Teen Wolf (2011) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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An average high school student and his best friend get caught up in some trouble causing him to receive a werewolf bite. As a result they find themselves in the middle of all sorts of dramas in Beacon Hills.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Tyler Posey, Holland Roden
Length: 41 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 25 out of 239 found boring (10.46%)

One-line Reviews (125)

I read some of the reviews and thought this might be worth watching.

Aimed at teens of course, this show has solid characterization, plenty of humor, lots of scary moments and exciting action scenes.

The plot gets very messy and the series loses the coming of age element it once had.

This show contains Werewolves, Hunters, Banshees, magic, the most riveting plot and everything you could ask for in a TV show.

Some things and issues happening are feeling a little bit repetitive though.

In fact, in my opinion, it's their acting that makes Teen Wolf interesting and gripping.

Teen Wolf is a good, entertaining show.

The last 12 episodes of season 3 were pointless.

I highly recommend it to fans of this genre.

It started as a bored, so let me watch a light, ridiculous show.

Everything was so unpredictable.

So enjoyable !.

The writers have done a great job keeping the series entertaining, although it lacks a bit of what it was when it started off.

It's gotten so dark and suspenseful since season 1.

Teen Wolf starts out great, but as the series went on I just found it so damn boring, and at times-confusing!

#END OF SPOILER#SEASON 2:The Second(2nd) Season was another fully action packed season.


Fully action packed and made me want to watch all 12 over and over again.

Teen Wolf Started Strong But Turned Dark, Sinister, and Tiresome .

I like the plot and the unexpected turns.

After seeing the first two episodes I know this will be an enjoyable show, even if it only lasts one season (I'm hoping it is successful so it can go more).

Although at the time I'm writing this there are only five episodes, it is nonetheless an interesting and thrilling show that everyone should check out.

After having given a few more episodes a go, however, the show has proved itself to be a very entertaining, well- balanced mixture of horror, teen drama and comedy.

Teen wolf gets more intense in season 2 .

With the 2015 Season and the Dred Doctors the writers took the Wolf down a path that was dark, depressing, and by the end tiresome.

Nothing special, but entertaining .

Teen Wolf is an AMAZING show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

At start this show seemed to be just that, so many stereotype characters with such predictable plots, but still fun so i out of boredom i continued watching it, and as the show progressed i was AMASED.

It is a very predictable formula.

MTV's Teen Wolf surely has a darker, suspenseful and edgier premise, and being an avid horror fan, is the reason why I really dig this show.

All Up a great episode, again fully action packed and made me want to re-watch them all.

Loved the first two seasons and highly recommended the show (at the end of season 2, I would have rated the show a 9), but this season was enough for me to reconsider watching any further; slow, boring and just ridiculous.

so i have just finished watching the first season of teen wolf (12 episodes) and i can tell you that it is entertaining, it has romance, comedy, action and some drama in it.

Entertaining .

Nerds/geeks will find it completely uninteresting and plain bad.

Every episode is really suspenseful and I just want to keep watching when it ends.

it's all really predictable and lame...

Political correctness and craven attitude of all protagonists make this very uninteresting to watch.

The characters are lines are borderline boring.

It a bland show without any interesting plot.

The result was an unwatchable season 4, and a decline in quality that would not be redeemed.

The concept of the storyline in season 5 was likeable to me personally but besides that, its an unbearable and unbelieveble handling.

Extremely enjoyable to watch and would recommend to anyone searching for something to watch.

I can always rely on Teen Wolf to entertain me and keep me on the edge of my seat, make me laugh out loud and fall in love with the characters.

A bit cliché, but still somewhat entertaining .

Hope the developers can cut a bid on the slow mo and put more truth and story into this series!

The show is so well-written, thought-out, and conceived, that even the more minor characters (Coach Finstock, Mr. Harris, Danny, Peter Hale) were done with such careful detail and excellently portrayed in the extremely satisfying and exciting Season 1...

This show started with amazing three seasons, fresh and entertaining teen drama wolf story and other creatures of the night.

The comedy is THE BEST (especially from Stiles) and the DRAMA is super duper gripping!

But when I first heard it I found it incredibly entertaining.

First off the shows is very entertaining.

It is entertaining.

Everything is straight forward and predictable.

The show is pretty predictable but I think it will continue to be entertaining.

If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

The scenery, the storyline, the mystery, and the camera shots were unbearable!

It was disappointed by the Japanese part of stories which was boring and nonsense.

It's a great and entertaining movie.

Right now I am watching season 5 and I hope the writers keep producing such thrilling episodes.

I am a guy too so not approaching this review from the perspective of a twitterpated female (taken buy the shirtless boys), but I am pleased with some very talented actors and a gripping storyline that compels you to want more.

With no light at the end of the tunnel and an overall kill, rinse, repeat feel in many of the episodes the story became bogged down in a Dark pit and had no bright moments, making me lose interest and use the fast forward button on my DVR because it became to repetitive.

The amount of sarcasm makes it so great and it is always intense every episode brings up new questions.

While Twilight is boring to death since it's kind of "ashamed" for dealing with Vampires and the fantasy world, by creating a non sense story as a fake background to hold the pretentious characters and to make it look serious, Teen Wolf is what Twilight fails to be, FUN!

It is gory dark and entertaining.

But think of it this way: it's like Twilight with much better acting and a thrilling plot.

All the three early seasons flow but the final two appear to place too much pressure on the surprise factor and seek to surprise the viewer so hard that the new characters are introduced in a random fashion, their mythological roles may be clear enough to lovers of mythology and folklore, but their personality and background are somewhat hard to follow.

very enjoyable .

The plots seem to grow more intricate each episode (even though good parts of it are still relatively cliché - thank god the combination of elements can make you forget that somewhat).

His dry sarcasm is very endearing and overall character quite entertaining.

The storylines progressed in a natural and compelling pace, and truly made me feel for every character.

Teen Wolf is right now, my favorite show, it is amazing, funny, dramatic, suspenseful, scary, lots of action, hot people of both genders, ITS JUST AMAZING.

All I know is that it was unexpected.

The story is full of unpredictable turns,and it has usually a quite interesting detective story too.

Overall, the show is fun, dramatic, suspenseful, and fantastic!

Overall this show is very good and thrilling to watch.

Seasons 1-3 of this series were fantastic and enjoyable, with some really great episodes such as Motel California.

Plus the usual filler - intense staring, slow motion, and interminable running from A to B sequences.

I was curious how it would come out, but they dragged the plot out into a universe, too far away.

and how NOT to blatantly waste screen time with excessively long, drawn out drama scenes, lead-ups, and so-called suspense scenes.

Virtually every episode has me on the edge of my seat.

In complete honesty this show is absolutely fantastic, and Season 5, according to Tyler Posey, should rank among the thrilling rides of Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and friends!

Now we have fully fleshed out relationships, more adult and sexual themes (which c'mon everyone loves), some more suspenseful scenes with a fair amount of horror and still they have managed to include school into their lives consistently (something that is totally frustrating in so many TV shows).

He also genuinely views his "gift" as a curse, and constantly complains throughout the first two episodes about wanting a normal life, and I'm sure this will certainly be growing tiresome throughout the rest of the series if he continues on that streak.

TEEN WOLF (premiered in summer of 2011) is a surprisingly entertaining and provocative offering from the MTV network.

Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and there are literally cliffhangers throughout the episode, not just at the end of it.

So if you like high school, fantasy, comedy, action packed kind of things, then this is the show for you.

Instead of a full makeup application we get normal to fangs-and-contacts to CGI dog, and all shot in a dreary not quite black and white.

But by the time you get to season 4 it feels like the creators are just coming up with ridicules plot twists to keep it compelling to watch, not realizing that those desperate attempts actually cause it to get vague and annoying.

Most people (especially men) will be bored to tears of this show.

It shows cliche drama with some cool action, and that was a good start to a low budget wolf focused tv-show.

Confusing at worst and 'okay' at best.

The characters are well formed and despite of the thrilling story,there are plenty humor in it,and the love stories and relationships are also lovable.

But all in all, this is a show worth watching.

Overall,the show is fun,dramatic, suspenseful, and fantastic!

Been one of my most enjoyable binge watching experiences to date!

This serial just for waste your time .

The storyline of each episode is very suspenseful.

I watched my first episode of Teen Wolf out of sheer boredom.

This show is very gripping and sometimes frightening, but still super enjoyable to watch.

So I found this show from a friend and when he first told me about it I was expecting cheesy boring romance like Twilight and whatnot, but for an MTV show it was very unexpected and entertaining.

Every season was new and gripping.

Season 1, almost the dullest of them all, had me only mildly interested at first but overall, it was enjoyable.

And as for you boys, the stunning Crystal Reed should be enough eye- candy to handle.

Many points are very slow, it seems as though the show intentionally stall to extend the series.

They went extremely rushed and the color scheme was very boring.

Stiles' and Scott's friendship, Derek's tragic past, Peter's evil manipulations, the horrible Argents, the alpha pack, and the nogitsune are all very entertaining.

If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

Other women and gays might get a good laugh every now and then watching but will find it boring in time.

There is such a clear line between who is good and who is bad that the rest of the plot becomes predictable just because of it.

the story is now all over the place and hard to follow as well..its like they are trying to put as much story ideas into it while they can.

After being in the same room as kids who watch this trash (about 3 seasons in), my conclusion is that the show quality ranges from dull to embarrassingly bad.


But worth the watch.

This show is absolutely stunning, it is not anything like twilight, in fact twilight looks up to teen wolf!

AWESOME, really worth watching!

But it's just so cliché how prefect all of them are.

But everything is overshadowed by the gripping story.

The furst to season flow well in the story line bit by the 3rd season it becomes some what disjointed between episodes hope this disappears in later seasons and starts its smooth flow again

The storyline was bland.

It was boring.

Not to say I wasn't rooting for them or anything, it was the cliché 'Romeo and Juliet' aspect they threw in the mix that really ruined it for me.

I highly recommend it to fans of this genre.

Worth watching!

So, I really like this series and I'm sad to see season 6 being the last season (Since I only just discovered this series late December 2016)There are a few things that I find cheesy, however they just make it a lot more entertaining.

Unexpected from MTV, complex villains, romance, action, adventure, horror, comedy, mythology, mystery.