Taboo (2017) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Adventurer James Keziah Delaney returns to London during the War of 1812 to rebuild his late father's shipping empire. However, both the government and his biggest competitor want his inheritance at any cost - even murder.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Tom Hardy, David Hayman
Length: 59 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 25 out of 195 found boring (12.82%)

One-line Reviews (112)

It is a bit slow at the beginning - and you are rewarded for sticking through it with a much faster paced, exciting, final 2 episodes.

trite, clichéd.

It's this fascinating time of upheaval and secret battles for power in and around the New World which provides the backdrop for 'Taboo', and the show does an amazing job at transporting the audience to that era.

The plot is intriguing, and it's interesting to see how James Delaney cleverly protects his interests against the powerful Americans, English and East India Company.

Unexpected macabre artistry .

awful and boring!!!

And let me tell you: he just so happens to be one of the most compelling and original protagonists I've seen in a TV-show since Ian McShane blessed us with the character of Al Swearengen in 'Deadwood' (ok, there was that other guy from that cooking show, you know: 'Baking Bread' or something like that - he was pretty singular too).

It's all gripping good fun.

All of the over-the-top reviews here thus far seem unwarranted as this initial episode was rather slow in unfolding the story.

After the first episode i can only see the next 7 getting more exciting

The acting is incredible, cinematography is fantastic, story line is unpredictable and fresh, just all around a super show!

The fact that there are so many glowing reviews for this pretentious garbage just shows how low the UK drama department has sunk over the years and with it, the public's expectations have sunk even lower!

On the edge with each episode, knowing that you would fall for it .

But, Taboo is so zzz.

The background and some of the plot development are reasonably intriguing, with some good twists and action scenes.

A very confusing plot, if any can be found, and absolutely awful over-acting, especially from Mr Hardy.

I want to see torture, great villains and intriguing attempts to escape horrors, mind-shaking inspirations, complicated relationships, jungle with beasts and deserts, suffering and misery, passionate loving, everything that's featured in all of the great TV-shows and movies centering into the historical true/fictional stories.

He has done a commendable job in the episode partly due to good direction, partly due to the man's own artistic talent and majorly due to the fascinating character allotted to him.

The story is okay, but boring.

Intriguing, Captivating .

Unfortunately (this is the negative), someone evidently decided that this wouldn't be exciting enough: that it needed to be sexier and more outrageous.

Addicting, engaging.

I enjoyed it very much and I really enjoyed the acting, especially the Brace's accent, and James' mimics.

It's the slow of a cast and crew who know that there is much more to come and it wouldn't do to rush into it.

Dark and good characters - but a tedious watch .

Profoundly intriguing and entertaining .

To be honest, there isn't really any plot twists or the likes, just a very, very slow simple plot line surrounding three 'factions?

Such a gripping story line leaving you wondering what is next.

Pretentious garbage.

The acting is very enjoyable, especially from all the myriad familiar famous faces in the show.


Anything Tom Hardy is in is usually brilliant but this bored me.

Thanks to Tom Hardy's charismatic screen presence (and great writing), watching Delaney as he plots, threatens, kills, steals and hallucinates his way through this deadly game of chess is a thrilling joy and never less than compelling.

But my only issue with this show is that sometimes there are a few to many things going on and the pacing is a bit slow.

The show leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat and begging for more after each episode.

They're clues, subtle and intriguing as to where they lead one to what and/or whom it pertains to.

And the supporting cast is perfect, in that kind or Luther/Cracker kind of way, where every single actor and every single character is fascinating to watch and has real depth and complexity.

With so many good actors, beautiful and intriguing settings, and of course Tom Hardy WOW Stunning !!!

Overall, make the investment, it's worth watching.


It seems like shows have to be slow and boring to get good reviews.

The British East India company is historically intriguing, and lives up to the intrigue in this show.

Great setting and potential but very slow and boring so far .

Though saying this it is more than worth watching Hardy is outstanding as we have come to expect, and as i said the story is gripping.

So, at the middle of chapter four, i felt that this is about it, nothing will change, those stupid mysteries will stay stupid mysteries, the little "shocks" such as using the f word here and there will remain the only shocks one gets from this quite boring series.

So dull .

I have been waiting for quite some time to sink my teeth into a suspenseful television series that leaves me waiting intensely every minute for the other shoe to drop and I must say that Taboo has arrived in early 2017 to a grand introduction.

The voodoo element turns out to be an empty promise, some naughty stuff which are just cheap and dumb, and nothing about the complexities of colonial Britain.

What's the point of both the script and dialogues of promising so much for the character but nothing happens other than Tom trudging along walkways,etc.

Poor acting, videography dreary at best, production awful, amateur film set with same scenery and backdrops repeatedly used in different contexts, and completely disjointed plot.

A few episodes in and I am utterly hooked, it is gripping, beautifully made, somehow cinematic, boasting wonderful music, glorious settings, and acting that is beyond impressive.

It is thrilling from start to finish and can't wait for Season 2!

Delaney is an intriguing mysterious character attracting us in a depraved way.

Yes, this story is complex, its original, its fresh, and it is very exciting.

Hardy is either slow mo mental or so adept and unobtrusive he fools everyone.

Hardy's anti-hero, (Heza)Keziah Delany, ranks among the best central character scripting and portrayals in the stunning amount of great TV/serial programming.

The show is boring and just not very good.

A familiar theme - man thought dead returns to claim his inheritance - is given a stunning twist by the BBC's oft - maligned Drama Dept.

Suspenseful plot & where the plot will lead the viewer next.

Started watching Taboo just because tom hardy is the lead but that perspective changed with time, After finding new fascinating actors and actresses justifying there roles.

It's very unique and worth watching.

Intriguing .

The cast were amazing throughout the whole show, the story so gripping, the sets were down right amazing and overall production couldn't have been better.


The story line is intense, sexy and beautifully complex.

Don't get me wrong, he's a good enjoyable actor to watch, and the character he plays here is very interesting.


Instead we get repeating scenes that have been already covered in previous episodes, plot progressing too slow and always aiming to finish in some fruitless cliffhanger, because you already know how it will end.

Sorry, but don't waste your time watching this.

The plot is gripping.

For all the talk of devil himself or even the montages of devil ,nothing happens...

The depiction of 1800s Great Britain in all it's steamy vulgarity and corruption is intriguing and mesmerizing.

James's manipulation of the people around him as well as of most of the events is stunning to watch.

The good kind of slow, like a slow kiss with someone who knows how.

How I love good period dramas and Taboo is Stunning.

The editing is impressive too, for despite the languid pace at which the scenes seem to be progressing, the sequence doesn't drag on and keeps the viewer engaged.

Intense Acting by TOM HARDY , he is certainly a force to reckon with...

Not sure what is worse: your accent that keeps changing between English, Irish and American, the fact you're trying to pull off a modern day haircut in nineteenth century London, Mark Gatiss in the fat suit as the Prince Regent which just makes me think his episodes are off cuts from Little Britain, or the fact the show is so slow and dull.

The plot is of the "slow burn" variety and the pacing was a bit uneven, you'd get a barnstorming, riveting episode, followed by what felt like filler and too much exposition, I found some of the plot points a bit predictable and formulaic, you get the sense that it needed a bit of a rewrite and maybe reducing down to 6 Episodes.

Very enjoyable show.

it s riveting.

Mind blowing .

Just great, the whole story line, and different twists, so unexpected and suspenseful.

One of the most unwatchable films I've ever started watching .

It's the slow of a cast and crew who know what dynamics are, and timing.

'Taboo' - at least - attempts to go much deeper and excavates darker secrets of the mind and the dirty businesses, therefore being more difficult to accept but also often more gripping and surprising.

The story is intense.


Thrilling .

the thing is this is really well made,well acted and visually stunning.

Very predictable plot.

A beautiful slow burn .

This started off with a lot of promise but by the 4th I was bored and gave up on it.

And Hardy's acting moaning and monotone became monotonous seems like all he did was grunt.

It is halfway the TV series and I am actually stunned about how Tom Hardy and the directors can create a thrilling episode, one after another.

I suppose so, but it is also slow, boring, and not entertaining one bit.

Hard to follow.

The setup is intriguing but the pace is slow and you have to like your drama dark and humorless.

This show has good writing, good acting, just enough blood and gore to keep you interested, and a whole lot of mystique, from an intriguing period.

I check out the new shows and if they are as good as Game of Thrones is then I re-watch the show with him, otherwise I don't comment on the show at all, nor do I take the time to rate it, or offer it up to him to watch, or anyone else for that matter, so anyone looking for a good plot that's intriguing and keeps your attention this is worth the time to watch.

It is dark and interesting, with unexpected turns in the story line.

They decide to send in an assassin who doesn't appear till later, it's an intriguing idea this is clear from the start it has clever screenplay unfortunately it's a wobbly start for the show.

I've seen Hardy in lots of movies over the years, and he just keeps getting more intriguing.

Poor story-line and obscure plot, steam punk costumes and an overall miasma of boredom.

Got progressively more boring per episode .

Thick British accents, low volume while the thick accents are being spoken, and a lack of anything resembling a cohesive plot render this series a very hard to follow waste of time.

- definitively yes, if a bit slow pacing doesn't bother you, after all, there is much story-line and much 'chessplay' to process, which can't be all action.

As my title has indicated, Tom Hardy's "Taboo" is a beautiful slow burn, as the story builds through each episode I was hooked on how Hardy's character would react to certain situations and was never left disappointed, without spoiling the story itself there are some wonderfully tense and sad moment's throughout.

Awesomely dark/suspenseful - James Delaney eerily looks for revenge on his attackers .

Dark Suspenseful Fantasy with elements of horror .

It's this fascinating time of upheaval and secret battles for power in and around the New World which provides the backdrop for 'Taboo', and the show does an amazing job at transporting the audience to that era.

Its very slow and a bit hard to understand what is happening.