Suburbicon (2017) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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As a 1950s suburban community self-destructs, a home invasion has sinister consequences for one seemingly normal family.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: George Clooney
Stars: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 61 out of 281 found boring (21.7%)

One-line Reviews (145)

a bore.

The rhytm, the force of story, the seductive old fashion solutions, the cinematography and the atmosphere are basic pieces defining a more than fascinating film like this.

I typically love the Coen brothers but this falls flat, stylish, but a complete waste of time.

Overall I really wanted to walk out of the theatre halfway through because it was boring, I felt it was unoriginal, and that it was trying to delve into a topic without a plan.

very entertaining and it can hold your attention all the time....

Matt Damon I found to be wooden and boring, pretty much wanted him offed after the first half hour!

With a discarded script by the Coen Brothers, a cast brimming with talent that includes leads Matt Damon and Julianne Moore and support from Oscar Isaac and Wonder rising star Noah Jupe and an intriguing setting of suburban America in the 1950's, Suburbicon seemed to be the likely welcome back to form event for Clooney the filmmaker, that instead has turned out to be one of the biggest duds of the Silverfox's career behind camera and another extremely unfortunate member of Matt Damon's terrible class of 2017.

Waste of time.

On a boring Tuesday night when nothing else is on.

It's unfunny, ill-fitting, frustrating, pretentious, tone deaf and abysmal.

Predictable, disappointing and recklessly divisive .

You're being sold mostly anti-white anti-"alt-right" propaganda thinly veiled as "entertainment.

However, the race riot and compelling childhood friendship is not the central story.

"I think it's a bit too artsy fartsy with it, especially at the beginning.

One might be forgiven for believing that the film was some kind of divisive propaganda.

The movie I thought was great, but with its fair share of flawsFor example, some of the side plots went nowhere.

The previews like to pretend like there's some kind of story here, but in reality there is no story.

Very entertaining, well written, and well acted.

Another excellent entertaining movie from the Coen brothers.

But even this chanting mob is merely a background distraction for a pointless fable centering on who seems to be the most open-minded neighbor, living with his aunt and son after wife/mom was killed in an opening scene that plays out like IN COLD BLOOD on downers...

Because while the film was boring me, I saw good performances and great sets and great casting and attention to detail.

One of the worst movies I have ever watched and believe me I have watched many

Well, disappointment and confusion!

Absolutely meaningless movie.

But it was entertaining enough.

The cast is even really dull despite a fantastic performance from Julianne Moore.

If you are looking for a propaganda film this one is for you.

Excellent acting from all involved, a gripping tale that keeps you interested and wondering how this can end.

An Enjoyable Movie Unless You Look For Hidden Reasons to Hate Everything .

It felt preachy, it felt pretentious, it felt like a lecture...

Just pointless, don't waste your time.

The entire film was so predictable.

Too slow for no payout.

The movie is a little confusing at first and can seem a little disjointed.

it is totally in the same legacy and lineage as the other Coen movies, when you thing the situation is clear and simple suddenly something totally unexpected happens which will blow your mind,.

It does fall short in that respect, but otherwise it's an enjoyable black comedy with all the traits of a Coen brothers movie.

Bad acting, paper thin unrealistic characters, and just a propaganda film trying to once again paint all white people as paper thin no character racists.

I thought it was going to be action packed and funny with Matt Damon kicking mafia butt because of what happenedImagine my surprise when I'm in the theatre and none of this happens.

You will be left with an unsatisfied feeling of disappointment, confusion, and...

The plot itself was really shallow and predictable and didn't have much of a point, and then they threw in a side story about a nice black family having to deal with the evil racist white community - which had absolutely nothing to do with the main story.

This flick dragged on and on.

The movie is not for everyone, and that's obvious from the negative comments here, but for me it was very entertaining and fun to watch.

By the end of it, their car gets destroyed, their house is attacked, and the next morning it's like nothing happened.

After reading all the bad reviews I thought this movie was going to be really crappy but I actually enjoyed it from start to finish..Matt Damon played his role brilliantly..full of action packed scenes that kept my eyes Glued to the screen.

Disjointed, dumb, in-your-face, badly paced.

The jokes are unfunny, the story is lame, and the whole movie is predictable.

Boring .

If I knew, I wouldn't waste my time watching it.

The exertion of four scriptwriters seems to have created a compelling artwork for the admittance of the minds.

You shouldn't waste your time to watch this.

George Clooney director of this mess of a film, should have had the insight to see the Matt Damon character Gardner Lodge and family was a waste of filming time.

The structure of the script is undoubtedly fresh and doesn't follow any textbook logistics and so does its narrative, but as much as gripping it is, it is also off putting on its sadistic terms.

I'd say it's quite enjoyable, just don't go in expecting Fargo 2!

Genre: Thriller/Crime/Comedy My Score: 6.1Cast=8 Acting=9 Plot=7 Ending=6 Story=5 Intense=5 Pace=4 Twist=8 Crime=6 Funny=3As a 1950s suburban community self-destructs, a home invasion has sinister consequences for one seemingly normal family.

The twists are predictable and don't make you think like the other Coen brothers movies.

A badly written propaganda piece disguised as "entertainment" .

An all star cast and genuinely intriguing plot there's much that could've been.

I waste of my time.

The story.. well there is no story.

It's far too restrained to be as savage as it needs to be in order to be compelling, and really shines a slight on the Coen's talent for bringing their stories to life.

Odd, but enjoyable movie .

Whether you're seeking dramatic social commentary or you just want an enjoyable distraction for two hours, look elsewhere.

Slower than a wet weekend, this movie works better than RUM to keep you asleep.

I had a good time watching it, but left the theater kind of disappointed.

the next 90mins dragged its heels so badly with predictable scenes at every turn, everything moving at a snails pace and the most bizarre side story concerning the new neighbours next door?!

The overall plot was so predictable, and has been done over and over again.

These conjoined stories makes the film's time length tedious and unlikable.

And I mean slow.

Boring .

We both loved this movie, It's the Cohen Bros so expect the unexpected.

This movie gives no message other than all white Americans are sick pigs.

Bleak, pointless and ultimately not very entertaining .

Awful, only finished watching to see if something witty or thoughtful would happen to help make since of the disconnected story line, but nothing happened, awful to the end

His father has grown dull, and his mother apathetic.

I have seen far too many movies lately that do that.. you can predict how the movie is going to progress.. but this thing.. keeps you on the edge of your seat.

A dark, uneasy, uncomfortable, and pointless movie .

Very clever, and unexpected, in the way some things are resolved.

, or when his dad eats that sandwich) Secondly, there is a lot of unnecessary violence, but it's only for the sake of violence or to fill the lack of plot.

Suburbicon is a fictitious suburban town in the late 1950's where things are slow and the worries about the traffic and the hustle of the big city are far away.

I won't pretend the acting and plot holes in this movie weren't problematic but the ratings for this movie have been driven down considerably by racist conservatives who find historical accuracy "anti white, liberal propaganda" with one user hilariously claiming the movie "overexaggerated the 50's" when the movie is, in fact, a deeply honest and very accurate depiction of race relations a mere 60+ years ago - a time when black people were being murdered for simply registering to vote.

Neither funny, thrilling or overly original, Suburbicon is a neighbourhood your best off avoiding.

The racial subplot is so vague and shallow that it winds up feeling empty.

This is a horrible, typical liberal anti-white anti-right propaganda garbage, for some reason liberals are hellbent on dividing our country with this types of movies, they seem to be in a complete meltdown, their like Nelly Olsen from Little House on the Prairy, when they don't get their way they go nuclear, a non stop hissy fit.

No one is the hero, there is only one slow descent into madness.

This is one of the most bizarre, pointless, pretentious, excruciatingly boring and terribly executed films I've ever seen.

It's just a slow, plodding, slog through a bunch of predictable, pointless murders of characters no one could possibly care about.

Overall the movie was flat and kind of boring, actually.

Several times, it is childishly predictable (eg when the boy hides under bed and hears a fight-guess who was there?

It's exciting and I like the way you can kind of guess just before something happens what is going to be the outcome and the anticipation is quite delightful.

Drama films and thrillers are good, but only when they have a decent plot and are riveting, Suburbicon is neither of those things.

One of the very last scenes in which we see Gardner eating and drinking the meal, poisoned by his new "wife" for Nicky, made me sit on the edge of my seat waiting for it (his death) to happen and whether it would happen at all (maybe he hadn't eaten enough of it?

They have a way of seeing the things that bore me and this film directed by a director that I do not like either, because it could not be less.

tiresome, predictable and boring.

For the most part this movie was weird and boring.

One of the worst movies have seen in the past 2 years and I have seen plenty.

Flat and dull, this is a tonally misaligned and unengaging misfire from beginning to end.

Gardner Lodge and his lover are caricatures and it is hard to believe people as reckless, empty and callous as them could exist.

I thought it was rather entertaining that this white- washed community just attributed all the violence taking place to the new black family in the neighborhood, rather than realizing they had a couple of white sociopaths living next door.

But if you watch it with an open mind, it's twisting, it's thrilling, it's cunning, and most of all, it's multi layered.

Now the bad parts are the racial parts of the movie where pointless here, it was clearly put in for the sake of putting it in.

And does have some good suspenseful parts.

I found this to be entertaining and engaging.

This was a highly enjoyable movie from the entertainment value to the "makes your blood boil" counter story.

I was postponing watching this film several times because of the low note here - currently at 5.5However, I would give this film a rating 7 as I think it was interesting and entertaining from the beginning til the end.

Suburbicon isn't bad, necessarily, it's just uninteresting.

Despite good performances from the top billed cast and some wonderfully lit internal scenes, the film is noticeably slow throughout ...

It's not entertaining, and if I wanted progressive propaganda, I'd just turn on CNN or watch Vox/BuzzFeed videos on YouTube.

While the main story has its moments, the predictability by the end leaves you bored.

Unforgivable and Unwatchable .

Enjoyable but predictable.

To keep it short, Suburbicon is an entertaining, original and stylish movie that mixes crime flick, dark comedy and social drama in a perfectly balanced way.

Suberbicon is so slow, so meaningless, so gratuitous, that it is actually confusing to me as to why Matt Damon and George Clooney would have consented to the screenplay.

The way we learned information was so boring an un-cinematic.

Just a very bad film with bad taste propaganda that clearly intended on showing how blacks are oppressed.

You were fooled into watching poorly written and even more poorly executed propaganda against the history of the US and the modern day alt-right.

From start to finish it was gripping and interesting.

The worst movie .

There were two movies going on , one the murderous plans of Matt Damon/Julianne Moore and coinciding with a racial story against an African American couple who lived in the predominantly white area which went nowhere.

This becomes off putting and confusing and is the main problem with the movie.

It is slow, not funny or satirical, but sad and predictable, with dialogue straight out of a Marvel Comic book, and character development to match.

It dragged on and on without reason.

Really cheap stereotyping propaganda film .

This dark comedic drama is engaging and entertaining.

Moreover, it's an unforgivable waste of Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, and my time.

A Predictable Mess .

I found the characters entertaining, the story fun and clever enough to keep me interested and the pacing was good with the film never feeling like it was dragging.

Waste of time .

This therefore results in the "unexpected twist" to be underwhelming.

Both stories are compelling.

The story was good and entertaining.

The whole movie is just a waste of time


We had a similar experience with Matt Damon's "Great Wall" movie and lasted about 30 minutes before succumbing to boredom.

Where the film really works is in its slow revelation of the moral rot at the center of the story, which takes us into Alfred Hitchcock territory (the scene shot from under the bed, I predict, will be used in film courses).

The fact that the incredibly boring Blade Runner 2049 gets so much critical acclaim while Suburbicon is unjustifiably criticized proves once more that popular opinions don't mean much when it comes to understanding a piece of art.

Yet another quirky and thrilling story with the much loved Cohen feel to it.

rather pointless, except to once again push for racial issues.

Predictable when trying to be sneaky, dull when trying to be exciting, awkward when trying to be funny; it gives us no character to latch onto, no story to intrigue us, no humor to overcome its darkness, and no clarity or focus to its themes.

Waste of time .

Just another BAD divide the country Liberal propaganda race movie .

Boring characters and a tiresome plot drive this humorless mess into the ground .

Pointless extreme racism that doesn't justify the story!!

I actually enjoyed the main story for awhile, but every beat was so predictable.

The next, it's a serious crime drama with some pretty intense and bloody scenes.

A really entertaining movie .