Superman Returns (2006) - Action, Sci-Fi

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Superman returns to Earth after spending five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton. But he finds things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove himself important to the world.

Director: Bryan Singer
Stars: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 275 out of 1000 found boring (27.5%)

One-line Reviews (788)

I have seen superman returns and I enjoyed it a lot.

When it's good, it's REALLY good, but when it's boring, it's REALLY boring.

The only let down was an ending that went on a little long and was maybe supposed to be suspenseful, was really just time ticking away at the end.

Luthor's plot seems to be a bit outlandish (even more so then say sinking California into the ocean) and the various schemes that he goes trough to get to that point serve to slow down the pace of the film considerably and create the only boring parts of the film.

However, it is too long and the co-stars are not sufficiently exploited, leaving it a little short on humour.

You are far better off viewing these concise and charming episodes than in owning this pretentious, bloated grave robbing.

The way that the entire story was told was in a dull manner, never providing the true character moments that even the atrocity, Superman IV remembered and provided.

Unfortunately most conversations taste empty and stay on the surface.

It could have probably been about twenty minutes shorter or had a bit more action, as the middle act does get a bit slow.

Satisfying and entertaining.

Enjoyable .

Just watching Superman move is engrossing.

154 minutes of pure boredom is not worth your time.

You are basically dooming the human race to slow starvation, possibly cannibalism, so much for the greatest criminal mastermind of all time.


I am in agreement with many on here; the plot line of Superman having a son was horribly used and incredibly boring.

Anyone who remembers watching Richard Donner's 1978 film will recall the great sense of anticipation built up by a winning combination of (for the time) state of the art graphics, sound effects and John Williams' rousing score.

Brandon Routh is breathtakingly, impossibly beautiful and you can trust that in a Bryan Singer movie stunning looking people will populate the screen.

The rest so boring you could cry.

There are some truly touching scenes that will surprise you and Routh also shows he can definitely act especially in his short but intense scene alongside a pro like Kevin Spacey.

Nothing happens in the third act!

Overall "Superman Returns" isn't a "Godfather" or "Shawshank" but it is a great film that is very well made and most importantly, it's fun and entertaining.

leave the memory of the first Superman in your head and save yourself from this pointless waste of time!

Meanwhile, arch nemesis Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) who's goal for world domination (cliché) is still on his mind and wants to finally render Superman of his powers once and for all.

Superman Returns is one of those modern blockbusters that while enjoyable lingers in the memory for about five seconds.

I think too many of the characters were on the bland side; 2 - Although there was some humor in here, there wasn't enough.

It's exciting, fun, engrossing, entertaining, and very satisfying.

Kate Bosworth brings nothing interesting to the role of Lois Lane, she's just so wet and dull.

Very little good aspects can be picked off this ridiculously long and slow running film which has little to offer in terms of character development and moments, exciting action, amazing visuals or even in terms of acting and writing.

All the comic book parodies of the Bulletproof One are far more compelling than the original: DC's self-serving Booster Gold, who uses a robot from the future to tell him where to be to save people in order to cash in on sponsorships and merchandising; Marvel's Sentry, whose computer Cloc tells him where to go to eliminate the guilt of not being able to save everyone; and Marvel's Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme, a tool of the US government who plots to overthrow the world and install himself as ruler.

Still, it's a well-acted, well-produced film that is entertaining and does justice to a beloved character.

There are a few uninteresting "battles" against the occasional street thug, a lot of flying around just for show and the climax of this heap of disaster made me laugh out loud.

this was just as most big budget films ,another bad cliché predictable movie...

While there are a lot of scenes that are entertaining, funny, romantic, exciting, you name it, the movie as a whole just doesn't have any exciting or even interesting story to tell and one ends up enjoying this bit and that but still being kind of bored by the whole thing and not really caring about what happens to the characters.

Routh isn't a bad superman, but he portrays Superman very dull and without any emotion and he fails as Clark Kent.

While not perfect, it still is one of the best films of the year with thrilling special effects, a new kick ass exhilarating musical score which incorporates John William's Superman theme, and a worthy cast with maybe the exception of Kate Bosworth.

In presenting us with his vision of the caped wonder, director Bryan Singer forgets one very important thing: to make his film entertaining.

Highly entertaining comic book movie .

If you are too bored or if you have too much time than you can spend,than watch it...

" for 45 solid minutes while NOTHING happens?

They more than make up for the other problems with solid directing and breathtaking views of the Man of Steel saving a crashing airplane and flying through clouds and other objects.

The acting is not there, at all, the 'plot twist' is obvious, the attempts to make superman more realistic make him dull, this movie is everything wrong with the old movies under the hand of Bryan Singer, the man who made 'Jack the Giant Killer' (one of the my favourite mythological characters) boring!

Most of the scenes seemed to have been taken out of some soap opera - they were boring and long, talking about feeling and god knows what, lacking all the action expected from a superman film.

Because I'm boring see again superman has troubles with kryptonite.

2) Kate Bosworth is simply the weakest, blandest, most boring Lois Lane ever.


Whereas the Spiderman and Batman films were fresh and entertaining, this was neither and will be long forgotten before them.


Fifteen years of empty promises, bad ideas, and false starts all culminated in this...

When the sequel comes out, i'm sure there will be more action, as this film was more of a build up, yet entertaining none the less.

She Semms too dull and bland to play a character like this.

The story of the film was really bland, whether it was luthors ridiculously stupid plan or the stupid romance between Lois and kal El.

Superman Returns offers better action-scenes than any other superhero-movie, and the CGI looks stunning, Superman flying has never looked so believable or impressive.

"Superman Returns" was made very similar to "Spider-man 2," slower with plenty of emphasis on the characters.

Possibilities of excitement within the scenes where glossed over and made uneventful.

I just think this movie has its moments, but I was really disappointed when i went and watched it with my friends, everyone was like, this movie is to boring and the worst part is it's too long!

There were hundreds of little things that were quite enjoyable about the movie Superman Returns.

Is this film worth watching?

This movie bored me in the first half an hour.

The movie starts with a very uninspiring scene.

But all complaints aside, I thought "Superman Returns" was a rousing success.

,,,a few plot holes, but it was still an enjoyable movie 4th, Superman IV:The Quest for Peace....

The scenes were not done in an exciting way like Spiderman stopping a running train in Spiderman II, for example, and, for the outcome being so predictable, were too repetitive and took too much time.

As he drifts through the city, pierces the clouds and leaves the earth's atmosphere, he is now more graceful and enjoyable to watch than ever.

It just doesn't come together, nothing worthy of attention happens for half of the movie, the story starts evolving only half way through, when everyone is dead asleep with their heads in their empty popcorn tubes.

I couldn't understand anyones frustration with the movie; I admit it did go along for a bit with nothing happening, but thats just a good build up and the subplot goes along with it to make a greater action packed sequel.

there's cool action sequences here and their but it was pretty much boring and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

Way too long.

The script is completely uneven with a much better second half and the first half that came across as boring, the story is outlandish at times, and the pacing is beyond sluggish.

Not only does Superman return in this movie, but he also manages to bore the pants off an audience who have been waiting patiently for him for what seems like an eternity.

I went into this movie expecting an exciting movie and I'm not lying when i say the only seen that was exciting was the plane seen.

One may find it more entertaining to muse on Superman's sexuality, vaguely hinted upon when the Daily Planet tries to cover his return in paparazzi-like detail, or even what his inflated, poorly colored chest logo is made of, rather than really think about the movie.

This film will make you laugh and cry, it is a very enjoyable experience.

Where "Superman Returns" really falters is in its story, which is quite generic and lacks the exciting turns it needed.

If not for superman IV,which the franchise was killed i'd say this was a total waste of time Any how I'm not a big superman fan,so I guess you guys can tell.


The cast is rather uncharismatic; Brandon Routh looks the part but is a cypher, Kate Bosworth is too young and bland to be convincing as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey goes through the motions as Lex Luthor.

Other than missing what should have been a slam-dunk for the costume department, they went on to miss taking advantage of one of the most visually stunning things in movies today...

I left the theater disgusted, realizing that I just watched post-modern Superman, not the original.

" It's a solid film and very entertaining.

This last film is such a transition episode towards something else that has not come yet and may never come that it is plain nostalgic, pathetic and pointless.

The climax of the movie, whitewashed and drawn out to death, doesn't even culminate in any semblance of an epic battle and sees Superman pull of a feat so implausible and with such a mass of Kryptonite that the audience can't expect to not be painfully jolted out of the experience.

Kate Bosworth is terribly bland, and losing her blonde hair is like Samson losing his hair.

They tried to make up for a bland Superman and Lois with the FX - I was bored after 30 minutes with 2.5 hours to go...

Thrilling, High Powered, Emotional .

It's a waste of money, and also what's worse, over 2 hours of your life!

Throughout the movie, you see Clark Kent/Superman attempt to reconcile with Lois after the unexpected disappearance, and then try to keep the city safe after countless potential tragedies occur.

First, as so often with blockbusters, the whole thing is too long (154 minutes).

The message is ,so sorry they had a situation like Batman Begins creators had ,this is just a first part,but Batman Begins was more intense like this film.

When I think the candy I was eating during the film was more enjoyable then the film itself, then there's something wrong...

The Story line is interesting but again, so clichéd and predictable that it is painful.

Too long and boring .

The rest of it is dull and constrained by over-production.

Second: it lacks action: seems incredible, but (except that for the airplane scene) all the hero-actions depicted in the movie aren't that spectacular you could expect, with slow rhythm.

The origin stuff is botched and the time line confusing.

Things begin on a particularly bad footing, and people who are unfamiliar with the Superman story will find themselves scratching their heads in confusion.

What is this, a super hero story or a desperately slow poor love story?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this movie is the word: "unexpected.

I can't really hone in on a particularly bad part of the film, as most of it is just mind numbingly dull.

What made the original films so wonderful was their ability to balance a fun and light-hearted comedic edge with an exciting adventure story.


Exciting, classy movie .

Super Boring .

The worst movie I ever see .

This movie has some of the worst dialog I've seen come from Kevin Spacey's mouth and Parker Posey must have been paid a fortune to keep her performance as dull as this.

I watched the movie last night, I was literally sad as I walked out the theater.

The visuals are many times stunning with great visual effects.

NEW SUPERMAN: after the trite reduction of a cultural classic the new SM emerges as a brooding father with no clue about what to do next - with Lois - with his powers - with Earth.

If you can get past the long running time the movie foes offer some intense action sequences with small doses of humor, a little romance, character development, some suspense, and good acting by the cast that makes it worth the time to watch at least once.


Boring and useless.

Kate Bosworth is bland and unconvincing as Lois Lane...

Its like the first Spiderman, Boring with a few nice action sequences.

It was confusing as to whether or not Jason was Superman's son until the very final scene of the film.

The one spark in this otherwise dull flick is Kevin Spacey, who plays the infamous cue-ball arch enemy of supes, Lex Luthor.

And normally I don't even pay attention to the length of movies in a negative sense(normally when a good movie is long it takes time to tell a story which can improve the movie), but in this case the movie is too long and boring.

Now I know plot isn't usually a strong point in comic book films, but it really is slow and uninspiring.


At two and a half hours, it is also intensely boring.

This was the most predictable and disappointing movie I have ever seen.

I said that this was one of the greatest movies because like the original 1978 film, though this is mind blowing and heartfelt, it lacks the awesomeness of superman actually fighting someone a la superman 2.

I felt the storyline was also slow and weak in that it tended to follow Superman and his relationship with Lois.

This movie is slow, uninvolving and anti-climatic.

Over all the movie was okay as i said it was too damn long and some parts i rather fall asleep.

To top that off, the story was drawn out and it ended up being a huge mess that you could not relate to in any way.

But they can't make up for a long, dull film.

In my opinion i found this movie to be quite boring.

The extras were even picked well as you see intense amazement and joyfulness to see their long gone superhero return.

Visually, the film was as beautifully done as any I've ever seen, but the pace was pokey and overly drawn-out.

this was the first truly enjoyable Superman since 1983.

Director Bryan Singer wisely chooses to emphasize the romance over the storyline which is little more than the usual generic silliness about Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) inventing a machine that will allow him to take over the world (ho hum).

Superman Returns is boring, mainly because you just don't care about Clark Kent.

The opening credits while beautiful lasted far too long and I found rather than get you in the mood by the time they were done you were completely disinterested.

He lacks the muscles, lacks the acting chops, and just overall appears pretty bland.

The direction was banal to the point of being irrelevant, Singer showed absolutely none of the guile and intelligence that he showed in his earlier directorial offerings, such as The Usual Suspects.

I personally think they could have aimed a little higher with the tension and villains, but overall still an enjoyable hero flick.

The biggest virtues of Routh's movie are breathtaking action sequences filled with special effects.

Overall the movie was okay, it was fairly entertaining.

They feel drawn out, because Superman's inevitable triumph is a no brainer.

The film is VISUALLY entertaining.

Now that Superman has returned and everyone has accepted him back, it will be exciting to see (hopefully) some action packed sequels to build on what happened in this movie.

I actually walked out before the end out of boredom!

Unfortunately, this movie is bland beyond belief.

I found myself yawning whenever conversations within the film exceeded a couple of minutes; In these times, we ask for more, and this weakness is indicative of the overall problem.

When Richard, Lois and her kid fly back to retrieve Superman (once again, putting the child at risk) the catatonic (or bored) kid casually mentions seeing Superman in the ocean.

This film is slow and tedious at times.

Why is predictable??

You could pick holes in these plot points, but it is all quite plausible and entertaining up until the final quarter.

Boring, Bad, Terrible, American Cliché at its best.

A waste of time, talent and money.

) films, such as The Fantastic Four, or the last X-men film, would find Superman Returns to be boring due it's lack of resemblance to a video game or music video.

The filmmakers threw a great big world-threatening plot by Lex Luthor into what was otherwise an entertaining yarn about the incredibly complex situation that Superman finds himself in when he returns after an unannounced five year hiatus.

Wonderful, heartfelt and exciting movie .

- had an boring, pointless kid at 19 and still found time to forge a career as a Pullitzer-prize (sorry, Pyoolitzer) -winning journo without going to university, or even graduating high school.

The gatling gun scene is fun, but it is amateurish, showy and pointless.

Overall, it was extremely entertaining to watch.

This movie bland movie goes nowhere .

Either way, Superman is a fictitious character at best and so the movie was entertaining.

Boring special effects, or kind gross-out stuff, like the bullet bouncing off S's eyeball.

Most bad movies can at least be funny, but Superman Returns is just a boring waste of time and money.

One good aspect, though, is the slow pace, the sets and the music.

The boy, were a nice, if hot exactly unexpected twist.

Complete Borefest .

The film dragged from one predictable clichéd scene to the next.

The special effects are eye-popping and thrilling.

His Luthor is an insane and very entertaining character to watch and he gets some of the best lines.

Superman is indeed back, and the delight Bryan Singer obviously felt in being responsible for his return is communicated through a film that is as rich and subtle as it is visually exciting.

Also Bosworth is disappointing as Lois Lane, and certainly you would expect more from Kevin Spacey but his Lex Luthor is more dull and never seems threatening or capable to inspire fear in any sense.

On the plus side, the f-x sequences are worth watching.

He brings a sense of realism to comic book heroes, but with that also comes a sense of the mundane.

The meat and bones of the film were also handled extremely well; the pacing was spot on, the dialogue snappy, crisp and economic.

But in truth: the story is plodding, not believable (in a bad way), and has no real color or pizazz.

The film has a highly predictable plot line.

Disappointing, boring and in general a waste of time.

I was amazed by how thrilling the movie Superman Returns was.

The couple of plot twists, particularly a certain paternity question, are moderately intriguing.

With lack of story or character it seems like "Superman Returns" should have returned to the drawing board.

After the movie was over I sit in my chair and thought "WOW" incredible, entertaining = speechless.

The ocean scenery is even bland compared to other films.

The many "stunning" visuals seem too manufactured to me.

The action, on the odd occasions that it occurs, is predictable and simply doesn't provide the edge-of-the-seat suspense that even the 1978 original managed despite the appalling special effects.

The story of Lex Luthor's attempt to 'grow' a new Krypton landmass is dull and uninvolving and the tone of the film is too downbeat.

If you saw the trailer with the Super Man trying to save the jet airliner in distress, then you've seen the most exciting part.

He Duels with those and Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) as the Riveting Story unfolds.

It is a slow, slow movie, visually beautiful but not that great in the logic department.

it is soo long, weighing in at about 2.5 hours and the action scenes are just so derivative and boring.

Conclusion: This movie was wonderful, I loved the story which was completely engaging.

so we have to think that Lane is attracted only from the popularity of a person as the dullest of the groupies???

I was looking forward to reliving the excitement that watching Superman bought me as a child, and I must admit when I heard the theme song the goosebumps came out and i was on the edge of my seat.

Lois Lane an uninspiring character.

As well as that archive footage of Marlon Brando as Superman's father is used in the Fortress of Solitude scenes, and best of all Singer retains John William's rousing theme score that helps give the movie a real sense of event.

About Batman vs Superman or some like this - the worst movie ever made about superman and batman.

Kate Bosworth has moments where she nails it as Lois Lane, and others where she is defeated by the boring material.

Kate Bosworth was pretty terrible as Louis Lane; flat, boring with zero chemistry and missing any of the fun banter/high-jinx I expected from her character.

There is a quick short, "Resurrecting Jor-El", that is somewhat interesting to see how the Brando footage was prepared, as well as fifteen minutes of relatively uninteresting deleted scenes.

The introduction and treatment of Superman's son (Jason) was sloppy and confusing.

After all, it is the return of the worlds favorite superhero and the visuals are stunning.

This movie is a visually pretty 2.5 hours of bland nothingness.

Seeing Superman fly is more breathtaking than ever.

What really took up too much time for me was Lois Lane and that drab, dibble of a story line.

You can have great special effects, beautiful people, but if the script is slow is bad, the whole movie goes down the drain.


I'm a fan of comic book adaptations now, but Singer fumbles the ball completely, preferring to concentrate on plot rather than action – pretty much the opposite of the tightly-woven and utterly entertaining SPIDER-MAN flicks.

it is, sadly, dull.

Running well over two hours, the film runs at a sometimes plodding pace and some scenes are drawn out a lot.

Brandon Routh is a little bland as our hero: his clean-cut all-American features instantly forgettable, his performance that of someone who rarely raises their head above the parapet of TV acting.

Singer is trying so hard to make this an intelligent film, that he forgets to make it entertaining.

Kevin Spacey was OK at best as Lex, but still in the 21th century a "regular" villain who reveals his secret plans to the woman he kidnapped then just do what he needs to do is too much of a cliché you would find yourself standing up in the cinema yelling "MY GOD MAN!

This kind of slow build-up makes for much better movies than over-packed and bombastic movies such as what they made with the subsequent reboot, Man of Steel, which really had little to show for except unremitting CGI action, when compared to Superman Returns.

maybe the worst movie ever .

"Superman Returns," however, is a formulaic, 2-dimensional portrayal of the quintessential superhero, based on the previous films rather than the comics.

My main problem with the story line and the movie as a whole is that it is a little too slow.


The resurgence of superhero films in the last decade has been faster than a speeding bullet (I like that cliché).

In spite of all that, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it.

While all the actors deliver good performances, the script is awful and there is no storyline.

Spacey's Luthor is just an aggressive baldy guy and this is very boring to watch.

Singer has managed to create a film so uninspiring, unoriginal, undemanding and basically a complete rape of the mythos of this character, that one has to question as to whether or not Singer understood the ideals behind the hero as opposed to relying on the breathtaking imagery to pass the film.

I can't say this was a major disappointment since my expectations going in were modest at best, but this thing was sooo shockingly mundane; nothing in this movie stirs up much excitement or comes close to matching the awe and wonder Richard Donner's film fashioned so exuberantly.

The problem with this film is that it is so dull.

It's difficult to believe that the same guy who directed the watchable X-MEN movies could have come up with something so unwatchable.

Brian Routh takes on the Superman role in this latest film, and gives one of the most bland and uninspired performances in superhero film history.

Superman returns is a boring movie for whoever has ever seen his previous cinema features.

Average; slow-moving in places .

this one is absolutely better than last two superman movies but it has no script depth and it is way too long(ridiculously)that you may fell asleep in the theater(it did for me)or on your couch.

The movie is boring.

Routh does well with his resemblance to Christopher Reeve, Spacey is fantastically sinister as Luthor, Posey does have some good one-liners as his sassy moll, and the special effects make all scenes pretty exciting.

It's a film that deserves to be watched even if it suffers from a slow pace.

Speaking of which, the script was sulky with not much imagination, to be boringly serious or ridiculously dutiful.

Stunning revival of The Man Of Steel.

The Most Boring Movie Ever .

Lois Lane just didn't work at all, she never showed any feeling, just cliché acting as if some advertisement agency has virtually put together some random scenes of good performances performed by a lousy TV-style actor.

I fell asleep 3 times!

A disappointingly bland return to a solid franchise .

Somehow pro-American propaganda was traded in favour of jingoist Christian ideals.

and i can't even write in English, so excuse me if this text is confusing and full of mistakes.

awful, don't waste your time .

Dull and uninspiring, the final chapter in a story for a past generation .

After all the visual effects are pretty cool compared with the original 1978 movie, but in terms of an exciting new movie, I'd be just as happy in life if I had not paid $2.99 on pay for view to see it.

If you sit down and watch this, not expecting a bloody cinematic miracle, I think you'll find that it's a pretty entertaining bit.

I don't know what this film tries to achieve, but in all perspectives I find it to fail miserably: It is way too boring to be an action movie, it contains far too much melodrama to be a kids movie, and is most definitely too stupid to be a proper romantic drama.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Both actors are too bland for their roles, Boswell not nearly tough enough and Routh is unexciting.

Its a plodding piece, concentrating more on the relationship between Kent/Superman and Louis - and this does not make for a good (or interesting film).

Unfortunately, the end result is a stodgy, surprisingly inert film that takes its reverence of the Richard Donner original to extremes.

The action (when it happened) was intense and well done, with great special effects.

The Daily Planet doesn't look anything like a modern newspaper room at all, but a intriguing (if somewhat stylistically odd) mix of classic 30's Art Deco and an internet café and/or CNN.

But what was missing was his struggle with his alter-ego, his intense passion for the human race, and the cleverness and charm that Reeves brought to the big screen as the man of steel.

The film progresses in a run-of-the-mill fashion, with only a couple of entertaining moments.

The plot of the story is actually very intriguing.

The film was slow, and was most interesting when Superman was in action or we were following Luthor.

Basically, the movie is really boring and forgettable.

As boring and sullen as this Superman is, this film goes out of its way to constantly reuse cheesy lines and music from the Christopher Reeve era and it just doesn't fit with the rest of the movie.

But instead it is about a superman who went to see the remains of krypton and returns to earth (boring!!!!!!

As a film-maker myself I can pick this so-called movie apart with my bare hands, however it would take far too long and be well over the majority of your heads.

How about 110 minutes of complete boring.

And the story had a lot of slow scenes in it.

Don't waste your time.

Finally the recycled John Williams score felt tired and dull where it felt fresh and original in the original film, it was another indication that there were absolutely no knew ideas for this film and again begs the question as to why it was made.

You know what, the greatest tension and the best plot point of the film actually came from the boy (who acted well) and whose scenes were far more compelling and exciting than any of the Luthor scenes.

Now, I have been into "Superman" and the "Superman legend, since I was a kid, through the comic books, the old movie serials, and of course the (hokey now but pretty exciting for a kid back then) TV show with George Reeves and everyone.

Irritating performances come from Parker Posey as Lex Luthor's cliché feebleminded sidekick Kitty and Sam Huntington as an equally trite newsman of the "Daily Planet" newspaper.

It's rather boring, way too long, and lifeless.

She looks bored throughout the entire movie and silly in any of the action scenes.

The acting: Brandon Routh is boring as Superman.

Routh is a very good Superman (it's hard walking in that costume without being ridiculous), Spacey is always stunning, even in roles not so dramatic, Langella is always a pleasant presence, Bosworth is a too-much-young Lois Lane.

Kate Bosworth is a much weaker Lois Lane than Margot Kidder and, combine with the absence of any charm in Routh's Superman, creates a painfully boring romantic subplot.

His performance is bland and boring.

I'm surprised that Bryan Singer, who did so well with the first two X-Men movies, created such a dull, lifeless superhero film.

All in all this movie was wonderful and I totally enjoyed it...

When i left the theater i just didn't feel the magic that i felt and still feel after watching Chris.

Dubed by bored critics as a "requel" I have to reluctantly agree, Singer does the fundamentals well, the action sequences particularly the Plane crash sequence are breathtaking, the love story between Lois Lane & Superman has been suitably complicated (for the sake of a sequel) although at times slightly 'soapy', there is fine line between a motion picture event and a two and half hour episode of "Lois & Clark: The new adventures of Superman".

Overall, this is a pretentious, dull, boring, unimaginative, unoriginal , and soulless film that should have never been released in the first place.

Still, the movie drones on and on.

needlessly confusing .

In my opinion, though, it's refreshing to see a major franchise film slow down long enough to enjoy a dance or two.

As I laid there trying to doze off, listening to the movie it HIT me!

Both derivative and slow, I really can't see anyone who is a fan of the first movies, Smallville, or even the comics enjoying this fracas.

The "story", what remnants you may find of one, is 85% predictable and 150% painful, and really not worth discussing here.

And the movie has a lot of stunts and special effects so if u aren't hellbent on the emotional aspect of a movie,its a fascinating distraction.

Very entertaining and faithful .

That having been said, I do hope they make more and what better tribute could there be to Christopher Reeve than to continue entertaining millions with the character he helped make come alive?

The pace of this movie -- in which, in reality, approximately nothing happens -- could be used without a prescription either as a sleep aid or an anti-anxiety drug.

I was totally disappointed with the Superman Movie that they should have called it Superman Bore.

"Superman Returns" is kinda like a remake, only super fast, super entertaining!

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to a sequel.

So, I had to bear what seemed to be 2 hours of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane turning around in a very stupid, dull and unconvincing way.

This crafty psychological construction of Superman made me find him the most fascinating character in the film and for the first time he took poor little Clark's place in my heart.

With popcorn and coke in hand I settled down and anxiously waited through 15 minutes of commercials and previews…15 long, drawn out minutes!

Film is very disjointed and disappointing.

Save your money and stay home .


For quite a while, the movie looked like a 5/10 for me, but eventually, I found too much adrenaline for that.

He's utterly uninteresting.

The movie was entertaining and enjoyable.

Just prepare to be feeling flat due to the dull plot.

Boring movie .

Bosworth is emotionless, bland, and acts like she doesn't really want to be in the movie all that much.

The main action sequences are highly entertaining, certainly a lot more thrilling than the previous "Superman" films, using the modern-day technology.

Looking back, the whole thing was just a boring, overdrawn blunder that can't even decide whether it wants to be a sequel, reboot or whatever the hell it thinks it is.

Initially, I really enjoyed it.

There were some slow parts, but the movie was surprisingly exciting.

,,,a few plot holes, but it was still an enjoyable movie 4th, Superman IV:The Quest for Peace....

Superman returns was very loyal to the Donner films it had the same style of opening credits, they used the "swell" joke even the suit looked almost the same, BUT you just don't have the same feeling you get when you watch the Donner film, in this film, I felt bored, tired and I hated superman, while in the Donner film the viewer will get engaged in the universe and love the character since the Donner film was full of excitement.

While undeniably well made and very well acted, this film suffers by being somewhat disjointed and less thrilling than you might perhaps expect.

Writing: 9/10Simple and entertaining.

I thought as a director Bryan Singer touched on a lot of what is the most fascinating about Superman as a character with the utmost being that he is a man who can fly.

I Though Brandon Routh played his character exactly like Christopher Reeve portrayed Clark Kent, he was dopey, clumsy etc, and if he had made that character any different, people would have complained and moaned like the boring people they are.

Of course I expected going into the movie that there'd be the whole Lois Lane/Clark Kent sub-story line, but how it was done was pretty boring and frankly, unnecessary.

And Noel Neill's appearance in the beginning of "Superman Returns" made me think back to her Lois Lane in the fast-moving action-packed Columbia serials as well as the TV show where the clipped dialogue moved the pace along.

The first sequence involving the shuttle and 777 aircraft is visually stunning and embodies all the heroic, spectacular elements of the Superman character.

From the obvious (the movie is simply too long, too boring, too preachy, too symbolic), to the **spoilers** head-scratching moments that make you think somebody should have spent some 15 years more trying to get this movie off the ground.

The film just dragged on, and on, and on.

Nobody called for an overlong and uninteresting family story that would be considered rather scant even for an afternoon on the Lifetime channel, let alone in what is meant to be an action packed blockbuster.

I liked superman as a child but I have to be honest in saying that this was one of the worst movie I have ever seen.

the film is packed with action, a little humor.. and all the things ready to make a perfect movie..but i could not understand one thing.. how the hell every one thought that the hero and superman were not the same persons.. as superman never wore any mask or some thing as spider man does.. but yet no one recognizes him after he is back to his original form.. only this part got me stuck..the first half of the movie contained action, suspense but after the first half the film gets dull (thats my opinion).. the aeroplane scene was the best action packed scene...


No plot points will be given away, I promise, and I heavily encourage anybody who ever wrapped a sheet around their neck and ran about the house to watch it.

The pacing of the movie was slow at times in between the action and the movie felt overlong with a running time of 154 minutes.

When watching this film I found it difficult to stay awake.

I actually fell asleep during the movie.

Why did it have to be sooooo damn slow, nothing happened until an hour had passed.

Enjoyable .

the worst movie i've seen on the big screen in years.

However, if there's anything that works to the film's detriment, it's that the running time is too long.

I'm really glad I waited for the DVD, as being trapped in a theater with this interminable snoozer would have been a nightmare.

This is a great-looking blockbuster superhero picture, with plenty of thrills and spills, fantastic action scenes and an intriguing story.

a total waste of time.

Apparently this film takes off where Superman II finishes; not a good start, considering the fact that Superman III is one of the most enjoyable films of all time.

All this makes me wonder what kind of illegal drugs were in the water of Singer's home that made him shoot this poor waste of money.

This makes superman really really monotone in the way he "saves the day".

" and worse of all, Lois, lex and superman were just so incredibly boring.

My friend Rachel summed the film up best when the credits rolled: "Is it my imagination, or did nothing happen in that film?

On top of that, the special effects are absolutely breathtaking.

Superman is a pretty lame character to begin with and to take away his only weakness made the movie unwatchable.

it was boring, excessively long, dull, badly written, poorly acted, flat, dry, dismal, dross, dire, drab.

This lifeless, dull, humourless fiasco trundles along and expects the viewer to be interested.

The plane crash scene is pretty intense and worthy of seeing.

Now that i do think about those things i find that Superman is every bit as shallow and uninteresting as i remembered.

Superman Returns didn't fulfill any of those expectations… First off, the story was very badly put together: The start of the movie was very confusing.. WHY was Superman gone?

But an unlikely Superman in an equally unlikely cliché world does not.

Also, when the action is on I found myself on the edge of my seat with the rest of the audience..the action scenes were literally that exiting and intense, so when the laughs came you felt relieved...

Save your money unless you're buying it for your children.

The lines and huge parts of the movie is both boring and obvious.

The most amazing aspect of "Superman Returns" is just how visually-stunning it was.

The Plot was rushed and incredibly boring.

Overall, I felt the movie to be somewhat boring.

If you thought it was a bit long and drawn out, I refer you to Pirates...

Super Boring, Super Bad, Super Mess .

It has to be at least worst movie made in the 00's.

The red parts of Superman's costume reflect this being more of a dull burgundy, almost murky brown.

The musical score wasn't as great, the direction wasn't as great, the pacing was too slow, and to top it all off, the ending left plenty to be desired.

I found the film to be boring, snail paced, uneventful and limited in action sequences.

Again though, infinitely more enjoyable than '83 - '87 entries.

First of all, Superman Returns is the more touching, poetic, and visually stunning film you have ever seen.

How is it that you go to the cinema to watch an entertaining movie, and the only thing you get for your money is boredom?

(I know i did) Predictable Ending.

Solid, great looking & entertaining film pulled just short of the excellent mark by glaring pacing and script issues.

This movie was dull and disappointing.

Well, the main reason is that this film is very entertaining while keeping you comfortable with the basic premises used in the older Christopher Reeve Supeman and Superman II films.

Two and a half hours of boring, boring, boring, boring garbage.

This should hopefully eliminate the piecemeal casting that I hear can slow down production.

It was unexpected and does in fact open the doors for future story possibilities (not to mention endless debate over certain physical matters best encapsulated by Larry Niven in his classic essay "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex").

I saw the movie last night,for the first 75 minutes nothing happened.

Its just to slow, to drawn out, and unexciting.

The realism of seeing a man flying through a building is stunning.

The effects are nice, but who cares if there's no story and what little there is moves like a drunken snail?

And, most importantly, he has a touching resemblance to the great Christopher Reeve, to whom the movie is dedicated (it's damn near impossible to read that caption and leave the theater unaffected).

I thought that Quest for peace was the all time Superman Stinker, but Superman Returns can simply be considered one of the worst movies of the decade.

Despite the weaknesses, it's an entertaining flight.

i loved superman as a kid, comics and films equally, and i feel let down by this bore-fest of a movie and let down by the thousands that voted it highly JUST because its superman.

This movie also looked very exciting and a great new introduction for a new generation.

Imagine the most boring bits of Spiderman and Spiderman 2 put together and squeezed out for 2 hours, played by two bland actors.

However, I left the theater feeling robbed of the satisfaction of seeing the villain get some tough justice from the hero.

long and boring .

The dialogue was terrible and cliché ridden, Parker Posey was a screeching harridan and made me fast forward through her performance.

Sure it had less action, but not all comic-book movies have to have frantic, confusing action every few minutes (I'm looking at you, Man Of Steel).

What can we say about a movie based on a far-dated comics books hero, being a supposed sequence 28 years delayed on time, and made it by a director who undoubted have talent, but drowned in the self-indulgence, the Michael Cimino's syndrome, and killed the chances of the Kal El's movie have some dignity at least?

Next, we get the most boring scene ever as we see some how Lex Luthor somehow, no idea how, finds Superman Fortress.

The action scenes are gripping and exciting, not gratuitous and near-boring like MoS.

Bryan Singer even decides to add a pointless and stupid twist- Superman has a son with Lois!

Talk about boring.

Too bad, because photos from his trip would've been more exciting than this.

Some parts of the film are slow, the scene where Superman is listening in on Richard, Lois and Jason seems unnecessary and it certainly didn't have to go on so long.

The story line is needlessly confusing, inexcusable for a comic book genre that is based on simplicity.

The world (and movie-goers) need a gripping, truly emotional, fully developed Superman film that does this iconic character justice.

Yawn why isn't Cyclops Superman .

go and watch this movie expecting a deeper more boring superman with an overly witty and unmenacing lex.

Myself, i always found Superman to be among the most boring of all the comic book heroes.

extremely boring, dull and inspid movie .

"Superman Returns" is again an exciting adventure of epic proportions.

Superman, who does every Cliché possible, and safely lands the plane in the middle of a baseball field.

The background story of relationship is slightly interesting, but the whole boring battle with Lex Luther doesn't make much sense.

The special effects are amazing and will have you on the edge of your seat.

However, the most important thing is that the whole movie is extremely tasteless and uninspiring except for a few scenes.

Superman Returns is a flat out bore that has no intention of delivering anything new.

Bryan Singer's much-heralded continuation of the SUPERMAN series turns out to be a vacuous, poorly-paced nonentity of a movie that adds absolutely nothing new to the genre – aside from some nifty, state-of-the-art special effects – while rehashing lots of genre clichés and staples and some poorly-contrived laughs at the same time.

And if you're finding it hard to believe all the negative reviews because you really enjoyed it.

I must say that this movie was probably the worst movie i have seen this year, and believe me i have seen a few.

The plot, if you could call it that, was slow, uninteresting and boring.

The first action scene of the film, Superman saving a plane full of reporters after a malfunctioning shuttle launch, is riveting.

And what the hell was Cyclops from Xmen doing in there, hated his character as well, pointless.

Remember I told you so, 3 hours of this boring torment in the cinema is too much for a person to take.

It has been years since anyone has tried to cinematically resurrect the Superman character and who better than director Bryan Singer, the man responsible for creating the exciting X-Men films.

Why on earth, with all the money used to make "Superman Returns", did the producers deliver such a crashing bore?

Bosworth as Lane just looks pretty, but that snappy and feisty nature seems missing even when she tries to act the part.

i hear all this stuff about superman being BOOOORING , SLOOOOOOOW, and zzzzzzzzzz .

Don't waste Your time and don't waste Your money too.

For anyone who has yet to see the film, I do recommend it and don't allow yourself to be put off by nitpickers complaining about the actors' being too young (better they be a shade on the younger side than going the 'Smallville' route where you have adults in their late twenties and thirties prancing around pretending to be teens and just looking ridiculous for it) or that the film is too long (even the eight-year-olds in the audience sat quietly, glued to the screen, for the entire film) or that it's bland (no more so than 'Spiderman').

The movie may seem a bit slow for some people, with not really much action from our Kal-El.

All in all, this is an enjoyable movie.

On top of that, the movie was extremely dull.

He has made a movie so boring i was praying for the movie to end!

I was on the edge of my seat through the whole movie.

The only performer who emerges from this bloated mess with a shred of dignity is Frank Langella, whose Perry White is several notches above the bland non-entity of the Reeve series, and is even an improvement over Lane Smith's portrayal in "Lois and Clark.

Well nothing wrong with gene Hackman BTW, he is a terrific actor, but the character Lex Luthor in Superman were boring next to this one.

Overall, the film is too long and in a really odd way, it just doesn't revolve around enough stuff for it to support its two and a half hour long run time.

Film is really boring.

** end of spoilers **Watching this long film is a serious waste of anyone's time and honestly, I cared so little for story and people that I found myself yelling at the screen after only 40 minutes: Die already!

It is a shame that the script lacks the quality to have real depth to support the action and a good story to make it lighter and more enjoyable.

It was funny, it was exciting, it was emotional - it was everything that a classical Superman movie needs to be!

First, it is slow.

I still resent the fact that I wasted three hours of my life watching this to end up being so disappointed at the end.

The whole superhero concept is not that fun to begin with, but Superman is the most boring of the lot.

The action is exciting and breathtaking.

Let's just state for the record, the action set pieces are stunning, absolutely stunning.

I remember thinking "at least Routh was okay" when I saw it in the theater, despite the film being a drab journey to nowhere.

It runs way too long at 155 minutes and we still can't understand why nobody is able to put two and two together and figure out that Clark Kent and Superman are really one in the same person - especially when they both disappear for five years, then make a surprise return to town at exactly the same moment.

The film also has at least one exciting, well-choreographed CGI action sequence involving a jumbo jet in a fiery tailspin.

How long I find in cinema such boring movies, with crap scenario, good actors and make i most then half in computer?

However, Superman Returns tries too hard to ratchet up the love story between Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but when you have two boring leads like Routh and Bosworth, the audience couldn't care less about will they or won't they.

His stereotypical dumb "moll" girlfriend (Parker Posey) is a bland stand-in for Miss Tessmacher (Valerie Perrine) of the Reeve series.

You loose and bore your audience that way.

No story line.

Boring to the point of tears .

With high expectations I'm not let down, to start off with, but as the film progresses it just becomes ludicrous and to be honest a little boring.

I for one in a biased perspective believe that by choosing to represent the adaptations from the 1970's and 1980's, he decided to arbitrarily give the background of the entire comic strip a warped and badly contrived backstory.

The last twenty or so minutes are melodrama at its finest and result in a thoroughly predictable plot twist that just screams "SEQUEL!

The film is visually stunning and the atmosphere is breathtaking.

The picture is witty, well acted, spectacular and exciting.

How boring.

The film limps along at a painfully slow pace.

It was much too slow paced and sometimes confusing.

In short, don't waste your time.

She is so empty and unattractive in this film that you could really care less about her.

Waste of time and money :) .

This is the most boring superhero movie ever made...

Duh and one more thing this movie is a waste of time to watch it more that once.

But it all feels really self indulgent, playing up to the fans while alienating newcomers to the Superman franchise by way of giving us a decent plot or script to keep us interested, and at a whopping 147 minutes it all just feels too much.

Visually stunning, excellent performances and we can actually feel how Kal-El/Clark Kent is struggling with his emotions.

Tries hard to follow a classic.

I also found the pacing of the movie to be very slow.

Not a great film at all, this is worse than any superman film before it which is hard to do in fact its on par with transformers 2 but more boring.

Complete waste of money and time if you ask me...

Kevin Spacey, however, added his own layer of self prescribed "crazy" and made the part his own, which was enjoyable.

Kate Bosworth is rather bland as Lois.

As for action, the best scene was pretty much the only fabulously chair-gripping, popcorn-gobbling, geek-gratifying piece of action in the movie.

One gets the impression the director is trying to show his frustrations and confusion because of special powers he just doesn't understand he has.

This is an exciting addition to the Superman cinematic mythology, and it is mined for all its worth in an introductory capacity.

Both leads (Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth) have zero chemistry with each other and considering they were passionate lovers their conversations are pretty stunted and mundane.

Kevin Spacey does a chilling and entertaining job as Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor, and both Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth do an amazing job as Superman and Lois lane, respectively.

Everything about it was so confusing and dark.

The only time he shows any emotion, it seems to be confusion.

He finds that his old crush, Lois Lane (played by a rather bland Kate Bosworth) has gotten married and given birth to a son, played by the mercifully non-annoying Tristan Lake Leabu.

A good film, worth watching and if you're a fan of the Superman films then you will enjoy it.

It is fitting that the king of Superheroes gets a film of such grandiose scale and spectacle, and director Bryan Singer clearly wants to utilise all the resources available, signalling his intentions early, furthered by a breathtaking aeroplane-in-peril rescue sequence around twenty minutes in.

I'll echo what many other reviewers have pointed out about the plot-it just feels hollow, contrived and disjointed.

This whole upswing of superhero movies is starting to go bland however, as we can see in this repetitive money making ploy that we call Superman Returns.

Reeve worked on screen, because he bore a superficial resemblance to Superman--enough to be credible, at least.

Brandon Routh is OK, but he's a tad too mundane for my liking.

It was dull in more ways than one.

The plot is uninteresting to say the least and Kevin Spacey doesn't seem to fit as Lex Luther - he just isn't mean enough.

They underused him in X-Men films, and now he gets this mostly pointless character who could never hope to get the girl in Superman Returns.

Downright boring, boring, boring, boring.

entertaining .

Portraying a bland, emotionless and quiet Perry White.

A Spectacular, Thrilling, Funny, and Emotional Popcorn Flick .

The introduction of Lois Lane's child who may or may not actually be the son of Superman from his previous relationship with her is predictable, and hence this subsidiary becomes tiresome very quickly.

The film's showcase action sequence involving the rescue of a space shuttle and an airplane carrying reporters is breathtaking and exciting.

you cant really expect a superman movie that comes out after 20 years from the last one to be action packed can you.

Probably the worst movie this year.

Even the big plane crash showcase is boring!

It has some of the longest drawn out tripe since the first Star Trek movie.

I tried to go to sleep during it but the cinema seats were crappy WORDS CANT DESCRIBE HOW BAD THE MOVIE IS Its cliché, stupid.. and I normally like super heroes movies Maybe I grew up, maybe its me.. but superman was not an interesting character, Bryan Singer has made Clark Kent/ Superman so dull and uninteresting that the difference between the 2 characters may seem only like the glasses.

Started boring, then just stopped making any sense.

Too Long, Boring and Miscast .

(d) The writing was uninspired and trite.

Superman Returns is the worst movie I have seen next to The Third Man and that foreign film my film app teacher made us watch.

Kids will hate this bore, and so will adults.

Exciting and grandly entertaining adventure of the Man of Steel returning from Krypton .

But Superman Returns misses the stunning and explosive scenes that made the 1978 version exiting.

Brandon Routh is great (he's no Reeve) and sometimes his Superman is a little forced, with lines that come out sounding too predictable, too rehearsed and unnatural, with far too many posey close-up shots of Superman grinning or almost crying or getting mad or basking in glory.

The place to start is Brandon Routh, he may look the part, but he is so dull and makes Superman lifeless.

A relatively bland amount of action and a bland/nil amount of sexual tension between Lois and Superman.

Plodding piece of non-action .

It's length is as unbearable as Transformers 2's, and that was unbearable.

It started as just dull, overlong, with ninety percent of the movie basically being people watching what is going on...

In terms of story, this is a straightforward premise and could easily be an engaging one.

The film sometimes goes overboard in copying the epic scope of the first film, confusing slowness with grandeur.

The elements are there, but the movie is slow .

Yes the sets are huge, but huge offices, how boring.

There is a scene so confusing and cold, I wondered if Clark forgot that he was raised as a human.

I felt that scene was just pointless.

I thought it dragged and didn't really go anywhere, and ultimately failed to deliver on its great potential.

The plot was dreary and the acting was bland.

Full of action , it's complemented by fine comedy, thriller and breathtaking scenes.

The action scenes are too drawn out, loud, confusing, and laden with special effects.

While Gene Hackman made Lex Luther pretty campy at times, the character was entertaining enough and Spacey did a good job with the role.

An open can of ravioli by Chef Boyardee has more charisma than she did, empty or not.

Too drawn out.

I've got to say, this was one of the most BORING uneventful movies I've ever seen.

What a waste of studio money.

Superman Returns was most definitely an enjoyable movie and a worthy sequel to the Christopher Reeve classic.

Visual effects do not lag behind Marvel's, but unlike Marvel, DC provides something more than an empty action.

For example the repeated earth trembling in different scenes, even where totally inappropriate, like when Superman crashed back to earth in a spaceship (*before* the crash), got very predictable and looked like someone had run out of ideas to create suspense in more interesting ways.

This movie had no story line, Lex Luthor is trying to take over the world again and superman returns to save metropolis.

The third time just as entertaining!!

The familiar format of the opening credits becomes apparent as the stunning blue text flies toward you.

The action, set pieces, cinematography, and CGI are all breathtaking and seamlessly blended.

Lex Luthor (a very engaging if sinister Kevin Spacey), long released from custody (since key witness Superman never appeared at his trial to testify), bilks an aged millionairess (legendary 'Lois Lane' Noel Neill) on her deathbed, and uses his new fortune to return to the Fortress of Solitude and steal the Krypton crystals in the 'ultimate' land scheme.

No story .

When the music began to play it was such an exciting moment for me, in fact I am ashamed to admit how excited I was (it's just too dorky).

The ideas are enforced at various points in the film and referenced to a meekly dramatic effect but the narrative is running on absolute empty and Singer is not backed up with a decent or even half decent screenplay.

) or the smash-bang edge-of-the-seat action sequences; Superman Returns is a film worth watching.. Over and over again.

Now we have to see this stupid, boring kid in all the sequels?

I bought the DVD in great anticipation and fell asleep during the movie.

The special effects were extremely impressive kept me on the edge of my seat.

Easily the Worst Movie I have ever seen, Ever in my entire Life .

The story itself was extremely BORING and lacked any true action or suspense.

What a dreary, dead-eyed, lifeless dry rag she was.

The thrill died a slow and painful death.

This movie displays the very best of what Hollywood has to offer: a movie that is breathtaking--a movie that will make children believe in miracles all over again.

She was just so dull and it was a waste and she was way too young to play her.

2) The tension of this picture remains on a very similar level for a long time - which makes it a bit boring after a while.

How come nothing happens?

Kevin Spacey is OK as Lex Luthor, (but I was constantly reminded of his role in Austin Powers 3: Goldmember as Dr.Evil) Parker Posey is a very poor character, a cliché mill that is no where near as interesting as the character Valerie Perrine played.

This just came out from TV and I have to say it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Instead, Bryan Singer & Co. have delivered a clever, fast-paced, entertaining film that manages to recapture much of the magic that made the first two Christopher Reeve films classics.

The film is filled with completely illogical twists and facts (way beyond those inherent to a comic book story), endless clichés, no character development whatsoever, utterly boring attempts at romance and 'surprising' story lines anyone can see coming from miles away...

Then again, if we are to buy into this whole sci-fi world concept these little themes become pointless.

There are moments which drags incredibly as the film is too long and not balanced.

Its not bad, its extremely boring.

Followed by the giant red S and the crescendo of Williams' awe inspiring theme, it becomes clearly apparent that Superman has indeed returned.

Superman lacks the layered sub-plots combined with the emotional undertow of it's characters present in Sam Raimi's film, so your interest tends to lull between the action.

On a more serious side I was trying to be funny,Aussie humour is usually funny-sorry for any confusion.

From the beginning it is entertaining and suspenseful.

Super bland .

Also, Superman was so bland and totally lacking in male, no, human, charisma as to not even appear to be the main character in the film.

Kevin Spacey is an actor whose performances, usually, are so good they deserve more than the superlatives they get but to my utter surprise I thought his acting was so bland it was untrue.

There is one cliché involved, though, that most are hailing as the greatest pot twist ever.

but after an hour or so they do get a little repetitive, or maybe thats just me.

Whilst Kevin Spacey is great as Lex Luthor, yet still remains a boring character, there was a huge issue I had with this film and that was Lois Lane who was such a lovable character in the old films.

The best scenes in the film are those with Lex Luthor, even if his sidekick is hopelessly annoying, but overall the film is mostly tedious.

This certainly isn't a bad movie, but I was so looking forward to being blown away, and all I got was some goofy laughs, incredible special effects, and an uninspiring cast.

Save your money, eventually it will be on Sky.

As Superman, he is a monosyllabic bore.

Spacey's was flat and boring.

But still, it is worth watching if you enjoy the "Superman" franchise.

This is one of the most uneventful superhero movies you will ever have to sit through and is easily one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

This typical comic-book set-up of the film, while sounding unlikely, actually works pretty well and is quite entertaining.

It's not easy to see why: Superman Returns is easily the summer's best blockbuster so far, boasting fantastic visual milieus, uber-exciting sequences and a top-notch job by both the leading players and our ever-reliable director – Brian Singer.

The movie is in the same time touching with it's romantic scent, funny with it's sophisticated hidden jokes, and boring with the main plot.

Some of these reviews look at the half empty glass and only see the Kryptonite.

In conclusion save your money or wait for the DVD.

As it is people leave the theater feeling like the movie wasn't all that it was hyped up to be, and I'm being honest here.

Superman himself is just well, boring, never seems like he is actually in the situation they're trying to show.

Regardless, it was exciting and fast-paced-- standing out in an otherwise maddeningly slow film.

A boring and puerile movie, a MUST-NOT-SEE .

But when he's not saving the day, this is a dreary affair, a mood that peaks and plummets.

This entire movie was a boring piece of crap that only survived because of the greatness of the franchise.

The music is stirring and evocative, basically because it's the same music!

Kevin Spacey minces around for the whole movie like everyone's entertaining gay cousin at Christmas until he suddenly erupts into unconvincing brutishness near the end.

She was boring as Lois Lane, not enough personality and not good chemistry with Routh.

Choses to be sentimental instead of entertaining.

I really think Bryan Singer has made a career out of slow, plodding, pointless, non-drama.

What was a pleasant surprise was that the film also refused to dumb down to small children in the audience, which is a growing problem with many Hollywood films that over-dose on infantile humour to appeal to kids resulting in boredom for anyone over fourteen.

He is plain, and boring and his acting on screen seems as fake as his eye contacts.

Lex Luthor is back with the same dumb boring plan to make a continent.

The final problem for me was that Routh and the engaging Kevin Spacey, basically impersonated Clark and Lex from the previous films.

the set pieces are stunning and when you see Superman doing what Superman does best you really do realise that there is no superhero in the world quite like Superman.

After when this movie came out, critics enjoyed it, audience have mixed feelings, and sadly didn't go well at the box-office which it all leads up to another reboot instead of a making a sequel.

The propaganda is so heavy and so blunt it's almost funny.

Remember this movie is more for kids because with a plot so simple and predictable, it can only be meant for kids.

Unfortunately, the awful story is too long and boring, with many unnecessary parts, lack of emotion and overrated in IMDb.

" in a monotone manner - dreadful, everything falls flat, Routh may as well not bother.

The plot was weak and predictable (WOW, He is actually supermans son, who would have ever thought....

Ultimately, this new SUPERMAN may appeal more to those who didn't grow up with the Christopher Reeve movies, but at 2 1/2 hours, it may be too slow to become the smash Warner was hoping for; it certainly won't rule the box-office for 13 consecutive weeks as the 1978 original did.

The plot was slow, slow, slow--and boring.

An imperfect but rousing and heartfelt return for Earth's mightiest hero .

It was slow in too many places.

Alas, some movie writers, probably hurried to go for their own holidays, decide to write a dull script with haste and let the producers design nice advertisements (posters, trailers...

It is all CG and action, but no story.

That said, it is a very exciting and uplifting film, which certainly points the Superman franchise in the right direction.

If you are new to the Superman world it is probably a good idea to check out the first two Superman films as the ending might seem a bit confusing (with superman and the child.

Spacey's attempt to ape what Hackman did so greatly was just plain terrible to watch, and with the many false endings, a plot twist every person in the theater saw coming (Lois's kid being Clark's), and some rather bland attempts to recreate some scenes from the first film, only trying to update them, such as merging Superman's saving Air Force One, and Lois in the first film, into one single scene, just seemed forced.

As for Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, he doesn't even seem to be trying, as if he knows he can't come close to Gene Hackman's brilliant portrayal, therefore creating a boring screen villain.

But the plane rescue set piece is as exciting and stirring as anything you'll see anywhere else, and it is safe to say that Big Blue is back and in good form.

Just another dull, generic, CGI laden Hollywood action film!

Of course, having the leading lady being such serious eye-candy may have carried me through some slow parts...

The worst part of the movie but still very entertaining, best of all when Luthor breaks into a Museum and takes a piece of Kryptonite.

The costumes were all black, gray, brown, mostly dull green, & pale beige which didn't help.

A very dull superhero film .

) But he has a good feel for how the story should flow, and he puts a refreshing twist on the cliché of the hero coming in to rescue the heroine.

The climax is very uninspiring, with superman lifting the continent created by Lex Luthor and carries it all the way into outer space.

This is fine, but unfortunately it slows the film down to a snail's pace as far too much attention is given to Superman struggling with his feelings for Lois and vice versa.

But the script is so bad that predictable does not begin to describe it.

There is also a twist I wouldn't dare give away but it will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat.

I remember watching a Superman Returns special and how Bryan Singer brought back the Man of Steel, but the idea was a little confusing.

This was pretty predictable, and I don't merely mean the story, even the comedic quips and one liners the characters used would be mouthed by young teenagers watching the film for the first time.

On the contrary, it was an extremely entertaining experience, which is the point of any movie.

It's just an empty shell of what could and SHOULD have been in an era where comic movies are dominating.

The attention to detail is awe inspiring.

The characters are dull and plodding.

As Kent he comes across as a little dull, and is less successful at capturing the bumbling comedy than Christopher Reeve.

Highly enjoyable.

''Superman returns'' is a totally predictable movie, where almost all the scenes you see, you already know what will happen to the characters.

The film is breathtakingly beautiful and deeply engrossing.

Superman returns with the Unexpected .

Sitting in the theater, the movie seemed to be too long, or too dragged on.

It's boring watching him fight criminals that he can take down in instants.

Dull nostalgia enlivened by amazing CGI .

He's faster than a speeding bullet but this movie sure was slow .

And it's also impossible to care about her marriage to her dull husband.

While wonderful to look at, and sometimes interesting to ponder, this newest version of the saga of the Man of Steel leaves one with an impressive vapidity; a passive disinterest and an emotional detachment which overwhelms one with a cold, empty feeling.

The action was trite and unimpressive, and the actors had very little in the script to work with.

The tightness and pace of the brilliant "X men 3" is missing, resulting in long tracts which are, quite frankly ,boring.

i highly recommend it!

This overlong, self-indulgent mess is a huge disappointment.

Don't waste your time & money on it.

) "Returns" is an enjoyable film which is worth seeing at least once, and never feels boring during its incredible two and a half hours of running time.

I understand that when you walk into a theater, you have to suspend reality and allow yourself to be immersed in this new reality that the filmmakers have created for you.

But unfortunately Routh gets paired with the lacklustre Bosworth, rendering a lot of the film tedious and uninteresting.

So cut out the boring doom and gloom and put life back into the legend before future generations judge Superman solely on these films and not the serials, the TV show and, of course, the original DC comics.

(5) in terms of special effects it could have been better in terms of choreography, very slow (6) the film was too damn long, no character development and the story just drags on and on.

With stunning art direction and HD cinematography this a terrific and satisfying movie.

Yes, the first two movies were hardly perfect, but given the time they were made they are quite enjoyable.

The ms is one of the most boring and quiet I ever experience.

so boring!!

The fine work that Singer did with Wolverine and co, is clearly evident in this enjoyable summer blockbusters, although it never quite captures the heart and character shown in particular in X Men 2.

This is the most enjoyable movie filled with fun and action you really must watch the movie.

I hope that the next Superman film has something more exciting than pushing a rock into outer-space for a climax.

There love story is just uninteresting and pathetic.

Overall though despite it's flaws Superman Returns is an above average entertaining comic book movie brought to the big screen.

The movie is two and a half hours long and you feel every single moment of it because of just how dull it all is.

Great director, brilliant idea, pointless film!

'Superman Returns Disastrously' would be a more apt title for this shambolic, self-indulgent, overly-serious, dark and forbidding nightmare-world Brian Singer seems compelled to create whenever he ventures into the world of Superhero-dom.

Entertaining, could have been better .

To me, the film was far too long, at 2 and a half hours it's a bit to get by when there is a lack of action scenes.

There are a lot more, I'm just already as bored with this write up as the movie.

Stay away, save your money, and go rent the Christopher Reeves films.

Besides the guy who played Lex Luthor, every actor was just boring.

And as bland as big.

Ultimately, an incredible waste of talent and my time.

While this movie is slower pace then "X-men: The Last Stand," "Superman Returns" has something that "X-Men: The Last Stand" did not have and that is a heart.

Another dark and boring film .

Bryan Singer is a true hero for making the superhero genre (if it *is* a genre) so damned entertaining *and* profitable (both important---the businessmen need to see dollar signs if we wanna feast our eyes on more adventures ladies and gents) thanks to his amazing X-Men I and II.

Right off at the start: A boring boring, disappointing movie.

But still, don't get me wrong here, it is still an enjoyable movie for what it was.

However, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and think it's a great movie.

this was the first truly enjoyable Superman since 1983.

While the visual style is well executed, and the action scenes exhileratingly paced, this movie is too poorly-thought through, poorly acted and riddled with both inconsistency and cliché to make it worth watching for the action (of which there is far too little) and visuals alone.


) of formal, modern, wooden cinema that's worthy of an place alongside his other notable contribution toward world boredom, X-Men 1.

The ending overall describes the rest of the film: long, boring, not offering much, not enough dialogue, too much sentimentality, not enough action, not enough screen time of the villain, and of course, the mute child that isn't really mute.

The final scene when the child is in bed and obviously wearing pajamas which resemble the Superman outfit is contrived and insulting.

I enjoyed it for what it was.

The new costume stinks; the "S" buckle too pretentious.

I could've gotten up, left the theater and gone home RIGHT WHEN THE OPENING CREDITS WERE OVER, because what I saw next was a blend, blend, blend, blend movie, one movie that has Superman (Superboy?

The first half an hour or so was alright nothing to entertaining, but then it just dragged on and on and on and on.

It's well worth watching following a thus far disappointing summer of sequels.

The plot during the first half of the movie is so drawn out and boring, I had trouble staying awake.

This well action packed movie surprised me well!

They're the ones that chose Bryan Singer to direct; they're the ones that okeyed the boring, tiresome script, and they're the ones that didn't demand the necessary changes to the yawn-inducing two-and-a-half hour story that focuses more on the characters 'feelings' rather than giving us the healthy dose of action, adventure and invention we expect from a Superman film.

I dare even to say that superman 3 and superman 4:the quest for peace are more enjoyable than this one.

Kate Bosworth is just as bland as Lois Lane.

Why all the slow parts?

Random reasons why this movie otherwise sucks: The pacing is dull and plodding.

I think that this movie was most likely a duplicate of Hollywood heroic movies just with a more technical visual effects and a pointless try of presenting a new story.

A Superman can only fall in love with a Superwoman, but in this movie, she seems like a Valium user, an ordinary and boring woman.

an empty shell of his former self .

The Crime story has no real plot twists and the villain is hardly very villainous.

In that manner, I found that extremely boring.

Now if you can just endure the bad you will find a very heartfelt, old-fashioned, and exciting adventure at its core.

He shows up like nothing happened!

And the kid seemed positively catatonic, or at least bored.

It is way, way too long and the climax is ridiculously drawn out.

Actually I take that back, this went nowhere fast..very fast.

I actually felt bored waiting for the next events to happen.

It is, unfortunately, a waste of time and money that could be spent on something far more memorable.

With Lois, Superman displays all the lugubrious charm of a remote, self-obsessed bore.

Therefore, the characters and events surrounding him need to be eye-catching, exciting and sharp.

Moreover, he came with his creative technical team, whom stood behind X-Men (2000), and its sequel - which I consider one of the most enjoyable action movies - X-Men 2 (2003).

Unfortunately the second half of the film dissolved into a waste of time and potential for what a film such as Superman is very capable of achieving.

The story was engrossing.

However, this movie is a fairly entertaining movie for movie watchers (not superman fans) if you can get past the whole blue tights and red underwear (what superhero would subject himself to that?

and what a pointless tacked on element it was!

It's cinematically breathtaking and the CGI is astoundingly well done.

If there was one theme that ran through this film it was 'BLAND'.

This picture is all the more enjoyable if you remember the original Superman with Christopher Reeve.

Finally it was better than superman 3 where it was the worst movie i have ever seen.

At times the story even delves into tangents such as the bank robbery involving a machine gun which are pointless.

I understand your criticisms of the plot, it was under-edited with long and worryingly pointless action sequences and the emotional scenes involving lois and supes were slow.

Something Routh just can't pull off: Instead of clumsy for the part he seems awkward in the role, and while on paper Kevin Spacey was the dream Lex Luther, he also seems like he doesn't want to be here at all, and with the same exact world-damning land-deal goal as Gene Hackman's Luthor, it further makes the arch villain seem like a bland, familiar and frustrating afterthought...

It's way too long, and choppily edited to boot.

The actions scenes that do exist, while thrilling to witness, have no lead up.

The drab look, the awful digital cinematography, the obvious special effects (including the ugly opening credits), the entire miscast cast, the uninspired music.

because I would probably fall asleep typing them!

Ursula Andress was stunning in the original, the new one should have had a different hairstyle.

No villain, no hero, no theme, no plot.

However it is the plot at hand that offers most concern - light by any standards, after a breathtaking airborne rescue the seemingly minor earthquake doesn't really task Superman and later as he is put under pressure ironically there is nothing at all super to observe....

Oh boy - how exciting is that!

i also couldn't stand the way his superpowers increased with every issue, to the point where the need to use one power seemed redundant considering he possessed another power that made the first one pointless.

It's a shame with all the great action sequences and stunning visuals that the script isn't quite up to par: There are several absolutely cringe-worthy lines in the script that were unintentionally funny.

Superman on the other comes up empty.

Intriguing .

Unfortunately, many scenes following this scene are very uninspiring, uninteresting.

Faced with this damp squid of a leading man much is required of the rest of the cast to rescue proceedings and to be fair Spacey is on top form, however despite being perfect for the role his efforts are wasted by Singer criminally underusing him and instead choosing to give just as much time to pointless characters like Marsdens risible Richard White.

The bad: brings up sad memories about Christopher Reeve and his wife , film moved a bit slow in places, Lois Lane not how she should be.

Too big on slow moments and not enough action.

The plot of this movie is a little boring and things are too predictable and obvious.

So you yawn, groan and feel the heavy eyelids.

But, someone, somewhere decided that they needed to waste a whole bunch of time re-introducing us to a man all of us should know and love by now.

My final opinion: If you're a comics fan you'll probably end up seeing this movie anyway and regretting it (My advice - before you choose to do it stop for a moment a think: "Hulk", "Electra", "Punisher") If you just want to see a piece of intellectually non engaging cinema - go see anything else (I think I'd even pick chick-flick with my better half over this)

~ (Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi) I really enjoyed this movie, granted I like Man of Steel more but I still view this as an enjoyable, fun comic book movie.

There were a few "ooooh" scenes that had me gripping the sides of my recliner, especially the plane-about-to-crash scene.

The other main actors, as dull and smooth as Barbie and Kent dolls, only deserve to fall in the Hollywood oblivion.

You will feel the need to yell at the screen, and tell people "worst movie ever omg".

So, the star of the show, the center piece of the movie, the crown jewel of DC comics is the most utterly boring character in the entire film.

It is further held down and tied up with useless Superman rescue scenes, which only show off the skills of the graphics team and waste the audience's time.

Super Mundane.

It's not a great movie, but it's fairly entertaining and a rather good take on the pretty boring Superman-theme.

After a rather dull summer at the cinema, this film renewed my faith in the summer blockbuster!

too much romance, too long movie, too boring.

Confusing start, bad middle plot, and loose ends.

Its obvious that much was cut out from this scene but its still enjoyable and rather sweet.

It has a really unbearable length.

The Actions scenes are rare and horribly done, but that's the least of my complaints, and the ending dragged and dragged.

The TV show Smallville is more engaging.

The colors are drab and depressing.

While newcomer Brandon Routh looks and sounds creepily like Christopher Reeve, he shows none of the charisma, warmth, humanity, and humour of the late Mr Reeve, making both Clark Kent and Superman very dull indeed.

From the moment the film starts with a very definite nod to Donner's original and the rousing John Williams score, you know you're in for a good time.

However, I do have some problems with the story, which has some confusing inconsistencies.

The director Bryan Singer has previously shown with his two entries to the X-men franchise that he's quite capable of introducing serious issues to superhero movies while keeping them dynamic and entertaining.

These sequences are beautifully done and are why it is worth seeing on DVD one lazy weekend when you can day dream through the boring bits and wake up for the action sequences.

He literally immersed himself in his roles, including Superman.

"So boring that a rat ran over my mates foot during the screening and were glad just to have something to do!

She was very bland in this film and I didn't buy her as a reporter or her chemistry with routh.

And while some may be put off by the lack of explanation for Superman's back-story, this is still a thrilling epic that barely feels like two hours, never mind the actual running time which is just shy of three.

The visuals are stunning...

It also uses probably the most overused cliché in cinema the 'sleeping beauty affect' and it is just lazy film-making and cheese of the highest order.

Yet this movie is so overwhelmed with emotion, that it's just plain annoying and the movie get's so boring at the end, there'es no climax, no epic ending, it's so simple and acceptable, that it just hurts.

I haven't seen it in many years), a couple of the sequels were decent, but he's always been a bland superhero for me.

The action sequences in particular are breathtaking.

Aside from some fair CGI, the entire film was a waste of their time and my money.

The visuals are absolutely stunning.

The movie do not consider the Superman mythology, there are plot holes everywhere and the story is so boring that Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is a magnificent movie compared to this one.

Frank Langella and Parker Posey, both fine actors, are completely wasted and ill-served by largely dull dialogue.

The movie was so lackluster and probably one of the slowest movies I've ever seen.

Even the "twist" is so predictable you see it coming in the first 15 minutes.

Oh and those who complain this film was boring, you must have the attention span of a 12yr old.

The buffoon crook portrayed by Gene Hackman, entertaining for all that, is replaced by a complex, psychopathic personality, given the space to expand on his own delusional self-vision as a modern day Prometheus 'bringing fire to the people'.

I left the theater wondering why it wasn't the home run I thought it was going to be.

The movie concentrates too much on the dramatic and realistic aspects of the movie, such as the whole love triangle and problems between Superman, Lois Lane and her fiancée played by James Marsden, which is far from interesting or compelling.

Highly Entertaining .

Unlike the hype machines that surrounded MI:III and the last Xmen movie, this movie was actually enjoyable and made a rebirth of a franchise possible.

Even though i thought the movie was pretty enjoyable, i was bored before the end.

The film seems to be mimicking the original 2 films, to the extent of using Marlon Brando's voice etc. This is a wise choice, as is using John Williams' seminal rousing score.


Hollywood must have thrown money at this as there are several exciting action scenes, top notch cinematography and a decent script for this genre.

With also thoroughly entertaining me & my beautiful lady companion, it also becomes the movie which gave me the most number of goosebumps.

These gripes apart, on the whole, Singer has made a relatively entertaining film which will undoubtedly be a big success at the Box Office on either side of the Atlantic, and this, combined with the open-ended denouement will surely provide a(nother) sequel before long.

An exciting flight rescue offers a glimpse of Superman's supreme confidence and puts us squarely in present-day Metropolis.

Try slower than molasses.

however,i could have done without James Marsden as Richard White,especially since his role was so small it was pointless.

Also Superman always had some classy wit and humor behind his dialogue but Routh barely had any dialogue and when he did it lacked conviction and simply bored me!

I would have to paint a wall, then watch it for 3 years straight to accompany the true boredom of this film.

One of the main problems I had with the film was the pace, I found it unusually slow and there are scenes like Clark listening in on Lois and Jason that dragged on for too long.

This is a dynamic, fast- paced and entertaining movie .

Hopefully the sequel will amp up the action ( I actually fell asleep during parts due to boredom )and have a REAL story to tell and actually propel the characters forward.

You actually feel, that this movie is way too long.

If you go to the local movie rental in town, you can find all these American propaganda movies.

Bland interpretation of the Superman mythology.

But the problem was the audiences wanted a action packed superhero movie with superman doing really cool stuff with his powers.

Add the performances of Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey, the romantic quandary presented by Lois's new relationship and her son of questionable paternity, and an impressive array of CGI special effects as he once again must save the world and you have a very entertaining movie.

Beautiful movie, but dumb, long and boring.

The movie still could had a great one, despite its plot, if it had been a more entertaining one.

As I walked into the theater I still had my doubts that "Superman Returns" would be as good as Superman 1,2, and 3 (not counting the flop superman 4), but when I walked out of that theater I was hugely impressed.

Now that one's worth watching.