Super Fly (1972) - Action, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



The daily routine of cocaine dealer Priest who wants to score one more super deal and retire.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Gordon Parks Jr.
Stars: Ron O'Neal, Carl Lee
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 68 found boring (13.23%)

One-line Reviews (34)

The ending has something of a twist, I suppose, although that may be because I was envisioning a bit of a tragic ending because of the way things were leading, but the movie as a whole is a tired, plodding exercise through the jive of the streets of the big city in the early 1970s, with lots of badass blacks and evil white cops screwing everything up.

The unfairly maligned blaxploitation movement of the early seventies was kickstarted by Melvin Van Peebles seminal Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song and produced a lot of great, gritty, low-budget action dramas (my personal favourite is Friday Foster) starring exciting actors like Richard Roundtree, Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson, Antonio Fargas and Fred Williamson.

Well acted & exciting with some good action & that excellent dark 70's new york city atmosphere that only exists in those very old grimy & gritty films of that time specifically filmed on those mean streets!!!

Shaft was the very first experience on Blaxploitation genre, in fact it wasn't called genre properly , just later this term arises, quickly this kind amazed me due the African American people have their own filmmakers making movies to them, actually they never did, so it becomes to me one my fav type nowadays, Super Fly that l watched yesterday only is better for all, drug dealers, pimps, prostitution, everything were happened in America were in this unbeatable picture, it wasn't an apology of drugs, it was a real life, the black filmmakers sized the opportunity wisely when the American cinema was on a tightrope, they implied their way of life after late 60' and early 70' and made history, getting respect from the critics and the media, in great style by the way, great efforts were made to finish this near masterpiece, those characters are colorful as the leading character mainly Carl Lee in those black mannerism, on so slow talking, a sort of brazen behavior, al those gorgeous and raunchy girls, dirt sidewalks and streets expose to the viewers a decaying New York, junkies in every corner, the soundtrack was another masterpiece, even it wasn't able to my taste, l have to admit that was appropriate to improve the whole movie, finally the Priest's car is a separate chapter, allowed to study process, anyway a best Blaxploitation ever!!

Curtis Mayfield's music has booth intense and style.

Amoral, entertaining, historically interesting .

Still, this tale about a drug dealer trying to make the ultimate score and then get out of the business was highly entertaining and Ron O'Neal makes for a charismatic lead.

But it's also an exciting, gritty, and colorful urban drama.

The film defines ideas proposed by black power figures and does all of this while still incorporating an entertaining and engaging story.

And the ending is quite confusing.

Don't waste your time with this incompetent piece of junk.

Curtis Mayfield's intense, moody score is the films best attribute and makes the film stand out much more than it should.

While, a lot of blaxsploitation movies are very entertaining and fun.

But very enjoyable.

Worth watching!

A historically interesting, but also entertaining, film.

An overwhelming bore.

I could only see the cast engaging in endless talk and this quickly grew tiresome.

After this film, simply everything since has been empty posturing vis-a-vis popular rap music.

All the trashy, campy elements are in place poor camera-work, long boring shots, over-the-top acting, bad script...

He was so believable, so compelling, so mesmerizing, so much that, so many people either misinterpreted the message of the movie, or were caught up in the drugs, hustlers, street life.

A bore fest with nothing that would surprise me.

a pathetic waste of life.

Tough urban crime story well worth watching .

Wrapped in every early 70's urban cliché, you've got coke magnate Youngblood Priest tooling around town in a stereotypical pimped-out Caddy Eldo wearing pimp threads with no apparent thought given to keeping a low profile.

Overall, definitely worth watching.

The music of Curtis Mayfield made it even more enjoyable.

This is one of the absolute DULLEST movies you will ever see.

The characters *shouldn't* be that sympathetic, but it's a credit to the main actors that they can still make them reasonably engaging.

First you have to get over how catastrophically obsolete this film is, and then it might be enjoyable on some deep, subconscious level.

And a better question would be, does he really want to leave that lifestyle behind?

Curtis Mayfield's score is so good, it makes a mediocre film worth watching.

It's obviously low-budget but relatively well made, with an exciting if somewhat familiar storyline.

SUPER FLY was a slick urban romp had an appeal to its adult audiences,but because of the content of the film and its usage of drug abuse and drug substance together with the over count of its violent content,made it one of the most controversial movie ever made,and even for the year 1972,it was describe by some to be very intense with its subject matter and explicit language and some nudity.