Stripes (1981) - Comedy, War

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Two friends who are dissatisfied with their jobs decide to join the army for a bit of fun.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Ivan Reitman
Stars: Bill Murray, John Candy
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 29 out of 156 found boring (18.58%)

One-line Reviews (60)

As I've said before, this may seem kind of dated, but it is enjoyable, so I would recommend this to any Bill Murray fan or anybody who wants to see a funny movie.

The truth is this is far too long although not particularly boring to watch, running over two hours; that nothing about it is specifically hilarious or in good taste, in fact some of it is pretty weird and forced, and overall it was quite an avoidable production, but it's fun, it's got lots of action and events taking place and it's in the sort of spirit that Americans love to love, what with a subtle dose of propaganda, an established perception that everything outside home is wilderness, and the way the main characters handle themselves as studs who always win.

The entire film is a Bill Murray ego trip, and if you are in the right mood, he can be quite entertaining.

Also, it deals with a milieu which had been treaded all-too-frequently over the years – which makes the whole exercise somewhat predictable, tiresome and downright pointless!

The movie is beginning good and also the whole basic training is just hilarious and highly enjoyable to watch.

Boring .

John Winger (Murray) and Russell Ziskey (Ramis), two bummed friends, are bored and tired of their lives...

Plus I also see Hollywood knew a good thing when they saw it because Stripes made unexpected millions , so Hollywood had Taylor Hackford make a real serious "Stripes" per say and make money.

I'm guessing this movie worked better in 1981, for this is my first time seeing it and I fell asleep twice since yesterday trying to get through it.

Going nowhere, he convinces his friend Russell Ziskey (Harold Ramis) to enlist in the US army with him.

The star act and his material are essentially misaligned until the tedious, scattered script ultimately labors past basic training.

Oates is great, the other acting isn't that good in my opinion, Bill Murray plays a very obnoxious and unlikeable character and unfortunately he isn't very funny which is sad, Harold Ramis' character is interesting but is rarely built upon, both John Candy and Judge Reinhold with some weak scenes and dialogue are dull sadly and the best said about John Laroquette the better.

I love the comedy of Bill Murray, Harold Ramos and John Candy, but this movie is boring for the most part.

" rescue some of their group who get temporarily captured in Czechoslovakia, and than arrive home to the predictable hero's welcome.

Most of what follows is predictable.

A bit too silly at times but plenty of laughs make this military comedy worth watching .

It's a boring piece of crap.

Some of the humor may seem dated, but I saw this when I was 15 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This movie is so cheesy and predictable it is painful to watch at times.

I saw this movie for the first time tonight (ok I know I'm slow) and had extremely high expectations!

Stripes - Action & Propaganda All in One .

It's not what Blake Snyder would have classified as a fool triumphant, fish out of water, institutionalized, buddy love, coming of age or road trip, nor does it seem to fit easily into McKee's more detailed taxonomy of structures.

They could have administered a truth serum with unexpected consequences.

What's supposed to be a comedy dives into a vulgar and tedious movie.

It's not a flawless film, but Stripes is very enjoyable to watch and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy.

Once the guys go into the general's home, I decided that this movie was an waste of my time.

There are some memorable moments in the movie that definitely make it worth the watch.

Lazy layabout John (Bill Murray) realises his life is going nowhere and time is running out for him to make something of himself.

The cast and story are throughly entertaining.

It's fast paced and raucous.

Long, boring and unfunny.

Growing up in the 80's I love Bill Murray (Ghostbusters I&II, Groundhog Day and I even enjoyed him in Space Jam and Osmosis Jones), but this boring old thing?

I actually felt disgusted that this kind of propaganda crap could really be released.

Bill Murray is just a dull pain-in-the ass who self-centred child-like persona is supposed to be comic.

Here, Murray proves that he can be entertaining and funny at the same time.

Thus we have the seedlings of this largely enjoyable comedy that mixes many of the ingredients of National Lampoon's Animal House and Meatballs(which were directed and/or written by director Ivan Reitman and Ramis),which follows the two protagonists thru basic training on through their first deployment in Europe.

Bill Murray's Stripes can still be pretty entertaining to me after all these years .

I do not recommend this movie, it is boring, absurd, and ridiculous.

Stripes follows the classic strategy of putting funny guys in unexpected situations and letting them act accordingly – Will Ferrell has made a career out of it (whether I think it a worthy career is another matter) – in this case John (Murray) and Russell (Harold Ramis) are down on their luck average joes who decide to enlist in the army to make a few bucks… After all what could go wrong?

Like the boot camp comedy from the previous year ("Private Benjamin"), this fitfully funny film works best when dealing with the rigors and characteristics of basic training, and gets a bit tiresome away from it (at least the rescue mission in Czechoslovakia that caps this movie is far briefer than the post-graduation affair drama in the second half of "Benjamin").

The cast is made perfectly but there are to many nudity jokes and slow scenes that drags this film by the roots.

The absolute low point is a pointless and downright revolting mud wrestling match when Candy is wrestling with five bikini clad beautiful women.

The only redeeming feature in this film is the repetitive use of naked women taking showers, and female Mud Wrestling.

Its just one pointless, unfunny scene after another and then they finally establish a plot in the last twenty minutes.

after that they wind up in Germany in the middoe of a war.. this movie has so many laughs it's hard to stop laughing from one point to the next,, semi interesting plot involving the boys going off to war, and of course there are a couple of hottie MP's who also like the boys,, these guys get into so much trouble and mayhem,, well worth watching.

The perfect way to waste two hours of your life.

Hulka is the typical "hard-ass" drill instructor who seems to always be punishing the two main characters for trying to act "funny" and "cool" (obvious cliché).

Unfortunately the film descends from that point on, first via gratuitous nudity and objectifying scenes that go on for far too long.

Bored buddies Bill Murray and Harold Ramis (pre-Ghostbusters) join the army and, along with Judge Reinhold and the late John Candy, are tormented by drill sergeant Warren Oates and fall in love with cutie pie army girls P.

They are both riddled with cheesy Cliché's, throughout.

Stripes was just an overlong waste of time that feels like it refuses to end.

The start was too predictable - Murray doesn't fit in in the Army - and it only really got going with the Daring Rescue in the Armed RV.

Diverting enough to be enjoyable despite its weak patches, it's probably fitting that a movie about disorderly cadets needed a little more discipline to really work.

Some movies can balance those elements together nicely, but Stripes fails to balance both elements together at the same time during those last 30 minutes leaving it rather boring up until the finale which is redeemed by a few big laughs.

Worth watching!

Pro-American anti-Soviet propaganda is why, then again this film was made 3/4 way through the Cold War.

Unfunny, boring and sexist .

"Meatballs" director Ivan Reitman scored his first major hit with this formulaic adventure comedy about a pair of civilian misfits who momentarily take leave of their senses and join the U.

The story revolves around John and Russell (played by Murray and Ramis) - who both find themselves in dead end jobs, going nowhere and decide that the Army looks like an easy gig.

Not great, but worth watching for sure.