Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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Captain Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr. Spock's long-lost half-brother who hijacks the Enterprise for an obsessive search for God at the center of the galaxy.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: William Shatner
Stars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 72 out of 309 found boring (23.3%)

One-line Reviews (195)

There really is no story; except that the crew is forced to look for God and they are all scared because they are pretty old and ready to meet him in real life.

Apparently they wanted to provide some action for the fans, thinking the film might be too boring otherwise.

In its entirety it cant match the other films, but it has its moments, and if you have some free time then it's well worth watching.

The script, like I said before, is terrible and the story is contrived with several plot holes that go absolutely nowhere, the dialog is cringe-worthy, the pacing is very sluggish, and the direction is a bit choppy.

It had a great story, a passionate villain called 'Sybok', superb character interactions between Kirk-Spock-McCoy, breathtaking scenes of Yosemite National Park, and the search for god at the center of the galaxy.

Boy, what a waste of time...

Totally enjoyable.

Most of the other set's are bland.

As ambitious as the story is, it runs through a rather formulaic plot, with little room for quality character development.

It is pedestrian, slower than a snail about to take a nap, utterly awful in so many ways I'm ready to beat my computer with a baseball bat if I don't get this out...

In the end, this is by no means a great, or even a good movie, except for the most intense among Star Trek fans, and even then I think they will merely accept it because of the name on the VHS box.

Unbearable plot, direction – finally Shatner's ego caught up with him in an important (director's) chair off the bridge, and some of the most hilariously bad special effects in any sci-fi film.

For him, it was more exciting to have his character climbing rocks or scrambling to avoid an angry alien than to attempt some metaphysical answers.

A big failure here is the story, which is dull and takes too long to get going with a plot too thin to sustain the running time.

The movie is dull and the plot is mega-stupid....

We were given time to savour the beautiful visuals set to a engaging score.

Towards the end of the film, it becomes incredibly boring very quickly.

The usually exciting Klingon's are suddenly a boring footnote and their involvement at the ending is beyond belief.

The one-liners and predictable humor were within my comfort zone, so I got a few laughs.

Taken in that light the film is quite enjoyable.

it was the only truly entertaining moment in the whole 100 minute run-time.

) are utterly useless and pointless for the plot of the movie.

While it has it's awkward spots and shoddy special effects, the movie is still an entertaining ride.

The script is a bit humorous at times, but the hijacking, escape, and mission with Sybok are all very entertaining.

Just for the record, as much as people would say that Shatner's ego has a lot to do with the problematic nature of the film (and yes having him trying to take on more than he could chew was excessive and most likely was not going to work from the start), the failure is much more at the door of budget limitations and studio interference, Shatner's original vision would have made for a much better and actually a fascinating film.

Besides a few interesting scenes, the majority of the movie is unemotional, bland, and even hokey.

If this was all on Shatner, why did he even waste his time with even directing everybody else?

It's the most hated one and I really found it a boring flick for one reason only, the characters became parodies of themselves.

While "The Final Frontier" certainly has its share of flaws -- the story goes over the edge into the realm of goofy camp at times and some argue that the F/X are possibly the least of the feature films -- it remains an entertaining picture.

Kirk's personal life is hollow & empty without his professional obligations to Starfleet, which must exist even if they need to be created via chaos manufacture.

The scenes with Kirk,McCoy and Spock in Yosemite by the camp fire are timeless and it makes the movie worth watching.

Not horrible, but long, drawn out and paper-thin plot.

I found this particular Star Trek Film to be way more engaging than Star Trek IV and its stupid, trite storyline.

The second worst movie in the series.

By now, this has become a bit of a cliché.

It rather started okay but falls quickly into a boring thing.

The story comes off dry and uninspiring with very few moments of either Dramatic intrigue , or humorous outlet , thus causing it to drag.

The relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy seems very real and affectionate, the villain Sybok is quite complex and interesting, and the supposedly confusing ending is easy to understand if you only keep your ears open (Spock says, directly, that the creature is not supposed to be God).

And as well, almost in spite of Shatner's skills as a director of certain scenes, there's a slightly dull quality to how some of the story progresses, of the ho-hum-ness of the ship's parts not working, including (GASP) captain's log.

The fifth Star Trek film never struck me as being a terrible film, for I have found it enjoyable.

Having watched this again a few hours ago, I have to say this is a lot more enjoyable than I remembered, even if my original criticisms about the movie are still valid.

Badly edited, lousy FX, disjointed plot, dumbness abounding everyplace....

The best actor in this is McCoy and he too is persecuted, saddled with the most uncomfortable, TEDIOUS scene in all the TOS.

It tries to get to grips with an equally heavy (or heavier) subject matter, but the resultant film is ponderous, devoid of action, dated, cheesy and, even worse, boring.

I understand that the cast and crew had fun with the added humor that this movie contained, but some of the "one-liners" were predictable and telegraphed, such as the "gravity" comments made by Spock and Kirk which were overly obvious and unnecessary.

Basically there is no real plot here and little explanation for anything.

Name another film in the series that addresses so many weighty topics and yet remains entertaining.

However, the movie went downhill from there and became a disjointed mix of serious reflection and rampant silliness (where's Graham Chapman when you need him?

Sybok is well acted and has enough presence to keep the plot from sinking under it's own theological confusion.

Insurrection - OMG, so boring I would have thought this story would have struggled to make an episode on the TV series - This is a complete waste of a Big Screen Star Trek MovieNemesis - Similar to Insurrection, a complete left of field story line, that at best makes you fall asleep and at worst makes you walk out of the cinema.

Why waste screen time for the three emissaries on Nimbus III since they are nothing more than a McGuffin in the first half of the movie and almost completely disappear in the latter one.

The scene with Kirk climbing El Capitan near the beginning is fairly suspenseful, and McCoy's panicking adds some humour to that part.

Sybok was totally unexpected and entirely welcome--I rank this as the third best of the Star Trek movies!

Pointless and Idiotic .

This movie gave me a new respect for a series that I had thought of previously as being merely a lot of entertaining fluff.

I am a religious man and always find any movie that discusses God or Origins to be fascinating, whether I agree with the film maker or not, so I quite liked that part of the film, though I'm well aware many others didn't.

I was a huge fan of the series even back then and thought it was a great entertaining movie.

If you are a fan of the original Star Trek series, sit down and watch this movie as if you were watching one of the original episodes and it will be much more enjoyable.

A silly movie with bad humor, worse dialogue, a contrived plot, poor special effects, and some of the worst acting of the normally wonderful series.

Dull pacing, poor effects, weak characters and the rather creepy and definitely un-sexy fan dance by the aged Uhura was also a bit ewww.

This is one of the more intriguing films in the series, because it is essentially two films -- the first an embarrassing attempt at slapstick, the second an impressive voyage into the metaphysical roots of the show.

Zzzzzzzz .

The fifth in the Trek film series is ultra confusing and seems more dream than reality.

By the last half hour, one feels that a tighter script could have at least saved the finale from feeling empty even if it couldn't raise it to being amazing.

All it achieved was to bore me in early stage of the movie so I had to pause and make a tea for myself, something I rarely do.

And, when it's all over, the crew and Spock's brother realize the entire mission has just been a waste of time--I sure could have told him that!!

)After the disjointed acting and character portrayal, it is the overarching story line that really throws a bucket of cold water on everything.

Some movies are bad but simply unwatchable, and while this movie does occasionally make you want to avert your eyes, at least you can laugh at the terrible dialog, unfunny one-liners "Hold your horse, Jim" (OMG he's riding a horse, get it?!

Clearly the success of STIV as a light-hearted adventure lulled the writers of STV into a false sense of security.

Hardly God like is it, but still the concept was intriguing and who better to go in search of 'heaven' than the crew of the Enterprise.

Still, I'd much rather watch this than the crushing bores that are Generations and Insurrection.

Heavy-handed , slow-moving and pretentiously pseudo-theological , including God's appearance .

number IV is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and next to it this one shines.

To finish off all i will say is, It's a very solid installment in a very entertaining and quality franchise.

("Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Star Trek: The Voyage Home" are, for very different reasons, close behind in the contest for the worst movie.

Some of them seem a little bored.

A plot that is called ridiculous, characters that are called uninteresting and a film that is regarded as the most unnecessary addition to this franchise makes for clearly low expectations.

I found this movie to be highly entertaining and extremely enjoyable.

Of all the original cast films I have seen, this is most definitely the least memorable, with not as good as before special effects, a boring story, and the feeling that the cast are getting too old, a disappointing science-fiction adventure sequel.

I guess it's just like that whenever you watch a boring movie.

This is a real stinker of a movie with awful pacing, ridiculous scenes that serve no purpose other than to make Shatner look good/young/tough/virile, a contrived plot and an overall hokeyness that borders on parody.

I'll give William Shatner, who I lay the blame on as director of the film though I know he wasn't alone in creating the story, this much credit: the idea that "Eden", known as Sha'Ka'Ree to Vulcans, could exist at the center of the galaxy is somewhat intriguing.

It's the one Star Trek movie which I find completely unwatchable.

Very dull stuff indeed, not especially well made and a colossal disappointment after the heady enjoyable heights of the previous film.

The movie has many problems, which is the reason why the positive section of the review already has negative points, but i think it's a solid entertaining Star Trek movie.

So right away you know the plots outcome and thusly the film becomes pointless.

Again with Uhura, while her dance is contrived, it is memorable; it spotlights the character.

They Boldly Went Where No One Has Ever Gone Before, and This Time They Went Nowhere.

I mean geez no Special effects or anything, it was boring and kinda anti-climatic.

The cinematography is pretty good and the movie has a neat look overall, the lighting could need more atmosphere and contrast, but that also works in it's favour in terms of the look of the new Enterprise which isn't nearly ready to go, and has many glitches and things that have to be fixed, so the bland lighting looks like the work lights on a construction site and give you the feeling, that everything's still broken.

"Star Trek V" is exactly the opposite: it's slow-moving, the attempts at comedy fall flat, the acting is far from impressive, and the special effects were incredibly weak.

The film is beyond boring and it feels as if it drags on forever.

This film has many flaws, but it's brought up enough by its intriguing plot and the performances of the leads.

Here is William Shatner at his self-indulgent worst, showing his complete lack of creative ability and talent, and dragging his whole supporting cast with him.

The film was worth watching just for this..the best dramatic character driven scene of the original series.

" You give me this movie any day over the "lacking" Generations, "pointless" Insurrection & "awful" Nemesis.

Yet the ideas underpinning the film from its questions about fundamentalism and about whether a god of some kind exists are intriguing more than a quarter century after its original release.

Very silly, but enjoyable .

This film is fun, entertaining, the plot isn't too entirely bad, and come on!

Shatner has gone to write the Tek War series and a few memoirs, and I have found them all to be entertaining and have solid writing.

The only thing that really made this movie enjoyable was,like usual for Star Trek,the cast is brilliant,and I also was surprised with how much I enjoyed the ending.

It's a pointless subplot and adds nothing.

Engaging enough for fans of the series but so-so fare that is nowhere near as engaging or entertaining as it needed to be.

However the three characters are still good together and the villain can be compelling to make it an OK watch.

Showing captain Kirk rock climbing was OK but the whole scene of sitting around the fire and toast marsh melon and sing was 100% irrelevant to the resolve of the movie and waste of time.

The tremendous high of enthusiasm that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home created is all but destroyed by this muddled, pointless and unfortunate entry in the long running Star Trek series.

I thought this film was very stupid and, actually, fairly boring the first time I saw it.

Very Entertaining .

It may not make you question your place in the cosmic order, nor will it ever top Khan or TMP, but its still an enjoyable romp for Kirk and company.

I'm aware that the idea of 'searching for god' might appear interesting to some, to me, however, it's really boring.

The characters were boring, the actors lifeless and insipid, the writing lacking.

'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' does have some good scenes, namely the camping fire scene, the inner/greater pain scene (very intense and moving) and Scotty knocking himself out (the one bit of humour that works).

What an utter waste of time and disappointment!

They somehow pull it off well enough to be entertaining.

It was that slow and that boring.

i prefered this over the boring star trek 1 and 3.

There are some "Trek" glitches, there are three times the amount of floors to the Enterprise, the initial elevator scene seems to imply the elevator only goes upwards (even a casual watcher will notice the shuttlecraft bay is at the aft of the craft and the bridge is forward front) and some of "malfunctions" on the Enterprise are fairly trite.

reducing the movies entertaining potential.

William Shatner took the reins of directing after Leonard Nimoy helmed two enjoyable entries in the series in 'Search for Spock' and 'The Voyage Home'.

As silly and plot hole-ridden as much of it is, it's still often fitfully enjoyable, granted you can get through the really bad opening half-hour (the crew on shore leave).

First the bad news: the story is confusing and has no ending.

'The Voyage Home' had humour too but it was actually entertaining and even when poking fun felt more like 'Star Trek'.

The plot makes virtually no sense, jumping around between set pieces like a poorly contrived Roger Moore Bond film.

We've got a great actor in Warner playing a character who's just bored to be there.

For Star Trek fans, it's still an enjoyable film.

Shatner should not direct again(and I'm not just referring to the many odd and/or downright misleading, confusing bits).

The plot has Spock's brother commandeering the starship in order to try and find God whom he believes is trapped on a remote planet on the edge of the universe.

It has great humor and chemistry between our favorite Trek characters , a sweeping epic score by Jerry Goldsmith, and breathtaking cinematography of Yosimite National Park and The Great Barrier.

If you ever have insomnia rent this movie .

Just a disaster and I feel bad for all the other actors for having to go through this experience and utter waste of time.

Everything from screenplay, visual effects, editing, and story have all seemed to lose several points in this film, and the end result ends up feeling disjointed and apocryphal in relation to the continuity of the series.

The characters are all one-dimensional and dull.

) Lousy costumes for the Starfleet away team; those brown and beige jumpsuits combined with Laszlo's bland camerawork again echo ST: TMP's glum visuals.

This is one of 2 or 3 movies I ever walked out on at the theater.

Some of the scenery is really stunning, especially the Yosemite scenes.

The entire mission (which wasn't all that compelling to begin with) turns into a sham, and ultimately a waste of time.

The real shame is that this film boasts perhaps the two best sequences in the entire franchise - the shuttle landing in which they have to dock before a Klingon ships blows them to pieces is superb, and the sequence is which the enterprise just misses the torpedo is excellent The sets are very weak - the bridge is so bland.

First Contact - this was quite good and the most definitely best of the Next Generation Star Trek movies, as the story leveraged Borg which interesting, at times exciting.

I think I started finding that the story a tad confusing, hard to follow, and not very well-written, which pretty much ruined it.

For those of you who loathe the 24th century Star Trek era and adore endless & pointless interaction between the famous trio Kirk, Bones and Spock, then this movie is for you.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is one of those movies I'd take as a guilty pleasure and an unnecessary addition to the Star Trek franchise yet certainly an enjoyable and fun film.

Confusion is inevitable.

This film is silly, it's pointless and makes no logical sense.

The movie is simply boring.

Star Trek V seems to want to tap into the nostalgia of its fan base, but does so with over-long and pointless scenes of Kirk, Spock and McCoy singing around a campfire.

A lot of the time all we get is silly humor about the new Enterprise breaking down and in need of repair and more boring encounters with the Klingons.

The FX firm hired to create the many effects shots proved to be slow and the product they produced looked 'cheap'.

This is the first and only movie that I have ever walked out of the theatre on, and I am a HUGE Star Trek fan.

In fact, the story line of The Final Frontier is so disjointed and extremely weak, that perhaps this is the reason that the main actors are unable to dial in their characters and to deliver a satisfying performance.

However, it appears that someone forgot to let the actors see the script until just before filming, and for the most part they are just reciting empty lines without any emotion as they stare blank face at the camera.

" is the line that, if nothing else, makes this movie worth watching.

It is, however, a good viewing of the friendship between Spock, McCoy and Kirk with some stunning shots at the beginning of the film.

In all honesty, it's far from a terrible movie and I certainly still consider it to be a watchable one but it just isn't the most interesting, original, entertaining or clever of Star Trek movies out there.

The landing is a highlight of the film dispite a contrived attack by...

After the first rough weeks of "THE NEXT GENERATION" I could understand and like the new characters, it was exciting to turn back to the Enterprise-A's first adventure.

THE FINAL FRONTIER has a philosophical tone and some of the scenes are quite sentimental - the campfire bit in particular - but you'd have to be a huge Trekkie to get much joy out of this dull instalment.

The only good part in the film is the camping scene at the first 5 minutes, which is truly great, but after that, the movie becomes boring, irritating, with nothing more than a good music.

There is a scene around the campfire in the beginning as Kirk and McCoy are getting ready for a rousing campfire sing-a-long and try to get Spock to join them.

The movie also contains a cliché element that I dislike: people doing stupid things.

Exciting and wonderful.

I thought "The Final Frontier" was very entertaining.

The special effects are very weak, and at times it would have been better to cut them rather than leave them in (the green torpedo fired at God just looks stupid) The film is just badly put together, and crawls along at a snails pace - the rock climbing sequence and the camp fire bit are just tedious.

The scene with God is a badly written "deus ex machina" (a contrived plot device where an unexpected power appears to try and save the movie from it's bad writers).

Once Sybok confronts him, the dialogue is compelling.

But, beyond this, I found this movie very enjoyable.

As I did with Star Trek IV which was just an enjoyable movie.

The scenes where Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discuss family and friends are truly engaging.

I'd have to be dragged kicking and screaming towards any screen that was playing this movie.

It's entertaining, got great action scenes.

Sadly, as of the time of this writing, it's considered the worst Trek movie of the series, and for some viewers, it might even be ranked as one of the worst movies of all time.

I take my hat off to William Shatner for having the integrity to take us back to the original Trek days, even at the risk of boring a new generation of fans.

a movie with potential but brought down by crap special effects and confusing story, possibly due to editing.

It contains the always rousing musical score by the great Jerry Goldsmith .

Their acting is good and strong throughout and helps save the film from being unwatchable.

The action scenes don't have the suspense of Wrath of Kahn, the philosophy is boring, and the humor is stale.

Worst Movie Ever .

I leave that designation to the cliched and utterly predictable Insurrection, and the poorly thought out Generations.

And there is, but it's empty, or at best half full.

Engaging enough for fans of the series but so-so fare that is nowhere near as engaging or entertaining as it needed to be .

The previous movie had not been the best movie ever, but it turned out well, it might well have ended there that the fans would be happy, it would be a good closing for a saga like this, this movie is not bad at all, it even has points quite positive, like the actors, the soundtrack, and the special effects, but the story of the film is a little boring and unnecessary.

While Star Trek the Motion Picture was mostly boring, Star Trek The Final Frontier is plain bad.

It's just that when you have a story about searching for god, that kind of storyline has already been used a million times, and is too banal for a Star Trek film.

The villain is also compelling and well acted, his character is acted well and has a misguided noble pursuit that you can empathize with.

This somewhat slow , humorless and little intriguing outing .

And the scene at the fire in the beginning in Yosemite, way too long.

It is a notion encapsulated by the film's final shot; a slow, longing tilt upwards to a encompass a starry nighttime sky as the camera, indeed the film's creators, look on into the unknown and continue to dream of what might be.

Overall, it was an enjoyable Star Trek film.

A Flawed But Intriguing Trek .

Those people who really enjoy a good steak, enjoy that little bit of fat on the edge, or marbled through the meat.

The story has a mystical bent to it (the quest to find one's true "GOD,") and the plot is put together alot more coherently than the very first theatrical film in the series (which I watched again recently and still found extremely murky and slow-moving).

) Yes, it has its "insider" moments (specifically, the scenes bookending the movie), but it is far, FAR better in that regard than the dull, insipid "Star Trek: Insurrection".

William Shatner wrote and directed what would become the death of the original crew when he made this preachy snooze fest.

Its a very mediocre outing throughout with a very predictable anti-climactic finale which almost killed off anymore adventures for the original cast for good.

Star Trek V is contrived, conceited and about as exciting as a very heavy lead weight cast in cement.

Downright boring and rather embarrassing fifth installment.