Star Trek movie was made the whole franchise was so far up its own hoop that it was incomprehensible and unwatchable by anyone other than the initiates of the Great Star Trek Cult.

The two love stories are highly enjoyable which is special since romance isn't my favorite of genres.

The next generation crew just can't pull that off, they are too serious and too dull basically.

While at times a bit overly silly, and others a bit predictable...


It was exciting and action packed, while being thought provoking as well.

The rest of the film, while entertaining, I found to be rather bland.

So boring, I couldn't even make it until the end.

ST: The Motion Picture - Boring, boring, boring.

Besides the complicated plot, the main problem with Insurrection is that the Ba'ku are pretty boring.

The film is an enjoyable entry, authentic in its sets and setting; never bogged down like the last one often was and comes complete with a set of decent villains – recommended.

'Insurrection' does start off quite promisingly, giving the sense that the film would provoke thought, entertain and be exciting like the best 'Star Trek' films.

Amongst my friends there is a commonly held view that the only Star Trek films worth watching are the even numbered ones.

Whereas II and III made an exciting multi-feature adventure out of the topic, INSURRECTION gives us two hours that feel as if it could've easily been compressed down to an hour and used as an average episode of the series.

Factor in some humorous shenanigans involving Data, and Picard finding romance with one of the colonists, some bright colourful exteriors, with a moderate amount of action, and you have an enjoyable, entertaining sci-fi romp.

Data's childishness is embarrassing and contrived, totally out of keeping with his television persona.

All I saw was a bid of fighting against boring flying drones and photon torpedos impacting on the planet´s surface just causing minor damages.

This was a feel good Trek film that was as hilarious as it was entertaining.

I enjoyed it at least as much as First Contact.

")To sum up, this film supposedly tries to make a point about ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and elsewhere, but by removing all traces of the horror (the murders, the death camps, the torture, the rapes, the mass graves, the genocide, the bloodfeuds, the poisonous nationalists on *all* sides) and by making the Baku first-generation colonists rather than natives, what you have left is a comparatively minor, questionable and extremely boring treatise on international property rights.

Good story (suspenseful, interesting, heart warming and humorous!

The end result of this movie is a bore possibly moreso than the first one because at least the first one had a lot of very interesting ideas in it's second half.

But it's also appallingly uninspired and well, rather dull.

If that were all, then the positives of Insurrection, such as the aforementioned engaging plot and strong acting from Stewart would still come to the fore.

The action and plot build up, however, is exciting enough to make this an enjoyable film - for STTNG fans.

A lot of this film is also just plain boring.

It is visually stunning, the plot is original and good, and there is some great one liners put in there.

Honestly, it's not a bad idea but we've seen so many movies about high-level conspiracies (governments, states, etc.) that everything becomes a bit predictable from a certain moment.

It's certainly not a classic, but it is a good and entertaining film.

Despite the fact that this film has some entertaining value, there is nothing great about this film and I still feel that the new Generation does not measure up to the ‘old' one.

I personally saw each Star Trek film at the theater and can say that First Contact is my favorite "Next Generation Film" however "Insurrection" was a film on its own merits, both films show Jonathan Frakes self-indulgent directing style, and the films of the "Next Generation are strengthened by Jerry Goldsmith's fine musical scores.

At one point, the boy (a really tiresome, self centered brat) risks everyone's lives, including his mother's to go back into a cave to retrieve a sort of guinea pig pet.

So they mention that there was all of this interesting stuff going on with various wars and such, but decided to instead to concentrate on something touchy feely and quite boring at that.

It is exciting, funny and supported by Jerry Goldsmith's fourth Star Trek score.

A pretty entertaining movie .

Genuinely Entertaining.

Pretty boring for others.

Very sloppy and a little dull, I can't imagine how awful this film would be for non-trekkers.

The shots of Picard, Data, and Anij on the lake b'neath the snowy peaks of Bak'u-backcountry where overwhelmingly stunning.

A very enjoyable...

the visual effects are stunning.

The initially slow and involving story is in the second half suppressed by favour of slick editing, which increases the action more in line with what star trek has now become; thanks to all those so called fans who have actually destroyed the idea.

Part of the problem is the repetitive music, which fails to generate tension.

Certainly the renewed romance between Troi and Riker comes across as forced and unimaginative - the dialogue is trite, and the performances just don't carry it off.

The special effects this time out are not quite top-notch as in the other "Star Trek" films with the possible exception of "Star Trek I" and "Star Trek V", but the effects are pretty entertaining.


(Unfortunately this trend was not continued with Star Trek: Nemesis, whose supporting cast is woeful to say the least)There are good performances all round, and the regular Trek crew are as entertaining as ever.

Murray Abraham makes for a very compelling villain as Ru'afo.


Insurrection was an incredibly original and thrilling film, combining the depth of thought present in all Star Trek series and films, the humor that was found to be a success in Generations and First Contact, and special effects and action that will please the modern audience.

Slow-paced, confusing...

The whole film is so so utterly pointless and dull for virtually the entire run time!

For the first time ever with a Trek movie, I was bored to death in the theatre.

I could go on for hours but that would just get dull.

Most Certainly One Of The Most Gripping Sci-Fi Movies.

Here, it's just a bland, 100 minute movie filled with uninteresting side characters and some really forgettable villains.

Ones bore me so much that I can't even be bothered with remembering the plot.

I promise you, you will have fun and 104 minutes,which become exciting.

Gripping from the opening sequence as Data runs amok in an alien colony until the credits rolled at the end.

But, I for one left the theater feeling that my $7.50 was very well spent.

This is not only the worst Star Trek movie, but one of the worst movies ever made, period.

There's nothing wrong with this film, in fact, it's actually quite enjoyable.

With "Generations" too weird a plot and "First Contact" too much an action movie this one brings in all that has made the television series so entertaining, without losing contact to the Star Trek first-timers.

Good stuff: solid visual effects, cleaner, crisper interior lighting than the dim and dull interior scenes in First Contact.

There was one part missing, and I don't want to give it away, but I came away from the theater feeling a bit empty.

While many of these films have been very entertaining, the odd-numbered ones have always been somewhat lacking.

The technology hating aliens are actually constantly saved by it and this tries to push the whole "re-connect with nature" and how warp capability is bad because "where could it take us except away from here" Yes because Space exploration in the Star Trek universe is pretty boring I guess.

Both of those areas of conflict, acting simultaneously throughout the movie, are surprisingly effective and compelling.

i was surrounded by Star Trek fanatics..I was dragged to this movie by friends..I rarely watch the show and have not seen any other star trek movies.

That's Insurrection's greatest problem: it tries to be intellectual yet action packed simultaneously.

Nothing happens, one of the most boring and empty movies I've ever seen, (and I'm a great fan of ST: Original Series & ST: Voyager)Bottom line: Any episode of Star Trek original series beats this.

Ultimately, Star Trek Insurrection is an absolutely pointless entry in the franchise, seemingly designed only to rake in a few million dollars without attaching any quality or interesting material to make the effort worthwhile.

The whole reasoning about why the immortality thing only works on this one planet felt so contrived, and beyond that the people's powers seem undefined and vague.

In fact, I'll go a step further - the opening titles of the film are lazy and bland.

Extremely Enjoyable .

The CGI is cheap and uninspiring, especially for a feature film.

But I found this movie to be corny, a little contrived, and fairly geeky and mincing.

This film is close to unbearable for me, almost topping Generations in its horribility factor.

So while the story is weak there's still some entertaining moments.

In the process, everything suffered: Subplots that never developed, pointless effects, and a dialogue waisted on "one-liners".

That's about as exciting as it gets.

Having Jerry Goldsmith on board for composer always promises much, seeing as Goldsmith was a personal favourite film composer of mine and some of the best 'Star Trek' music was penned by him, and the man doesn't disappoint, with a lot of rousing, foreboding and melancholic themes, varied textures and clever use of instrumentation.

This one is worth watching if you are a die hard Star Trek fan - in particular a fan of The Next Generation.

But: It's different and unexpected setting (the youthening) makes it hard to accept as Star Trek.

Apart from the quite dreadful grey scale shaded tone that accompanies every scene on board the Enterprise which somehow now seems more intrusive than in the previous two films, the plot is utterly non-engaging or even remotely interesting.

But frankly, many of the episodes are a lot better produced and have a much more compelling story than this movie.

The film starts well, but once the admiral levels with Picard, the film sadly descends into a formulaic action flick.

Picard has always gone after fresh, vibant women, and now he finds himself in love with this woman who, because she is so "at peace with herself", becomes infuriatingly dull and annoying.

I (and the audience I saw it with on opening day) thoroughly enjoyed it!

" The characters are fun to watch and the movies are usually entertaining, sometimes very good.

It has a lot more of a lighthearted feel to it, a bit like The Journey Home, which makes it a very enjoyable watch.

Dull, uninvolving and one-dimensional .

Murray Abraham makes a great villain), and the exciting direction of Jonathan Frakes, who is even better as a director than he ever was at playing Cmdr.

With the expected splendid makeup effects this ninth installment is visually stunning light entertainment that will please fans of the series.

Like Generations, the story was based on a highly contrived plot device; in this case a magic fountain-of-youth-type planet.

The plot is trite and contrived, the acting is pedestrian, the humor is inappropriate and corny, and its delivery might aspire to the level of vaudeville, if it had ambition.

In this, most of the characters are completely unconvincing, making boring speeches and little "look at us, we're in a movie" lines like the "ha, another speech about the prime directive!

I've got a good friend who dragged me to see this celluloid pantsing shortly after it came out.

Out of the first few Star Trek movies, The Motion Picture was boring, The Wrath of Khan was the best one ever made, The Search For Spock was a little bit of an anti-climax and then Star Trek IV was brilliant in its own way.

Insurrection, while not as great as First Contact, (what Star Trek film could ever be) is still quite entertaining.

Star Trek: Insurrection held the characteristics of a truly entertaining movie that any fan will enjoy.

Bloated, smug, plodding, over-extended episode of a pants TV series.

It will make you sit on the edge of your seat; laugh; and if you are an emotional "softy" like me, probably cry.

The story is pretty boring for good portions of the film and the ending isn't exciting enough to make me leave the film with a sense of awe.

There is even a scene where Picard calms Data with a rousing rendition of "A British Tar.

However, this was easy to follow and really quite enjoyable!

The pacing is too slow, the other characters not interesting and everything that needs an explanation doesn't get it.

The Son'a want to remove the Ba'Ku from their perfect world and Captain Picard intends to stop them; hence the tagline "The Battle For Paradise Has Begun" This Star Trek adventure has a number of breathtaking visual effects and a wide new range of ships.

After a action packed film opening, the movie suddenly devolves into hapless mediocrity.

The music is also breathtaking.

Not incredibly disappointed, but #9 really doesn't rank up there with the "better" trek flicks -- the story really isn't toointeresting, there are a few good one-liners, and there's about 10 minutes of the movie dedicated to "skeet-shooting" which gets boring quick.

Very enjoyable.

The villains are pretty stereotypical and therefore boring.

It's because the scenes are clipped to the point where cohesion and transition take a back seat to special effects and uninteresting battles.

Star Trek: Insurrection is not necessarily an awful film, but is ultimately pointless in the greater scheme of things.

INSURRECTION registers as another enjoyable action-packed entry in the franchise.

If they can't tell, or can't (to the CineMall crowd) sell, a good story, at least make it exciting and as believable as sci-fi gets.

The most exciting part of these scenes was when Riker ejects the Enterprise warp core to seal a rift which threatens to tear the ship apart.

The characters' passions were drawn out of the script, helped along by the superb acting talents of Patrick Stewart (as usual), Brent Spiner and (in a supporting role) Donna Murphy.

When people talked about Insurrection before it came out, comments were something like "slow," "too romantic," "not funny.

Too bad it gets swamped by technobabble, pointless details, and hectic action scenes.

While there were some thought-provoking and mildly entertaining moments, the script was far too simplistic, after seeing the best 'Star Trek' films having a good deal of complexity and much better balance of tone, with not enough material to sustain the running time.

This film is a 5 because it attempts to hold to what made the Next Generation series successful as it confronts the horrible act of forced relocation, but its complete lack of a compelling villain makes the plot feel too dull and the strong acting and effects can't carry the movie.

Now on to the primary element that made alone Insurrection worth watching...

The plot, whilst confusing at first, turns pedestrian then on.

Gone again are the fast paced, gritty images that made First Contact the best of the Star Trek movies.

So when I saw Star Trek Insurrection I was really disappointed - it would have a been an OK TV episode, but as a Motion picture it was huge let down and quite frankly, I was bored and was looking at my watch through out the movie and was glad when it finished.

Preachy, Plodding and Pointless .

dull .

But all in all, it was way more entertaining than the last two; and it was fun just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Battles in space and on the ground are pretty exciting, even if the hopping about from place to place does get a bit wearisome.

It was BORING!!!

It's hard to believe Picard could have anything to say to this po-faced bore; when they settle down in a glen for her to teach him about slowing down time, I searched in vain for the standard incense sticks and windchimes.

The earthboard (relatively low tech) sequences just drag, while the spacebound sequences are abrupt and confusing.

The final act really drags, with some of the climactic moments causing a good deal of confusion and an ending that will be a slap-in-the-face for fans.

The sets and locations look and feel exactly like a dozen episodes of the Next Generation show, and the costumes for the aliens are downright mundane.

I can't tell you how it ends, because I fell asleep, in spite of the very expensive CGI; and the last time I did that was while watching Batman & Robin.

) but there is one very slow scene that I thought seemed to go on forever.

A change of pace is a good thing, and Star Trek manages to be enjoyable for mainstream audiences and for long time Trekkers, who will appreciate the winks and in-jokes that non-trekkers will probably miss.


Make no mistake, though, those who are looking for another action packed, effects-heavy film will find plenty to love in Star Trek VIV.

Though it looks more a "TNG" episode here, I found this movie quite entertaining.

Picard falls in love (again), Data indulges in his obsession with small boys (again) and Picard makes lots of long, boring speeches about the Prime directive (are you seeing a recurring theme here?

The plot is genuinly intriguing, the moral dilemma concerning the relocation of a few hundred people to benefit a million more is something many cultures here on Earth have been faced with.

A warm, semi-spiritual, yet all too predictable installment of the ST series, Insurrection introduces several intriguing ideas that are never fully explained or explored.

Still, it was exciting, full of all the campy, Star Trek humour that you've come to expect.

Enjoyable TNG movie .

The story is fairly true to Star Trek principles if somewhat twee and contrived.

If insurrection had been allowed to be the slow and deep story it was surely written as (and written very well, the dialogue is fantastic), then it would have been a real trek success.

These films should take a leaf out of Insurrection's book, because by taking a different approach than normal, we are treated to a thoroughly entertaining two-hour adventure.

Bland acting from all of the cast, including the veterans who should know better.

Yawn yawn yawn.

The cast is fine, the story is bland but just engaging enough, and the movie generally achieves what it sets out to do.

An utterly disappointing movie after the exciting "FIRST CONTACT".

Still, it is not a mindless shoot em up which most sci-fi movies are these days, so overall I enjoyed it.

As well as the increasingly intriguing story behind why there is an alien race set on abducting an entire planet of people.

Johnathan Frakes is a dull enough actor without giving him so little to do.

While it is not a great movie, it is very enjoyable and well worth watching.

Completely predictable space fights, and a climax you can see coming a mile away.

This is a good movie and I found it very entertaining.

Boring actors, boring director, stupid script, horribly dirty rotten f/x.

But it's appallingly uninspired and well, rather dull.

The Pointless Questions raised by this movie include: What the hell is the 'Warp Core' on the Enterprise actually FOR?

Recycled idea, not very interesting, kind of pretentious.

I enjoyed it.

The plot is predictable from the beginning of the film (the unknowing "race" of people being taken advantage of, the starship captain's "Damn the Prime Directive" declaration, the "first we're the bad guy, now we're the good guy" opinions that the victims have toward their rescuers, etc.), and the acting no better than what the series had to offer.

The story has plenty of exciting moments that increase as we approach the conclusion.

I have been a Star Trek fan since 1989 and have seen much better Star Trek : Next Generation episodes than this, This movie felt like a boring two part episode rather than a big rousing movie.

The "Phantom Menace" trailer was more exciting.

This movie really is a little more than an hour and a half of fighting and fleeing, with a couple good adrenaline moments tossed in to ensure people aren't getting too bored with the movie.

after the action packed previous two next generation films this soppy moral is well needed and well done.

It's not quite stellar material on it's own right, but it is enjoyable to watch.

Boring story with stupid new age hippies running around in earthtones.

Star Trek: Insurrection is an exciting movie with plenty of action and humor as well.

This is one of those movies where the "action" sequences slow the film down.

If the Baku, or anyone for that matter, is too nice, they just sound pretentious and the viewer looses a sense of connection and develops a desire to kick them in the teeth.

*Insurrection* quickly plummets into a boring and predictable storyline, with some obligatory special effects sequences thrown in to alleviate the pain.

Third, having Worf just happen to show up for every movie is getting a bit contrived.

The side story of the Enterprise's skirmish is both dull and unnecessary.

While not overly bad, or even necessarily a bad movie, Insurrection is a bland, forgettable and ultimately uninspired movie.

Insurrection probably would have worked out better as a forty five minute episode rather than a whole movie,but I would still recommend it to Star Trek fans,it's certainly not the worst Star Trek movie,but it is the least exciting.

The most common complaint - yes, let's get the negative crap out of the way first - about Insurrection is that it "feels like a drawn-out episode of Next Gen.

-For a technology hating species the BaKu seemingly have used technology to build a freaking dam and even a hydraulic system to empty a lake.

Most Entertaining, Least Substantial in the Series .

The rest of the movie is similarly cliché'd.

Having said that, Riker looks like he is enjoying himself when let loose to blow up the Sonar but that is one of only a very few highlights in what is otherwise a very tiring and dull entry in the Trek franchise.

The sequence when Data goes berserk, though hardly thrilling, is pretty exciting and it rouses the audience's curiosity about what's going on.

The Ba'ku also possess uncanny hackysack skills and the ability to 'slow time' (an excuse to use a cheesy special effect which was already overused in TV commercials the prior year).

I was bored.


waste of time .

But the other elements that go into producing a good movie, such as the script, acting, directing, and, dare I say it, special effects, add up to an entertaining whole.

Most of my friends enjoyed it as well!

I would probably give this a 2/4, because the ending was predictable and unimaginative.

But overall, it's an enjoyable film.

There's also a lot of boring medium and long shots in the battle scenes.

Plenty of good shoot-'em-up stuff, laced with the humor which made the series so enjoyable.

Enjoyable .

It is a film with a dramatic charge more intense than some of its predecessors.

There are intriguing plot points early on involving Starfleet's and the Federation's attitude towards relocation of colonists, an obvious parallel to our 19th century approach towards American Indians.

She didn't seem to have too much of a problem catching on, even though it was a bit confusing at first.

When I first watched this film I was somewhat disappointed; watching it again I found that I really enjoyed it.

Insurrection was great storytelling featuring intense character development.

Insurrection does offer a nice change of pace for Trekkers, instead of an action packed film, you are given a nice quiet little adventure that will make you laugh along the way.

That guy can direct an intense film.

I was so bored, I turned it off near the end during the "climax" of the story.

However, it's just a glossy, empty package.

Now that was a show: superb acting, excellent plot, compelling mystery.

Insurrection has no plot, no intriguing ideas, no heart and no interesting characters.

The story line was weak, and the action dragged.

The plot was completely uninteresting and the film was largely pieced together from parts of TNG episodes that I didn't like to begin with.

The characters are extremely uninteresting, even the ones we already know about and the romance plot in this film with Picard and the Ba'ku is extremely stupid and it made me want to grab a phaser and kill myself!

One of the enjoyable facets of the movie (for a Trek fan) was the fact that Deep Space Nine was mentioned (several times) and the threat of the Dominion was mentioned (several times).

The plot is fairly engaging(even though disobeying orders has been explored before in this series) and the developments keep your interest.

Director Jonathan Frakes, who helmed "First Contact," shifts the emphasis away from the usual swashbuckling heroics in this otherwise predictable but entertaining installment.

It was totally out of place in an otherwise bland movie.

Stewart was excellent (as always) as the BDCISF (that's "Best Damn Captain in Star Fleet"), and even characters that used to annoy me, like Troi, I found enjoyable in this one.

It's too boring to be good commercial sci-fi-thriller, and to busy *trying* (unsuccessfully, I think) to pander to the toy-buying teenage boys to be the technobabble thought-opera The Next Generation usually was on TV.

The cast are relaxed and exhibit some likable on screen chemistry but in-between there's a bit of a dull romance to get through, some self-important moralising and some not especially interesting action sequences.

However, this does contains stunning FX and some tongue in cheek humour which we haven't seen since Star Trek 6.

Pretty uninspiring, really .

Almost all of the Star Trek movies with the original cast were exciting, moving, entertaining, or some combination of the above.

I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I left the theater Friday.

"Star Trek: Insurrection" is a mildly enjoyable entry for the film franchise.

By the boring space battle finale I was half asleep, and the usher had to come in and slap the back of my head because my eyes got stuck from rolling them so hard when Riker pulled the Commodore 64 joystick out and flew the ship.

Star Trek Insurrection is a very enjoyable movie and one of the best Star Trek movies ever.

and an enjoyable story for those who are not.

The movies does have some cliché dialog, like when Data saying 'Sattle up.

Although it is by far not the best in the series (First contact is), it is entertaining.

K.! While I found it entertaining enough, pace wise it was a bit flat, no suspense building climax, ("First Contact" was better) and no good old fashioned swashbuckling heroics.

Everything about this film reeks of episodic television, right down to the bland flat lighting in just about every scene (at least GENERATIONS had some creative lighting from John Alonzo).

Very entertaining.

(Every one after The Voyage Home, to be blunt, has been a waste of time, and I'm now only guilty of watching them because that's what someone's playing on the VCR of the on-call lounge.

Star Trek: Insurrection is everything horrible about the odd numbered Star Trek films and suffers considerably from lousy writing, bad direction, horrid special effects, uninteresting cinematography and most importantly, a terrible plot.

But it's still a movie worth watching!

It was as if our favorite franchise was dying a slow death.

In fact it's one of the worst movies I viewed this year.

This is by far the most fun "Star Trek" movie I have ever seen,and one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen this year.

we can't violate the prime directive)to save millions of lives in the universe if all we are doing is tampering with one culture, and a boring one at that.

Even ST:V was more exciting.

The story is so limp, this style of story has been told hundreds of times before and it was so predictable.

3.5 out of 10Aside from the assured performances from the cast a half a dozen or so (intentional) belly laughs, Star Trek: Insurrection is a complete waste of time and money, and further proof the odd-numbered curse is for real.

Dull film places the crew of the U.

Pinafore bit was very funny, and while it may not have made a lot of sense, it didn't really matter, as "Insurrection" seems to be all about downplaying the means to reach the ends, which are often very entertaining.

Commander Beard (Riker) gets a few seconds in the limelight, while the others run around doing their usual boring stuff.

To be fair, a good number of the friends who went with me enjoyed it a great deal.

This film left a very bland taste in my mouth.

They have bad direction, lousy writing, poor explanation of the plot, uninteresting characters and have extremely uninteresting special effects and cinematography.

Now THAT'S how truly uninspiring this film is.

The "Riker Manuever" was also contrived and unrealistic.

) Even the often-tedious Star Trek I is better than "Insurrection", if only because it has more dignity...

The acting is great, the action thrilling, and the effects better than ever!

Star Trek: Insurrection has a lot of playfulness in it that may only be enjoyable to the real fans of the shows.

They just kind of have a dull plain and they never get much personality of their own, aside from their obsession with immortality.

One thing I did like, however, was the central concept – the search for immortality is universal and compelling, and tying it into the history of "forced relocations" adds the kind of real-world resonance that "First Contact" and the first 3 films in the original series were lacking.

Not that it's a BAD film by any means, it just lacks that extra spark that could have ignited this into an exciting blaze of a film.

This makes the pacing too slow and some scenes unbearably obsolete.

It made for an exciting Star Trek film with both action and intrigue with the Zefram Cochran warp-speed plot.

This entry in the franchise is rather bland and I blame the screenplay, which is too simple and not though-provoking at all.

`Star Trek:Insurrection,' around a mere hour and forty minutes, ends with a swift beam-up and a shot of the Enterprise peeling away, and avoids arduous moments of contrived character reaction.

Patrick Stewart as Piccard is compelling as always in his concern for Data as well as the well being of these people on the planet.

But, being dragged to it by a friend because we were bored, meant that I spent the next 103 minutes ducking Sonar space rifts and Briar patch bogeys!!!

For this reason I have found 'Fade In' a fascinating read, though partly in that kind of perverse sense in which you might watch the supplemental material included on a DVD of a movie you didn't enjoy--commentaries, "Making Of" featurettes, etc. Who was behind this; what went wrong; why did they spend all this time and money on such a mediocre film?