Suicide Kings (1997) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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A group of youngsters kidnap a respected Mafia figure.

Director: Peter O'Fallon
Stars: Christopher Walken, Denis Leary
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 156 found boring (6.41%)

One-line Reviews (86)

The process is fascinating to behold - Charlie can be witty, patronizing, menacing and comforting all in the space of 60 seconds, and you literally fear for these young mens' lives and futures even though they seem to have the upper hand.

The college boy actors are boring and unconvincing, giving the ensemble feel of a high school play.

The performances were honest and gripping.

More plodding than plotting is going on after a quick and promising opening.

A suspenseful thriller that has you guessing until the end .

The other notable acting kudo goes to Dennis Leary, who with a steady line of profane wisecracks and one fairly intense dramatic monologue, kept up the rest of the film.

While there are some unpredictable twists, intense thematic moments, and strong performances, the movie does not provide quite enough to warrant a recommendation.

This movie, with the exception of a few wobbles, was extremely suspenseful and well put together.

--Having Really Enjoyed It, Dane Youssef

Trust me, serious scrutiny of any aspect of this movie will leave you frustrated and wanting but Walken's performance is entertaining enough to over look the obvious flaws.

The movie itself is predictable stereotypic none sense.

Outrageous but Compelling .

For an intense movie, it also has quite a bit of comedy, which makes a big difference in comparing it to other "thrillers.

It has some awkward dialog and what sounds like dubbing, but it is entertaining, and I watch it on a regular basis.

No "Usual Suspects", but still somewhat enjoyable .

But it was a good, entertaining movie that took an idea that may sound a bit overdone to some, and turned into a solid piece of art.

In the vein of "Reservoir Dogs" and "The Usual Suspects", Suicide Kings stands out as an entertaining and powerful film.

Suicide Kings takes a familiar plot and really does not do anything new with it, yet the movie still is enjoyable.

A disjointed, ridiculous plot.

He's one of the most intense, engaging, brilliant actors of all time and that's that!

The first few twists are well handled but it starts to put the film into a spin from which it doesn't recover, as more twists mount up and become increasingly alienating and contrived.

His character almost feels like he is in a movie of his own which is a distraction, but means his scenes are all very enjoyable.

It is a very exciting thriller with a lot of twists and surprise ending!

They chloroform him and take him to an empty mansion on Long Island where, to convince him they are hard-hearted and determined, instead of the inexperienced nudniks they are, they remove his finger while he's unconscious.

"Suicide Kings" successfully blends suspense, violence and humour and is absolutely gripping right from the start because the whole notion of a group of college students kidnapping a senior Mafioso with the intention of extorting money from him is so crazy that seeing what happens next just becomes totally irresistible.

On the other hand, the movie's good at digging into these different personalities and Walken, Leary and the Ira character are really compelling.

The plot twists were humorous and entertaining.

The collegiate bucks at the centre of this film make up annoying group of young man, each friends and each jerks with an intense pre-existing dislike for each other.

due to his intense facial expressions and vocal inflection...

Either that or they are predictable.

Overall very entertaining.

Save your money and forget this one.

Twisty-turning, mild-mannered, but over all else, immensely enjoyable.

It makes it even more enjoyable to see a movie that I had never heard of and only watched because it was the only movie that was available and then be so pleasantly surprised.

He is wonderful at engaging in degrading condescension and intellectual obviation of anyone he perceives as his adversary!!!

One is the working out of the plot, which has several unexpected pirouettes.

"Suicide Kings" is tremendously entertaining, brilliantly twisted and full of excellent performances.

This fine group of actors - and Walken's wildly charismatic performance most of all, from an actor so powerful he can dominate the film while being tied to a chair for all but a few minutes of it - is more than enough to make the film entertaining, even very enjoyable.

Overall, Suicide Kings is an imperfect, but still enjoyable movie.

Christopher Walken was absolutley stunning.

Everyone raves about this movie, but I found it predictable and trite.

All in all this is a very entertaining movie.

This doesn't borrow from Tarantino, as another person commented, a disjointed timeline is not exclusive to Tarantino, although he is the undisputed master of it.

This was a entertaining thriller with some great cast with good lines, it was slick and cool.

What really helps is sharp direction from Peter O'Fallon, who keeps Mr. Walken and his captors engaging in a limited situation.

All around, a very original and entertaining movie.

Basically, it's not a great movie, but it's an enjoyable one.

Even with its brilliant cast and suspenseful investment, this film fails to come up with anything original.

The actors give great performances (with one exception -- the whiny kid from Roseanne)and Walken is stunning in his role as a kidnapped Mafiaoso attempting to rescue a missing girl.

The cast is solid and play their roles well, the script is entertaining and flows through out.

If you want to see a dark, funny, suspenseful movie, then take the time to watch Suicide Kings.

You know when you see a movie that you think about until you fall asleep or that doesn't even let you fall asleep it's so intriguing.

It's a battle of wits that kept me on the edge of my seat, gave me the most delicious shivers of perverse anticipation, and it was honestly very hard to know which side to route for.

This movie is unpredictable, much like actual life is.

A well-written and thoroughly entertaining flick.

Ever Seen a movie that made you think, laugh, cringe and sit on the edge of your seat the entire time watching it?

Sean Patrick Flanery supplies a rich and intriguing performance.

Instead of being a clever, suspenseful movie full of interesting characters, it's a boring, uninteresting film with indistinguishable characters.

Things start to get complicated when unexpected turns of events take place.

And his set expression is one that artfully blends boredom with mild interest in the proceedings.

There aren't any fancy explosions, perfectly timed jokes, hilarious pratfalls, or any of the other typical tricks that Hollywood dishes out, just an intriguing storyline and some excellent casting.

The film is quite comic at places and this makes it feel like a more enjoyable piece than it would have if it had just been played straight.

Very entertaining film .

The twists toward the end are great, and completely unpredictable.

Darkly humorous, it also manages to be highly suspenseful and well worth watching, even with the overabundance of profanity.

While they are quite entertaining, it's impossible to take them seriously, and this also detracts from the sense of menace and urgency that is supposed to be driving the situation.

The movie has dull filmography, cinematography, and scenery, so it lags quite a bit, and comes across as something that actually works better on stage.

Even with my reservations about the ending of the film I highly recommend it mostly for Walken' performance

There are funny scenes, a couple weird scenes, but overall Suicide Kings is a really entertaining and suspenseful story with some smart twists that will keep viewers guessing.

The movie spirals into a final act that leaves a viewer feeling empty, even cheated.

"SUICIDE KINGS" is still worth a look for a slow night.

But I enjoyed it nonetheless goddammit!

Really suspenseful and surprising .

It's highly entertaining with a great balance of dramatic tension and humor.

Slick, entertaining thriller with fine cast .

The film is well told, keeping you on the edge wanting to know "who's on the inside".

90 % of an entertaining film .

This movie is a fun "twisted thriller" with blood, violence and some entertaining twists.

But the movie as a whole is far too contrived.

SUICIDE KINGS / (1997) **1/2 (out of four)By Blake French: "Suicide Kings" is a an intense, complicated drama with an even more complicated script.

Finger pointing and confusion ensue, and all the while, the sly Barret is sizing up his captors looking for the edge.

It's a good movie overall, enjoyable, and yes, I do own it.

Worth watching just for that instance.

The first 90 minutes of Suicide Kings is very entertaining.

This flick has alot of great twists and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Leary's rants and ravings are long, involved, quirky, funny, and highly entertaining.