Stratton (2017) - Action, Thriller

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A British Special Boat Service commando tracks down an international terrorist cell.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Simon West
Stars: Dominic Cooper, Austin Stowell
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 46 found boring (28.26%)

One-line Reviews (44)

This review of Stratton is spoiler free** (2/5)AFTER HIS ACTION packed debut 1997s Con Air British director Simon West is no stranger to knowing his way around a gun, with a few explosions and a couple of car chases for a measure of the same.

It had no oomph, even the action scenes were boring!

He is far too bland to play the Stratton of Falconer's novels.

Talk about exciting!

Boring .

Everything else about this film was boring, forgettable, predictable, flat, or poorly executed.

Especially bad is the incomprehensible editing which makes the ho-hum at best (a lot of it is actually incredibly pedestrian and has no excitement at all, apart from one and even that, while fun, is not exactly mind-blowing) action indecipherable at times.

It was enjoyable and I truly dont understand the harsh criticism.

Special Bore Service .

It was like watching paint dry.

Unremarkable, pointless and badly executed.

Practically every character, including our main character Stratton, is dull and has nothing to them that helps us care in the slightest.

The acting was generally dull, I wouldn't bother wasting your time watching it.

Worst of all is Connie Nielsen, who looks completely and utterly bored as a character who couldn't have been more uninteresting, one actually feels sorry for him.

Just Plain Boring .

The movie focuses on the plot and hopes that will be engaging enough.

This is so tedious and is reminiscent of the one sided politics dished out by the mainstream media.

Don't waste your time.

Much of the movie feels significantly restrained, seemingly afraid to go all out and be exciting and action packed, even in the scenes where they showcase action.

The dialogue is execrable throughout, and the story is disjointed, dull and with no surprises at all.

The car chase after the shootout had to be one of the slowest car chases I've seen on film that isn't meant to be a parody.


VERDICT Cooper gives it his all but it's not enough to save this silly, loud and dysfunctional actioner that's filled with unfinished plot points and a predictably empty story.

Its generic, dull and predictable.

Bond on a budget - worth watching .

With an intriguing premise about a rogue Russian agent looking to disperse a biological agent over major cities via drone, Stratton's plot involves quite a relevant and realistic threat given the rise of drone technology in recent years.

It seems that the gleefully entertaining 'Con Air' was lightning in a bottle for director Simon West, as most of his subsequent films: Expendables 2, Tomb Raider, Wild Card and now Stratton, are just not very good.

Warren Davis II's and Falconer's screenplay is nothing special either, sure it tries to be intelligent and entertaining but after a few convoluted ideas it's left underwhelming and offers little surprise - also with a predictable last minute thrill it just feels rubbery and empty.

Cooper is well supported by an intriguing cast that includes Connie Nielsen, Gemma Chan, Derek Jacobi, Thomas Kretschmann and Tom Felton, and some of the stunts and choreography aren't too bad at all.

Unfortunately, the rest of the musical score or soundtrack in the film is bland and forgettable.

Naturally I was expecting an exciting Bond-esque action thriller, with a protagonist that really encapsulates the skill and professionalism one would expect from Britain's own Special Boat Service.

Derek Jacobi and Dominic Cooper will not be talking at Luvvies dinner parties of this absolute piece of utter drivel, well only if the question comes up of 'What is the worst movie you've ever been in'???

She's so robotic and bland in this film.

Overall Stratton is a good action thriller film filled with action, shooting, violence, suspense, explosions, things getting blown up, wrecked, destroyed, chases on foot and in vehicles like cars and speed boats, MI6 people, sadness, family, friendship, loyalty, togetherness, team work, arguments, falling outs, some close calls, on the edge of your seat stuff, crashes, snipers, thrills and spills, betrayal, covert operations, mind games and many other things throughout the film.

The acting is just dreadful, so much so that it's total unbelievable and unwatchable.

However, the plot is far too predictable and generic.

Gemma Chan is also bland.

Usually when they make the effort, the results are slow and very talky.

Action sequences are fine but it's all a bit predictable.

You can't compare this to a big budget Bond/Bourne/Mission Impossible, but I found it entertaining.

It might not one of the worst films I've seen this year, but it's surely going to be among one of the most boring films of 2018 for me.

Waste of time .

a decent enough watch if you're a bit bored one night...

At 95 minutes in length it's not exactly long but due to West's misguided direction, the poor editing, slow clunky action scenes and a pedestrian script it feels like an eternity you'll be left feeling dumber and tired after this.