Super Shark (2011) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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An offshore drilling accident releases a giant primordial shark. When the shark flies and walks on land threatening to turn a bikini contest into a bloodbath, marine biologist Kat ...

IMDB: 2.5
Director: Fred Olen Ray
Stars: Tim Abell, Catherine Annette
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 31 found boring (22.58%)

One-line Reviews (23)

Boring Shark (May contain spoilers) .

Combine that with some atrocious CGI work, which looks fine in execution in most cases but because of the action required tends to give itself away, and it's a mildly- flawed and entertaining effort.

Marine biologist Dr. Katherine "Kat" Carmichael (Sarah Lieving) hires drunk captain Skipper Chuck (Tim Abell) to drive her to the oil rig owned by Traymore Industries to investigate the accident, later the sole survivor from the accident mentions the harmful chemicals used to bore through rocks and a shark pulled down the rig.

More productive uses of your time could be watching paint dry, watching grass grow and sticking corn back on to the cob.

The script doesn't feel natural whatsoever, it all feels very cheesy and stilted, while the story is ridiculous, suspense-less and completely unsurprising, complete with a pointless romance that is in danger of slowing Super Shark down.

The kills are mostly pretty boring and not very fun (also the special effects really aren't great obviously, in fact they are terrible) and the rest of the movie is too well made (relatively speaking of course) to contain much funny stuff.

Of the acting, Sarah Lieving is the only one who looks as though she is trying, all the others look bored.

Starting off with the shark, the ability to make this thing far more dangerous with the ability to walk on land with a very specialized adaption that seems logical and nicely implemented into the overall design is rather nicely done and works quite well here, which is even worked into the film to provide numerous action scenes that are highly enjoyable, rousing and really entertaining.

I give this movie two stars despite the fact that my viewing experience was quite enjoyable, as my friends and I laughed hysterically at each other's snarky comments.

Worst Movie Ever!

Overall this was an uproariously cheesy and enjoyable effort that manages to contain a large amount that really works.

The opening destruction of the oil rig that frees the shark is a lot of fun, the military attacks on the beach and out to sea in the submarine are a lot of cheesy action as they attempt to track it before engaging and bringing up the goodness here of the finale back on the beach where not only the shark walking around on land battling the walking tank that is amazingly cheesy in concept and execution.

The character's are awful, there's a pointless love triangle between three Baywatch (1989-2001) style lifeguards that goes absolutely nowhere before they are all killed off, there's an incredibly annoying DJ called Dynamite Stevens who makes you want to kick the TV screen whenever he opens his mouth & the entire might of the US military here seems to come down to three soldiers & a General.

Mindlessly bad, but entertaining .

And that's saying something, especially when I say it's the worst movie ever made.

Super Shark only lasts for just over 80 minutes yet still I was bored & it felt like I had been watching it for days.

) To summarize your typical attack: A couple of stereotypical beach types, usually scantily-clad young women of questionable repute, stand around on the beach engaging in banal conversation ...

The shorter attacks all come from the really enjoyable surprise ambushes throughout here, from the boat attack on the pleasure divers, the multiple beat-front attacks on the group along the beach an the small military attacks gobbling on the soldiers throughout the beach which manages to give this a really solid based here for some even better long attacks that have a lot of great points about it.

Tim Abell and Catherine Annette are good enough in their roles and for the most part the characters are entertaining.

The story is not that exciting too, and the outcome is quite predictable.

I knew from the start, including the silly theme tune by Harvey Scales, that this film was going to be bad, the actors seem to be taking it all seriously, even with the stupid script, it is a simple concept, a shark mutated and going on a killing spree, but of course the shark and bloody deaths are highly unconvincing due to the absurdly awful special effects, a waste of time and rubbish science-fiction action film.

Don't waste your time!.

It somehow became entertaining, in an Ed Wood sort of way.