Stranded (2013) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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Four astronauts working at a lunar base suffer a meteor strike that brings an infection that leads to paranoia, fear and death.

IMDB: 3.5
Director: Roger Christian
Stars: Christian Slater, Amy Matysio
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 23 out of 46 found boring (50%)

One-line Reviews (43)

One of the worst movies I have seen this year .

Somewhat compelling.

Still watching and bored .

The movie is a total waste of time.

Don't waste your time!

"Battlefield Earth" director Roger Christian fails to generate a modicum of suspense or paranoia in this tedious tale of terror in space.

Worst Movie in many Years .

Stranded follows a lunar base that is hit by a meteor shower that does more than damage the base, it has brought along an unexpected alien spores.

The most exciting moment of this viewing experience was when I finally decided to hit the stop button on my DVD player.

I thought it was slow and boring.

Overall: I wouldn't recommend it, but I wouldn't try to stop you from watching it, it's a bit of time waster that feels more like a waste of time, if you know what I mean.

Actually there's no script, unless you call script some lame lines at which the actors repeat the word "Jesus" every 5 minutes like college students in a Fun Park.

I actually fell asleep in front of this movie several times, it truly was that awful.

Bad acting, pretty slow and boring.

It's a bad imitation of far superior genre movies such as Alien, Species or The Thing and its attempts at building suspense were so predictable that they were more laughable than scary.

The worst movie l have seen in a long time .

This is a serious waste of time.

The difficulties in restoring power and oxygen to the base are complicated by an invading alien spore that enters the body of a female crew member, leading to the inexplicable "instant birth" of a fast growing mutant crustacean-like thing that assumes humanoid form and goes on a murderous rampageDespite some lapses in storytelling and banal dialog, STRANDED is above average of its kind.

If the movie would just try to relish on how messed up it is and go for the "let's make fun of ourselves", it might have been somewhat entertaining.

Expecting the awful, with all systems set "prepared to fast forward", I rather enjoyed it.

This may be a candidate for the worst movie of 2013.

And the story moves at a crawl, in part because there are only four main characters, meaning the movie is mighty slow to start bumping them off.

If you just have to see everything they do in the science fiction style see this-otherwise-like Frank Zappa said-'save your money and don't go to the show'-sometimes it just ain't worth gong to.

What a waste of time and money.

Anyway, the outside shots of the moon base and equipment are nice; the film is clearly VERY low budget, but they create a moderately decent suspenseful atmosphere.

Predictable story, wooden acting (that's the second time this week I've said this about a film featuring Brendan Fehr - check out my other reviews), embarrassing effects (wait till you see the external moon base shots which make "Blake 7" look totally authentic).

A slow-moving start gives way to some suspenseful scenes as the surviving crew, led by Christian Slater in a good performance, attempts to outwit the creature that is always a step ahead.

) As a result, the movie is really dull as well as slow.

Truth be told, this movie was so bad that I actually fell asleep and missed the last 15 minutes or so, I assume.

it's more enjoyable to COMPLAIN about this movie,~than to watch it.

Don't waste your money on this movie.

So you have to watch something perfectly predictable, non captivating whatsoever, not original, not even trying to be something.

Too bad this is the worst movie he ever starred in.

Rather than watch this eat some poison and spend a week in hospital - it'll be more entertaining.

The directing didn't seem too bad to me and the acting isn't as terrible as some reviewers on here would have you believe, but it's utterly, hopelessly predictable and there was clearly no budget left for effects.

It keeps telling us it's made on a shoestring budget, and I'll admit that some parts were actually nice looking - but all the good parts are ruined by blatantly stupid props and(see 2) 2)Contrived plot twists.

it is more enjoyable to COMPLAIN about this movie...

On the plus side, the film certainly feels like you've been stuck in a bland, lifeless environment for the best part of a year.

Cheap, slow, and boring .

by laugh and pure Boredom.

Christian Slater is reduced to reading off some really dull lines and the rest of them don't look like astronauts at all.

That said, I really enjoyed it.

Worst movie Christian Slater ever played in .