Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) - Drama, Horror, Musical

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The infamous story of Benjamin Barker, aka Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop in London which is the basis for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Tim Burton
Stars: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Length: 116 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 130 out of 811 found boring (16.02%)

One-line Reviews (574)

Depp as ever delivers a stunning performance helped as usual by Burton's camera loving him as it does his Mrs the again excellent Helena Bonham Carter, who for me gives her best performance since fight club.

But Sweeney Todd certainly is tops as a superb example of an engrossing, cynically humorous, fast-paced, wonderfully acted piece of flinch-inducing Grand Guignol.

The film should've been great but thanks to one miserable dirge after another and pretty much nothing happening for forty odd minutes I was wishing I could get in the film so he could slit my throat!

Terribly boring, horribly stupid.

In some ways, it's similar to Park Chan-Wook's revenge trilogy, being visually stunning and focused on the problems of revenge.

This is a stunning and scary film, one of the best I have ever watched, and surely the best musical, that deserves to be remembered and deserves a special place in my DVD shelf.

It is highly entertaining in parts, particularly the first half.

But the story of the Demon Barber is really thrilling, you can understand the serial killer and you may even support him.

Stunning Nightmare of Humor Filled with Bloody Revenge .

Honestly, it's boring.

Tim Burton has outdone himself, and made a fascinating movie, that has been in development for 25 years.

Deliriously Dull .

After seeing the ultimate in revenge movies (Chan-wook Park's trilogy), this movie turns very predictable.

It kept my interest, even while reaffirming my belief that musicals are quite pointless.

In fact, all of the performances were entertaining, with the exception of the two very dull young lovers, who aren't really important anyway.

Most of them provide compelling singing voices.

Helena Bonham Carter also delivered a stunning performance as Mrs. Lovett, and I love how she portrayed her character.

What a stunning movie this was.

Depp again sacrifices doing watchable fare in favor of being what he apparently considers an "artist," and Bonham-Carter does the yawn-through she usually does in roles donated to her by whoever her latest fling is.

" Sweeney and Lovett just didn't seem to be enjoying their plotting, which made the number a bit bland.

Really though he is the only thing worth watching in this film besides for Alan Rickman.

Tim Burton's dark humour fits in well with the tone of the film and makes it even more enjoyable.

The lyrics tell us the story, and the musics are even exciting.

Pretty much a waste of time.

And musical movies give us all the intense scene with those musics and songs.

I enjoyed it very much so I was psyched to see the movie version starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.

When I was watching the movie, her song "Green Finch and Linnett Bird" was tiresome and her voice was a little shaky.

In many ways, Burton's latest serves to either deconstruct or blatantly oppose the conventions of most glitzy cinematic musicals, resulting in a uniformly pitch black, macabre, gruesome and undeniably entertaining film, the likes of which have seldom been exposed to mass audiences.

If you enjoyed Depps earlier work, or enjoy grim stories with fascinating characters, or even if you enjoy musicals and have an open mind, you should go see this film.

Even Sacha Baron Cohen was more engaging on screen than Depp, even though he has an unfortunately short amount of screen time.

while belting out mundane and forgettable ballads of some woman named Joanna.

Ed Wood is my pick, but it is still a vastly entertaining movie which shows Burton's maturity as a director.

Alan Rickman is remarkably cunning as Judge Turpin, Timothy Spall, engaging as always as The Beadle.

With thrills and chills in equal measure, incredible supporting performances (including a knockout scene-stealer in Sasha Baron Cohen), great performances and singing on part of the entire cast (including a surprisingly great tenor in Alan Rickman), and surprisingly deep emotional core displayed by the passionate performances by Depp and Carter, Sweeney Todd is one of the most visually sweeping and thoroughly engrossing musical thrillers ever created.

For all willing to stomach the admittably copious quantities of blood and thoroughly morbid content, Sweeney Todd may prove to be just the thing to counterbalance the syrupy glitz plaguing its musical contemporaries of late - unsettling, stylized and undeniably entertaining...

If you like to be bored, disappointed and annoyed then this movie is perfect for you.

It was strange and bizarre, but developed into a fascinating story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Yawn .

Despite having 95% singing the film is quite engaging; leading us through the darkness towards the unpredictable finale.

This film is deep and dark and thrilling and musical at the same time.

Sasha Baron Cohen shines as this character and is the most entertaining of all the cast, and he can sing!

They could have put a few more dialogues, soliloquies, or even more sung lines in the story, but instead they opted for boring people.

It is very fast paced, so the audience member is never bored and feels as if he/she moves with the story to its conclusion.

It's done in a way that is entertaining.

Burton's humor is part and parcel of his sheer brilliance, as always, and, as always, the great Johnny Depp is intense and positively unforgettable.

Without the novelty of a gory Musical, the story is both simplistic and predictable.

In a shark's feasting frenzy, instincts take over and attack becomes more intense, their prey swiftly turns to a cloud of blood.

' You have a surprisingly funny and enjoyable performance from Signor Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen of 'Borat' fame), and the younger members of the cast do quite well.

Depp deserves credit for keeping this compelling from beginning to the bloody end.

He's intense and focused.

As a plus, the décor is often broken and rooms are empty.

Except for the subject matter and its R-Rating presentation of blood and gore, this musical while entertaining, compelling didn't forge new ground.

This movie is empty, fake and artificial.

In all, the movie was boring.

The minor love interest is totally dull, the two young actors hardly having a chance to create any chemistry between them.

Thus, the entire movie was like a tour in a Russian wheel: fun when it's was speeched and very tedious when the songs came in.

I can honestly appreciate the sick beauty of the film, the pervert story of good people falling down a dark and twisted life style, its most definitely worth the watch and was very refreshing from the normal bright and sunny happy endings we typically favor.

There is about two minutes of such imagery and besides that the majority of the movie is gray, bland, lifeless, shot primarily in one room and uninteresting to look at.

This is a hard film to call & recommend, apart from some isolated sequences with dialogue the entire film is sang & that in itself may put many off, it can look a bit strange at times & I must admit that I did start & get a little bored with it as the entire first half of the film is song after song with very little incident.

yeah we also have a trite and pathetic sub plot of johnny's daughter and this sulky-lipped lad wanting to run away together, not to mention some other characters swimming in the whole neck slitting mess.

The music however is somehow hard to follow at certain points, especially when 2 sings against each other on different songs.

Back in 2007, I went to see Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon barber of Fleet street, a film so funny, so beautiful, so powerful, so enjoyable, that I knew Burton could never live up to it.

It made me as a viewer profoundly grateful I was merely a spectator to the horrors great and small, everyday and unexpected, of Burton's London.

Result - we all enjoyed it immensely, though with different eyes.

The film is visually stunning and I cannot believe it did not receive more Oscar nods!

That's too bad because it's really Sondheim's evocative and powerfully haunting music that drives and ironically humanizes the chilling storyline.

There is a hell of a lot of blood, there are small humorous moments, and the songs are also very enjoyable, a true classic that I will never tire of.

Alan Rickman, Timothy Spall, Ed Sanders & others were also very fascinating in their given roles.

There were a couple things that bothered me: one being an ending that despite all its bloody grandeur seemed to lose sight of a couple characters, and some occasional predictable situations.

Instead it looks like dull paint.

The songs are imaginatively staged and sung, and Depp is as usual completely immersed in his character.

it is enjoyable and an experience, as with all Burton films.

Boring Cannibalism .

The movie feels like a classic, with bits of 'The Count of Monte Cristo' and 'The Avengers' added in, the story truly becomes gripping and the characters more complex.

Bloody Boring.

The film is darkly funny, and extremely entertaining.

I was dragged to this last January, a month after it came out, and literally went there with low expectations.

The story is really, really dull.

It's the best musical I have ever seen and features such stunning songs and performances it left me speechless.

Worst movie ever...

From what I saw it was an amazing movie and I highly recommend it to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fans.

Although the film is entertaining and Depp is an acceptable Sweeney, the overall flow is slightly disjointed for newcomers to this tale.

But it is Depp who, as expected, delivers the most impressive performance, for which he won his first Golden Globe and received his third Academy Award nomination: "barking mad", as his partner describes him, while he sings "My Friends" (referred to the razors) and painfully tender in his rendition of "Johanna" (a song concerning Todd's daughter), he paints a layered, immensely compelling portrait of a man wronged for no reason and driven mad by loss.

Waste of money.

To elaborate: Boring - the film has one set mood for the entire film that never changes and is just dull and boring.

Depp's Sweeney Todd is a boring character pure and simple.

The intense and insane look in his eyes as the vengeful Sweeney gives me memories of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

I don't know, and I don't care, this movie was truly stunning.

The story is very fairytale-ish but it works well enough to keep the viewer's attention until the very entertaining climax.

The Depp-Burton duo does it again in this dark, tragic, compelling and audaciously violent musical set in the 19th century.

The middle of the movie was enjoyable to watch, with great squeamish giggles in the pie shop, a few funny songs, a jump or two, and one or two of the death scenes were darkly hilarious.

Just boring .

It becomes tedious and tiresome.

There were parts of it that were brilliant and parts that didn't work, but overall it was an enjoyable film.

Leave it to Stephen Sondheim to make a mass murderer boring.

The level of depth and detail in every shot, the costumes, props, and scenery are all flawless, an artistic vision that is stunning from the swooping opening shot right through to its gruesome end.

The story is predictable the characters are awful the singing is ridiculously bad.

But alas, Sweeney Todd needs engaging lead performances to work as a finished product.

The power of his voice is truly stunning.

True to form, Burton's latest looks absolutely stunning.

-" And slow start, each person has their taste, I've really enjoyed the movie 100% when the start has banged me in the head a little more!

Also some of the computer effects within this movie feel pointless, mostly because of the reason that they look like they come straight out of playstation game cut scene.

Sacha Baron Cohen makes a great turn as Pirelli, a rival barber, and the two newcomers, Jamie Cambell Bower as Anthony, and Jayne Weisner as Johanna are romantic and thrilling.

Worth the watch .

I enjoyed it a lot and I would recommend it to anyone that likes Tim Burton films.

One Bloody Gothic Fascinating Experience .

She obviously acted the character well and was entertaining to watch during different songs, there was something missing.

On the plus side, it's, for the most part, a gorgeous film, with stunning art direction.

They underact to "Dull Surprise" levels, especially Depp.

But you can get over this because the film is so visually stunning, and to be honest, you'd rather have Depp in this role with a so-so singing voice than seeing someone else who can sing cock the whole character up.

I went to see this movie because I liked past performances of Depp and I like the way Burton works, but this was a waste of time and money.

The end of the film was unexpected and not a cliché at all, and the actors' performances where great!

is one of my favorite movies, every song is memorable and fitting, and easy to see a good musical over one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Unlike the dreary dirges Danny Elfman supplied for Burton's stop frame musicals, Sondheim's score is a joy to listen to from beginning to end, its dark romanticism sometimes reminding me of Bernhard Herrmann, perfectly fitting what is both a musical and a horror film in equal measures.

I'm a longtime Sondheim and "Sweeney Todd" fan, so it's hard for me to briefly sum up my thoughts about this movie version--but, if I had to, I'd just say, it's a success and I truly enjoyed it.

It becomes boring instead of interesting and captivating.

There is literately little to no plot for the first thirty minutes of the film; there's song after song with nothing for them to emphasise, because the characters haven't had a chance to explain why they are doing a certain thing or feeling a certain way.

Certainly so gripping!

Stunning visuals, an entertaining and painfully tragic plot, musical brilliance by Steven Sonheim and extraordinary performances from the entire cast!

The story was occasionally amusing but just so slow and I just couldn't really care too much about the characters.

For me, intense scene without music is like a body without soul.

Director Tim Burton & actor Johnny Depp re-unite once again to give their fans another engrossing story of an exciting character, only this time it is blended with a strong theme of murder & revenge.

There were no weak performances here, young Toby, heartbreaking and beautiful, the always incredible Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter who manages to be stunning despite the hair, was chilling in the calm way she entered into the mayhem of the piece.

As usual, Tim Burton's adaption of the play to movie was well done--he is a director who can give us the odd in a very entertaining way.

This is Tim Burton's masterpiece, a thrilling story with a chew-dropping ending.

I was humming the songs to myself as I left the theater.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaborate yet again for a ghoulish masterpiece of entertaining film-making that dazzles and disturbs right from the get-go.

Despite its dark theme and cinematography, the story is compelling with attaching characters.

Recommended for the songs, which lifted the ho-hum story.

The lack of emotional conveyance through the actors' singing, due to their inexperience and timidness, make this a very bland and badly sung musical production.

What might be unique or disturbing or boring might be awesome.

In addition of Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman shines through this dark and dreary movie.

This film is one worth watching several times over just to make sure you absorb all details available.

You think of the visual images, the freewheeling, indelibly intriguing imagination that brought you Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and the Corpse Bride.

Tim Burton gives us the dark side of Old London with cinematography that might just as well have used glorious B&W rather than drab color.

He *TRULY* threw himself into this role and *infused* it with a torn, emotionally-battered *INTENSITY* (yes, ALLCAPS, it's THAT INTENSE!

The songs and the scenes flow into one another so beautifully that I find it very difficult to get bored of it.

A more than fitting addition to the Tim Burton canon, it is, on its own, a beautiful and exciting film; dramatically rewarding with its overtures of false imprisonment, evil, revenge and tragedy; its amazingly complex, operatic musical score and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; top-notch performances from Burton's major players and a superb visual style and production value.

I find the film engaging and powerful, and it makes me scared to know such a psychopathic person could exist.

There were three tempos of music in the film: very slow, extremely slow, and super fast.

To me personally, a good film requires a great cast, a great thrilling or on-the-edge plot, scenes set out magnificently and overall plays out smoothly and thus leaves the audience only caring for what happens next.

This is a gorgeously artistic movie and I highly recommend it to anyone with any sort of taste for a GOOD movie (wich is hard to come by these days).

We get a kind of boring and really pretentious musical because since the singing and acting are off most of the film is about set design and flair.

Visually, the film was stunning.

But the theaters staging his works usually end up empty.

The suspense built up between Carter and Depp was so intense that I was holding my breath in anticipation, even as I knew what was coming!

Fairly tedious .

Replacing it with just the opening introductory vamp is pointless.

But a movie that pump your adrenaline and show nice chick it's boring?

Not much about the film is realistic, but it's entertaining in its extremity, and contrast with rare moments of light-heartedness.

To make matters worse these numbers are set to a stunning visual reference that will haunt you each time you hum about mince meat pies.

I have seen Sweeney Todd on stage some years ago, I enjoyed it hugely.

I keep saying (read my other reviews) that long live movie musicals, and "Sweeney Todd" I hope will help in the revival of this totally enjoyable entertainment medium.

His usual fascination with gadgets and design were fascinating, and Colleen Atwood's costumes were amazing.

Acting performances are fascinating, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman with the other actors who are as successful as the lead actors are...

In truth, there are no twists, no poignant moments, no deep characters, and no story.

One thing that I thought, though, was that the scenery dragged a bit towards the end.

CHARACTER The cast of characters that inhabit the world of the movie is a cast of fascinating, intriguing and downright insane characters.

The feel and tone of the film are pitch perfect, but once these characters open their mouths the film quickly turns from perfect to nearly unbearable.

And then come an unexpected thriller scene in the movie, I said, beauty thriller.

Cohen's role is quite small though but nevertheless memorable and entertaining.


I thought the songs were rather weak and the film took way too long to get to the build up, which finally happens when Sacha Baron Cohen's character hits the screen.

"Was it entertaining?

Helena Bonham Carter was the best surprise; her vocals were sugary sweet and amazing, her acting was perfect, and Helena herself is quite stunning.

And congratulations to Mr. Burton for providing such an excellent movie of this most entertaining Stephen Sondheim horror musical.

" Violent, gruesome, blackly hilarious, deliriously entertaining, director Tim Burton's vision of *Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street* is a wild cry of bloodlust put to song.

Tim Burton (who has a tendency for great visuals but not telling stories well) has created a dull, drab, dirty and lifeless London.

It's pointless and it doesn't add anything to the movie.

I couldn't predict half of the moves they were thinking of doing, and usually I predict the most and bored me to death.

People think or try to find inspiration in dull thing.

Some of the songs, like the one by the Hanson-looking boy singing about Joanna dragged on a little too long.

The photo is rather excellent and Burton brings out the best of this material into a fairly entertaining two hours.

There was one massive plot diversion which was just a complete waste of time.

Not that this is a great film, or even an entertaining film, or even, dare we say, a film you would ever possibly want to see a second time.

He creates another fascinating and unique film.

Otherwise "Sweeney Todd" is an engrossing, Gothic, twisted, fun, and just plain weird movie, much like Burton's other films.

I think that probably the humor is lost for some, I found it all entertaining though, even the gory throat slitting segments I found amusing with the musical element to it.

In some ways this is an unexpected film; Tim Burton is not a director normally associated with musicals, and Sondheim is not a composer normally associated with the cinema.

Good entertaining horror.

I can't understand how could this fantastic director make this bloody, boring and ugly film!.

The music is beautiful, the visuals are stunning, and while the acting isn't the best, I've seen a whole lot worse.

Stodgy and tasteless (unlike the pies) .

An Intense, Mature Musical .

The story itself could have been good, except that the plot is flat and predictable, dragged on by the incessant monotone singing.


In fact in most cases Depp is a very ordinary but highly entertaining actor who chooses weird character roles where overacting and over animation are expected.

But Burton's direction and the cast rise above these small problems and create a film that is highly enjoyable and entertaining.

That's the only part I remember because it was so bad I fell asleep.

While one gets used to Johnny Depp's singing, Bonham Carter doesn't even register with her thin, dull, piping voice.

This is a genuinely bad film; one dimensional, poor songs and a terminally slow plot.

The story is a beautiful tale of revenge and love, which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

An exciting thrilling plot set to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for more, more, more!!

Of course this is down to the original brilliance of the Sondheim musical, making it a far more enjoyable watch than, let's say, last year's horrific 'Dreamgirls'.

In fact, it is quite a twisted treat to dive in to the cobblestone streets of yesterday's London, tainted blue and gray by cinematographer, Dariusz Wolski, to a saturation point that makes the patrons appear as though they are just waiting, if not begging, for their dull lives to end.

There is no plot, no serious climax, no wonder or awe or amusement.

Boring and pointless.

Just a perfectly slick, formulaic, safe movie for a safe audience.

The performances of the leads as well as the supporting cast was very convincing and compelling to watch.

Even the portrayal of the common clients was stunning.

Alright.. the simple reason i wanted to check this movie out was for Johnny Depp, and he delivered and so did Helena Bonham Carter.. the visuals were stunning and so was the brutality that was depicted.

The plot may seem simplistic but runs deeper than what is seen on the surface and is truly enthralling from the opening scene to the gripping conclusion.

Burton Crafts a Thrilling, Dark Tale .

There is some relief from the dreary atmosphere when Mrs.Lovett dreams of a day by the seaside.

Depp's brooding presence drives the film, just as quirky, captivating and compelling a lead performance as ever.

I felt like walking out after a few minutes of this film, - I told my girlfriend that if she wanted to leave, I would be happy to go.

Helena Bonham Carter is, unfortunately, little short of a disaster on this front: although she sings in time and mostly in tune, the sound is dreary and lacking energy.

The dark humour is great, the look is stunning, Depp is gloriously unhinged while remaining believable.

Depp is a contemporary icon; a compelling and interesting actor not afraid to mix Hollywood dash with the smaller and more thoughtful.

The twists at the end were enjoyable even if they were slightly predictable, though the ending seemed rather abrupt.

For example, Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall are wickedly cruel, and (do believe it) they sing; a little kid called Ed Sanders is the best singer of the ensemble and a very convincing performer; the production design and the cinematography make London a place you want to hate as Sweeney does: an obscure, unpredictable colder than nowadays.

There is not enough irony, emotions, and insanity to make this enjoyable to watch.

Stunning set designs, and surprisingly fantastic vocals from the entire cast, also something that doesn't get mentioned a lot, is the interestingly designed costumes, bravo to Coleen Atwood!

Believe me when I say you shouldn't waste your time.

It feels pointless, tedious, unskilled and just plain never ending!

The whole musical work is empty and artificial.

But for all the hundreds of thousands that enjoy it, there will be some that find it nauseous, pointless, superficial, and much better left undone.

Todd and Lovett's appearances emphasize the dark, vengeful tone of the film with their pail skin, heavily contrasted by dark eye makeup — emphasizing the hatred in their eyes toward London — massive, curly, black hair — emphasizing their incomprehensible state of mind — and drab clothing — Lovett wearing hints of scarlet, foreshadowing the deepest evils within her.

By eliminating the Ballad of Sweeney Todd which was a riveting opening number possessing both understated energy, going from the depths of ominous repetitive rhythms to the High penetrating falsettos of the tenors was a terrible miscalculation.

It may appear to some, to be water-down, overly dramatic, and drawn out.

However, Burton repeats the grisly bits of Todd's work so frequently, and with such banal non-zest, that by the third repetition, the impact of these rotely executed scenes shifts from "Oh, that was awesome!

A stunning combination of both Mark Lester's and Jack Wild's characters in the movie version of OLIVER!

The songs were at times irritating and at other times just pointless.

Often repelling, at times outright boring, and overall a pointless exercise.

Or you are confusing this movie with a good movie that you saw somewhere else.

His character briefly allows you to come up for air in this otherwise morbid, dreary tale.

The scenes were repetitive, especially when the killings began; this was more boring than horrific.

Set design, lighting and cinematography is a dream and in large part is what helps to make the translation from stage to screen so great and enjoyable.

Of course the whole looks attractive, the set designs are wonderful and the cinematographer deserves mention too, but it simply bored me out of my mind.

I think the fact that these are actors first made the movie more enjoyable.

It's just a pain because musical-style songs are boring.

Screenplayed by John Logan, Steven Sondheim's numbers are edited for Hollywood-movie-length and, though none could be regarded as "classics," are generally snappy enough to move the story along briskly; the only reprise that garnered repose being *Johanna*, the daughter's theme – every time someone started puling "Johaaaaana!

This film dares to go where very few others have gone, and it was absolutely stunning!

He's usually been the one at the forefront of Tim's ventures down the more intriguing paths.

Nothing happens.

OK, some of the visuals were quite good and the portrayal of London was suitably gloomy (if rather stereotyped) but that just made the whole story even more tedious.

Unfortunately, what Sondheim wrote and Burton put out bear only the most casual resemblance to each other … namely, they have a lot of the same words and much of the same music – assuming that you prefer Shakespeare's witches acting like Wagner's norns (Anna Russell: "this dreary set of women"), or prefer Beethoven's 5th taken at the tempo of Chopin's funeral march.

This is a very intriguing film that has awesome visuals and cinematography.

Boring Jack Sparrow copy singing CONSTANTLY.

It was truly disgusting and a completely waste of time.

If you enjoy how his movies, tap deep within your imagination then this movie is definitely worth watching!

His acting saves the character - he is absolutely riveting.

Add blood and guts, and you've got a dull, slow-moving musical with muddy imagery and really bad songs.

Dull Surprise.

The songs translate best when at their are most onieric, whether Todd is fantasizing about running through the streets blades in hand or Mr. Lovett dreaming of their house by the sea, Burton's imagination is at it's most engaging and the film is too.

They're quite amusing to watch, and it makes the movie a lot more enjoyable.

Johnny Depp is a great actor, but he's useless in this and boring.

I liked earlier Burton work and most especially anything with Johnny Depp and I was hoping this movie would raise the level of the dreadful Sondheim music which I tried to listen to years ago and gave up on as it was just so boring.

This is a great movie, and while not a great musical fan, I really enjoyed it.

His films are very entertaining and this was entertaining.

I would have enjoyed it even if JD was not in it.

These feelings were probably accentuated by my dislike for almost anything written by Stephen Sondheim (West Side Story being the exception), Tim Burton's drab, dull, and lifeless direction and unfortunately not one of the actors has much in the way of a gifted voice (I'm sorry Helena, Alan and Johnny).

A musical horror and thriller film which is so fascinating and so thin and meaningful the storyline that takes the whole world into "the great black pit".

Rickman is a convincing villain, though you get the sense that his usual venom is somewhat subdued, though he is still entertaining.

The camera work and digital effects were stunning to say the least.

Stunning end.

Visually this is Tim Burton at his best, the world created is stunning and pleasurable and certainly does not disappoint.

I could have enjoyed it instead of wishing it would hurry up and end.

I won't reveal any of the story, I'll save that for when you sit down on your sofa to watch it, but rest assured Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is an entertaining tale.

It looks stunning, and rather than pulling you out of the story the songs actually service it brilliantly, adding a real emotional immediacy to proceedings.

This is more intense and realistic violence than Burton exhibited in SLEEPY HOLLOW, so those of weak constitutions beware.

Even though I enjoyed Depp's performance, the characters motivation in this portrayal destroys opportunity for any further engrossing traits.

Very few action, and all so predictable.

Jamie Cambell Bower feels out of place in the gritty surroundings as a more typical mainstream romantic male lead lusting after Todd's daughter, but his presence adds to the "anti-musical" aspect by being pushed to the side in favour of the darker, more compelling leads.

This was very confusing for us so we had to watch the film a few times to fully understand the characters themselves and their motives.

A Well Done and Exciting Film .

Also compelling are Jamie Campbell Bower as the sailor who accompanies Todd back to England, Jayne Wisener as Todd's grown daughter-Johanna-who Anthony the sailor is smitten with and she in return, Laura Michelle Kelly as a beggar woman with a secret, and Ed Sanders as Toby-Pirelli's and, eventually, Mrs. Lovett's boy servant.

Victorian London is re-created in stunning realism, although I like to think that even during the worst times of the industrial revolution London was never THAT dark and dirty.

The contrasting darks and lights are very intriguing.

As it progressed I decided to open up my mind more and felt myself immersed in it's world.

It's highly watchable, entertaining and worth seeing, just not what it could have been.

All this is quite enjoyable and those who can appreciate Grand Guignol horror mixed with tongue-in-cheek humor will be completely satisfied.

Johnny Depp remains to be a stunning actor that is only boosted by my hero Tim Burton.

Which to my mind makes him a very boring artist.

That put, This movie has a good but predicable plot ( Well yes it's a very good plot but since its been used before we think that is't a boring plot).

As a result, one of the most boring films ever to grace the earth was made.

It was quite slow.

its truly stunning on the big screen.

It's easy to accuse Burton of being more a production designer than a valid film director, but when compelling visions of alternate worlds in the cinema are so infrequent, need that be a bad thing?

It's definitely worth watching for any fan of musicals, although you have to be prepared to expect all the blood letting--even if the gushes look a bit fake.

Johnny Depp isn't a good singer, but he makes up for that with stunning theatrics, the same way he did as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates films.

Though it was enjoyable, I don't think, for me, there's a version of Sweeney that couldn't be.

It was boring; she was boring and even looked bored throughout most of rest of the movie.

The coloring, the dreamlike visual, and the brutal style are all compelling.

I liked the story, I liked the setting, I liked the character's & for the most part I liked the songs too but I did think the first half was a little slow at times.

Very disappointed, such a bad story and worst movie ever from Tim Burton, I doubt he knows what he wants in this movie, so bloody and disgusting, an stereotype story, no surprises, and characters are all dark and boring, singing part is also killing me.

But to be completely honest; this is the worst movie of him I have seen.

It is absorbing and a great story.

) It's stylishly gory, highly dramatic, and very gripping.

I prefer to watch a cliché movie.

In conclusion, this is an enjoyable film, good enough to see it twice.

terrible acting aside, the set is good with stylised portrayal of gore and violence which is the only thing that will keep you from falling asleep.

You may zone out as you mindlessly stare at the drawn-out singing that fails to thrust the story forward.

hell i enjoyed it !

Rounding out the cast are Sacha Baron Cohen as a fake Italian barber who becomes Todd's first victim, Timothy Spall as Turpin's wonderfully odious sidekick, and a rather bland Jamie Campbell-Bower as Anthony, the young sailor who falls for Todd's daughter.

Don't waste your money.

Boring, disgusting, grotesque.

For the rest of us—aware that Sondheim's great score is also the high point of late-20th Century music theatre—the movie Sweeney Todd is a noisy, thudding, completely unsatisfying bore.

The first hour or so is really rather boring anyway and the constant singing soon starts to grate.

The result is a film both visually stunning and musically spectacular.

Needless to say however that this occasions are few and add little confusion to the story.

My sisters used to watch me this movie when i was in third grade saying like "It's an enjoyable musical there is nothing to scare come on" and the only thing i remember is my screaming, shouting,crying and couldn't sleep alone for couple of months😖😫.

" Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are flat out boring in the main roles, and neither understands the nuances that make Sweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett work.

It was haunting, dramatic, suspenseful, and even at times upbeat.

I thought this would be an appropriate movie musical to watch before Halloween, but it was boring and disappointing.

Brash, bloody and gleefully disturbed, Burton's antidote to the mainstream musical proves brilliantly subversive of the conventions of its genre, while boasting a stunning spectacle of a variety unto its own.

Save your money to see a real musical such as Phantom or Wicked.

It was really boring.

Despite the erratic way the story was told it moved at a snails pace due to drawn out musical numbers.

Yes, Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd / Benjamin Barker) is nominated and deservedly so, Depp is riveting here.

However, the movie started off with a series of really bad songs and silly humor of Bonham-Carter killing roaches and adding them into her dough, I really just wanted to leave the theater.

What a remarkably tedious score - Phantom of Fleet St., someone please slit my throat.

As for Depp's singing, I had my doubts when I first heard he had been cast in this role, but it works for the movie screen…his number "Epiphany" is breathtaking.

All of them sing well, with Sondheim's music, beautiful and engrossing, filtering into the film effortlessly.

As I approach my 60th birthday and am confronted with these hundreds of rave reviews for this, (in my poor estimation only) seedy, slow moving, dull and grisly adaptation of Sondheim's "classic" musical which ran for less than 600 performances in its initial run in 1979, with the presence of the wonderful Angela Lansbury in the lead female role, 200 performances in its 1989 Broadway revival and only 384 performances in the 2005 revival despite the always dynamic presence of Patti Lupone in the Lansbury role.

It was extremely engaging because it really made me care about Todd's plight and I was interested in where the story was going to go.

The actors are not convincing (and don't look convinced themselves), the story is empty, the sights are always short-ranged, by all means.

Though perhaps only personal taste, I found the music to be fairly conventional and the lyrics bland.

Johanna sits and sings her liberation-desire song while sewing and looking bored.

As in the play, there are only a couple of sets, but given the drab color palette, relatively ordinary shot compositions, and somewhat banal character design (Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter are made up like stereotypical Burton goths), the aesthetics never truly transcend their stage roots.

I left the theater in a state of minor post-traumatic stress.

Burton and Logan supremely translate the stageplay on screen into the thrilling unfolding of the tale of the Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, offering brilliant and authentic sets with eery lighting and once the viewer gets passed the first ten minutes or so of lyrics in lieu of lines, even the anti-musical enthusiast will either become a convert or at the least - in this particular instance - easily make the leap into the genre for the next few delightfully thrilling hours.

This coupled with the music being very boring and uninteresting lead to large chunks of the movie being impossible to enjoy.

A man sitting near me in the cinema actually fell asleep for half the film and I didn't blame him.

It is a very dark tale, but an enjoyable tale.

Visually, the film is stunning.

The blood and singing gets a little tiresome 3/4 into the movie, you start to wonder why they must show Sweenet Todd slitting throats and blood squirting blood two feet across the room so many times and why there cant be more dialouge and less singing.

I was BORED!!!!

Save your money and purchase some true art or decent music.

Johnny Depp was exciting and compelling to watch, his expressions, his performance delivery.

) If you are the kind of person who gets a bit squeam-ish during scenes like this, I wouldn't suggest going to see it because this is repetitive throughout the film.

I for one do not like Musical Theatre, I just think it is too bright and happy at times, as well as the stories are uninteresting.

" And I said "save your money and look for a real museum piece in a museum.

So is there any reason that I shouldn't have been bored with his dreadful Sweeney Todd?

It's wickedly funny, visually breathtaking, and filled with excellent performances by every single actor who appears on screen.

Grotesque and awfully boring .

Instead of really feeling like a musical this kind of feels like a pretentious piece of theatre.

I enjoyed it that much!

Appreciate it for the new, different, equally-enjoyable adaptation that it is.

), strange tangents into pointless areas (the entirety of By The Sea does not work WHEN IT IS ACTUALLY BY THE SEA) and the "symbolism?

the set pieces are all so bland and the characters are never fully developed that it is hard to care what happens at all.

Ultimately, this film is a terrible bore.

Dariusz "Dark City" Wolski's camera-work is evocative, eloquently limning Burton's dingy, squalid London while providing the necessary movement to keep things proceeding apace.

Combined with Burtons imaginative world and great story-telling the movie is one of the enjoyable musical there is.

Alan Rickman could make "High School Musical" entertaining.

Suspenseful, intense scenes involving gore and violence were virtually non-existent.

I'm glad I did, as it was an enjoyable film even if I did have to look away from the screen a few times.

This movie to me was awfully boring since the songs all sounded the same.

) The fact that Burton made a movie rather than a filmed play also really helped the number "By the Sea," which comes off as overlong and a bit boring on the Broadway soundtrack.

The shock factor was a huge part of making Sweeney Todd an intense ride.

Seems like the same old repetitive character (POTC, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc).

The Broadway Todd and Lovett were clearly entertaining themselves with their macabre speculations in that song, laughing and smirking their way through Sondheim's fiendishly funny lyric.

And the best part of it all is that it is a musical and all of the actors, never previously singers, have unbelievable good voices that are very enjoyable to listen to and fit the story.

Slitting throats, dropping them violently onto the cement floor and clean up for the next one could only seem somehow darkly entertaining in a Tim Burton film.

I found the whole thing fairly tedious and quite a chore to have to watch.

I thought this Movie was gonna Be entertaining because I like Johnny Depp Movies but 10 people walked out of the movie and I seriously wanted to do the same thing.

(the red blood on the white face of Depp in Sleepy Hollow when he cuts in the corpses, speaks more to the imagination than the blood that splatters out of the sliced throats in Sweeney Todd) Yet the film is stunning in its own way.

OK i'm not a film critic, I, like the rest of my family just like a good film to watch, I read all the reviews on this site before paying for the tickets, and yes I did know it was a musical but never thought i'd see a Tim Burton Movie where they hardly ever stop warbling , it totally ruined what looked like a fantastic film, acting was great and the look was amazing, but I felt like pounding my ears at the constant "singing", and if your thinking well i can put up with the singing if i get a good scare, think again , the odd slit of the throat with strawberry sauce emitting is not very scary ,all in all a total waste of money and I would not advise anyone to waste 2 hours of their life with this turkey

The movie is a dark and gray and her face is gray, and her voice is monotone through and through.

Depp acts the role of Sweeney Todd very well, getting more intense, more aloof, more inhuman as the movie proceeds.

As for me, I enjoyed it because I'm well rounded and it really gave me a close shave.

This is the first live-action(I shall leave you in suspense no longer: the other two are The Nightmare Before Christmas(granted, he didn't direct it, but still) and The Corpse Bride(which may be the only other two musicals he's done) of his I've seen, and it's by far the best(but all three are of high quality, and very much worth watching).

Burton films are like Windows Vista; looks good but ultimately you want to leave it alone.

This movie was absolutely stunning!

Made me want to fall asleep towards the end.

but Sweeny Todd terrified him and I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

Sweeny Todd starts very well, then it gets sickly sick, then simply gory, then unbearable, then horribly terrible.

Overrated and predictable plots too and scenes with blood were neither convincing nor horrifying just sometimes shocking.

It is a very enjoyable film which doesn't have a happy cast sing-a-long ala Hairspray at the end which fits in perfectly with the films gloomy tone.

All-in-all, this was an average film, but an entertaining musical.

After seeing the macabre and unpredictable ending, you may have mixed feelings about particular scenes and about the movie in general.

All of the movies by Tim Burton that I have seen have either been so quirky and bizarre that they were entertaining (or in the case of his 1994 masterpiece "Ed Wood," brilliant) or so quirky and bizarre that they were over-the-top and too unusual to sincerely enjoy.

Sweeney Todd is a dark, intense and demented movie.

High pitched boredom.

Overall a fantastic film, if you're in to musicals and dark films anyway, with a unexpected twist at the end.

On the other hand, the romantic couple, on stage generally too old (and mostly deadly dull), benefit here from appropriate casting, generous close-ups, and the tightening up of their story (at one point inexplicably: when Anthony Hope comes bounding in to tell Mr Todd of his discovery of Joanna, we have no sense of how Anthony knows where to find Todd, since we haven't seen them re-bond since they went their ways at the start of the movie, Todd giving Anthony only the vaguest idea of his future whereabouts).

I got a bit sick of seeing the same old set, so by the time we got to the finale in the basement I felt a little bored.

It is, for sure, a bloody revenge and a nightmare, perhaps, but a stunning one with a dark sense of humor.

Where a bad play can induce laughter, a bad musical just induces nausea, anger and boredom.

I suppose this approach may be considered interesting in a sort of abstract way, but mainly it's boring and tedious.

This movie is just boring and insanely over-hyped.

The visuals are stunning and just breathtaking and this film really shows what kind of a film maker Tim Burton is.

Each actor carries the same drab expression on their face throughout the film as though they are bored or just completely unsure of themselves.

Other than that it was bad singing/music, cartoonish characters, boring story than never make you really interested or exited, blood, blood and more blood.

Here, things are more predictable.

After the first couple of slashings, it was very tiresome and unnecessary.

Despite all the cuts, the film is only about a quarter-hour shorter than the 1982 and 2001 versions … yet it seems to drag out a lot longer.

I mean, I love Sweeney Todd (the musical), and I was bored in this movie.

Despite the use of mute colors, visually, the film is stunning, with gorgeous sets and extremely well made costumes.

All the songs big empty balloons.

I was yawning and more concentrated about how much time was left to finish it so i could do something else.


If there was some kind of substance there in her tone, I would have enjoyed it more.

On the stage it was even more riveting.

Though moderately entertaining, Sweeney Todd fell far short of all the critical acclaim it has been receiving.

A local critic whose opinion I usually respect and value was underwhelmed by the film and only gave it **; he was also unimpressed by the songs or the actors’ idiosyncratic rendition of them; I personally found Sondheim’s score quite effective and rousing at just the right moments…though, admittedly, it could also be grating i.

The movie may make you bored in parts and creep-ed out and or freaked out in some parts.

Sweeney Todd got me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie, and I was always wondering what was going to come next.

I have always enjoyed dark films, but this is simply too deadly and boring for words.

The movie started off a slow and in the first few minutes (the titles) the blood looked like candle wax, nothing scary whatsoever about candle wax is there?

Being an ex-Johnny Depp fanatic, and presently a mere fan of his acting (save for Pirates 2 where it got just a little bit tedious), I felt that Johnny gave a great performance (especially in Mrs Lovett's imagination(the beach scene!

Depp employs a bad alt-rock whine while Helena Bonham Carter deadpans/talks her way through what are supposed to be giddy, effervescent, and funny songs with the bored resignation of a corpse bride waiting for her paycheck.

Despite the grim color setting and story line, it's an enjoyable film for those who possess a dark humour.

With an opening shot of raw red blood dropping through machines during the credits, the tone for the film is set and Burton instantly dives deep into the darkness of London, with stunning imagery for the City, and a particularly excellent shot of the London Bridge, helps achieve the ultimate chill factor as Sweeney Todd enters.

partially am sure i succumbed to the hype and over zealous reviews by people less honest than i,(or at best more easily pleased),but i cannot in all honesty say i enjoyed this film-i would go as far as to say i actually had to force self to watch it all rather than wanting to it was so mundane.

Nobody could keep their pitch, and after the fifth time of hearing the same exact words, it became really slow and dull.

Their voices sounded perfect together and the whole scene was thrilling - everyone was just waiting for Sweeney to slit his throat and the Judge just sat there not knowing what was coming - and then of course Anthony burst in and I didn't know if I should sigh in relief or be just as mad as Sweeney became after that.

The music is classic but subjectively enjoyable.

Depp and Bonham Carter rise to the occasion, turning in performances which teeter on the edge between grande guignole and farce - and almost always land on the right side.

), while big-budget studio productions have always struck me as overblown and pretentious.

Because it's was boring ?

It is downbeat, depressing, gratuitously tasteless (actually on occasion repulsive), one-paced and really quite dull.

Worst Movie of All Time .

I remember the huge difference in watching "Singin' in the Rain" on TV (unwatchable) and then later seeing it in on a big screen with an audience (wow!

So damned boring melody I couldn't listen to it and hence missed half the lines.

Costume design and production set design are stellar; the shots embodying the cloudy, perpetually gray London streets were fascinating - overall, bravo!

It showed the decline of a good man into indifferent amorality, the meanwhile entertaining us with some humor, some pathos, and some darn good singing.

Maybe I'M the one getting boring, maybe Tim Burton is losing it, who knows.

Some breathtaking camera shots really propel the film into a league of its own.

All performances are electric, the pace and length are perfect, and the film draws us deeper and deeper with every moment into its stunning blend of the grotesque and the undeniably beautiful.

There is blood everywhere here, as it should be, making the savagery of what Todd and Mrs. Lovett are doing even more sickeningly fascinating than it was on stage.

Also, the special effects are gripping.

As a child brought up on musical theatre, I have fond memories of sitting with my father watching on video, a 1980's Broadway production of Sondheims Sweeney Todd and believe me, as awe inspiring as it may have been, it cannot hold a candle to Burtons retelling of of this gruesome, bloody and moving tale.

, unexpected and quite chilling and also ironic like i said earlier.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.


And his breathtaking musical structure (leit-motifs & revisited melodies) is largely intact.

Tim Burton has simply lost his gift, and his visual style here is bland and lazy.

The soundtrack is simply wonderful, it is a plus to the film that makes it even more enjoyable.

He masterfully combines two genres: musical and horror, with a tablespoon of humour and makes what is a grizzly and yet fascinating experience for the viewer.

Like most people, I suspect, I was going to see it because it is another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration and those are always worth watching.

But the movie was just boring and the creepy romance annoyed me.

Sondheims rousing orchestrations, despite changes, are as powerful as ever, and wonderful to hear on a movie theaters enhanced audio system.

It's exciting, it's dark, and it's awesome.

Well, except that for the most part the lyrics are trite and fail to sufficiently advance the plot...

Visually this film is stunning all the black and red and sudden splashes of colour really give the film a beautiful edge.

I recommend everybody to see this movie in the cinema both for it's dark touching moments and it's gripping cleverness.

Finally, I was bored to tears during the first hour.

From the get-go, there is a classic Burton-esquire theme, from the drab streets of filth-covered London to Depp's shroud of hatred for those around him.

Dark and Gothic the way I like it, visually stunning.

Helena Bonham Carter left something to be desired vocally, but acted the part of Mrs. Lovett beautifully, especially in "By the Sea" which I thought was the best number in the movie, darkly comic and sweet at the same time with stunning visuals.

The fast paced action and the darkness of it really set the mood for the audience.

My wife had no interest in seeing it, but I enjoyed it for the performances and the production values.

There are a lot of classic moments: The duet between Sweeney Todd and Judge Turpin, the stunning and brutal last picture and lots of them.

All of these elements build up the brilliant climax in this wonderful, macabre and entertaining piece of work; more than solid, darkly comic and pretty satisfying fare.

All of Burton's films have the same atmospheric quality, and it is very well evoked here, but I found this film to be a boring disappointment.

My personal favourite comical moment in the film was when the 'by the sea' song was sung by Mrs lovett , when she is reminiscing about them relaxing on the beach, there is an hilarious shot of Todd in a black and white swimsuit sitting on a towel looking emotionless and bored.

I, as a person who hadn't heard anything about Sweeney Todd before, and watched this movie not because Depp is staring, think it's great, entertaining, thoughtful and even funny.

This movie easily deserves it's place at the very top of my personal list of "The Worst Movies Of All Time".

Not for the faint of heart, Tim Burton, the master of dark and demented (BATMAN, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY), found this source material that seems tailor-made for his directorial sensibilities and mounted a deliciously entertaining film that should please most Sondheim purists and possibly motivate newcomers to the piece to seek out the original stage musical.

Overall, This is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Here, Carter squelches her into the iron bodice of her austere ennui and creates just an equally brooding bedhead who glibly tosses Mrs. Lovett's $100 lines into the toilet as though the whole point of her character and the script were boring her to death.

No, despite Sondheim's ambition, this offering of empty calories will never make it to a gourmet menu.

After a few minutes of admiring how the mood has been captured, you're bored and want the film to entertain.

It's just too bad that such disservice was paid to the spirit of the musical -- what was remarkable, fresh, riveting and memorable is all lost.

Its visually stunning, beautiful haunting music and a story that locks you into every moment.

But what I do know is that Tim Burton has taken a dead-beat genre, sliced and diced it thoroughly, marinated it with his midest trademark traits and tossed in two of his favourite thesps to create an eccentric and bloody enjoyable cinematic recipe.

Johnny Depp delivers a powerful lead turn as well as some excellent singing, the rest of the cast are simply brilliant and the visuals are really stunning to behold.

It's a likely predictable story, not filled with intrigues and mysteries like in Sleepy Hollow.

His decent into vengeful madness is fantastic, i was literally on the edge of my seat.

Slow and boring.

Although, again, the singing in the movie is horrible and pointless almost.

The most egregious fault of the film is that it overstays its welcome and does such a poor job of infusing a potentially riveting and oddly sympathetic tale with any energy or charm whatsoever.

As I was watching it I was reminded of the one movie I ever walked out of...

But the movie leaves you as cold and the many slit throat bodies that pile up and it gets very tiresome very quickly.

The plot is tight and gripping, and I am immersed in the story throughout.

I cannot spoil the character for you as he is important, but the performance from the boy is simply stunning.

You'll be stunning amazed once you watch the movie.

The film is effortlessly entertaining, the story on its own makes for a really strong set-up to events.

at times, the film can lag on in some parts, and others are predictable.

Waste of Time .

But, with the musical being rather dull and totally predictable in the end, a little change couldn't hurt, right?

Having recently watched Ray Winston's portrayal, (far from his best work but fairly convincing and considerably better than Beowulf) I expected this all star cast, Tim Burton production, to be, at the very least, entertaining.

The first time I saw this I was not familiar with the story, soundtrack etc and really enjoyed it.

There is a dreary sheen that permeates every frame that is quite beautiful.

SWEENEY TODD has been criticized for its vigorous blood-letting, and I do concede that Burton should have restrained his predilection for these grisly scenes – since they tend to become repetitive and, eventually, lead the film towards overlength at almost two hours.

The great thing about Sondhiem's majestic score is that it's not so much the technical singing ability as the passion, insight and energy that makes his music and stunning lyrics come to life.

I'm a big fan of Tim Burton movies and Johnny Depp as an actor, had i not been told by my best friend that 95% of the movie was a musical i probably would have been a bit turned off by it, but i went it with high expectations from hearing the amount of great reviews and enjoyed it a lot!


Again, she's doesn't fit the type and rather than playing Mrs. Lovett with the energy that the ultra fast lyrics suggest and require, she seems to be half falling asleep most of the time.

Burton has used this dream team of Depp and Carter to the point where it has become more repetitive and annoying than Scorcesse only using DeNiro or DiCaprio.

The story is so banal and predictable, that for over half of the characters you know how what was their past, the moment the show up on screen and says just a few lines.

Helena Bonham Carter's performance is great, too, and the supporting cast make for quite an entertaining viewing.

I am sad to say, that I was bored from the first until the last minute.

Cohen was a nice find and an enjoyable part of the film while Bower, Sanders and Wisener all deliver strong performances despite their ages and the cast they are starring beside.

But I have to admit I hate pointless violence or any violence for that matter because I see it as evil, sadistic and highly immoral.

You know, when we watch musical movie, usually we get bored and left the cinema before the movie ends.

Great modern musical, visually stunning and musically satisfying .

Even the deliciously dark humor couldn't save the movie, it bored me out of my mind and though it wasn't the train wreck I anticipated, it's pretty disappointing.

The costumes(other than the pants..) were stunning, and the effects were sweet!

This is a relentlessly grim, dark, grimy film that is monotone from start to finish.

Her interpretation of the character is dreary, downtrodden, mousy.

i must admit i had been wanting to watch this film ever since i had heard of it as i love Johnny Depp and am very interested in Sweeney Todd but the poor song lyrics and disappointing acting from Helena Bohem Carter disappointed me greatly and i must say i was very bored not even half way through the film.

Entertaining adaptation of the musical.

"Big Fish" was great while "Corpse Bride" was bland.

Finally, as much as I didn't want it to be, the ending was very predictable and therefore a real let down when it arrived.

Visually stunning, shame about the singing.

And Burton's direction is amazing, the sets are stunning and the make up all help to really enhance the film's tone and add to the film's dark humor as well.

Some of the characters were quite enjoyable.

I went to watch the movie yesterday and I really liked and enjoyed it.

(4 stars on his worst movie, I know it sounds weird...

i do however, really like Tim Burton movies and i just found it boring.

and in the end, the Tim Burton film is disguised as the Stephen Sondheim musical, but is ultimately revealed to be the empty, shallow film it is.

With his design-first mentality, his cinematic approach is one that appeals to me: matters of story and character are secondary to the development of engaging film environments, ones worth the consideration of our time and our willingness to enter.

I found the music, the directing, acting and even some of the macabre humor to be entertaining.

The movie could have been better executed, but in the end the theatrical cut was dull.

Very enjoyable!

All in all, this film is quite enjoyable, even though the special effects look rather fake at times and the plot itself is not always able to convince.

This was just a pointless waste of money to buy, I think I'll stick with The X-Files, Cold Case and old cheesy 80's slashers.

" and the Judge's version "Johanna", which both disturbing and fascinating at the same time.

The eyes are also given a stimulating roller coaster ride with the amazing color differences, stunning cinematography and intriguing mind puzzles that are displayed throughout.

I loved every moment of it, but I think the film really dragged in the middle section, and even near the beginning.

This is a gory story, but I grew annoyed at the tedious graphic view of...

The story of a barber, sent to prison on false charges and returning home to seek revenge is indeed an intriguing and dark one that suits both in a way that it's a wonder they hadn't done this before.

The characters were empty, the story was lame and predictable, and that singing, oh god that singing.

I urge you to see it – not for the squeamish, but utterly enjoyable.

Engaging and powerful .

Undeniably Burton, Sweeney Todd is a fantastic saga for fans of dark, thrilling horror movies or extravagant Broadway musicals!

Timothy Spall is perfectly cast as the grimy Beadle Bamford, Turpin's swaggering second in command, and Sacha Baron Cohen is tremendously entertaining in a far too brief role as faux-Italian rival hairdresser 'Signor Pirelli'.

And I found Tim Spall and Sacha Cohen very entertaining as well.

What is even more intriguing is how the blood is actually the brightest element in the entire picture, and that says a lot about what Burton was obviously focusing on rather deeply.

With a terrible libretto (if you could even call it that), thin uncaring characters, and pedantically predictable art-direction I'm amazed ANYONE could give this celluloid heap any more than a 4.

The lyrics are completely forced, have radically different syllable counts from line to line, and amazingly repetitive ( "...

) slightly boring .

Couple this with the fact that Depp is playing a character who pretty much only statically sings about how much he wants to slice throats and we have a problem, a very boring one dimensional musical.

Some movies are merely a waste of time, but not this one; this one is a "criminal" waste of time.

The effect of the long singing is to dull out the action parts of the movie.

I'm sure on stage signing in a solitary dilapidated building has a great emotional impact, on screen though it just gets kind of repetitive and boring.

The story itself is full of catchy and well done songs and it is also filled with morbid humour, lots of blood, dead bodies and one of the most interesting, original and wickedly entertaining plots to come along in awhile.

Campbell Bower and Wisener are also acceptable in their roles as the young lovers, but their story seems rather dull due to the lack of charm present in both young actors; I felt that it seemed as though that had been chosen purely on their singing ability.

After that - all the bloodshed became boring, tedious, and disgusting.

Macabre and gruesomely entertaining revisionist musical .

The movie is truly a case of 100% style (even that is boring after the first 5 minutes) and 0% substance.

What it did particularly well: Once it got going, the spectacle of some of the scenes was entertaining.

Depp, Carter and the rest of the crew were exceptionally entertaining.

The music aside, what a gruesome, yet wholly boring story!

The music was breathtaking and every note had a purpose - not such the case in virtually every musical before and since.

Enter Mrs. Lovett, the slovenly owner of a dirty meat pie shop, whose infatuation with Barker and the desire to improve her business, sparks a most fascinating business partnership.

Gushing, spurting, flowing in as many ways as it can, Buton goes too far with the Grand Guignol distracting us from the drama we should be immersed in.

The story is a really interesting one dealing with themes like revenge and moral corruption in a gripping way.

One of 2007's best releases, and very entertaining overall.

Another exciting bit is seeing Cohen's character getting killed right off the bat.

It's a very compelling story, Depp & Carter play their roles well.

The colors and CGI environment pulse with life, more compelling than the action itself.

I'm am not even fan of musicals, but putting melody in the conversations just makes it a tad more interesting and entertaining.

What I got was a horrible, gory, bloody and utterly meaningless movie.

Together, the three of them descend on Sondheim -- highly melodramatic, quite predictable -- and turn it into a feast of multiple projections of reality.

" The film's all-important soundtrack was sampled from Stephen Sondheim's stage version of the story {one of the few occasions in which Burton didn't employ the services of Danny Elfman}, and it is suitably thrilling and epic.

Turpin is a narcissist, compassionless judge , so his character is covered with drab, unaffectionate colors.

Even after some brutal murder scenes i still found him to be an enjoyable character with whom i could sympathise.

Alas, and I think I'm getting quite anal here and hopefully I arrest this problem soon, the romance between Anthony (Jamie Campbell Bower) and Johanna (Jayne Wisener) seemed a little too contrived and emotionally empty, and I rather disliked the way their love developed, or left hanging - even though we could've guessed the likely outcome, Burton decided to end the movie in the best possible way it could without dwelling too much on the obvious.

I think it takes a while to sink in, Because when i first watched this, i was left confused, the entire movie, at least for me, was hard to follow.

The last shot is the only worthwhile shot in the entire film, so of course Burton lingers on it far too long so that HEY!

" The two of them make for an unexpected duo when Todd starts killing off some of his old rivals with the sharp blade of the barber's razor.

But as they are both duffers at musicals they are well-matched together and make a compelling couple in their dark machinations.

The casting is fine, getting a little tedious perhaps but perfectly acceptable and enjoyable.

The film will stun you as a very well managed direction with marvelous cinematography, perfect camera-work, wonderful shots, breathtaking reconstruction of London and, to my great surprise, good musical features.

The dodgy "cockney" accents made a lot of the words of the songs unintelligible especially when the notes were drawn out.

The CONTEXT in which a standard song like Pretty Women is delivered adds to it another dimension, both hilarious and intense.

Also, the plot was confusing which made it hard for us to understand.

Tim Burton has transformed a story of legend in to a breathtaking masterpiece that is a feast for the eye and the ear ( thanks to Stephen Sondheim).

She is the fun light hearted, yet twisted, entertaining character.

-------------- -------------- Spoilers below:The first half was too slow for me and a few things bothered me from the start.

The second act unfortunately dragged due to the extensive melodrama and thin plot.

Joanna, Todd's long lost daughter, is an empty vessel, there simply for the plot, and the actress can't sing for beans.

Sure, he looks great as always, but his choices are rather predictable.

Waste of talent (and my time) .

No message, no beauty, no poetry, no even good music!.

There are a lot of possibilities when you have a piece set in Victorian London, but Burton has chosen to make this film look as bland and bleak as possible.

Horrible Film - Sickening - Slow moving.

Sweeney is as deranged and enigmatic as he's ever been with his dark eyes and wild hair, while Johanna is a mysterious and stunning young beauty.

Waste of time I will never get back.

There's a great attempt to be authentic, and as far as I can tell, it all is, or at least it's quite convincing and appropriately evocative.

Burton's doesn't shy away from all those gruesome throat slashings, and Mrs Lovell's death by immolation is a Horrible Highlight, but the tone veers away constantly from comic to tragic, especially in the last half-hour, making the picture far too stodgy and grim.