Swimfan (2002) - Drama, Thriller

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A high school senior with a promising swimming career has a one-night stand with consequences.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: John Polson
Stars: Jesse Bradford, Erika Christensen
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 57 out of 213 found boring (26.76%)

One-line Reviews (147)

This was an awesome thriller that was 1:HIGHLY entertaining 2: There was great acting 3: It kept you on the edge of your seat through the whole movie 4: The story is really good and clever, and it really reminded me of Fatal Attraction and 5: It was just great!

Plot holes, plot holes, confusion...

Great entertaining film, enjoy.

But by the end of the movie, it was all about different scare tactics and where Madison will turn up next and it sunk a bit into cliché land.

I was about to fall asleep in the first half-hour.

The script has a setup that is too long.

i don't think i have ever seen a more cliched, poorly written, badly acted, waste of time -- EVER.

Maybe he should of just gone out with her and then there would of been no story.

Christensen's bland, doll-like face remains completely impassive even as her character passes from mere spitefulness into murderous violence.

Well, this is the worst movie ever made, plain and simple.

**Spoilers Below**For the most part, the acting was solid, and the story relatively engaging.

Still worth watching, the story is well done and does keep you on the edge of your seat.

Swimfan is a remarkably predictable tale of a swimmer who cheats on his girlfriend with a cello-playing swimming enthusiast with a too-late-to-be-surprising history of obsession and stalkeresque activities with any male into whose pants she can get.

one of the worst movies of 2002!!.

While the acting was fair, the overall story was predictable.

The Director seems to have an Eye for Camera Set-Ups and Smooth, Attractive Visuals but that is about All that High-Lights this Soggy, Stalker, Formulaic Film.


The Acting is Only Passable with Erika Christensen's Dull, Staring Look just Managing to Emote Emotionless Psychopathy.

The film is well-directed and the premise, though it's been used before, is quite intriguing.

That is, Making a Murderous Psycho-Thriller for Impressionable Pre-R-Rated Teens that is Edgy, Thrilling, and well, Makes an Impression.

It's somewhat scary and suspenseful, too.

This was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen , or at least it stands out in my mind that way thinking about it .

The first half-hour, though a little slow, does a very credible job of establishing its three lead characters.

Now 'Swimfan' whether it's a homage, ripoff, remake or whatever you want to call it, follows the usually predictable storyline.

One of the most sadly predictable and irritable films I have seen in a good long while.

Very enjoyable...

Seriously this is an enjoyable B-flick that you should watch if it airs on T.

Though, the film is suspenseful at times, it fails to exceeds in terms of plot, and dialog.

But then, sadly, everything becomes to predictable to rate this movie higher.

The story is painfully predictable even if you haven't seen "Fatal Attraction", and things are wrapped up at the end so quickly, you'll be thinking, "That's it?

Don't waste your time with this.

It takes way too long to get going and is far too slow.

It's one of those wonderful meaningless movies that you go to on a Friday night to be surrounded by junior high kids who just got dropped off by mom and dad at the theatre door.

The thriller story is gripping because you're not sure what possessed the scary girl to prey after someone until the end and I had questions answered as I went.

Maybe this was more suspenseful and clever on paper, in a script - although highly doubtful - it certainly wasn't executed well onscreen.

tonight's 'swimfan' was, without a doubt, the worst movie ever.

If you're looking to be immersed in a world of movie-making make-believe, check out "Swimfan.

THEN she strikes again, by kidnapping Amy - Ben's typical, nothing special blah girlfriend, who was terribly UN-entertaining, and plans to drown her by cuffing her to a chair and pushing her into a swimming pool.

The plot was extremely predictable (I knew what would happen before I saw it), and they gave away almost all the "plot twists" in the commercials.

The script is quite well paced for the first part, then it falls into routine and becomes predictable as well.

Ugh, talk about predictable and contrived.

Boring and unoriginal .

It's suspenseful enough to keep you guessing and is a fun movie even if it isn't a memorable one.

There are a couple surprises, but overall I found this tedious and disappointing.

worst movie ever .

Erika Christensen, as the homicidal psycho girl who becomes obsessive whenever Jesse Bradford takes his shirt off, steals the movie as Madison Bell, an intelligent, attractive girl who thinks everyone else around her is a dim, uninteresting moron.

And, that's one of the reason that movie gets pretty boring to the end.

I mean even thought it was comparable this is a separate film, and I really enjoyed it.

Swimfan delivered quite a few scares, some laughter, and some intense moments.

It is suspenseful in parts and some scenes, mainly the scenes in the end, are well crafted and well executed.

Worst movie I've seen in a while.

Secondly, there's security all over the hospital guarding against Jesse Bradford coming in, but his girlfriend lays in a hospital room at the end of an empty corridor totally unguarded.

Disaponting and confusing .

There's always that one movie that you think it's going to be good, but you leave the theater a little disappointed.

Swimfan is so predictable that it's virtually thrill-free.

Nothing could have saved this film, the manaical female going after the innocent man is so old hat cliche that it would be difficult to do anything good with it.

Run for your life and save your money .

Unless you're 13 or younger, or have the mentality of a high school freshman (at most), YOU WILL HATE THIS MOVIE - it was pathetic - no substance, no real plot, and it was horribly written, produced and directed.

Overall it's a fun and occasionally thrilling story an obsessed "fan", which is well worth a second viewing.

Only the swimming pool setting and some thrilling scenes can set this standard teen-stalker apart from the others.


A toned-down version of a stalker movie but enjoyable nonetheless.

silly, cheesy, predictable ripoff of Fatal Attraction.

The story is so disjointed and confusing that it seems to have been hacked to pieces in post production.

The background music especially was gripping - creepy, chilling, compelling - as were the blue tints at home and the dark atmosphere at the pool, and the eerie silence when the ghostly music wasn't playing.

Yet the 'seducing' murderess is actually the most interesting character in this (which is saying precious little) - the 'hero' is dreary, and his girlfriend simply a victim, the sweet passive little counterpoint to the femme fatale figure.

However, since the movie is so predictable, anyone who has ever seen a suspense movie before, in fact any movie, would have been able to tell by the physco girls(character: Madison Belle)seductive stares that she was not going to be the sweetheart of the movie.

There's so much more to ask but I think that gives you my confusion about the film.

However, the film doesn't get good marks for me, but it's worth watching.

Formulaic, predictable and undemanding, there's very little here to surprise the viewer, and the ease with which Madison goes about her business requires suspension of disbelief on a massive scale; despite this, Swimfan still manages to be a fun little thriller, helped immensely by surprisingly solid performances from the young eye-candy cast and effective direction from John Polson, who at least executes his well-worn clichés with a degree of style.

So go see this enjoyable movie.

It was awfully boring and predictable.

Again, predictable and preposterous.

Firstly I'd like to say that there should be more teen thriller's because the only teen films are comedies which are becoming boring to me.

Obession can be a very interesting and intriguing game as she sets her sights on Ben Cronin (Bradford).

The actors do a good job though and i found the movie to be very enjoyable.

By the way, Jesse is easy on the eyes, (it's worth it to slow the DVD and catch a glimpse of his pubic hair in one underwater shot!!

I really enjoyed it.

She is an extremely riveting character until she turns into Charles Manson during the final act of the film.

As boring as that sounded, the above paragraph is about 10 times as interesting as the actual movie.

Most enjoyable movie all summer.

It just dragged on and on.

This is a fast-moving and slick movie with a fine young cast.

Well, after watching this movie (knowing that it was similar to the classic 'Fatal Attraction') - I smiled and shook my head because even though the movie is so predictable, there could have been so much done to change the characters from predictably stupid to vaguely normal.

So what if some of the things are a little confusing.

Movie was so unrealistic and predictable it was funny.

Read Agent10's swank review if you want a real self-indulgent thrill.

It's not like there are any Shyamalan-like twists or something, and the movie does get increasingly (and annoyingly) formulaic as the end gets nearer, but there's still some unexpected stuff thrown it for good measure.

We are not given any motivation as to why Madison is the way she is, what her motivations are, why she's attracted to Ben (or other athletes), how she really got to know about Ben so soon, and we're also rushed through major scenes in the movie (the urine-switch etc.) It all culminates to an overly-dramatic climax which is frankly quite disappointing but predictable.

much of the movie was decent and kinda enjoyable.

They never fully explain why she is homicidal other than that her boyfriend was in a car accident, and right before a glimpse of a reasonable storyline begins to appear the very uneventful climax happens.

its a simple film, made on lowish budget, but delivers a damn entertaining performance by all parties involved.

If you are a kid who is just starting to watch suspenseful movies, you would rent this movie.

The movie is fairly predictable and somewhat short but i still found it to be enjoyable.

Jesse Bradford is alright in the leading role, but is unmemorable and bland.

I ended up rooting for Madison (villian) because I figured everyone deserved what they got, only then her character got so boring and one-dimensional I couldn't even summon up any energy to root for her.

Its by the numbers, formulaic and none of the actors were great.

Good element of this film: suspenseful to the very end with some odd twists.

I can only think of one vaguely surprising moment (with Josh, in the pool) - otherwise it's fairly predictable, but enjoyable all the same.

i admit, i almost walked out in the first 5 minutes, because the sound was off.

*SPOILERS* I remember the scene at the parking lot with Christopher posing as Jake Donnelly and they surprise "bust" with the camcorder seemed intense enough that you felt you were off the hook.

It was a predictable 'Fatal Attraction' with teens.

A successful drama film with all of the requirements a thrilling romance needs .

This is an entertaining flick that sincerely, many young men would like to experience.

Swimfan is dull, lifeless and predictable (especially if you have already seen Fatal Attraction).

As a viewer, you are dragged straight into the story with absolutely no room to begin to understand the characters.

I expected it to be a lot worse, but it was entertaining.

Eventually, though, he receives help in uncovering the genesis of Madison's uncanny fixation from an unexpected source.

This movie is far more suspenseful than "The Crush".

It's an often predictable thriller with some goofy elements, but all in all it's very entertaining and a hell of a lot better than some of the crap that comes out nowadays.

Camera angles are suspenseful, lighting is excellent, with an obvious emphasis on blue (which, through the whole movie, exudes a rather powerful 'chilling' feeling) The pacing of the movie in general is okay, although something tells me that a lot of key scenes are lying on the cutting-room floor ...

Not the greatest movie ever made, but I enjoyed it.

Intense thriller .

), and the resolution is so predictable that you can probably guess it from this plot summary!

I enjoyed it immensely!

I found it quite entertaining.

This film is genuinely suspenseful, and draws off a premise Fatal Attraction did not.

This film in My opinion doesn't deserve the bad comments it has received because it is entertaining!

enjoyable time killer .

it's that confusing.

It really was interesting and fast paced at first and I wish it hadn't gone the route of predictable.

It wasnt scary,or thrilling just stupid fun.

I will be glad when Jesse Bradford moves out of these bland teen films that are so predictable and unoriginal.

This was and is the worst movie i have ever seen.

Because the plot of the movie is geared towards teenagers, basic and dull sentences without any description were mostly used in the film.

It may be a 'must see' for Roswell fans because of Shiri Appleby but for rest of the moviegoers it's rather waste of time.

Besides being a little toned down and some moments on the dull side, Swimfan manages to squeeze its way in the recommendation side of the film section.

She gives an exceptionally boring, mellow performance, which doesn't really fit when you're supposed to be out of your head.

Stupid, empty headed film .

I recommend checking out Clockstoppers for another enjoyable(and highly under-rated movie) movie.

The ending is predictable and teens films are beginning to tire me.

boring Fatal Attraction for teens .

While the last third of the picture veers off heavily into the land of the un-yielding female revenge cliche, the first two-thirds of the film are actually a pretty provocative, tight character study with issues of infidelity and confidence.

It was pretty entertaining for like 20 minutes, and the girl who plays psycho bitch who is chunky as hell started acting like any other stupid evil character in every American movie of the last 50 years.

Madison becomes from intriguing and scary to pathetic and stupid.

Very Entertaining .

puh-leeze) make this more of a snoozer than a suspense film.

The second half-hour is actually quite entertaining, even if it's packed with cliches.

A bland, thrill-free thriller...

The last 20 minutes of the movie are just ridiculous, way too formulaic, and so average I fell asleep, and woke during the credits.

overly predictable and dizzying .

All in all, it was just a stupid, overly predictable movie.

Honestly, i think this move has made the psycho vengeful female played out and boring.

One is dreadfully boring, making us think she has some kind of impairment (That would Jesse's love of his life).

worst movie ever...

Whilst perfectly competent "Swimfan" is an agonisingly bland teen thriller.

Shiri Appleby, that girl from "Roswell," plays Bradford's boring-as-hell, plain-Jane, working-class, sweet girlfriend so well that you wonder why on Earth he'd be attracted to her over the gorgeous, forward, albeit nutso Erika Christensen.