Step Brothers (2008) - Comedy

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Two aimless middle-aged losers still living at home are forced against their will to become roommates when their parents marry.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Adam McKay
Stars: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 64 out of 321 found boring (19.93%)

One-line Reviews (139)

The jokes seem laboured, for example, the drawn out fart joke.

Don't waste your time or money.

It's taking all your expectations, built from years of watching predictable films, with predictable dialogue and plot development, and running with them - and I think that's where a lot of the laughter really comes from.

It's a waste of time, I wish I had pirated the movie and not rented it but I think I'll try to get my money back.

Don't waste your money in the theatre, wait for it to come out on video.

I enjoyed it from start to finish (I watched the rated version & I can't wait to see it unrated) Step Brothers was AWESOME!!!

Then the movie runs out of steam in its second part, with overlong passages and a script that becomes messy and sometimes even boring.

Also, I found this movie very predictable in some scenes.

In fact, it has little designs whatsoever, begging suspension of disbelief to the point of screeching collapse with its 'man-children' antics and lumbering from woefully contrived plot point to plot point, finally ending on a 'moral' so pedantic and clichéd that viewers may find themselves pummelling the closest bystander pretending they are one of the characters.

In my movie collection, I have a copy of the original silent version of "Nosferatu" and "Santa With Muscles" (another fairly pathetic waste of time - mine and the film-makers), but THIS has to take the prize for being the worst movie I have EVER seen.

Worst movie I have ever seen...

He has the potential to do a lot more with his career (see: Stranger Than Fiction), but here he stays stuck in this endless rut of boring and repetitive R-rated kiddie jokes.

The main drag in this film is the beginning and the climax, both of which were slow and dull.

I'm entirely used to his humor and it's become pretty predictable.

He adds a whole new level to the bizarre and entertaining progression of these characters.

with all this said, there are some parts of this film which to me is a little boring, and i don't mean the actors performance or even the pace of the movie, What i do mean is the actual story itself...


It dragged on until the one premise: Adults acting as children died of exhaustion.

But seriously though: The paper thin plot, won't fool anyone (not that you should have expected much in that area from the get-go), some cliché moments and a few jokes that miss out.

Before I actually dig into the review of this movie, I suppose it would be appropriate to state that I am of the type that finds nonsense, done right (which is relative, I know, just bare with me), incredibly entertaining.

Very entertaining R-Rated Comedy.

I still remember the days in which Will Ferrell used to be a brilliant comedian in Saturday Night Live but,from many years ago,he has been wasting his talent on irritant comedies like this one (with the exception of Blades of Glory which,in spite of being mediocre,was moderately entertaining).

Step Brothers, however, pushes this cliché of bad film to terrible new lows.

Poor dialog and pointless humor were supposed to be redeemed by being so unpredictable and OVERWHELMINGLY crude.

Reilly can be good, but their acting style feels recycled and forced and their chemistry is unnatural and bland.

Without doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen.

I have already watched about half of it before but had walked out on it.

If you must see this, borrow a friends DVD so that you don't waste any money.

Worth watching!

A sensible, predictable recipe for disaster.

Not the best Ferrell/Apatow movie, but still worth watching .

Whether it's engaging in a nasty battle against much younger kids, having to come in contact with feces, rapping about anatomy below the waist, fighting multiple times, making detailed threats about extraneous activities, speaking like a careless sailor, or even playing around with an extremely dangerous weapon in multiple instances, our heroes of the story encounter many, many obstacles.

Just saw this last night, and nearly every moment I wanted to leave.

All in all, the movie succeeds as a light, entertaining, and funny adult comedy.

It left an empty feeling by providing the means, to the two leads antics.

That was so much a stretch and contrived that even suspension of disbelief didn't help.

Yes, it is very stupid and yet I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed it.

It is unpleasant, it is unfunny and most of all it is mostly unwatchable.

This could actually contend for the worst movie of 2008.

I do believe that is the most refreshing aspect here; they finally see that you don't need a contrived romantic bent to be successful, we as an audience don't need to see the schlubby guy get the attractive girl, that is a cliché used way too often.

Don't waste your time on this, you'll make better use of it banging your head against a wall.

Hilariously entertaining for what it's worth .

What could have been another triumphant example of the recent 'less is more' school of comedic film, previously exalted as having resurrected the genre, could instead serve as its sad epitaph, now reduced to a tired, drawn out and downright boring shadow of former hilarity.

From banal notions and hilarious illogical one liners, this comic drama, contradictory to popular beliefs, has witty sense of humor.

This was the worst movie I've ever watched.

I found this film irritating,unfunny and,the worst sin of all,very boring.

On top of this, they both have the common sense and maturity of 7 year-olds---very, very slow 7 year-olds!

Still, the movie is enjoyable as usual, with crazy characters and a dumb, absurd humour that does the job.

This comedy team nails it a lot harder than they did in Taladega Nights with this one, there's a ton of laughs and only a few slow points.

The theater was nearly empty; it seems like people are voting with their feet.

Worth watching?

Ferrell and Reilly both convince in their characters and are reasonably good at the jokes but, when the jokes get tiresome and obvious then so do they.

He reaches for toilet paper (so we know that he has had a bowel movement) and finds the roller empty.

There are a few funny moments but predictable.

i also thought the movie was slow,and on the verge of being boring in some areas.

I liked this movie because it was very funny and it had a lot of hilarious and very unexpected scenes.

The premise is dull and pointless, the script is unnecessarily vulgar, and the characters are beyond irritating.

The movie is funny, and there are some hilarious scenes, but overall don't waste your time.

They become step brothers and their behaviour is very predictable.

Really, it is these vulgarities that make the film that much more enjoyable to me.

Stupid but entertaining comedy .

There were some surprise laughs once in awhile, but I was considering leaving about half-way through..Once the "rift where the characters learn about growing up" occurs, McKay tries to squeeze this monstrosity into the cliché comedy mold, and it all feels even more awkward.

To be honest, some of the stuff in this film did make me laugh hysterically and I thought I was going to get the same humor throughout, but after a while it becomes very predictable and makes you want to walk out of the theater.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but the film did have its predictable moments.

A Big Waste of Time .

Thanks to Ferrell and Reilly's brilliant performances, not to mention a script that effortlessly imagines universal teenage experiences through the eyes of middle-aged men with no self-awareness, Step Brothers taps into the unexpected recognition that separates good comedy from great comedy.

Reilly and Will Ferrell are as always superb in their uniquely, fascinating to watch, way.

Convincingly Uninspiring .

A waste of time and talent .

I enjoyed it.

By far Will Ferrell's worst movie (in my opinion, at least) and the humour in it mostly appeals to 13-year-olds (despite the R-rating).

This is a very irritating comedy which enormously bored me,which almost did not make me laugh at all and that it copies scenes from many movies.

I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell normally but I just finished watching this movie and feel I need to warn others that it is the worst movie with him in it that I have ever seen.

To deride the humor as stupid is incredibly pointless.

thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.

Yes, if you are very bored, very dumb or very stoned.

Granted I have the mouth of a sailor myself but it just get's tiresome when it doesn't serve any purpose other than to be edgy.

The movie was really enjoyable, the silly storyline was good...

Entertaining In Its Own Right .

I should admit that I find the majority of this American Pie-style humor to be immediately and intensely boring, like seeing someone get kicked in the nuts.

Each character is different and, pardon the cliché, special in their own odd way.

Then about halfway through the movie its as if the writers forgot that there was absolutely no plot so they'd stop being funny and try to throw together a dumb and unfunny plot to end the movie.

Those people who walked out half way, they missed one of THE MOST explosive finishes I have ever seen.

The film is also very formulaic and predictable.

" Line after line like this tends to become just moderately entertaining and you're left there just waiting for something outrageous to happen.

Dozens of people left the theater within thirty minutes and I did after an hour; a friend who stayed said it got worse after I had left.

If there is no story, blame that fact on the film being a mere exercise for Ferrell and Reilly to say silly things and act even sillier.

That being said, before engaging in a viewing session with this work of classy art, one must develop a taste for it.

Yet burdened with too many cliché devices, a downright lazy third act and some less than inspiring gags, Step Brothers is frustrating in its ability to make you love it, and then make you wonder why you ever did; it's hit and miss, with a few more hits than misses, thankfully.

The one exception is Richard Jenkins, who, despite being visibly uncomfortable to be present, at least has the merciful sense to have some fun with his role, infusing his wearily clichéd 'strict father figure' role with credibility and dashes of unhinged energy (his t-rex impression threatens to make the film worth watching for one glorious moment).

However the film gets boring towards the end as there is nothing much to laugh at except the post credits where Dale and Brennan get one back on the kids.

I decided to give it a complete shot, despite the fact that half of the theater walked out.

I have enjoyed both men's comedic and dramatic talents in the past, but after their most recent effort together: Talledega Nights, a movie that was tiresome and largely unfunny, who thought it was a good idea to bring them back together?

Will Ferrell rolling around on the floor, obnoxiously yelling in his monotone voice, yeah, you got me Hollywood.. the joke was on me.. and on us and just about everyone who coughed up money to see this or even had to endure a preview or a commercial for this flipping thing!

May be the worst movie of the year.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

I'm actually shocked that many consider this to not be one of Ferrell's comedies because this was ten times more entertaining than crap like Anchorman.

As the parents, Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins are genuinely funny without the sight-gags, and Reilly's desperate comic-confusion and hair-trigger temper results in some laugh-out-loud scenes.

This is when the cliché "all hell breaks loose" would be appropriate.

Back to the auteur of "Step Brothers" Adam McKay; he did more than OK in directing and scribing this showstopper engaging film.

That's if you can stand to waste your time waiting for it.

To top it off, I saw this film at the matinée, and I still thought it was a waste of my money.

This has got to be the worst movie that has ever made it into theatres.

)Adam McKay is becoming a bit predictable and trite and the follow-through of this film's story seems a bit forced(particularly at the end,which I won't give away).

boredom and it was on the movie network.

I have the feeling that the writers tried to copy 80s style humour, but are so locked into the modern 'shock value' mindset, that the whole project ended up being a waste of time and talent.

They have no desire to progress in their lives, and the "big" point of the movie is to reject that in life which is mundane and hold on to that which makes you different.

The actual story went nowhere and was boring, the characters were lame and the jokes just weren't as funny as other Will Ferrell classics.

Still, the movie is laugh-out-loud funny on more than one occasion, thanks mainly to the absurdist improvisation of its excellent cast, and is wickedly entertaining throughout.

Both of them are great together and make movies some much more entertaining.

Directed by Adam McKay (Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights:The Ballad of Ricky Bobby) made an enjoyable silly comedy that is better than McKay's two previous funny comedies.

If you're not a fan of this kind of comedy, don't waste your time.

While starting off a bit slow, about twenty minutes in you will be rolling in your seat.

Definitely for fans of both actors and those who enjoyed Talldega Nights; for everyone else, it should pose as mostly enjoyable, brainless entertainment.

Step Brothers is too uninspired and predictable to live up to what it promised.

Enjoyable vehicle for Ferrell and O' Reilly .

Quite literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Tolerance for this very Hollywood comedy will depend on tolerance for stuff that is, at its core, formulaic, and decidedly raunchy in the modern style.

but after the first half hour, the result was a boring consecution of stupid jokes supported by extremely good actors who by themselves, could eventually save the film.

If you want to completely waste 1 1/2+ hours of your life, watch this movie.

It got ****ing tiresome at times.

This may be the single most godawful comedy I've ever seen in my entire life, and probably ranks in my top ten of the worst movies I've ever seen in any category.

It was really enjoyable.

I wouldn't waste my time or money on this film.

Sometimes hilarious and wickedly entertaining throughout.

If you can ignore the 4-letter salvo, the film is enjoyable enough for a single viewing.

I like both actors and most of their movies, but Step Brothers was a 1 hour and 45 minutes of boredom and mixed feelings.


Stupid, but very funny and entertaining.

It's funny, entertaining and great to see Will Farrell and John C Reilly working together on the screen again.

Somethings are entertaining, others are just over the top and nothing special.

It's just pointless noise that obscures the real comedy that is there.

It is hard not to laugh at this film, and for what it's worth, it really is a film worth watching if you enjoy the ridiculous kind of comedy Step Brothers thrives on.

Highly enjoyable film - I can't wait for the rental, as I'm sure the outtakes/bloopers will be a riot!

However I felt it was too long, some of the scenes were too contrived and the ending too forced as they attempted to come up with a moral to the story that shouldn't have have had a moral.

I don't understand people who criticise this film as being stupid, or for having a predictable plot, or for the crudity, or for anything like that.

It is witless, dull and without any kind of merit.

Nothing worthy of an Oscar (though comedy isn't usually in that) and most likely won't become your favorite, but is still an enjoyable film to see.

There was a slow tedious start with a thin plot and disruption and my wait for it to get better and amusing kept on.