Strictly Ballroom (1992) - Comedy, Drama, Music

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A maverick dancer risks his career by performing an unusual routine and sets out to succeed with a new partner.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Stars: Paul Mercurio, Tara Morice
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 18 out of 173 found boring (10.4%)

One-line Reviews (86)

Yes, it's completely predictable.

(And no, it's not a chick flick, the guys that were with us then and who have borrowed my copy since have enjoyed it just as much).

If I had to choose between this movie and Moulin Rouge, I think I would pray for a massive power outage and so that I can read a book by candlelight instead of watching either of these self-indulgent, over-acted, seriously over-hyped piles of crap!

Intentional remake of Cutting edge or just another cliché.

One of the most humorous, poignant, entertaining movies I have seen.

Delightful and Entertaining .

The spirit of "Strictly Ballroom" is very campy, tongue-in-cheek and outright parodic, mercilessly skewering the pretentious world of ballroom dance competitions in a way that makes us wonder what planet this film was shot on.

broad comedy, formulaic story .

It takes every cliche going and uses them all to wrap you round it's finger.

What has been most enjoyable is the Latin Dance part.

The plot follows a predictable line and some characters are stereotyped to the verge of spoof - a notion not half helped by the hilarious Ausssie accents.

That's how breathtaking they can be when you care about the people dancing.

The end result is a fun and engaging movie with a cultural bent.

I thought the film was very entertaining and Paul Mercurio was very hot!

I would say that this film is one of the most entertaining I have ever seen.

) besides the dancing is the wonderful chemistry between dancing champion Scott Hastings and his supposedly ugly-duckling partner, Fran (After the predictable makeover, I thought she was rather pretty).

Their journey culminates in a heady, thrilling paso doble that reaffirms the value of individualism in a jaded world, and reminds us what dancing is really all about.

fantastically entertaining .

The star couple are really fantastic and breathtaking.

Take a good dose of humor, a dash of drama, great dancing, vibrant music, fabulous costumes and a hint of weirdness, whisk it all together and the result is a thoroughly entertaining musical.

All in all, one of the most entertaining and satisfying movies I have seen in awhile.

This is the best romantic comedy I have ever seen, with a touchingly weak hero and a heroine who Luhrmann isn't afraid to depict as ugly on her first appearance - so that we notice her growing more beautiful, and then even stunning, over time, in a way that makes us wonder what was wrong with our eyes to begin with.

All the hallmarks that seem to make Baz Luhrmann films so unbearable to watch (i.

The dancing and choreography is absolutely stunning.

Excellent movie, I highly recommend it!

Visually stunning and utterly creative.

Great performances and oh so yummy dance sequences make this movie one very well worth watching!

The dance costumes are jaw-drop stunning and the story itself is really sweet.

and the dancing sequences are as exciting as any sequence from an action film.

Though predictable, this little gem never ceases to entertain.

What makes this film enjoyable is not the story or even the actors...

The plot itself is as cliche'd as it could possibly be, so if you're not into dance competitions, the only thing left to draw you in is the romantic angle.

The music and dance throughout the movie, as pretty much a method of story telling, worked very well for the movie and keep the story meaningful and engaging.

A great musical comedy that I found very enjoyable even though I usually dislike anything to do with dancing.

(Mild spoiler) I was lured into 'Strictly Ballroom' by an 'indie-phile' friend of mine, and I was certain it was going to be one long boring Ingmar Bergman film of crane shots, brimming with double meaning and intellectual purpose.

This is one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen.

But this was thoroughly enjoyable.

A better, non-repetitive and more imaginative soundtrack would have made it into a classic.

The musical numbers are danced with talent and great heart, and they are very enjoyable.

It was a very entertaining scene and pretty much saved me from turning the movie off.

This movie, which I finally got around to seeing after receiving Baz' Red Curtain Trilogy as a gift, was thoroughly entertaining throughout the entirety of the film.

Yes, it's really campy and schmaltzy, the plot has holes you could drive a truck through, the acting is sometimes marginal, but we both enjoyed it and laughed out loud.

He really knows how to catch an audience's eye with stunning costumes and dances.

The formula does get a little tiresome.

A very entertaining film for anyone who like dancing, and a good story.

The plot is not the most original, yet this is one of the most enjoyable films I have ever watched.. again and again!

Engaging .

To watch this movie is a complete waste of time, it really is.

But even ignoring that, it's a pretty fascinating movie.

If you're into cliché-d movies and mediocre dancing, you might like it.

The opening moments sum up the film really well as Luhrmann takes the uninteresting world of smalltown ballroom dancing contests and paints a mix of romantic drama and spoof.

The other problem is larger: the "revolutionary" dancing Scott and Fran are doing is virtually indistinguishable from the staid, boring styles they are supposedly rebelling against.

Ballroom dancing might not appeal to many, but this film is thoroughly enjoyable.

)Add some stupid humor, a very annoying lead woman (the mother of the star dancer), and a predictable storyline and you have another overrated critics' favorite.

The only problem is the formulaic story.

made beautiful by wonderful cinematography that makes this very enjoyable.

An unpretentious light heart-warming entertaining movie, with lots of Spanish moments!

Oh my Lord, what a waste of time!

All together an enjoyable movie.

But even if that's not your thing, you should see this movie because it's visually stunning.

She is also a social outsider, coming from a poor Spanish immigrant family and (in another cliché) is plain, bespectacled and dowdy.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Energetic but formulaic .

This movie is as formulaic and replaceable as it gets.

I was lulled into a sense of reality about the sets while enjoying the outrageous characters that are reminiscent of an old time silent movie.

It possesses a weird humor, even weirder characters, but is always fun and engaging, and at times, touching as well.

The contrasts between the two films are intriguing.

A very good effort from Baz Luhrman, who should of used his money to make a sequel and not the modern day, bamboo-under-fingernails version of Romeo and Juliet with two trite, Hollywood stars.

Some of the characters and lines were a bit outlandish, but all in all, it fit together remarkable well, and created an enjoyable experience.

Paul Mercurio and the cast are fun to watch, and there is a general sense of energy, but the story is formulaic.

)If you fear that this might be just more tiresome, over-the-top, postmodern silliness with no heart - believe me, I can understand.

Strictly BORING .

It is a camp peak into the fascinating world of ballroom dancing.

The characters were all one-dimensional, the "plot" made after-school specials look good, and the storyline was completely predictable.

"Strictly Ballroom" is one of the most entertaining and engaging movies about dancing I've ever seen.

Genre confusion.

^_^9 out of 10 stars: this is a beautiful little Baz movie; a romantic film with a flare that's enjoyable for everyone.

None of them can act, they are all obnoxious and loud and the whole movie is just one cliché after the other.

The music engaging.

Visually Stunning .

but the very slow transformation from the ugly duckling to the swan is done very well.

An entertaining low-budget Australian dancing and romance movie by Baz Luhrman.

The result is a highly-charged, pulsating panorama, stylishly developed from the simplest story material.

I sure enjoyed it despite the complete lack of explosions or car chases.

Exaggerated and engaging at the same time – an effortlessly enjoyable piece of invention and style from Luhrmann .

In a sense this light-hearted comedy reminded me most of the later My Big, Fat Greek Wedding in how it approached odd situations and characters and humanized them by having them funneled through experiences that moviegoers have seen too many times before with people like themselves, and it's this very dissonance of the unexpected and the expected, as well as great acting and film-making, that allow films like those two to succeed, where lesser films and filmmakers fail.