Superstar (1999) - Comedy, Romance

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A nerdy Catholic schoolgirl, Mary Katherine Gallagher, dreams of superstardom.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Bruce McCulloch
Stars: Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell
Length: 81 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 26 out of 157 found boring (16.56%)

One-line Reviews (68)

Save your money for lighter fluid to torch this horrible film.

I always enjoyed Saturday Night Live but this was more than I could take and I left the theater after just 45 minutes.

It's just a waste of time!!!

For fans of Molly Shannon- this will be enjoyable entertainment.

There were a few misses of course, but they were still enjoyable scenes, and I don't see why this is so lowly rated (4.4 come one!

No script.

Technically, it's bad for the standard reasons: unrealistic acting, pretty predictable plot, yedda yedda.

The plot was predictable (as some like to point out...

It was hilarious and something new and enjoyable.

I always enjoyed Saturday Night Live but this was more than I could take and I left the theater after just 45minutes.

A Boring and Very Silly Comedy, Which Is Not Funny .

it was a waste of money and time.

Evian mounts a down-and-dirty campaign to degrade Mary, pulling off all the predictable pranks when she isn't acting like a "Heathers"-bent-for leather ice queen.

So Gay men and some women may find it enjoyable.

the worst movie of 1999.

However, this is a pretty entertaining movie when not compared to the other SNL films also.

Is That A Little Confusing?

As An Ex-Catholic, This Is Very Enjoyable.

I just watched this movie and found it to be an enjoyable waste of 90 minutes.

Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell are completely hilarious and over-the-top, and manage to spoof multiple teen movies and formulaic comedies.

Very enjoyable .

This movie is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of SNL or if you like Shannon in her other roles.

Even though the movie is pointless and hopelessly conventional, it is also very funny and quite entertaining.

However, I find it to be occasionally enjoyable and funny.

All in all, it's not a great or inspiring movie in any aspect, but it's enjoyable when you're looking for a light comedy.

The spoofs of "Carrie," "Armageddon," and "Jesus Christ Superstar" grow pretty tiresome, especially Will Ferrell's 'surfer Jesus' set to the top hit "Spirit in the Sky.

The stereotypes and situations were too predictable to make for clever parody.

Loved this movie as a kid, now I find it just too boring and unfunny now that I understand the jokes better.

I too am a SNL fanatic and thought that it was thouroughly entertaining, and Molly Shannon just cracks me up.

But I enjoyed it because the movie knew that and ran with it.

The movie was a complete waste of money and time.

Overall well worth the watch!.

This is a cute enough Comedy that's entertaining and often quite funny, with a good story and solid performances, and I say it's well worth the watch!.

There is a great confusion as to what she is after, as sometimes she seems to only want to be kissed (like her last film before this one -> Never been kissed), and sometimes she is after fame and stardom.

The musical numbers were enjoyable.

Personally, I never much liked this SNL skit, but I got dragged to it.

I enjoyed it the second time around.

This could very well be the worst movie ever.....

"Superstar" is the worst movie I have seen in my entire 29 years on this planet, and unless they make a sequel it will remain as such.

The set up up is so predictable that I'm afraid what you have just read may actually be a spoiler.

It was so bland and devoid of life, I couldn't register any emotion for it.

It is a boring comedy, which is not funny.

No story.

it was boring.


"Superstar" is weird, quirky, and very entertaining.

This is could very well be the worst movie that I have seen in my life.

The drawn-out confessional scene where Mary Katherine reverts to "Sybil" shows that somebody didn't know when to quit.

Hers is not an Academy Award caliber performance, but it is more enjoyable to watch then say Jessica Lange from "Blue Sky" (a torturous performance in an unbearably watchable film).


This movie is beyond predictable.. It's recycled joke quotient is almost as high as THE WATERBOY.

All in all if you like SNL, you'll like this and I certainely had an entertaining evening.

Mark McKinney is bland and useless.

Worst movie ever .

Molly Shannon is downright annoying and boring in her portrayal of the character invented by herself.

This movie is worth watching over and over and over.

Her performance as the "slow" and "aggressive" basketball player, makes us think of Stan's sister on "South Park" (she's got the braces and everything).

Whilst I didn't end up helplessly rolling on the floor saturated in my own piss, the movie was enjoyable.

And as a bonus, it sufficed in entertaining.

I was "lucky" enough to see a sneak preview of the SNL skit-turned-wildly predictable movie SUPERSTAR!

If you are searching for the answer to the question, `What is the worst movie of 1999?

This movie was very enjoyable.

All in all, I think this is an all-round good, very enjoyable movie!

Possibly the worst movie ever .

It was so boring the only funny part was when she was making out with the tree and even that was killed in the ads.

Cute enough Comedy that's entertaining and often quite funny, with a good story and solid performances .

This is a cute enough Comedy, that's entertaining and often quite funny, with a good story and solid performances.