Stuber (2019) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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A detective recruits his Uber driver into an unexpected night of adventure.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Michael Dowse
Stars: Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 25 out of 244 found boring (10.24%)

One-line Reviews (131)

This is an exaggerated but entertaining action comedy if you don't expect too much.

While a paltry dozen or two killings may seem sad in Real Life, as the Death Toll mounts to STUBER proportions each demise gets funnier and funnier, particularly when creatively divided between nifty skull-splitting head shots, unexpected vehicle run-overs, colorful explosions, and so forth.

But I thought it was much more entertaining and funny than I expected.

Nothing in this story works - from the first scene, you can tell that the director is not too familiar with camera work; shaky cams,overly drawn out scenes, and stupid characters are rampant during the runtime.

But worth watching, action, comedy, you could definitely do worse.

However as you continue watching, the jokes become repetitive and with an inappropriate timing.

And finally the plot twists were entertaining.

The action scenes were entertaining enough and Iko Uwais did an amazing job with his fight scenes as always.

More entertaining than Lethal Weapon was.

With Vic as his passenger, he suddenly experiences an exciting danger where he must serve as a driver and as a couple of extra good eyes.

This was never supposed to be next Scorsese, Tarkovsky or Tarantino FFS For what it was supposed to be-really enjoyed it!

Worth the watch.

This was not that bad if a movie really, it had its entertaining moments it had its funny moments.

Batista cannot carry a film, the plot was pointless, and majority of the laughs were in the trailer.

It's not serious, it's just silly and entertaining.

Firstly the film actually had very entertaining action sequences and good amounts of gore.

Here he has do to rapid fire jokes, and I think he does better with slower-paced delivery.

Good fun, we really enjoyed it!

This was a very funny and entertaining time.

Given how new rideshare business are still, there's an empty gap that could be filled by someone who can tell a funny story.

Very entertaining comedy that showcases David Bautista's non-Marvel acting skills.

Movie was way too enjoyable for less than 8 stars.

Might been more satisfied renting and watching at home, but I enjoyed it just the same.

This is a funny, entertaining movie.

Funny & Action Packed .

Also has an interesting plot that keeps the movie exciting and worthwile.

Dont waste your time or money.

They portray some intense martial act fighting, breaking wall and things, jump off the hallway of the penthouse, a guy's head get blow up!

As such, it's pretty predictable and plays to the same sort of themes this genre is known for.

And a nice unexpected Jewish touch at the end, including the closing tune:)

Even my wife, who isn't into this kind of movie, enjoyed it.

Good time but very predictable and forgettable .

With a script that elicits chuckles more than laughs and some wanting performances from it's leads, this is the kind of comedy that one might see if they're bored on a weekend afternoon and need to kill some time.

The comedy and the rest of the story also become somewhat predictable at a point in the film.

A strained premise, yes, but it kinda works in what is a generally entertaining film.

The ratio of action and comedy was perfect, so that it was exciting, thrilling and funny all at once.

Entire film full of intense, funny and bloody violence fighting scene!

Worth watching if you like the genre .

But I quite enjoyed it, it is disappointing to see the star and writer of the wonderful The Big Sick reduced to this role though.

I found the film very entertaining with numerous times laughing out loud.

This scene super intense, crazy and bloody violence!

Don´t waste your time not even on stream

They're easily the sole aspect that made this movie remotely enjoyable.

"Stuber" is solid, summer-movie entertainment; fast, funny, and exciting.

The car chase towards the end of the film is the high point, perfectly mixing exciting action with laughs.

Is it a great film, well no, but it never tries to be great, just an entertaining film.

Worth watching, not sure why there is so much hate for this movie.

It was an entertaining movie with plenty of good laughs.

The action scenes are entertaining than the comedy scenes in this action comedy.

Imagine every cop movie cliche: death of a partner, neglected and resentful daughter, a case that's being "kicked up to the Feds," a big score that's "going down" right when the cop is supposed to be at his kid's big art show, a crooked cop, and on and on.

For what it is this movie is enjoyable I just wish they would stop putting all the jokes in the trailers.

Dave Bautista takes care of the entertaining exaggerated action in the film and Kuamil Nanjiani tries to provide some comic moments during the Uber ride.

Entertaining .

Enjoyable action flick .

I laughed maybe once, which is unacceptable with such a recycled and predictable plot like this.

This scene quite funny and intense!

I literally fell asleep twice for a few minutes.

Funny and entertaining.

So, even if the action is too shaky for its well-versed antagonist and its plot is probably too paint-by-numbers for its own good, the piece emerges as an enjoyable, easy-to-watch experience that doesn't so much as stand out from the crowd as comfortably sit within it.

The whole opposites working together trope here is pretty worn and predictable.

Basically, Stu's sideplot takes a unique take on the nice guy gets the girl plot, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly entertaining.

Left the theater happy.

Overall, it was a very entertaining and fun/funny movie from beginning to end.

Very good and entertaining film from start to finish

Don't waste your money seeing this at the cinema.

In a summer that has, at times, felt lazy, and at others been very entertaining and engaging, this movie feels like the former.

Not exellent, but enjoyable time waster .

Full of every cop cliche: death of a partner, unlikely partners, mole in the force, frustrated family member, flawed hero, etc. Some of the scenes in the trailer aren't even in the movie.

While the film's (surprisingly intense) action is generally well-choreographed, that is the only thing recommendable about this otherwise disastrous action-comedy.

This scene have slow motion, but quite dope, intense and funny!

I thought this was a very entertaining and funny movie, and that's all it has to be for a movie like this.

The plot is mundane and boring- characters have no reasons to do what they do.

If you want to waste nearly 2 hours of your life put this on, seriously bad film, obviously a paid for by Uber production to promote their app

Obviously, with a premise like this, chaos begins to ensue and the movie becomes more about the characters than the overall plot, and while that does work sometimes, Stuber is far too cliche of a comedy to really feel for them or get any big laughs in general.

The audience I was with certainly enjoyed it.

Nice entertaining film, kumail nanjiani is a surprise, bautista a pleasure to watch.

Enjoyable Friday afternoon movie.

In addition the story is super predictable, with lots of foreshadowing in the jokes and simple conversations early on in the movie.

An entertaining screw ball comedy.

In the end I found it entertaining and funny and I liked both main characters.

But it was surprisingly funny in an unexpected way and everyone in the room was laughing constantly!

After a while I couldn't stop laughing at it, the way jokes didn't work, the tired cliché rolled out endlessly.

It was light and slight and quite enjoyable.

However, after saying that, and even though the movie is about an hour and half long, much shorter than the extremely, unnecessarily drawn out movies nowadays, I still found this movie could have been better had it been even shorter.

Not that funny, but enjoyable enough with plenty of silly and slapstick moments.

Don't waste your time watching this trash, unless you like watching trashy movies.

Well worth the watch!!

The longest period in between a funny or action packed scene was probably 5 minutes.

The purpose of action movie is clearly to 100% provide exciting entertainment for the audience.

Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista give great performances and have great chemistry, which helps make up for some of the predictable and generic moments.

Given the popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, I thought the idea for a buddy comedy about Uber could be both entertaining and timely, and the film has two strong leads (Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista.

Definitely worth watching.

Fulfilling the dominant co-lead archetype is Bautista's alpha cop, Vic, who has his own issues in his obsession for bad guy Tedjo, played by a very game and entertaining Iko Kuwais, which has very nearly cost him his relationship with his daughter.

It was really funny throughout, had good writing, and entertaining.

Funny, silly, enjoyable .

actually i enjoyed it , the comedy just get me right ...

The action surprisingly intense, funny and bloody violence!

Sure the jokes are bland, the dialogue is eye-rolling bad, and half way through the film Stu becomes so incredibly annoying that he makes you want to literally punch yourself in the face.

We had one to many uber references, some sentimental rubbish and cliched behaviour that dragged the ending down.

Kumail nanjiani has to be the most boring actor ever.

Boring,cliched and stupid AF .

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani make an unlikely, but entertaining duo.

That was something that seemed to be genuine in terms of how a regular civilian would react to such intense, stressful moments.

Starts with cliches and poor excuses for jokes then gradually becomes just boring with awkward incel/friendzone jokes on the side.

For me, it takes way too long for them to bond and form the grateful friend relationship that is obviously coming.

It is funny, mindless, predictable entertainment; I enjoyed every minute.

Look, it did have some funny moments in it, but honestly, it was so mind numbingly predictable that I really wanted to hit my head against a wall at times.

Great laughs and heart warming moments however it is somewhat predictable Dave Bautista is one of the best parts of this movie.

We enjoyed it.

Good on screen chemistry between the two leads, good dialogue and tons of action all combined for an enjoyable outing.

And not in a funny way, more in the pretentious way that makes you not want to root for them.

Average Comedy with a Predictable Plot .

It's no LETHAL WEAPON, but the banter between Kumail and Bautista provide quite a few entertaining moments.

They TRY to though in some humanity but even that was trite and far fetched....

The acting combo of Bautista and Najiani are golden, filled to the brim with sarcasm and blunt delivery that should be entertaining.

I thought it was funny and action packed and I would buy it on DVD.

I realise now I should've walked out.

I enjoyed it, unexpected it will be such a cool film!

I was skeptical when I saw the trailer for this movie but it's worth watching.

This movie was enjoyable throughout the whole ride, I've been watching David Bautistas movies and this one by far is funny and did I mention FUNNY...

As cliched and predictable as it may be, Stuber is entertaining, fun buddy fare.

In all categories this movie is fresh and very entertaining.

A love story going nowhere for Stu, a career going nowhere and a part time job where he literally goes anywhere you tell him.

There's fast paced comedy & lots of action.

What really made it so good was the fact that although it was ridiculously funny, it maintained a solid, exciting plot, which few truly funny movies do.

The most entertaining comedy elements are also repeated too often, so that after the umpteenth time they are no longer so funny.

formulaic a bit?

For the first 30 minutes of the movie, this movie was bad all jokes fell flat I was literally falling asleep.

Don't waste your time .

Starts fine but after 4-5 minutes it gets really, really boring...