Switchback (1997) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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An FBI agent tries to catch a serial killer who kidnapped his son.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jeb Stuart
Stars: Danny Glover, Dennis Quaid
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 89 found boring (12.35%)

One-line Reviews (67)

There is suspense present for the most part, but the identity of the killer is revealed far too quickly, and we are dragged along with the burden of knowing who it is, when Jeb Stuart could have just left that part out completely because it is mostly irrelevant to what happens in the film for the next hour.

The exciting action in "SwitchBack" with a nail biting ending on the train ride through the Rocky Mountains more then make up for the giant plot-holes and inconsistencies of the story which ends with the finding of Agent LaCross' son in of all places Oakland Calif.

This is a highly entertaining thriller packed with twists and turns in a good story and brilliantly directed and acted.


There are a lot of surprises and the ending really ties everything nicely together as this movie has a solid beginning, a well-rounded middle and a breathtaking finale.

Good acting; lots of action; predictable ending .

Just watched this movie in high definition widescreen on HBO, and was blown away by the photography, which was stunning.

thrilling action sequences .

That there are some thrills is more a credit to Stuart's directorial style than Stuart's script, though Quaid is so somnabulistic for so long, his gymnastics aboard a speeding train are as unexpected as they're unbelievable.

Hokey, But Intense Man's Movie .

Well, this movie could have been a very good, and suspenseful movie.

Glover is engaging as Bob while Quaid is wonderfully understated.

A Solid And Entertaining Detective Thriller.

We have a killer who is the opposite of an intense Anthony Hopkins type of character.

When the climax arrives he does a great job of building up tension nearly to the "on the edge of your seat" type.

While the relationship between Lane and Goodall is the more absorbing part of the film, the elements involving Dennis Quaid's tortured agent are as far-fetched and badly devised as they are predictable.

Interesting and thrilling screenplay by the same director Jeb Stuart who debuts in this enjoyable flick .


On the edge of your seat entertainment with Glover co-starring in a pivotal role.

And that's too bad, because this might have been an enjoyable movie.

But Danny Glover is better than usual as the Overacting actually makes His Character more Engaging.

The film does slow down at points, such as in the meetings, though it never gets boring as Stuart keeps these entertaining by adding humour to the characters conversations, especially Sheriff Buck Olmstead (R Lee Ermey) and his first in command Deputy Nate Booker (Ted Levine).

The settings were pretty drab.

That is one DVD I pull out on a dreary Sunday and watch twice.

However, given the story's assumptions, there is a lot of suspenseful questioning in the viewer's mind, some of which is satisfactorily resolved.

Don't waste your time.

This is a thrilling film that contains intrigue , noisy action , suspense , chases and plot twists .

Exciting thriller plenty of suspense and action , dealing with the kidnapping of a FBI agent's son and the desperate chase of the murderer who has him .

However, even for an unreflective viewer this is an entertaining film directed and written by the same guy--Jeb Stuart--who wrote the screenplays for "Die Hard" and "The Fugitive".

Switchback is well worth watching and it has a good soundtrack too.

Entertaining though.

Moreover, Jared Leto's character does not really contribute to the story whatsoever (except saving one main character's life at one point, but that scene is as necessary as a windshield wiper on a submarine in the first place ;-)Speaking of unnecessary scenes - the main complaint is really the tangled and cliché-ridden storyline: The detective (of course!

) The movie seemed disconnected - but somehow it holds you, because you know that eventually everything has to get back to that opening, and you stick with this in spite of some confusion to find out how it does.

I come to fully realize now, that while I find 'Switchback' to be an enjoyable and watchable movie, it is also not very convincing and many things about the film are poorly done.

By no means a masterpiece, but well worth watching by thriller fans

Intriguing narrative is well developed , as we are interested on the events are we are really cared what happens to this people .

Furthermore , a rousing and stirring original musical score by Basil Poledouris .

An adventure of great precarious outcome is Switchback and an entertaining trek if any ever is.

Thus, the story is tense and exciting.

Those aforementioned action scenes are rousing, and there's a great deal of impressive rural vistas well shot in Panavision.

boring, a waste of time.

But the plot tracks two almost non-overlapping threads that, though they come together at the end more or less, generate confusion and vagueness through most of the film.

The car that rolls off the road and hangs on the edge of a cliff while its occupants try to crawl out of the wreck.

The plot is a little far-fetched and the ending predictable, although some elements are left open.

Wow, this is an intense story that should keep you interested for the full two hours.

Dennis Quaid's character is so dull and deadpan as to be inert.

The chasing scene on the train is also gripping and catching.

Switchback was an enjoyable mystery/thriller with a few nice action sequences.

It is Suspenseful Enough and the Action Grips.

This time you can say with impunity that your confusion is derived from a lackluster directing job, not any sort of infernal cleverness.

Whilst I enjoyed the actions and characters in this entertaining movie, the script or plot was not convincing.....

"Switchback" is an exciting film with sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat, particularly those on the train.

Lee Ermey that save this movie from being a complete waste of time.

Colorful and evocative Cinematography by Oliver Wood .

Worth Watching .

As an action movie, it starts slow but picks up speed, and there end up being a lot of pretty exciting scenes - especially on the train as the movie approaches its climax.

Glover and Leto's performance was very good, but Quaid's fell short, he was just plain dull.

Unfortunately, it's rather confusing along the way, with plot twists and little leaps of faith and confusing bits that go by too fast for you to catch.

When Glover and Leto are on screen, the film is full of energy, and this is the problem too, the film seems dull and lifeless when they are absent.

The result is that, yup, there's a main plot (Quaid, running on auto, chasing a serial killer who has kidnapped his son), and a sub-plot (serial killer and unsuspecting companion, journeying from one murder scene to another) and a sub-sub plot (something the cat seems to have dragged in: a political battle between two candidates for the office of County Sheriff, the point here being that it allows the temporal element -- the "up against the clock" principle -- to get an airing).

To my amazement Switchback is a taut and suspenseful film.

The storyline is engaging and rest of the cast makes up with their spirited performances, especially Danny Glover, Jared Leto and R.

combined in a neatly made superbly thrilling movie!

"SwitchBack" is very confusing due to it's slickness and also by trying to bite off more then it can chew.

Pretty entertaining thriller .

But the entire plot was bad - and even the chases were dull lacking any excitement, the contrived "surprise" was revealed too early - and nothing makes much sense.

But even thouth it was an enjoyable movie.