Starship Troopers (1997) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Humans in a fascist, militaristic future wage war with giant alien bugs.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Stars: Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 198 out of 1017 found boring (19.46%)

One-line Reviews (630)

The soapy look, the fake newsreel interludes and the whole atmosphere makes this wannabe war-is-evil movie just a silly waste of time.

No storyline to follow, unbelivable facts, no logic.

:->Above all, this is an entertaining movie just as it was when I first watched it.

lLM-s and Phil Tippett's special effects still stand today and a beautiful score by Basil Poledouris is just compelling.

Because underneath he simple, but entertaining film there's a layer of ethical discussion and reflection.

A by-the-numbers rah rah tale that follows bright-eyed, well- meaning, optimistic youth Johnny Rico (well-played by engaging newcomer Casper Van Dien) from high school to boot camp to war (mobile infantry), this movie has a timeless appeal that frankly very few movies of it's type can enjoy.


The effects were great, but the story was dull.

While it functions (well, I might add) on a superficial level as an exciting action/scifi romp, this movie leaves you with plenty to think over.

Propaganda encouraging people, even little kids, to join the army and die a painful death in order to protect the human race.

I think every war movie cliche is there somewhere, and kudos to the clever futuristic D-Day invasion scenes.

) were confusing.

The film has so much action in it that it will keep you on the edge of your seat as well as keep your eyes amazed with state of the art technology.

Boring, no plot, no character development, bad descriptions and worst of all preachy militaristic fascism philosophy.

The plot is fairly basic, which is good as films like this risk becoming boring or too complicated if they try to be too intelligent.

The action scenes in the film is intense with the bugs attacking and ripping up human body parts.

The characters are irritating, the action pointless, and the tone is deeply unpleasant - and not in a good way, like 'Aliens', for instance.

With stunning precision, it anticipated the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush agenda to use fear to collapse the American middle-class and create generations of cannon-fodder for the new corporate state.

The rest of the film has a number of exciting battles and gory special effects to keep your interest.

I am so proud to proclaim 1997's Starship Troopers as the number one WORST movie I have ever paid full price to watch at the cinema.

The start of the film was pretty cheesy; I wouldn't go as far as saying it was bad or boring, but it did feel a little pretentious and icky.

But that is the essence of effective propaganda.

This is not one of the greatest films that has ever been produced, but it is definately worth watching.

There are silly propaganda clips and SS-style uniforms, as well as good-looking lead characters who get all the glory.

Enjoyable, fun, and a downright riot are what describe Starship Troopers.

" Sega generation, and the modern media's absurdly fascist pro-government propaganda, from the Web-like 'click here to sign up and kill' enlistment ads to the good guys in uniforms obviously based on the Nazis.

Bad acting with exception of Denise Richards in an incredibly stupid but entertaining film.

Confusing to rate.

I think it was extremely entertaining as well as funny.

The Special effects are really good which makes the Movie quite enjoyable.

And neither should we, because "Starship Troopers" succeeds spectacularly in that it is entertaining.

Even the propaganda we saw throughout the film wasn't neccersarily an anti-war message, instead just an honest admission of the existance of propaganda (any country at war uses it, especially some futuristic fascist super-state that doesn't make war with the bugs a bad idea per se).

The novel was like 'The Red Badge of Courage' in Outer Space; a true coming of age story.

Exciting anti-war film .

When "Starship Troopers" came out, one of my friends told me that it bore little relation to the novel on which it was based: the novel had a plot, the movie was an excuse to show naked women.

The entire film is directed as a twisted futuristic version of nazi propaganda, or of the communist-scare films Americans pumped out during the cold war.

This is far from Verhoeven's best work (Robocop and Total Recall are both definitely superior to this film), but as mentioned it's enjoyable cheesy fun.

they create a world of such phantasm that is both scary, thrilling, and somewhat intimidating.

All they manage to do is look good, and to pleasantly spout trite, vacant, rah-rah dialogue.

For very bored people...

To the film's credit, there are some rousing battle scenes (mostly during the bug war), and an impressive effects budget.

But if you don't give me heroes I care about, don't waste my time.

There is carnage in abundance and intense fighting scenes, which make the film grabbing and riveting.

Do yourself a favor and see bugs that are really entertaining.

Bad performances, schlocky dialogue, and a non-existent plot were all apart of the director's homage to WWII war films and big, bad bug films of the 50s.

There are some impressive intense battle sequence's like you have never seen before.

You check out the over-the-top propaganda in the recurring newscasts, dripping in dark satire, and it doesn't take more than one viewing to get a semblance of where the filmmaker stands.

Every cliche is in the movie as well.

I think it is a good action/sci-fi movie interspersed with some humour and some gore and, if not taken too seriously, is very enjoyable.

It has a slightly longer than needed running time, that could have defiantly used some trimming (The love story between Richards and Muldoon was a complete waste of screen time as (whilst they are an attractive pairing) neither could act that well, and neither character was that likable.

Paul Verhoven shows us how the war can be confusing and how government can exploit patriotic feelings by sending their men and women to combat.

The way the enemy is presented is typical of propaganda, too.

Entertaining action movie that worked out .

Director Verhoeven takes potentially cliché and dull scenes and makes them edgy.

That the film could be compared to something like Platoon shows that although director Paul Verhoeven and screenwriter Edward Neumeier are aware that the material could easily be seen as absurd, they have the chops to make it believable and suspenseful at the same time.

Now I look upon Heinlein as a hack who nearly had one mature moment with "Stranger In A Strange Land" but was endlessly boring in his later works.

Starship Troopers one of my favorite movies of all time and I highly recommend it.

The "news breaks" are classic examples of just how propaganda worked in WWII, with one side villifying the other mercilessly.

Most pilots will tell you that flying is hours of boredom punctuated by moments of stark terror.

Very entertaining, if you don't mind dismembered body parts, blood and gore.

Other than that, if you don't think too hard(preferably not at all), then this is a fairly enjoyable action movie.

All the soldiers are depicted as almost interchangeable, bland, good-looking robots.

Totally entertaining and re-watchable satire.

This move was so bad and boring it made me want to walk out of the cinema for the first time ever.

Director Paul Verhoeven has an unusual understanding (from the American point of view) of fascist propaganda since he himself lived through it as a boy so his presentation of it here really requires a mature mind to grasp.

This was a propaganda movie, a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the way the media can glamourise war.

"Starship Troppers", based on the plodding but fascinating Robert Heinlein novel, is that rare exception, a totally engaging, entertaining, mind-blowing sci-fi spectacle that is also sharp, biting satire.

Ironside, one of the finest in the B-movies is an entertaining commander.

The ferocious Whiskey Outpost battle is just tremendously exciting as is Rico's ride on one of the larger bug brothers.

Bad and incredibly boring .

After all, the movie has a fascinating story, there are intense action, beautiful actors, love melodrama, as well as an original, colorful cartoon aesthetic and political satire.

If you want to see an entertaining action flick with hot chicks and cool dudes battling legions of bugs against impossible odds, than this is the movie for you.

But at the same time, it is very disciplined and consistent in not tipping its hand and giving the game away, which to me makes it much more successful and enjoyable than if the satire and social critique were blatantly broadcast.

Nevermind – this is a humorous, gruelling, ultra-violent, sometimes sick, always exciting war film like never before!

The clever trick is that the beginning and end of the movie make it seem that the whole thing might be a propaganda film for the movie's fictitious quasi-fascist global government.

[** SPOILERS AHEAD **]The entire movie is played as one long propaganda movie (you don't know where the real events end and the propaganda begins; in fact, it might all be propaganda).

and boring too.

When I first watched this I thought it was just an entertaining rip off of Aliens, little knowing that much of the earlier film had been inspired by the book of Starship Troopers.

So there you go - 10 minutes too long, incredible effects, very gory, very exciting, great subtext, stupid face from Denise Richards.

Casper Van Dien is occasionally interesting but mainly uninspiring as infantry-man John Rico.

highly entertaining .

By his own admission, he read 2 chapters of the book, got bored, and decided to make the whole thing up from scratch.

The shallow emptiness, the meaningless resolution, it all combines to paint a fascinating picture.

Entertaining Science Fiction Satire .

Whatever ironic intentions Paul Verhoeven might have had in parodying the American 'genocide for peace' mentality, it all seems to get swamped in a tedious, repetitious sequence of set-piece battles in which the human protagonists emerge as marginally less obnoxious than the insects.

You'll see the typical narrow-minded(American) individuals who dehumanize(yes, I realize that they *are* aliens, but still) the enemy in every possibly way, you'll see propaganda, there's even a scene where a member of a debate refuses to even think the thought of the enemy actually being intelligent beings.

The special effects were OK, (if you like seeing people's insides) but the overkill just became boring.

Compare it with for instance Pearl Harbor, a typical US 'propaganda' movie, or Top Gun and then draw the parallels!

All in all, the movie is worth watching several times over.

An other positive point is, that "Starship Troopers" doesn´t deal with the usual good-and-evil-cliché: the "evil" bugs only act in self-defense after the "good" humans were intruding into their territory.

This movie never gets going until about the 55 minute mark, leaving us until that time with dull, slow-as-molasses-in-winter character "development.

Political propaganda?

The "propaganda" segments that appear from time to time in ST are very clever and at times laugh-out-loud funny.

It is a propaganda movie of the highest cynicism, portraying war as all, and silently saying 'yeah, you love it, don't you?

"Troopers" tone is so genuinely gung-ho and pro-war that it feels much like a propaganda film made by both sides during the earlier days of World War II.

According to the DVD commentary, Paul Verhoeven never finished reading the novel, claiming he read through the first few chapters and became both 'bored and depressed', the movie's message is "War makes fascists of us all", and that he sees the movie as a satire of American militarism.

All of the war propaganda and the whole reasoning for the war seemed to share a lot of similarities despite the fact that these are alien bugs we are fighting.

There are seemingly three ways to interpret this movie:1 - A "popcorn movie" meant to provide a thrilling ride for the viewer.

Lee Ermey's turn in "Full Metal Jacket", is maybe the most compelling character frankly says it all.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Showgirls, Total Recall) made an thrilling, action-adventure, science-fiction fantasy.

This film is a total waste of time.

I believe it's a parody of propaganda which just happens to have some elements of an action film.

If you look at the movie , you will see a lot of references to the Nazi-Regime: the militaristic society, the propaganda TV, Doogie Howser in a SS coat and so on.

it's the true propaganda film that it was meant to mock.

But, if you can handle the over-length and redundancy, this is a well-done and entertaining sci-fi satire.

Compare the pedestrian starship combat to the breathtaking starship battles in 'Babylon 5'.

Sure I know that this isn't meant to be taken seriously, that it's about World War II Nazi propaganda films, or whatever else.

It's full of action, mind blowing special effects, and really unique cinematic techniques.

The battle scenes are exciting and bloody and both sides inflict terrible casualties on their enemies, with Rico's love life and gung-ho companions making up the subplots.

At the same time, it's intelligent commentary on Nationalism and propaganda in times of war.

Paul Verhoven's crudely Neo-Fascist and fast-paced war show is an entertaining test of your new home theater system.


They tell me it is a parody of WWII-era propaganda films combined with a mock-war drama all wrapped up in a special effects extravaganza covering.

This rates as one of the worst movies I have EVER seen.

It has something of a propaganda, that makes sometimes laugh.

Taken as no more than an attempt at a fantasy/action movie it might perhaps rate a 3 or 4 for action with lousy acting and a stilted script, but if you take into consideration, the apparent racist and fascist overtones it becomes an awful attempt at propaganda which likely only draws attention for the gratuitous nudity (lost in TV broadcasts) and violence as a poor substitute for a genuine plot.

Watch it if you are bored and you'll get a kick out of this film.

Fairly appalling fare; unlikeable and tedious...

Casper Van Dien is perfect as the empty-headed matinée idol lead.

As simple entertainment it is a match for the dimwitted 'Independence Day', except with more intense war imagery.

The gore in ths film is pointless.

The woman who tries to desert, getting dragged off by a killer bug, and the battle fatigued general getting impaled by a wounded flying bug, as Gary Busey's son (and there's no mistaking him for anything else) gives sort of wry smile.

Johnny is about to quit but then a unexpected bug meteor crashes on Buenas Aires and wipes it off the earth.

The film is basically a World War II Nazi propaganda film and when looking at it under that eye it becomes so much more intriguing.

Then the movie turns into a far more compelling, Full Metal Jacket-like boot camp movie.

WW2 Propaganda in nice, futuristic setting.

However, upon seeing the movie again recently, it occurred to me that this "explanation" was given in a propaganda broadcast.

But where Verhoeven does do justice to the book is in the simple fact that he uses an engaging story to present a point of view without compromise, just like Heinlein did.

Entertaining and deep at the same time: Just like the main characters look "hollow" by the first glimpse, that's only the surface.

Denise Richards may not be much of an actor (although she was perfectly adequate in Wild Things) but she's well cast here, as the bland, happy, smiling math genius and hotshot starship pilot.

The book presented Rico as an interesting character; the movie turned him into bland white bread.

This was definitely enjoyable.

This film is utterly pointless, thin, devious, corrupt, banal, and cynical--in the worst sense.

This movie is so bad on so many levels, only a bullet point list can capture this rapture of misguided sci-fi schlock gorefest:o Pointless gore that adds nothing to the horrors of war, advances the plot, or makes us root for the "good guys"; o Ridiculous plot, which has us imagine that we need to send combat troops down to a planet rather than just nuking them from orbit.

Dazzling action packed science fiction film with elements of social satire.

The effects are stunning for 1996 when they were made, and even 10 years on they'll still be impressive.

Satirical and Entertaining .

The plot is quite absorbing.

War as a concept is fun - it is exciting, glorious and it gives us meaning: the good and the bad guys!

But by the time this film was over, I was cheering right along with their propaganda films.

In a style comparable to that of "Robocop", it uses fake news and propaganda clips to, essentially, explain to the audience certain plot points.

So much so that they seem to crash into each other whenever something unexpected happens.

with marvelous CGI effects and entertaining sequences of warfare between bugs and humans, it is that kind of movie that makes the sequels a disgrace(and yes they were, i saw all 3 of them in one day).

Overall, its an intense, bloody, and unique look at war(the bugs are only a metaphor).

It's one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen; once I watch it, I could watch it again straight after.

Basically, over-the-top action sequences with parodies of Nazi-esque propaganda, mixed with some campy acting.

One exciting action/sci-fi adventure .

The action scenes are all intense, and capture war conditions pretty good.

Glossy , Entirely Dumb But Entertaining .

But, I think it was meant to be over the top, thats what makes it so entertaining.

It focuses around three friends who still remain friends, but drift apart as one becomes a pilot, one an intelligence agent, and one a grunt, yet it is predictable as one can see that these three people remain the focus of the movie (or two as the intelligence officer disappears when they join the army, only appearing every so often to remind us that he is still around).

Worst movie ever .

Stumbles, but clever and enjoyable.

It has a good plot and heaps of gore, but most of all it is just enjoyable to watch.

At times, this handsomely produced hyper-kinetic space opera ridicules World War II era propaganda movies when it is not out to out blast the last epic movie.

I vividly remember buying this on VHS when it came out and I really enjoyed it.

It's a reasonably entertaining action movie.

For half of the film you have to sit through a boring Beverly Hills 90210 style act which sees the crystal-clean characters go from high school to the Full Metal Jacket boot camp (not a pretty site, I can assure you!

ST's odd mixture between SFX-rich space flick and cynical satire on 1940's war propaganda movies might be awkward in places.

The action was unbelievably slow - (even for a movie from the director of Total Recall), the acting was pure crap (which should be expected considering the main characters are Casper Van Dien and Gary Busey's 'prodigy' son) - And finally, the anticipated gore.

A sorry cast of characters, lousy writing and a juvenile storyline combine to make this one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This whole flick reeked of one bad cliche after another.

For those who seek an enormous waste of time and effort, this movie is for you.

Its simple-minded plot is one kind of dense, of course, but as timeless and classical as any good cliche must be.

When the earth is hit by the asteroid, the government again uses its ever-powerful propaganda machine to blame a colony of totally unintelligent insects for this "attack.

An enjoyable film, good effects and humour, too.

So, in conclusion, this is really a great movie that's highly entertaining (two hours fly by before you notice it), with the added bonus of carrying some actual reasonably substantial intellectual weight.

The book is a combination "coming of age" and "why we fight" novel and, in addition to the action sequences (which start page one) there are several philosophical passages concerning when and why we should fight and what being a "citizen" means.

It's fun and so what if it's predictable as I already know how it's going to turn out when I re-watch it anyway.

propaganda is bad .

Still, its exciting, quite funny at times and contains the absolute best space invasion scene ever filmed.

It has several entertaining battle sequences and some neat army training aspects, too.

This film is obviously a fun satiric flick that makes fun of totalitarianism, violence and mankind's presumption of having superior intelligence, all dressed in some kind of fascist propaganda skin which apparently upset quite a few people.

Brain dead it certainly is, but only about as fun as watching paint dry.

The propaganda snippets that lace the film all play off the emotions, fears and blood-lust generated by this singular event.

A total waste of time (was that "Dougie Houser" as a top-brass?

Complete and utter waste of time .

What a waste of time.

So you watch for almost 2 hours, constantly thinking "why are they fighting this pointless war".......

No, this is nothing more than a cheaply made, poorly acted, action movie with some banal symbolism thrown in for good measure.

In summary, STARSHIP TROOPERS is a fun, fast-paced adventure story with an old-fashioned appeal that makes it worth watching...

There is a huge propaganda led by authorities ; for instance, at the end of the film, the TV broadcasts the capturing of the "Brain" of the bogs.

The underlying message is intriguing, even if you disagree with it.

Whenever we are lulled into believing that Dredd is a role model, something outrageous happens to prove, again, that he is not one of the good guys.

I've always appreciated Verhoven for his ability to make riveting, entertaining films that are also provocative social commentary.

and a healthy doses of camp added to it makes this onehell of an entertaining movie, never a dull moment!!!!

It was interesting that I thought this was the worst movie I have seen since Showgirls and then I realized that both films were directed by Paul Verhoven.

Things I loved - bug stamping propaganda- some of the music - Cheesy smiles to the camera after blowing up BIG insects-"Make it 20 minutes" Not so good- some of the acting- some departures from the Novel e.

Killer arachnids threaten the entire human race in STARSHIP TROOPERS, a repetitive, ghastly tale adapted from Robert A.

We follow a group of ridiculously pretty characters thru cliché ridden training camps until their respective lives hurtle towards the finale.

The movie openly mocks modern propaganda and militarism in our society and media, comparing us to the coming disaster in Germany in the 1930's.

It's so ironically engrossing we almost forget to laugh at the fact that the helmets leave half the face bare and unprotected anyway.

Well whatever it's trying to do, I sure enjoyed it, though it did take a while for it to grow on me.

Of course, it is not a film without flaws, its structure is usually a little rough, the performances are also not the big deal, along with the dialogue and the script is somewhat simple, but even so, it is a film rather entertaining.

It remains quick, witty and intense throughout.

Most of all its a boring movie.

The entire movie is really like a propaganda film for the military, complete with mindless media reels (a Verhoeven trademark, used in Robocop).

The other viewpoint, as evidenced by a mocking tack in the film's TV commercial-like promo inserts and propaganda sound bites, presents a ugly fascist aspect--a benevolent world dictatorship, public floggings, and Nazi-like uniforms--that probably represents the true perspective of the screenwriter and director Paul Verhoeven, an uncomplimentary reaction to regimentation.

Starship Troopers, much like the Matrix, is a great half hour padded out with way too much pointless filler.

I walked out of the theater halfway through .

The worst problem for me was that the basic training, infantry life and battle scenes seemed so ineptly done, cliché and unrealistic.

Star Wars is boring nonsense compared to this.

Worst Movie Ever.

The development scenes do nothing to add to the characters, as they're already dull and lifeless to start with.

Exciting Action Overshadows The Films Other Flaws .

it stuck to say WWII propaganda films for the plot.

As for those who were able to acknowledge that the film has in fact message and meaning but complained about it trying to constantly hammer home a point - yes, this is partly true, but I found it most intriguing how the picture works on much more subtle levels as well.

I do realize that the above movie-summary highlights don't really sound all that thrilling, but somehow Director Paul Verhoeven actually managed to piece together a fairly exciting film by just using these very basic elements as his film's foundation.

The propaganda commercials are HILARIOUS, and so on the mark.

If you like extremely entertaining sci-fi films, then you have to look into this one.

I'll refrain from saying anything more other than to comment that if you want a movie with no plot, with really no beginning and no end, with minmal character development and growth, no premise supporting its existence, showing you illogically waged warfare with lots of action, then this is the movie for you.

Apart from the underlying themes, on the surface Starship Troopers also has a lot going for it: amazing effects that still hold up very well and insanely intense battle scenes with more blood and guts than even the meanest gore-hound could wish for.

It's the type of film that could only be created by the Hollywood machine, a self-reflective criticism of an industry that has typically produced films that were so biased, they could be considered propaganda.

The dialogue was cliche and uninteresting...

I will be first to admit that I don't really agree with Heinlein's military based society, but he presents a clear philosophy in a straight forward and fascinating story.

Don't waste your money!

While it follows the book loosely (and I mean LOOSELY) it changes far too much to be enjoyable to anyone who's READ the book.

This is what i call an action packed movie, full of special effects and enough gore to repulse even the most die hard gorehounds.

The special effects are also stunning!

Starship Troopers is one of the most entertaining flicks I've ever seen.

On first sight, it's just a simple brainless action flick with nice effects and (some breathtaking) animations.

I saw a horribly cast, horribly acted, and horribly written waste of time piece of filth the likes of which haven't graced the screen since director Verhoven tickled our gag reflexes with his comparable masterpiece "Showgirls.

Other than the satire, the film is genuinely fun and entertaining, although it is clear that the more satirical elements definitely increased the film's rating for me.

Acting is mediocre, made even more so by endless old-war-movie cliche dialogue, which was probably ment to be a bit tongue-in-cheek but comes off as trite.

The future is a place of military authority and sci-fi wonder that translates into a dull and unwanted trip to the movies.

I think that was a good way to show how pointless and grotesque war really is.

fun shoot em up or compelling neo-fascist satire .

It was to much and to pointless.

Of course after 9/11 and seeing how well the administration used the very same type of propaganda in demonizing the enemy, one can say the Heinlein was beyond prescient, he was a true genius in understanding how well a political system can subvert free thought in making it's case to sway the people into doing it's bidding.

I challenge you to find a more entertaining movie which allows you to sit back and suspend disbelief for two hours and come out of it completely satisfied.

For a student of military and political history, this movie has a disturbing tendency toward evoking images from early Nazi propaganda.

Or is this really a slick propaganda piece meant to be watched by the non-citizen of Earth?

It pokes fun at the media, propaganda and even allows us to catch a glimpse of a 'utopian' future which is only one step away from fascist (check out the eerily similar Nazi uniforms the officers wear).

In the DVD commentary, the director states that he "evoked Nazi Germany's fashion, iconography, and propaganda because he saw it as a natural evolution of the United States after World War II, and especially after the Korean War.

This picture showcases so many of the problems inherent in modern Hollywood cinema: there are no stars, charisma, interest or charm; just an empty posturing, cynically set to confirm the prejudices of much of the modern cinema audiences, in order to cash in at the box-office.

Paul Verhoeven has essentially created an honest, entertaining, and generally underrated movie.

It is total satire of military politics and World War II propaganda films.

The movie's premise is interesting at worst, fascinating at best.

Whenever we leave the theater after some real stinker, one of us will say to the other "well, it wasn't as bad as Starship Troopers".

Entertaining and well worth seeing, both as an adolescent power fantasy and as a satire on military propaganda.

You're telling me a vessel like this, which must survive in the vast empty environment that is space doesn't have a redundant set of antennas?

The pace of the movie at the start is both slow and adds no real point to the overall plot line, and the fact that the setting is Argentina when every person living there is American doesn't make much sense in my book.

Indeed, both dazzling to look at and exciting to watch, this Verhoeven film is as phony as a hologram.

It's when they get to the bug fights where we have infantry sent in with what seem to be glorified side arms, facing off against 12-14 foot tall, gigantic monster insects, every limb and both of their jaws shaped like a sharp steel spike, which they can flick out and impale a soldier in the blink of an eye, or use their jaws to snap him in half, and so on, and these soldiers, I guess to show bravery, run up within feet of these lightning quick killer monster insects and start firing, hoping the bug will fall down at least before they empty the entire clip.

Really I think Verhoeven could have cut some parts of the battle scenes out as the violence does get a little tiresome.

However, the other people I saw it with thought it was gripping and interesting, so if you have an evening free its probably worth watching, just don't expect miracles.

Odd action-propaganda film using all the clichés of manipulative cinema from Leni Riefenstahl & other propaganda movie makers.

It's a waste of time.

Starship Troopers is both a tongue-in-cheek satire of society and an intense sci-fi/action/war film filled with horror-like insect monsters and a healthy dose of graphic gore.

This movie is brilliant on the level of satirical parody, and it is also funny and entertaining.

It's a treat for the eyes, ears, and brain, and just one of the most entertaining movies I've ever had the privilege to see.

It remembered me totalitarian countries doing propaganda, like Nazis.

The special effects are shockingly well-done for the most part, including stunning cgi effects for the bugs which are still impressive today.

I was totally on the edge of my seat.

From one of my posts on the message board: **WARNING: SPOILERS**In my opinion, the entire movie is a long dramatic propaganda (dramaganda?

The screen shots are modern variant of the propaganda films which were shown at the cinemas during World War II, to give a totally wrong impression to the public about the present situation.

So rent Starship Troopers if you have some free time if you're really bored.

The special effects are superb and the battle sequences are pretty thrilling.

Patriotism is exploited to trick young men and women into going off to a pointless war.

However, this movie is "obviously" making fun of old WWII propaganda films.

Just look at Saving Private Ryan and the intolerable Independence Day, which was a total waste of money.

A Fun, enjoyable storehouse, of wonderful FX.

If you are that guy or girl who loves Sci-fi and loves gore and that's all you need in a movie then pick this s*** up it is so worth watching.

The director is intelligent enough to balance the war scenes with satirical looks at the propaganda that the folks at home are seeing while the war with the bugs is going on.

Futuristic fear propaganda .

This film is one of the most fun and enjoyable movies you can ever watch.

Garish and fast paced sci fi about large, lethal insects from another planet that threaten earth.

Subtly satirical and generally entertaining, but ultimately slightly slow and a little underwhelming.

If you can allow yourself to get over the fact that all the main characters look as though they just left Beverly Hills 90210, you'll see some fascinating discussion of a fascist society.

Totally unexpected .

The movie is certainly a critique on the emotional propaganda that is used to recruit people for a war.

Worst movie of the 1990s.

Possibly the most visually stunning film ever, the alien bugs are the most believable xenomorphs ever portrayed, and represent a convincing xeno-society/xenobiology.

Fortunately, the second half saves this from being a total waste of time with some fantastic futuristic action scenes that are jaw-dropping at times.

This message is spread through media propaganda, the school system, and peer pressure.

ever even cracked the cover, because it was an enjoyable film not meant to woo the Academy Awards.

Campy and entertaining.

the gore gets laughable, the characters look like they were on the wrong set (they thought it was Melrose place or something) and it parodied the WWII-propaganda style very well.

) the VFX work is nice-looking but the movie is really Awful, you will get really bored in about 1 hour.

The whole ride is exciting and philosophical, two things that don't often mix well.

Wooden, uncreative writing, equally stiff acting, even bad satirical propaganda.

Director Paul Verhoeven consciously was imitating WW2-era propaganda films like "They Were Expendable", and he does a creditable job of that.

unfortunately the reverse is the truth and you are the one too slow and/or blinkered to understand what you're seeing on the screen.

I've seen this movie a lot of times and every time I really enjoyed it.

Fast forward though the boring bits, goggle at the gore.

The worst part of the entire film would have to be the gratuitous, senseless, pointless, protracted scenes of very graphic CGI violence.

The dialogue seemed wooden and cliché at times.

He piles on the satire and pokes fun at the militaristic fascist society with their relentless propaganda, not to mention the incompetent military who send fresh teenage recruits up against swarming hordes of lethal Bugs.

The Bug asteroid attack on Buenos Aires is a logical impossibility (as we are shown the Bug planet is light years from Earth, and impossible for slower than light asteroids to reach in the period of time shown).

Still an enjoyable movie.

Poignant satire, boring American style futuristic totalitarianism and one dimensional characters.

This film is quite entertaining because it is filled with excessive violence and nudity.

The tone varies between that of a mediocre soap opera and a mindless patriotic action picture; thus, there is no innovation, interest here; barring perhaps the frankly absurd sight of one of the cadets leaping about, shrilly playing a futuristic violin...! Maybe, in conclusion, this film fails to entertain as it intends, because of the extent to which it wastes time on the bland and the facile.

Someday, we will get a literate, intelligent and exciting version of a Heinlein film.

The acting wasn't all bad as I thought the chemistry between the lead characters was touching and effective, giving the film a dose of drama that counterbalances the intense sci-fi action.

Characters good, action scenes exciting and gratifying (especially when you're able to pick out a soldier or minor character and predict their grisly demise).

The very intense evoking of Nazis and fascism (and possibly general conservatism) in the future is meant to provoke more thought than the average viewer of this movie is prepared to give.

Overall a stunning movie with an intense plot, wonderful effects and a great message.

Bottom line: Worst movie ever (?

Even though there were SOME problems, it was written well enough to be a very entertaining movie.

It is fascist propaganda, and the director intends you to think about how similar today's Earth is to this film.

If you want to pass a boredom with a very fun movie, you won't be disappointed watching Starship Troopers.

If you look at those old propaganda commercials of the former Nazi Germany and compare them to the ones used here, you will that the ones used in this movie are taken even further with a light heartedness missing from the original nazi germany commercials.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made.

Maybe this is paradoxical or hypocritical, but it sure is entertaining.

Where most movies of this genre desperately try to be not too openly fascist, Starship Troopers goes to every extreme: the actors are TV - soap - gorgeous (that's because they all are TV soap actors), the enemy is not just a bit evil, they are brain - eating bugs, the plot goes through every (and I mean each and every) conceivable cliché, the weapons are mechanized versions of John Holmes' private parts, the soldiers postmodern versions of Nazi storm troopers, the form of government a globalized militaristic dictatorship.

This movie had no plot, except of course to kill alien bugs in allpossible ways.

Combining cliche outerspace alien-bug battles with hyped publicty and the latest computer generated copout images, what more do you need?

I believe that Verhoeven stated once that he read only a portion of the book because he got bored, or for some similar reason.

I've found the manner in which this "satire" is presented as entertaining as the satire itself.

The CGI is excellent, the scenery breathtaking, and as a shoot-'em-up space opera, one of the best.

The cast consists of people who were at the time fairly unknown, but nevertheless do a good job and are entertaining to watch.

The plot itself is a little predictable and the quick way in which they are resolved is a little corny.

The story is empty without any emotions and it works perhaps more for teenagers.

All these elements are great and work well to make the film lots of fun and highly enjoyable.

AWESOME action packed gore fest WARNING!!!!!!!

It has been commented that if this movie was an anti-war film then the main characters would have died in a pointless way that does not forward the war.

Instead, it just seems like a waste of time.

This is probably one of the worst movie adaptations of a book in the history of cinema.

I thought it was fun and exciting and hilarious in the way it cheesed on the propaganda.

Just the concept of 19 year-old, physically-fit, men and women casually showering and bunking together is fascinating.

"Starship Troopers" = Waste of Time.

just this: every single action movie cliche is done badly in this film..the crane shots of characters screaming, "NOOOO!

It's certainly enjoyable when you just let yourself go, heh.

) It extrapolates on WWII propaganda and the dream for a single-minded government all of its subjects trust.

I think he made all the right choices in the adaptation of the novel, and the movie is *incredibly* enjoyable to me.

A very enjoyable yarn!

Just goes to show everyone that you don't have to have a brilliant concept, pretentious thoughts, well-developed characters or good dialog - heck, you don't hardly need any dialog at all.

This movie worked on me the first time I saw it, just like a good propaganda movie should.

When i watched it, i got bored, especially with all the actors who either couldn't, or was told not to display any range of feeling.

*spoilage ends*I probably won't see it again, as the action here is a bit intense for me.

To tell you the truth, it's not a very good film at all, but it is quite entertaining and I guess that is why "Starship Troopers" was made.

The cheese factor is high, though, especially in the some of the acting and monster effects, and the basic plot is pretty predictable.

It has great FX, it has vicious monsters it touches those WWII subjects (propaganda and fascism) it has romance, sex, brief nudity, violence, it has great looking women(Dina Meyer and Denise Richards) and above all it is great fun.

Starship Troopers isn't an awesome movie, but it is really entertaining.

At first these messages were passed by head, but analyzing it we can find an entertaining film, funny and with a solid satire representing the madness of the military world.

If you're looking for a serious but entertaining sci-fi movie, go see Star Wars or the Matrix instead.

However, in "Starship Trooper", the violence was senselessly crude and repetitive, and was about all I came away from the movie remembering.

Humor, cheese, action and a little propaganda are all a growing boy needs.

It has a lot of extreme violence that is very disturbing but very entertaining.

The Mobile Infantry are dressed in SS-like uniforms instead of power armour, the Terran government uses Nazi propaganda techniques, and an intelligence officer is dressed as a Gestapo agent.

A great deal of unexpected twists and deaths will keep you guessing all the way through.

It begins with some hilariously obvious propaganda satires, all about joining the military (including a funny scene of a 12 year old kid in full battle attire).

It's entertaining if you watch it once.

After watching this film for the first time back in 2000, I decided that it was worth watching.

As the battle for human freedom gets intense, Rico and his friends must all resolve their common differences and work together to find a solution.

It milks every cinematic- formulaic emotion to the absolute hilt...

With Paul Verhoeven's trademark direction, the cast's fitting performances, Edward Neumeier's flawlessly entertaining script and Phil Tippett's outstanding special effects, what more could you want?

The Orwellian militaristic feel, the Goebbels-esque propaganda, the over-the-top gore, the exaggeration and bravado of the humorously shallow characters.

A Very Entertaining Film .

The 'Alamo' sequence is breathtaking, especially on the big screen.

On the surface, this film seems like another pointless Hollywood action flick.

The enemies are literally disgusting nasty bugs, not because that is realistic, but because that is was propaganda makes enemies of the state out to be.

and seeing all those Melrose Place types getting sliced and diced by giant bugs was immensely enjoyable.

Lots of action, and very entertaining.

Starship Troopers is a)an incredibly expensive gore-fest b)full of trite, contrived performances by no-name 90210 rejects and c)a camp-filled war satire that completes its purpose.

It isnt great, but the storyline is enjoyable and the acting is good enough not to deter from the good storyline!

Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers was essentially a glorification of combat, and made much of the whole idea of the "just" war, while Joe Haldeman's excellent "The Forever War", published around the same time, painted war as ugly, dehumanizing and ultimately pointless.

If you are a fan of loose science fiction (like Star Wars), futuristic or action films, then this one is worth watching.

It is a great film and reminds me a lot of Total Recall, these 2 films in my opinion are the way most sci-fi films should be, violent, fast paced and highly enjoyable.

Is war propaganda basically brain washing?

This one is hands down, the most visually stunning effort pulled off in a sci-fi movie, thanks to the minds of Sony.

you'll sit there and get so wrapped up in the whole propaganda of killing the bugs, that you forget that the story is based on an old novel, written in response to the cold war (if you even know that to begin with).

Dina Meyer, a 90210 type, who just got the new Secret Agent Man tv series, actually was compelling and interesting.

Very bloody, gory n action packed.

By presenting the enemy literally as monsters, Verhoeven manages to convince the audience to fall for the same propaganda tricks that worked 60 years ago.

Underneath the surface you have a harsh criticism of a militaristic society that struggles to justify its existence by engaging in continuous warfare.

Robocop presented a far more compelling version of the Christ theme than the Gospels (or slop like The Matrix, for instance).

Starship Troopers is one of those rare movies that you know is rubbish but you just can't help watching over and over again because it is enjoyable, which is essentially the whole purpose of watching a film.

Dim and Dumb, But Morbidly Entertaining .

They have no script to work with.

But after I understood that the plot is in fact superficial and flat, that the character are boring, and that the whole movie is just a pointless action shi*t movie with nothing credible in it and really bad acted, I felt duped.

Great special effects and repetitive action sequences.

It is a little bloody, but still enjoyable.

Starship Troopers does that perfectly well, with the pro/anti-war movements, politics, the military, teenage angst, and overall, the impact that propaganda has on us too (its in all the little blurbs that interrupt the film).

There is no reflection whatsoever and just the illogical, and empty conclusion that; 'They'll keep fighting...

As well as offering excellent satire, superb direction, stomach-churning gore, and stunning special effects, Starship Troopers also features pitch-perfect performances from its impressive cast (which includes Bond-girl Denise Richards, toothy Jake Busey, Clancy 'The Kurgan' Brown, feisty hottie Dina Meyer, Neil Patrick Harris, and the always brilliant Michael Ironside), plus a magnificent rousing score from Basil Poledouris.

Yet all of this blood and gore seems to serve a purpose, and that is as anti-bug propaganda.

Thrilling, bloody, funny and wildly satirical.

Ed Neumeier's perceptive script draws obvious parallels between Nazism and the militaristic society of Heinlein's book, wherein thousands of idealistic young people - bland Aryan beauties, every one - are persuaded by government propaganda to act as cannon fodder during horrific battles with swarms of monstrous insects.

An ugly movie, one of the very few I've seen bad enough to make me leave the theater before the movie ended.

The acting was okay but boring.


With an impossibly good-looking cast, some great talent, a fun script, effective soundtrack and capable direction, "Starship Troopers" is a genuinely entertaining ride.

It was little wonder that I found the journey of four high schoolers who grow up to be little fascists to be so fascinating and compelling.

Just think of all the blatantly jingoistic propaganda in the "TV ads" the story is interspersed with.

I mean, soap opera actors, soap opera dialogue, over-the-top gore, and 3rd Reich-style propaganda are just some of the multitude of shticks that work perfectly in this film.

A little slow to start but still enjoyable, with just the right sense of innocence and its loss, replaced with the hardened edge that invariably lies within success.

Starship Troopers was a complete and utter waste of time.

The plot is horribly predictable and the dialogue could use more than a little work.

If the book is more sincere and deep, actual science fiction and social modeling, the film is more social satire, caricature and propaganda poster on the verge of trash.

A witty tongue in cheek poke at WWII propaganda that all participating countries saw spices up some fairly mediocre acting & dialog.

Gory, thrilling fun.

This movie, IF it were presented as an original, MIGHT be enjoyable to watch...

However, the action is so intense and exciting you'll forget all about the love triangle.

Well, the disturbing thing about this movie(this was intentional) is that while the humans are Nazi-ish and brainwashed by propaganda, they're just normal people.

Recognising Heinlein's sinister undertones, Verhoeven's film is thus pure Aryan propaganda.

Casper van Dien is our bland hero, and you might be surprised to find Doogie Howser himself playing one of the recruits.

What I mean is that you can make several similarities with propaganda used to recruit soldiers for wars in the past.

Plus, it is a really entertaining action movie, so even if you aren't into satire, you still might really enjoy "Starship Troopers"!

Not a great movie, but one that is watchable and even enjoyable.

Speaking of anti-fascist propaganda - well, it is crude and in style of former USSR "Pravda"...

It's just not enough to save a stupid movie with stupid characters and slow, plodding, stupid direction.

propaganda, too far from the novel it was based on, etc. The point that many missed would have been clear had they examined in any detail what director Paul Verhoeven achieved: an intelligent, visually exciting extravaganza consistent in theme and purpose with the best science-fiction concepts.

The worst depiction of formulaic science fiction concepts.

Propaganda needs to work even when it's obvious that it's propaganda.

My brother got it two times: first time I felt disgusted and bored, the second time I told him where he could put it.

Jake Busey is pretty good, and Michael Ironside is typically pretentious and overbearing as the leader of the Roughnecks.

So instead of actually reading, understanding, and adapting the novel, he pays Ed Neumeier to write a parody of the novel, slaps on a coat of 'Nazi' paint, and pretends that Starship Troopers is actually 'crypto-fascist' propaganda.

The asteroid would have flashed past and destroyed whatever part of the ship happened to be in the way- not the heart-stopping, nerve-wrenching slow turn more fitting of a submarine movie.

Who on this earth would have the guts to release a film that is full of cliché's and messy chunks of dialogue?

Entertaining Movie .

In fact, the director has crafted a faithful, even rousing, adaptation of Robert Heinlein's novel and viewpoints.

Verhoeven intersperses his scenes with propaganda blaring itself at the imaginary audience, that somehow underhandedly manages to draw your interest without seeming naggy.

"Starship Troopers" is an all out, non-stop action packed fun popcorn flick!

I feel sorry for the people who criticise this most enjoyable film.

Combine this with the initial arrogance of the earth's military and deficiency in weaponry and you have a splatteringly exciting creation.

I was disappointed with the dull character exposition in Pacific Rim, and felt the director should have taken cues from this film.

This is a pointless film that neither inspires heroic jingoist bug bashing nor makes we want to join the army, despite the steamy soap-on-a-rope suds fest.

Starship Troopers attempts to be a rousing war movie while at the same suggesting the real enemy may ultimately be ourselves.

I wish this movie had no story, just those battle scenes.

In their desire to make a big blockbuster and lots of cash, they piled on the "thrilling action" "thrilling special effects" thrilling romance" "thrilling explosions and things blowing up REAL BIG OH MY!

It's fun and very enjoyable.

But it is hugely likable and enjoyable, and as soon as they get booted off into space, everything picks up a notch, in some cases in rather gory and graphic detail.

" Throughout, commercials and military propaganda fill the screen, always ending with "Do you want to know more?

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

6/10 Entertaining for the wrong reasons.

When Michael Moore falsely said in his lying propaganda movie Fahrenheit 9-11 that no member of Congress sent their kids to be sacrificed in Iraq ( which was not true like a lot of things Michael Moore said) he was implying that only people who were in the military should have a vote.

However, they frequently leave out that, despite cheese, a movie can be immensely entertaining and this movie is in that category with me.

This propaganda is hammed up in the scene where we see children squashing bugs and a voice over saying "and we should all do our bit for the war effort".

this film was excellent, thoroughly entertaining.

Enjoyable .

The characters are compelling and interesting, the story truly epic.

Thus ends my summary of a highly entertaining Sci-Fi action movie...

That's 55 minutes were you are completely bored out of your mind.

In casting for propaganda films there is also a long history of hiring babes who cannot act.

All a bit gung ho and heavy on the propaganda aspects.

Day, Saving Private Ryan which was crap) and good ol' fashioned US-safeguarders-of-freedom-we-do-it-all-yawn-movies, this one is a nice change.

Now, if I could have picked another word to summarize this film, I would have chosen `Propaganda'.

For those that complain that the book is boring and difficult to read, all I can say is have patience, and work through it.

The World War II propaganda commercials are another highlight; just hilarious.

Starship Troopers is an action packed thrill ride from start to end.

Federal propaganda is filled with censored online video depicting only what it wants the people to see, unless it is what the Federation wants the people to see.

We can see that violence and domination is endemic in the system through education and sport and that the populace is completely under the thrall of state propaganda.

It's thrilling during it's entire run and has a funny streak to it also.

A brilliant satire on fascism and Riefenstahl propaganda films (which I also love, not for the content, though).

Starship Troopers is an entertaining film.

A great film, successfully parodying war films, fascism, society, and is also highly entertaining.

Really enjoyable film .

However, forgetting any kind of subtext, just enjoy the film as a big exciting adventure.

Paul Verhoeven directs one bloody battle with armies of bugs and armies of humans, each with unidentifiable parts, each get a little more boring and boring until the movie finally ends.

An absolute waste of time and money which could have been better spent doing anything else rather than watching this apology for a film.

All of this is presented to us by Verhoeven in ingenius propaganda shorts which intercut periodically throughout the movie, detailing every aspect of the world in an indirect and strangely effective manner.

The characters are feeling enties that though patriotic are still conflicted in this time of war and to prove it doesn't take itself too seriously, some of the propaganda is kept in.

It's a parody of World War II propaganda films, a parody of high school (and relationships therein), a parody of every sci-fi and outer space flick since "Star Wars," a parody of Heinlein's novel (and maybe the man himself!

It was enjoyable to watch despite numerous technical flaws.

more than just an action sci-fi gore fest - political and propaganda narrative too .

For all its noble intentions, the movie was a waste of time.

Verhoeven's attempt to instill the material with some irony seems to be in garbing Neil Patrick Harris' scientist to look like he is an SS officer and making the recruitment videos and the news bulletins reminiscent of Nazi propaganda pieces.

The occasionally socio-political satire is too sparse and tentative, and the genuinely breathtaking CGI gorefests are actually fairly few and far between.

Van Dien's range seems to be limited to "blank", "angry" and "hurt", but that's way better than the unwatchable Denise Richards who's natural posture seems to be grinning inanely over her shoulder.

I was very excited to see it, based on the title and having read the book, so I dragged a few friends to the theater.

Fun, fast-moving and extremely entertaining.

The acting is stilted and boring with one or two exceptions - the plot is full of holes (not true of the source material) - though these things don't surprise me given the director's track record.

If the title were BugWars, it would have been acceptable under the "Special effects were great, lots of hotties, and enjoyable on a lazy afternoon or a late night movie fest" category.

Poor Propaganda .

'Starship Troopers' is an exhilarating ride into the seduction of Military Propaganda and Fascism as patriotic show business.

This one's truly enjoyable.

The news clips, the graphic gore and predictable love triangles all made this movie a classic.

This film could be a very superficial sci-fi actioner about a group of enthusiastic soldiers fighting alien bugs, or it could be an ultra-satirical parody of World War II propaganda films, right down to Doogie Howser's SS coat.

Verhoves direction is intense, and the movie filled with false commercials and news turns out to be a profound critic of todays western society.

PS: Also makes for an entertaining action film, unless you're squeamish.

Absolutely the worst movie ever made… ever.

come on - this film IS entertaining.

2 - A parody of 1940s American propaganda.

As you probably have understood I don't think it's a good, but I do think it's an entertaining one.

It doesn't even work on an "undemanding romp" level, and indeed, frequently bores.

a waste of time and good special effects .

Here's the core of my disgust: I kept waiting for the obviously over-the-top asides from "Federal Central," internet-style ads (meant as propaganda), to be revealed as a gigantic hoax put on by evil global-political dominators to reduce the population of a crowded planet (ours) by shipping much of it off to outer space to fight a fictitious enemy, and then secretly eliminating all of them.

The marches are fantastic, and the subtle references to satire (see the last propaganda scene in the movie and you'll understand completely) top off this flick.

A racist, militaristic story which could have been reworked into a recruitment film for the Third Reich, yet the movie actually is quite good and very entertaining, once you get past the fascist crap.

Both of these characters die early in the film's final battle, and their deaths are followed by 20-30 minutes of intense action, in which the humans finally begin to have major successes against the bugs.

Top-notch and exciting effects highlight the movie of Heinlein's book about a group of Space-Marine types fighting interstellar bugs in the future.

The action scenes are appropriately thrilling, with lots of action, violence, and a dose of screaming and yelling.

I have found some scifi appealing, but a lot of it is tedious social commentary wrapped up with robots and little green strangers.

This is pure and simple, an enjoyable and entertaining movie.

The propaganda ads that pop up all throughout the movie.

This was a moderately enjoyable sleazy B-movie and nothing more.

I read the Robert Heinlein book as a kid, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Empty-headed, inept lead "actors".

The plot is so easy, so predictable.. The characters are so stereotypical etc.Yes, it is a dumb movie.

A very entertaining Sci-fi work from Paul Verhoeven.

And Denise Richards, after being impaled with an insect talon about 3 inches in diameter, can just stand up and walk around afterwards like nothing happened.

Absolutely brilliant parody of the propaganda film and Heinlen's fascist "utopia".

It wasn't their performances, I guess, but their roles which dragged them down to kiss the floor.

The fighting is fun and intense.

The enlistment propaganda, laughable as it is, goes to the "Be all you can be" ads you might see on cable TV, and the juxtaposition of this propaganda with the spectacle of infantry troops being hacked to ribbons underscores the lie of these "Be all you can be" ads.

Whoever green lit this film should die a slow, agonizing, excruciating death.

Everyone is remarkably beautiful, but at the same time every character's mind is so malnourished and so filled with state propaganda that no one has anything of any importance to say.

The plot gets better as it goes on, I could feel it was slightly unreasonable as a film but nevertheless it is entertaining and fun all round.

But after I watched it again and again I have to admit that the bum-bum on the insects until they have been killed bored me more and more.

it makes us understand the lure of militarism on a visceral level and a lot of people used to black/white thinking may find this unbearable.

I was bored, so I sat and watched it.

It is too violent, over the top, and as a result very boring.

The Dutch filmmaker knows how to tell a story, and that's what makes this movie enjoyable.

Verhoeven captures a uniquely enjoyable tone.

The film is set in a gleefuly fascistic world, with beautiful young people with shiny white teeth going off to battle the godless bug (read: commie) hordes; and newsreels delivering the worst news in a snappy, entertaining matter.

However the acting, music and storyboard are so weird and bland that the "bugs" will be the only thing worth watching.

Casper Van Dien's square-jawed ubermensch Rico is the sort of soldier who could have walked straight off a propaganda campaign.

What was pulled off here (given the screenplay, disjointed and illogical plot, and poor acting) is almost a miracle.

Ultimately, it falls a little flat, though, with an underwhelming ending and a slightly slow pace.

What I found was an oddly entertaining sci-fi flick that may or may not have an interesting message to convey.

Empty Vessels .

According to the reported comments of the idiot Verhoeven, he never even read the entire book - because he got "bored and depressed"!

It's the teen drama angle that really dragged "Starship Troopers" down for me.

Especially the first half was too slow paced with love stories.

"Starship Troopers" is one of the worst movies ever made.

I think that's why I enjoyed it.

8/10Rated R for intense violence and carnage

He's a also knows what sells (hence the ultra-violence and the pointless nudity).

When I first saw Starship Troopers back in'97, I was taken with its exciting depiction of the future - I'd guess 200 years from now - where-in young gung-ho soldiers, led by older scarred veterans, begin to wage war against giant interstellar bugs.

Starship Troopers is at once an anti-propaganda film satire as well as an ongoing checklist of sci-fi and war movie clichés that over the course of the film escalate to an insane degree.

its cheerful and often hilarious embrace and subversion of wartime propaganda films and 50's teen/sci-fi flick cliches, the casting of impossibly beautiful second- and third-rate actors (I wonder if they realized what use they were being put to?

The characters are all intentionally bland and superficial, filled with patriotic fervour.

The movie we are watching is a Nazi propaganda film designed to accomplish the same as Nazi (and american and japanese) propoganda films of the 30s and 40s, portray the enemy as soulless monsters.

It's one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen, with awesome battles, great special effects and a great story.

The movie had this strange camp feel to it, an unexpected earnestness, an over-the-top quality.

The hero's in the film dress like Nazis and watch US style war propaganda on television.

The Book is about a somewhat oppressive future government, and i guess the movie shows this through the propaganda and uber violence.

A model propaganda movie .

It's action packed, gung-ho, gruesome, flashy, and definitely one of the most exciting action movies of the 1990s.

BUT, after watching 5 million different people get ripped in half, their brains sucked out and bashed to bits, it does get just a little repetitive.

The film is fun, gory and very entertaining, with OK acting and great SFX.

So is this just a dumb action movie with wooden acting and virtually no plot, or a clever satire on the militaristic leanings of modern America?

Personally, I felt the characters spent too much time "in training," and the film dragged at times.

Altogether, a complete waste of time!

Also the movie managed to escape the trap of becoming to complex and hard to follow which a lot of Science Fiction movies do.

etc. etc. But the movie compensate us with very intense battles, and CGIs that look like real bugs.

No matter how much you try to explain it away you're left thinking of what a ridiculous idea it is to send ground troops to a planet to engage in pitched battles with literally billions of self aware homicidal insectsActually I've just realised why , because if humanity nuked the bugs then we'd be left with two hours of THE OC IN OUTER SPACE with the last two minutes composed of a couple of large explosions and that would have made for an extremely boring film .

If you "get it" it's a really funny and enjoyable ride, while also being a good sci-fi action movie.

But here is a film that is among all things wholeheartedly enjoyable, something that can't be said for many films.

To describe Ms Richards as stunning is an understatement.

This was done deliberately, as the message of the movie, which is a send-up of jingoism and right wing propaganda, is the opposite of what the novel is about.

Quite honestly the action packed shooting and charging sequences are the only interesting strains about the flow of this film.

It's frankly thrilling.

Exactly like in any propaganda movie you are likely to watch.

The special effects are jerky and lack the necessary suspension of disbelief to be enjoyable, the acting is atrocious, the dialogue is unrealistic and stilted, the situations are alternately dull and overblown, the direction is uneven, sound recording is barely passable, the list continues...

As such, Verhoeven structures his film as a German propaganda picture, ripping scenes from Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Wills" and inserting numerous John Ford "Why we fight" styled news reels.

Probably very entertaining for today's video generation.

Although Ed Neumeier's script relies a little too much on contrivance and coincidence to be wholly satisfying, Starship Troopers still manages to be a thoroughly enjoyable piece of comic-book escapism, whilst at the same time successfully satirising fascism and the futility of war, once again proving that no-one does ballsy, big-budget sci-fi with subversive undertones quite like director Paul Verhoeven.

No matter how many times you watch classic films like Platoon, Apocalypse Now etc. This is the first film that i have seen that truly outlines the harsh realities of War, combined with blistering special effects it makes for a very entertaining movie, even if the plot is a bit thin.

Edward Neumeier's outrageous script is a major improvement over frequently master author Heinlein's depressing, pointless novel.

I know history, and I know there is propaganda during wars, and that sometimes you must fight or be destroyed.

How different are the government propaganda ads in Starship Troopers from the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" campaign or the "10% for War Bonds" posters in 1940s U.

In having watched this movie several times, the effects were stunning for their time.

The space and ground based battles are visually stunning and well put together.

Starship Troopers is both a tongue-in-cheek satire of society and an intense sci-fi/action/war film filled with horror-like insect monsters and a healthy dose of graphic gore.

This is the way a science fiction film should be made: exciting, funny, and witty.

I am so goddamn sick of stupid idiots out there calling it "A jaw-dropping experience"(Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times) or "Massive, hilarious and thrilling.

Perhaps one could enjoy it having never been exposed to the real Starship Troopers, but if you have, don't waste your time.

The plot was weak, inconsistent and predictable, the characters were flat and clichéd, and the acting was terrible.

This is what attracted me most; well the stunning Dina Meyer doesn't hurt your eyes any.

But if you just want to be entertained by a silly movie that has some gratuitous nudity and a silly little ending where, of course, the good guys win, then I highly recommend it.

On the first view it is a fast, violent, entertaining and gory popcorn movie, which contains the best drill sequence since "Full Metal Jacket".

Some bugs are like ants with a few extra limbs, some are giant beetles that fart blue fire, some are slow and massive capsules of mucus.

For the film historian or politics major, though, it's also a great satire of military recruitment propaganda film from the World War I newsreel to the video-game presentation of Desert Storm, with good chunks of John Wayne and TRIUMPH OF THE WILL stirred into the mixture.

Purportedly based on a Robert Heinlein novel, this is an especially empty-headed science fiction action flick from over-the-top director Paul Verhoeven.

But the schmaltz and the cliche´s is there to prove a point.

oh and btw i love challenging and engaging films.

It's entertaining, the special effects are amazing, and the one-liners are pretty good.

What an entertaining movie, it was funny, with great special effects, and lots and lots and I mean LOTS of gore.

A complete waste of time.

I had the pleasure of watching this in a theater (3/4 empty, first tip-off) years ago and, the best lines came from the patrons.

Probably the worst movie I ever saw .

The scenes of battle were very intense and graphic.

The wide-eyed sincerity of the rest of the cast also makes for fascinating viewing, as if they were making their way through a forties b-picture with a plot line that seems like a high school drama club's adaptation of Heinlein's story.

Plus, it is quite exciting in places.

The dialogue is messy and boring, whilst the special effects are something completely childishly pathetic and is an aspect that should be looked away from.

It's a gory movie, a Bug-hunting movie, a movie worth watching several times.

Ranks high on my Worst Movies I've Ever Seen list.

If you enjoyed it you may like the better adventure movie THE MUMMY or EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS with similar special effects.

What a waste of time!

terrificly entertaining.

It's anti-everything that's got to do with propaganda, so-called 'war glory'.

It is a great movie that's highly entertaining.

The special effects were good, if repetitive.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

The fascist state, the nature of propaganda, xenophobia, the futility of war - Verhoeven has been careful and clever enough to sprinkle them all in too.

But the fact is that at least for me this is an enjoyable action film even without all the political and social commentary.

visually stunning.

It's boring, the actors are awful, the whole thing stinks.

*** out of ****Starship Troopers could honestly use a few more likeable characters and a more convincing lead, but otherwise, this is as thrilling as movies come, a lightning-paced, hilarious rollercoaster ride of bullets, explosions, gore, raucous humor, and gratuitous nudity.

There is a lot of scenes in the film that smack of propaganda during WWII (Sort of "Why We Fight" for the sci-fi set).

) The same propaganda on CNN.

Science Fiction As Propaganda .

Then it's a very entertaining satire, especially for somebody who knows WW-2-outfits and because of the newsreel-scene in the beginning (I hope the original version can provide such an impressive voice as the German synchronisation featuring the legendary voice from "7th sense", a serial of 3-minute propagandas for security on roads during the 80s, by then very popular because of the shown crash-scenes.

Almost a 6 because the book was just so bloody boring and they tried to make it work.

It's suspenseful.

The young boy (who's hair style and blue eyes are straight from WWII Germany) and his quest for honor through the military could only be that of a work of propaganda.

The film illustrates a country which unwarily evokes Nazi Germany, through fashion, use of propaganda, and iconography.

Okay, good job Verhoen, but your movie is still unwatchable.

Surely that signifies a very enjoyable film, no?

Star Wars depicts war; this movie depicts a far more primeval scenario that sweeps away all the sentimental muck, leaving a much more compelling depiction of warfare, with no-holds-barred as the humans are out to pacify and even exterminate a life-form so foreign as to completely repulse the humans.

This may seem like just some cult sci-fi, and it probably deserves a cult following, but it is well worth watching.

Whilst the cast is a bizarre troupe of shambolic non-actors, (save for Ironside), and whilst the story seems to have rolled out of the mind of a toddler playing Spaceships and Aliens, Starship Troopers is perhaps one of the most engaging, outrageously entertaining pieces of cinematic history I have come across.

Look at any of Leni Riefenstahl's Nazi propaganda films.

Then find themselves engaging in a war against giant insects.

Even the uniforms and the frequent references to "service" as the pathway to "citizenship" speak to the propaganda of Goebells and the images of the enemy as insects parallels Goebell's portrayal of Jews as rats and vermin.

i actually liked 'Showgirls' and found it entertaining, so don't ask me i guess.

When we saw this movie in its initial theatre run, my wife and I walked out afterward feeling like it was one of the worst movies we had ever seen.

A waste of time if one expects something faithful to Heinlein's book .

Worth watching or owning.

It seems to me that it's something much more specific: an examination of how wartime propaganda works, in the shape of a successful attempt to create a working piece of propaganda.

The dialog is hilariously great and played straight, which is what makes it so damned entertaining.

One thing I also forgot to mention is all the hilarious propaganda used in the story.

Starship Troopers is a very entertaining sci-fi/action movie from the man who gave us such memorable flicks as Total Recall and Robocop.

This is a most exciting and diverting film, with a virtually seamless integration of computer effects and live action.

I went into this movie expecting just an action packed special effects demonstration, and I came out fairly satisfied.

very entertaining.

" Nevertheless, it's hugely entertaining even though some of it is cheesy and there are various hard critical reviews professional critics would offer.

The characters are compelling and interesting.

The worst movie i have ever seen!!!!.

The values and "characters" are at no time questioned; there is no Winston Smith figure, just a nightmarishly bland world; there were many points where I laughed at these characters where I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended.

The soundtrack by Poledouris is wonderful, and the Verhoeven-style news clips are clever, entertaining, and diverting.

The movie has an exciting plot which thrills you up to the end, it has blood and gore, lots of dead, beautiful girls and great deep-space starship scenes.

Enjoyable in so many ways .

The excessive militarism, the uniforms, the pretty and wooden young people, the propaganda infomercials from "embedded" FedNet reporters that are passing for news are just icing on the cake.

While the movie seemed rather silly most of the time, it was quite entertaining from most points of view.

The movie itself left me bored.

I found this film highly enjoyable.