Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) - Animation, Action, Comedy

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A villain's maniacal plan for world domination sidetracks five teenage superheroes who dream of Hollywood stardom.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Aaron Horvath
Stars: Greg Cipes, Scott Menville
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 18 out of 205 found boring (8.78%)

One-line Reviews (91)

It's cheesy, relies heavily on fart humor, horrendous twerking moments, the characters are obnoxious, and the story at best is completely predictable.

Complete with some very uplifting and entertaining musical numbers that establish who they are and what they stand for, the likes of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven really know how to shine.

But if you can see past it the movie can be pretty enjoyable.

Verdict: If you go into this movie with low expectations and do not compare it to the original Teen Titans show, it can be very enjoyable.

Given the TV show that this movie is based on, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

I also loved how in every song (excluding the first and last one) there was an art style switch which made the songs more enjoyable in my opinion.

You know why, despite those such wc jokes, grandpa jokes or insulting etc. this movie is enjoyable enough as it is.

Teen Titans Goes down yet another pointless tangent, that leave much to be desired.

The jokes were great and the animation and action was entertaining.

I'm sure kids will probably love it, and adults that have to watch it with them might find it mildly amusing, but it's mostly a waste of time.

you may think it's not possible to suddenly change a kids series to adults movie, but at least that way you can make it a little more intense without people saying it was inappropriate.

Even some of the show's compulsory potty humor is entertaining enough to warrant a chuckle or two.

Theyre mostly not very funny too, after awhile it got boring for me.

This results in chaos and havoc which makes for an entertaining ride from start to finish.

) The songs were OK, if a little repetitive.

It's funny, and has tons of Cameos and Easter Eggs that make multiple viewings enjoyable.

But if you're a fan of TTG and looking for a movie to watch while Winnie the Pooh and Dracula are entertaining audiences, then definitely watch this movie!

Although I know nothing of this particular version of the Teen Titans, I mildly enjoyed it.

Fast pace and full of unexpected adventure.

One in particular was Teen Titans, a comic book inspired television that packed heat, excitement, and engaging episodes/characters that hooked generations.

Seeing this movie was a little different from the show, however we loved it, from the songs to the plots, we found it very entertaining.

Whether it was the classics of Hannah Barbara, or the modern age 90s cartoons there were plenty that had bite and engaging elements that many modern shows lack.

Despite its vibrant colors and upbeat musical numbers it's overwhelmingly boring.

A must watch if youve ever enjoyed it in the past.

Unexpected .

Quite enjoyable, not too bad.

It is fair to say to one should be familiar with what is being referenced and parodied so that full understanding makes it even more enjoyable, this is why adults will find there is actually something for them and the younger demographic may find themselves inspired to get acquainted.

All the musical sequences they have in this movie are a waste of time.

This was tremendously entertaining, and furiously funny!

Worst movie ever.

Pretty Enjoyable for What It Turned Out to Be .

With all the beautiful backgrounds mixed with the really entertaining fights with Slade made for a really awesome movie.

I would highly recommend it for some of the jokes it has to offer that will appeal to both kids and adults.

Probably not, but it was entertaining, and that's all that matters to us.

As a result, the action scenes are quite exciting to watch, with plenty of colorful effects and fighting moves displayed on screen.

I just finished watching this a little bit ago and I must say, I enjoyed it.

I would not recommend this movie and there are plenty of other good movies for kids to enjoy, just don't waste your time.

It was a most enjoyable time for both Grandkids, age didn't matter!

The music was great and featured multiple pop-culture references which really helped the pacing of the film and made it even more enjoyable and fun to watch.

Overall I enjoyed it and thinks its worth a watch

Pretty entertaining .

I thought it was so funny and entertaining, overall awesome !

The animation was fantastic and the voice work was awesome they have different styles of animation in different scenes and all blends really well together to tell the story and most of the animation was mind blowing done.

fine, it's made just for children, since the show is just humour and silly jokes, so I have never a episode nor will I watch the cartoon in the future, so in a strange way, the movie about the Titans actually looked good, sure fans still think it looks like garbage, but some think it might not be all that bad, so I didn't see it in the cinema, I have heard good things about it, last I checked it's got a unexpected 91% on RT, I mean wow...

If you could not tell by the positive rating I gave the movie, I definitely enjoyed it.

To the Movies to be quite enjoyable, and dare I say: SMART.

With spirited goofiness, hilarious in-jokes, and catchy songs, Teen Titans Go To The Movies is a giddy and relentlessly entertaining movie for both kids and adults alike.

Cartoons were amazing back in my day when cable was the preferred means of entertaining.


One of the only movies my son and I have walked out of .

Still, it was an enjoyable, fun movie, with lots of jokes (most of which kind of fun!!!

movie is definitely the worst movie ever in 2018!

I originally only wanted to see it for the end credits scene, but was pleasantly surprised by this fun and entertaining movie.

The movie would continuously switch between its A and B plots and while they do link up by the end, it does make the movie somewhat hard to follow.

Some kids will probably be a bit bored with this movie because it's longer than the eleven-minute episode format of the show, while some kids will be able to sit through it.

Its not often that you see an appropriate, entertaining kids movie that keeps everyone laughing!!!!

Other great jokes include Atom and the Challengers of the Unknown getting screwed over due to their obscurity and silly premises, the confusion of Slade/Deathstroke being confused with Wade/Deadpool and how the latter was supposed to be a parody of the former, the double Stan Lee cameos, the fact that Nicolas Cage voices Superman as a joke regarding the infamous unmade "Superman Lives" which was supposed to star Cage as the Man of Steel, and the cracks at the mistakes made by DC regarding movies, like Green Lantern not wanting to mention the movie starring Ryan Reynolds and the constant jokes about Batman v Superman, especially the Martha scene.

worst movie ever be nice to the movie industry and DO NOT WASTE UR HARD EARNED MONEY .

Superman: YAWN of Justice.

Hilarious and a very enjoyable experience.

These unexpected teenage kids want a movie of there own.

When you think of the best movies out there, the immediate assumption is that they tell an engrossing story.

The VERDICT: Teen Titans is probably being seen as the worst movie to come to theaters this year.

It was predictable and tried to convey a good message.

Overall, Teen Titans Go to the movies surprised me and it's not gonna be one of the best action movies of the year or become a masterpiece, but it is really enjoyable and I'm gonna give it an 8.5/10!

I read in an interview with either the writers or the producer/show runner, Glen Murakami, that the first episode of season six would continue the Titans' fight with the substance-absorbing creature from the previous episode, "Things Change.

Here we have characters pointing out how predictable the plot twist of the movie is after the plot twist happens.

Also, the plot twist of the villain isn't surprising if you read the comics, and his plan is just taking all the control of the world is cliche just like the story.

The film alone is smart, quirky, hilarious and entertaining.

It was reasonably entertaining, though its funniest Meta-moments were all in the trailers.

DISLIKES: Zero Action: The original series was so good at balancing this components with everything else to make the tales exciting and suspenseful.

And it even has a bit of commentary and emotional value to it despite being very cliche and predictable.

is one of the more enjoyable shows I've gotten to experience with my kids.

Not because the characters are idiots or is nothing like the comics or the 2003 show that it's still good at this day, but I rather hate it 'cuz there's no plot or likable characters in the show, and all they do is just telling jokes.

Characters want to have their own movie, gets rejected, fights main bad guy, gets deceived, proves themselves, final battle, ending etc. Just seemed kind of cliche' for a show as unique as Teen Titans Go!

As for issues, there are some recycled meta jokes that didn't land well, and some dull moments halfway through.

It's simultaneously predictable and totally out of left field.

It's self-aware, so full of pop-culture references I'm sure I missed loads, and is almost laugh-a-minute, but remains thoroughly entertaining even when laughs are light (the Titans vs Slade action sequence was simply badass).

I'm not going to give it away, but this movie is worth the watch for the end credits scene alone.

Worst movie ever!.

So don't waste your hard earned money on pile of garbage.

Worst movie ever .

But the Teen titans go to the movies is actually kind of entertaining.

Worst movie ever not even fun to watch after 45 minutes I was bored not typical for me good thing I have AMC a list and pay 21 something a month.

As enjoyable as this movie is though, I do have my criticisms for it.

After watching the movie, I was surprised by how funny and entertaining it was.

) -The fight scenes -Robin's idea and song for his own movie -I generally dislike rap, but the rap for the Titans' introduction and the later reprise were great scenes, and the song is enjoyableIn conclusion, this movie is very enjoyable, but it isn't for everyone.

This movie is cliche, sure.

is an enjoyable comedy using these characters, and it makes fun of the Teen Titans and DC Comics (life isn't always serious; why do superheroes have to be?

Even the song in the movie were boring.

If it's goal is to be entertaining to kids then it definitely deserves 10/10