Tamara (2005) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Tamara, an unattractive girl, who is picked on by her peers returns after her death as a sexy seductress to exact revenge.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Jeremy Haft
Stars: Jenna Dewan, Katie Stuart
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 96 found boring (18.75%)

One-line Reviews (61)

That also manages to work well with the rather gory deaths here which gives a rather bloody streak throughout here with the gruesome deaths on display, and that mixes with the few suspenseful flashbacks to give this one it's good points that does overcome it's few flaws.

The last part that really sticks out here is the events of the party scene, which are ghastly homophobic and completely uncalled for beyond being rather boring and unneeded to advance the plot as it is here with those other issues.

Then I just settled in for the inane dialog and completely predictable and clichéd story to unfold.

But the film,though unoriginal,is still entertaining.

I surprised that there wasn't any nudity, but the sexual going ons in this flick was intense.

The film is engaging throughout and provides some well-placed shock-and-gore to keep its pace humming along.

but that didn't bother me because the movie was exciting, and kept me interested from beginning to end.

A movie that will keep you on the edge of your seats out of curiosity of what is going to happen.

The hospital is supposed to be a working one, but is next to empty, which working hospitals never are.

Defintately worth watching.

If you like a good horror full of cliché endings, Tamara is a good movie to watch.

But the film is still an enjoyable romp.

It's funny and very entertaining!!

There are some awkward or un-compelling moments in the filmmaking.

All in all, I thought 'Tamara' was a very enjoyable movie, and was a great way to spend 98 minutes.

She makes quite an impact in her first starring role, and the fact that she's also quite stunning certainly does nothing to diminish her screen presence!

For people that like the typical high school, with the typical boring bullies, and the typical boring revenge, this is the film to see.

It's your typical revenge horror, but it was done really well and the horror bits were enjoyable.

Bland and mildly entertaining "Carrie" knock-off aimed mostly at teenage audience.

Jenna handles the role very, very well, and she is very convincing and entertaining as the vengeful Tamara.

A complete waste of time, I guess I'm desperate watching any stupid movie until Prison Break's new episodes aired.

)the whole idea wasn't bound for Oscar buzz, but i just think they wasted the comedic and the suspenseful potential they had.

I found the way in which Tamara dealt with her victims intriguing as she was intelligent with her decision making and did not have to necessarily extract any violence or death on her victims herself, she also had a new found confidence after her character came back to life and was able to turn the tables on her victims and make them see themselves for who they truly were and also play on their own insecurities.

The sudden change from geeky introvert to confident babe is also a bit boring -- very little complexity there.

it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and made me jump....

One of the better elements to this one is the rather fun and twisted revenge scenarios that play out in here that are quite exciting.

although I tend to get too freaked out to see horror films, this one was truly entertaining while still remaining scary...

Ho Hum Horror .

Overall, 'Tamara' is a well made and extremely entertaining slasher that deserves much more exposure than remakes like 'Prom Night' and 'April Fool's Day' have received.

Sadly, near the end, the whole 'running around in the hospital'-part got a little boring.

I enjoyed it.

Save your money and invest in a quality flick like Magnolia or Broken Flowers.

Oddly enough, the pace of the movies only starts to flag towards the end when all the scenes are surely meant to be the most exciting.

It was exciting and full of suspense and I really enjoyed it.

Tamara is not a terrible movie, it's just a big cliché of better films.

Boring, without any original moments, look at me, i'm eating peanuts, waiting for this geek film to end, so i can return the DVD...

Complete waste of time .

We know that Tamara has come back to get revenge but she does it in unexpected ways.

This movie doesn't resort to overdoing the fake blood or gratuitous sex but it still has sexy moments and enough creepiness and suspense to make it real horror; plus, the engaging plot and solid acting made extra gore unnecessary.

there are boring fight scenes.

I also didn't like the over-violent scenes because they gave me a small sense of false horror that could only make you yawn instead of giving you a fast pulse.

I particularly liked Patrick and Shawn's fate, very unexpected and diabolically creative.

It is very seldom that one stumbles upon a story so mundane that in each and every scene it is perfectly obvious what's about to happen.

Worth Watching .

An exciting revenge flick that doesn't bring much new .

At first, the beginning scene made me think it's another predictable commercial teen movie, where everybody waits for it's turn to die before the end, when the main characters try to struggle their way out of danger and when they think they are safe...

A waste of money...

A film worth watching on a rainy weekend afternoon.

The first one in the auditorium where the dismembered victim broadcasts the incident to the whole school is entirely cruel and works based on the fine set-up in the booth beforehand, the attack at the home is quite chilling with it's tense stalking, suspenseful brawling and rather blood action, and the finale in the hospital has plenty of exciting action and suspenseful chasing that goes on for an extended period of time here so this one really has a lot of rather enjoyable elements that makes for an overall fast-paced effort.

Overall, Tamara is a sexy, enjoyable revenge slasher.

), but the gory scenes are pretty intense.

As long as you can handle a cliché'd movie, you're going to have a bit of fun with this one.

That will be exciting though.

Even with the lame execution, the movie was somewhat entertaining and the first half is enough to give it a bit of a credit...

The first part of this movie is a Carrie ripoff to set the scene and then we really go off the deep end of unlikely and B movie pointless.

This is your standard pointless, scriptless low budget "horror" trash.

A great looking cast, powerful build-up; other-worldly gore that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and peaking through my hands.

Especially Jenna Dewan as the exciting/evil Tamara.

Needless to say, this pathetic piece of boredom and drudgery brings absolutely nothing new or viable to the horror genre.

Effective horror movie enjoyable for the most part .

This is quite a twisted but enjoyable horror flick.