Teen Wolf (1985) - Comedy, Fantasy

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An ordinary high school student discovers that his family has an unusual pedigree when he finds himself turning into a werewolf.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Rod Daniel
Stars: Michael J. Fox, James Hampton
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 11 out of 134 found boring (8.2%)

One-line Reviews (60)

With that said, this is somewhat enjoyable, and Michael J.

Director Rod Daniel, working from a sweet script by Jeph Loeb and Matthew Weisman, relates the entertaining lighthearted story at a brisk pace, maintains a good-natured tone throughout, and milks the amusing sense of pleasant humor for a bunch of solid innocuous laughs.

This movie is incredibly entertaining despite being cheap-looking and cheesy at times.

but this one is still entertaining,and sometimes funny.

"Teen Wolf" is an occasionally entertaining stupid kid's movie that's a bit too raunchy for kids.

Michael J Fox is a fairly normal teenage dude that is bored with being average.

So if you put the predictable teen antics to one side what are the wolf antics like?

It was an unexpected moment in a movie with very few unexpected moments.

I'm still mixed about it, loving some of the characters (smart ass styles), a few of the sequences (werewolf transformation at unexpected moments), and a bit of the music.

But on some level, it's also entertaining.

Anyway, enough of my boring yapping - watch it, it's only 90 minutes long and if you can survive the embarrassment of the Teenwoolf dance, you can survive anything (except Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid)!

Teen Wolf could definitely have benefited from a few more solid laughs, but with an engaging central performance from Fox, likable supporting characters, lots of 80s atmosphere, and a general good-natured approach, the film has a charm about it that is almost impossible not to like.

Fox film which i loved watching and found very enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

The story is predictable and corny.

It's enjoyable and charming (at least that's what I find Teen Wolf.

Fox) is bored with his mundane life.

What a waste of time.

It is a classic 80s movie, (although admittedly not of the same standard as the Back to the Future trilogy, or The Goonies) that is ultimately a very enjoyable sunday afternoon film.

The two main threads about basketball and romance were both pretty run-of-the-mill but it still provided enjoyable lunch time viewing.

Fantastic, I highly recommend it.

I think people can relate to this film in many ways, certain characters despite them being cliché, the problems of popularity, loneliness, bullying, sexuality etc...

It is a basic story that mixes teen coming-of-age films with the sports cliché and throws in the werewolf legend to make it a bit different.

There is far too much basketball playing, which makes it a touch boring and the car roof surfing is a bit silly.

Worth watching!

This is a fun and enjoyable teenage romantic comedy that is suitable for the whole family.

Entertaining (should've been rated PG-13 though) .

By comparison it's a decidedly small movie, but enjoyable for what it is (an 80's teen flick).

But in 'Teen Wolf' a god damn WEREWOLF appears on the court, and every one's like 'Yawn - Your point or mine?

This film had potential up to a certain point then became a downright boring movie with to many positive messages and not enough wolf for my tastes.

Unfortunately, the rest of it is pretty ordinary and predictable...

Somewhat enjoyable, especially for fans of Michael J.

There isn't a much more 80s sequentially flick than teen wolfIt's cheesy, fun, lighthearted but entertaining.

But despite all this, Teen Wolf is very entertaining, and thouroughly enjoyable.

Rob Daniel made entertaining, memorable cinema in 'Teen Wolf', which I refer as A 1985 Classic!

Fox is the only thing that make this compelling.

Of course it's cheesy but it's somewhat enjoyable for the very least.

I give it 10 stars because I think it is funny and entertaining, although it is terrible

Young Scott Howard (Fox) is bored with being so average.

But he was pretty entertaining in the film.

I have to say that this is a very good, very entertaining movie.

This is lightly entertaining, predictable and often corny.

And if you're REALLY REALLY lucky you should still be able to find the script (downloadable from most cheesy script sites) for the, incredibly-tedious-don't-even-bother, proposed THIRD movie called TEEN WOLF AGAIN in which a, get this, suggested THIRD GENERATION family member starts wolfing out on the PRO ice hockey circuit!!!

I watched it when it first came out and quite enjoyed it as I remember.

I first saw Teen Wolf when it came out in 1985 / 86 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enjoyable, Albeit Cheesy Flick .

Very cute and engaging 80's teen comedy romp .

A thoroughly enjoyable under-rated little film, that neatly captures some of the frustrations of adolescence whilst never losing it's sense of teenage fun......

It badly needs laughs but the set-pieces and the moments of plot do help keep it engaging.

i think boxing is more entertaining to watch in movies rather than watching basketball in movies.

Fox unexpectedly changes from an average teenager into a suave werewolf; having already made the transformation from TV star to movie star a month earlier with Back To The Future, the young actor puts in an effortlessly charismatic turn that goes a long way to making this otherwise corny and predictable teen fantasy a reasonable amount of fun.

Please don't waste your time watching this movie; I cringe today just wondering how this movie got made!

though, the film is still entertaining and fun on a certain level.

There may be the odd cheesy line, but overall the script is solid, and while somewhat predictable the ending is nice.

Teen Wolf is a likable film more than a really good one, it sets a standard tale of teen angst & anxieties against the backdrop of a Werewolf film & is quite fun if a little dated & predictable.

I highly recommend it

It's quite confusing.

K if you are really, really bored.

It needs more laughs to it but there is fun to be had and the plot at least flows rather than stutters and, in Fox and Ursitti, the cast make it a bit more engaging than the material should be.

Entertaining teen comedy ...

I first saw Teen Wolf when it came out in 1985 / 86 and thoroughly enjoyed it.