Tall Girl (2019) - Comedy

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Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Nzingha Stewart
Stars: Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 36 out of 216 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (67)

I enjoyed it overall.

She's boring and whiney.

Unexpected .

I just got done watching this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Simple story, Not bad acting, but the movie is kinda slow and not funny at all!!

Some turns the movie takes are a bit annoying, and the score is too noticeable and tiresome after a while.

No plot, cheap morality.

This is just a movie of Ava being her boring and bland self.

Movie wanders aimlessly for an hour and a half before reaching the predictable conclusion offering nothing new to the conversations around body positivity, bullying or self acceptance.

This movie was a complete waste of time.

The only part that irritated me off about this film is "screenplay" that writen so weak, so predictable and cliche.. when I watched it I just feel like.. Oh c'mon people!!

I enjoyed it thoroughly!

This was a really entertaining, wholesome, downright great movie!

A waste of time .

Lines and plot too cliche .

I mean, I wouldn't call it my FAVORITE, but it was definitely worth the watch.

My kids enjoyed it.

So predictable and just awful.

Sadly this movie ended up being extremely predictable and ended in a deeply dissatisfying way.

Its boring, has almost no objectively good elements to it and is so unenjoyable to watch.

Thank you to those who care enough about our kids to make something worth watching and not making me cringe.

There was a lot in this film that could have made it really good, but just too many hackneyed story lines, Kind of a dull script, Predictable plot.

It was a waste of time and I was right about the plot.

Jody is so bland I could not care less about where she ends up at the end.

Now over all, I think the movie was cute and entertaining.

Found the film to be quite enjoyable and just light hearted.

It sucked, the characters were plain and boring and people fell in love after talking like once.

I enjoyed it!

Worst movie Ive seen in a while .

The movie as a whole was ok and entertaining enough to have in the background while foulding laundry.

Not bad at directing, main plot is so inspired but screenplay is too weak & predictable.. .

The writing is so cliche and terrible, it feels like Ive seem this story a million times.

how many time that I have to watch this cliche sub-plot on teenage films?

We really enjoyed it.

The plot is too cliche, and the conflicts seems to too forced just to set-up moral value out of the story, thus also compromising some of the character's build-up.

Our house enjoyed it !!

Maybe I would have enjoyed it more is I wasn't a swede myself?

The characters have no depth, the tall girl lacks personality, she's boring and whiny.

It was so freaking predictable and the guy doesn't even sound swede.

But still, I enjoyed it.

Severely underwhelming coming of age film with some really strange choices at times re: parental shame, Cesareans, and stalking friendzoned chumps that can't take a hint.

Simple and typical highschool movie but the milk crate is insanely mind blowing, this movie shows how a boy will do when he is really in love with a person.

So cliche.

Cliche border-lining on unrealistic .

(pun intended) The story is engaging.

Worst movie ive ever seen.

Good but super predictable .

Everything in this movie was unrealistic and too predictable.

The ending is so predictable.

Of all the bullied identities, it's mind boggling to me that the screen-wright chose tall people.

The characters were boring and lacked depth.

Boring .

It was below average (hence the four star rating) and very cliché, altough not the worst I've ever seen.

A little cliche .

The main caracther was so boring and with no personality

Entertaining, wholesome, downright great movie.

Predictable happy ending in which, as another lovely trope, the reliable best guy friend who's been pining away this whole time finally wears our main character down and gets a kiss.

A really beautiful story, but some of the "funny" scenes are actually not so funny, some predictable moments, and the plot is just too fast-moving.

The entire movie was so predictable, you could basically guess what they are going to say next.

It's still pretty neat and it may surprise you once or twice even if it is quite predictable overall.

Horrible, predictable, and very cliche, a copy of most American school movies, nothing new, the only thing different would be that the girl is tall than in a boring plot, predictable dialogues, very generic characters, many characters not contribute nothing to the plot, do not spend your time watching this movie

So confusing.

Was worth the watch!

The overall theme about loving yourself was nice especially for teens but it was pretty formulaic in general.

The most predictable movie I've seen.

Unoriginal & predictable .

This film is cheesy and predictable!