Superbad (2007) - Comedy

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Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Greg Mottola
Stars: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 132 out of 609 found boring (21.67%)

One-line Reviews (294)

There was a major hype around this thing, so I figured "Oh, maybe there is finally a comedy worth watching, because there haven't been any of them lately...

But I digress, it did have a definite hilarious scene in a party they gatecrash, which involves, what else, bodily fluids in the most unexpected of manners.

What distinguishes the movie, however, is the characters themselves, who essentially start together, then go their separate ways in the night of partying at unexpected places, and eventually linking back up in the end.

There are too many good films out there that deserve a look to waste your time and money on this.

I enjoyed it, failed to see it as a comedy.

I thought: "what a waste of time!

Pretty darn dull .

It's a coming of age story which is hilarious and makes you ponder at the same time.

The usual nasal boredom of their voices usually makes me want to shoot myself for listening the to movie going sheep who love these movies.

Superbad manages to be both enjoyable and touching, and not in the creepy-uncle sort of way, either.

Save your money.. don't see this movie.

The storyline is boring as hell and even the gross-out gags just weren't funny.

The film starts a little slow with Seth (Jonah Hill) picking up Evan (Michael Cera) at his house & checking out his mom (played by a shapely Stacey Edwards).

Unfortunately, it does feel long and drawn out overall, I can't remember a lull in the story, but the pacing just dragged a bit.

Whenever I watch a movie i usually look for some meaning or point, but i do settle for a pointless comedy once in a while.

Superbad gets the WillyT Comedic Crest for being endlessly funny and enjoyable.

For those of us who are disgusted by this language, save your money and see something else.

For instance, the bit with the 2 cops, played by Bill Hader and Seth Rogen was so silly, so over the top, it just wasn't funny at all and worst then that, it went on for way too long.

A strange coming of age film.

u will probably enjoy this under the extreme circumstances that u are utterly bored and there's no one to talk to,and u have already watched 18hrs of porno not stop.

But, despite the repetitive joking about getting BJs, it really came down to a movie about friendship and the pain of growing up.

DON'T Waste your money.

Im 17 years old and my first thought when I left the theater was this is so realistic.

I very rarely give up on a movie, and almost always watch until the end, no matter how bitter, but I gave up on this one due to sheer boredom.

The worst movie I have ever seen!!!.

I had two major complaints with "Superbad": one is that I can't stand the actor Jonah Hill, who unfortunately gets the bulk of the movie's screen time; the other is that I'm also tiring quickly of Seth Rogan, and his and Bill Hader's antics as the most irresponsible cops in the world provide the movie with its least funny moments, and serve only as a distraction from the much funnier and actually sort of sweet story about three teenagers' coming of age.

The plot itself involves booze, partying, and law enforcement, and somehow works these in to make a very absorbing story.

However, their mission to get to the party with booze becomes difficult when they face seemingly endless array of difficulties including Fogell's run-in with two amateur cops Officer Slater (played by Bill Hader) and Officer Michaels (played by Seth Rogen) who slow their plans down.

Don't waste your time or money .

None of the scenes or plots are funny, most are gross, lewd or sexually pointless.

It's a coming of age teenage angst film.

In short, while a few of the scenes are really worth watching (on hulu.

It's all the more stunning since that story - three losers try to get laid before they go to collage - is as old as Catherine Zeta-Jones' husband.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse in his screen debut as super-nerd Fogell makes an entertaining wild card, whose unexpected collusion with the two cops, is a total surprise.

Seth was carrying the movie and then all of a sudden he gets boring and the rest of the movie goes downhill in the middle of the movie.

Had I not read lots of reviews and known that it was going to end up being a somewhat good movie, I may have left early.

First time I've walked out of a movie since being dragged to some Ringwald dreck by a date in 1985.

Very enjoyable, and one that I hope to enjoy very often in the future.

That was an AWESOME movie, highly recommend it.

Seth and Evan were boring, forgettable characters.

What we didn't expect were ponderous scenes that went far too long for the humor available, pointless scenes with irrelevant characters that did nothing to enhance the story or the laughs.

While the storyline is semi predictable the intelligent script makes it something I would certainly recommend if your in need of a laugh.

Awful, boring, pointless .

Michael Cera was great, and most should find his performance here just as entertaining as his take on George Michael.

Anything that would have let me leave the theater feeling the least bit satisfied.

To start, the story was a little drawn out, it took them most of the film to arrive at this 'party' (which is supposed to be the main element of the film) and then only spent, 3 mins there.

And you can watch it over and over again even knowing everything what happens and still think that this is hilarious and enjoyable comedy.

Every so often though something like this turns up and puts a fresh spin on what is a faded and often cliché-laden tale.

Constant references to oral sex and annoying/unlikeable character (Seth & the cops) make for a mind numbing, pointless couple of hours.

Crude, crass jokes and pointless scenes throughout the film...

The talent and chemistry of stars Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and new comer Christopher Mintz-Plasse make the characters entertaining and relatable to Joe Average movie-goer.

When all is said and done, Superbad shouldn't let down the fans of other Apatow productions, and there are many entertaining jokes for everyone else too; particularly Seth's penis drawings are pretty creative and worth seeing, if that kind of humour is your thing.

This movie was so well written and honestly quite entertaining.

It IS a basic teen movie but the misadventures make it worth watching and it actually met the expectations that a lot of people touted.

McLovin was great and some of the other characters were really funny, but many of the scenes, especially the ones with the cops, were just boring filler.

The acting was pretty good, but the idea that idiotic dorks, drooling immaturely every ten minutes over stunning girls who are out of their reach, who actually turn out to be good guys who get the girl in the end, doesn't really work.

This was a waste of time and money and is probably the most UNFUNNY stuff to come out of the Hollywood garbage can for ages.

I found the movie slow, even boring at times.

I must say, curses can work, because I quite enjoyed 40-Year Old Virgin, but in this movie, it's just pointless and makes you want to shove a soap down their throat.

A highly entertaining coming of age comedy .

" What can I say, the ad was misleading, making me think there was actually some kind of plot and maybe a reason why I would waste two hours of my life on this film.

I just find it to be my prerogative, nay, my OBLIGATION to warn whoever I can about this total waste of time.

Waste of your money, time and brain cells.

Besides that, 'Superbad' is extraordinarily entertaining and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic teen comedy.

Nicely set up the comedy plot, but sometimes the characters are getting too predictable and too boring.

In 30+ years of movie-going I have never seen such a pile of puerile, unfunny, self-indulgent nonsense.

Congratulations to 'Superbad' on being the first film that I have ever walked out of.

A friend and I were bored one day and decided on seeing a movie.

This movie is predictable for those that have seen these already.

This review is so boring because there isn't much to talk about the movie.

"Superbad" is a total waste of time to watch.

Hilarious, never drags, always entertaining .

I am not normally into comedies, particularly ones that involve American teenagers coming of age sort of thing.

Then there is incredibly dull character who is probably supposed to be "positive hero".

While the film does have it's share of dull moments, the longer runtime ultimately brings about more laughs.

Rogen/Apatow/Evan's latest offering is right on the money, in this story about a couple of high school loser geeks trying to make some kind of impact on their dreary lives as they prepare to head out to college.

If none of these tests apply to you, save yourself the extreme boredom and waste of spending more than 1 second on this worthless endeavor.

It was a waste of time.

Please, don't waste your time even thinking about watching this.

The difference is this is a coming of age story of our males & 2 females.

But its silly little "social commentary" and its insistence on developing empty, one-dimensional characters are nothing short of pitiful.

Most people think "smart" comedy is pretentious, dry, and over your head.

The movie is too long - the scenes with the policemen were the least effective and could have been pared down a lot.

4) The storyline is cliché in parts.

If you mange to suffer through the boring tirade of swearing and vulgarity which adds nothing to the characters or story you will be treated to an ending where two dorks and a fat guy end up with three hotties, happens every day right!

I thought the first ten or fifteen minutes were the worst part of the movie .. they dragged on and on and were just profanity and teen bravado.

Heartfelt and riveting from the first frame to the last.

Boring and disgusting .

) But to deliver "special" as it promised, the movie might need a less trivial plot, a shorter running time, a plot that went productive places, fewer cop scenes, a more daring pretext (other than just setting a record for F-bombs), and leads that are enjoyable to identify with.

Both Hill and Cena hit each comedic note perfectly, and Hader and Rogen as the cliché cops add just the right amount of ridiculousness to make their inclusion forgivable.

That's what made them boring as all get-up.

The movie consists of a basic, yet entertaining plot and a whole host of rude and inappropriate jokes.

My biggest gripe here is that the film is too long for its nature (~110 minutes).

Can you say, "contrived plot point?

I think movies in which I am supposed to cheer on some insensitive teenage boy gets laid, as masculinity is defined by how many women you sleep with, are pathetic and pointless.

The jokes were really mundane, other than hear Seth say "fuck" about a million times over, there were only a few other jokes.

" Superbad was a great movie, but totally unexpected in the strangest of ways.


Also, since it has "George-Michael" in it from Arrested Development, I assumed it might be worth watching for that alone (the reason most people saw Licensed to Wed - for the Office cast members).

Really, it feels like I watched four hours, with the never ending scene at the grocery store, the the cops prowling, then the party where nothing happens.

My opinion of the movie is that its a really a good movie, fun and enjoyable especially for teens of the same age group as the characters.

I started squirming from boredom during the opening credits and stuck it out, for reasons unknown, up until the midway point before I had to leave.

The scenes with the cops and McLovin are boring and drag for too long and they go around in circles, not really going anywhere.

Otherwise, this film is worth watching.

An unexpected opportunity presents itself as they are invited to a "cool girls" party.

They all seem to share the problem that there needs to be a lull between these two acts where nothing seems to happen, and the whole film slows down as a result of it.

A smart as hell not to mention extreme vulgar,sidesplittingly funny that is one of the most enjoyable I had in ages and just to let you know this film has scenes of drug usuge too all involving teens.

Yeah a lot of comedies are like this, but I was literally bored the second time I tried to watch this.

Mildly entertaining .

next to that they should have some unexpected scenes!

It's a coming of age story which is hilarious and makes you ponder at the same time.

Listening to unlikable teens talk about sex CONSTANTLY is pretty dull and after half the film was over, I was done--sick of the film and amazed at how stupid people are who actually liked this drivel.

I'd have to say this one is more for the guys, and I thought it was a terrible waste of money.

The plot and characters were sometimes so stupid, it made me dislike the film but also really like it because these scenes of high school stupidity was very entertaining to someone who is just sitting down watching it.

But the middle section dragged on with unending stupid joke after stupid joke, which just eventually dragged on my nerves.

A complete and utter waste of time.

She continues to try and get him to do her, and he tells her, that maybe they should slow down.

Otherwise, if you have a functioning brain, this movie is just stupid and a waste of time.

The true reason that i didn't enjoy this film despite some moments that were genuinely entertaining cannot be put in one sentence, for it only becomes apparent after a long and drawn out explanation.

Superbad is the archetypal teen movie: ultra cliché premise, stereotyped characters, and a scenario that fits on a subway ticket.

He has tapped into the roots of what Gen-X and Gen Why-ers experienced in their lives and made them into entertaining movies.

Superbad is worth watching...

Even though I've seen it before in one form or another, I still thought it was funny, particularly the first half hour or so and also the last half hour, the middle dragged a bit.

to predictable!

Watching the two main characters talk about sex, vaginas, penises etc. was boring, and there are a number of memorably lame parts, such as Seth talking about how he loved to draw penises as a kid and how he got in trouble for it, Francis (the guy who takes Seth and Evan to a different party where they can steal some alcohol) getting beaten up, Seth getting period blood on his pants, etc. The scenes with Fogell out with the two crazy cops also didn't usually amuse me.

-s some really annoying/gross/boring scenes, weak stereotypical end, NO REALLY BIG FUNNY SCENE.

This film along with Hairspray and Knocked Up (featuring some of the same personnel as this film) is one of the most entertaining and fun times I've had so far this year at the movies.

Although this is a teen movie, and yet another teen "gross out" movie, I'm in my 50s and enjoyed it very much.

This was pretty darn dull.

Irreverent, Snappy and Unpredictable, Superbad is One of the Decade's Best Comedies .

Don't get me wrong, crude can sometimes be funny, hell I quite liked American Pie and 40 Year Old Virgin, but they at least had a bit more depth than this waste of our money.

Mintz-Plasse is very much a simple physical gag but he is an enjoyable one and works well with Rogen and Hader despite their thread being one of the dumbest parts of the film.

"Aside from the three main characters, everyone else is a tired stereotype, from the stupid cops of Seth Rogen and Bill Hader (played with enough pizazz to overshadow their cliché-ness), to the naïve liquor store counter girl who accepts a clearly highly suspicious fake ID, to the girls merely existing so that the main characters can (or cannot) have sex with them.

Don't be fooled by the trailer, the trailer makes it look funny, enjoyable, and pleasant.

A simple, fun, and occasionally, but thankfully only occasionally, contrived story.

Superbad (2007)Rated R (crude humour/sexuality/language/drug use/some violence) A bunch of clever people have figured out that stupid, pointless teenage movies make money at the box office.

This movie steers in many unique directions, and becomes quite unpredictable.

Superbad, on the other hand, has no message.

The film is funny and emotionally engaging which is what it really needs to be, and thus some of the dud jokes and 2-D characters are easy to forgive.

What I also love about Superbad is that this film takes place during the course of one day and night because when a film is set during one day anything can happen in one day that can change a persons life and in this film the things and events that happen in this film wild,funny,unpredictable and very surprising.

Considering that the cinema was largely populated with teenagers, who I assume are this films target audience, I think that speaks volumes for its hilarity or lack thereof £13.00 to watch this, don't waste your money.

I found it very funny and highly entertaining which is all I have ever asked for from a film.

It was the first time I actually felt like replicating that scene from "Family Guy" where Stewie flew out to Hollywood to slap a director in the face for causing him to waste 90 minutes of his life on such a patently worthless and unentertaining disaster.

In short, save your money for better newer movies, such as "Knocked Up".

The starting point of this movie is a theme that's come up before--it's basic to Brian Robbins' silly and stupid but entertaining 'The Perfect Score' (2004): two best friends in high school are going to be separated because one got into a good college and the other didn't.

Superbad is super-sad, disappointing, dull, lifeless and not very funny or gross.

I'm all for freedom of expression and particularly freedom of sexual expression, and freedom in comedy, where nothing is sacred, and long live Lenny Bruce and all that, but the obscenity in this movie becomes a bit tiresome after a while.

This is not a chick flick but anyone who was ever a young male, will relate to this great coming of age film.

It all makes for a good, enjoyable romp with a funky soundtrack (I loved the beginning credit sequence!

Seriously, don't waste your time or your money.

generally it's a sequence of unconnected events, really bad plot and dull stuff.

Recommended if you want to waste 2 hours of your life by watching tripe.

There was a particularly gross-out scene (but with hilarious if crude reactions) and a couple of dodgy references, but in all, it was very enjoyable and I could easily watch again.

It's a coming of age story which is hilarious and makes you ponder at the same time.

Another nice thing about Superbad is that the crude and explicit nature of jokes are smartly exploited which makes them enjoyable eliminating the gross element.

Entertaining and Candid .

Both times, I have literally had sore jaws from laughing and smiling so much and tonight I actually laughed more than I did the first time, mainly because the characters are so believably funny and entertaining in the way they have been written.

Worst movie of the year, hands down .

It's a perfectly fine source of entertainment all be it slightly too self-indulgent and aware of its moral responsibility.

Easier said than done; all their attempts at buying liquor go wrong in unexpected ways, leading to a series of more or less unfortunate events involving the duo's geeky friend Fogell, also known as "McLovin" (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

What I cant get around is the horrific banality with which the obnoxious Jonah Hill character uses sexual dialog.

In fact, once the film gets past it's slow opening it has a good pace reminding me of Tom Hanks "Bachelor Party" from the 1980's in pacing.

Michael Cera was great, and most Arrested Development fans should find his performance here just as entertaining as his take on the George Michael character he played on that show.

I honestly think this might be the worst movie I've seen in months.

Sometimes it was like watching a conversation going very slowly from start to beginning, but flapping its wings very intensely, so much so that it gets tiresome.

I thought it would be funny, but it turned out to be dull and really not that funny.

If you're into that kind of stuff, this is a movie worth watching.

The laughs are intense and never stop.

It is simply the worst movie ever.

Unfortunately, the performance lows are the already minimal female parts, who, unlike the believably crafted male characters, generally come across as contrived and often simply reduced to simply eye candy, though Martha MacIsaac and Emma Stone as the lust objects of the lead duo manage to give charismatic enough performances despite their disappointingly poorly written roles.

What a waste of money!

Michael Cera was great in Arrested Development, but just another boring teenager in this film, with a fat loudmouth Penis lover and a revenge of the nerd type dork for friends.

Coming of age.

Nothing happens.

By far the most unexpected movie for me in such a long time.

Michael Cera seems to be only able to play the same boring, nerdy, over thinking, teen character in every single movie he is in, and Jonah Hill is not much better.

His device of choice; the realism and awkwardness of the coming of age (or in 40 year old virgin's case, the awkwardness of never have came of age).

By the time the obnoxious, way-over-the-top cops came on, I was ready to leave.

This is not to say that the movie doesn't have its moments (the Thai last name "Phuck" was hilarious), but these are so in between mean jokes, mumblecore dialogue and boring drama, that you don't really enjoy it.

A stunning and hilarious comedy from the crowd who brought us "Knocked Up" and "40-Year-Old Virgin".

Superbad could be described as a sort of feel good film for recent high school graduates, or those reflecting back with a nostalgic tear on the crazy carefree days of their youth, or it could be described as a raucous, profane and gut bustingly hilarious take on the teenage dream, or at least a romanticized version of it - the reality being, the film somehow manages to seamlessly blend the two, distributing heartfelt sentiment with a cheery smile and an unapologetic innuendo, making the end result far more enjoyable than it had any right to be.

Their adventure is complicated by Fogell's falling in with two inept cops who both slow and assist the plan.

Don't waste your time on this, re-watch American Pie as it's in another league.

This film is wicked and manages to tap into the bizarre mix of teen confusion and angst (which inevitably only becomes hilarious when we are old enough to look back at it!

Maybe he made 1 or 2 funny jokes but he was pretty boring for the amount of time he took up.

Revel instead on the entertaining performances by the bombastic Hill and the reserved Cera - these guys act as if they've known each other all their lives, the chemistry's so good.

I had more than 20 moments in which I was bored and waited for it to end

I only give Superbad a 2 because I do like the young actors, but the material and script they were given was just too unbelievable, unfunny, and unnecessarily gross to be entertaining.

Slow, too slow, and boring.

Overall then a reasonably enjoyable genre comedy that benefits from the writing of current "men of the moment" Rogen and Goldberg as well as Cera being in the cast.

Superbad delivers in the department of laughs because the jokes are oftentimes unexpected.

I am now wondering whether I should waste my time with Pinapple Express...

Most of the scenes are so contrived that they require a Herculean effort to not shout "oh come on" every few minutes.

To my surprise, the movie did have quite a bit of this excessive kind of humor, but I somehow enjoyed it because of the directing and acting.

Superbad was extremely entertaining .

Joining them are several other intriguing characters.

McLovin character was engaging and sympathetic.

It is very painfully predictable, boring, and just a waste of time and money.

Fogel "McLovin" (Christopher Mintz-Plasse ) is definitely the best character in the movie, and Bill Hader and Seth Rogan make great appearances as bored cops out or a little fun.

It did have its moments of hilarity, but it also had its moments of boredom.

The scene with the cops was far too long.

For least but not last Christopher Mintz-Plasse, he brings a fresh air to a really boring part of the movie and his entrance in the movie is probably the only one that made me give the most honestly laugh all the entire movie.

Michael Cera was great, and most Arrested Development fans should find his performance here just as entertaining as his take on the George Michael character he played on that show.

Its a rare occurrence to hear dialog this realistic with characters we care about from start to finish while keeping it consistently entertaining with the substance provided.

A great movie, but totally unexpected.

Many situations had great potential but seemed to end in a bland void and, while I very much appreciated the character Fogell, this made it all so more frustrating as the whole story around him resulted in totally unbelievable fantasy about those cool, anarchic cops adopting him as their partner in crime.

As they wander over the empty nighttime streets in a strange alternate Universe where no parents are ever around to recognize them, they are forced to confront their impending maturity while dropping their witty facades and coming to terms with their friendship and reliance of each other.

In the first 15 minutes of this movie I wanted to turn it off.

If you're a fan of comedies and you have yet to watch Superbad, I highly recommend it.

every time you though it was going to slow down, something in the plot just Changed and kept building up laughs!

You'll laugh so hard at his time spent with the police, you'll need some Motrin and an ice pack by the time you leave the theater.

wow that was the biggest waste of money i think i've ever made....

Occasionally the two cops (Bill Hader, Seth Rogan) are annoying because they are just too stupid, but they mostly made the movie more enjoyable.

This movie was insipid, uninspired, vapid, tiresome, trite and wasn't even effective at its attempts at vulgarity.

It is indeed "superbad", possibly one of the worst movies I've seen...

The chemistry between both Cera and Hill creates a dynamic that is enjoyable to watch.

Really dull.

to put it politely , overly dull, in everything they do.

After half an hour I was bored to sleep and had to switch it off.

Well actually pathetic and boring is what it turned out to be.

Jonah Hill was surprisingly funny as a stereotypical tough-wannabee nerdy guy, and actually compensates for Cera (strange how Cera got all the buzz for 'Superbad', though considering how pretentious Hill ended up now him receiving it could have been worse).

This movie must be one of the worst movies ever made.

The plot is as old as they come: Male high school student buddies have two weeks 'til graduation, want to have sex before said school is out, must get alcohol along the way or this quest is apparently meaningless, experience unrealistic obstacles along the way, blah, blah, blah (yawn).

While the same humor is used, it lacks character emotion for the viewer to care, gross moments that are meant to be funny but dragged out four minutes too long, and an over abundance of bitching and moaning.

Also, since the film combines screwball elements and realistic dialogue makes it quite engaging.

Totally unexpected .

Irritating, moronic and pointless .

I was -so- bored I wanted to leave halfway through.

Teenage years are a fuzzy and confusing time.

No real plot, just random segments of stupid people running around making idiots out of themselves and others.

Don't get me wrong, I can tolerate profanity just fine, but this was profanity for profanity's sake, pointless.

This movie is a good example of a complete entertaining story and is a memorable drama.

Michael Cera is an effeminate, monotone wreck.

Funny and engaging teen comedy .

Hilarious, but a little Cliché and Lazy .

If you can get past the beginning though it turns out to be a decent comedy worth watching.

I never walk out of a movie, but I walked out of this one because of the language, subjects, characters, and situations.

The plot was trite and in many spots, slow.

What Jude does is add a slight twist to the genre, which is sometime satirical, sometimes slapstick, sometimes just plain funny, and at others just plain irritating or boring.

It dragged and dragged on.

They merely talked about vaginas and it was pointless.

It is a smart, witty, and factual teen movie side-stepping clichés and underwritten primary characters, while at the same time remaining funny and entertaining until the end.

While comparisons with American Pie and Porkys are bound to be made, Superbad is really in a class of its own; it's a funny, entertaining and above all fond homage to the writer's teen years, one that when it isn't tickling you with its well-observed humour it's showing you its soul - something most teen comedies don't.

Others will be bored/offended.

And also what's good about this is that you can't predict the next move or the next line,scenario is so creative and unexpected.

It's witty, crass, crude, situational, engaging & quite memorable.

Look beyond the surface and you'll find a really entertaining movie.


Worst movie I ever saw.

It takes place in the run-up to a big party (being hosted by the stunning Emma Stone) and a pair of losers are looking to get booze so that they can get their possible dates drunk and go from there.

This movie just drags on and on and on with boring irrelevant conversations between the characters that have nothing to do with the plot.

It's a scrappy, messy, disorganized, terribly pace, slow, maudlin, and really the directors made no effort to build a story.

I can honestly say,every gut in 9th grade should be required to watch this just so we can keep the kids entertaining,and the cops too.

Superbad was just unexpected.

Seth Rogen films are always fun and entertaining.

It's a coming of age story which is hilarious and makes you ponder at the same time.

The story is great and moves along a fantastic pace mixing character stories between each other and running into one another with unpredictable and funny circumstances.

He is sometimes funny but too predictable.

The final half hour is slow and quite honestly, not that funny.

Definitely worth watching...

But if you have seen the movie Rush Hour 3 and your bored with your girlfriend or boyfriend then yeah just go see it.

The movie, honestly, was the single worst movie of modern times and recent memory that I have ever seen or been subjected to.

This dire waste of celluloid is an insult to audiences, a cynical attempt to produce a formulaic teen comedy which steals ideas from a hundred films that have done it before, and done it a hundred times better.

These guys made the flick entertaining and pretty much saved it.

The boldest highlight of the movie, one of the funniest and most enjoyable things I've seen in a movie lately, is the plot strand involving Seth Rogen and Bill Hader as two cops who have no inhibitions with rebelliously fudging the law for their own good time and bringing the character well known by even those have yet to see the film as McLovin, played with a stunning dose of gawkiness by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, along for the rest of their shift, letting him do things like fire a gun and have beers with them, all leading to the message the film sends pertaining to people even older than those who will be seeing this movie and understanding the virginal naiveté of the characters.

Actually it sort of does have a plot, which is the friendship of Seth and Evan that is about to be broken as they will enter college, but that part only brings down the movie in my opinion; it's boring.

This whole movie was pointless, it wasn't even that entertaining.

This entertaining comedy is more of a coming of age film than the ultimate party movie.

The soundtrack made this film different from others and direction made it enjoyable even at those parts which weren't funny (which didn't supposed to be funny).

The storyline is interesting, the further-on execution is, as mentioned, witty, crass, crude, situational, engaging & quite memorable.

I generally don't like the "dumb humor" genre, however Superbad was very enjoyable.

In those hectic and unpredictable years the biggest issue focused on is almost universally sex.

The fat kids obnoxious quips got old, and the skinny kids monotone voice made him seem bored all the time.

My expectations ran high given that filmmaker Judd Apatow produced the film, and as he proved with "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up", he can bring unexpected heart into the most absurdly comical of situations.

I'm not kidding, this one goes on my Top 5 Worst Movies EVER Made, and takes the #2 slot.

One was loud and obnoxious and pretty vile, the other was a charisma vacuum and dull to the point of being in a coma.

I was really hoping for a hilarious coming of age story, instead I got something that mostly boring and really kind of gross.

Only film I have ever walked out of.

The first time I saw it left me with a wide smile grinning from ear to ear after I walked out the theatre.

Superbad was one of those movies I decided to check out because I was bored and for some reason I decided to waltz down memory lane and remind my-self of all the mischief I got into high school.

Overall the movie was very entertaining.

It has got to be one of the absolute worst movies I have ever watched.

But it was really one of the worst movies I have seen this year!

The filmmakers attempt to make the scenes of male bonding touching, but they are rather contrived and lame.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen it's not worth the time or money.

One of the worst movie I ever saw.

The worst movie ever.

It was just a way to waste a bit of time.

Suderbad is a very funny and entertaining movie.

An entertaining though surprisingly vituperative commentary track is on Disc One with the cast and crew split between LA and New York.

Don't waste your time with this one...

As confused as it is boring .

but well worth watching.

It was so well written and honestly quite entertaining.