Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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An I.R.S. auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Marc Forster
Stars: Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 109 out of 548 found boring (19.89%)

One-line Reviews (417)

Harold Crick lives a boring life of dull routine and never seems to entertain the notion that any other kind of life is a possibility.

The shots are uninteresting and obvious.

My roommate and I left the theater thoroughly impressed.

No, I admire the filmmakers because they were brave enough to make their main character an IRS guy and to make him sympathetic and compelling.

4 out 10, a snore-inducing waste of time.

If you want to see a film that is a far cry from the formulaic, this is the one to choose.

Some might term it obsessive compulsive, but that's the way this closet mathematician lives, doing seemingly mundane things like counting the number of brushstrokes when he brushes his teeth.

A quirky but thoroughly charming little film, 'Stranger than Fiction' finds humor in the mundane and celebrates individuality.

Thompson is commanding, riveting, interesting, engaging -- everything the teenage, arm candy, female cupcake of the moment -- you know their names -- could never be.

Anyway, this is a fascinating and enjoyable look at life, death, and fate.

A boring man, living a boring life, hears his story narrated by a voice.

For a moment I thought it was going to be another trite Hollywood happily ever after ending.

We caught an early showing of this movie last night and like the rest of the audience (to judge by the laughter and applause) thoroughly enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it a lot!

Emma Thompson delivers a master class, and is matched and even sometimes surpassed by the unexpected leading light of the show, Will Ferrell.

Harold Crick (an understated Will Ferrell) is an IRS agent living a bland life of quiet desperation that's narrated by Kay Eiffel (Emma Thompson).

In fact, the story is downright engrossing, because Will Ferrell takes the character of Harold Crick and makes him downright likable; the audience identifies immediately with him and grows to like him more as the character evolves.

Director Marc Forster, whose last films included last year's Stay and the imaginative Finding Neverland has crafted a wonderfully entertaining and equally smart film with some great performances from one of the best ensemble casts this year, right next to Little Miss Sunshine.

A movie that thinks its soooooo smart with the subtext but winds up obvious and pretentious, and offers a unique universe that is barely explored beyond plot mechanics that make no f-ing sense.

I was angry when I left the theater!

And even with that, the plot and characters around him are so amusing and intriguing it wouldn't have mattered if Crick were dull.

Keep your eye out for the little things that make this film work, from Harold's blueprint-like heads-up display to repetitive appearances of certain characters to the expressions on the actors' faces when they come to a final crossroad with a lovable IRS agent's life in the balance.

I saw the film with my family and my boyfriend and we all left the theater in a good mood which to me, says a lot about a film.

Wonderfully, imaginative film with an engaging performance by Will Farrell .

But the bad news is that, at the end of every story, Kay kills her main character - something that puts Harold on the edge.

Hoffman's performance alone makes it worth watching.

A film that is intelligent, thoughtful, entertaining, kind, human, charming, even in its dark moments...

Others hate this film because they find the whole premise boring and all I can say to this is I believe this type of movie calls for the viewer to be in a certain type of mood.

The end result is a very thought provoking, uplifting, and inspirational film, showing that any life can be exciting and fulfilling.

Dustin Hoffman plays a professor named Jules Hilbert and he's just so incredibly funny in the role as well, being that enjoyable himself he always is.

It is extremely repetitive and VERY boring!

The film overall has somewhat of a renaissance, awakening, coming of age type of feel to it.

He spends his life immersed in numbers, mathematics, routine and regulations.

Also the settings, mainly those vast, empty, bright white Krubrick-esque rooms in Kay's apt.

Some of the most entertaining dialogue is heard here as Hilbert and Crick try to decide whether the voice is narrating his life as a comedy or a tragedy (or maybe some other genre).

He's precise in everything, from brushing his teeth to his coffee breaks at work, every day is the same and Harold's whole life is repetitive.

In this age of B-rated action flicks and predictable teen-comedies and/or dramas, this is exactly what I needed to see to renew my faith in movies.

It is at times hilarious and at others poignant, thrilling, and even heartbreaking.

Bland and boring...

Overall, an enjoyable experience.

In the end this was a fairly enjoyable comedy-drama that I would recommend.

Dustin Hoffman did great, but the life-guard scene with the naked men in the shower was a little pointless.

Very enjoyable .

Will Ferrel is evocative as becomes Harold Crick.

Marc Forster's Stranger Than Fiction (2006) is a fascinating movie.

He is a very boring man whit the same routine every day: wake ups, go to take the bus for his work and return to his home.

A stunning surprise .

With a literary equivalence of method acting, Eiffel balances on the edge of her desk trying to imagine the thoughts of someone about to make a suicide jump.

Dustin Hoffman is similarly irritating as a lordly literary don who, despite Ferrell's request for help, seems bored and too busy to really give a damn about whether the troubled IRS auditor lives or dies.


Super Boring .

To conclude, writing about writing is boring.

It's very enjoyable, it's funny and it's surprisingly dramatic, including an excellent scene which actually made me shed a tear.

This movie is proof that a solid idea can be stretched out to make an engrossing film.

It's entertaining, asks you to think for the first ¾ of the story, and slowly lets you off the hook.

Overall though, the film is clever, creative and engaging.

I wouldn't waste my time seeing this movie again.

Stranger Than Fiction tells the story of hopeless Harold Crick stuck in a boring job, living in his solitary life, being imprisoned by his daily routines.

Indeed, "Stranger Than Fiction" made me realize why self-referential movies are so fascinating, they have something inherently human behind entertaining plots.

Having recently seen In the Name of the Father, I commented on Emma Thompson's stunning talent as an actress, because I'd re-watched Primary Colors not too long before, and I realized how sparingly one thinks of her as anyone aside from her character.

The movie had a suttle funniness which was very enjoyable, not to mention a thrilling end that made you even hold your breath.

The movie is funny, and perhaps worth watching as it goes rather quick.

Stranger Than Fiction keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat from beginning to end with simple twists and hilarious extras that make it a movie worth watching.

At first you're introduced to the mundane life of the protagonist Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) and all it's trappings.

The ending was cliché and everyone knew that he would not die and that we would end up with the girl.

i love the cast ,the storyline and the premise but it was one of the most boring movies in the history of first run cinema.

June 2012 - Stranger than Fiction: My wife and I watched this film again and found it as entertaining and humorous as the first time.

For those who haven't seen the previews, the basic premise of the movie is this: Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) plays a boring tax auditor who one day starts hearing a woman's voice narrating the events of his life.

The story may not be entirely successful, but with Ferrell in the lead and the other fine cast members in tow, a viewing of this film will take you to the brave new world of intriguing film making.

Entertaining and thought-provoking .

With a superb supporting cast that includes Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Queen Latifah, 'Stranger than Fiction' is part fantasy, part love story, part detective story and an absorbing metaphor that keeps the debate alive about whether or not people are actually in control of their own lives or whether they are victims of destiny.

It is as cliché as love stories get, with an unlikely couple, a romantic moment in which music plays a major role and of course a narrated description of the main character's bliss afterwards.

but this movie was bad..I would rather watch paint dry than watch this film

Harold Crick is a lonely IRS agent who lives a very repetitive lifestyle, which includes counting the brush strokes each morning when he brushes his teeth, and always just making it to the bus for work by the skin of his teeth.

Quite wonderful, snappy fantasy-comedy holds unexpected melancholy and philosophical depths about fate and living life to the fullest, that almost puts this into the drama section!

Desperate to escape his fate, Harold seeks help from eccentric English professor Dr. Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) and finds unexpected comfort in a burgeoning romance with a defiant audit subject, Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhall).

This movie is proof that a solid idea can be stretched out to make an engrossing film.

it sometimes so happens that one may come across a certain experience that causes him to have a stunning revelation.

As Cliché as that sounds.

I did not know anything about this movie prior to watching it just that Will Ferrell, who I think of as an intriguing actor on many different levels, starred in it.

And the voice over, a woman describing his actions as he goes to work, does his daily routing, an incredibly boring individual, in every way.

In a world of film consisting of sequels, remakes and adaptations its been a long time since something this truly original has come to the screen and it a film well worth watching.

I found it a truly enjoyable film simply because it's something I hadn't seen before.

'Stranger Than Fiction' may have a predictable (somewhat Hollywood ending) but at the same time it's well done and symbolic rather than just formulaic.

Each character is a much different character than you expected them to be, and very absorbing and compelling that way, creating the film's universe, and because your attention is drawn to a character you've never seen before, you feel much more inclined to get to know them.

As a result, while being an excellent film (albeit slightly predictable), it cannot break past the mold already set by the likes of the absolutely brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

In "Stranger than fiction", directed by Marc Foster ("Monsters' ball", "Finding neverland"), Harold Crick (a dead serious Will Ferrell, playing against type) is an IRS auditor, living a routine boring life.

Harold Crick lives a dull life.

Detailed, Astute, Eclectic, and Entertaining Pseudo-Comedy .

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Will Farrell plays it straight (no goofy stuff) as a guy who live a normal, boring, prescribed life and has a knack for numbers.

A compelling collision of fiction and reality ensues.

I really enjoyed it, and will see it again in a few years time!!

The dialogue is charming and engaging and it is picked up well by the cast.

I actually fell asleep,and I never fall asleep at the movies.

Finally, Crick's conversion, which seems to me to be the point of the movie, is also fascinating.

it is the First movie I have ever walked out of a cinema for...

Stop me if you have heard this before.. a boring character who suddenly becomes inspired to be a more interesting person, apparently seizing the day after discovering love where he thought he had none (in this case a slowly warming female played by Maggie Gyllenhaal).

I saw "Stranger Than Fiction" because the trailer made the film seem awfully intriguing and, despite Will Ferrell's appearance, it also starred Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Overall, this was a fairly enjoyable effort from director Marc Forster and screenwriter Zach Helm.

I guess any movie that casts Will Ferrell as a bland-as-cardboard IRS auditor looking to seize the life he's wasted deserves some consideration, especially in its third-act machinations.

If you woke up tomorrow hearing a narration of your mundane activities, you have the ability to dismiss it as craziness, disregard it all together and except your fate, or wake up and decide to do something about it.

They could have done some hilarious things with the narration, put him in some wacky situations, but instead it just plays out in the most dull and uncreative way imaginable.

An enjoyable watch.

On top of that the story is intelligent and intriguing and despite a bit of a tacked on closing to the film it's a very view-worthy film.

An interesting premise: a man who happens to have a very bland and predictable life hears a voice narrating what he is doing as he is doing it.

The cinematography is uninspired, the actors merely act instead of conveying earned and true emotions, the color palette is drab, and the movie is overall a slapdash of clichés and fake emotional moments.

Will Ferrell in something different and exciting.

"Stranger Than Fiction" is a trippy dramedy about a drab IRS auditor Harold Crick ((Will Ferell), who discovers his life is being written for him, by uber-successful author Karen Eiffel (the hilarious Emma Thompson), which would be great were it not for the fact that she unwittingly plan to kill him off.

Falling partially into the fantasy category (but only slightly so), the story is of Harold Crick, an IRS agent who one day begins hearing a woman's voice narrating the more mundane portions of his life ("Harold brushed his teeth 32 strokes up and down and 72 side to side").

We can achieve "good" in our lives, but to achieve "great," we must eschew the sappy and mundane feelings?

"Stranger than fiction" had a very calm tone to it, the film had a very mundane feel to it and it was simple....

The story is often suspenseful or emotional, especially towards the end, as we get to the climax.

He thought the movie was boring and pointless.

For one thing the idea is intriguing and the viewer is wrapped up in the story after minutes.

An enjoyable, inventive sort-of-comedy .

It dragged the whole time, and put my girlfriend to sleep.

What better method of dismissing any flaws by claiming they are the bland, uninspired ideas of the fictional struggling writer themselves?

She gives what may be the film's best performance as Harold's love interest that has brains and spunk and rubs a little spice onto Harold's bland dish.

A preposterous thesis like that might have better been enacted in a sci-fi thriller rather than a bland, very ho-hum story of a very boring tax agent.

It just dragged on and went nowhere.

His previous films—Stay, Finding Neverland, and Monster's Ball—have churned out consistently stunning performances from all actors involved.

And Will Ferrel's performance was fantastic and unexpected.

This film was highly annoying unfunny office humor, only Ricky gervais and jack black fans like this drab humor, Pans lab was only slightly better, bring on films with characters and incidents that i actually care about like babel, blood diamond, 300, zodiac, even transformers looks better deja vu was the best film to hit cinemas in 2006

This is one of those liberal pretentious movies.

But its definitely entertaining and a genuine feel-good film you should definitely watch.

Intelligent, clever, and intriguing without being pretentious .

Rather watch paint dry.

And this is where the film can cause a bit of confusion; it's not really a romantic comedy, it's not really a silly comedy, it's not an out-and-out drama, it's definitely not an action flick.

The biggest surprise is the range that Will Ferrell brings to his role as a bland, unremarkable man who works for the IRS who finds his life flipped upside down when he begins to hear a narrative about his life.

This is the dilemma facing bored and boring tax auditor Harold Crick (Will Ferrell in a refreshingly nuanced performance).

And poor Queen Latifah must have been standing around holding her umbrella wondering how she got in this boring movie in role that has her playing a modernized mammy.

Entertaining if you can ignore its insistence that it's profound .

He lives an extremely boring life and doesn't seem to care much about anything.

STRANGER THAN FICTION is an offbeat and imaginative fantasy that is as intriguing a journey for the film-goer as it is a welcome change of pace for its star, Will Ferrell.

Stranger Than Fiction stars Ferrell as Harold Crick, a lonely IRS Agent whose life is just boring.

The world is far more complex and fascinating than to be reduced to this paint-by-numbers storytelling.

the only saving grace for this film is at long last a foolproof cure for insomnia has been found.

Stunning, Surprising, Amazing - Give it a chance.

This element might have come from the counterculture but it is then reflected through bland corporate platitudes that have the effect of trans fats on the mind.

I was sure - I've seen the trailer several times and I loved the idea the movie was based on: an IRS employee, Harold Crick (Will Ferrell has proved admirably to be able to play serious roles) leads the ordered, quite boring full of numbers and digits life only one morning to realize that he is somehow happened to be a main character in a new novel from famous, neurotic, reclusive, chain smoking author Karen Eiffel (great, great Emma Thompson) who always murders her main characters on the last page of her books.

Stranger Than Fiction revolves around Harold Crick, a dull IRS Auditor who is obsessed with counting and has virtually no life beside his job.

He's helped by the fact that he's found something worth living for, that something being a feisty baker played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who brings a tremendous amount to the film through her nimble performance and engaging screen presence, and he enlists the help of a university literature professor cum therapist played by Dustin Hoffman, who helps Harold unravel the mystery of who's writing the book about him.

Taking the chance of working with first time writer Zach Helm (a gifted artist whose niche in the business is already secure with this first venture) and assembling a cast of some of our finest actors proves successful in every graphically odd twist and turn of this unusual, compelling and unclassifiable story.

The real Harold Crick is an IRS agent who has lived a dull existence and one day begins to hear Karen's voice as she narrates what she puts on paper to what Harold has and is doing.

This is a very good, enjoyable and thought-provoking movie which reveals that Will Ferrell can act beyond a strictly comedic role.

I don't care how perfect Will Farrell and Dustin Hoffman were for their roles, they were totally monotone and robotic and seemed to sleepwalk through their scenes.

Harold starts out as a fairly drab "tax man" whose eyes are slowly opened to life and whose emotions begin to bubble up inside of him as Karen Eiffel leads him through a series of life-changing events.

I've been waiting for a predictable end?

Very good and very unexpected .

This movie got you thinking deep without losing focus on what was going on, and did a good job of keeping your attention all the way through even though it could be a very tough subject to keep someones attention with Harold being such a boring character.

The cast is all around tremendous, Will Ferrell delivers a role completely unlike any of his previous work, playing a character that is funny, but not in his typical eccentric way, and his characterisation in the part is immensely enjoyable.

Crick lives an enormously dull life, and Will Ferrel can do little more than make him a somewhat likable, but intensely boring person.

Slow and boring.

" That narrator is revealed to be author Karen Eiffel (the always absorbing Emma Thompson), whose previous novels have all ended with her protagonists dying to serve the story's greater purpose.

No tension, no chemistry, no plot.

The appearance of Queen Latifa as her strict, corporate "unblocker" is bland and out-of-place in this film.

The unexpected ending was perfect (or not, you'll understand after you watch the movie).

And said hackneyed filmmakers is Marc Forster and screenwriter Zach Helm, and said film is STRANGER THAN FICTION, a stupid, bland, pretentious mockery of a Charlie Kaufman film without any understanding of what makes them great in the first place.

It's pleasant to see Will Farrell as a low-key melancholic rather than his mundane alter-ego.

It's actually kind of boring.

Emma Thompson seems to have picked up Kenneth Branagh's taste for chewing scenery, and Queen Latifah looks completely bored.

A terrific film, entertaining and thought-provoking.

We get it, it's the story of a character who hears the narrator, and this premise is exciting enough.

From beginning to end it is entertaining and pleasing.

A truly wonderful, compelling, and original story, beautifully told and wonderfully acted.

As you might expect Marc Foster gives good and capable direction and there are lots of elements of the film that were really very enjoyable.

He stars as tax auditor Harold Crick, a dull man who does everything being obsessed about numbers, doing equations in his his head, etc. He is constantly and silently critiqued by his wristwatch who is as human as Harold is not.

The idea of the story was intriguing right from the beginning, I don't remember looking away from the screen throughout the whole film.

The first 10 minutes I was bored and wondering why in fact Will Ferrell did a movie like this.

I really enjoyed it because it makes you think in a whole different way.

The ending of the film was pretty good though predictable.

He is very well supported by an alluring Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffmann who here is more tick-riddled in an enjoyable way than ever before.

Tricksy, would-be cutesy rom-com with a "Truman Show"/"Sliding Doors" type twist as blue-collar IRS nobody Will Ferrell finds his mundane life manipulated by a mysterious omnipotent "narrator" towards an ultimately tragic conclusion (at least for him).

However, the film also may succeed more as a philosophical message than black comedy, with musings on the concepts such as pre-determination and fatalism (the philosophical banter between Dustin Hoffman's literary professor character and the nonplussed Ferrell are among the film's high points) which also come across as frustratingly underdeveloped ideas, since the concepts hinted at are fascinating.

I'm sure some may think I'm being nit-picky, but if this film addressed these questions instead of trying to be a pretentious, hackneyed film about a man finding more substance in his life, it would've been a lot more interesting.

STRANGER THAN FICTION may not be ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, but I tell you it's a great challenger and it's absolutely one of the most original and enjoyable movies of 2006.

I am now to be dragged reluctantly to the anti-climatic ending which leaves me with a "oh no - please don't let this pathetic moral of an ending be the closing of what is a wasted opportunity of a film idea!

But for the most part it was predictable and dragged a bit.

Emma Thompson is enjoyable to watch doing practically anything, and this role gave her a lot to play with.

It makes you think about how mundane an existence can be and that you shouldn't start to live life after you find out you're going to die.

Will Ferrell gives what is easily his best performance of his career, and his most sincerely enjoyable since Elf.

Forster wisely uses graphic superimpositions of numbers and graphs and lines to show us the inside of Harold's intriguing mind, all the while allowing us to draw close to the needy and tender aspect of this nerd of nerds, thus making the involvement with his narrator, his girlfriend Ana, and his doctors and professor wholly credible.

And bravery, hope and courage can come from the most unexpected of places.

It deals with ponderous questions such as life and death and love and living in a humorous, quirky way.

Breaking from the normal "romantic comedy/drama" mold, it uses subtle irony and a huge left-hook plot twist at the end to create what is possibly one of the best films of 2006, truly a stunning accomplishment considering how many other noteworthy films came out around then.

It seemed to branch off, with the narrating going away, 30 minutes into the film and predictable love hook=ups emerged that EVERYBODY saw coming even though it didn't seem possible.

When Harold discovers that Kay's novels are quite famous for their tragic endings, where the hero always dies, he seeks the help of literary professor Jules Hibert, played by the always entertaining Dustin Hoffman, to help get to the bottom of Harold's problem.

The movie overall seems pretentious and self-important.

Ferrell wasn't behaving badly, in fact for a good part of the picture, his character Harold Crick was pretty much boring.

I felt the climax of the film was too drawn out and overdone and really lacked the wit and pace required in tradition with the film's subject matter.

Don't ruin my opinions of Ferrell, Hoffman and Thompson who have all agreed to take part in this banality.

He is a lonely and bored accountant for the IRS who doesn't really know how lonely and boring his life actually is.

The acting is bland and uninspiring.

Until one day, he hears the voice of writer Kay Eiffel (played by Emma Thompson) narrating his life, in particular a line of prose hinting his "imminent death," whereupon his life take a turn away from the mundane.

Come to think of it, why and how could a great novelist write a full novel about such a boring life anyway?

The theory and paradox of the story makes this a compelling and heartwarming and thrilling right through the final narration.

Interesting and Entertaining with a brilliant turn from Emma Thompson .

), and Maggie Gillenhall engaging; Linda Hunt, Queen Latifah, and Dustin Hoffman are understated and satisfying.

He leads a dull life until he starts hearing a voice, that of a writer narrating his life.

Will Ferrell temporarily withdraws from his usual comic shtick and persona to play the predictably dull IRS auditor, Harold Crick, in Marc Forster's "Stranger than Fiction".

By the end it was obvious that it became dragged on its last leg as nothing else beyond the basic storyline from the trailer was to be fleshed out.

Wonderful and fascinating.

But then it all changed and seeing it to the end was something between embarrassing pain and hope it still might "get the curve", as we say in German, meaning I still hoped for a clever and UNPREDICTABLE or at least CONSEQUENT ending.

Emma Thompson gives the writer such a soporific quality that she is even more unbearable to watch than Ferrel himself.

Stranger Than Fiction's ending is incredibly fascinating, and will be either loved or hated.

this off-beat movie is the opposite of predictable.

Instead, I found myself bored by the cloying attempts to merely imitate great films rather than to invent something truly new and original.

And many parts seemed to drag on a little, and they felt boring at times.

There are moments of inspired genius, yes, but there are also unquestionably weak and uninteresting periods, which do serve to drive the message of isolation home, but in the end, a social comment on a boring life still comes across as… well… boring.

He's definitely a versatile actor where comedy is concerned and even in the more intense sequences he is terrific.

But at the same time, it shows that every life has its worth, even the most mundane.

Maggies Gyllenhaal is good but her character is very predictable.

A very enjoyable movie with great casting choices.

This movie is hilarious and pretty well written (minus perhaps the cliché Stiff-Neck-Falls-In-Love-With-Free-Spirited-Woman subplot and the underdevelopment of Queen Latifah's character, who is surprisingly good in her role as well), which is probably one of the reasons why everyone does so well in it.

It's greatest strength is the rather unique way that the plot is told, but nothing happens that hasn't happened in a million other films.

This is a very clever and enjoyable movie where apparently everyone involved knew they were into something special and gave it their all, and it worked.

It has some fairly tedious parts, such as the scene where Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson) and Penny Escher (Queen Latifah) first meet, and the one in the bake shop, where tax resister Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal) insists Harold tries one of the cookies she has baked, and they get into a conversation, learning about each other.

Charming construct takes pride in blurring the lines between tragedy and comedy, reality and fiction, tenderness and edginess to entertaining heights, although the mildly cerebral script reads more like an accessible emulation then bona-fide creation.

Whether you want to be delighted by a quirky comedy with an endearing love story, or you want to share endless conversations about the messages and implications of such a wonderful story, Stranger Than Fiction will prove a very enjoyable film.

But the larger story seemed compelling enough to hold one's attention, knowing that somehow, some way, Harold Crick couldn't die, and it would take the sheer will of author Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson) to make it happen, or not happen, or, well you know what I mean.

When you see the disk and hear the main producer and director (and particularly the screen writer) fawn over Ferrell as the best choice and a good lead, you have to wonder whether this was a choice partially (if not wholly) forced upon by the studio or some of the money men, in the hopes of making the movie more commercial, but unfortunately, in had the effect of making a potentially interesting and really enjoyable movie into a mundane, if at least proficient one.

"Stranger Than Fiction" is a sweet fairy tale and is enjoyable as such.

And they do become our friends in this delightfully entertaining and surprisingly thought provoking film.

Stranger than Fiction is a movie about a boring, lifeless IRS auditor who one day gets distracted from his daily routine of counting brush strokes on his teeth by a woman narrating his life.

Although the premise is clearly fantasy, the concept is intriguing and compelling.

I was expecting a generic Hollywood romantic comedy yet the storyline was sufficiently quirky and engaging, and performances were superb, giving it a rightful place alongside other great modern black comedies.

The production and direction were stylish and engaging.

But the ultimate message of the film seems a little trite if it is supposedly coming from a groundbreaking author.

Never mind the plot, I would have loved it even if it had no story at all.

Their lives are unspontaneous and uninteresting.

Will Ferrell's career took a turn for the better with this engaging little fantasy film about a very ordinary man with an exact daily regiment who suddenly hears a voice describing his every action as if were being documented by someone.

Each character is given a magnificent and entertaining set of qualities that all seem to disappear in the self-serious and overblown final third of the film (and re-appear in an epilogue montage that tries too hard to impose a heart-felt "mediocrity is more important than masterpiece" theme on the story").

Boring boring boring boring boring!!!...

He's an uninspiring kind of fellow who continually hears a voice in his head that is repeating the words of a story.

Will Ferrell gives a performance that is much more in his Woody Allen style: small nuances, and an everyman confusion - even the compulsive disorder is played down: nice.

Will Ferrell manages to rein in his usual manic exuberance (for the most part) to portray the mundane and scheduled Harold Crick before sliding expertly into confused and powerless and finally acquiescent and uncomplaining.

You can practically smell her performance as a bratty, pretentious, hippy baker; you can practically taste her armpit hairs that fall into her brownies.

Having fallen asleep on a dreary day made me miss most of the film, and upon rewatching it I realized what I had missed and my feelings toward the movie changed, as if I hadn't really seen it to begin with.

But it is slow.

sometimes while reading a book i would find myself compelled to turn the pages and skip ahead to a following part owing to a certain suspense situation or thrilling events.

The movie's main character, Harold Crick, lives a mundane and structured existence, one in which his everyday actions are planned and timed to the very second.

More Boring Than Fiction .

The story initially felt very confusing.

He equally carries the romantic, psychological, and comedic sub plots with ease, effortlessly engaging with his co-stars.

As a result, it comes across being natural and sincere, rather than outrageous and contrived.

I loved the way Will Ferrel made me believe that he really was the drab Harold Crick and how Emma Thompson did not play your average, have it all together writer.

Although the romance is not well developed (which makes sense, I suppose, in a film about the formulaic and arbitrary nature of fiction) the scenes between the two are memorable.

Harold Crick is an IRS auditor who lives a dull, solitary and deliberately predictable life that revolves around numbers.

In a nutshell: the most grey, dull, mechanical, efficient, obsessive, lonely, soulless IRS employee in the whole history of the universe (Ferrell) discovers a voice in OFF that narrates his life.

It is worth a watch, but the film can be slow at times.

Will Farrell surprisingly held his own against these heavyweights and together, they carried out the very clever and suspenseful script to perfection.

The banality is compounded by a layer of trite homily suitable to a youthful, if inexperienced audience, about leading an authentic life.

Like all great stories you want to be interested in the people you're devoting two hours to and all these characters have engaging personalities.

A pretentious, irritating film .

This film is the type of film I show people who are interested in writing, because this is the type of cliché-breaking, convention shattering movie which comes along only once or twice every twenty years.

I have enjoyed this film very much, and I would have enjoyed it even more if I hadn't seen all the key scenes before in the trailer.

Such is the case for many aspects of the film – they are simply hinted at, when a more in depth look might have proved far more intriguing.

It also gets a bit confusing as to why a couple of characters pop in and out briefly, and you know it's for some reason that becomes more evident by the climax.

However, the novel approach was fresh and thoroughly engaging.

She is absolutely wonderful as the feisty Anna and Emma Thompson is riveting as the author/narrator.

This movie is essentially without any feeling, particularly as it plods along at its annoying slow pace in its annoyingly bland colors, with its annoyingly limited background sound.

Stranger than Fivction may have been the most boring movie of all time.

There are parts where you will be on the edge of your seat and others where you will be basking in pure entertainment.

I mean I saw Little Miss Sunshine because everyone was raving about it but I didn't think this film was particularly clever, or engaging I only thought it was a well constructed film that is ultimately pathetic because of it subject matter; a dysfunctional family who have no redeeming qualities outside of the fact that they stick together.

Sure, the general plot was intriguing, Will Ferrell proved he can act, and the characters were all developed nicely.

This film is worth watching, just rent it so you can turn it off before the final 20 minutes.

But this movie was such an unexpected surprise with a brilliant script, fantastic acting and beautiful cinematography that I just felt I had to!

Besides its slow pacing, pretentiousness and its unnecessary inclusion of Queen Lattifah's character, this film failed to explain a lot.

From the meeting with one another the film seemed quite predictable that he wouldn't die.

Bottom Line: If you hate Will Ferrell and boring films, then this one isn't for you.

He's just there: one of the million boring people you pass on the street.

I was bored with the lack of humor and entertainment, and i found myself falling asleep.

I won't tell you how it ends,but I will tell you that, while it reminded me in many ways of "Adaptation", I found this film to be much more entertaining and accessible.

Directed with a nice contemporary panache by the increasingly versatile Marc Forster, the fantasy-driven film focuses on Harold's sadly mundane existence as an emotionally unavailable, anal-retentive tax auditor for the IRS.

boring boring boring!

In summation, a slight, but entertaining movie that tries to make you think it's very profound.

Anyway, why STF had to end with Harold's death; just because Eiffel used to kill her heroes or only because some pretentious egghead said it should made for a a classic?

It's odd that he chose this as his follow-up to last year's immensely confusing thriller "Stay," which followed the personal drama "Monster's Ball" and the whimsical tearjerker "Finding Neverland.

It's pure fantasy but so intriguing I guarantee you will wonder where the story will take you next.

This at a price though, that the falling in love of Ana for him looks rather contrived, as if she was forcing herself to love him.

The ending is horrendously tacked on, it's almost a complete turn around from the rest of the film because it ends up being predictable and happy go lucky instead of tragic and ironic the way it should have been.

It started out boring...

IRS civil servant Harold Crick (Ferrell) leads a regimented, mundane existence, which consists of an orderly routine guided by his punctual wristwatch.

All of the characters were quite cliché (zero depth), even Will Ferrel's own character who is supposed to go through trials and errors and becomes a new man: ends up becoming exactly what everyone would expect him to be in a cliché movie.

The real Harold Crick is an IRS agent who has lived a dull existence and one day begins to hear Karen's voice as she narrates what she puts on paper to what Harold has and is doing.

Don't let the nay sayers put you off on this one, it's worth watching.

"Stranger Than Fiction" was an enjoyable film and there is no other way to describe it.

What is unfortunate is that so many other talented people were, essentially, wasted in what sometimes were pointless cameo's (for example, Tom Hulce, Kristen Chenowith, and Linda Hunt).

The conversations are fast paced and as I mentioned prior, smartly written.

While Will Ferrell's performance is strong, the script suffers from a lack of true invention; its intriguing central premise is never fully exploited, instead becoming bogged down in the same old tired romantic comedy conventions.

So many in fact a vast, vast majority of Hollywood mainstream films that do well at being engaging at first will only throw out an entertaining idea to be entertained by its audience for a while, before that idea is exhausted and the experience wears very thin.

A unique storyline and excellent performances combine for a very enjoyable movie.

For example, the side plot involving Emma Thompson as the novelist and Queen Latifah as her seen-it-all assistant sent by the publisher was as tired as it was tiresome.

Entertaining while it lasts.

Entertaining and very fresh .

And the nuance and wit elevate the movie above its plodding peers such as Endless Sunspot Mind and Malkovich Bees John.

The wacky ending is about the only thing predictable in this interesting epic.

Barely Worth Watching .

The story reaches a fever pitch for the viewer as we become completely engulfed in this cat and mouse game of Harold trying to prevent his death before Eiffel can write it, but then the story veers in an unexpected direction that makes this challenging race for Harold's life even more riveting.

this is one of the worst movies i ever seen!

I attempted to watch this once, on a dreary afternoon, and got sleepy.

The cast was perfect and the characters so enjoyable.

Her character reminded me that a life I might see as too simple can still be exciting as long as you relax and just be who you are.

It is awe inspiring in its creativity and novelty.

If this all sounds terribly high-brow, esoteric and confusing, don't worry, it isn't.

'Stranger than Fiction' tells the story of Harold Crick, a dull and unimaginative man whose life seems to be stuck in pause.

Well on the edge of serious and funny.

STRANGER THAN FICTION is one of the more wise, conceptually stunning, finely executed original films to come to the screen in a long time.

Main character Harrold Crick (Ferrell) is for years a boring, friendless, lifeless, tax agent with an extreme compulsion to count things.

However, in 'Fiction,' he gives the most stunning performance of his career.

In addition, quite why the director sees fit to soundtrack early 80's UK new-wave songs from the likes of The Jam, Clash and the great Wreckless Eric (whose little-known classic "Whole Wide World" takes centre stage as Ferrell's song to his particular siren), is ultimately as confusing and meaningless as the rest of this slight and unsatisfactory confection.

I liked the whole feel of the film and it was pleasant to watch but at times I was somewhat bored.

Other than that, the movie is pretty engaging with narration and high energy supporting characters.

I saw STRANGER THAN FICTION (STF) on its opening weekend, and I think it's one of the most engaging, funny, poignant movies about writing, the creative process, and human nature I've seen since ADAPTATION.

Stranger than fiction starts out like post-modern literary snob snot -- anyone good with numbers must be dull and obsessive -- and never entirely leaves the genre.

The two films are very similar and, if push came to shove, the latter being more accomplished one, although that shouldn't detract anyone from Stranger Than Fiction as in its own right it is a very good, engaging film.

The other main characters to come out of the woodwork in the film are a tax-evader who falls for Crick (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a coffee-hounding scholar (Dustin Hoffman), and a boring publishing executive (Qujeen Latifah).

Stranger Than Fiction is totally worth watching.

This is no superficial comedy that is only designed to trip the funny bone, but is as entertaining as it is insightful about what it really means to live a happy, meaningful life.

Ferrell gives his best performance to date in a thoroughly enjoyable comedy/drama .

"Not the mindless comedy that the trailer suggests, Stranger Than Fiction is a precise and fairly cerebral story where the laughs stem more from individually appreciating certain aspects of its cleverness rather than any contrived humour.

Will Ferrell steps out of his cliché over-the-top r-rated comedy role to play a very sensitive and late blooming character.

This is a pretty engaging movie.

By not overacting, Ferrell gives the movie weight and depth and manages to make a mundane character worthy of audience sympathy.

The ideal that any masterpiece must end with tragedy is a cliché and trite one, as is Thompson's insufferable caricature of the tortured artist, the dishevelled and weary body language, the angst of writer's block, the hopeless pessimism.

How given the slightest bit of insight can allow us to alter our otherwise mundane existence and cynical view of society and our life's.

Forster makes everything so easy to love: his recurring themes of contrast and interconnectivity blend smoothly with the refreshingly original story, the immensely talented actors that quietly dissolve into their characters (usually very difficult to suspend disbelief with a stellar cast), thoughtful set design (all calm neutrals in modernist designs) and a breathtaking indie-rock soundtrack (said to be this year's answer to Garden State's OST).

All in all it is a wonderful film that is well worth watching, especially for anyone who has ever been or ever aspired to be a writer, for such great lines as the sound of files brushing against each other sounding like the sound of waves on sand.

The witty narration and conversations were very exciting and informative.

"Stranger than Fiction" was a great film, it has very good performances, likable characters, and a surprising and unpredictable story.

But his role here as Harold Crick is totally different, and I found him very enjoyable.

The premise is extremely intriguing, but didn't end up in the most intellectually stimulating place, devolving instead, in the film's last 15 minutes, into a sort of sappy, predictable Hollywood romance.

Watching 'Stranger than Fiction' (2006) in an empty theater...

Despite a slight wave of disappointment that came over me, I understood why Fiction took this direction and still enjoyed it.

The idea of this movie is so fascinating to me, as we see the writer (played by Emma Thompson) stressing over how she will ultimately kill her hero, and seeing her hero trying to figure out if he is in a comedy or a tragedy (even at one point keeping score in a book as he initially fails at trying to land Ana).

Perhaps more people should live life and enjoy life instead of being caught up in the same mundane rat race simply looking to accumulate money, and consumer goods.

Still, a valuable addition to Mr Ferrell's resume and worth a look for the very intriguing concept.

Forster's previous work has either bored me (MONSTER'S BALL), frustrated me (STAY) or filled my heart with warmth and my eyes with tears (FINDING NEVERLAND).

A lot of his scenes involve close-ups of him reacting to this mysterious voice he hears, and he conveys his confusion and panic beautifully.

Watch and enjoy and take away the message (a bit preachy at the end) that your life is a blank book waiting for you to write on it with the footprints of your dancing through it with joy even at the most mundane moments.

) The trailer reassured me that there was hope for an original story and an enjoyable movie experience.

The romantic element is contrived and unbelievable.

Watching the events of Crick's life play out, which we spend the entire movie doing, as about as dull and unoriginal as it sounds.

Meanwhile, Harold's recent bout with schizophrenia has him seeing how the tiniest changes in his life can make it all the more exciting.

Very similar in tone and style to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" ( also one of may very favorite surprises ), this movie was ridiculously entertaining, while shocking me with Will Farrell's chameleon-like acting performance.

I like the intense look at these words "Little did he know," because, honestly, think of how little we know about the next moments of our lives.

A bland, cliché of a movie .

The worst thing about it is not the plot, which is admittedly dull and drawn out.

A horribly pointless and, worse, boring film.

When Harold Crick (Ferrell), a mundane IRS agent and the protagonist of Eiffel's story, begins hearing voices, he becomes alarmed.

He's even uninteresting when he wises up and begins to stretch out.

" It's literally a boring life Ferrell's character is living in, and said event wouldn't make a damn difference at all.

If you haven't seen it already i suggest you get it because it's a very good and entertaining movie.

It's pretty entertaining.

There's little astonishing in this modestly funny movie, but it's so entertaining and intellectually stimulating that its faults are more than outweighed by its pluses.

incredibly gripping.

As Intelligent as it is Enjoyable.

The film is quite more dramatic than comedic and unique in its own right, though can feel quite slow and predictable at times.

Stranger than boring .

Essentially trite whimsy.

With these interesting and engaging characters, the story flows seamlessly with no fuss or convoluted mess (I glare at Ocean's Twelve at this point) which creates a very delightful and interesting story which, as I stated before, makes me think.

This movie was funny, exciting, emotional, uplifting, interesting, intriguing, touching and inspiring.

Happiness, confusion, even complete sadness.

The acting in this film was convincing and intriguing.

He is a thousand times better; a real, normal, loser of a grown man who lives a very boring life filled with only numbers as company.

") so perfectly stated, is quite engaging.

Ferrell is able to portray the dull Harold Crick perfectly.

Unpredictable to the point of suspenseful this entertaining movie blends black comedy, romance, mystery, and literary thriller with almost seamless precision.

And Director Marc Forster paints his images in sepia dreary browns and rainy days.

What a thrilling experience would have been...

Besides the life-narration thing, the story is the typical boring salary-man lives boring life, and we're SOMEHOW supposed to feel sorry for him and accept him as representative of a mediocre life when in an actuality he is quite privileged as a tall, fit, healthy man with a good job, and no responsibilities such as a wife or kids.

Whoever invented this formula for trailers should go to hell – it is truly a torture for frequent movie goers.

He's as boring as they come.

On only a few occasions have I left the theater feeling so entertained.

If you are any other human, you should also see it if you want to laugh, feel move, and see just how strange/weird/boring the creative process really is.

This movie could have been so much more…more funny by putting in comical situations, more romantic (I could feel the romance brewing between Harold & Ana), more thrilling (Harold's search for the author could have been more dramatic, with probably some quintessential twists in the plot).

The director's use of architecture in this film is stunning, painting an emotional portrait of a sometimes-cold, modern world of urban existence.

The plot was fascinating and thought provoking.

I commented that the trap to avoid here would be the "hero discovers how meaningless his life is and undergoes a transformation into a new, more interesting person" cliché; if the filmmakers could avoid that and give us some original character development, we might just have a great film.

The man I was watching the movie with got bored 10 minutes in and did not give the movie a chance.

" so much so I was never bored for a single moment and not only was I fascinated with it's ideas, but I was also quite touched emotionally with it's engaging performances.

There was so much more that could've been done with the idea, but unfortunately Stranger than Fiction comes across as a contrived, forgettable first draft at what should've been brilliant.

It explores human choice and some of life's tough questions with a kindness, a humaneness that is neither contrived nor sarcastic.

The film had a high level of intelligent entertaining.

Made me think twice about calling a movie predictable.

Harold Crick is an IRS auditor who leads a very measured, predictable and precise kind of life--so precise that he does things on the dot and counts trivial details like the number of his brushstrokes (36 up and downs, 36 side by sides).

That it also is that old, over-used statement- the parts more entertaining than the whole- is maybe in part attributable to an inherent structural flaw in the script.

This has got to be the worst movie I have seen in years!

Who hires Will Ferrell, puts min in a surreal comedy and asks him to act dull and boring the entire time?

Yet, little did I know, I would have actually Preferred that to the completely emotionless performance he turns in as Harold Crick, the lonely IRS agent whose routine life is disrupted by the sudden overhearing of a British-accented voice who seems to know what will happen next in Harold's dull little life (which wouldn't be that hard to figure out, considering he brushes his teeth the same amount of stroke, walks the same amount of steps to the bus stop.. etc).

My husband, however, actually fell asleep in the theater (I know, I heard him snore).

Basically everybody in the world has a life story, even the seemingly tedious, dull and repeating routine IRS (Internal Revenue Service) auditor agent Harold Crick (Golden Globe nominated Will Ferrell), who has an awkward attraction for baker Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

This movie was dull and boring.

Still, It was well worth watching, and Oh, I forgot to say Maggie Gyllenhaal as Ana Pascal was gorgeous throughout.

The story is about Will Ferrel who is playing a hilariously boring tax editor.

I'd wanted to see this film for quite some time primarily because I'm an English major and any movie having to do with writers or writing automatically scores high in my book ("Throw Momma From the Train" is still one of my favorite movies and I'll demolish with words anyone who tries to disagree with me) but also because the overall premise, from what the trailers let on, was original and quirky: Harold Crick, a boring everyman who works for the IRS, counts more things than should be counted, and lives a life defined only by the number of people he's audited, wakes up one day to find that his life is being narrated, and rather well at that, by a mysterious voice speaking in third-person omniscient that informs Harold indirectly that he's going to die soon.

It has a star-studded cast and great all around acting a definitely worth the watch.

Comedy with some unexpected drama .

The previews were boring and stupid.

This movie was so frightfully dull that I had to fight the urge to flee the theatre cursing Will Ferrell and every other miscreant involved in the process of making this film.

You will feel sorry for Harold Crick because he is just so lame to begin with, his life is a sad boring routine that would drive many normal people crazy out of their heads.

very dull plot and a boring "serious" performance by Will Ferrell also off topic of the films poor appeal to me ...

Big city IRS investigator leads a dry, predictably dull existence...

Man leads boring life, until he starts hearing a narrating voice in his head.

I went to see this flicker show, under the impression from all those who had seen it before that it was to be amazing soooo funny, i like the premise of it, will Ferrell a funny dude, good cast but hot damn this is easily the worst film i've seen in a long time, I walked out after half an hour even though i was in the corner of a packed picture house and had to cross a huge line of cinema goers, it was worth it!!

The metaphysical and literary themes of the story are handled with a light touch, which keeps the fantasy plot devices from feeling completely contrived.

With all the great talent present in this movie i expected it to be a well put together and maybe thought provoking film but the plot was undeveloped and very slow.

Stranger than Fiction rewards you from the very beginning; you hear the voice of a woman narrator recounting every repetitious step in the life of IRS agent Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) while you watch his tedious life unfold on the screen.

By the end though I wanted to see more from Ferrell instead of just the poe-faced, drab IRS auditor.

Emma Thompson is wonderfully on the edge of breakdown as the death-obsessed author.

I found the movie fairly engaging it was a blend of romance, drama, fantasy and comedy which is an interesting mix and kept me entertained.

The picture was funny, witty (especially with Dave, Harold's friend from work), sad, introspective sweet, and rocking in turns and while being each it was paramountly very very engaging.

It should be noted that I saw this film in a theater that must have been full of forgiving Ferrell fans, because there were titters at many of these awkward, un-funny, mundane scenes.

Here's an example: one of the psychiatrists (played by a bored Dustin Hoffman, no doubt) suggest that this "real story" could either be a tragedy or a comedy.

I enjoyed it .

Vacuous, pretentious and annoyingly predictable.