Sunshine Cleaning (2008) - Comedy, Drama

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In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school, a mom starts an unusual business -- a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service -- with her unreliable sister.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Christine Jeffs
Stars: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 141 found boring (22.69%)

One-line Reviews (97)

Yet, the film is entertaining as we watch the two sisters, Rose and Nora, come to terms with each other about their past and their current misfortunes and eventually grow while we root for them to succeed.

Conclusively, regardless of the fact that this seems a misfire of sorts in hindsight, the fact remains that I immensely enjoyed it when I was lucky enough to watch it.

An enjoyable, atypical family drama.

it wasn't funny, or cute, it had no deep meaning, it was a story of bland sadness.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Likewise, the other leads were *pretty good* except for Arkin; he seemed bored and detached in his now overplayed loving-father-with-crazy-ideas role.

And while it may not leave you gushing that it's among the greatest things you've ever seen it is a movie which is compelling, charming and enjoyable.

B Overall: I really liked this movie and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't, or perhaps that should be 'shouldn't,' because realistically speaking, there's bound to be someone who from the action movie crowd who thinks this is boring and too emotional, and there's bound to be some crusader for clean entertainment who objects to the subject matter, and to all them I say, "Screw you!

Of late, independent films seem to fall into three ruts; the quirky indie film, the contrived indie film and the quirkily contrived indie film.

Parts of are so saccharine, and so formulaic I winced, especially the last five minutes victorious messenger-style happy ending.

The dark humor potential of such a nasty and depressing profession is underutilized, but the story still manages to unfold into an intriguing relationship drama.

A calm-mood movie which is worth watching.

This engaging independent film tells how two sisters in New Mexico got into the business and what happened as a consequence.

The occasional "gorgeous cinematography" was overwrought and cliché ridden, such as the train-on-trellis scene.

I live there now so I enjoyed it.

Sunshine Cleaning is short, sweet and enjoyable.

If you can tolerate the slow as molasses initial 30 minutes…(OK-Wait, make that as DELIBERATE as Molasses!

This was obviously deliberate, and I'm going to guess that the symbolism in using lots of earth tones was meant to make the movie seem normal, possibly even bland looking, in order to contrast the quirky, bizarre storyline.

It was one of the most entertaining films I have seen in recent memory.

There's bureaucracy, nasty competitors, and unexpected hazards, not to mention the stress that naturally arises in family businesses.

The supporting cast in general is given somewhat off-beat, engaging roles, leading the viewer to wonder what each of them will do next.

" and like you know life is empty, you have the strength for getting yourself killed!

This is a pretty well made film which has quite a slow pace.

Enjoyable .

It captured the boredom of a small town quite well.

Bottom line: the story might be about people in hardship, but that is all the drama you will find, the message being one of optimism and the plot moving away from established patterns that one would (boringly) expect in a film of this category.

Also her sister Norah, whom Emily Blunt gives an awesome interpretation, leaves the sign: her inner pain disguised under a hard face proves intense and true.

Has an entertaining and interesting Indie flavor story line with good casting .

it's fairly entertaining,and fast paced.

This is in response to the glowing reviews posted here by empty-heads who cluelessly praised this limp failure of an independent.

Hmmmmm…………… There is a thread quickly dropped of Norah having a lesbian relationship and certainly she seems pretty bored during a brief, cursory bonk with her boyfriend.

Enjoyable if contrived .

Great script, character depth, evocative .

Sunshine Cleaners may win you over instantly, while others may see it as a slow, boring film.

Emily Blunt is stunning as the confused and embittered sister who loves the smell of everything her mother left behind and deals with her puzzled relationships.

Her sister Norah still lives with Dad, unable to hold down a simple job and fully immersed in her slacker lifestyle.

Sunshine Cleaning develops a "slice of life" script typical of the indie scene, quite enjoyable, carried by a very good cast with an Adam-Blunt duo that works and an always extra energized Alan Arkin.

I thought he was funny in Little Miss Sunshine but his incarnation this time really was boring.

Then why is she stuck in a going nowhere affair with her married, ex-jock high school boyfriend?

It's its own movie, and has a thoroughly enjoyable, heartwarming story that will wow you with its honesty, and a definite breath of fresh air amongst this summer's noisy blockbusters.

They could've shown in a brief entertaining montage sorta way what type of stuff they have to use to clean which type of mess.

Tedious .

Even when Rose's precocious kid (Jason Spevack) tries to talk to heaven on a CB radio in what would normally be considered a contrived and cutesy moment, you feel like you've grown to know the character and it's just something he would do.

The pacing of this movie is somewhat ragged and slow, particularly the first half of the movie.

The sensational Amy Adams has always been a stunning actress and she does nothing short of a fantastic job here.

Unfortunately the laughs stop in the second half and the family stuff is pushed to the point of being a drawn-out downer.

However, Sunshine Cleaning deserves an enthusiastic recommendation, mainly because of its excellent performances and its deep and fascinating screenplay.

My local critic suggested that the ending has been changed substantially from the original version, rendering it more palatable to what are considered main stream audiences, and certainly the ending is a little too pat (defined by my thesaurus as 'so gliby plausible as to seem contrived.

This movie is slow, the plot is not well developed and you are left wondering is this story going to start going somewhere.

The extras on the 2009 DVD include a commentary track from and producer Glenn Williamson (though surprisingly neither Jeffs nor any of the principal actors participate), and an intriguing featurette about the business of biohazard cleaning.

The problem is, it's a slow film drama with a not so well developed plot.

So how do you make a charming, enjoyable movie about the cleanup of murder scenes?

The dynamic between all the characters is thoroughly real and enjoyable.

Alan Arkin essentially rehashes his Oscar-winning performance from Little Miss Sunshine, so his work feels bland and tired.

"Sunshine Cleaning" is clearly a film that's unique and different from most yet the performances and chemistry of the cast of characters make it an enjoyable watch.

As with unexpected path choices just as in life things happen unexpectedly that change people as you can see in the films end each character takes a new road journey as it ends with unexpected twist of Norah setting out on her own.

Her son is a bit of a handful at school, her father is pretty reliable but seems to want to beat the system for his livelihood, her sister is completely unhooked from the mainstream and her own love life is going nowhere.

Instead of putting the viewer in touch with loss and grief and familial bonds by tightly connecting these ideas and themes, the creators opted to force extra emotion into contrived events.

More Like A Dull, Cloudy Day .

" Director Christine Jeffs's "Sunshine Cleaning" is very unexpected, in the best way.

"2"'s Mary Lynn Rajskub does her "Chloe" character in a completely pointless subplot.

Even Alan Arkin is boring as the girls' father (who looks old enough to be their grandfather).

Perhaps the fact that while viewing it, feeling as bored and unfulfilled as I did, is down to an absence of estrogen in my system.

Emily Blunt was noticeably enjoyable, and the the technical side of the film, while lacklustre and certainly nothing special, was competent and helped the film along.

Funny, touching, and entertaining with two of the best performances ever .

Unexpected Ray of Sunshine .

The characters are natural and engaging.

The scene in the bathroom where they were "talking it all out" after the house fire was contrived and not genuine at all.

But their film makes trite concessions for everything it entails, since it wants to be downright neighborly about people who don't have much to be neighborly about.

Yes it's heartfelt, a tearjerker, melancholy emotional ride for some who's into soap opera type of story and it has a few laughs along the way but it's predictable and nothing that we've never seen or heard before, the only major difference is the occupation.

And it's mostly a watch for the chemistry between the characters as the talented trio of Adams, Blunt, and Arkin make it an enjoyable watch.

Amy Adams, is simply riveting.

I was truly impressed by their ability to handle the tone from every scene, even if it is a confrontation which wakes rancors from the past up, or an unexpected humorous moment.

The story is quite unusual including a mix of black humor and family comedy, of childhood trauma and post college social comment, or next door and weird characters in a beautiful and typical American surrounding on the fringe of the desert, which can be as boring as it gets or as uneasy as you cannot take it.

None of this adds up to anything interesting, and you just end up staring at the screen, while the stock characters and their tedious conversations wash over you.

The problems, reactions to them, and solutions encountered, or not, as the case may be, were believable and mundane; stuff that we all can relate too.

Supporting cast in Alan Arkin, Clifton Collins and Steve Zahn deliver a necessary contribution to make the environment the sisters live in more challenging and intriguing for the viewers.

Jason Spevack is adorable but not cloying as Rose's son Oscar, Steve Zahn takes a break from comedic roles to create a believable character in Mac, Mary Lynn Rajskub is enigmatic and fascinating as Lynn, and Clifton Collins Jr. brings depth and integrity to Winston.

If you find yourself bored at this film count the number of connections to 2006?

Perhaps just a tad too dreary for such a cheery title?

On the entertaining background of the semi-successful dad of the two sisters.

Engaging .

With that said I was very surprised that Blunt's character was more compelling, more extraordinary.

Go slow with this one.

The actual story of Amy Adams and her clean-up business was interesting, but every story surrounding that just felt half-baked and uninteresting.

"Rain" director Christine Jeff's "Sunshine Cleaning" qualifies as an off-beat but entertaining chick flick that shuns the usual obnoxious sugarcoating.

Mary Lynn Rajskub is just plain fascinating as the lonely lady Blunt thinks she is helping.

An offbeat and enjoyable little movie .

Entertaining Crime Scene Clean-Up Movie .

How it all comes about is a mountain of highs and lows, which makes this story entertaining and interesting.

The comedy is not as over the top as Sunshine, but it is entertaining & this movie has more heart & reality than the former film.

Many people might have issues with the forced ending, but the emotional detail that Blunt and Adams give to their characters makes this a film worth watching.

Director Christine Jeffs ("Sylvia") gets to play with Alan Arkin as the always scheming father, a quick commentary on the disgusting "solution" of public schools tendency to require medication on less than robotic kids, emotionally empty relationships, and the absolute need of people to connect with others.

Throw in her dysfunctional son and a get quick older father and you have a cure for insomnia.

Rose Lorkowski's life is going nowhere fast.

Rather boring.

Life like stories are sometimes boring and arduous.