Taxi Driver (1976) - Crime, Drama

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A mentally unstable veteran works as a nighttime taxi driver in New York City, where the perceived decadence and sleaze fuels his urge for violent action by attempting to liberate a presidential campaign worker and an underage prostitute.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 123 out of 990 found boring (12.42%)

One-line Reviews (571)

A great screenplay, a stunning score by Bernard Herrmann and a superb atmosphere created.

Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is a 26 year old Vietnam veteran who has insomnia.

The intense focus of the movie on the personality of a single character, almost to the exclusion of the other characters, is reminiscent of Citizen Kane.

The sign identifies the rut that he is in, telling him to be `alienated' and `slow down.

Riveting film making, including one including one repulsively disturbing scene, featuring the director himself.

Paul Schrader's riveting screenplay is very detailed and layered.

The way that he tries to assassinate someone was really intense and thrilling.

It is this ambiguity that makes Taxi Driver such an engaging and intelligent film, as the viewer has to think for themselves about who Travis Bickle is, and what his motivations are.

Film is boring, because Travis' life is boring.

Filmmusic was repetitive and annoying.

This normative and boring life of Travis is reinvigorated with purpose and value as he come across a young preadolescence blond prostitute named Iris ( Jodie Foster) who is being pimped by gangsters.

It has this uneasy morbidness and hypnagogic tone covered throughout and although I think the movie has definitely aged, it still is as compelling to watch and relate to in this day and age.

Dark and gripping psychological drama with De Niro at top form .

Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" is an intense urban classic that has disturbed and provoked audiences since it's release.

This movie is slow.

Other than that, this movie is a waste of time and a great music score by a great composer and two greatactors.

" Travis is suffering from insomnia as these thoughts are constantly haunting him.

" Or just the fact that it is simply unique and riveting.

It's Social Criticism in the Form of Post Modern Seventies Gritty "Realism" that is Riveting and Indelible, making its way from the Naked Streets to the Screen.

Predictable painfully shallow dialogue.

The character development was believable and entertaining.

This film takes a little while to get exciting.

However, by this time, I was bored because I wanted something to happen on screen.

An American drama; A neo-noir about how a modern society of declining moral standards chips away at the sensibilities of the righteous and vulnerable with unpredictable results.

By prescribing it in small intense amounts, Scorsese shows it for what it is - gory, ugly, powerful, fascinating, and not for fun.

This scene is absolutely riveting.

I see the inspiration of some later works in this movie, which may include Al Pacino's Insomnia, The acting side, on the other hand, is very nice.

Though wonderfully moody and well filmed, Taxi Driver is at its core an uninteresting character piece that goes on too long and tells us too little.

possibly the most intense movie ever made .

Though Taxi Driver is a very intense and violent movie, it is no stranger to controversy.

What was the point of that bit with Scorsese in the Taxi, seemed pointless, any man would react that way if his wife was screwing around?

In conclusion, a movie that is already a classic, disturbing yet enjoyable, full of suspense and interesting twists and with an unexpected ending.

People don't watch films like this, they become immersed in them.

This film had no plot and if it did, it wasn't very good or believable.


Is that what the slow moving overhead tracking shot suggests?

Thus, I highly recommend it to any lover of films past or present.

The supporting roles are also compelling, with good performances from Albert Brooks, Harvey Keitel, and Cybill Shepherd as Betsy, Travis' romantic interest.

It is a very fascinating film, though.

There is a horror in classic film noir at urbanized life, and in Taxi Driver, it is intensified by Bickle's intense feelings.

This is a young director's movie, exciting,dangerous & full of great images & scenes, that exhibit a willingness to take chances which mostly pay off big time.

Disgusted by the petty street crime that he witnesses while driving through the city, he now finds a focus for his frustration and begins a program of intense physical training.

Basically a waste of time unless you are into the lower end of imitation cine noir films.

Indeed, I find the film to be somewhat tedious to sit through.

Robert De Niro is excellent,powerful and gives one of the greatest acting performances of all-time in his most iconic role as Travis Bickle with De Niro being intense and believable.

Travis, like Norman Bates hides his insanity behind a facade of banality and nurses it with his loneliness.

His history of method acting results in him totally embodying the character of Travis, with the subtleties of his acting bringing an intense realism to the role.

He is a fascinating and scary character.

I found it to be very boring.

"Taxi Driver" has a confusing narrative and the ending left me annoyed as it wasn't clear what the ending was meant to be!

It's really enjoyable to watch,one of the best performances by Robert De Niro.

It features one of the best actors of all-time in his prime; Robert De Niro makes a stunning performance as the character "Travis Bickle".

He develops an intense anger towards what he feels is the scum of the streets.

This thriller was very cool and intense.

It is among one of the most emotional and suspenseful films I can say that I've seen and it's one that you'll definitely remember!

De Niro's performance is outstanding, powerful and intense, with great directing from Scorsese.

Taxi Driver is a film as fascinating as it is disturbing.

Mr. Bremer said at the time of his trial that his motive was to become a celebrity, and many observers have noted the pernicious, if unintended, effect that intense media attention has had, glamorizing assassins and inspiring copycats.

The repetitive score got on my nerves.

The great thing about `Taxi Driver' is its compelling nature.

The scene where he takes betsy to the porn cinema is quite unbearable to watch.

The story is unpredictable as is the mind of Travis.

Short but in a intense way.

Travis is treated poorly by the people he drives around, makes no money, lives alone, watches pornographic films and is going nowhere.

In his early masterpiece, Martin Scorsese demonstrates his talent to capture the atmosphere of one region in one era, New York City in the 70s through working class' point of view, while leaving his own recognizable signature: the unpredictable and slightly confusing storytelling to yield both reality and eccentricity simultaneously.

The scene is quite long as he follows her down the street as she converses with another teenaged hooker.

his insomnia.. his despair.. his love.. his break-up...

Not to forget, the background score, which was aptly scored and the slow jazz in the scenes involving Travis and Betsy just conveys the correct mood of Travis being completely enchanted on being with her.

Taxi Driver is a slow film, or so it seems.

The intense film pairs well with the intense actor Robert De Niro.

Still as powerful and as intense when it first appeared .

Nothing happens for an hour and a half and then the ending is so predictable.

As the film progresses, Travis becomes more and more engrossed in changing things around in the city, as we see him being immersed in the ugliness of the criminal underworld and how much of the city is infested with it.

"Taxi Driver" is a film that filmmakers look at for inspiration and should be regarded as one of the most unique and gripping works of art you'll ever encounter.

Watched this for the first time, and whilst it's entertaining enough, I can't see why it's considered a classic.

the film editing, the dialogue, the emotion conveyed throughout--stunning.

This character is Travis Buckle, played by Robert de Niro, the titular taxi driver and a lonely man who has get the job as a way of battling against his insomnia.

I started half way through but it was such an engaging film that I just got caught up and years later I actually saw the whole film and I remembered why I wanted to see it so badly.

The movie is long, boring, and has a very bad plot.

The mood is nice, a prime example on a classic Noir movie, it builds up and prepares you mentally for the big ending.. an ending that failed to live up to the hype that the movie has built in you.. though it had a short yet exciting action scene the ending is pretty simple and is more about delivering a simple message rather than leaving you amazed or satisfied.

The film is as much as anything about the intense loneliness of being surrounded by people you cannot connect with.

Simple and intriguing plot.

Few dramas are as fascinating and striking in visual style as Taxi Driver.

The sheer minimalism of his performance is just stunning.

Editing was superb as well, keeping the pace going it what's actually kinda a slow film.

A must see but be prepared to be bored to death.

The original score by Bernard Herrmann alternates between being evocative of the sad and depressing street scenes and being overly intrusive.

Robert de Niro plays a very unglamorous character, but his presence on screen is so intense that it's no wonder it made such an impression.

Bland Storytelling .

I think the taxi driver (Robert DeNiro) was just an uninteresting dumb, socially inapt guy who gets alienated from society.

only those were at least entertaining and contained emotion.

a very dark and gritty out look on life but well worth the watch as it is possibly the greatest movie ever made.

The ONLY bright spot was Travis saving the 12 year old prostitute and sending her back home to her parents but I have to say I found the rest of the movie very confusing.

Taxi Driver is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

boring .

Unfortunately, the slow pace kills any tension I would have had.

The opening of the movie is riveting, with steam coming from the manholes and a cab appearing through the mists like some monster from a deep lagoon as Herrmann's menacing, sinister score fades in and out.

It is so slow that you may doze and wake again without missing anything.

Taxi Driver is an overall boring movie.

by far the SLOWEST, TAMEst, psycho film of all wanna see a great psycho film .. watch American psycho..

Martin Scorsese's film is indeed quite good, but it's also flawed, murky and confusing, talky in the wrong places, and features such an over-hyped performance by young Jodie Foster as a pre-teen prostitute that I imagine most viewers will be let down by what amounts to an extremely minor role.

It's the characters, mirror images of the Us we must ignore to function, that make this so fascinating.

Robert DeNiro's acting was phenomenal, hes seriousness and strange charm being the most intense part of the movie, even past the violence and horrors of NYC, also a part of the city that does not truly get portrayed in all of its messed up glory.

I have seen quite a few De Niro/Scorses collaborations (Raging Bull,Goodfellas,Casino) and this absorbing performance ranks right up there with the best i have ever seen, with the exception of Raging Bull.

This was a pretty enjoyable film.

Even theprostitutes are dull.

The scenes are long and dragged out.

This film features a wide variety of famous actors (such as Robert De Niro), also has a good story (with thrilling, dramatic and realistic scenes); Really a good movie.

You'd expect it to be a thriller, but it is actually more of a slow and methodical drama - despite all of its violence and otherwise seedy elements.

it is debatable but the themes of loneliness, detachment and isolation are a significant inclusion by Scorsese and Schrader's script certainly highlights these debatable but fascinating themes.

He ruined Taxi Driver by making it dull, lame and impotent, as he did with his other films.

I highly recommend it.

OK this is definitely one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The highlight of the entire movie would have to be the actors, Robert De Niro shines as Travis Bickle, one of his deepest and most intense performances, the best scenes had to be between him and a very young Jodie Foster, their on screen chemistry is sublime, you could see that she understood acting from a very young age.

Stunning portrait of an alienated sociopath .

Throw in a master director like Martin Scorsese, some top-of-the-line actors (Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster), combined with the intriguing plot, and you've got a really great movie.

this movie was emotionally touching and intriguing i watched it and it pulled me right in from the time he dated the woman from the palantine office till he shot 5 pimps dead!!!!

If you wish to bore somebody to death, my advice would be to ask that person to watch this movie.

Two hours of incredibly built up tension leading to a rather bland and poorly stages showdown which left me baffled.

Some people find this completely boring, others find it completely genius.

He's suffering from insomnia, and spends his nights driving a cab.

Other than that, you're left with a lame "prostitute with a heart of 14k gold" storyline, and a main character who's utterly pointless.

Enjoyable .

probably, but also extremely boring.

While his motivations are confusing, they are his motives.

De Niro is studied and scary, truly on the edge and taking the audience with him, a perfect anti-hero, and Scorsese drives another knife into the belly of the Hollywood machine with an anti-saccharine vision, which is bold, shocking, and uncensored in a way that may not have been so easy nowadays.

He buys guns and starts intense physical training for someday that perceives that he might have to fight the evil that he hates so much.

I call it one of the dullest things I've ever seenJodie Foster made the film for me; the rest of it just seemed to be a rambling, incoherent ride in the back of a cab!!

the first hour of this overly long movie was so boring I almost stopped watching .

When it was over I asked myself if it was worth watching and did not arrive at a definitive "Yes.

Its such an enjoyable movie...

I'd say give it a rent or buy it cheap on DVD ( trust me, it might bore you & you'll never watch it again),just don't show this to your kids as a lesson parents with sense(especially those with no sense.

There are so few films as intense and cinematically powerful, and relevant, as Martin Scorcese's 1976 hit "Taxi Driver.

Now I admit the acting was fantastic but the story was so slow and uninteresting that I was actually growing frustrated as it progressed.

And Travis is a dark portrait of a reject on the edge, pushed over by the madness of the city/society/humanity(whatever you want to call it), and this story has proved itself to be reality again and again since.

I found the movie to be boring and meandering.

I'm not saying that any of the previous reviewers have fallen into this trap, but with work of unusually exciting style like Taxi Driver (other examples include Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, The Wild Bunch, or Clockwork Orange), it is a likely pitfall.

He takes to driving around a cab a night in an attempt to deal with an intense bout of insomnia.

Touching, Compelling, & Relevant Vigilante and Societal Issue Movie .

This too much black movie concerns on a psychotic taxi driver named Travis (Robert DeNiro) who returns from Vietnam and suffers insomnia .

It is about a war veteran named Travis suffering from excessive insomnia and is a little bit mentally unstable,decides to get a job as a taxi driver.

In the end, I'd have to say it's a great movie, not because it puts you in any kind of positive mood, it's great because being in the world of Travis is an intense experience like almost no other movie is.

He takes a job to drive a taxi in New York at night for 12 hour shifts both as a means to combat his insomnia and to give some direction to his empty and lonely life.

A Major Borefest .

I highly recommend this film, it'll mess with your head, but in an entertaining way so don't worry.

What was with that sudden Mohawk, he only had that do for like 15minutes of the entire movie, pointless?

Taxi Driver is different in the way in which it is unpredictable and makes for compulsive viewing.

He helps child prostitute Iris Steensma (Jody Foster, in a stunning role) through troubles, and eventuallydefends her in the gripping climax.

But this movie is intriguing, because of its laconic messages and the admirable performance of Robert de Niro.

The movie is insufferably slow and repetitive while it channels the impressions Travis gets moonlighting the streets of New York.

Released in the Bicentennial year, after Vietnam, Watergate, and attention-getting attempts on President Ford's life, Taxi Driver's intense portrait of a man and a society unhinged spoke resonantly to the mid-'70s audience -- too resonantly in the case of attempted Reagan assassin and Foster fan John W.

As the movie crawls to the final 20 minutes viewers are already worn away by the slow storytelling and the character of Travis Bickle.

In summary,Taxi Driver must-see film for movie lovers, this Martin Scorsese masterpiece is as hard-hitting as it is compelling, with Robert De Niro at his best.

But Bickle is every bit as scary, for he is far more unpredictable to those about him.

First off, the film has absolutley no plot.

A very unusual film in which it is impossible to predict exactly what will happen next, due to the main character's confusion and hence unpredictability.

Either way, he makes for a very interesting and intriguing character in a film.


insomnia makes individuals do and think of outrageous and crazy things.

I was bored.

However, the outstanding performance of DeNiro and the painstaking perfectionism of Scorcese's direction make a psychotic taxi driver's prowling through New York's underground on the edge of reality absolutely worthwhile.

Though it's often a deeply unpleasant film, 'Taxi Driver' is a compelling movie experience.

The cinematography was intense and well done.

Martin Scorsese uses many intriguing and unique camera angles and shots to tell the story; his direction is really quite good.

Absolutely stunning .

Now, if Travis killed Palantine, he would be called a murderer and probably have been executed, but instead he kills Sport and his gang, and though we expect him to be considered a murderer, and even he realises that he has done a huge wrong when he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger, even though it is empty.

The saxophone is synonymous with the empty shell that is Travis Bickle.

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver is a riveting character study.

Weekend at bernies is more intriguing than this movie

His insomnia appears relentless and he spends a lot of his time in porno theaters.

Whether it be from his insomnia with the painful memories of the Vietnam war or just wanting to get out of his version of hell, the streets of New York, is irrelevant.

Dated but still worth watching.

it does all this while truly delivering a suspenseful and riveting psychological thriller that sucks in the viewer to find out what happens next.

What a sorry excuse of a movie and a waste of 2 hours of my life.

Seeing all the "animals" come out at night and streets full of "scum and filth" drive him finally over the edge.. Seeing the world through his eyes and how his surroundings affect his mental state is really fascinating.

It's slow, boring and pointless.

History has  it that some of the greatest and most intense works of art are often a positive result of an artists' despair, an outcome of his/her depression.

Paul Schrader's riveting screenplay is very detailed and layered.

An insufferable bore .

Thus follows the drab, difficult, sad and paranoid life of ex-marine, Travis Bickle, played by none other than Robert Deniro.

However,this new innovation appears a little tedious as a lot of questions remain unanswered in the film.

Instead of surprises or strong action sequences, which TAXI DRIVER should have been, the viewers get a psychological road map of New York and its undertones as portrayed in Travis' mind with a predictable conclusion.

So, with his insomnia, he opts to drive a taxi and stalk a woman who's volunteering to aid the "next" President of the United States.

This way director Martin Scorsese has created an homage to the big apple as well as a fascinating and metaphoric trip into the human soul!!

And yet it is so boring that I was constantly looking at my watch, hoping it was close to being over.

An intense performance from Robert De Niro, the passionate, ingenious direction of Martin Scorsese and the philosophical, crisp screenplay by Paul Schrader blend together to create a modern masterpiece of American cinema…TAXI DRIVER.

Taxi Driver comes together as an incredible piece of filmmaking, with completely intriguing dialogue, and story-wise it is flawless (although technically wise I would say Scorsese was still getting the hang of it).

Gripping Work from Scorsese .

The modern audience today is expecting everything--comedy, drama, unbearable suspense, spfx--all rolled-up into one-stop entertainment...

He starts out as a relatively normal character, a guy who decides to make some money off his insomnia.

"Taxi Driver", one of Martin Scorsese's most widely known works, is a gripping and compelling portrait of a troubled character.

I thought the Jazz saxophone was just too banal for this type of film.

When you combine these actors, Schrader's outstanding script, and Scorsese's brilliant direction, with the stunning cinematography (Michael Chapman) and haunting score (Hitchcock fave Bernard Herrmann's final effort), you have yourself a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

Nothing happens for the first hour and a half.

Taxi Driver is a dark tale that will live on forever with one of the most thrilling climaxes ever.

There's empty coke cans strewn about his apartment; at one point we see him concocting his own food of bread, sugar, and whiskey.

too slow and predictable .

Travis Bickle was an intriguing character because he was a peculiar combination of elements- moral righteousness, as evidenced by his treatment of Jodie Foster's character later in the movie, general naivete- as evidenced by his interpersonal relationships, especially with Betsy- and desperation and frustration with his own existence, manifested in going over the edge- as seen at the end of the movie.

A powerful film, it's dark and riveting, diving deep within the human psyche.

It is an intense allegory of a lonely and disturbed taxi driver.


All his movies are slick and professionally made, but ultimately empty, with little redeeming value other than the glorification of vice, esp gun violence.

From the gritty portrayal of life in '70s New York to the slow breakdown of a lonely man bitter towards a society he sees allowing so much wrong, the film did not misplace a step.

The light sound effect of an empty gun brought the biggest gasp from me embedded in intense sorrow and the slight disappoint Travis feels.

*spoiler alert*Perhaps I missed something, but to my mind this was just a very boring movie.

I feel that it was very slow moving for the most part.

His portrayal and character are completely fascinating from start to finish.

I've come to the conclusion that 'masterpieces' should have some sort of government warning attached along the lines of "WARNING: MASTERPIECE - ONLY VIEW IF YOU'RE A TERRIBLE BORE WHO LIKES THESE SORTS OF THINGS - YOU CANNOT GET THOSE TWO HOURS OF YOUR LIFE BACK.

Robert De Niro serves as the pinnacle of this film with his arresting performance, and the intense conviction he brings his character is more than enough to make his character believable and someone you do not want to be on the bad side of.

I've seen it about 20 times now but it still keeps me on the edge of my seat.

A dark and dreary movie.

The cinematography is exciting & innovative.

This film is very intense and a classic directed by the famous Martin Scorsese.

Great cinematography and acting however are compromised by an often very boring storyline where the viewer can not develop any type of connection to the other characters.

Intriguing only after you watch it.

this powerful and thrilling film has an excellent cast and a great script.

The story is very action packed and edgy and the cinematography is very well done.

De Niro's character is excellent and entertaining in that he just wants to impress some women and save some from their ridiculous careers.

the movie is still definitely worth watching, just for the way it shows the decadent lonely mind at work, in its destructive frame.

Cinematic masterpiece is as unpredictable as its protagonist .

Wherever he goes, he goes unnoticed; like a ghost meandering through life's morbid boredom of repetitiveness as each day endlessly runs into the next.

It's a fascinating portrait.

The way Scorsese has used dialogue creates moods that are fascinating for a watching audience.

The portrayal of a city and a man slipping into moral insanity is convincing and engaging and it shows how well to "do" modern madness and the effects of the moral void of parts of society.

"Taxi Driver" starts off with a beautiful and perfectly fitting score from composer, Bernard Hermann, as we see the blurred city of New York as the fast paced lights from cars and signs are distorted and put into slow motion.

The cinematography feels fluid, accomplished through a carefully considered combination of great framing, camera angles, camera pans, and what seems to be a deliberately slow pacing.

That Scorsese finds the rejection more disturbing than the murders is compelling, because it helps to clarify Travis Bickle, and maybe it goes to some degree toward defining one variation of urban violence.

Taxi Driver started strong and the overall film was good and enjoyable.

Very psychological and suspenseful, Taxi Driver is not only a film classic, is New York.

Since so many positive reviews have been made, rather than add my own red hot glowing review I thought I would address those people who have written that they don't like "Taxi Driver" because, they say, they find it dull and boring, hard to follow, etc. These people miss some important points about the film.

This is the worst movie that has been called a great movie of any movie I have seen.

This is a near perfect film, held together by intriguing story, brilliant direction, and perfect acting.

There's no suspense, there's no intrigue, it's totally mundane.

So Scorsese shows us a shot of an empty hall while DeNiro is talking on the phone.

"Taxi Driver" tells an interesting, engaging human story and that's what makes it great--not the social commentary, or what's viewed as such.

Although not to everyone's taste, this is an intense and powerful piece of filming.

Rating : Better than average , well worth watching.

Harvey Keitel is riveting as Sport,Iris' pimp.

Travis wants to fix the problems with society all while engaging in deviant activities such as viewing pornography and planning for violence.

Some find it so disjointed that they doubt it's even really part of the story; perhaps it's just Travis's fantasy, or a literal representation of the kind of "redemption" Travis really wants (and does not get because he in fact dies shortly after the shoot-out), or some such.

However, all the great qualities of this film are for nothing, as far as I'm concerned, because, at least for me, if a film has a story line that is fundamentally flawed, then that just makes the rest of the film pointless.

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver is an intriguing film.

Life is slow and aimless, and people can be full of contradictions and void of characters.

Most of the shots in this film are slow, ironic because the life of a taxi driver is quick.

Dark, Dreary and truly a great display of method acting .

For most of this 113 minute movie the scene revolves around Travis, his misanthropic nature, his unstable state of mind and his slow uneventful life.

Awful film, don't waste your time.


"Taxi Driver" is bland, boring, and careless filmmaking at its finest and represents the many problems that plague all Scorsese films.

Director Martin Scorsese teams up with Robert De Niro, one of the most intense actors of the time to create a masterpiece of urban alienation.

Just don't waste your time on this movie .

Also the final climatic bloodbath provided only a cheap shock at the time and now seems like a tiresome cliché of special effects gore.

I get it, Travis is lonely, Travis is angry by the all the corruption and all the apathy and everything seems so pointless and everyone seems so superficial and driven by greed, and he wants to blow the whole place up.

Evocative characterization works best when a certain figure is shown to be who they are through emotional resonance, and Travis could be one of the most interesting characters worth dissecting through anyone's point of view.

if you haven't seen it,i would highly recommend it.

Martin Scorcese ingeniously captures moments of Deniro within the context of his own drab existence such as his dumpy apartment flat, his nuances in the cab, his pathetic attempts to charm women and Travis' overall lack of mental and social sophistication.

Thrilling, funny and devastating.

Bernard Hermann, on the other hand, received a posthumous nomination for his evocative score.

I didn't know that it was him either until later but still it doesn't matter as he does the role so well, a man with such intense paranoia and aggression it makes me scared and thinking about how the claustrophobia, drugs and roughness in the city turns humans into wild animals.

Overall it was entertaining.

Frankly speaking, while you watch Bickle's slow evolution (and admire Deniro's portrayal of it) you also spend most of this movie waiting.

My brother commented that is was the weirdest movie he'd seen in a while and I have to admit it is definitely odd but strangely entertaining.

The first shot after the taxi cab entering though the smoke is that of Travis' eyes, full of confusion and fear of the unknown.

His life is dull and boring, hardly anything happens to him and that is what "Taxi Driver" shows - Bickle's pathetic life.

The movie is an absolute waste of time.

In 1976 Taxi Driver was released and provoked fierce controversy across the US, as well as a stunning amount critical acclaim, some naming it, "a landmark film of the 70s".

Still, this movie is a great gripping drama and deserves a watch.

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver is a riveting, disturbing and powerful masterpiece of a film that gives new meaning to the word "snapped".

A stunning masterpiece by Martin Scorsese .

It is at once both depressing and engrossing.

A dark and compelling tale of loneliness, unmatched to this day .

The first person narrative structure allows us all to be immersed with Travis' unnerving state of mind.

In most of its running time it's depressing, uninteresting and hard to follow.

The tone of the movie was well portrayed, it was slow and dismal.

Either the dialogue was poorly written, or it just doesn't come across the way it should because it was very clunky and sometimes plain boring.

"This is one of those movies that has no real plot.

The movie moves at a leisurely pace highlighting the mundane and repetitive aspect of a taxi driver's life and gives you enough time to get into the skin of the characters and experience what they are going through.

The movie is slow, for no apparent reason, the ending is nonsensical and the entire movie is random and without purpose or direction.

As intense in colors as the murder scenes from Mario Bava's classic giallo, Blood & Black Lace(1964).

It is this ambiguity that makes Taxi Driver such an engaging and intelligent film, as the viewer has to think for themselves about who Travis Bickle is, and what his motivations are.

Martin Scorsese has brilliantly created a film about morality and kindness existing in the most unexpected places.

Old and tired and boring.

Wouldn't the film have been more entertaining if Travis had turned into a Charles Bronson type character from Deathwish .. meating out his own version of justice on the streets instead of focusing on a single low down pimp?

Problem is, Travis Bickle *is* boring until right up to the end of the movie, where he gives us a few minutes of shoot-em-up, then, for absolutely no reason goes right back to what he was before.

Which means that nothing happens in the film.

Multiple viewings are nessecary to understand the deep psychological athmosphere created by Scorcease and De Niro's breathtaking performances.

He lives in a shabby apartment in New York and decides to be a taxi driver at night because of his insomnia.

Again, (I can't stress this enough) DeNiro's portrayal of the mysterious and menacing Max Cady is the film's real strong point though, and that alone makes it worth watching.

Bickle, who is perhaps the most complex and intriguing character ever put on the silver screen, is a character we both love and loath.

A must-see film for movie lovers, this Martin Scorsese masterpiece is as hard-hitting as it is compelling, with Robert De Niro at his best.

A thought-provoking and fascinating cinematic experience.

We are introduced to Travis at his interview for a cab-driving job, where he is looking to spend insomnia-ridden hours behind the wheel.

Travis's disturbed mind is shown in other expressionistic ways by jump-cuts, unusual camera angles, slow motion, red lighting and Bernard Herrmann's incredible score, which alternates from dreamy saxophone to frighteningly intense music.


I appreciated this as an accomplished work of art, but having been dragged through the hell presented, I was looking for some additional reward or meaning.

Boring overrated movie .

Martin Scorsese teams up with one of the most intense actors of that time to create a masterpiece of urban alienation.

What makes a great film is that an overwhelming majority of people who have seen it enjoyed it.

He suffers from insomnia and consequently takes a job as taxi driver and volunteers to work the overnight shift "anytime, anywhere".

All in all a very interested portrait of a man on the edge screaming for help.

boring, because Travis' life is boring .

He has yet to top his stunning performance here as the deeply disturbed and alienated Vietnam veteran Travis Bickle, cabbie and would be assassin.

Scorsese summons all the tools and elements of film-making to bring to the table a ferocious portrait of America reduced nearly to the status of a cruel and dark wasteland that sucks people in and crushes all their hopes and dreams: most notably, the editing is fluid, the cinematography is grainy as it should be and never too intrusive, and Bernard Herrmann's jazzy and evocative score is instantly recognizable.

Taxi Driver is a brilliant and riveting masterpiece and instant classic from the first time you watch it where just about everything from the acting,direction and screenplay are all are perfect and flawless and was the second collaboration between director Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro after the amazing and underrated classic Mean Streets in 1973.

His acting is very intense and it helped him make an impression.

For him to go from killing the pimp, the john and the brothel manager (and then, unsuccessfully, himself after he sprays the manager's brain on the wall) to his reintegration to society and subsequent rise to hero status for saving the young prostitue was just too unbelievable and contrived.

Nevertheless, this movie still provides a credible story about the effects of social isolation in an impersonal, hostile, violent, alienating and degenerate urban environment, which is the one thing that has NOT changed except for the worse, and for this reason is still worth watching.

He writes a would-be suicide letter, which was entirely pointless nonetheless, considering he lied all the way through it to his parents.

IF you're 30 minutes into this movie and find it boring, turn it off and read the spoiler, to save you the time.

The shootout at the finale is fierce, violent, and breathtaking.

In theory this film should be a deep psychological study on loneliness, boredom, delusion and depression.

Nonetheless the ending is transcended because Scorsese had a great movie all along, with outstanding acting and a compelling story artfully shot, leading to a socially-conscience experience vividly reflecting the disillusionment of post sixties America.

Stunning acting, amazing photography.

De Niro manages to combine violent, disturbed, repetitive, banal and boring all in one role.

The barren hallway is also a metaphor for Travis' life as it is simply empty and lonely.

Don't waste your time let's watch this(Hold Me Close) is a good song of this moviemust watch guys

"Taxi Driver" tells an interesting, engaging human story and that's what makes it great--not the social commentary, or what's viewed as such.

It has a stunning cinematography capturing the dark and dirty streets of New York City, a gorgeous and eerie score that accompanies the action perfectly, some amazing camera angles and shots, perfect editing, and some of the greatest ever performances you will see in a film.

In terms of characters as well, the characters in Taxi Driver are for the most part outwardly mundane and un-exciting.

Stricken with insomnia, he decides to enrol as a taxi driver in order to pass the time.

This film is one of New Hollywood and an empty atmosphere prevails throughout the story.

The scenes were he talking to himself in the mirror is entertaining still very frightening.

i for one found the movie to be too slow nd meandering and very soft.

Nothing more, worst movie I so far, seen with a brilliant cast.

The plot is OK, but the movie is too slow and the there is a lot of drift.

'Taxi Driver' remains one of the most fascinating and intriguing movies ever made in the history of cinema.

It feels real but is filmed with great camera work that makes it smooth and enjoyable as a movie, too.

2) The story is totally unpredictable and original.

But they are nonetheless intense and remarkable.

"Taxi Driver", in my review, "an exciting and thrilling crime tale".

This film was absolutely excellent and I highly recommend it!

" Overall, I really enjoyed this film and would highly recommend it to any fan of Robert De Niro or any fan of powerful, engrossing and thought-provoking films.

And for god's sake, why were there so many dragged out, unnecessary scenes where absolutely nothing happened?

A gripping drama .

And yet, it's incredibly fascinating because there's so much suppressed rage in the character.

I spent the next hour with my kidneys aching from the adrenaline rush caused by the shootout.

This was a very intense film.

Travis (De Niro) was now very clearly a mentally unstable man, the film then takes off from here and the story becomes very compelling.

Taxi Driver is perhaps the masterpiece of Martin Scorsese , is a very good movie , the cast is very good, Robert De Niro in one of his best performances , Travis Bickle is perhaps his most memorable character , Jodie Foster still new , this well , etc. I liked the soundtrack, most not much enjoyed the music theme , I found pretty boring , the film is too violent, and has good doses of humor, the script is good, and the pace at times is slow plus the whole is good , the film has some unnecessary dialogues and scenes that in my opinion should not have , Taxi Driver for many was wronged in the Oscar for many this movie was better than Rocky , I think both great movies, more I choose Rocky, Rocky think more film, more Taxi Driver is a great movie with great moments , and excellent acting by Robert De Niro.

They have fabulous reputations but I find them difficult to like due to their excessive and pointless violence.

There are some controversial scenes in the movie, which make the movie very intense and very real.

"Taxi Driver" is an intense, gripping urban drama that draws you in from start to finish.

And yet Scorsese makes him fascinating to watch, of course De Niro is great here and how he manages to get us to empathise with Travis is no small feat.

While this is clearly De Niro's film, he is aptly supported by a stunning Cybill Shepherd, Albert Brooks, Peter Boyle and Jodie Foster.

Boring as hell .

THis was one of those midnight movies that I watched, and my god it was boring.

This is some fascinating stuff, and I really liked how the jazzy score played against the lurid subject matter.

This lack of clarity and confusion also reflects in the scoring, changing back and forth between being romantic and being mysterious.

Over-rated and boring.

Today (2001) it is boring.

Being considered an indisputable classic, Taxi Driver has spawned considerable talk and speculation among audiences, mainly in regards to its violence, fabricating the film a reputation similar to that of an intense action thriller.

His descent is so spontaneous when Betsy reacts about being dragged to an adult film, and he just snaps, we don't know why?!?

The plot was at least boring, the first half of the movie was just irrelevant with the end ,the scenes weren't cohesive and the backround music irritating.

The running time of a little under two hours drags a long at such a slow pace that it feels like 3 hours.

De Niro is chilling as Travis and only he could have pulled of probably one of the most intense performances ever to be seen in cinema history.

The films main character Travis Bickle (Robert De Nero) is a truly fascinating human.

It keeps a good pace and is very engaging.

Boring for 96% of the film .

It's still a very engaging analysis of an outsider on the skids even so.

He embarks on an intense physical fitness regimen and eventually purchases a series of illegal firearms to aid him in his mission of ridding New York City of society's undesirables.

It was after I watched `Taxi Driver' that I decided to attend film school because I saw something different in this film, something that was gritty, dramatic and exciting.

Scorseses bleak and unreserved portrayal of New Yorks dark side is often graphic in visual and dialogue and often unsettling but the film is engrossing.

These are views and people of an "outside world" -- untouchable and surreal -- while the protagonist watches "inside" (the taxi is metaphor of an inside space totally separated from the outside and is constantly going nowhere).

This is fascinating, because later, when Travis goes on a murder spree, the camera goes so far as to assume slow motion so we can see every nuance of the violence.

Anyhow, Travis Bickle is a Vietnam War veteran suffering from bouts of insomnia.

" Sometimes watching Bickle at home is even more unsettling than when he is in the taxi, making the character equal parts creepy, fascinating and pathetic.

In both movies her character is pretty much empty - a blonde who's gotten by on her looks and who has no personality.

Personally, however, I was bored out of my godforsaken mind until the last thirty minutes of the film.

The violence of the film is superfluous but compelling if the viewer can take it.

One boring, arbitrary shot after the other.

It's violent, intense, and profound.

What makes Travis' journey into madness even more compelling is the portrayl of the character by Robert De Niro.

To this day, it remains an incredibly fascinating insight on loneliness and isolation.

Now, I'm the type of person that generally hates dramas and finds them quite boring.

In addition to De Niro's stunning performance, we see a young and gorgeous Cybill Shepherd and a very, very young (12 years old) Jodie Foster.

The building of the conflict and resolution were compelling as well.

He uses a lot of slow camera movement to build up the expectation.

I'd rather watch paint dry .


This is definitely a movie worth watching and very sequel worthy just to see what happens to Travis years later.

His films are not totally inaccessible, like most of the work of Stanley Kubrick, but sitting through a Scorsese production is often an exercise that pendulums back and forth between crashing boredom and utter incomprehensibility.

Besides, I thought the film was pretty boring.

The dramatics are propelled by Robert De Niro's intense performance which is so famous that it's sometimes easy to forget just how good it actually is.

Nothing happens, this is JUST an average story about the pretty normal life of a man, that changes at a moment(I don't know if this happened I didn't finish the movie), with average performances from the cast, without any thrills, chills, laughs, brutal scenes, touching moments and so on..........

Robert Di Niro's character Travis is a discharged ex-marine who after suffering insomnia after the war, tries to fill his time.

I think the greatest thing about this movie is that it's so much more than just an entertaining movie that you watch with popcorn and forget a few weeks later.

Until it's revealed that he's going to kill Palentine, the buildup to the assassination is extremely suspenseful, all the tension rises until, the assassination fails.

a sometimes painfully slow movie .

However, his uneventful life takes a turn when he falls for a political campaign worker named Betsy, played by the beautiful Cybil Sherpard.

De Niro, and the rest of the cast, do a serviceable job in this micro-cosmic window into the life of Travis Bickle--a Vietnam vet--who, true, writes mind-numbing entries in his diary, leads a, for the most part, dull existance as a cabbie, and strikes out with a female political campaigner who, after Travis becomes a hero, discovers she is indeed attracted to unstable, sometimes violent chauffeurs.

From his mannerisms, to his dialogue, everything that he does is incredibly breathtaking to watch and sets the standard for how a character performance should.

The music was somewhat suspenseful.

What it really is actually is a 2 hours borefest with dull acting and practically nothing happening for the first 65-70 mins of the movie.

The genius involved in crafting this utterly compelling film, makes it among the best movies of all time.

Very slow that even I can peel my fingernail off and they come on again and the movie is still there.

I wish all films were as powerful and as gripping as this film truly is.

Overriding this all is the stunning performance of Robert Deniro, who gives the central character of the piece a conflicting angst antihero whose only chance may be that of possible redemption is when he meets a a young prostitute (played by Jodie Foster)torn between her family and the doomed society that she inhabits.

Robert DeNiro gives one of his most compelling performances as disaffected Vietnam war vet and mentally unstable loner.

While this is clearly De Niro's film, he is aptly supported by a stunning Cybill Shepherd, Albert Brooks, Peter Boyle and Jodie Foster.

Martin Scorsese puts directorial compelling efforts in the film, as does Robert De Niro as the main character who immediately grabs your attention when he is first introduced.

I find it banal boring - a first yr film student can do a better job - no offense to the students.

This movie is enjoyable.

As I don't like violent scenes so much, it was little hard for me to watch the whole film, especially the last 20 minutes; however, concerning everything, I enjoyed it.

'And that's what you get, a crushingly boring movie about a deranged man.

Scorsese's power of direction is on full display with his stunning camera-work and inspired editing techniques.

" The film is powerful, provocative, intense, disturbing, and violent.

The biggest shocker is the ending; while the climax is, as expected, violent, the aftermath is completely unexpected.

"The Godfather Part II" had made Robert De Niro one of the most exciting film stars of the seventies.

On the Edge of Insanity .

) The movie is great in being so engaging, while very little is going on.

The film has 2 femme fatales: A politician's aide (played by an utterly fascinating and desirable blonde bombshell Cybill Shepherd) and a 12-year old prostitute (played by Jodie Foster in a performance that established this young actress as a major talent).

The only good thing (as always) is De Niro but he is kept on a slow burner for too long, there are much better unkown movies far better than this total bore.

Taxi Driver is an absolutely stunning film.

A wonderfully engaging and convincing slide into a modern madness from a director and actor showing some of their best form .

Quite a label I thought and with that said expected something truly gripping and unique.

It is notable for its good acting, intelligent, but not masterful directing, and thoughtful ponderous score.

Martin Scorsese uses many intriguing and unique camera angles and shots to tell this shady story; his direction really is quite good.

Robert De Niro of course is fantastic as the disturbed, sympathetic character of Travis Bickle, a very lonely taxi driver for whom life is just a depressing, repetitive cycle; day-in, day-out...

I have to say that I think it's over-rated, but certainly worth watching.

Especially during the scene where Travis is buying guns something as boring as that I just couldn't stop watching.

Taxi Driver is a boring movie...

His life is dull and boring, hardly anything happens to him and that is what "Taxi Driver" shows - Bickle's pathetic life.

Travis apparently suffers from insomnia and shows profound introvert characteristics with vague gazes and looks diverted while interacting with his taxi drivers colleagues.

When everything goes to hell you get a fantastic and pretty unpredictable ending, but it's the suspenseful build-up that really makes this movie a classic.

Travis Bickle an ex-Marine officer suffering from chronic insomnia returns to Manhattan, New York after the Vietnam War.

The characters and plot are totally unpredictable, especially in the climatic ending.

And he certainly has his insomnia issue which works as a perfect excuse for having him wandering around in the night taking us to places where most drivers wouldn't even bother to go.

What I received instead was a major snooze fest through which I struggled to stay awake for the majority of the film.

Travis Bickle is a Vietnam-War veteran who seems to suffer from serious depression and insomnia.

Even though I just wanted to turn it off most of the time, the story about Travis depressed me so much that I just couldn't stop thinking about it for a long time.

Travis Bickle is an Ex Vietnam Veteran that suffers from insomnia and loneliness .

My wife and I could hardly sit through it because it was so boring.

A fascinating study in alienation and solitude induced madness, the irony of the countless lonely walking silently amidst the multitudes.

Essentially the entire movie is about Bickle's slow descent.

boring .

Boring .

Isolation, loneliness, desperation, and the mundane repetitive nature of a twenty-something life with no direction.

The problem is one of two things: either the first half of the film is meant as a setup for the 2nd half, in which case that is way too long, or the first half of the film is actually meant to be an active participant, in which case it fails.

It drifted towards boring at some times and nonsense at other times.

The acting is good as you would expect from Robbert De Niro, but it is also appropriate for the role, which means it is subdued and realistic to the point of boredom.

Its a down-right riveting piece of film-making.

Scorsese's camera-work is especially riveting during the height of Travis' psychosis.

To those people that have seen it and thought it was "slow" or the pacing was sub par, they don't know what they're talking about; "Taxi Driver" is about the gradual and eventual take-over of insanity, and not about violence, action-shoot-'em-up 'slash' car chase...

Disgusted by the street crime, politics and prostitution that he witnesses through the city, Travis finds a focus for his frustration and begins a program of intense physical training and shaving his head into a mohawk as he become a weapon for violence.

On an overall scale, Taxi Driver is counted amongst the greatest films ever made and while I found it to be a fascinating insight into the deteriorating psyche of a troubled individual in addition to a splendid piece of filmmaking, I don't entirely concur with the masses when it comes to its legendary reputation.

Intense film .

In every movie there is a romantic underlying story and this one was definitely compelling.

One of the most intense films from the 70's I've ever seen .

We never learn much about Travis Bickle, yet the talent involved makes him a compelling figure .

Taxi Driver is something of a bad dream, it's like we are privy to the melt down of the man next door because Travis Bickle has a certain level of believability, and it's this fact that makes Taxi Driver such a riveting and skin crawling delight.

Watching DeNiro reconcile these seemingly polarizing aspects of his life was fascinating to say the least.

The film's a masterpiece of evocative character study.

New people and obstacles are exciting for his life,like the dangerous way of being a hero of a child prostitute.

We get to see a corrupt society through one man and it is absolutely fascinating to see it through a disturbed and mentally ill person.

A must see movie, the acting performances are gripping and legendary.

It's boring.

I thought was absolutely superb and Deniro was as per usual breathtaking.

I myself felt empathic towards Travis Bickle; the majority of the public will at least find him fascinating.

This is one of the most exciting, entertaining, and exhilarating movies ever made.

The action within the movie and the use of violence throughout was very intense and sometimes hard to watch because you knew something bad was going to happen.

This is a brutally compelling and bleak look at a decaying and corrupt society of the 70's.

The music is boring too.

The picture wanders around quite a bit to show the nature of De Niro's mind, but this does make it a tad tiresome to follow about.

And, I wonder how much of that violence is either exacerbated by it or it encourages good people to become desensitized to violence or even find it exciting.

He suffers from insomnia and feels out of place.

This is a nice movie about actionA lonely Vietnam veteran who has insomnia spends his nights as a taxi driver in the dirty streets of New York, where he encounters a young prostitute who he tries to help make a difference.

Even after 32 years "Taxi Driver" is still an engrossing watchable masterpiece from start to finish.

The film's intense depiction of urban decay, and Travis' equally intense reactions to this corruption, have gone down (and will continue to go down) as a milestone in cinematic history.

And at least she breathes some life into an unbearably tedious movie.

+De Niro is an all-time best+Scorsese's meticulous direction+Engaging in an unfortunately tragic way+Score+Noir way ahead of its time9.5/10

Some of these movies are great but then with so much hype and propaganda these movies are unnecessarily touted as the "epics" or "masterpieces" or anything humongous: larger than the frame.

Saw Scorcese´s urban masterpiece some years ago, re-watched it today and just realized how many parallels it has to David Fincher´s "Fight Club": in both flicks two men, who are fed up with their existence and suffer from Insomnia, decide to clean society in their own way.

Dangerous, sly, exciting, trash and how Travis describes it: Dump.

Nothing happens in it.

Well, I didn't exactly HATE it, but most of it is insufferably boring.

And fresh-faced actor, Robert De Niro, as the psychotic vigilante, Travis Bickle (and his double-talking, dime-store philosophy) was pretty dull stuff, for the most part.

It was mown down by the critics as being bad and pretentious but I really enjoyed it.

Disturbing & Compelling Film Making...

This life of isolation and self destructive behavior ultimately leads up to one thing for Travis, brutal and intense violence towards those who he feels are killing the world through their despicable behavior and lack of moral.


He was a very interesting character, because he is so unpredictable.

From there on, Bickle puts himself through intense training to avenge society.

His portrayal of Travis Bickle, a loner who works as a taxi driver on the streets of New York and who eventually carries a 44 magnum ("the most powerful handgun in the world"-line from Dirty Harry (1971))and shave his head is just so frightening and compelling.

Often uneasy to watch but amazingly and utterly compelling, "Taxi Driver" launched Martin Scorsese into the pantheon of great directors.

Not only do his films feature language,sex,nudity, and pervasive violence, but they are so dang boring.

dense atmosphere, lack of story .

However, it's a very enjoyable discomfort.

Everything about this film is interesting, from it's entertaining plot down to the itty bitty details it's definitely worth a watch.

At first,I deem the movie is some kind of an enigma,revealing a man full of loneliness suffering from insomnia.

And judge you: He might decide that you are part of what makes life worth tolerating, but more likely he might see you as part of what makes the world an unbearable hell.

In this sense, Travis Bickle is a personification of the era, when an America overrun with crime, poverty, and corrupt politicians found itself standing on the edge of an abyss.

Robert DeNiro gives one of his most compelling performances as disaffected Vietnam war vet and mentally unstable loner.

Its slow...

His Travis is a fascinating creation, and one of the most frightening screen characters in the history of cinema.

Witness the lead character performing the standard and predictable American procedure when a woman states her disinterest in him.

Simply stunning!

Other than that, the intense, edge-of-your-seat tension through multiple scenes left me very, very intrigued throughout the runtime.

The movie digs deep into the soul of a political mind which makes the movie just that much more enjoyable to watch.

If only it was more engaging from the start, Taxi Driver would be in my eyes, an untouchable classic.

Overall, while the formula Taxi Driver follows is essential, the overall film is bland and forgettable.

This is an intense film and what further builds upon this is the soundtrack.

This film is memorable and is always a compelling piece of film-making.

This movie fills me with rage and confusion.

In its exploration of the surreal visually, alongside simpler, realist daytime shots of New York City, shows how that line can blur because of something like insomnia.

all of his strange personality traits, the way he looks, the way he monologues, his insomnia--it's gripping and entertaining.

Well, Its base is in the mundane life of a New Yorker.

I highly recommend it.

Deniro's, Scorsese's, Keitel's, and teen Jodi Foster's best work in a tough and exciting big city tragedy of "redemption" and survival.

The performances of De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel and Jodie Foster are all stunning.

Cybill Shepherd does excellent work as a beautiful woman stumping for a senator's presidential bid who comes into contact with Bickle; Harvey Keitel is oddly-placed but compelling as a smug, self-assured pimp; and Oscar-nominated Foster, while just a bit self-conscious, does well with a sketchy role.

It has all the qualities of an art house film but somehow it has found a mainstream audience (probably thanks to Robert De Niro's stunning performance).

This is a brutally compelling and bleak look at a decaying and corrupt society of the 70's.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched.

An important part of this movie (and thats true for all Scorsese movies) is the beautiful soundtrack of Bernard Herman that ranges from soothing to intense, molding the complete emotion of the scene, the movie would definitely not be the same without it.

However,it just seemed to be a little empty.

) save for hero status in the media and (predictable) interest from the Cybil Shepard person.

Everything about it is slow.

During the film's intense buildup, Travis seems to become one with the ticking meter of his cab, grinding out fares in a world that is counting down and ready to explode.

Robert de Niro plays a very unglamorous character, but his presence on screen is so intense that it's no wonder it made such an impression.

Sometimes, when I have difficulty falling asleep, I'll think of Bernard Hermann's jazzy score, and the soothing sound of the saxophone will lay my mind to rest.

He suffers from insomnia and gets work as a late night cabby.

I can't believe I just saw a movie called The Big Sleep where way too much stuff happens, and the next day I watch this rubbish where NOTHING happens!

I'm bored even talking about it.

Especially riveting to me is how Scorsese captures his utter abhorrence for the new york street life by giving the audience an extended slow motion of his footpath views as he drives.......

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver is a visually stunning film that happens to be one of the greatest character studies of all time.

The final third of the film is one slow heart-stopper after another.

Taxi Driver is one of the most engrossing, disturbing and endlessly watchable movies ever made.

The plot itself is very simple but still intriguing and luring.

It started out a little slow and I was beginning to think that this would be another over rated classic and then the magic of Taxi Driver started to work.

The climactic final shootout (which threatened to give this movie a X rating) is an intense scene that has not lost an ounce of power today.

Travis Bickle is an Ex Vietnam Veteran that suffers from insomnia and loneliness; Travis decides that being a taxi diver would be a good job for him because he has trouble sleeping at night.

The film is powerful, and engaging.

"Travis Bickle" has to be one of the most fascinating characters ever put on film, and this has to still rank as one of the best post-film noir era "noirs" ever made.

Nevertheless, TAXI DRIVER remains extremely watchable, mainly because of DeNiro's intense performance.

This big city-fairy tale is one of the most disturbing, but also fascinating character-studies!

I kept waiting for the end so that all the meaningless drivel of the previous hour and 1/2 would come together and bring some sense and meaning to the endless, pointless, non-existent story thus far.

Insomnia has never been more perfectly shown, and the imagery of the sleazy New York night life is gruesomely bleak.

Although the scenes at the end are a bit messy, this film is one definitely worth watching.

His deterioration from lonely and despondent to angry and disturbed, ultimately homicidal, is a compelling and engaging one.

Perhaps even, if i put my critic hat on, borders on being a tad repetitive.

Save yourself the boring torture and find the famous "you talking to me" speech on YouTube.

But, trust me, anyone under 30 is likely to be bored to death and maybe p****d off, as I was, by that infuriating sax.

Travis Bickle must be one of the most gripping characters ever.

The cinematography completely absorbs you into '70s era of NYC with an air of authentically mesmerizing atmosphere punctuated by on the edge lashing out fury with a riveting score that sets the tone of the film perfectly.

This film is a total waste of time, until the last twenty minutes.

Right along side with Casino, an intriguing story and characters ruined by an incompetent Martin Scorsese.

Needless to say, Martin Scorsese's 'Taxi Driver' remains one of the most fascinating and intriguing atmospheric character driven pieces.

The film is engaging and thought-provoking from beginning to end.

# What an excellent movie, Its an intriguing, psychological thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat for two hours.

He is a cab driver, who is haunted by disturbing images of New York City's dark undersides of crime, confusion, prostitution, and corruption.

Despite some boring parts, the ending seems to make everything you've seen worth it.

In "Taxi Driver," Scorsese puts the six-gun armed "Travis" through a grotesque, seemingly random series of pointless adventures that end in a very ironic and unromantic way.

This music and the slow camera showing the streets help to introduce the spectator into the world of Travis, to know what he is thinking about.

Relentlessly bleak and intense, Taxi Driver is one of the most important movies ever made.

In a director/actor relationship that is envied by many in the industry, the Scorsese/De Niro team once again bring realism to the screen, which touches upon a sensitive nerve in us all, as well as being visually appealing and dramatically intense.

He must have taken time before to research the role and become fully immersed in it.

It's strange to see a character surrounded by filth but not indulging in it, the director must have been a genius to have De Niro act the way he dose like hes moving with out purpose until he meets the prostitute at which time it seems the cinematographer chose to darken the movie to make it a little more suspenseful.

The film gets more and more intense as it progresses, paralleling how it gets better and better with each viewing.

Scorcese presents us with Travis Bickle, a disaffected, scrambled-egg vet who drives cabs to chase away insomnia, stalks a beautiful girl, gets rejected, and loads up on guns & ammo just in case he needs it to clean the scum off the streets.

Those of us with an ounce of sanity are not happy sitting through a film that's about nothing (with the exception of a few scenes with Jodie Foster, who plays an underage prostitute) and has a pace slower than a tortoise on whiskey.

In Taxi Driver, 26-year old introvert Travis Bickle is plagued with insomnia, bad hygiene and a mural of desensitizing images created by New Yorkers, after dark.

My wife and I viewed the video (25 years after film release) and we found the movie to be boring.

In order to achieve this flow Scorsese will often have the camera move even if just slightly, especially in the first half of the film before we our fully immersed in his dark film.

It's deeply engaging in it's portrayal of blue-collar America.

It's fascinating to watch his mental transformation over the course of two hours of running time.

Travis is a Vietnam vet now suffering from insomnia, and he takes a job as a night shift cabbie.

But for me what really puts this film on top and gives it a 10/10 is that is has the ambiguity and depth that rewards thinking and repeated viewing, that makes it engaging rather than being just something to watch.

In another scene, Travis is talking on a pay phone to Cybill Shepard's character, Betsy, the camera tracks across to the empty, adjacent hallway, which is a clever metaphor of expressing Travis's ultimate loneliness.

Such rare intensity & life-study is a welcome relief to the bland, shallow, & silly films of the '60s/'70s.

And I was a little bored.

The main character, Travis Bickle, was a marine and he suffers from insomnia which is related to the seriousness of the war.