Student of the Year 2 (2019) - Drama, Romance, Sport

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A student must face off against bullies and overcome hurdles, both academic and romantic, to win his college's coveted Student of the Year trophy.

IMDB: 2.5
Director: Punit Malhotra
Stars: Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 104 out of 283 found boring (36.74%)

One-line Reviews (161)

The worst movie of the decade .

save your money and time for watching another best movie kabir shing

This moive is very nice and entertaining pls go watch it it's lovely 💕❤

This is the worst Movie I've ever seen.

Worst,bad ,not good, waste if time and money Bad acting worst direction,bad screenplay

Worst movie acting ..only action and silly romance

It slowly turns into an unbearable piece of content that you would immediately want turned off.

WORST movie EVER .

The movie has no plot.

One of the worst movies I've watched in 2019 after kalank 😑 I've only went for harsh beniwal 💙

Dont waste your money,I have already waste mine.

Worst movie of the year .

so yes I enjoyed it .

Worst Movie- Do Not Watch This Crap .

Worst movie full of overacting and script writer wrote a crap.

Worst movie .

Just one word for this movie = worst of the worst movie ever made Don't even try to watch it.

Worst movie of the year .

A complete waste of time.

because it was so pointless,Tiger is jumping in every scene( ROFL)..Oscar winning acting by Tiger, Tara and Ananya .. students did everything in this movie except study..No rules in college,In short 'Akhand C***yapa'...

Entertaining one .

Its actually entertaining, Tiger and Ananya have acted really well.

Waste of money.

Except money which these rich nepotism products already have and also shown as lavish sets and locations and costumes , there is no single thing in this movie which is good , no acting , no story , no sense no entertainment , spending your hard earned money to watch such kind of nepotised trash will go to feed there career further.

aaaaarrrgh this is so much annoying on so many levels you might wanna leave the theatre before the end ,worst movie and even worst acting done by the lead ....

Yet another dispirited, cliched and formulaic movie from KJO .

Absolutely waste of money and resources....

Hands down one of the Worst movies of 2019 along with KALANK.

The soulless characters makes film utterly boring for a sensible viewer.

Don't waste your money and Time on this pathetic movie .

Waste of money.

Dont waste your time and money on it.

Comedy Romance Dance Some Action and Emotional Scenes what you want more go and watch fully enjoyable movie.

It is so boring that you will wait for the interval to come.

Worst movie of the year 2 .

No plot.

In the name of masala entertainment, this movie is a complete waste of time unless or until you have enough time to see tiger Shroff abs and dance moves.

only waste of money and time.


The movie is bubblegum on crack but very entertaining.

One of the worst movies ever made .

This movie was boring,senseless,humorless and this was overall biggest flop movie of 2019...

Loved that they made kabaddi the main sport instead of boring cricket.

If you wanna save yourself a torture please refrain from watching this abomination.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen, I will even say that I found race 3, zero and kalank better than this pathetic excuse for a movie......

Waste of money and time.

Worst movie forever .

The narrative stays sweet, simple and along predictable lines.

Worst movie all time no acting and even worst story.

PLEASE Worst Movie-Ever

Dear producer, director, actors, writers, its my humble request to give money back, who watched this movie, its totally time wasteNothing in the movie I can see as per story line, infact no story at all, you can't make audience fool.

Worst movie ever .

Don't waste your time watching it!

It was fun and entertaining movie.

Save your money people.

Stop making stupid movies, it is a waste of time and your money.

It is just too boring.

Boring Movie.

Worst movie of the year .

This is the worst movie my family and I have EVER seen hahah.

The love story part of it was very confusing and the movie was focused way more on Tiger than anything else.

From the cast of the movie, the plot, the music, and everything are so boring to watch.

One of the worst movies of this century.

If you count your pennies that it is such a waste of money etc to go for Bollywood movies then movie theatres aren't for you.

While the first half is spent in setting the tone of the film, second half gets a tad more exciting when the drama and action unfold.

Don't waste your money in this type of movie.. Wasted!.

This movie is a complete waste of time, energy and money.

I can't give - 10 so I have to chose 1 rating..Senseless movie, no script, hilarious irritating to tolerate such direction..Grow up and apply your mind..

F####G MOVIE.. No Script, No dialogue, everything was hilarious except the Theater chilling AC.

Don't waste your money in this type of movie.. Wasted!!

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time and money 🙏 .

There is a lot of emphasis on coming of age and team spirit in SOTY2.

totally waste of time.

The story line was predictable and very cheesy.

Its entertaining.

I found the movie entertaining because because of the glamorous visuals.

waste of time .

Its too cliche.

No story!!

Worst movie .

No plot in the sense.

The story was very predictable and too nepotistic because of what power and influence of one person can do to another person who doesn't have these traits.

Dont waste your time plz plz plz plzz dont watch this movie..

Entertaining new generation movie .

I couldnt wait for the interval because i wanted to get out of this cliche movie so bad.

One of the worst movie i've ever seen in my life !

Better go and sleep at home than to waste your time and money at theater.

If you want to waste your money and time then please watch this movie.

Just waste of my and time..I did made a mistake while agreeing with friends to watch it...

don't waste time and money on this piece of junk


This movie was a torture for my brain.

This movie will win the title of "Worst movie of all time" period !

Nice enjoyable movie .

It has no story, no direction and was only made to glorify tiger's martial arts!

Worst movie in the history of bollywood cinema.

Was is not enough that Bollywood occasionally copies Hollywood and when their is nothing left to copy, they recycle their own cliched, boring, unbearable old movies!

Soty2 is a complete copy of the first story and feels very boring and uncomfortable.

Cliche and Boring and show off .

Please don't waste you time and money for this garbage...

waste of time .


I'm really bored with this culture.

Worst movie till date.

Actresses have gotten dance sequences , romance sequences , emotional scenes , frowns, comedy .. basically they have shown they can pull of any scene.. and if you have seen Student of the year part 1, then you realise these girls are far better than Alia as a fresher..With absolutely no story.. scenes are made up just to show games or dance sequences.. the young generation won't be disappointed with the movie.. ( basically target audience)I enjoyed Tiger Shroff's part only.

No story , just mixture of 2-3 college movies , jo jeeta wohi sikander, kuch kuch hota hai.

No story No acting.. The only positive of the film was Ananya Pandey 🌠

KJO is extremely formulaic and hoping to make a quick buck with these movies.

Waste of money and time .

Don't waste your money or time.

Total waste of money.

Worst movie of my entire life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 .

However, in 2019, Karan Johar's movies became so boring to watch.

Movie was mind blowing.

No script, not good story telling, and worst is acting by stars.

The dancing , attitude and looks are stunning.

( I do think given good roles and good direction they could do well)Tiger was doing a repeat of things he does and He looked really bored doing the same thing.

Waste of money and time,.......

One of worst movie of all time.

Script was even more mind blowing.

waste of time and energy .

A solid waste of time with amateur actors.

Entertaining movie.

Rating4/10Part 2 in the SOTY series is an intermittently entertaining time waster.

no story....

Worst movie .

Please don't waste your time watching this unrealistic crap of nepotism.

One of the worst movie ever .

All the characters makes film utterly boring.

Save your money and skip this horrendous movie.

Probably the worst movie ever.

Worst movie presented in the worst possible way.

Save your money!

I found the movie very enjoyable .

How many times the public needs to tell Bollywood that we are bored of such movies!

The competition goes inter college between 8 colleges and the competition itself was very entertaining.

Just to launch two new faces in Bollywood he made full length movie to waste audience precious time

Intermittently entertaining time waster .

Waste of money and time.

No need to see this, the worst of worst movie, I don't watch till end, that much boring, waste a complete waste movie, why should they make this much bloody movie..

One of the worst movie of the year.

Overall a good entertaining movie.

Worst movie of the year .

Tiger's stiff acting appeared quite bland to me.

And yeah that movie was entertaining sometimes.

Such a waste of money and resources.

Direction is poor Screenplay lacks continuity Music is awfully boring Action is good Best work in the whole film is done by ADITYA SEAL Overall, even if you leave your brains at home then too the film will make you bore.

Worst movie in the history of Mankind.

Weak predictable plot with noting in the movie .

worst movie of the year .

The characters barely had an arc, unnecessary storyline and confusion created that makes the film look like the work of an amateur.

No story.

Worst movie of the decade .

Entertaining new generation movie, light and Tiger Shroff really acted well.

Worst movie ever repeat the same story again...

Chi chi, paisa barbaad, waste of money tiger, you can do better than this

Both kalank and soty2 are super worst movies of Bollywood history.

Figured out in the 1st 10 minutes that it's going to be a bore.

Worst movie .

Another embarrassing,dull and devoid of content movie from Bollywood .