Stuart Little 2 (2002) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Stuart and Snowbell set out across town to rescue a friend.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Rob Minkoff
Stars: Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis
Length: 77 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 9 out of 74 found boring (12.16%)

One-line Reviews (43)

This really is an enjoyable summer film -- pure escapism and a lot of fun.

A movie like this is allowed to be predictable.

B White story is cute and enjoyable to watch.

I've seen this countless times before and to be quite honest I actually enjoyed it.

And the big hawk is really a bit thrilling.

Nathan Lane is an enjoyable actor, and he fits Snowbell quite well.

I enjoyed it *that* much.

The adventures of Stuart Little is also thrilling.

Problem is, Stuart Little 2 is a little hi, little ho-hum.

as well, giving the cat a sense of cowardice and complimenting the opposite of Stuart Little.. James Woods as Falcon, he's certainly got an interesting voice, and it plays out well here (unlike the cold 'doll-like faces' of Final Fantasy), his best role to date would still have to be Videodrome, even though he often brings something interesting to each part he takes on.. Melanie Griffith.. as the bird, Margalo, she does an adequite job here.. not really familiar with her work - though I have heard of her in the past.. There's also Steve Zahn, but his part is small, merely to return from the first film but also to add a couple moments to this one and guide our hero along to his destination..The actors, very cartoonish, including Geena Davis as the overprotective parent, and that Hugh guy as the father, a cartoon version of like the 'perfect' farther.. the son, Jonathon Lipnicki, played by the 'cute' kid from Jerry Maguire, who goes through his usual measures here as the brother branching out to new friends while leaving little Stuart behind.. as well as the friend, who is just there for the sake of taking care of a few plot points..What this film reminded me of was a weekly animated series.. except, this weekly animated series is taking years to produce a new episode, and costing a hell of a lot more.. but that's what kind of feeling/vibe I got from it.. I enjoyed the film for what it is.. not great, but entertaining.. and I hope my sometimes awkward review helped on some level..also, a great little spoiler quote from the film.."Giving up is fun, and look at all the time you save!

I was dragged to see this film by my two nieces and thought I was in for a boring 87 minutes.

If you have a kid,this movie is really worth watching with a whole family.

Sure, this is a kid's movie, but it's sufficiently engaging to hold mom and dad's attention, even through repeated viewings.

And while the plot is predictable and telegraphs its punches, it's also gentle and doesn't drag out the scary stuff too long, which makes this a good movie for kids.

Yes, they got, give continuity of this family would be difficult, but everything in this sequel get works, the new characters, the villain, the adventure, it's a pretty enjoyable story, Snowbell is incredibly funny, I love your friendship with Stuart, that is more explored here and with time grow up naturally.

Stuart Little 2 is a funny movie with many thrilling situations.

Desite these oversights, the movie is enjoyable, and probably even more so with a youngster along.

The mother is an especially intriguing caricature.

Because it's fun, charming and enjoyable.

The story is better this time, and its mastery of techniques both traditional and relatively new makes for an enjoyable experience.

On a dull Sunday morning,i woke up and went to the nearest cinema to watch this movie.

I found it rather dull for long stretches and, despite first rate animation, nothing much of note happens that would make me care about Stuart or the little birdy he is trying to save.

I know that ''Stuart Little '' is a movie specially Destined for kids, but it is so boring, that I don't know how even kids can handle it, and also how Geena Davis( who is a great actress) had the courage to work in a piece of junk like this.

little ho hum .

It's really fun,funny,thrilling and touching also.

and I enjoyed it more than Finding Nemo which was also well done.

I love this movie is one of my favorite, the best performances of Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie and Jonathan Lipnicki the best performances of all, a fun and entertaining film for the whole family.

That is why I enjoyed it more.

Recommended for a nice entertaining evening and for entertaining friends.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Also, the plot is too predictable, although that probably won't matter much to children, who are, after all, the film's target audience.

All I can say is that this was a very cute movie and I enjoyed it.

This one is broader in its themes and contains a simplistic plot yet detailed structure and exciting climax.

A Very Enjoyable Family Movie .

My 7-year-old daughter and I went to see this movie recently in London and I must say how much we both enjoyed it.

Watch her because it's excellent, it has excellent performances and the story is great, it's cute and fun and entertaining.

Also very good because of it's a heart warming film and acttually at some points in the movie it would put you on the edge of your seats.

Maybe instead of all the pointless Disney remakes that could potentially ruin the once-classic tales they could spare some efforts to make Stuart Little great again?

The animated films are becoming boring (their words not mine), so it's ok to be able to laugh at this stuff and not expose them to violence.

I kept yawning and whispering 'hey..this is gonna be bad~' Moreover, I don't like the way they used POP SONGs in here!!

Stuart embarks on a mission to save his bird friend, Margalo meeting adventure along the way, I mean that's the sort of genre that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Story plot was okay, but so badly carried out that the movie was boring.

An unexpected and added bonus was the use of an extract, although rather short, of Gilbert O'Sullivan's lovely melody, 'Alone Again', on the sound-track at the beginning of the movie.