Taking Lives (2004) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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An FBI profiler is called in by French Canadian police to catch a serial killer who takes on the identity of each new victim.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: D.J. Caruso
Stars: Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 111 out of 312 found boring (35.57%)

One-line Reviews (338)

By the time the end rolls by,you've seen all the possible outcomes of the plot already in your mind,so nothing is a surprise,except how one of the fastest rising leading ladies could headbill a project in which she could project herself so blandly in something that is ultimately so bland.

"Taking Lives" moves along as a good, maybe even great, serial killer movie until it abruptly reaches a twist ending either predictable or implausible — I'm not sure which adjective is a better descriptor.

Something curious:the enormous quantity of movies which copied The silence of the lambs and Seven are always worried in showing ''unexpected'' endings,while that two other movies did not put much importance on the killer's identity;they were more focused on the persecution and the characters' personalities.

Cliché French detectives as supporting characters did not help.

While it offers a few jumps (mostly arms popping out and grabbing you, much as could be found in a rural haunted house), Taking Lives is essentially formulatic and predictable.

Desiring change - who but the terminally boring doesn't?

What a confusing mess of a film.

Disjointed and Slow .

It's quite a stylish and sometimes exciting movie,it's just almost completely lacking in originality.

Angelina Jolie, as the solemn detective careful not to get close to anyone involved in the case for matters of conflicts of interest, gets her opportunity to show some skin during her akward sex scene in the late parts of the film, probably to rouse the interest of many bored viewers.

Intriguing FBI based 'who done it' with a twist .

Leave this halfway entertaining though not at all critically notable flick for rental.

Acting was bland, I expected as much from Ms. Jolie.

See, this movie is bad more in a comic than boring way.

This film is predictable and the director fails to divert the viewers away from the `not so twist ending'.

Her investigation leads to more mangled corpses and some mundane chase scenes.

It's not scary, it's barely suspenseful.

and from then it was a basic Lifetime movie, full of pointless domestic violence.

Predictable and Stupid .

But holes in logic merely create confusion at best and apathy at worst.

Who is utterly predictable that you discount his prescence right away.

it's exciting to see an American made movie about Canadian characters.


All I kept hearing was how different and violent and shocking it was (sort of like the hype I received about Last House on the Left), yet all I got was a slow paced, not-so-greatly-acted, predictable film...

There's several things that doesn't make sense in the overall story, either in the characters' actions and reactions, like Olivier Martinez looking for Angie in the hotel in a rather suspicious manner that went nowhere (it was for the audience to believe that was him who was lurking under the bed when Angie's entered into the secret room in Gena Rowlands' house ?

Mediocre, predictable thriller .

The final scene was even more predictable, I knew right away it was a set up to draw the madman out, and again the scripting made it passable.

WARNING: NEWSPAPER-STYLE MOVIE REVIEW INCLUDING DETAILED PLOT DISCUSSIONTaking Lives is a film with an extremely variable entertainment value: highly enjoyable for those with mild expectations and a disappointment for those who expect something truly special.

Overall, this is a very engaging movie.

It was pretty suspenseful and definitely had the audience jumping and screaming a lot.

Kiefer Sutherland does a turn that has become a cliché for him.

Instead, there are too many ridiculous holes punched through the believability of the film, and accordingly, it loses credibility quickly, the ultimate coupe de grace being how contrived and obvious the final twists are (I won't spoil it for those still intent on going to see it).

a complete waste of time.

While you might be guessing who the murderer is way ahead of time, however, you won't have much of an idea how they're going to catch him, and since the climax of the movie is outrageously over-the-top (and one could say satisfying), the preposterousness not only is forgiven — it's also accepted as part of the insane plot, which threatens to fly off the rails but remains engaging against all odds.

I enjoyed the movie a great deal, and thought that it was incredibly entertaining.

I gave this movie a 10 because this is the first thriller in a long time that kept me on the edge of my seat.

It's suspenseful, and definitely worth watching!

This movie is just plain boring from start to finish.

Taking Lives is So Predictable **1/2 .

The nice thing about the movie was (even though my friends said it was predictable) that it departed a bit from the "guy has to save the helpless girl" mentality.

Jolie appears uneasy and uncertain with her role and you can see the trite direction her relationship with fellow detective Olivier Martinez is going in from the off.

It delivers a few chills and the requisite amount of jump scenes (though none of the latter are all that effective), but the film as a whole is neither scary, unpredictable, nor plausible.

The rest of the film is terribly written, predictable, and Jolie never convinces as a FBI profiler.

To someone who has seen a fair share of thrillers in his or her life the whole movie is an insult and a complete waste of time, to a not-so-regular-movie-goer (or "normal people with a social life" as they are called) "Taking Lives" might be an OK and entertaining ride.

Taking Lives is slow, very slow with a far too long exposition and to many characters, none of them to root for.

This film is extremely bad and predictable.

After a promising start, the movie quickly goes off the rails and degenerates into boredom.

Interesting but very predictable film regarding a serial killer, who takes the identities of his victims, since he wants to keep forgetting his own real-life.

Ethan Hawke fares even worse in the movie's most clichéd and predictable role.

The good thing about DVD's, of course, is that one can watch the last third of the film at 1.5 speed, with on screen subtitles, to the final contrived and unbelievable climax.

Still, despite some truly bad acting and some terrible dialogue, the suspense does build throughout the film, and the story gradually grows with it, until it becomes at least interesting, if overtly familiar and predictable.

Very boring, I knew who the killer was as soon as they made it obvious and they made it so obvious right in the beginning.

The first is that it's VERY predictable, even if you don't get the twist straight away, there comes a point in the film where there is no choice for the viewer to see the inevitable twist before it actually comes.

Even the leisurely scenes leave you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and dread of the next move.

We weren't positive mind you, just a guess, and we still thought that it could be an entertaining romp.

Other than that, she said it was a good story that kept you guessing the whole time and had you on the edge of your seat!

I don't remember too much, but I remember it being awfully predictable.

It is a stylish, but predictable thriller where the plot trades in several familiar tropes of the serial-killer genre and the only thrills are offered by the sensuous Angelina Jolie.

Taking Lives is entertaining but predictable from director D.

No matter what version, I'd advise you to avoid Taking Lives - unless, of course, you suffer from insomnia.

The script is where the movie has it's core problems, but if you can get past the predictability factor, this is an above-average crime thriller that you'll likely find enjoyable.

I enjoyed it and I do recommend it.

What makes this movie a thriller, is those quick scares it gives the unexpected viewer.

There is enough here to make it worth watching.

For me, it's ¾ predictable and ¼ stupid waste of time.

I found Taking Lives pretty enjoyable.

Enjoyed it.

complete waste of time .

Entertainingly predictable .

What that means is that you had to insert tooth picks to keep your eyelids from drooping halfway through the tedious storyline.

The answer is probably all of the above, but as I gave the fresh user comments in here a quick glance I realized I wasn't alone: "Taking Lives" IS goofy, it is lame, it is plain boring at times, it manages to take a good premise, a stellar cast, a professional crew and churn out something that makes the Steven Seagal-movie "Glimmer Man" look great in comparison.

Instead, this predictable waste of an idea devotes most of its time to the little cat and mouse game between Jolie and Hawke.

I enjoyed it so much!

However, it is worth watching just for Angelina Jolie alone.

Boring, sugestive dialogue between her and Hawke went and on and bored me no end.

This film is silly, uninteresting, and disappointing .

In a thriller the suspect is always the one you least expect, and although it did seem a little long, I think it is a movie worth watching and recommending.

This was one of the lamest and most predictable movies I've seen in a long time.

I must say that while the identity of the killer prompted me to yawn and say, "Wow, I only saw that coming about an hour and fifteen minutes ago," the final scene actually took me by surprise.

"Taking Lives" is a very reasonable thriller, having many plot points, but being predictable with no innovations, and very similar to "Seven", "The Silence of the Lambs", "The Bone Collector", "Resurrection" and other "tales" of serial killers.

It's far too slow, and means that rather than being memorable; the conclusion is tepid and disorientated.

A bit predictable but still enjoyable to watch .

As much as this movie was very predictable, except for the end, I enjoyed it.

I went last weekend to see "The most suspenseful film of its kind since 'Silence of the Lambs'.

'Taking Lives' is a prime example of a Hollywood misfire and a showy exhibit of humdrum clichés, predictable twists, and poor career choices by otherwise great actors.

All in all, I'd say it was an entertaining Sunday arvo well spent.

When FBI Agent Illeana (Jolie) is called to assist French Canadian police to profile and catch a serial killer, be prepared to participate in a thrilling ride of a film.

So we have at least four possible killers and still the film manages to feel constantly predictable which is too bad since there are some interesting things here, besides the smart casting.

What makes this film so good that it surpasses most in it's specific genre (murder-mystery thriller) is the very creepy intense atmosphere.

The screenplay of this film was horribly predictable, though the acting was utterly delectable.

It's entertaining though, serves some good atmosphere and some pretty darn scary moments, and the acting is pretty impressive.

The killer is introduced in such an unexpected way I was hoping the film could live up to these great first moments.

Jolie is suppose to be seen as this brilliant expert but the ending she plans out is total bull, and screwing the male lead is too cliché.

What a waste of their time and mine!

I think the film was meant to be confusing with twists and turns and to keep the audience guessing.

This film seems pretty exciting...

Even if a lot of the major elements of the plot are really very predictable, some parts really are not.

Scott soon after meeting Costa conducts an interview with the killer's mother, Mrs. Asher, played by the always enjoyable Gena Rowlands.

A great great suspenseful movie.

Taking Lives Entertaining But Predictable .

Worse, it's even predictable (although the character of Kiefer Sutherland gives the story an unexpected, dramatic twist) - especially the end.

Started as a cool movie with a high level cast; set in Montreal, that makes it odd (don't remember more than a few pictures set in Quebec) and gives it a french atmosphere, it remains quite riveting up to the sex scene.

The most compelling mystery this film provided was wondering if it was the result of cynical contempt, depressing incompetence--or both.

The Canadian film industry has an illustrious history of producing subsidized documentaries and rather slow, thoughtful commercial movies.

All in all, a grand waste of time

Caruso gives us a nice portion of a car chase around Montreal, swiftly ending the scene and preventing it from becoming some pointless, wild goose chase.

Far from a weak or cliché plot, I felt that the writing was the perfectly understated vehicle for a virtuoso performance by a band of talented actors -- and that, I believe, is what this truly talented band delivered.

Because it was an attempt to trick the audience, the likely scenario turned-upside-down becomes something of an unrealistic contrived premise.

While the acting was fine, and the locales interesting (so rare for an American production to film in Québéc), the ending was just too ridiculous and predictable.

but is slightly entertaining.

The whole film is just boring,and filled with old clichés,I personally felt like they cheated with this movie,cause I missed the interesting things from this film.

If I had to designate a price that it was worth to viewing I'd say its worth about $2.75. It was a little creepy, and semi-thrilling with an out of nowhere ending.

What a thorough waste of time this movie turned out to be.

Not the absolute worst, but CERTAINLY not the best, and it just leaves you wishing you left the theater.

But I can overcome that cliché storyline, if it wasn't for the many inconsistencies, mistakes and downright stupid twists and turns the movie has.

) in any case it is a great film i enjoyed it and if you are a angelina jolie fan like me you will love it!

Most of the elements of a serial killer movie are in this, but it is very predictable.

The characters are also extremely good if slightly contrived.

An Implausible But Engaging Serial Killer Thriller .

Ethan Hawke's character is painfully mundane.

As much as I am a fan of Angelina Jolie, I have to say this movie gets a big fat YAWN from me.

I was bored throughout the entire experience.

It is just another thriller with a very predictable plot and follows a cliché of serial killer movies.

Overall this movie was both entertaining and suspenseful, hence my high rating.

Now this film is based on a very predictable premise at least for me, others well may be able to appreciate the surprise factor.

This was overall, a pretty entertaining movie.

It's highly unoriginal, not very well thought out, and contains SO MANY loose ends I left the theater more than a little miffed at having paid to see it.

On the whole, quite entertaining.

It has 2 twists in it, one which is very predictable.

A total waste of time.

extremely predictable and in the end, far-fetched .

After the pointless sex scene, the movie gets bad.

The result is this overlong, predictable mess.

Weak and predictable .

The story isn't that bad, but I think you can show it in a better and more exciting way.

Its thrilling with some drama and horror thrown in and some action for good measure.

Taking Lives (2004) for it's time was a very well made film, even looking at this film lately I still enjoyed it.

Yawn .


This movie started out as a taut, intense, moody, creepy thriller albeit in the same vein as Seven and all the other similar movies that have copied that seminal film.

But by far the worst problem was the boredom.

Angelina Jolie's emotions were too stale and predictable.

Ethan Hawke, who was great in Dead Poet's Society, is just boring in this movie.

The plot has already been described to you so to keep it simple from a guy who watches a lot of movies and has good taste in things, this was a good movie, I enjoyed it and I recommend it for sure, not a waste of time at all.

The plot weaves its way through the Canadian capital with unexpected scenarios that are both unnerving of your equilibrium and fascinating at the same time.

Her two police sidekicks remain boring and unlikeable - well, until one of them is shot.

As it stands, once it's revealed that he's the killer, the whole entirety of his performance up til that point doesn't make any sense, and misses so many of the intriguing possibilities described above.

Ethan Hawke is uninteresting.

Taking Lives is a hum-drum thriller that thrives on trite, predictable twists that might as well as have come straight from a paint-by-numbers, How-To-Write-A-Crime-Thriller kit.

I just pretended I was yawning because man, gasping at a movie does NOT a cool guy make.

And in the scenes he does make an appearance, he can only be described as looking bored.

they're formulaic and clichéd) The third act makes the whole story have no sense whatsoever, not to mention that it has the typical "I'll explain how I did it so the audience might feel the rip-off a little less" sequence with predictable flashbacks that make no sense at all, the writer of this thing probably started writing this one from Act 1, then trying to make a justification for his script on Act 3 in a lousy, lousy way.

Also why would an FBI agent be fired for sleeping with someone after they think the case is closed which makes the entire last scene of the movie totally predictable.

Secondly, it is slow and far too easy to figure out if you have half a brain.

This movie is predictable from the early beginning till the last scene, Jesus, how boring it is to see a "thriller" movie when everything is so easy to guess...

At one point I nearly left the theater in disgust, about to ask for my money back.

The picture is very clear and the setting creates a very gripping atmosphere.

I found the action/violence enjoyable.

After viewing the trailer a few times, this movie looked to be compelling viewing.

The fact that they could also get Keiffer Sutherland to play this minor role and have it be the glue to hold the entire was also very exciting as well.

However, when an unexpected romantic interest takes over, she begins to doubt her objectivity and her instincts.

Contrived .

It's plain dumb and a waste of time.

How appropriate that this predictable snooze-fest is titled Taking Lives, because it does indeed succeed in taking the lives of the audience and wasting nearly two hours, which is the only crime resulting from this movie.

Nice entertaining film and a great story.

At turns formulaic and down right rip off (the credits are far too similar to be called a homage to SE7EN), Taking Lives is a very enjoyable piece of work.

don't waste your time.

Taking Lives was predictable.

Bad acting, casting, storyline, poor dialogue, stupidly borrows from several far superior films, incredibly predictable and completely unbelievable and stupid.

The thrilling moments are very few, and the rest is cheap (I laughed while the one of "Kill Him" !

So many movies use the shaky camera in the poorly lit empty house trick.

But when an unexpected attraction sparks a complicated romantic entanglement, the consummate specialist begins to doubt her finely-honed instincts.

But anyhow, it was pretty obvious Ethan was the killer from the beginning and that's what made this movie a little boring to me.

Taking Lives remains my worst movie of all time.

As with any psychological thriller, this movie threw curveballs to confuse and twist the plot but they all seemed so contrived.

Don't get me wrong here, they are beautiful but when you see the same camera close-ups on them in movie after movie, it does get boring.

If I had to write a one sentence review for Taking Lives, it would be, "If you have seen a ridiculous amount of thriller movies and have seen all the twists and turns before, then this movie is very predictable, if you haven't, it is worth a look and you may even be surprised.

Unfortunately, it falls off from here pretty fast and becomes another run of the mill psycho-thriller, complete with the misunderstood, extremely detail oriented criminal profiler (Jolie) and a the normal predictable "twists".

The film is kind of slow, even though there are a few exciting parts here and there...

It WAS predictable.

A little fun is good:)What I found most intriguing were the true to life psychological aspects of human nature which "Taking Lives" brought to the table.

The story was very intriguing and very gruesome.

Many have criticized it for being predictable to some degree and, again, yes, that's true.

cliche and without substance .

In the end, this movie was a major waste of time, talent, and money.

I agree with those thinking the sex scene were absolutely useless in that context, no meaning, no point, no message, nothing at all.

I mean it has a great beginning and very predictable end.

I left the theater thinking.

It still is fresh, suspenseful, engaging, and quite refreshing.

It's all very ho hum and very predictable.

Now it's just another mundane crime thriller that Ethan Hawke and Angelina Jolie can add to their average resumes.

There, in an elaborate, confusing plot "switch," he plans to "give" his (real) identity to an innocent patsy whom he would then frame and kill.

Anyone in Canada, and I'm sure a lot of Americans too..will know the difference..and it makes it hard to follow the story, as they are constantly cutting between Quebec and Montreal.

This movie should actually be taken to the 10 worst movies of the decade, it would be right up there.

What's Bad: Did I mention how predictable it is?

There are some pretty exciting scenes, and without revealing too much, probably the best jump-scare I've ever experienced in any film.

The plot of this movie has been described often enough here so I'll just get to the point: While we've indeed seen many of this movie's elements elsewhere, it's still a fairly enjoyable one.

See it if you don't believe me, but this is a miserable pointless effort.

I suppose Taking Lives was, in the final analysis, just another whodunnit movie but I enjoyed it and, as I say, I'm glad I recorded it.

Certainly far from a piece of certifiably bad film-making, its problem lies in its self-indulgence and ultimately unsatisfying denouement.

It just proves that with right connections and the whims of some really bad movie-makers who can get away with an absolute waste of good money and talent can buy-off the audiences, get away with a movie which should be probably broadcast by a TV channel no one ever gets to see, that way, at least it wouldn't be a waste of time of the audience.

Then we have the thrilling car chase that felt so out-of-place.

Scary, thrilling, twisty .

It was slow enough (during the first part) that I thought I might doze off.

A sign that a movie is boring is, if you look at your watch and honestly I did it 2-3 times, when I watched that movie!

Watching a thriller is usually only an enjoyable experience once when you already know the end.

Taking Lives Started out promising with some solid acting Angelina Jolie seemed like she would be at least OK and maybe even dependable for once to give a good performance but, too many plot twists for the sake of plot twists and some confusing plot holes caused this movie to steer off coarse.

One the movies flaws was that it moved was to slow.

They were movies with jumpy and anticipating scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat.

However, the films small charms lie in it's ability to be insepidly predictable accompanied by some fine surely suprising scares.

However, the twist is in any event quite predictable, from about halfway through.

The bleak Canadian weather, the dreary cinematography, and the lack of comic relief quite effectively provide a good backdrop if only the story and characters had really gelled more.

Basically the writers just stole everything from different movies and threw it into a mishmash of predictable happenings.

Someone just needs to issue a moratorium on generic serial killer movies with pointless plot twists for the sake of having plot twists.

It is suspenseful, and worth renting.

This is as linear and GROSSLY PREDICTABLE as you can possibly get.

while I've only watched these two of his works, I Am Number Four was equally pretty but empty.

A brief but exciting car chase and a murder in a lift are very well staged and edited.

It's been a long way from the bland schoolboy role in Dead Poets Society that first brought him notice.

They do fine in their roles but are be betrayed by poor and confusing film-making.

I highly recommend it if you want to test your skills about bad serial killer movies and of knowing what will happen next.

Predictable For Movie Buffs, But Still Enjoyable.

Unfortunately I can't classify this as unwatchable, as I did watch it, which was a complete waste of time.


Entertaining at many Levels, but it's more exciting to watch the trailer .

Unpleasant and Predictable.

Folks, my watch is more unpredictable.

This is one of those movies with so many pointless twists and so many deliberate deceptions of the audience that eventually you just start to resent it.

Unwatchable, almost .

The surprise ending is totally unexpected and consists of several surprises within each revelation.

The worst thing a thriller can be is predictable and that's exactly what Taking Lives is, predictable.

Tchéky Karyo gets a rather uninspiring turn as the Canadian police captain who solicits her help in solving a particularly bothersome case.

Should've given a six, but nevertheless, it's worth the watch if you don't mind it being so predictable.

Atmosphere, pace and character portrayals fed well into a suspenseful film.

Even if like often technical (image quality, sound,etc) is good the story is boring.

Ridiculous performances, really boring and predictable script...

The cinematography was admirable, with unique lighting that adds to the suspenseful nature of the film.

It wasn't really suspenseful, it wasn't really scary, it was just entertaining.

Frightening Thriller With A Sadly Predictable Twist.

Like the predecessor, "Taking Lives" displays a stylish visual from a director that have an eye to compose shots, a skill to stage sequences and a cleverness to introduce some cool gimmicks (like the shot of two identical cagebirds in Gena Rowlands' house, before she reveals to Angelina Jolie's character the existence of her apparently deceased, twin sons), but unfortunely, the writing to the screen is below par and the editing is a bit messy, especially in the third act where the movie feels in a urge to finish, compressing the plot structure into pieces and removing all the logic along the way, therefore confusing the viewer.

" Bottom line: Save your money and time, people.

But, maybe, just seeing those six minutes again is worth watching the film for.

It has a good and thoroughly involving story, excellent performances (particularly by Jolie and Martinez), terrific atmosphere (thanks to director Caruso) plus a great and unexpected, if somewhat implausible, final twist.

I just waited an hour to see the movie end in a predictable way.

For some reason, and I say this only because this is another point that left me bemused and wondering if my synapses had shorted out, Hawke reveals himself as the murderer and traps his mother (Gena Rowlands) in an empty elevator.

But don't waste your time with this one anyway.

It passes the time well and is generally entertaining; it just happens to also be totally disposable and forgettable seconds after the credits start rolling.

The storyline was predictable, coming with the expected gruesome shots of body parts, smashed skulls, etc.There was one genuine jump scene which was admirably done and deserves props.

While the screenplay leaves much to be desired and Philip Glass's score is disappointing, "Taking Lives" is a generally entertaining, scary movie which gets under your skin and may possibly leave you finding it hard to fall asleep at night.

Overall, a pretty entertaining movie .

Pretty enjoyable especially for Angelina Jolie Fans .

Predictable and Boring .

" At times, "Taking Lives" is a very suspenseful, engaging movie.

I learnt that you should shut your apartment door before engaging in horizontal jogging, even if it is with Angelina Jolie.

I saw the sneak preview on saturday I was very excited about this movie the trailer made it look great the cast seemed to be cant miss but besides seeing angelina jolie naked this might have been the worst movie I have seen in some time.

Too bad this movie began as being somewhat innovative and turned into a conventional and formulaic movie about cops trying to apprehend a serial killer type of suspense movie that we have seen many times before.

For example, during a totally extraneous car chase scene (yawn at ricocheting vehicles), a car makes a swerve and sets off a fiery wreck.

Other than this I enjoyed it immensely, and recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a surprise ending.

The pace of the film is poorly paced, as sometimes it's fast and furious, while at other times it's very dull.

Every attempt to a character driven storytelling falls flat, there's a motif why Angie's character looks and acts so apathetic / morose / melancholic, but was left in the cutting room floor together with other key scenes that could have enriched the whole experience, giving the movie a more suspenseful tone and gloomy mood, instead of a 'flashy" pace to please the Generation Y (those scenes can be seen in the "deleted scenes" section of the DVD).

However, it had a very banal plot, and the last 25 minutes were *painfully* long and contrived.

On top of that, "Taking Lives" is boring, silly (thanks to a completely ridiculous sex scene that seems to be spliced in from a late-night Cinemax movie), devoid of any excitement or suspense, and ugly (the whole thing looks a dull, sickly green).

A Very Entertaining Package of Intrigue and Suspense.

Completely out of bounds "sex scene" tasteless and pointless.

Nevertheless Taking Lives is still enjoyable to watch.

The plotline had the potential to be suspenseful and edgy, unfortunately, it turned out incredibly predictable and a tad boring at times.

No, it serves as a total waste of time that is taking our lives when we plunk down and watch it.

Really, it's all so bland that I cannot even remember any of the big climactic moments.

Whereas I didn't like the Bone Collector (BC), this movie is very enjoyable.

One of the best-made pointless movies I ever saw!

Movies like these are forgettable and formulaic, and not to mention, nauseatigly abundant.

I walked in hoping for something on the level of Silence of the Lambs (to which it was compared by some critic) and walked out not sure if it even rose to the level of any given Police Academy sequel.

The beginning is kinda weird and also rude but the movie gets more and more boring.

However, in a case of a thriller I always see that being predictable is stupid enough !

Thankfully his much greater countryman Tchéky Karyo is around, albeit even he seems somewhat lost in this mumbo jumbo, or maybe it is just the plot and the way it focuses to much on Jolie and way too little on the fascinating case of a serial killer stealing victims identities.

The film does have its highs: excellent cinematography, creepy sinister mood, two fantastic adrenaline-jump moments that I never saw coming.

The movie has a fair amount of twists and surprises and it has some predictable moments as well.

It shuffled around like a drunk in the dark, and I thought the dialogue was pretty uninteresting.

The direction I found to be fairly routine for thus type of movie, flashy but empty I'd say.

At almost an hour and fifty minutes, the film is too long; and a better editing job is definitely in order.

Just an example of how cliché filled this film was, she realizes there is a hidden door behind a chester just by holding her hand out and feeling a slight draft.

As a matter of fact their *real* substance is being an entertaining waste of time.

Some went successful with Academy Awards' nominations and wins ("The Silence of the Lambs"), others became cult favorites' from both critics and audiences ("Se7en"), and others, although they were good, disappeared into obscurity ("Knight Moves"), but the genre, inevitably, became over-saturated and the lack of a clever screenwriting, new plot ideas & gimmicks for it to work, it turned somewhat predictable in a way of "been there, done that".

Mundane Serial killer crap.

The premise is genuinely intriguing: a psychopath who literally "takes lives," stealing the identities of the various people he murders.

It's not a one of a kind film, but I think that if you can get past the unoriginality element of this film, you'll find this thoroughly enjoyable.

The plot had a pretty good twist, but it was predictable!!

Because Jolie and Hawke are typically compelling reasons to see a film, and I must explain why, in this case, it's not worth it.

Too confusing, not to mention dumb .

Credits like Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert are babbling on about this movie be "absorbing", "well done", and other undue praise.

In summary, a contrived, clichéd, and weakly acted modern-day thriller.

Resulting in mainly psycho-pop thriller and action-fueled cop drama, `Taking Lives' is a bold effort to intelligently mix genres, resulting in an enjoyable experience, even if it doesn't quite reach what it tries to be.

The movie was slow and the only real good part of the whole movie, that I can remember, was the end.

See this film with an open mind as it will reward the viewer in unexpected ways.

It's main flaw perhaps is that it goes on far too long, and our suspension of disbelief is teetering too precariously for comfort.

Philip Glass's score is terrifically menacing,and the film is well paced,the first half slow but increasingly suspenseful and uneasy,the second half fast and full of action.

the film itself is based around a killer who after killin his victims he takes their identity and leads their life and then when is bored moves on by killin again.

Hawke gives an at times shaky turn as an eyewitness to the latest victim's demise and the predictable screenplay by Jon Bokenkamp (adapting Michael Pye's novel) will have you guessing Who The Killer Is in no time flat.

Confusing and unsatisfying.

This thriller is formulaic all the way.

When Caruso feels as though the audience might be getting a little bored a sudden shock is delivered (remember Jaws; the head appearing in the boat?

They have a banal car accident on the way and, instead of helping his dying friend, Martin Asher kills him and mysteriously walks away singing.

(spoilers below)also includes a great action packed moment of kiefer sutherland grabbing another person and diving through a broken window to escape the cops, even though he was doing nothing wrong whatsoever.

Rowlands seems to be reading her lines and being bored by it and Hawke is painfully overacted in every single scene he is in.

Quite scary and unexpected.

The movie was atmospheric yet the plot went from nearly originally to predictable and pedestrian swiftly.

This is your basic cliché ridden serial killer film with a twist you can see coming a mile away.

saying this we do see a great deal of emotion for her character, she plays the role well and has a stunning performance throughout the film.

It was full of errors from the start, and I was bored halfway through the movie.

It lacks momentum and feels fabricated out of disjointed parts rather than keeping the flow and sucking you, as a movie like this should do.

This is one of the most suspenseful and well directed movie!

nothing extraordinary, but still enjoyable .

Predictable but entertaining thriller.

It's one of those films that always seems on the verge of being really disturbing or thrilling and never gets there.

No better example of that is to be found than her latest effort, TAKING LIVES, a plodding, pretentious, and ultimately preposterous riff on the thriller genre.

Well, they managed to do that with this formulaic, boring film with a tacked on ending.

This film is silly, uninteresting, and disappointing in every possible way.

Good suspenseful thriller!.

The pacing was a little slow at times which didn't help either.

Unfortunately, the film starts strong but then slows down, becomes plodding and predictable.

The writer and director were going all different directions, and added pointless and predictable love scenes with Jolie and Hawke that were fast forwarded due to lack of interest.

the ending was for the most part,, painfully predictable (to anyone who watches the first 15 minutes) and it ruined the whole movie for me.

But as the plot holes and predictable one-dimensional characters kept on piling up, eventually I was too worn down to care anymore.

An exhibit of humdrum clichés and predictable twists .

I wouldn't waste your time on this one - here is two hours of my life I won't get back.

These factors place "Taking Lives" as one of the worst movies I've seen in the past couple of years.

If you like Angelina Jolie and other cast mentioned, thrilling and horrifying mysteries, and want to see Jolie in another film similar like the Bone Collector then I strongly recommend this film!

Exciting, sexy Angelina and the entire cast..frightening. .

Otherwise I thought it was an enjoyable film, although when there is no clear candidate as to whodunnit, I always look for the most unlikely, and occasionally , I am proven right.

Caruso put that brilliant cast on an absurd,tedious and predictable story.

As far as I can remember the movie was pointless.

Also what a shame to see Kiefer Sutherland give away his talent for such a minor and dull role.

He repeats this each time he gets bored with the life he is leading.

), also the contrived plot device in the elevator scene and the moment "deus ex machina" at the climax, which was so implausible that is beyond laughable.

For all of its lack of originality, "Taking Lives" offers some suspenseful moments and some good acting.

Taking Lives is a very good thrilling film that stars Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland, Gena Rowlands, Olivier Martinez, and Tchéky Karyo!

I also felt that the movie was fast paced and kept you on your toes.

Psychologically intriguing .