Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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The Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan homeworld Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a peace treaty. Captain Picard and his crew discover a serious threat to the Federation once Praetor Shinzon plans to attack Earth.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Stuart Baird
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 174 out of 840 found boring (20.71%)

One-line Reviews (586)

The movie was, frankly, boring for most of its first hour.

Talky, boring, cheap-looking space trash...

Picard's relationship with Praetor Shinzon was very thorough and compelling to watch, and Tom Hardy sure DOES look like Patrick Stewart, and Baird was correct in saying that Hardy had the right attitude and a dark, sexy appeal about him that made his character really fun to observe!!!

while we didn't like st: generations much, this one was entertaining enough to make it a purchase.

Entertaining .

Patrick Stewart (Picard) is solid as the captain of Enterprise and always far more enjoyable than the ever-overacting William Shatner.

Entirely predictable to the last minute but ultimately very enjoyable like most of the good Trek adventures.

What makes this movie so enjoyable is that longtime fans have bonded with this crew.

The plot is predictable, most of the dialogue is trite, and the cast all seem bored with their roles.

Star Trek has been great because each episode/movie dealt with a moral dilemma choice, well built characters and intriguing situations.

The Remans, however, seem contrived.

"ST: Nemesis" is definitely entertaining and a good way to pass a couple of hours if you are a casual fan of the series.

There's enough good on show to make this a good film, but the weaknesses of TNG are exposed, There's too much shooting, pointless action sequences and pyrotechnics.

The plot of "Nemesis" is idiotic and uninteresting.

Instead of spending my time on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next, I found myself watching "clips" of various sci-fi movies I had seen in my life.

Hip hip hooray, what a waste of time.

This is an entertaining movie, regardless of your Trekkie generation.

Awesome stuff, exciting, intense, and with a *dynamite* climax.

Boring .

A Terribly boring rip off of Wrath of Kahn .

I felt like I was watching one of the boring Voyager episodes....

Engaging story and action.

Even the jaw dropping moments when you should be on the edge of you seat arn't very exciting.

Trouble is, it is so uninteresting - we've seen it before in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and it was so much much better done there.

Nemesis (which could easily be called "The Wrath of Shinzon") would have been a reasonable 1-hour TNG episode, entertaining for those purposes.

I must add that the producers' "positivist" cosmology is also a bit limiting and tiresome--- that is, where humans and other beings are considered alive merely because they function, and environmental stimuli during the formative years clearly makes the being who he/she is.

The story was riveting and kept me intrigued right to the end finally culminating in the moving sacrifice that saddened all.

The story moves along nicely and I find it thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

I couldn't help but think as I watched Jordi, Worf, Troi, Data, and Beverly do their swan song, that they would be associated with this lifeless, empty presentation.

Thouroughly Enjoyed it.

Much more involving than Insurrection and an intriguing story that I thought just got better as the film went on.

Story is boring.

I was mainly looking for a few of the Star Trek can't-go-wrongs: good science-fiction, the old familiar cast, and a suspenseful plot.

So maybe it is indeed time to retire "the Enterprise crew" - and by that I mean Picard & Co. as well as Berman & Co.Unless, of course, they once again dare to "boldly go where no one has gone before", make a "quantum leap" into - say - the 34th century, and show us once again an exciting vision of the future, and not something you can see at every electronics store these days ...

Nothing particurly new, but on the whole, I really enjoyed it.

Captain Picard was the quintessential TV father / uncle / grandfather figure to so many of us Millennials out there and now that he's gone I really feel quite a bit empty inside.

*yawn* (excuse me)...

The movie was dark, drawn out and somewhat slow with minimal action.

Attempts to be funny come off as pretentious and self-congratulating.

Unless you're a trek geek, don't waste your money!

This film is very serious and although I don't like action films, this movie was pretty intense thanks to its villain.

The current makers and shakers of the Star Trek franchise, have to try and come up with new, fresh, and exciting ideas if Gene Roddenberry's appealing vision is to survive at all.

Wry good humor, suspenseful timing, good acting, and a sense of conclusion all came togeather to make Nemesis a must see for Trek fans and near-fans.

It was so boring, a yawner!

First off, those who've commented that this movie has lots of formulaic Hollywood crap are absolutely correct *but* it is still enjoyable if you're like me and able to enjoy the good parts of the movie while rolling your eyes at the stupid stuff.

It starts off (very) slowly, but gains momentum, culminating in some very exciting space battles along with a few surprises along the way.

On Par With Watching Paint Dry .

All in all, there is no story other than to show the Picard that might have been had evil taken hold.

Still, a rewarding experience and one of the most intense battle scenes ever for a Star Trek movie.

It was so boring the plot line was stupid and I found I could not care less whether picard's nemesis was destroyed or not.

To me that night, it was a return to TNG's original class and grace, with a bit of modern wit thrown into the mix, along with tons of absolutely stunning visual effects and more raw, pure emotion than I could believe.

The only thing worth watching in this film that had my foot wiggling in boredom is Tom Hardy as Shinjon.

My pointless rant .

Really enjoyed it .

Enterprise was on about the same time as Nemesis, and even that was so bland.

If the above are not discouraging enough, add an awful script, pointless effects (especially the swirly-green-that-kills-everything), and a complete disregard for every quality which has ever made any Star Trek incarnation worth watching.

It starts out well enough, the idea that the Romulans could be attacked internally, and so vulnerable is intriguing.

I highly recommend it, you have a great time.

This film should have aimed to be a great action film like its predecesor "First Contact" or its contemporaries "Star Wars Episode II", "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", and "Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers", but the slow pacing and weak story makes this quite impossible, and so this movie falls very short of being in the same league as these other films.

"Nemesis" is a film that has no clue what it wants, no plot, and it destroys beloved characters.

Really good and enjoyable movie...

This thrilling picture has a climatic and exceptional ending .

The narrative is a bit predictable and some things are glossed over a bit, so there are areas that lack a bit of polish.

they are treated as stock one-dimensional characters to serve as backdrop to a contrived plot and unconvincing threat to the Federation.

watch it if you're bored..

Uneven, enjoyable flick to go with popcorn .

A thoroughly enjoyable movie at all levels!

It is also very exciting to see the Enterprise E really open up in the final battle.

Staurt Baird's direction is slow and unremarkable, and the forgettable screenplay does not do our beloved Trek characters justice.

The series, if it is to ever be revived, needs something dynamic and exciting--this movie, unfortunately, was not it.

Many TNG episodes, and some of the original series TV episodes raised to this level, while, also providing for action, battles, drama, and thrilling moments.

**some incidental spoilers**Like "Insurrection" this is a pointless story about a charismatic alien with a personal grudge and grandiose schemes, aided by loathsome aliens.

dull and dreary first half .

Marina Sirtis plays the most minor, inconsequential character in all but one of the TNGs I have seen to date, and yet she is more compelling at any given moment than the entire rest of the cast.

The action/plot is extremely boring, the script inept.

But the cliches, the same old jokes, and ESPECIALLY the stealing of ideas/scenes from other movies, Star Trek and others, were just too many to make this a truly enjoyable flick.

Wrath of Khan and First Contact were the most action packed of the bunch and did the most to add to the lore of Trek.

Putting all Star Trek politics aside, this is entertaining film that should have been second to last.

Even with the fun, fast paced, well choreographed fight scenes in the film and some of the scenes involving the characters, there were still large flaws present with the film.

I found the first half of the movie dragged, the timing was off, repeated lines, it was almost like they had a four hour movie edited and chopped to fit two hours.

What a great, action packed movie.

Ghost In The Shell 2 is enjoyable if you don't expect more than an avant-garde art museum.

Unless you are the kind of fan that believes that even the worst possible Star Trek is a good Star Trek, don't waste your time.

(Everyone lets out a yawn).

So the Enterprise heads out to investigate and what follows is a boring "car chase" in the desert of a Mad Max kind of civilization.

Beyond the initial setup, and all those tedious "find your humanity" bits with Shinzon and Picard, the film becomes the usual Trek movie runaround.

There were some slow points when I had time to use the restroom.

Entertaining, though Poorly Designed .

This is an extremely interesting movie, and one that seems to bring forward the Next Generation crew to a stunning conclusion.

This is why Nemesis fails at the box office while ponderous drek like The Matrix Reloaded thrives.

There is nothing new or surprising, and there are parts that are pointless, could have gone into more detail or convoluted.

I could go on for a great deal of time about every single scene and why I enjoyed it.

It definitely is a vast improvement over the last installment (I still think they were tailoring to the Barney and the Power Rangers demographic but who knows what Berman and Braga were thinking), but nevertheless, this movie was dull and bland.

While this is usually a good thing, the plot surrounding Data seems a bit contrived this time.

And its getting to boring.

While I won't reveal any plot points here, what I will say is that this provides the most entertaining ride that this series has had in a long time.

I adore Generations because of that thrill of seeing the TNG crew on the big screen for the first time; I find First Contact more enjoyable every time i watch it; Insurrection is bland and harmless.

The action scenes were incredibly intense, the effects were the best Trek has had to date.

The stories were weak and the villains very predictable.

Overall, this is a cheesy drawn-out Next Gen episode, albeit with a fine performance from Picard's clone.

Both teams have become sappy, dated, empty charicatures of themselves and it shows.

The eagerness for this movie probably explains why a bland, poorly thought movie like Solaris has been doing so well.

The space battles are excellent, the individual characters are explored more, and the story itself is more exciting than Insurrection and the acting is better than Generations, with Picard looking haunted throughout the movie it is done so well that we are drawn in to the point we feel the emotion that is on screen.

The character is just plain boring.

) and I enjoyed it immensely.

basically wrath of kahn with tng but boring and slow .

don't play safe like Berman and Braga have since Voyager, making the bold future we once saw become sterile and bland.

This is an exciting film.

From the very beginning this movie seemed to be trying to pander to a new audience that is now accumstomed to the fast paced action and expensive special effects of movies like the Matrix and Star Wars Episodes I and II.

The action sequences are well choreographed and shot and among the more exciting of the 'Next Generation' films, especially the thrilling final battle.

and why is Jordi wearing his contacts when his eyes had regenerated in the previous filmother than that the only enjoyable part of this film is Dina Meyer as Commander Donatra the only believable character in the film.

Overall this is an even-numbered Star Trek, so it is fated to be enjoyable and, on the most part it is.

Her sudden "conversion" is both psychologically unrealistic and quite unbelievable, and definitely contrived.

Nemesis just blew me away with its special effects, CGI, and intense action.

Actors showing their age, Mechanical "positivist" universe becoming tiresome.

Entertaining .

I highly recommend it!

The strongest cast for me was Captain Kirk and crew but the Picard gang bore the torch well.

the last two movies AND most of the next generation series were just so darn dull and lifeless.

The whole chase on the surface of the planet where they find B4 was so remarkably boring, they used the same three sets for the entire film, and the death scene was so tacked on and never given a chance to play out properly.

What started out as a movie that seemed as though it would surpass First Contact because of the dark "evil" villains and the intriguing cloning premise, it seemed to be edited down to cater towards the Bruckheimer explosion action crowd.

Overall, it is an enjoyable enough film.

No story, no intrigue, no "Trek magic".

The film starts off with some hapless, if entertaining - unlike much else in the film - comedy, with Stewart's Picard playing the crowd as a best man speaker at a wedding.

The film is entertaining.

- yes but I enjoyed it enough for a marginal recommendation.

I won't give away anything about the story, however it was a fast paced movie from beginning to end.

That aside, this film is handsomely produced with a great production design and has some exciting conflict between Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his nemesis, Shinzon (Tom Hardy).

Brent Spiner's combination of putting on a funny face and talking in that awful innocent child voice are unbearable, particularly when the actual lines are so bad.

Very fast paced compared to other Star Trek movies.

THE STORYLINE: The crew of the Enterprise is dispatched to Romulus for a unexpected mission-diplomacy,and perhaps even peace between the Federation and the Romulan empire.

To conclude, Star Trek Nemesis is truly am enjoyable film.

Star Trek Nemesis is amazing, it manages to be more boring than Star Trek the Motion picture, have a more terrible plot then Generations, have more uninspiring dialogue than the final Frontier and worse action sequences than Insurretion.

Lotta yak yak yak until the last half hour, which turns into an exciting life or death battle.

Enterprise arriving at Romulas (Spock's home planet I think) where they meet Shinzon (Tom Hardy) who is planning to destroy Earth - I think (it was really hard to follow).

It even had a potentially intriguing storyline about the old question of "nurture vs.

Finally, Data's "sacrifice" was too predictable.

It had just enough action and sci-fi to make it unique and a very enjoyable movie to watch.

For the first time in a Trek movie I found myself yawning, and wishing it would hurry up and end.

Stewart, don't hire an outsider to write the script who says he's a fan, don't hire an outside director who sux, if there are action sequences-make sure that they're justified, dramatic, and suspenseful, that other elements of the film get equal attention such as dialogue(already mentioned, duh!

And it's the most character intense of the list.

A dull onslaught of frivolous dialogue.

Totally gripping!

Star Trek: Nemesis is very entertaining and engrossing.

This film, like its predecessor, never surpasses the middleweight, with an uninteresting and forgettable script, something tiresome special effects and CGI and actors that do no more than comply with the minimum that is demanded to them.

This is largely due to a huge budget and decrease in CG rendering times, more powerful tools available etc, etc. But basically, even stuff like the transporter effects are absolutely stunning.

They certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

On the other hand, the shoot out scenes are uninspiring and sometimes unnecessary.

Much more fun could have been had setting Jim against the Romulans: just tell him they are a race of paparazziWe watched this workmanlike tripe along with The Two Towers and it's funny, but we realised something -A good movie running one minute short of 3 hours was riveting.

The relationship between Picard and Shinzon as well as Data and B-4 are poignant and intriguing.

The actor's compelling portrayal of this anti-Picard rivets and fascinates the viewer, admittedly, even at his most repulsive (i.

Star Trek, as I have noted, is rather formulaic at the best of times, so why not look back to a formula that worked?

To conclude, though the graphics and action scenes in this movie are on par with the other Next Generation movie installments, as well as some character development at the wedding of Riker and Troi, the drama is severely lacking, turning to outright boredom in some spots.

More Fun and Exciting Than It's Predecssor, .

They just become contrived and inward looking, their only out for their own interests.

Tom Hardy is impressive in the role, and Stewart shows off his strong acting chops as a powerful man beset by a younger, more ambitious version of himself (an intriguing situation to be sure).

Boring,boring boring.

From there, instead of becoming suspenseful or gripping, the film sort of dips into a lull, following some very predictable plot lines, right down to the final sequence of Picard doing hand-to-hand combat with his Nemesis.

The so-called 'villain' is a complete bore, extremely weak and uninteresting.

I just wanted an enjoyable couple of hours with characterers I feel I know.

I liked the Next Gen cast, but mythic battles on a epic scale look much more exciting.

The makeup was terrible, the lighting embarassing, the direction tired, the acting of dubious quality (see Data's dual role), the storyline flat-out boring, and the dialogue shallow.

either way, it was a brave choice that really causes real emotional response as opposed to safe predictable formula.

Just like Final Frontier and Insurrection, Nemesis is a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

Very good special effects - CGI - an brutally ending, intense, with the confrontation of the ships/captains.

I could go on, but it is pointless.

I want to see things I haven't seen before -- I want to feel out of my element, and on the edge of my seat.

There was alot of pointless parts in this movie.

I have to admit that the first half or so was a little slow and I couldn't imagine giving it more than a 7.

the last hour of the film, especially, is action packed and in the finest Star Trek tradition.

I have been a Star Trek fan since I was about 6 years old, I've loved every single Star Trek movie made apart from the Next Generation cast movies, they just seem dull and badly written, like they where meant for the small screen, that is until now!

Rather than Sulu prancing through the halls fencing anyone he comes across you have Data and Yar engaging in a short love affair.

Waste of time.

If you're looking for something positive to say about this film then the special effects and space combat shots are nothing short of awesome, the space battles are exciting and well paced, and you get to see massive damage being inflicted.

Really bad and really BORING.

The battle sequences of the two sides fencing with each other was enjoyable, even if so predictable it made me roll my eyes.

This is more formulaic than a James Bond film!

Data's course of action at the end is way more compelling and moving than a similar scene in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

I don't know if it's Roddenberry's absence, or (in the case of the other Trek franchises) a less talented cast, but Nemesis seems to epitomize the empty-spirited attempts we've had to settle for lately.

There have bin a few good episodes, but the most are boring.

More of the same as before, very slow in the middle, but has an exciting climax and a bittersweet ending.

This was definitely a darker, edgier Star Trek film, and I totally enjoyed it.

In fact, by concentrating so much on these three characters, the movie becomes boring.

To aspire is to survive in this absorbing sci-fi staple.

John Logan's script is forgettable and cumbersome, at times even slower than "Generations" and "Final Frontier" (and you remember how disappointing those Trek installments were).

Exciting climax and a bittersweet ending .

Simple, but intense.

Hardy gives him a horribly boring and dull voice and besides being bald looks little like Patrick Stewart.

Hopefully the next batch of ST movies will be livelier and more entertaining.

Casual watchers will be baffled and bored, die hard Trek fans will be appalled.

Where WoK was a tight story pared down to a minimalist fight, Nemesis is a sweeping yawn festival.

evil cliche, climaxed by the de rigeur mano-a-mano fisticuffs at the end of the film.

I just want to bring up a point in terms of this character--there's nothing new that he does, it's all derivative and or out and out predictable, every moment every frame.

However when I saw the movie, and heard Jerry Goldsmiths amazing exciting score.

In the end this movie is totally predictable and derivative and it's tragic that this and Insurrection is how most younger fans are going to remember Trek movies.

"First Contact" beautifully wove together the secondary characters, its female leads, and also managed to construct an interesting and compelling storyline, replete with two additional main characters.

For me, the first half of the film is very SLOW, with Commander Riker and Counselor Troi getting married only to have the crew sent off to investigate a "positronic emitter" on some sort of rock planet which is then followed by another silly jeep chase, seen in just about every other science fiction movie, and creepy villians wearing third rate makeup, followed by some very slow dialoge between Picard and Schinzon.

As the Star Trek brain trust tries to get back to what made series popular, namely cool ships, lots of action and an occasional commentary on the social issues of the day, Star Trek: Nemesis arrives as an entertaining war movie in space.

It left me feeling empty and depressed.

I am so bored with it that I lost interest.

i started to fall asleep....

No one is a bigger Star Trek fan than I, but give me a break- this was the crappiest, most contrived piece of dirt I've seen in a long time.

Problematic, torn but enjoyable .

I have seen Star Trek: Nemesis twice so far and found it to be enjoyable both times.

Also copied from James Bond is the boring and not at all star-trek-like sand-buggy race in the beginning.

I thought the movie was very slow in parts, maybe because the score was almost non-existent at times.

Nice Graphics, No Story .

There's the evil baddie, this time a supposed clone of Picard - you know he's related to Picard because he's bald as well (I actually snickered when I saw him the first time - it's such a terribly predictable thing to do).

Both plotlines and death scenes were unexpected and starke in their portrayal of plot twists that were not expected.

More gripping than the usual .

After filling up nine previous movies and countless episodes worth of villains, and at the point when you might have doubted that they could come up with any exciting new ones, the writing team manages to surprise us.

It was predictable too.

This is great for James Bond movies, but it makes for boring SF.

Really exciting and original, right?

But ho hum, enough of my ranting on that particular gem of a character.

Between the script written by John Logan and the direction by Baird, Nemesis manages to be a fast paced, action movie that also offers a very rich and complex plot; of the ten Star Trek movies released so far, Nemesis has the most creative plot.

Enjoyable .

Poor Geordi and Dr Crusher, as always, are reduced to a few scenes of pointless technobabble each.

Unfortunately this is a boring film.

A horribly done dramatic moment that leaves you empty when you should feel much sadness for loosing a beloved character.

Sorry, but I found the whole link between Picard and his nemesis to be veeeeery contrived.

The new Star Trek: Enterprise series story is far more enjoyable and more solidly written than this light touch stab of a Star Trek 8 movie.

Toward the end, it got confusing how the Romulens and the Star Treckers kept teleporting to each other's ship.

Boring sets (particularly for the Enterprise).

The result, an entertaining movie without any thread of originality, which is probably why I left the theater with mixed feelings.

Once I got the names sorted out, I found the plot to be fairly easy to understand and entertaining.

There must of been a million gun shots and laser beams shooting at the slow moving Jeep driven by Captain Picard from many attack vehicles and guns and there were no shields, and none had hurt or killed Worf sitting openly in the back.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and enjoyable Star Trek films EVER!

No plot, no sense of humour, no thrill.

This film is action packed to the full.

I could tell it was going to be a bad weekend for the film when I got to the movies ten minutes early in a busy area and the theatre was still completely empty.

It starts slow, finishes slow, and fills in the gaps with the occasional spectacular sequence, interspersed with slow.

It's a badly structured and very boring film.

Turning to what the movie did include, I would have to say that ST:X contained one of the most exciting and TECHNICALLY ACCURATE space combat sequences I have ever seen.

The lowest grossing, probably going to be the first Star Trek movie ever to lose money but still very entertaining.

The movie was entertaining and brought forth a bitter-sweet end to this magnificent series.

Extraordinary SFX and labyrinthine plot twists raise tantalizing questions of selfhood, the enemy within, the friend in unexpected places.

Well the pattern has held up with Star Trek 10 turning out to be a throughly enjoyable movie.

The villain is a compelling match for Picard, and I look forward to more from Tom Hardy as well (the arguments that he is a Kahn rip-off are a stretch - he's a good villain, and most good villains have certain things in common).

Don't waste your money in the theatre.

Based around the theme of family, it's quite engrossing to see just how well the Next Generation team have gelled together over the years and this really shows in Nemesis.

While it also had a rousing music score it obviously had a certain "age" to the music.

All things considered, I really enjoyed it.

And attempts to be dark and mysterious are yawn inducing.

*The fight sequences are actually very slow...

Having Jerry Goldsmith on board for composer always promises much, seeing as Goldsmith was a personal favourite film composer of mine and some of the best 'Star Trek' music was penned by him, and the man doesn't disappoint, with a lot of rousing, foreboding and melancholic themes, varied textures and clever use of instrumentation.

No story link to TNG series.

Yes, it's formulaic.

I personally believe the Star Trek franchise is still going strong and is superior to the now, frankly, boring Star Wars.

I also found the pacing slow during most of the movie, only picking up during the final battle scene.

I loved this movie, it's action sequences were riveting, even the slow scenes were good.

It helps give the movie an unpredictable quality.

Disappointingly banal .

A very uninteresting subplot altogether.


It has always been easy to level criticism at Star Trek films, for either being too slow, to action-packed, too Trekkie, not Trekkie enough, or whatever.

It was definately entertaining, and had action galore with the usual astonishing special effects.

Contrived and neither very inventive nor inspired, rather more insipid!

It was boring, it seemed like the audience were supposed to guess what was going on in some bits.

Fans will definitely be disappointed by Nemesis and will feel like you didn't get to properly say goodbye to the crew,but its still a fun and action packed Star Trek adventure.

First of all, the hatred which Shinzon (Tom Hardy) has for the Federation seems terribly contrived.

In Nemesis, at least there isn't a stupid cretin named Jar-Jar, and the entire cast of Star Trek have never given us wooden "faster, more intense" performances.

Too simple and predictable.

But under the careful guidance of Rick Berman this last decade Star Trek has become a bore and this latest movie is more proof of that.

Not being a Star Trek fan and not watching the movies in chronological order, it's predictable that i was going to find this movie highly average at best.

With a complex story line, exciting action sequences (especially the space battle) and a reasonably generous sharing of screen time among the crew (Deanna Troi actually provides a KEY element to the resolution!

A deathly dull film .

This movie kept me awake with eyes wide open, and on the edge of my seat.

There are plenty of gratuitously hokey moments, with dialogue between characters that's so cliché that it makes you groan.

Could it BE more boring?

But most sadly lacking in this film is the camaraderie between the cast, which is what made Next Generation such an engaging series.

Whatever the reason, I still enjoyed it.

Just as I read reviews of cell phones by people who are only interested in the text messaging feature, something that is not overly important to me, This Trek creates an exciting and action packed last hour that leaves you guessing to how Picard will pull it out.

"Unification" is one two part television production that is par excellent, simply entertaining and definitely worth watching.

Complete with an intense final duel against a ship that outmatches two Warbirds and Enterprise-E, the movie is filled with action.

This is emphasized through the cliched dramatic countdown timer sequence (used excessively in Trek, but here lacks substance, especially since it is entirely and utterly pointless).

Many critics like Roger Ebert say they're tired of the formulaic Trek franchise.

`You're getting slow, old man' .

While there were a number of humourous moments, the dialogue was dull and monotonous, and the direction was flat and uninspired.

The general is deliberately shrouded as an enigma- he is mysterious and compelling, on purpose.

even the ending had me feeling bland and I think data is great...

However, the first half is unbearably slow and boring.

Unlike the crew of the original series, who gently sailed off to the second star on the right, straight on till morning, the next generation was awkwardly bludgeoned to death by this dull, redundant, ineffectual action film.

Star Trek gets its first car chase, a repetitive and very loud space battle, and some punch-ups here and there.

Furthermore, the only substance of Nemesis amounts to long minutes of confusing violence punctuated by short periods of inopportune calm.

That's not a bad thing at all, it just makes it different from Nemesis that has a more upbeat modern rousing score.

Just enough to make it entertaining.

In fact, many newbies may scratch their heads in confusion as Picard and company spew forth endless trekkie jargon that is sure to come across as gibberish.

In Galaxy Quest, these plot devices were funny, but in the Star Trek series they're really getting tedious.

I really enjoyed it.

The first hour dragged on and on with very little happening.

You got a good story, superb special effects, an intense final battle, and no birds or joysticks involved (anyone who seen Star Trek Insurrection should know what I mean.

gripping and emotional twists and plenty of action!

Very entertaining, true to Trekkian mythology, excellent special effects and wonderful acting.

It becomes exciting and action-packed, which is what Star Trek movies require.

Sometimes, with this attitude, I fall asleep, sometimes I am more than pleasantly surprised (ie TNG episode Clues).

Others will be slightly bored.

They have turned Star Trek into a boring Star Wars.

I agree that for some moments, some kind of boring assumes a few minutes of the film, unfortunately.

All the characters just seemed old and bored.

Yes this film faired poorly at the box office but I can see only one reason for that, that it was going up against the second installment of the almighty "Yawn Of The Rings" trilogy.

I was on the edge of my seat thoughout the last 45 mins of the film.

Very dark, very entertaining, a little sad a little lost .

Non-trekkies will be bored out of their skulls.

enjoyable to see the TNG gang having fun and partying.

Star Trek Nemesis was a non-stopped action packed thrill ride.

The movie is exciting and emotional.

This is the sequence that makes the movie worth watching to sci-fi action fans.

Especially the way he was written out of the series, it set up all kinds of intriguing plot possibilities.

This was a fun and entertaining movie.

The acting Sucks, the movie was slow as Hell ,and it put me to sleep.

The cast looks tired and bored with the whole situation, they look as if they can't wait to finish the show and go home.

This is really a shame, because how Riker and Troi got to this point in their relationship might've been a truly interesting character issue to explore in the movie, and that this was abandoned in favor of some worn out clone revenge story demonstrates that creators do not feel that the best stories come from exploring some the regular characters' most familiar conflicts and interactions with one another, but with contrived cardboard villains.

It's got some serious flaws, and definitely some wasted potential, but it is still a very entertaining movie, and is an acceptable entry into the series.

The quote "time flies when you're having fun" is a fitting phrase for Star Trek Nemesis because it is entertaining.

The story was predictable and did not have enough action.

Or am I confusing that with Lord of the Rings...

Or its too dull and slow for everyone like some of the older Trek films or its too in depth for non core fans and more of a Trekkie treat fan film.

The writers are paid to do the best job they can: this means no plot-holes, inconsistencies or continuity errors, believable actions by believable characters.

Nemesis is a very exciting and interesting Star Trek film.

Predictable, right from the start.

The Clone Bore .

This scene has Picard doing a monologue that seems way too long and that really should have been cut shorter to keep a quick pace in the movie, something which the director, Stuart Baird, seems to be really bad at.

Some of them are genuinely quite exciting, although the film struggles to have a consistently tense mood.

And if that weren't enough, they changed the interior from a bright, vibrant alive, feel good color to a dark, dull interior that always depressed me whenever I looked at it.

and well, it all looks the same from then on.. lots of badly aimed phaser and disruptor fire, aliens dropping like flies, humans getting sucked into space and the supreme BAD STAR TREK SEQUENCE..Picard ramming the Enterprise into the RADIATION RACER with several minutes of excruciatingly boring screeching, mashing, smashing and scratching of metal, plastiform, conduit and other assorted flotsam and jetsam spewing from the two stricken vessels.

Simply breathtaking.

great villain, ROMULANS (finally), a dark and intriguing story, massive and epic space battles and possibly one of the most dramatic endings in any Star Trek story.

"Generations" continues to be my favorite new generation flick and was a ton more enjoyable to watch than this poop.

For the story, the film artfully dodges cliche and predictability throughout its entire length.

I was kind of disappointed because the mystery was quite entertaining.

Yet this entirely engaging two hours will probably be relegated to the lower end of the Trek movie heap, along with a far worse entry in the wretched "Star Trek V.

The movie takes all the emotions you have built up over the seven seasons of the show and the last three movies and brings them to a stunning climax.

The story is fascinating, the acting excellent, the effect state of the art and the climatic battle the best one in the history of the series by far.

It kind of dragged, and killing Data off depressed me as he's my favorite character.

Filled with rousing moments of fun, it leaves the viewer with a warm filling after leaving the theater.

Why is he still making this drab, formulaic stuff?

The Star Trek Nemesis is slow and boring.

Possible Spoilers---Ho Hum...

Battle scenes roughly as enjoyable as teeth cleanings2.

The main reason is a fairly engaging plot, involving a genetic double for Picard that was created by the Romulans and then abandoned to seek out his own fate among their dark brothers.

Here, things feel patchy or stodgy and it doesn't quite have the engagement.

The action is intense, never leaving anyone bored.

Sirtis, in straight hair, was stunning.

I could go on about how many ways (and there are many) this movie missed the mark, but the bottom line is: save your money and wait for the DVD if your a Trek fan - is a lousy Trek movie better than no Trek movie?

Unfortunately, in the film that comes across as them mostly standing around smiling fondly at each other, which is very very boring!

The few and far-between enjoyable moments of 'Nemesis' involved Stewart, Spiner and Hardy, while the rest of the cast appeared to be there only as set pieces (Michael Dorn plays one of the most fantastic characters in the original ensemble, and his talent was utterly wasted in this installment).

While not as good as First Contact or The Wrath of Kahn, and slightly better than The Voyage Home, Nemesis has many entertaining scenes in it.

The plot is there despite claims that there was no plot in this movie.

Boring tripe .

This movie is a popcorn flick that provides some enjoyable entertainment and is probably one of the better ST movies that I saw (on TV) over the years.

The film turned Trek into a shoot em up, action flick with no message or a theme of exploration.

This movie committed the unforgivable sins of being boring, derivative and utterly pointless.

Here is my two cents in responding to some of the harshest critics of this movie: "It's boring, especially the scenes with Tom Hardy...

Despite the slowness, it's still worth seeing.

This was a surprisingly good movie--- exciting, entertaining, and thoroughly satisfying.

It's a doozy of an action scene, even if it is slightly marred by Troi's psychic link and tiresome reports of collapsing shields.

the script was weak and it was really boring.

While not as complete as First Contact and borrowing heavily from Kahn's plot, ST:N is an enjoyable action packed movie.

I found myself immersed deeper into the film and felt very much apart of it as these scenes played out.

"Star Trek: Nemesis" has an interesting premise and is an exciting adventure with an underlying and very human message.

Whilst it's true that a few members of the Crew are a damn sight more important than others in the main cast, I still feel a proper farewell from everyone (even McFadden's Dr Crusher, who despite growing older in appearance since the very first episode, is still a stunning woman in figure and appearance) would have been a better farewell than the one which was opted with.

Star Trek: Nemesis is the product of a great concept and the great evolving storyline of TNG clashing with a typical cliche-spewing, chase-scene-loving, explosion-happy, catch-phrase-driven, commercial Hollywood action director.

There are some very intense scenes that were done very well.

So they created this action packed movie and tried to tie down the loose ends of character relations along the way, and that's what went wrong!

There's still the eye candy - an exciting away mission, shuttlecrafts, the (now CGI) Enterprise E, new Romulan ships, loads of phaser fire, hand to hand combat, explosions, and a collision of cosmic proportions.

The plot is well thought-out and engaging, and the acting is excellent.

I guess I was getting really bored with such lame nonsense after what seemed like ten years watching it that I fashioned a phaser set to kill out of my remote control.

Bland And Unoriginal.

So I got home, put on the DVD and from start to finish it was the first Next Generation movie I haven't fallen asleep through, I've watched the terrible Generations, the better First Contact, and Insurrection (which was really really bad probably as bad as Generations) but this movie, apart from Picard's speech at the beginning and Janeway's pointless cameo appearance (I was hoping for Admiral Hayes to give him his orders again)I only wish I had gone to see it at the Cinema, after seeing Star Trek's IV to XI at the cinema and never missing out on the experience it makes me sad to think I judged this excellent movie so harshley...

Without getting too long in the tooth, this was definitely worth watching, and heck, I'll buy it too.

The battle had every Trek space cliche as well.

I thought this was gratuitous to say the least and much too formulaic.

A boring and predictable couple.

Everything about this film just feels like a relic from the politically correct 90s, with the tedious wedding, the stabs at having a message of tolerance, the multicultural (read: token minorities) cast...

But then again I thought under the right direction it could at least prove to be fun and entertaining.

The second big difference is that this film is merely deathly dull while that one is absolutely dreadful.

But the one thing that makes Star Trek: Nemesis worth watching at all is the surprising death of probably TNG's most popular character, Data.

I liked certain bits and pieces of it, but I felt bits that needed developing weren't, and the whole thing was just a bit too predictable.

As I recently saw on a commercial, the phrase that describes this best is: Visually stunning pointless sequel.

It's just so dreary and dull.

The guy is intense, convincing and scary, and I love the way he delivers his lines.

Having read some rather mediocre reviews post viewing, I went to see it with low expectations but found I quite enjoyed it.

Moderately entertaining, Star Trek: Nemesis probably would probably be more suitable as a double-episode as opposed to a feature film.

The battles, though utterly predictable and derivative, are nonetheless watchable.

I wouldn't say don't go and watch it, but I did find it disappointing, the final two episodes of Voyager were more entertaining.

But with Enterpants currently boring audiences rigid the world over, Star Trek needed a blockbuster to set the series back on track.

They are becoming more and more like James Bond films, filled with shallow characters and predictable plotlines.

Shinzon's origin as a Picard clone was affected, and the abandonment of the Romulan high command's attempt to replace him in Starfleet was contrived.

This is the 4th Next Generation film, and I left the theater wondering why I had gone.

Their marriage just seemed pointless (unless they were trying to give TNG fans what they want to see considering this may be their last film.

This is one of the more enjoyable of the series.

Nemesis is an entertaining, well-photographed, competently acted production that doesn't go over the top in phony Treknology nor overacting.

Sure, they could have before, but we all knew that they wanted to leave the possibility open for more sequels.

The plot is there despite claims that there was no plot in this movie.

Before then, the only setpieces worthy of interest are a gratuitous but enjoyable car chase (!

I know, let's use the good old cliché that bad guys always want to kill the good guy and destroy earth...

It is an excellent film, with fantastic visual effects, a gripping plot and an emotional ending.

I dont know what the hate was about this movie, but I surely enjoyed it.

It's Star Trek which, for all the cult behaviour that surrounds it, is based around being entertaining.

Unfortunately the first 2/3 of the show were slow with far too much dialogue and existential drivel between Picard and Shinzon.


Star Trek Nemesis follows the path of the majority of TNG movies in the fact that its very predictable and set in its ways.

A weak Trek film, but still entertaining .

Even if you didn't, the ship to ship battles were exciting and fun to watch.

The contrived plot has the Enterprise being lured to the Romulan border by the discovery of Data's retarded relative, a move which puts the Starfleet flagship right where Shinzon wants it.

I especially found the wedding scene particularly entertaining...

Engrossing and well done.

While enjoyable, so much more could have been done with the Borg.

At times, the storyline did seem to be confusing, and some area's of the film seemed irrelevant to the rest of the plot.

A truly thrilling and entertaining film that is leaps and bounds above Star Trek Insurrection.

However, we see the tired science fiction cliché of a hull breach that amazingly does not suck everything out into space right away.

It did, however, contain the slowest ever climax since 'Speed 2.

I found it to be a most enjoyable film, it has funny moments when the whole audience was laughing, it was well acted IMO and Patrick Stewart was superb as always.

Nemesis has probably the most boring plot of any Star Trek film.

The sets were dull and flat, the action predictible, the narrative derivative and tired.

Without going into the story the film starts really well and some of the special affects are brilliant , especially the terrorist attack on the the Romulans but after the initial 30 minutes it slows down to a crawling pace and i felt myself feeling tired and bored and this seemed to last until the last 15 minutes when the climax , which is a little predictable , raises the film back to a respectable level.

I found that the movie drew my attention and didn't let go, even as Tom Hardy spouted gibberish for far too long.

This movie greatly exceeded my expectations and was thoroughly riveting, entertaining, and enjoyable.

Another thrilling Enterprise adventure to go where no one did, and to do what no one didn't.

The flavor of this movie is painfully monotone, broken by only a few minutes of juicy space battles towards the end.

It IS worth watching.

That show was about as entertaining as watching a Discovery Channel about grass growing.

Critics, however, rightly criticized the middle of the film as being a bit too slow going.

I enjoyed the intense persona of the villain Shinzon, and Captain Picard had never let us down.

Most of the film trodds along at a snail's pace, completely losing the audience's attention, while the final twenty minutes or so desperately try to salvage the film.

" But what is even more troubling is that nearly a third of the movie wasn't shown, which includes a very intense scene on the turbolift involving Counsellor Troi.

My own opinion - the film does good for what it is, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

This uniqueness presented an interesting and unexpected twist to this great finale.

Rating: 8Trek fans will love this because it's far more gripping than the usual fan-fare.

Check it out or wait till it is out, but it is worth the watch.

Star Trek Nemesis is worth watching.

Also, the soundtrack and costumes were really great, I'd say that if you are bored, or looking for a good movie to watch, go out and rent it, or buy it, I think you will be in for a surprisingly good time.

Nemesis is REALLY boring.

While the rest of the supporting do their best, their screen time is limited and uninteresting.

I found the Remans scary and exciting.

In a 180 degree departure from the generally accepted "even numbered" Star Trek movies being better, ST:Nemesis is an ill-conceived, disjointed production with none of what made the Star Trek tradition special.

Really and truly one of the worst movies ever.

Like it was just added in at the last minute to make the film more exciting.

The performances by Tom Hardy and Patrick Stewart are really engaging.

If you save the world, universe, Federation, etc, every time you go out, it gets tedious quickly, and the creators think they have to top themselves each time out.

It approaches that, but falls short of being fulfilling and entertaining enough to really satisfy.

Next, there were some confusing parts like how did the crew actually know that B-4 was going to be beamed to Shinzon's ship so they replaced him with Data.

A secret conspiracy in the Romulan government set up an intriguing plot (even though the Romulan costumes looked like they were made from fabric bought at Wal-Mart).

Entertaining, if too pat, conclusion to TNG film adventures: spoilers .

The proceedings are predictable, and boring.

Well it was entertaining from a Mystery Science Theater 3000 stand point:A total pansy of a villain that never makes you shiver or sneer once.

A big problem for Star Trek has always been enemies for the Federation, as they are immensely powerful and far-reaching, and without conflict, you have no story.

I enjoyed it.

Everything about Nemesis is predictable.

The other crew members just seem to be background decoration, and at times seemed bored I agree with one IMDb user who commented on them being serverly under used what was Wolf doing throughout the film.

Although Picard's genetically identical clone, Schinzon, and a group of distraught Romulans present the viewer with a new combination of antagonists, the films plot seems trite and rather corny.

This movie is fairly fast paced, and it kept me entertained.

The scenes of the ram, and especially of pulling apart, however, were a bit too drawn-out.

What can I say, this film is appalling, I managed to fall asleep during the first showing, the plot is far from genius, although to its credit the second half is much better.

After waiting four years for what is rumored to be the last Next Generation (and possible Star Trek) film ever, I was dearly looking forward to seeing the familiar cast and engaging storyline I had come to expect from the series and previous films.

Did diplomatic life become too boring for him?

If memory serves, we made it past the first thirty minutes and were so bored that we decided not to waste any more of our evening on it.

Though at times Nemesis delivers surprise, intrigue, and excitement, it generally engenders boredom and disappointment.

I hope she is very slow with this franchise, which deserves to live long and prosper.

There is no emotion buildup, just constant fighting, so the climax is boring and uninteresting.

The dialog in this movie is pathetic, brutally banal.

It will be a sad state of affairs if the crew from arguably the most enjoyable star trek series departs from the big screen leaving that as their final film.

The action is good and Stewart is as good a central point as ever, making for an enjoyable if unexceptional entry in the long running series.

There are reasons why Starbuck is a compelling character, and Donna Troi is not.

Unfortunately, the film's slow-moving earlier scenes affect the space battle.

The moviemakers miss several opportunities to make Nemesis better than it is now, but they pull together just enough elements to make it entertaining on the nights when you just want something light and easy.

Dull, Dull , Dull.

I am not a Trekkie, and had had no familiarity with the characters when i walked into the theater, but after i got past that, I actually enjoyed it.

" I found the endeavor to be darkly entertaining and well directed.

With a change of government, though, the plan was scrapped, and Shinzon was outcast to the dreary mining planet of Remus where life was, it seems, something of a bitch.

That said, when it comes to the battles, they are all pretty enjoyable and the effects are good.

He has turned Star Trek into the McDonald's of entertainment franchises: bland, predictable & gimmicky.

Enjoyable Trek .

), STAR TREK: NEMESIS is a rousing contribution to the franchise.

As a long time Trek watcher and retired Trekkie, I'm familiar with disappointment from the franchise: there's just so much of it, it's hard to come up with anything original and exciting.

In fact, this is a machine produced pointless sequel that follows cliche after cliche after cliche and you will never be surprised in this movie.

Take that, tedious clone!

Slow, dull, illogical Captain (ha ha).

Worth watching!

The scenes with him and Hardy are excellent, eloquent and enjoyable.

"The scene with the dune buggy was pointless and stupid...

A total waste of time, for everyone.

Unlike a certain naive reviewer here, I'd rather watch Nemesis anyday than the collosal snore-fest called the Phantom Menace.

The effects offer us much more than previous Trek films and are very exciting and rewarding to fans.

If your not a Trek fan, just save your money and go see LOTR - Two Towers.

I tried to just go with the film and enjoy it on the surface level, but quickly grew bored.

8/10, an excellent and entertaining addition to the "Star Trek" universe.

Stunning sets, a well-crafted villian, and decent dialogue.

There are a few moments when the story becomes extremely intense and exciting, thanks to some fine action sequences in this film.

Not to mention it was distributing it's power to all those wing-tips, while the death star distributed it's to the little firing points on the edge of it's concave firing port.

While this one has been wildly panned by so many "fans" and critics, it falls within the "enjoyable if you ignore the nit-picky errors" category.

Star Trek: Nemesis is a good movie with a pretty decent storyline that kind of gets to the point too quickly but is fun and action packed,unlike Insurrection,that is very slow paced,and I thought Nemesis was much better.

Pointless, worthless and not Star Trek.

Not since the corny, yet enjoyable prequel "Voyage Home" has the franchise turned-out anything near as good as this one: 'Nemesis' is fantastic in its escapism.

" Moreover, the cameos were pointless.

Even many of the cast seemed to have no place in the movie, such as Riker and Troi, (This part had too many inconsistencies to mention) or Jordie (who's part could have been played by a monkey with glaucoma and a tricorder)Barring a few moments of action, the dull monotone continued throughout the movie.

It is enjoyable and with this being hyped as probably the last one in the series ( is it safe to say that?


The first half of the film was mostly plot-driven, while the second half was action packed with some really intense ship battles.

Well, B-4, the plot device android (also played by Brent Spiner) is actually spying for Shinzon, and Data assumes his place so we can have another pointless action sequence.

"Star Wars episode II: Attack of the Clones" was absolutely stunning.

After seeing Nemesis i was left empty and dissapointed and i couldnt help thinking was this one to many films for Picard and Co. Dont get me wrong , Nemesis is ok but when i make an effort to go and see a Star Trek motion picture i expect the script writers to have made an effort too and the story in the 10th Trek film is , im sorry to say , Dull.

The film is also slow, with the plot moving at a snails pace.

Tom Hardy single-handedly rescues this TNG film by his compelling performance as Shinzon, the Reman Praetor who's bent on taking out his rage on humanity after using Picard - the originator of his genetic material – to keep himself alive.

I think the best I could say about it was it was way more enjoyable than Die Another Day.

I therefore had reservations about it being a "Star Trek" movie, but still enjoyed it for what else it is - a good action/adventure/sci-fi flick.

These issues aside, the film is really quite good and very enjoyable.

What could've been a truly gripping psychological drama about the conflict between darker and lighter natures was instead reduced to a action-oriented shoot-'em-up...

Jerry Goldsmith's musical score is a wonderful accompaniment to the intense action sequences.

Because some earlier scenes were uninteresting, it takes a bit of the edge of the climax excitement.

Pretty static and dull .

There is some weak subtext to the story but the entire second hour is drawn out battle leading to the climactic confrontation between Picard and Shinzon about the enemy ship.

I was overjoyed when The Movie came out and enjoyed the heck out of it, even though it was more cerebral than The Menagerie and somewhat boring.

So we have the background for the film: an absurd meld between ST2 and 6 sporting a pointless new character and warped old ones.

but when a movie starts to put you to sleep in the first 30 minutes, then the movie is going to be very boring.....

A slow sullen death to the movie series .

Also Riker's pointless dramatic line when the romulan ships decloak.. 'just when I thought this couldn't get any worse').

Something really awful needs to happen to the universe or something so we can be spared these rather yawn inducing movies.

Philosophical/moral dilemmas, even if trite, debated because our characters are supposed to be highly educated.

If the point isn't exploration, then the danger arises of a pointless exercise in mayhem and conflict.

)That having been said, I found myself totally immersed in the action and the plot, and found it to be a very enjoyable film.

Data subplot would've provided all the drama necessary for an entire movie and given the three most compelling actors: Patrick Steward, Brent Spiner, and Tom Hardy--all of whom shine, a chance to lift the movie out of the cinematic doldrums.

If you do too, I can gladly report that this `episode' was far more intelligent, well-scripted and acted, and exciting in all ways than previous Trek movies in recent past.

And Data, boring, he ceased to be interesting when half the movie was about him and him!

This one has the same, intense plot as Star Trek 2 -- And even though Khan is still the best Trek film, Nemesis should be praised for its riveting battle scenes and (especially) the incredible performance of its villain, Tom Hardy.

I would have preferred a movie about a day in the life of the Enterprise in which nothing happened at all.


It's fresh, it's stimulating, and I found the film rather enjoyable.

Star Trek movies are contrived and seem to be written inside-out which cripples them in several ways.

the movie is a dark, ponderous bore.

The Great Bird himself learned it the hard way: Trek is doing well when it's portrayed in vivid, primary colors, and doing lousy when it's portrayed in drab colors ("The Cage," "STTMP.

I found Data's brother and the relationship between Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Praetor Shinzon to be compelling concepts.

Starting with some really funny scenes, the film gets extremely boring after about a quarter of an hour.

Either way I loved the film from the rousing battle music to the mind games Picard and his clone were playing on each other.

There are other echoes of "Khan" in "Nemesis" as well, such as the captain discovering a "son" he didn't know he had, and a secret plan that gives the captain an unexpected advantage (fixing the Enterprise in "hours instead of days" in Khan, and the switch of Data for B4 in Nemesis).

The visuals are breathtaking.

Indeed, the whole story is excellent and enjoyable.

It was predictable from the beginning to the end.

I'd still recommend it for the rest of the was suspenseful, interesting, humorous, generally good.

It's not Wrath of Khan, but it is still gripping, evocative, and satisfying.

A complex story, well acted and visually exciting .

ho hum, its got more holes in it than the Titanic.

) Jerry Goldsmiths music makes for interesting and different listening on a soundtrack CD but seems to be very uninspiring when part of the movie.

i'm not a huge fan of generations because it was just too serious and slow and insurrection went too far into the horror genre for me...

The movie drags on in a boring pace until the starship battle sequence in the end, which we get to see the Enterpise fighting for its life with all guns blazing.

This is also a pretty slow affair, at least in the first half.

I actually got bored a few times, once I even fell asleep.

), predictable outcomes and most of all, poor writing.

All Star Trek movies are the same and very boring.

So they could get away with goofier (yet intriguing) villains like Q.

Boring dialogue, cheesy sentiment, everything dumbed down so that an eighth-grader with a short attention span can understand the plot (what there is of it), and everything comes down to mano-a-mano in the end, doesn't it?

All special effects, no story.

Add to that all the lectures about how good guys want to improve themselves and bad guys don't, and you've got a full plate of American dream propaganda.

The villian was boring, the story predictable.

Anyhow this movie was different in that it was very intense and emotional and I enjoyed it as much as the best TV episodes because it wasn't afraid to make changes in the Star Trek story.

No stranger to Trek themes, Goldsmith's work here enlivens the slow moments and properly accentuates the bombast of the battle scenes.

Save your money folks: stay away from this dog.

), He's bald, he sounds like David Thewlis and he's unpredictable with bouts of sulky anger down to his young age, I presume that was intended.

The fight scenes are dull, we've seen it before and better, and the surprise ending isn't that surprising as they pretty much telegraph it from the second scene.

The segment runs just short of a half-hour and features the Enterprise going toe-to-toe with the Scimitar, and to keep the concept of one starship battling another from getting boring (because let's face it, that gets old in a matter of minutes), director Stuart Baird throws in a few more ships, some more phaser fights from boarding enemy parties (which prove to be the most exciting parts of the movie), fisticuffs, and even a self-destruct sequence that could prove fatal for everyone.

For what the script was, and the action scenes combined, I would've given this an "A+", but the director forced the acting scenes to take their time and the film dragged on too long.

Elegant and exciting.

This film is simply a boring collection of recycled moments and ideas.

They'll claim they have the right of course but such self-indulgence only points to the general loss of grip exhibited here.

Both films had some thrilling action sequences.

I was gripping my armrests at times.

Quick sum up: Bad plot, Worse dialogue, Laughable villian, Waste of Time.

- There is no story and even if it is not explained - ATTENTION SPOILER of the end (read backwards to understand)seid atad - And the finish is boring tooMy new ranking for the TNG movies now:First ContactGenerationsInsurrectionNemesis

The face off between the two characters in the final 30 minutes is very exciting.

But all in all, and especially including the massive lack of confusion due to temporal mechanics, it was a good movie.

(and BORING.

Typical contrived Star Trek movie .

A scene between her and Picard as the crew prepared for battle might have helped to relieve my boredom during the posturing dialog between Picard and his evil clone Praetor Shinzon played by Tom Hardy (I).

Because both the plot and the subplot were just so dull.

This leads to very awkwardly to a meeting with Shinzon, the new leader of Romulus, who is himself a human from Remus who has a fascinating secret.

It suffices for me to say that this movie is shallow, linear, predictable, unconvincing and an absolute travesty, especially given the fact that it sees the end of the TNG crew!

My wife however, thoroughly enjoyed it for being exactly that!

Whatever the reason, the result is an unfocused, wandering, often tedious and completely predictable movie.

I found it gripping; the long, protracted battle between the Enterprise and the Scimitar was staggering - easily one of the best conflicts ever seen on screen, and certainly up there with the shootout in Heat, and the chariot stuff from Gladiator - indeed I found myself experiencing similar emotions to when I was watching Gladiator 3 years ago, a testament to the skills of John Logan who penned both films.

In the last 6 years Rick Berman has make Star Trek as boring as it has never bin.

The effects are truly mind blowing and you can feel the tension building, especially when you know that those reclusive, technologically advanced bad boy Romulans are involved...

Despite the negative comments that this movie has received, I truly feel that this was one of the most exciting and thrilling movies I've seen in a long time.

While this movie would have made a decent double episode of "Next Generation", it was far from a compelling movie feature.

Half-baked concepts that glorify small sections of the "Star Trek Universe", while ignoring others, are a waste of big-screen time.

All together, a fun, entertaining film that didn't seem to drag for a second.