S.W.A.T. (2003) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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An imprisoned drug kingpin offers a huge cash reward to anyone that can break him out of police custody, and only the L.A.P.D.'s Special Weapons and Tactics team can prevent it.

Director: Clark Johnson
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 100 out of 339 found boring (29.49%)

One-line Reviews (279)

I was annoyed by the directing at first but by the finale I missed it; it at least was something to look at, once it fizzled the ASTOUNDINGLY predictable, generic plot and weak action aren't enough to be even moderately entertaining.

The action is intense and you really do feel like you're part of the action.

"Though the "chase" isn't any better - in fact, I would say it's more badly done than the bland character development that unfolded for the first hour.

It become predictable from there on.

The first half of the movie was very engaging and got me sucked into the movie.

For a long time THIS looked like something of an original and intriguing premise; hints of "Die Hard" and "Lethal Weapon"-style old school-action.

Among his squad members are the solemn but intense Officer Jim Street (Colin Farrell) and the tough and fearless Chris Sanchez played by Michelle Rodriguez.

it had no plot at all.

Really a waste of time, and not even worth listening to the soundtrack with your eyes shut.

This movie plods along with the actors plodding along with it.

Very enjoyable the first time you see it.

What makes this film enjoyable is the competency of the execution.

And of course our hero (played by Colin Farrel) gets to show us all that he is a sensitive guy and that he is a real American hero *yawn*.

" is so boring.

Most of the action scenes are well-made and exciting, and the character development(though there wasn't a lot of it) is pretty decent for an action movie...

Jackson; the young team member that has to redeem himself = Colin Farrell; the token black team member LL Cool J; the tough female recruit = Michelle Rodriguez; the hard ass boss that softens to take the credit, etc. The problem is that the movie turns into a formulaic blockbuster action film in the second half (more suited to a Bond film) after purporting to be an illustration of selection and training to the elite squad in the first half.

" was a little too slow and poorly scripted for my tastes.

I left the theater literally with a headache.

Training Day was a great movie, this was an absolute waste of time and money.

Predictable but entertaining .

There is no action adrenaline or any action scene worth remembering so this really became just another missed action flick (Silly) with few known actors, cliché scenes (Washy) and idiotic plot (Trashy) = S.

Another worn-out cliche is the personal, man-to-man climax between former partners, although this could be excused on the basis that the old TV series used that device, too.

While the subsequent 'surprises' are predictable, and the climax, a Lear Jet landing on a bridge, is impossible (the winds alone would have cracked up the small aircraft against the narrow confines of the span), the pacing is so fast and furious that you accept the leap of logic of the sequence, and the subsequent fight between Street and...

The opening started off as boring and then it just continued on as just a long drawn out piece of garbage.

A bit of interesting back story and sub plot are good qualities the film could boast,but the director takes far too long establishing it,and as a result,has overwhelmed and bored the audience before the main story has even had a chance to get started.

They've got eye candy for the guys and the gals, enjoyable action sequences and it does move along at a fairly steady pace.

The first hour and 15 minutes are all setup, but when the movie moves into the long chase sequence with the team going after Montel, the film just feels kind of empty.

This aside,however,there is still an intriguing premise to wit.

This thing made this movie kind of boring was how uninspired and how the 2-3rd act is just a giant chase scene where the main villain is constantly caught and just keeps escaping like every 10 minutes.

It's predictable.

But this doesn't matter too much as the thing skitters along on its pre-ordained course, failing to surprise, but entertaining nonetheless.

The script is insanely un-original, and the director has executed it in the most tiresome manner.

When the very predictable ending occured, I almost wished the villians had won.

It really doesn't lag anywhere but keeps on moving, and the twists, if not particularly moving, are at least entertaining.

Instead of trying to fool the audience with a million pointless and illogical twists and turns the film sets up the good and bad guys, clearly enunciates the meaning of each scene and spents its energy making sure the action scenes are as well done as possible.

*spoiler* For example, this supposedly crack-squad of professional police officers are seen celebrating, cheering and marveling at their own abilities at a shooting range in one scene, and in the next their marksman skills have fallen below that of 9 year old Jimmy with his dad's shotgun, unable to hit a man in a car 10 feet away *\spoiler* The plot is as predictable as sunrise only not as entertaining.

This film won't change your life, but it's amazing how rare an understable plot and no wire-based action is, and how enjoyable it can be.

The training sequences were fun too as 'Hondo' assembles his elite team and he and Farrell provide some pretty entertaining banter as they drive around collecting and introducing the new rookies (LL Cool J & Michelle Rodriguez.

Regardless of the ending which was probably predictable and included a yuck-o decapitation death, I appreciated the musing prompted by aspects I described above and enjoyed the sprinkling of humor throughout.

Not enough, however, to keep this genre film from slipping right into a dull cycle.

Especially when most people will be hoping that our heroes will end up biting the bullet, due to the fact that they're all underwritten, boring and never say anything isn't a quip.

), hokey, groan inducing, dialogue and one liners, and probably just about every other action movie cliche you can think of.

The dialogue is trite and cliche-ridden.

The film was boring.

The result is very engaging.

So, no appreciable character development with a badly written storyline, racing along at a snail's pace, 1-dimensional dialogue and 1-dimensional acting....

Tremendous hokum, and thoroughly entertaining .

team interacting with each other outside of work is a waste of time.

A walking cliché.

And on top of that the plot is extremely predictable********SPOILER ALERT******i mean come on could they have left any more clues as to who the traitor is???

, an entertaining action movie with a very cool cast.

But, is SWAT worth watching?

It was a very fast paced, action packed film.

Even if you haven't seen the TV series upon which this fine movie is based, it's still definitely worth watching and demands our attention.

This movie is a long drawn out boring TV episode.

But the plot is a little disjointed and even a twist or two won't make you care much about the main characters.

SWAT's bad guy is a pathetic creation, a boring Frenchman who promises to buy his way out of problems, hardly exciting stuff.

Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz....

The predictable twists and turns come at the typical intervals and you are left saying to yourself, "This movie is right on cue".

" A pretty much useless, pointless scene that was obviously a cover for all the anti-white racism throughout the REST of the movie.

I went in looking for a half-way decent action flick, but was delivered a slow, dry, silly piece of crap.

Pointless .

The plot and characterswere average, cinematography made an effort, and the tone was boring.

It kept my attention and I found it entertaining.

Except for the cliche'd, idiot police captain, the rest of the characters are interesting and believable.

like i said,good movie just predictable.

But then the movie goes falls into the obvious trap of unfulfilling cliché crap.

The battle scenes in this movie often had me on the edge of my seat.

Pretty baron of brains, and predictable throughout, though it didn't have to be that way...

It looks and feels like a bunch of other action cop thrillers, doesn't break any new ground, but still creates a (mostly) enjoyable ride.

Pointless, Cliché, 80's style action flick.

7/10There is so much wrong with this film that it's going to be difficult to explain to you why I enjoyed it as much as I did.

People say that it has no plot because it is not plausible, and it borders on insanity.

T team in an overlong, dull process, trying to prove that action-movies aren't just guns and car chases.

Please don't waste your time on this.

It was a tad too predictable.

It was a complete and utter waste of my time.

SWAT was very enjoyable, for once a new type of action, REALISTIC, it looked as if colin farrel and his team were trained just for the movie, which they probably were.

As summer films go, this was entertaining, even though it doesn't add anything new to the genre.

Although the plot was well developed, its biggest downfall was that some scenes were highly predictable.

Sam Jackson looked bored (or should that be embarrassed) throughout and didn't put much effort in and Colin F looked hard and moody - natch!

The story is pure cliché, nothing is original and is totally predictable.

The first 50 minutes just feel pointless and the story doesn't seem to go anywhere.

deceptively good, yet occasionally predictable film .

The movie downplays a lot of the pointless action that's common in most summer blockbusters in favor of realism and characters.

even the action scenes were boring.

For actions fans the movie does exactly what we expect and what we want, entertaining enough.

This movie's direction is sharp, the action (and some of the acting) is engaging, and the pace only lets up once- at the beginning of a training sequence.

The other flaw was the lack of a thrilling bad guy.

Good movie - worth watching more than once .

The worst movie I saw in 2003.

So Weary And Tiresome .


The plot was terrible, and it took about an hour for the film to get going, the character set-ups were too long and drawn out, AND I didn't care about them anyway.

Entertaining .

Few memorable scenes but still entertaining.

Where it needs to shine is in the action sequences and snappy dialogue.

A friend of mine dragged me along to watch this movie, and while I wasn't thrilled about going to see another action movie, I somehow managed to enjoy this one.

" is a would-be adrenaline rush that ends up being a boring movie-going experience.

For an action film,the action there is,a helicopter crash,some explosions and a few shoot outs,is pretty mundane and at best mildly exciting.

Great action sequences, cool characters, snappy dialogue, lots of explosions etc etc. I loved it, kept my attention and didn't bore me like so many movies seem to do these days.

For generally entertaining me, I gave this movie a 7/10.

Apart from one street set-piece (complete with guys shooting bazookas from windows) this premise is wasted and things turn into a predictable race against time, complete with traitors, big baddies, and a fair amount of shooting and explosions.

The breakdown of the opening shooting scenes is very interesting and shows the sheer scale of work required on such an action packed scene.

I think I've said enough here, don't waste your time on this one.

In fact the old SWAT TV series is now available on DVD and is probably more entertaining and better value for money.

It's worth the empty calories.

The story is harmless and predictable and never gets enough power to become a hot movie.

Looking for a new action packed movie?

Although there wasn't much new stuff in it, what was there was real solid and enjoyable.

was an enjoyable action movie.

Their is a plot present in this unlike the pointless Chuck Norris films of the past.

Exciting,but for me was a little bit empty.

Go see Bad Boys 2 if you want an adrenaline rush and laughs.

Furthermore was the ending way too long and too standard.

This movie was easily one of the worst movies I have seen in a while at the theaters.

It all leads to a stunning climax that only the special weapons and tactics team could handle.

Every plot turn, every character, and every choice in this movie is predictable: right down to the one-on-one punch-up in the last scene.

The film handles it's plot badly, however, as it takes ages to get into it and most of the early stages of the film are taken up by boring training and recruitment scenes, which are filled out by more rubbish dialogue.

) and predictable (we all knew that Josh Charles ((T.

This film is the rare action flick that mixes exciting chases, guns, and explosions with witty dialogue and characters you can care about (at least for the 2 hours you're in the theater).

The end is predictable as we know who is going to come out the winner.

And the script doesn't resort to clichés all that often - when you think there's going to be a car chase, or a big shoot-out, nothing happens.

The film is action packed and has some pretty cool special effects which aren't overdone.

The story could've been better, if the opening scenes (recruiting, training) is converted to more thrilling ones.

The special effects are entertaining and far better than the some times stupid dialogue.

It just took way too long for the action to start.

This movie was too simplistic and very predictable.

I have heard that this movie has no plot - this is not entirely correct.

The role of the beautiful, elite warrior-mother is so rare in real life that it doesn't belong in a movie that pretends to be realistic, and it should be a worn-out cliche by now in entertainment.

Entertaining film inspired by television series .

Far too slight and predictable to be a good action movie .

) There are some exciting scenes in the L.

' will entertain and also leave you on the edge of your seat.

Contains some impressive action sequences, but as a whole.. the film is pretty much pointless.

There is no plot.

If you like watching a full set of stereotypical cardboard characters cranking out cliché'd lines, then you'll love this movie.

to be boring.

It's sickening and boring to watch.

In speaking about action, the action scenes are quite intense and realistic.

There were a few minutes of action packed goodness but that was about it, good storyline yet predictable.

, another dumb (yet not fun) watered down, PG-13 action movie, avoiding on the realism to attract teenage boys; well, I'm not a teenage boy, but enjoy action movies, and I found this nothing more than dull, wooden and pretentious; avoid this mess at all costs.

this is a great action movie filled with gunfights,car chases and explosions,but the plot is sooooooo predictable,cop disobeys orders and gets demoted for it.

Ever twist and turn was boringly predictable.

Painfully slow.

Sure its improbable, but if this movie was based off the real life SWAT, it'd be boring.

But that is the average action movie elements, one would expect from a adrenaline filled flick.

MINI-SPOILERS AHEAD (Like it matters, this movie is so predictable!

It will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch the film with moments you won't never see coming that's what the movie reward you with is that it is hardly predictable I remember everyone's reaction in the film was amazed as the film is action packed and it deserves me credit than it deserves.

Another old television show to bore audiences to death as a two-hour feature...

enjoyable despite some serious flaws in the final big action sequence .

At least "Bad Boys 2" was action packed.

" is an entertaining, if essentially formulaic, police procedural set on the ribboned thoroughfares and sizzling pavements of metropolitan Los Angeles.

Now this is far from being a great movie but it's certainly entertaining and is never dull at all.

The police politics were cliché and on that note boring.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who just wants to see a good, fun, action packed movie.

I've seldom seen a Movie which had such a predictable story like that.

Although I found moments of this film a tab predictable, like who was behind the whole get away that was planned, I still thought this film was well worth the watch.

Waste of your time, really.

I mean 12-15 will have a good time, but any one who is a bit serious will easily see that there is no script worth reading, no acting and directing worth looking.

The story sucked and it was so predictable.

The directing is very heavy handed for about the first half of the movie, then the video effects and stuff fade into a bland scene after scene progression.

boring .

It was utterly pointless; the plot as flat as a pancake with characters who are so uninteresting and with little depth that you couldn't give a toss what happened to them.

A Predictable Festival of Clichés .

' so many times and enjoyed it every last one of them.

It's a quite old-styled action story that sometimes is breathtaking but sometimes too slow, at the point to delude someone.

Unfortunately the characters are all flat and the dialog boring.

Entertaining with plenty of action.

Worth the watch.

It's a fairly straightforward plot, with the usual, but quite entertaining twists and turns.

The movie is, yes, rather predictable, but still entertaining and interesting.

Instead we were subjected to 50 minutes of soap opera dialog and repetitive introductions that would bore a house wife.

Implausible and predictable .

Jackson is enjoyable, as usual, as the guy who knows everything - a role that usually fits him.

Based on a '70s television series that I have not seen, therefore cannot compare anything to, SWAT is a rather dull, plodding and cliche affair that is not really worth the time it takes out of your day.

Stale and formulaic, but still an enjoyable flick.

Naturally, it all builds up to a very routine, predictable action climax that left me saying "who cares?

This film is absolutely predictable and cliched.

The plot was a bit predicable but worth while considering the other waste of time such as Gigli and 2 fast 2 furious.

the turn of Gamble) was predictable, at least for me anyway.

this film was a waste of my time.

In terms of the characters, Collin Farrell sails through the movie giving a reasonably OK performance, but seems constrained by a bland character who doesn't develop much, nor seems to have much at stake apart from getting some spice into his job.

And it's quite good fun - it remembers that it is supposed to be entertaining.

The movie was boringly predictable from the outset and the excellent cast failed totally to make up for the ridiculous story-line.


Great action/insanely predictable .

For those who thought it was predictable and knew all along that *ahem* was *ahem* lol..props! Cause I never saw that coming just from the introduction of the characters.

I totally recommend this movie to anyone who's looking to spend an enjoyable evening (even older kids could see it, the worst swear word I heard was "damn").

T is a deceptively good, yet occasionally predictable film.

Some of the dialogue was hokey and the plot took some implausible as well as totally predictable and stereotypical turns.

Oh, and I note that the Los Angeles subway was strangely empty.

this is an entertaining movie,though there's not a lot of depth to it.

It is a straight forward, boring S.

is a bit of a pointless exercise.

Everything is rapidly edited and when there's any type of action there's a booming , intrusive soundtrack every time there's something vaguely action packed happening on screen .

There was some real suspense and intense action.

Big muscly and/or pretty people with big guns run around shooting bad guys and trading boneheaded macho quips in hastily written contrived scenarios for nearly two hours.

The movie was entertaining and that's what counts.


What do you get when you add a predictable plot, bad character development, unecessary scenes, obvious and egregious product placement and the lack of Billy Drago together?

To me this was kind of boring and not as good as advertised.

Then there's a few additional scenes, gag reel, weapons demonstration, etc. What is really exciting, and topped the DVD off for me, was the sound section.

I understand that red herrings need to be sowed into the story to create a sense of mystery but a good 10 minutes could be cut from the movie to make it tighter and more exciting.

Kinda boring .

Sense of humor is certainly helpful, but the action scenes are dull, and the ending much too obvious.

" SWAT is slow, slow, slow.

One for its predictable ness, two for its story, three, for its BS stunts...! The acting is bad, the reality of the story is bogus, and you're better off using your 10 Bucks and buy a nice martini!

The action scenes are really fun, the effects are good, the climax is really entertaining.

Sorry did i fall asleep?

Pointless Action Flick - I Loved It.

You do have the cliche' jerk captin, good cop gone bad, good cop with something to prove, wise cracking old vet same old same old.

:DThings were fairly predictable otherwise, though not as bad as my preconception of action movies.

They showed more training then actual action; the characters were ridiculous, and the dialog was insulting it was so predictable and stupid.

These two stars have produced outstanding performances in other films but in "SWAT" they're more stiff and dull than the weapons they carry.

Awesome American macho Action packed movie.

The action sequences are mostly enjoyable, holding the viewer's interest with well timed music and lots of shouting.

To be honest I fell asleep it was so bad.

entertaining popcorn movie fills the gap .

Overall this is a reasonably enjoyable piece of noisy entertainment.

Well, with the gripping title that's partially understandable...

t engaging a gang of bank robbers.

However I also didn't expect it to be physically challenging, but I just wanted to leave.

Yes, the cliche goes on an on.

This film was quite engaging at the beginning.

But it was entertaining even though the plot got really farfetched toward the end.

way too long for most bridges.

The 1st hour is a complete waste of time and effort.

was largely uneventful.

is more enjoyable for it.

There's no acting, there's no story… there is only too loud, badly chosen music.

This movie had a lot of hype that died at the door to the theater, it relied on using big names that tried to work with a poor script that relied on a lot of action and no story.

But if you can look past bad dialogue and a boring plot, S.

The first half of the movie consists of the team being built and trained through elaborate exercises that include the storming of a hotel and the taking of a passenger airline, all of which is very entertaining if even in a juvenile sort of way.

This movie wasn't a total washout, but it was so predictable that I saw every twist coming a mile away.

It kept my interest the whole time and even if it was a little predictable, who cares?

Is SWAT's dialogue cliché?

Entertaining action film that doesn't tax the brain too heavily .

Very boring action movie .

We see a B-list cast act badly, but to be fair, they were forced to parrot trite dialogue of infinite cliche density.

Of course due to a clumsy script and bad direction it was just a dull, rather boring, delay before we got to the main story.

Painfully predictable .

This film is very good i really enjoyed it.

I shouldn't really complain so hard as for the first whole hour of this film NOTHING happens.

This film is realy waste of time and its not good at all.

A cigarette packets worth of plot rammed home with every 80's action movie cliché.

It's a slow, boring film with absolutely NOTHING to recommend it.

Its balls tightening exciting and very edgy.

In this case you can somehow link all their characters in order to have this movie work out and give you at the end an entertaining action movie.

Half way through the film I had to stop the DVD because I felt so bored (anyway, I did watch the whole film) and do something else.

But the following fist-fight between Farrell and the baddie is oh-so-predictable, even the "cut in half by train" gag.

It's not a movie, it's shamefully disguised pro-NRA propaganda.

Raucous, explosive, predictable and close to being forgettable.

Entertaining while it lasts .

It's all devoted to pointless character building which never rises past clichéd stereotypes (Michelle Rodriguez expands her range by playing an unhappy, scowling Latino-something she hasn't played before) and is totally ditched with the abrupt, anti-climatic ending.

If I want "intellectual" I'll go read a boring book or take a course at University.

Renner takes the fall big, losing his job all together while Farrell is demoted to mundane duties.

It made me cringe to hear Jackson say, while in the middle of a pursuit, `This is when watching all of those 'The World's Most Exciting Police Chases' pays off!

But things go awry as unexpected people come to free him in order to receive a large sum of cash.

Completely filled to the top with cliché's, already used in every other police-action-movie.

Swat is an simple but entertaining action flick that's high in both testosterone and corny clichés.

The acting is tame, bored, everybody just seems to want to go home and have a beer instead.

The action scenes are utterly predictable.

The acting is only passable and the action scenes are disconnected and predictable.

The only real saving grace is that the last 45-minutes or so, which is pretty much comprised of one large action sequence, manages to be fairly diverting and at times exciting.

I was on the edge of my seat flinching at the action, and as the old man next to me said leaving the theater, "Now that was a damn good movie.

) The storyline is so utterly predictable, it never requires more than a few braincells to know what's coming next.

Better than anticipated big-screen adaptation of the 1970s cult classic police drama about the elite Special Weapons and Techniques division of the LAPD skillfully directed by tv veteran Clark Johnson (who cut his chops on 'Homicide: Life on The Street' and 'The Shield) with the focus on an oily French baddie (Martinez) making a routine prison transfer a dicey situation when he proclaims to give $100 M for his release from the cops custody ensuing all sorts of pitfalls and unexpected turns along the way.

worst movie i ever saw .

His plot, obvious and uninteresting, is intertwined with scenes of the SWAT group training, goofing off and training some more.

Some of the action scenes at least show energy, but that's about it; dull, overlong and just plain idiotic, S.

Prior to this we are given the usual training stuff which, while not new, is still enjoyable.

Rest of the cast is passable and predictable.

Now, this might be forgivable had the film been entertaining.

**SPOILERS INCLUDED**I had my doubts about this film, but overall I enjoyed it.

It's boring.

The only person who really is enjoyable to watch is co-star Samuel Jackson who plays the tough squad commander.

Seemingly every action cliche from the beginning of the 1960s to the present-day is used in one way or another here.

"Training Day" had a first half that was well-written, intriguing and suspenseful, only to collapse into a formulaic, business-as-usual action movie in the second half.