Surf's Up (2007) - Animation, Comedy, Family

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A behind-the-scenes look at the annual Penguin World Surfing Championship, and its newest participant, up-and-comer Cody Maverick.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ash Brannon
Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 22 out of 123 found boring (17.88%)

One-line Reviews (98)

His voice fits the character 100% and really made the character very enjoyable.

The story is a well written and overall entertaining one with some touching moments, and it's better than it may look near the beginning.

The characters are completely flat, the plot is absolutely predictable, and the presentation is moronic.

The animation is stunning, scenes inside the wave tubes are beautifully created.

Mix today's TV consumers' penchant for behind-the-scenes real-life docs with all the sport's movie clichés you can come up with, throw some cute animals, exotic locales and a hip attitude into the mix, and what we are served up with is this likable and entertaining, but awfully predictable and sloppily written CGI Sunday afternoon fodder sans lasting impression.

Surf's Up is a creative film worth watching and hopefully around Oscar time may get recognition.

I found it to be worth watching.

This is by no means the best animated movie out (the Shrek films are a lot better), but it's entertaining enough.

I thought the story was quite slow in places and was hoping for a little more.

In spite of the fact that it lost to Ratatouille in the Oscars, I can easily say that this movie is worth watching.

I found it highly entertaining, and I'm a teenager.

It's fun it's entertaining, I just really like it.

The film is more enjoyable if you see 'March of the Penguins' first with its earnest and pofaced narration.

It's not as good as Happy Feet, but I enjoyed it .

And it was trite then too.

Let's say as an animated film, the newest Sony release "Surf's Up," is not terrible, but it is far from the most interesting or entertaining installment of the genre.

I've always found watching penguins on real life TV programmes to be very entertaining because they just seem, well there's no other word for it, cute.

My only problem with it was that it's sometimes too predictable.

It is a bit confusing though why penguins were chosen for this one.

AMAZING visuals, entertaining story .

'Surf's Up' Is A Very Enjoyable Film, However, It's A Bit Hard To Say Who It's Aimed To..Yes, It May Be Animated, And Also Have Penguins, But It's More That That..The Movie Feels A Bit More Aimed To An Older Crowd, Who Will No Doubt Enjoy The Film A Bit More So Than The Kids They Brought Over To Watch It..sure, You Got Some Of The Kid-Friendly Potty Humor, But There's A Couple Things They Might Not Catch Onto.. Not To Mention That The Film Is Presented In A Documentary-Type Of Fashion (and the 'handheld' camera movement was real good.. not to mention the old film reels appear like, well, old film reels..)Speaking Of Which, It's Rather Visually Stunning.. More So Than, oh, Sony's Own Other 'Spider-Man 3'.. Guys At Sony Pictures Animation And ImageWorks Did A Great Job On Water, Feather, Fur, And Other Animation..All Complimented By A Wonderful Little Cast That Will Surprise You A Bit When You Actually Check Them Out.. i mean, From The Trailers From Way-Back-When, I Didn't Notice Shia LaBeouf (who is now getting into everything) Did Cody Maverick, The Main Protagonist.. And Looking At The Cast Now, I'm Thinking "Oh, THAT Zooey Deschanel" Or "Oh wait, THAT Jon Heder?

Surf's Up is a most enjoyable computer animated movie .

Normally, I'm not a big fan of cartoon films because they aren't smart, engaging, or geared to anyone older than eight.


It's a complete stand-out and not just your average animated drama that tends to have a lot of "seen it" and "been done before" moments.. I guess people love cliché..Overall, a totally enjoyable film that I'd definitely re-watch, especially with my nieces and nephews.

Boring.. .

" But it's fast-moving, colorful, and the voice cast is good.

It was the most boring movie ever.

His promoter boss is a frenetic beaver with a Don King hairdo called Reggie Belafonte (James Woods), a Groucho-like wise-cracker whose non-sequiturs are an absolute riot, at one point telling us to look at the plover's fast-moving feet, going "ticka-ticka-ticka.

SURF'S UP packs in more unexpected laughs than one would expect and the fact that they are unexpected is what makes it so incredible.

It starts off a bit slow in that both my wife and I after 15 minutes questioned if we really wanted to keep watching the DVD.

Enjoyable animated faux-surfing documentary with penguins (and more) .

PS: try this if the also penguin-themed "Happy Feet" bored your socks off.

Genuinely funny - Enjoyable cast - A great way to spend 80 minutes - Awesome, duuuude .

My kids (6,4,4) were utterly bored and asked me to turn it off halfway through.

What do you get when you blend boring characters, a overly-simple plot, and nice animation together?

7/10 - Worth watching.

I thought a lot of it was very predictable which was a shame.

Okay, the story is predictable.

Which is fine, but I think really, a movie like this should be enjoyable for the whole family, so they can watch it together, not have the parents fall asleep or leave to do something else.

"Surf's Up" certainly earns points for creativity and originality, as well as for its stunning animation which comes about as close to approximating real life as any movie featuring a bevy of wisecracking penguins is ever likely to get.

The mockumentary approach makes it even more engaging while amping the laughs.

Yes, this IS another "coming of age" family tale told via penguins.

The first time I heard about this movie I wasn't very enthusiastic about it, because I thought that it was going to be similar to "Happy Feet" (A movie which I hated, despite the great animation) Fortunately, "Surf's Up" ended being much more enjoyable than I was expecting.

Despite its mundane title, *Surf's Up* is a totally tubular surfari of relentless comedy and madboy cuteness.

This time, I was bored almost from the get go.

For a children's movie, it was genuinely entertaining!

'Happy Feet' knock-off mildly entertaining .

Happy feet seems too contrived compared to this, never mind Feet's weird turn at the end, this just sort of flows.

Now that I've covered everyone I was curious and/or knew about, I must say this is one of the most enjoyable animated movies of the year.

While it's not absolutely stunning from start to finish, it's mostly very entertaining for several reasons and is bound to leave viewers in a good mood, as animated family films like this should.

Truly stunning.

Surfs Up is a funny and engaging movie that still holds up today.

In conclusion, this was a very enjoyable and entertaining movie for all people, specially for kids.

If you are addicted to MTV, reality shows, and overused, blasé, predictable story lines, you'll love this movie.

AT any rate, Surf's Up was entertaining, simple and enjoyable...

The DVD comes with an informative and entertaining director's commentary, well-done featurettes, deleted scenes, a music video and trailers.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The penguins wax eloquent for their scribes, until at the end our hero finally says - I'm bored with talking about myself - and goes surfing.

The plot of little guy, big dreams, dream crash, dream re-found, and priorities set straight is definitely cliché.

enjoyable, light-hearted flick .

It was just so slow.

The story is a cliché, and we know what will happen in the end.

Whereas animation has made technical leaps and bounds over the past two decades, it has not, however, done much to improve the rather bland storytelling that comes with it ('desperate hero struggles, fails, gets back up, tries again, succeeds, marries the hot chick, end of story').

very entertaining movie.

Cody lives in boring old Shiverpool, Antarctica (reference to Liverpool?

) This was entertaining, funny, and the graphics were just amazing.

Many would think that a so-called surfing legend would be an entertaining guy, but Big Z is the exact opposite- boring, cliché, and unentertaining.

While the main character was a bit boring and almost without any kind of distinctive traits (A flaw which sadly became quite common in some of the CGI animated movies from the recent years) the secondary characters were more likable and interesting.

Nevertheless this is a small fault in an otherwise enjoyable and very well made animated movie.

But after multiple viewings I realised something, it was actually pretty boring, and way too depressing at times for my liking.

Besides a few lulls with Cody's brother and Mom, and some scenes with James Woods' Beaver?

It's a classic movie about coming of age and finding your own way.

For me it got to be that when it came with exactly the same highly predictable moralistic twist that they all seem to want to come with.

That was the same summer the mischievous animated penguins of MADAGASCAR had people begging for more (which they were unfortunately given months later with the dreadfully drab short, A Christmas CAPER).

But throughout all the kiddy and cuteness of this child film, there was an enjoyable movie that took the voice talent and slight dark humor to get out.

LaBeouf, whose trademark is excessive, but engaging, talking about what he's experiencing - pretty much raises the movie up a notch from where it would have been otherwise.

Snappy and smart.

Most boring movie ever.

I watched it on Christmas with my family and friends ages ranging from thirteen to seventy-five and they all enjoyed it.

However the film is very disjointed in how the story is presented.

the key concept delivered), the movie is more entertaining than CARs and even Incredibles.

It was quite unique and far from cliché like a lot of other films, and the humour in it was totally admirable!

Following young surfer penguin, Cody Maverick (voiced by Shia LaBeouf), from his thankless job sorting fish on an Antarctic ice floe to the Big Z Memorial Surfing Tournament in the tropics, the film is a Christopher Guest-ish formula of intrusive steadicams, interviews, intricately-overlapping dialog and archive footage (stunning for its yellowed authenticity and scratched plates).

entertaining, even for adults .

Children will probably be delighted and this one is good enough that adults will likely find watching it with children enjoyable enough.

He's bullied by his bigger brother Glen and dreams of leaving the bland small town life.

The animation was OK and the story was OK but i did find it very boring for a kids movie.

And we're bored with humans.

The plot helps because it is engaging in terms of content and also the style of delivery and it does provide a solid film – animated or not.

This is simply a very entertaining computer-animated cartoon about a bunch of surfing penguins.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Surf's Up is a particularly ambitious film, but it's a pleasing and entertaining film from start to finish that does well within its ambitions.

And they seemed bored, except at the big stunts and sound effects, only occasionally used in the film, and for the dramatic climax.

This movie has an amazing cast with enjoyable characters.

Once you get past that, the movie's really quite enjoyable.

In fact, the whole movie is funny and well paced with few, if any, overly long dull moments.

I just catched this idiotic, cliché, attempt of movie on cable and it was so bad that I actually created this account so I could leave a bad comment and rating about it.

I can highly recommend it!