Starfish (2018) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A unique, intimate portrayal of a girl grieving for the loss of her best friend, which just so happens to take place on the day the world ends.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: A.T. White
Stars: Virginia Gardner, Christina Masterson
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 55 found boring (49.09%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Pretentious and infinitely boring .

Too confusing.

Next time, can you make the pace a little SLOWER?!.

But my word, the film is so long-drawn out that lost a lot of impact.

Just mind numbing drawn out mess.

It's an ethereal wisp, sad, otherworldly, formless; without heart, stylised, and sadly, pretentious, making too much out of just a couple of ideas.

It's a sort of mental equivalent to 'The Revenant' which felt like a physical, self-indulgent expression of filmmaking.

The main character paces through a snowy, empty city finding clues of her dead best friend in form of cassette tapes that may help to save the world.

Movie is boring and so slow I went to have dinner in the middle of movie and came back to catch the ending.

It's very slow-moving, arty and dripping with symbolism.

Pointless and painful waste of time.

You'll have shots where the background is completely out of focus then on the reverse shot everything is in focus, the first time it happened I thought it was a mistake but then it happened over and over again and I realized it was by choice and I don't know why, it's jarring and confusing and just like the myriad of random shots it adds absolutely nothing to the scene.

Boring Hell .

You would definitely have a better time watching paint dry.

Boring af .

Halfway through the movie I found it simply pathetic and pretentious.

It's not a horror or scifi, more of a dull drama.

I kept sitting through this long slow painful movie with barely any talking and her just laying around various parts of the house.

Thinking back at it with everything he said in mind, Starfish is beyond entertaining.

I literally fell asleep halfway through.

Boring drawn out garbage!

Weak excuse to call confusion - art.

What a waste of time .

The film is badly written and was nothing short of depressing, boring, and confusing.


Though slow at times, the score and cinematography are amazing and the special effects are beyond compare for such a low budget film.

The long-drawn out nature, got tiresome, and it felt pretentious.

And the opinion amongst them that STARFISH is a stunning work of genius art is nearly universal.

A boring movie about being bored.

Yes, grief is grief whatever the age, however, suffering when you're young can become a soiree of self-indulgence, you sit with your headphones on, shutting out the world, the music pandering to your every emotional need.


What I've liked in this is extreme locality of happening - there are almost no useless scenes, characters and events, pictures seems very beautiful and natural, music is exciting, additional visual components which reflect inner state of main character are gorgeous and clearly dissectable from what is going on in reality - except for one, which plays a role of connecting point.

Pretentious mostly.

It's boring and lackluster.

I fell asleep and kept waking and catching parts ( thinking my dreams were better) .

The main actress is totally stunning.

Waste of your time .

Another reviewer described this film as pretentious, and really there's no better word to describe everything about this movie.


A pretentious load of codswallop, from the mind of pseudo intellectual, I have not seen a worse film EVER.

Don't waste your time!

It fails as a horror film because it really is a pretentious, grief-fest.

Watching a bored character trying to cope with her boredom and purpose on screen is mind numbing.

Even though the story may seem confusing at times and it took me a moment to even realize where she was in the beginning, the film makes up for it in its ability to lull and trans just the right person.. As the credits roll I write to you, that I have just witnessed a special and passionately made piece of indie cinema from the heart that is both tragic and beautiful, with flawless editing, a good story, and spectacular visuals.. This is a feat in indie filmmaking.. Expect great films from A.

This is probably the worst movie I've ever tried to watch in my entire life .

Don't waste your time with this stinker.

Worth watching.

Truly boring AF movie even considering it about loss, grief etc. Don't waste your time on this.......

Actor is stunningly beautiful but movie is slow and boring .

Warning: Spoilers (for what little plot there is)What immediately struck me about this film, is the level of utter self-indulgence that it promotes.

Yes, that boring and pretentious.

Boring, bored.

Absolutely pointless waste of time.


It is as compelling in its broken down pieces as it is fully formed, and I thank it for allowing me to grieve my lost friends by saving my own world.

This film is beyond boring.

The lead actress Virginia Gardner is in every shot of the movie and did a great job but the movie is basically a boring drama with a few horror moments.

That she didn't, just added to this soporific miasma of wallowing and lack of plot or character definition, that calls itself, 'Starfish.