Takers (2010) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: John Luessenhop
Stars: Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31 out of 144 found boring (21.52%)

One-line Reviews (129)

Even "Rambo IV" had a better story and more character than this huge waste of time.

Takers is a great film; it is definitely worth the watch.

The montage during the huge shooting scene was absolutely stunning.

Actually, a sub-par heist movie, but entertaining enough.

Mediocre, but moderately entertaining at least .

Instead of pretentious finesse and phony touchy-feely, this movie offers the nitty-gritty of underworld activity coupled with the frustration and bravery associated with being a police officer.

I know I'd be concerned to run or at least look behind me for a roto blade that might be spinning toward me after I just blew up a helicopter - but walking slow and not looking is just what these d-bags specialize in - ultra hip coolness.

Despite an utterly unoriginal premise, Takers remains quite entertaining for the first three quarters, running at a breezy pace with some flashy scuffles and gunfights.

The late Paul walker is in this film and he was very bland in this movie, he just didn't really add anything to the movie as a whole.

So other than the 2 mentioned, the acting was horrible, and watching this piece of crap, was the biggest waste of time I've had in front of the DVD this year...

The action scenes in this movie are very exciting and fun to watch, there just aren't enough of them.

The movie is a pretty routine cops and robbers film, sort of a second rate 'HEIST', but it's also surprisingly entertaining!

Borrowing a lot from The Asphalt Jungle and from the Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro teaming in Heat, Takers is one fast paced action drama about two cops trying to take down a really good professional gang.

Like i mentioned before its fast paced and has a gritty cop feel to it too.

Looks Cliché and quite predictable if you are a fan of heist movies all along.

Boring, not to mention tedious no matter how fun it is to watch.

worst movie i ever saw i feel dumber after seeing it.

Jay Hernandez's death scene was ultra- cheesy and made me want to leave.

"HEAT" crossed with a GQ cover shoot could've been the pitch for this decent yet predictable cops-and-robbers flick with a crew of stylish in-the-know thieves attempting one last big payoff until a recently paroled ex-gang member (T.

It feels extremely fragmented, with each scene shot being way too short, and with uninteresting dialogue forcefully thrown in at a high pace.

Utterly boring.

This movie was quite enjoyable for me.

), formulaic, sorry that's a repetition.

Laden with surprises, "Takers" emerges as a gripping heist thriller with enough cool-looking combat to compensate for the dearth of characterization.

The first half is quite boring.

This movie is just breathtakingly awful, badly-made and incredibly boring despite all the action scenes and firepower.

The film is very cliché and absolutely not entertaining to watch.

Even though the plot for this movie is quite overused and is becoming quite cliché, i really thought this movie had good twists and turns in it.

The actions sequences, while very intense, were ruined at times by the shaky camera movements, especially during the chase sequences.

Idris Elba gives a decent performance, but his whole relationship with his drug addict sister is pointless if you ask me.

This movie is certainly entertaining, barring a couple "give me a break" scenes.

Plus the first hour is pretty dull.

Predictable .

Takers of Time: Yawn-Zee.

This is an entertaining movie.

This sounds great on paper but ( I am stabbing myself in the leg with pins as I say this) it makes for quite a dull movie.

During the "exciting part.

The first pokes fun at local television crew types which the writers apparently find predictable, stupid and gullible.

In fact, it was quite enjoyable at some points.

Well made, well acted, well written an enjoyable movie - just nothing special.

This is a review, an evaluation that will stir your curiosity so much it will cause a desire to see the movie, whether it is good or a bad waste of time.

The action scenes are also stunning.

Slow it down and try something else; it's giving us a headache.

It is one of those films that once it has ended, you will soon realise what a waste of time it is.

As for a rewatch 05/29/17' this film remains a solid entertaining heist movie.

Matt Dillon does his gig with that poor material, Paul Walker is as bland and translucent as ever with a favorable position in the group to display some charisma - ala Clint Eastwood.

Worth watching!

Love or hate it, director John Luessenhop's and Michael Barrett's photography hand-held camera look is frustrating, possibly better reserved for the action setups or a horror film as in Takers case it quickly becomes tiresome.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and give it a 9, because it is up there with my personal favorites.

The storyline was flawed and certain scenes were very predictable, especially the "twist".

Worth watching at least once .

Chris Brown gave a thrilling entertainment and enjoyed a lot.

But sadly, all I said was "yawn".

Jay Hernandez and Matt Dillion do fine, but there are so many characters in this movie, that the trite emotional b-lines to establish them as human seemed tagged on, rather than developed.

The tensions are still up high, there are lots of compulsory action thriller elements and most of the latter are thrilling to watch (although their pace and length is uneven and plausibility is questionable).

Takers, not the best robbery movie, but entertaining.

this movie is entertaining ...

Very entertaining.

I find it surprisingly engaging, and unexpectedly good.

It's the highlight of the movie, and actually kept me on the edge of my seat.

The action and cinematography of the movie is really great, I loved the heist sequences they are sharp and even the shaky camera trick keeps you more engaging and thrilling.

It is a movie that is definitely worth the watch and will keep you on the edge of your seat every second.

If people are having a full-on gunfight in a hotel room, we would be deafened and I think this is what the director tried to achieve - the sense of slowed-down, adrenaline-fuelled reflex observation.

Nonstop action, snappy dialog, strong story and interesting characters.

"HEAT" crossed with a GQ cover shoot; enjoyable popcorn caper pic.

Other than that, a big waste of time.

The two heists are extremely impressive and there's a breathtaking foot chase scene!

I must say this film was entertaining at best.

Zoe Saldana's character is also misused and actually pointless in this film.

Elba, a fine actor, is seriously underused while Zoe Saldana's role in the film is completely pointless.

While the whole thing is essentially one gigantic, walking cliché, there are too many sub-plots and poor attempts at characterization to make you care too much about it.

The acting was confusing to me.

It was the last 20 minutes where movie becomes lot more serious and intense rather then just playful Fun like The losers and A-Team.

However, the rest of the movie especially the interaction between the characters left me bored and not caring who lived or died.

A cocaine fueled Hollywood waste of money and talent.

It was not the best Parkour I have seen in a movie, but I applaud the effort and it made watching the film worth it and for a while suspenseful.

Even though some movies come out with stunning trailers and impressive cast they fail to pull out the obvious, the story and the drama.

It is a very entertaining movie with good action, extended car chases and shootouts.

To many clichés to count, predictable right down to the last line of the film and the only redeeming quality this movie has is that everyone dies in the end!

If you have never seen any of these movies, you may find this somewhat entertaining.

" Harris co-star in this amazing, action-packed,suspenseful, caper thriller filled with twists and turns.

It is a waste of time and is an example of what happens when you combine poor directing with an equally poor script.

Typical NWO Hollywood propaganda .

A pretty good soundtrack by Paul Haslinger helps, but it does suffer though from being a little cliché, you can't help feeling you've seen it all done better before.

Dull, predictable, boring and forgettable.

This movie is very fast paced and tight.

Under other hands, slow hands, this could have been a tense and well acted (which it is) Heist meets Heat film.

There are three scenes of intense action, the rest of the time is spent hanging around in bars.

The heist is pretty exciting and it saves all the best parts for last.

But surprisingly it wasn't THAT bad, some of it was actually kinda entertaining.

The parallel story of the cops is also fast-paced, tight and action packed.

I just enjoyed it a lot less when I realized what was happening.

We haven't been shown anything about them, except for mama rehab, and even that's a cliché, which is a waste of an excellent dramatic actress (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) I first saw in Mike Leigh's Secrets & Lies and has never been less than perfect.

When a villain owns the ability to make a viewer cry, it is obvious how stunning and intoxicating the film is; 'Takers' is the epitome of this.

It was pretty predictable.

One word, it was entertaining n not at all boring.

Take every idiotic chase, every idiotic character stereotype (crooked cop, rule-bending heroic cop partner, recovering drug addict, Russian mobsters, released convict seeking payback from those who let him go to jail etc etc etc), every idiotic (and nonsensical) plot line, and every idiotic shoot- em-up scene in every idiotic action movie ever made, roll them all up into one, and you get "Takers", probably the worst movie of the worst genre ever invented.

The actions sequences, while very intense, were ruined at times by the shaky camera movements, especially during the chase sequences.

If you want to complain about the Italian Job trick it's pointless because T.

I expected worse from this action packed heist movie.

Great movie, i enjoyed this movie from start to finish, i believe the acting is on par and plot is interesting, for anyone aged 16 - 25, i would say you are going to like this movie, older people will enjoy it too but i can only really speak for my age group, it's fun, it's fast, the characters are believable and near the end you cant actually tell what is going to happen so it will keep u thinking, worth watching, and in a year or two it will be worth re-watching, i was excited while watching this film it has a certain buzz to it and I'm sure most other people will get that buzz too.

It was pretty much predictable , and the shooting scenes at the end were quite unrealistic , but on the other hand it was fast-paced with intense action .

Then there is about an hour of "how are we going to do it", but the last twenty minutes are exciting again.

As a big fan of parkour stunts, myself being more into adventure stuff, i enjoyed the foot chase by Chris Brown very entertaining.

A very entertaining actioner.

Save Your money 'n' wait for the Blu-ray .

fan, otherwise, save your money.

so many typical and predictable parts.

The plot and characters are not memorable, but as I said entertaining.

Bland stock characters, a couple of chases and explosions and, to cap it all, the worst 'good idea' of the cake, shootouts to the sound of violins.

Chris Brown's action scenes were totally predictable and you could tell there is a stunt man.

Takers is entertaining, action packed, bang bang and all those flashy things.

The supposedly exciting scenes are rendered into bland pastiches that are sometimes confusing.

I thought the movie was entertaining.

Watch it, its enjoyable with Immature ending (Idris Elba is the only name Matt Dillon got during investigation and he is the only survived with Paul Walker, very pitiful from writing department).

I found the first heist more enjoyable to watch than the second which held no surprises for me.

Cliché Crime Movie .

To me Parkour is much more exciting than a car chase.

The movie is surprisingly entertaining.

Formulaic nonsense .

If you're looking for a movie with a talented cast, exciting heist scenes or to simply be entertained then this movie is right up your alley.

This pop culture stuff is a cliché that films use for success when released over and over.

Filmed with enough panache and hi-octane adrenalized skills by director John Luessenhop (particularly a fantastically paced foot-chase by Brown through the skyscraper canyons of downtown LA) until the film peters out to a Mexican stand-off finale and cribbing from Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino's "TRUE ROMANCE"; otherwise an enjoyable popcorn caper pic.

Takers is an action packed movie filled with numerous twists and turns.

'TAKERS': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five) An impressive diverse cast of mid-level celebrities and some pretty stunning action scenes highlight this bank robber / obsessed cop heist film directed by newcomer John Luessenhop.

OK, so everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and heres mine, its highly entertaining, extremely thrilling and heart pumping.

it was pretty fast paced with some exciting scenes and some a mixed bag of action.

Another rewatch (11/22/18') Takers remains an entertaining film as a solid heist film.

While Elba, Ealy and Baptiste do fine work, Dillon just seems bored, like he'd rather be in something else (plus, he already did a heist movie before this.