Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) - Action, Sci-Fi

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A cybernetic warrior from a post-apocalyptic future travels back in time to protect a 25-year old drifter and his future wife from a most advanced robotic assassin and to ensure they both survive a nuclear attack.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 171 out of 1019 found boring (16.78%)

One-line Reviews (613)

The acting is alright, Schwarzenegger is OK, Stahl is bland, Danes is alright after having replaced Sophia Bush at short notice after a few days filming while Kristanna Locken was cast for her looks & excels in that department at least.

There are scenes of action in this film that are simply breathtaking to behold.

Yeah I know there's going to be destruction inherently because that's what the war of machines is about but to have all this repetitive focus on it makes it annoying and boring rather than cool and emotion grabbing.

Some of you say it's unwanted parody, that I just don't know, I believe it might be intentional : the appearance in the Chippendale spot, the inflatable TX breast, the dialogs ; my favorite is certainly this one T 800 : your confusion is not rational, she's a healthy female of breeding age.

Yes the two terminators fighting looks great and yes Arnie is back, but large explosions and pointless chases does not a good terminator film make.

The movie explains some of the plot points I was wondering about too, all in all this movie was very enjoyable and had quite a few humorous moments as well.

Yeah, I could say it's boring.

It turned out the ending was entirely UNPREDICTABLE, unlike some claimed, and it turned out that the plot was a lot LESS dry than most would blab out.

While not as fresh, intriguing, and thought-provoking as the first two, Terminator 3 actually, surprisingly, had somewhat of a brain!

The (sometimes silly) humor was actually quite funny, too, especially with Arnold's very dry sense of humor that comes across so hilarious.

Found It Enjoyable .

instead T3's score manages to surprisingly dull the excitement instead of adding to it.

However on seeing the movie again at home it made more sense and I enjoyed it more 7/10 (Terminator 8, T2 9-10).

T3 is littered with bad music, cliché dialog, and terrible editing and cinematography.

Or maybe I just enjoyed it more than I realise.

this is the most exciting movie of the year and the special effects are some of the best ever put on film!

Specifically this movie was awesome--the actors were great, the science fiction plot mind blowing and plausible, the action thrilling--there was never a dull moment.

Thank the great almighty for people like Peter Jackson and Ang Lee(healthy films can be entertaining)

As recent big budget hits have been almost totally devoted to sfx % action (hulk, matrix reloaded, daredevil to name a few) with serious lack of plot, acting and character developement, Terminator 3 makes quite nice exception.

There is also the intense, but exciting special effects-heavy car chase scene with CSM-101, similar to the motorcycle chase with John Connor and T-1000.

Although it's not as good, the movie is still quite entertaining.

Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines is fantastic, a spectacularly entertaining blockbuster ride that continues the story with respect, great action, a knowing sense of humor and with a seriousness that doesn't drag the film down.

They didn't teach him a lot of human things like in T2, so the scene in which the T-800 couldn't kill John and chose to shut himself down, is actually pointless.

It quickly covers thrilling new ground, showcasing a lost and troubled John Connor who winds up literally trapped in some rather amusing situations.

Despite the ways I feel this film could have improved, I still very much enjoyed it and would recommend anybody to watch it, as this film had amazing special effects, exciting action scenes and most of all had a fantastic storyline.

And thus it can be tedious to sit through on a second or third viewing.

POSSIBLE SPOILERSAfter the now classic first two films, we have this largely pointless sequel.

It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Confusing .

It is an action packed film staring (The Governor of California) Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays the Terminator, Nick Stahl as John Connor, Kristana Lokan as T-X and Clair Danes as Kate Brewster.

The mass destruction is so over-the-top that you can't take it seriously, yet it's still exciting.

This is incredibly action packed as well!

The very scene of the cars' chase is also very predictable and it is not even funny.

Well, plain and simply, it's entertaining.

Just as tedious a sequel as "Matrix Reloaded" .

Terminator 3 was very enjoyable - it was just like its two predecessors except more modern, high-tech, and with a far bigger budget.

Overall, it is a film worth watching.

From beginning to ending this movie is worth watching.

Throughout the whole affair he looks old, tired and bored.

Pointless in every way other than a financial one .

Action packed Terminator .

But this still is a very exciting and entertaining film.

The fights between the Terminators are brutal, fast-paced, and intense.

Jonathan Mostow had an everest-style mountain to climb when he took this on and making and enjoyable movie was nothing short of a miracle, therefore I cant really criticise him to badly, apart from to say, sadly, hes just no Cameron, and that's ultimately what kills the movie in terms of `T3 vs.

Definitely worth watching .

I liked the way (Arnie)'s trade mark "I'll Be Back" had been handled without hackneying (I'm back, she'll be back,.. smart), still the Terminator's gags are the most enjoyable moments in here.

The car cash sequence runs on too long, the battle in the bathroom runs on too long, the robo-tanks are boring, the Skynet "planes" are easily destroyed, etc.3. The new Terminatrix is essentially the same as T-1000 in T2, so she's literally boring, whereas the T-1000 is really new and exciting in T2.

Quite enjoyable and fun, and definitely worth seeing.

Genisys is full of inconsistencies (the saga is itself a bit hard to follow for the rational mind), complexities, senilities, devoid of fun and drama effects, and there is not a single sound from the Brad Fiedel theme.

Well done to Jonathan Mostow for pulling this off, a very enjoyable and logical addition to this important franchise.

This finally leaves us with a little over two hours of some very entertaining and fun reels of celluloid.

A lot of the conversations, like a few with the T-850, John and Kate in the RV are enthralling and sort-of entertaining.

" Although "T-3" lacks the narrative depth and complexity of "T-2," this $170 million sequel based on Cameron's characters boasts more than enough muscle, mayhem, and momentum to make it worth watching though not altogether memorable.

Some of Governor Arnolds other movies are worth watching as well.

I'm not sure I got all the plot points in the quiet dialogs, such as they were, in the lulls between car crashes -- sent back to do what, when, by whom?

The action is boring and unimaginitive.

Action Sequences are too bland .

It's got solid action (including one of the best destructive car chase sequences ever imho), it's exciting, it's got decent acting and effects.

On the other hand, if you were looking for this movie to improve upon the outstanding Terminator experience with a good plot, don't waste your money seeing this in a theater.

Some of the set pieces are breathtaking, including a brilliant fight that involves a crane and the graveyard scene is very good as well.

The movie however lack the gritty and suspenseful aspects from the previous movies and comes off a bit too silly at times.

So we got this pointless, unnecessary, quite terrible sequel which cheapens the whole Terminator saga.

Exciting addition to the Terminator franchise .

Terminator 3 is technically well done like most of Hollywood films, and is also entertaining for a young audience.

well just mind blowing action made Matrix style...

Worth watching!

And boring.

The morphing effects are actually more enjoyable because here they make up part of the action whereas in T2 they were key moments of cutting edge technology.

You just get bored.

While it's not as bad as a lot of sequels out there, or even that bad of a film in general, it just feels soulless and empty.

I still always dreamed that a third movie should be made, to take the franchise into thrilling new directions.

If they had added maybe 10mins to the runtime and introduced a couple of slower scenes I feel it would have helped the movie and made the wow!

Most enjoyable action flick in long time !

Empty nonsense action.

Instead of introducing exciting original action sequences we get thinly disguised remakes of chases and scenes from mostly T2.

Yet there were enough continuity and plot holes that I felt empty myself.

One aspect of T2 which is enhanced here is the comedy - there are many snappy one liners and humourous moments which serve well to counter the serious theme.

The first half of this movie just bored me to tears.

The Terminator (Arnie) here looks funny, his character was used for a entertaining purposes!

The TX is dispatched so easily, that the whole film just seems like a complete waste of time.

In the first one everyone had a personality even Miles did and it made the movie incredibly suspenseful, you want them to stop Judgment day.

It's a pity that such an obvious business decision has reduced a sci-fi classic to a mediocre TV movie (resplendent with terrible acting, a horrible plot and bland characters).

Overall, T3 is a solid entry in the franchise and i highly recommend it to action-fanatics.

It's flawed, but entertaining.

Generally though, while there's the traditional reams of exposition in between pointless explosions, this isn't so contrived, and even offers up intriguing possibilities with the foretold death of John Connor.

Unfortunately, some great action and performances can't really overcome the biggest issue, which is that this is a really bland and blatant inferior copy of what's come before.

The movie is entertaining if nothing else.

Way more entertaining than the other two which are so dated and over hyped.

He made a humorous, exciting and at times, even dramatic/epic film.

"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" was very predictable, which was a shame, because it seemed like they just squandered all the potential that they had served on a silver platter.

The movie was good and exciting.

Highly entertaining.

For all those people who say that there's no plot - go back and watch the film properly.

All in all, one of the worst movies I have ever seen and all copies of the film should be burned.

All in all, an adequately entertaining movie, albeit not the best of additions to the franchise.

I remember being hugely disappointed when I first saw it, but I noticed that I enjoyed it much more the second time around.

As you'd expect, with so much of the production team's focus on fx and stunts, the story seems even more sadly neglected than previously - like a cake that has been left out in the rain far too long.

Arnolds robotic, monotone delivery is often hilarious in T-3.

Apart from these flaws, the movie is otherwise very enjoyable to watch.

Besides from the action and suspense, the movie also has a nice doze of humor.

T3 had no story and no emotion.

Bottom line, T3 was an enjoyable film to watch.

Brilliantly set up and shot, and incredibly thrilling.

There is a nice destructive car chase and the action is well paced, but in the end it all seems rather pointless.

It combines the most intense action sequences that I have ever seen along with some good characters and a pretty well thought out plot.

Then why, OH WHY, does Terminator 3 reach down into the big stinking barrel of sequel cliché's in order to try and make this film a success?

The soundtrack is boring, the movie goes against principles that the first two laid out, the Terminator acts ridiculous, the pictures are nothing compared to the most of the time impressive and artistic scenes from T2.

Apart from Arnie, the entire cast has changed and it felt a little empty without the actress who plays Sarah Connor.

Won't win any Oscars, but entertaining nonetheless .

The action was top notch and had one kick ass chase scene (every summer movie does nowadays, so it's a task to produce an exciting one).

It wasn't as good as Terminator 2, but it was still a very entertaining action movie, with a few neat ideas thrown in to boot.

The action scenes were good, the acting is good too and it was somewhat predictable and sometimes unpredictable, but i think the 2 movies were better because they had better atmospheres, and better action, the thing is the plot is so similar with the 2 movies, and they should have changed the plot more, i'm not saying this movie is bad, i meant it's worth the watch, but it's not better than the 2 previous movies, and 1 good thing with this movie is there are lots of enemies, this movie wasn't a waste of time, but like what i said it's not better than the 2 previous movies

No Story.

But like I said before no story line, James Cameron is losing his touch.

A friend whom I saw the film with fell asleep before the last half hour or so (he was TIRED, not cause it was crap), and if someone would have asked him about the ending, I assure you he could not give a correct answer.

The first one is great because of the intriguing storyline and dark feeling; the second being awesome because of the several scenes of hilarity and sweet special effects; the third belongs with the first two because of the mind-blowing action that slams you in your seat.

) Fantastic action punctuates this intriguing story about inevitable fate that cannot be shaped the way the Connors had hoped(Sarah is absent here...

The way is paved for a fourth instalment with a downer of an ending which is the most unexpected and remarkable thing in the whole movie.

Worth watching!

Not as good as the first two, still highly enjoyable .

Surprisingly enjoyable.

The action sequences were breathtaking in the first and especially in the second movie (T2 has the most breathtaking CGI I've ever seen).

There was no real plot development; it was more like one giant chase scene(which was very cool).

The world sat on the edge of it's seat as the time drew nearer to the release date.

All in all the movie deserves a 7, because it's entertaining and fun to watch Arnold again (I liked the gay glasses scene...

The pacing is pretty fast and the action sequences are entertaining to watch.

If directors suppose we like those empty chasing, sex and explosions they are going to loose the game.

If you want lots of fighting, special FX, CGI, explosions and noise cleverly cocooned in a contrived script that does not stand up to too much analysis then this film is for you.

) I enjoyed it.

T2, without the depth, but still enjoyable.

It may be worth seeing if you're an avid fan, but in the end it all feels a bit pointless.

And when Arnie and the T-X slug it out in a kind of robotic martial arts slam dance (destroying an office restroom complete with urinals and toilets), it's an intoxicating blend of adrenaline, mechanical power and sexual energy.

But the ones who also loved the fascinating and originality of the characters and the whole story and concept, is surely to be (at least) a bit disappointed.

There's actually a script that develops the story and characters we all love and takes us into new and exciting ways.

All in all, it can be an entertaining movie if you do not have great expectations.

I found this movie to be quite exciting and pure entertainament.

It was a very entertaining film with a good story line and ending.

The stunts are stunning to watch and the CGI is hard to tell if it's real or fake.

Still an enjoyable movie to watch, Arni still carry's the titular character into groundbreaking heights.

But in T3, this same Terminator can get its head chopped off, left connected only by wires and then somehow stick it back onto its body like Frankenstein and move it around in subsequent scenes as if nothing happened.

The action was however largescale and very exciting while believable.

It is beyond ENTERTAINING.

Other reviews I have read say there is no story line.

I saw this film just last week and i was looking forward to it heeps,and this film had me on the edge of my seat through the whole thing,it was full of action,humour and special effects.

A truly appropriate ending that will make you think long after you've left the theater.

Exciting return to the Terminator series.

The story is a little bit stupid, because it basically ignores the message of the 2nd movie, but it is enjoyable and entertaining.

From there on, the plot becomes less and less interesting, the action becomes less compelling, and the characters seem a bit tiresome.

Well it is still entertaining, certainly a lot more funnier than the last one.

And after I saw the first trailers, I prepared myself for an almost mindless Action-film, yet an entertaining one (I'm a huge fan of the whole Terminator concept, so that's enough to satisfy me) that was going to do it's best to overwhelm the fantastic Action-sequences of the two other films.

If only Fiedel was allowed to score the pick-up truck, crane truck chase it would have raised adrenaline levels as it did in T2.

The ending didnt get me till i left the theater.

This film is exciting and really entertaining with an unusual ending!

The third movie in The Terminator series came very late in the day, and while it has some explosive, well-done action scenes and the odd dose of unexpected humour (Arnie in the Elton John-style sunglasses) it's easy to see the imagination and grasp of character the first two movies had has gone.

An action packed man experience and seeing a girl follow up to the T-1000 was impossible for anybody.

The action scenes can't be faulted, with the now famous crane scene being a pretty stunning set-piece, and every fight and high adrenaline piece is made with every professionalism.

Audacious adrenaline-laced action sequences, a resolute refusal to take itself seriously, and a surprise finale help the new apocalyptic Arnold Schwarzenegger science fiction epic "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" overcome its flat, formulaic, road show plot with its loquacious pseudo-scientific gobbledygook.


Terminator 3 seemed sort of long and drawn out.

He says it was dull.

I was bored and dissatisfied with this movie and it came very close to besmirching the memory of the much better earlier films.

What a waste of time .

Visually the film is absolutly stunning, the effects all look very crisp, clean and natural which is something of a rare quality in the bullettime style of today.

Its fun and campy and absolutely non-stop action packed popcorn popping fun.

It is action packed and the specials are mind blowing.

Arnold's classic monotone delivery is perfect, both in tone and timing.

There are two wooden facial expressions on Arnie and they are so predictable, that you can play the whole role instead of him.

boring, stupid, deceiving .

The story in T2 was second to none, it really develled into the hellish nightmare of the nuclear war and the performances from linda hamilton were nothing short of excellent but to know more about T2 read my review this is about T3 which i have to be honest i wanted to be so amazing and true to the first to films but turned out to be nothing more than a money spinner for C2 pictures and schwarzenegger, there was absolutly no storyline or plot there was no character development, Arnie did not play the T800 at all like the other two movies and the attempt of humour in a film meant to be so dark was just pathetic, james cameron made the humour in T2 non self conscious so not to take away the intensity of this all powerfull machine.

Regarding the action, it is still thrilling and expensive in look with some high-octane chases and well-choreographed action.

The Terminator (1984) and T2: Judgement Day (1991) will forever be referred to as landmark movies; the first, a dark, graphic, cult horror and the latter, six years later - a visually stunning action sequel which further developed the complex narrative bringing us to a mouth watering conclusion which left those of us, rather sad hardcore fan's, still emotionally attached to our Terminator and begging for a third to be created someway...

Generally, the flick is much more enjoyable than you might think.

Though the film does lack the epic feel this results in a fast paced film that never drags and really makes you wish it were longer.

I thought that it would be very hard to follow on from T2 , but somehow they managed it and I think that although u can guess whats gonna happen in a couple of the scenes, the plot is still cleverly engineered in that it offers superb action scenes that are enjoyable and there is a nice level of tension torwards the end when u see the machines beginning to rise, I particularly liked one scene where there is a giant machine rolling down a hallway and Arnold suddenly bursts through the ceiling, rips it head almost completely off and uses it's gun's to blast at another machine just yards away, I would recommend this to any Terminator fans as it is a powerful chapter in a thrilling saga

The female T3 was predictable, and not nearly the shocker it was supposed to be.

To try and avert this, Mostow and the writers pepper in comedic subversions, but they just feel contrived at best.

) of action one-liners and the one thing that saves the film, the ending, no spoilers here go watch to find out for yourself ,dear reader , but for those who have seen it, it was really unexpected to be honest.

I was surprised at how emotional and engaging Nick Stahl's performance was as I had previously thought he was totally inappropriate for the part.

The story itself offered nothing besides the beginning of Judgment Day which was already the way we knew the series was headed and instead of moving the logical way, which is forward, the writers tried to implement bogus twists and instead took some rather pointless and dull steps backwards essentially reversing the entire mythology of the series.

An Unexpected Gem .

Speaking of boring, Nick Stahl's John Conner has gone from disaffected youth to spaced out adult, supposedly hiding behind drugs because he fears the future.

This doesn't however make this film bad, as it was rather entertaining, a lot better than The Matrix Reloaded, or any other films this year(except Whale Rider and Pirates of the ...

I do realise to some people this might be stupid but the confrontation between the new terminator and Arnie just felt wrong because we all knew Arnie was going to have his a** kicked Also even though Arnie had worked out to get into shape for this film he still looked to clunky and slow (if you can understand that) and I think that made the film less enjoyable overall.

The third installment in the Terminator series is the weakest, but still entertaining.

The only intriguing event in the movie came with the ending scene.

Sure, the story seemed somewhat rushed at times, and the basic plot contradicted the final conclusion of the previous film; but once you get over the initial frustration from this sudden change of arc, you're in for one very intense action ride.

Rise of boredom .

Boring-The scale/size and quality of the action scenes following the crane chase took a big nose-dive.

T3 will no doubt please action fans, as some of the stunts are simply breathtaking.

With T3's story simply going over the same, old, tired ground, again and again, the viewer would have to be a totally clueless nitwit not to see that this idiotic, action yarn was going nowhere, fast.

Despite some good things and details that really wanted to continue the story, the development of it is completely boring.

these scenes are intense and relentlessly exhilarating.

eschewing the boring old action hero role of both preceding classic movies, nearly every line uttered by comedic mastermind Arnold Schwarzenegger as "the terminator comedy funbot" had the entire theater literally GROANING with laughter.

If I was forced to say something nice about this film then I would have to say that the ending is good (and not just because the film was now over) but mainly because it was unexpected.

His deadpan delivery of some of his hilarious lines is just spot on, and he even makes you feel the confusion of the man-machine faced with moral dilemmas.


Instead of being thrilling and epic, the action sequences are confusing and rather dull.


The TX (the female terminator) was uninspired and boring, and was never alarmingly dangerous as the previous two villians were.

Still entertaining even if Cameron isn't at the wheel .

This somewhat unnecessary sequel is nevertheless enjoyable.

basically, bar the end 'twist' it is dross, the new terminator is a waste of time and not nearly as menacing as the t1000 of mr Patrick in T2.

Boring, boring, boring .

And if you can believe it, John Connor's biography and the history of the future become even more confusing.

Linda Hamilton's replacement Claire Danes delivered a stunning and fearless performance as a future warrior 9/10

James Cameron supposedly didn't want to do this film because he felt, correctly, that "T2" completed the story, and so THIS film becomes one predictable rehash of everything you've seen before, and NOT just in "The Terminator" movies: if you've seen even just a handful of action flicks, especially in the last few years, you'll be hard-pressed not to accurately guess what happens in each scene, or each shot, right down to the FX, which, after "T2", are also derivative and seem...

And while Robert Patrick looked cold as ice and completely insane, Kristanna Loken looks like a bland, mildly bored fashionista – Patrick subverted the image of a cop, while Loken gets to wear flairs and high heels.

But all together, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines is an enjoyable action-flick, with some very funny moments as well (Especially the "Talk to the hand"-line from Arnold while walking out of a gas-station without paying for his merchandise).

Pointless Sequel .

Besides from Schwarzenegger still being a delight to watch and a few memorable action scenes Terminator 3 disappointed me with a lazy script, bad acting, many bland action scenes and awful character development.

Not as good as the first two, yet somewhat enjoyable.

Besides the hoary cliche scene where the Terminator is wrestling for his soul, there are several scenes where you can sense the movie go off track: 1) In T2, during the "Hasta la vista" scene, the T-1000 begins to reform right before his prey, heightening their horror.

It's very bland and doesn't have a expand on the story enough to help keep the Terminator franchise in greatness.

As I said before, it's entertaining, too.

This movie was full of irritating and yawning sequence...

This unfortunately lets the actors down, leaving them with empty hulls and we couldn't care less if they die or live.

Pointless sequel of a sci-fi classic .

7/10 for this entertaining blockbuster.

This was a fun and entertaining thrill riding that I deeply enjoyed.

it should have been shorter or not made, Hulk undoing was making a 2 1/2 hr film out of such a simple idea, people get bored, and in the end remember trudgeing through endless minutes of dialouge which is pretentious and meaningless rather than the sequences which did inspire awe.

Passionless, cookie-cutter, derivative & dull .

I didn't really like the parts towards the end, and feel kind of let-down because I enjoyed it for the most part.

I guess it's fashionable to create these loser-type characters in Hollywood's screen writing 101 classes who then do a miraculous turnaround, but it's also tiresome.

This film is certainly worth the watch.

T3 does redeem itself though, the ending is one of the most powerful endings to a movie I've ever seen (to the point that it felt slightly disjointed from the rest of the movie).

The acting is so-so, the plot boringly similar to the other two.

The whole enterprise might have dissolved into tedious redundancy were it not for the humorous self-awareness demonstrated by Arnold Schwarzenneger, whose straight-faced, deadpan delivery heightens the dry humor of much of the screenplay.

I too thought along this line when prewarned about it, I imagined that it had to have some entertaining qualities given it being a Terminator movie.

Not awful, just pointless and unnecessary.

Thrilling and Action Pack Movie .

third, the suspense was contrived.

The acting was rather bland and uninspiring, the dialogue lacked punch and the hunour was quite corny (even though I laughed a few times).

Action packed and breathtaking, as good as the previous Terminator films .

Despite the occasional concerns though, this is still an entertaining film.

Action packed!

Plot isn't that bad, however, just kind of formulaic.

The self-awareness of the filmmakers knowing it's an inferior film makes "T3" an entertaining, fun and even humorous journey.

The time-travel aspect and inherent paradoxes therein reach a new level of confusion in this film as both terminators have unnatural knowledge of each other's movements from the very beginning and the audience is left to wonder why this movie needed to be created after the finality of the last film.

The popcorn was more engaging.

The scene where T-man is reprogrammed to kill John and John is telling him not to do it, the inner fight that the Terminator has, is simply childish and very predictable.

Waste of time .

the whole movie is just special effects with no plot and no emotionsa great thank you to all Calfornians for making Schwarzy governor and sparing us from T4

Explosions and death galore - this is hugely enjoyable.

), but the other parts of the car chase were simply boring.

Boring boring boring beyond belief.

Worth a big screen viewing and surprisingly enjoyable.

This cliché has been worn to death.

In an ideal world Arnold and Mostow will have recovered the action genre so the next Bond film is worth watching and the Matrix Revolutions doesn't get the hype of Reloaded.

The climax where the machines take over the Air Force base was the most exciting part of the movie.

There is no plot.

I was about the most disappointed creature on the planet when I left the theater after seeing this.

no plot...

Most of the chase scenes are rather boring since it's nothing new.

):arghhh the action: well, the action was good but so predictable the comedy: (SPOILERS) arnold rocketing the tx in the hearse scene, arnold's heliocopter smashing the tx...

There are fun and exciting action scenes in this movie.

overall, "T3" is enjoyable if you're not expecting much.

There are good things about T3; the crane chase, the Terminator tricking John Connor and Kate Brewster into saving themselves and the apocalyptic ending as seen from space which is awesome and unexpected.

It is an enjoyable movie, if you are expecting some action, and ready to letgo any inconsistencies or loopholes.

The characters are cheesy, dull, and unlikeable.

After being a avid fan of the first(very dark) and the second(funny and action packed) terminator films I was really looking forward to seeing the new installment.

It tells the simple yet compelling story of a very old piece of equipment that refuses to go away.

True some of the phrases in the other films were not said in the exact same way as they were in this one, but I still think it is quite enjoyable.

Poorly cast, Stahl and Daines (who are respectfully quite talented) fail to bring a sense of urgency when required, at times the dialogue is stilted and even the characters seem bored.

Just as long as you don't expect something that will top its god-like predecessors, you will have an enjoyable ride.

I enjoyed this movie, it was a fun ride the whole way, it was engaging and get me interested and suspicious of what was to happen next.

A few years ago I would have said this was the worst of the Terminator films, but with the release of the by-the-numbers Genisys I think T3 is a well made and entertaining, but ultimately flawed and predictable entry into the franchise.

The machines have sent a new and improved terminator, in this case a stunning T-X played by the smokin' Kristanna Loken, back in time from the future to kill someone who will eventually lead the humans in their fight against the machines.

While the idea of making the ending of T2 pointless by its own rules is a big mistake, T3 still comes out strongly for what it is.

Starting with the T's arriving in the "burning bubbles" and continuing on through the overly-long car chases until the dreary ending, this film was almost a clip show of scenes from T2.

Everything was just so Bland and uninteresting.

but hey, it's the goddamn Terminator, and this movie is entertaining as hell.

A slow start to a slow film.

The original was an exciting, pulse pounding adventure.

It is a thrilling and action pack movie that is a must see.


The special effects live up to "T2" and the story's outcome is unpredictable.

This movie is what it is - a big, action packed, summertime blockbuster.

Like all sequels, "T3" is formulaic -a repetition of the key elements of earlier movies in the franchise with a few variations.

And after watching the breathtaking Action and Special Effects of this film, I won't doubt that.

I have to say this - I enjoyed it.

"Terminator 3 - The Rise Of The Machines" has the trademark Terminator-Action and entertainment, but it lacks the originality and the fascinating intelligence of the other Terminator-films.

I have a theory that most people enjoy crap movies with no plot and just mindless action.

It made me realize how great it is that studios are letting bored twelve year olds with too much caffeine write the scripts for nearly every summer blockbuster in 2003, especially this one.

Her abilities are so vast that it becomes boring after a few minutes.

No message, no meaningful conflict, no nightmares, no deeper meaning, nada, niente.

Nick Stahl was uninspiring as John Connor came across as a bit wimpy and was came across as a geek compared to Edward Furlong who had a lot more guts with his character and possessed a strong personality as John Connor, somebody with backbone who had the potential to be a future leader of the human resistance.

Instead they are simply mind blowing, as well as the stunts.

The story, very linear and predictable.

in my opinion, i think it was the most enjoyable of the 3.

What a waste of time.

Sorry to bring it up again, but in T2 Sarah and John Connor were brilliant, with Sarah's slow realisation about the machines and her transformation into someone less crazy and John's childishness showing through his hard outer shell were brilliantly portrayed, both with acting and writing.

Enjoyable for the wrong reasons .

Nick Stahl keeps the dull John Connor role alive.

T2 was more than just an action/sci-fi flick, it was a deeply human story that had something important to say, while T3 is basically just a long, entertaining action sequence.


Well, it depends on how I view it - sometimes it's an overlong moronfest, others it's an exciting FX extravaganza and others it's a soulless, noisy popcorn machine.


Overall, if I have to see this movie, I really have to watched the re-edited version (done by myself or community) or it's a torture to watch.

he is on the edge of life...

The bad thing is that I find it boring sometimes, probably because I watched it a lot.

The movie is basically then just degraded into a bunch of highly explosive and action packed sequences, eventually leading to the flicks climax when Skynet becomes self aware and begins taking over.

It is, while hardly a masterpiece, an entertaining and engaging piece of action cinema, and perhaps the best action film of the year to date.

What a waste of time, energy and money.

It's fascinating to wonder how much more, if anything, Cameron could have done with the existing material.

Claire Danes is equally dull and much of her acting seems forced and unbelievable.

The plot was muddled so that it felt both boring (repeats in many aspects T2) and just messy, so you never really felt the suspense which was very pronounced in the first two movies.

I actually walked out of the theater on this one.

Yes, they crashed much more cars, but why the chases in the first two films are as much more thrilling as less cars were broken there?

In basically a retread of T2, there were scenes of violence and action, with some dreary talk in between.

" with a totally uneccessary and pointless additional piss-take ruined the last vestiges of credibility this had.

The director Jonathan Mostow did a great job of generating wit and humor from cliché situations, mostly due to the efforts of the deadpan Schwarzenegger.

This is followed by a stunning CGI scene, depicting the future war between Man and Machine.

All of which culminates in what is a predictable climax that, I think, badly wanted to be a 'clever twist'.

An enjoyable addition to the series.

It comes as a great surprise then, that Terminator 3 is actually rather enjoyable.

Terminators travel back to the past <yawn>.

When I walked out of the theater, I absolutely despised this movie because it betrayed the first films.

T3 is full of great action scenes from two chase sequences, a police hold up which goes awry and an exciting bathroom fight.

Claire Danes does OKAY as Kate Brewster, but her character was just sort of bland and uninteresting throughout to the point where her performance was ultimately forgettable.

For all the guys out there that want adrenaline pumping blood and guts movie with Arnie doing his thing, this movie is for you.

The Special effects were very nice, and the action sequences were intense.

While it was a enjoyable "action" film with some good characters and set-pieces, I feel overall the tone and story are inferior to the well loved T1 & T2.

With Judgment Day inevitable and looming large it was a little disappointing to find the finale a little underwhelming, perhaps too clinical and formulaic, which seems obvious given I have already pointed this out as a replica of T2.

T2 literally comes to a screeching halt for a good hour and that is one tedious hour filled with cheesy dialog, rambling, and pontification.

The movie, I believe runs too short and the scene where the crane runs demolishing the city is way too long.

Arnold is just a tired cliche.

This movie was entertaining!

(I know this sounds trite)only to be survived.

John Connor and his newfound love Kate Brewster rush frantically to prevent Judgment Day a second time, and you get a sense that it's going to be an exciting last- minute rescue of the human race.

The film also says Hamilton's Sarah Connor was diagnosed with leukemia after the events of "T2", given six months to live but she fought it for 3 years to make sure that on August 29th, 1997, Judgment Day (the day the machines took over) never happened (add to the fact that if "T2" WAS set in 1995, that Sarah would've died in 1998 or so, over a year after Judgment Day's date, and you have more confusion).

The only thing that saved this movie was the ending, otherwise it is a complete waste of time.

Though the movie was entertaining, full of humorous quips by Arnold, and lots of explosions and action, it still lacked the same suspense that was present in the first two films.

Too often now chase scenes are just the lazy action-filler in films, there is little in the way of adrenaline or the perception of peril, the fact that this scene was so outstanding perhaps makes the rest of the film look a little shabbier by comparison.

The first Terminator film is a classic example of an intense action/horror scifi film done just right.

I mean the choice of vehicle was quite good as it is tough and everything but the crane knocking down walls and pulling up cars would slow the vehicle somewhat down.

So glad I paid money to watch this utterly pointless movie.

That's a real street, a real area of Los Angeles, that gets demolished in the gawking crane and fire truck chase that not only bolts out as a shocking display of property damage, but as the most intense and satisfying Armageddon on wheels since William Friedkin's freeway spectacle in To Live and Die in L.

Many people hate the story because they found it confusing or it didn't make any sense.

T2 was a great film, but it could be slow in parts (especially the director's cut) and was tough to digest.

Indeed, this is not just a 2 bit action film script, no, the story by itself makes this movie worth watching.

I almost walked out of the film when i saw that the Terminator kept being the butt of every joke.

Where they were dark and intense, albeit leavened with some humor, this installment was self-satirical and rife with gags and misquoted one liners.

The third outing in the series is every bit as action packed as the first two, from start to finish the there is superb action throughout.

Frankly, I was rather bored.

Rise of the Mayhem or how to cover the lack of plot with incredible action scenes.

So this is rather pointless.

It's nowhere near as good as its illustrious predecessors, but its certainly more entertaining than, say, The Matrix Reloaded.

They aren't ground breaking, but are certainly highly entertaining Arnie riding a police bike is reminiscent of him in T2.

Reality, however, is against him, since T3 is nowhere near as entertaining as T2.

"T3" in no way is as vicious, dark, or amazing as the first two films, which are both some of my favorite films, but Jonathan Mostow has done a great job handling Cameron's baby, and it shows, making "T3" neither disappointing nor bad; it's the best film of the summer, and one of the best action films in a long line of dull flicks.

Plus the plot is great, the dialogs are clever and the many twists of this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire movie!

) enjoyable about watching someone bashing a foe with a just-ripped-off-the-wall urinal, or seeing a truck slam straight into a building.

Anyway, there one, confusing flaw that keeps this film from being perfect.

But if you want to see special effects that aren't glossed with the polished sheen of a video game (Matrix 2), and like sitting on the edge of your seat for two hours, then buy tickets for this movie.

Considering the expectations and the dynamite of potentially alienating diehard Terminator fans, director Mostow, whose exciting 1997 B-movie Breakdown showed a great deal of promise, has earned his wings in the annals of action moviemaking.

Dated but enjoyable action movie - a guilty pleasure.

The fight scene is fairly awesome and a little drawn out.

FINAL IMPRESSION: ---86%With an excellent cast of characters, breathtaking action scenes, and a little bit of fresh humor added in, T3 is, undoubtedly, a worthy addition to a classic series.

Though some fans did not like T3, I found it enjoyable, entertaining and not as insulting to the original films as some movie watchers seemed to find it.

T3 is so exciting and is the best action movie since "die another day".

It's still quite an enjoyable ride if you're just looking for a thrilling action piece.

Same old, same old, but it's still entertaining.

The problem lies in the script itself, handing him some awfully dull lines.

The sequence lasts of around 15 minutes and is worth the price of admission alone as we are treated to some very daring and exciting stunts of explosions.

While this effort is certainly not a classic in the same league as its predecessors, "Terminator 3" is still an entertaining and inventive sci-fi thriller.

i agree with other reviewers, its just one big chase scene, confusing and senseless.

Sadly, "T-3" doesn't provide Arnold with near enough clever one-liners as he had as either "Terminator" (1984) or "T-2," but "T-3" still packs a hugely entertaining punch.

What a let down :( It's hard to find "spoilers", because there's no plot, though a lot of (gaping) plot holes.

Most pointless sequel ever.

Editing makes the film a tedious affair to sit through, visual effects is highly inferior in comparison & the score by Marco Beltrami isn't that captivating either.

well it's to boring.

Arnold's still fun to watch as the Terminator, Nick Stahl is a more sympathetic John Connor than Edward Furlong could ever have hoped to be, Claire Danes is alright but no Linda Hamilton and Kristanna Loken does the stoic female Terminator bit as well as any other actress can, but ultimately the film is hollow, cheesy and pointless.

Please, try to stay awake, it gets better.

It was all boring and wasnt worth the trip to the cinema.

The film is unbearably boring and inevitably dull.

for instance, there is almost no charisma between this new Terminator and John Connor, and very little plot time is given to the developing relationship between Connor and Kate Brewster (Claire Danes).

The Terminator (1984) and T2: Judgement Day (1991) will forever be referred to as landmark movies; the first, a dark, graphic, cult horror and the latter six years later - a visually stunning action sequel which further developed the complex narrative tale, bringing us to a mouth watering conclusion which left those of us, rather sad hardcore fan's still emotionally attached to our Terminator and begging for a third to be created someway...

Good action film but pointless and tasteless re-tread of T2 .

Though this development makes the phrase "I am" possibly the most predictable in cinema history, the nuclear explosions are made to look quite beautiful.

but IMHO, 2003's TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (T3) is a more ENJOYABLE movie AND a BETTER film than T2!

So it's not a bad movie or good movie, it's a middle movie the Bad: The effects look like a cartoon and from a kids show like that green lantern show on go and Cartoon Network, too much making fun of itself and not taking it seriously, it sort of ripped off T2 because 2 terminators ones evil ones good kill each other in the end and THEN WE dramatic ending The Good: The Action with the truck flipping over and the exploding Arnie-Bot into the shed and THE ENDING IS SO SHOCKING AND DRAMATIC and the chase scenes are stunning Don't hate on me if you say it's a great movie.

I'll continue to love the series, because it's compelling and smart without losing the action, and I look forward to the next one.

waste of time and money.

Man, how I was bored.

For being an all-round disappointment for me, it was entertaining.

One the negative side, however, are the young actors: Stahl is badly disjointed, his nice guy persona out of place in the aggressive and loutish role of Connor, and Claire Danes, though at times commendable, is restricted to a clichéd `damsel' role, running around screaming her lungs out and panting loudly.

Summary Direction - nice and fast paced - all you would expect from a T2 movie.

Throughly enjoyable and recommended.

Thoughtful ruminations on the nature of man are cut down to some intense, less sweeping in scope, much more personal conversations.

It's a good film and keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end !

While the action and chase scenes are certainly gripping – with a chase through downtown L.

Probably the most exciting movie to watch this year, and that includes The Matrix: Reloaded.

Total waste of time.

It was hyped up big time and the bits thats were previewed looked exciting with a sense of humour.....

Nevertheless I give it a 5 because the action is quite entertaining.

The car chase scene with the crane truck was just mind blowing and the final bit of destruction in these scenes just eye candy for the dangerous at heart.

It seems to have been catered for the spoilt brats of the cinema going audience, as it's only a 12A, yet it still had some gruesome moments, and overall is very entertaining.

All that said T3 will be somewhat enjoyable film though Loken's villain lacks Robert Patrick's utter child-molester creepiness from part 2.

very entertaining.

OK, i really enjoyed it.

"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"- A soulless retread of previous films, but still fairly entertaining.

)Jonathan Mostow directs without any pretentiousness, and has, at the very least, created one of the most grandiose and exciting car chases in recent memory.

I was barely bored at all .

What actually is there is very flat, dull, and BORING.


In fact an obvious, boring, idea.

The ending of this Terminator-part is very unexpected.

" While "Terminator 3" is far from being a terrible film, it's unfortunately a painfully generic and often soulless retread of the far superior second chapter, filled to burst with contrived winks and nods tossed in to win over fans...

While still very entertaining for most of it's way, at the climax, it starts to fall apart somewhat, and the final face-off between Arnie and the T-X is pretty weak.

It took an extra two hours of repetitive, rehashed celluloid mayhem of slaughter, truck-chases, and shattering glass to tell us that?

The action sequences were the only reason to see this movie, but it feels empty without James Cameron directing the third installment of the series where in each of the movies he directed, something new is always introduced.

The first two Terminator films are solid 10s, so by that measure this can't compare, and yet, after the disappointing Hulk and the over-hyped and overindulgent Matrix Reloaded, Terminator 3 may also well be the most entertaining blockbuster you see this Summer.

While watching T3's two predecessors, there has always been a certain unique atmosphere present; an intense excitement; a sence of impending doom when the Terminator is chasing after it's targeted victim.

What's left is good, enjoyable popcorn entertainment with a couple of new gadgets, nothing more.

This can overwhelm the film and become bored if this is all the movie has.

There is a heck of a lot of action packed into a relatively short time.

Which might just have alleviated the boredom.

I think the whole audience walked out thinking nothing was gained by making T3, the story hasn't progressed ...

The action is still very intense and the violence is still very brutal.

The film and action does pick up in the second half making it more suspenseful.

A nice, fast-moving B-movie.

This, along with some surprises in the story, are what keeps you on the edge of you seat for the ride and the only thing that could be considered drawback in this film, is the fact that the action sequences are too dominant at times.

A stunning action set-piece, and without question the action highlight of the film, involves a crane on a truck driven by the T-X disecting a row of shops, all the time with the T-800 hanging on for dear life.

Entertaining Film .

Terminator is Movie History (9/10) - T2 is a great sequel (8/10) - T3 is crap (4/10) the script sucks the big (and loooooooong) car chases are boring and absurd the 'memorable quotes' are predictable and so not funny the Terminatrix is ridiculous (she runs on 24 cm heels......

Derivative action movie but perfectly entertaining...

Claire Danes does a good job with a not so interesting character, and while Nick Stahl underwhelms sometimes , being a little stiff and dull to start with, he is a decent fit and improves dramatically as the film gets better.

Nick Stahl and Claire Danes are believable and have good chemistry, Arnie is entertaining, with some great one-liners and the female Terminatrix blends in without any problem.

So, while I clearly enjoyed the entertaining action and eyecandy, I missed the depth of the T* films which transcended a cheap action movie.

It's actually a solid story filled with nice character moments and generally intriguing ideas.

And although Loken gets to kill children and shoot people in the face, with one notable exception, all her slayings are rather dull.

Regarding actors, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes are average, Arnie plays his standard (like the old times :) and Kristanna Loken as marvelous T-X didn't need some special acting, she did empty face good :).

Action scenes are greatly done, but since the film is virtually reduced to an endless series of explosions, it soon becomes tedious.

What a bore.

Ho-hum .


It isn't a classic, but it was a very enjoyable film nonetheless.

It was action packed and fun.

Eyes quickly glaze over, and you just know everything will work out in some way for our dull heroes.

But made it so predictable, and transformed the whole matter into slasher movie with big explosions !

A few laughs here and there, some cool effects, great stunts, edge-of-your-seat action packed and a super attractive Terminatrix are the reason to not miss this one.

Practically the only thing worth watching in this movie is the beautiful Kristanna Loken in the role of the latest Terminator model.

maybe a dull action flick with the Terminators thrown in for good measure?

it is stupid, silly and waste of time.

Direction is excellent and the script is smart and fast paced.

Some things are better (the hydrogen fuel cells, T-X being able to DNA test by licking blood, seeing the wobbly first model terminators), many things are the same (losing the roof of a car by driving under something too low), but too many things are worse (Arnie not measuring body count to one decimal place, the pointless cameo by Dr Silberman, the conveniently-timed failings of the bad terminator, use of liquid metal shape changing special effects, the fact that you only get the signature tune on the end credits and many more besides).

Very entertaining film .

Director James Cameron has now left the scene and his role is taken over by Jonathan Mostow who - as we know from the history-twisting, but action-laded "U-571" - is a competent producer of exciting movies.

I think director Mostow did a fine job in creating an entertaining movie, especially keeping in mind what he was following up to...

But nevertheless Terminator 3 is one entertaining ride.

what a waste of film and my time.

From a marketing viewpoint the movie has achieved its objective: The movie is fast and packed with explosions, gore, sexuality, amazing fight sequences, and mind blowing special effects.

And with as guilty of pleasure as may be described, T3 seems to work well in its almost seamless, consistently riveting scenes.

The good American individual hero versus the bad, evil enemy (in this case Machines), at plenty of action, a female counterpart (in both good and evil roles), use some emotional scenes for depth, a bit of humor, use a simple and straightforward plot for the America mental attention span and you have a good entertaining movie production that also makes people feel both good and bad at the same time.

Terminator 3 is solid, uninspiring action fare, made highly watchable by it's sense of humour and refusal to take itself seriously.

Otherwise, I have to say it is a hugely enjoyable action movie.

T3 is a dull, uninspired, tedious bit of cash-in rubbish of which the governor of california should be mightily ashamed.

Kristanna Loken is again, sorta bland and forgettable, which is a shame considering that she's the main villain of the film.

This leads to a race against time, which fails to be anywhere near as suspenseful as it should be.

Composer Marco Beltrami (the Scream franchise), whilst referencing Brad Fiedel's motifs, paints a surprisingly rich and evocative score that owes much to Prokofiev and Russian romanticism.

The only good thing about this movie is the obvious opening for Terminator 4 -do yourself a favor and save your money for that one, this one is crap!

Violent Oedipal imagery abounds, when we find out the empty "womb"/tomb of his mother, MIA Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), contains some heavy artillery.

One of the worst, dullest films I've ever seen, has at this moment a 7.1 IMDB rating.

One of the worst movies of the year and definitely one of the worst action movies of the decade.

But an overture is too long and the story of the second half is not interesting.

The action is overblown and enjoyable without being the cutting edge in special effects at any time.

I found Terminator 3 thoroughly entertaining.

Full of action and high-tech gadgets, Terminator 3 is very enjoyable - a worthy addition to the Terminator trilogy.

However some of these action scenes are exaggerated to the max with some of them going on for far too long like the bathroom fight and the first chase sequence.

There are long-drawn out scenes and scenes under-developed.

The story is ridiculous, messy, and totally boring.

It partly feels like a cheap copy of the previous Terminators but at the same time it gives some enjoyable moments for all the true Terminator fans in a new decade.

Overall an action packed sequel which does not disappoint.

You're frequently surprised by the T-1000 in T2 whereas you're just bored by the Terminatrix in T3.

T3 has a good start but becomes more and more boring and not very well layed out.

They took times to slow down and in a way really impact the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit, more in the second half than the first.

Lame jokes, bad performances (with the exception of Stahl), pointless special effects and a rushed ending.

Mind blowing Action and FX and Arnold back in his Terminator boots is good enough for a funtime movie with popcorn.

However, it's undeniably entertaining, despite being silly, and that counts for quite a bit.

The film is worth watching.

And also like T2, an even further outdated T-800 (somehow called a T-850)(Arnie again also) is sent to protect him and his wife who was never mentioned before, Kate Brewster (played by a boring Claire Danes).

*yawn*Now the special-effects were the main attraction of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

i mean james cameron can do dense, exciting and in no scene boring movies with much story and a length of almost 3h.

'): this is one of the most pointless sequels of all time.

Ah-nuld's oneliners were hardly funny, the acting of Claire Danes and Nick Stahl was stale to say the least and the plot of the movie was that there is no plot.

Terminally tedious.

T3 was action packed, had an incredible story that continued the saga nicely, and also added it's own shocking elements, had great acting, good direction, and above all else, Arnie once again in his glorious prime.

good film, enjoyable - until the last scene when this film really turns into a GREAT movie.

You are missing out on an action packed movie.

It is entertaining, and it's good to see Arnold still on the big screen.

But still the movie is worth watching once.

Worthwhile and exciting third entry in the Terminator trilogy .

Not a spectacular sequel, but still entertaining and not as bad as some other third chapters.

That will make up for our utter lack of plot!

Overall, if you're just looking for a decent action flick and not expecting this to be amazing, then you should definitely pick this up because it can be enjoyable.

yes we all enjoy the special effects, but in the end it's the original story that was so fresh and exciting and that's gone out the window with t3.

Overall, although I dislike the film's concrete answers to the end of Judgment Day, and some of the plot holes, the film overall is an entertaining ride.

Its nothing compared to the first two, but its worth watching just to see Schwarzenegger.

Overall an enjoyable addition to the franchise.

Essentially a remake of T2, what gives this film extra points is the unexpected twist ending (which I'll discuss without spoiler boxes as the film is 6 years old so if you haven't seen the film, look away now!

So overall, I thought T:3 was a bit of a waste of time, and Mr. Cameron will probably be sat smugly thinking 'I knew I was right all along!

The action sequences are also exciting and Arnold is in good form.

An appalling production with dreary direction and really ham-fisted acting.

The other action sequences to me were just boring and didn't live up to the hype that I expected.

Everything was made for some thrilling moments, pretty well done, some great special effects and some nice humor.

The chase scene and the fight in the toilets are impressive, but will have you laughing out loud rather than on the edge of your seat.

And the way Arnie dies here is so uneventful as compared in T2.

All of the silly cliché catch phrases made me wonder if it was on purposed to mock itself or mock us.

Mind you, it felt a little contrived since it seemed that the T-1000, that was pure living metal, was somewhat more advanced than this new one that happened to have an endo-skeleton.

I enjoyed it.

From his perspective, this is an intense amount of pressure to put on someone.

Enjoyable in its own right...

And when she does downplay her emotions, she's just bland.

The Terminator franchise was officially becoming a bore.

This film, directed by Jonathan Mostow, continues the story of the franchise, while this demonstrating some pulse-pounding action sequences and a compelling premise, it sadly falls short of the excitement that made the first two films entertaining.

However, the action was justgreat and the film was so much more exciting that any action flickI'd seen in years - because it was pure popcorn and escapism, nohidden agendas or deep subtleties - just straight, solid well-madeentertainment and that has been lacking for a while (not theentertainment, just the well-made part!

Action was well done, but that doesn't excuse the lack of story, which seemed to be there only to connect all the pointless actionscenes.

The humor's awful and the characters are boring, although if lip-quivering were an Olympic event Claire Danes would get the gold.

When we learn of Sarah's death it is empty and unsatisfying.

But what this movie suffers from is what makes it invisible and boring compared to the first terminator movies.

However, the biggest flaw surely must be that the film takes the philosophy, effort and loss of the first two films and renders them completely pointless.

I always feel a bit fooled the second time I watch one of his movies because they suddenly feel so empty.

The talks of John Connor, where he explains where he was and what he was/is doing, well the story tellings, is simply flat, dry and monotone.

As you'd expect the special effects are good, and the action is fast paced and good to watch.

John Connor, well written character, drug abuse, life on the edge, somewhat lost in himself, brilliant writing there.

He was old, human and dull in T3.3) It wasn't a Terminator movie.

I had seen both previous Terminator movies, and if the steep drop-off between the smart and decidedly unnerving original and the dull overblown action sequence of a sequel was any indication of how the new film promised to be, then I expected nothing short of what I actually saw- nearly 2 hours of absolutely gratuitous mayhem.

What an enjoyable experience - twelve years on and they succeeded in making a film that didn't ruin the story and at the same time delivers one hell of a fast-paced, monster of a movie.

As thrilling as the first two Terminator films were, they made up a rather complete duology.

Often the reliable formula can be much more entertaining.

Of course, not all is perfect: after Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl is a somewhat uninspiring John Connor, and Claire Danes is given surprisingly little to do.

Don't get me wrong, Terminator 3 is a very entertaining action film.

It was a good movie, enjoyable and the special effects were spectacular.

Arnold was OK and had a bunch of good one liners But it was obvious that there was just no script to this one.

Nick Stahl is boring.

The story was great, the Terminatrix was awesome (better then the T-100), the action was intense, the ending was perfect, and Arnold was funny as hell.

Now those three films are worth watching unfortunately I can't say the same for this one.

Moments like that took away from the serious and intense nature that the movie should have displayed.

T3, although disappointing, is exciting as it is true to the previous films.

Some of his one-liners fail to hit the spot, but on the most part they succeed in entertaining, and the way he finds his trademark leather jacket is an unexpected treat.

Once Skynet goes online and Judgment Day officially arrives, the movie becomes more entertaining as we see early Hunter-Killers and T-1's rampage through a military base.

This movie has the standard modern-day Hollywood blockbuster virtues and vices - it's great-looking, fast-paced and has some terrific action and special effects, but the plot is a lame rehash of another movie (in this case, Terminator 2: Judgement Day), the characters are uninteresting and the film lacks any kind of depth or atmosphere.

It was incredible intense, hardcore, and gripping the entire movie and I loved it.

Quite enjoyable; 8/10.

Well yes that's one thing which became enjoyable in this ride of discontent, some clichéd moments like the truck chase similar to T2 yet less appealing, Arnold putting on pink-star glasses only to find it resenting, etc. Parody and comedy felt like nice breaks in mundane action.

there was no story line...

The script is shallow and dull, conceived in the most immature style.

C then this is a film well worth watching with planty of action.

The formula that worked so effectively in the 1984 classic wears thin here, but it provides enough explosive action scenes and cheesy one-liners to be entertaining if you buy into it, otherwise it's pretty forgettable.

Formulaic .

far too long and tedious action scenes (and I love the Matrix, T1, T2, etc and action in general).

Probably the worst movie of the year.

The shoot-outs and car-chases are simply not that exciting, and every time this tries to recreate or mimic something in one of the previous entries, it's awful at worst, and dull, never reaching the height of them, at best.

However, there are many movies that consist of weak stories and characters overloaded with great action that are still entertaining enough; this is one such movie.

It didn't work as a sequel, nor as a tribute, nor as a parody, only as an action movie to pass the time on an otherwise boring evening.

save your money!!

Arnie was boring in this film, didn't have the same spark as in T2, i guess though in this film he is a different cyborg.

But dang it was entertaining to watch.. twice :Dblah blah bad English etc my opinion...

Save your money and pretend T-2 was the final movie.

i was afraid because of james cameron's departure from the movie at the end T3 is a well done action movie, very exciting and with an ashtoning final great!

Ok, Terminator 3 is unnecessary but its so enjoyable it makes up for it.

dismal and a waste of time and money - everybody's.

As action packed and high tech as these chases are, I find myself yawning from boredom along the tail end of them.

T3 is just an action packed visually spectacular film to see.

Above all, it thoroughly entertaining as, as Arnie comments at one point: "Your levity is good - it relieves tension and the fear of death".

Boring -Claire Danes.

Seeing someone get the crap beat out of them while knowing the characters won't actually be injured is surprisingly, perhaps frighteningly, engrossing.

T3 is an enjoyable action film with Arnie looking as good as ever as the Terminator.

Terminator I was very thrilling, and so was Terminator II.

The film features some extreme action stunts that have you on the edge and it goes to show that the film did a lot to make it feel like Terminator and the fights were pretty intense for this one.

Action packed, fun and original.

And somehow, after a kind of light, easy to take in running time, this ends in a depressing(not to mention abrupt, unsatisfying and pointless) way(sadly, Boen's role in this can be described that way, as well).

(A lot of boring dialogue could have been left out.

i gotta say i loved the CGI in this, the graphics were immense and really kept me on the edge of my seat.

The comedy in "T-3" was an unexpected enjoyment.


This movie was enjoyable.

Fx have come a long way even since T2, and there has been some attempt at least to spice up some of the chase and fight sequences a bit, with Terminators being dragged through collapsing buildings, crushed under vehicles and so on all pretty convincingly and generally spectacularly.

They build it up to be something epic and it turns out to be something unexpected.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is occasionally funny and entertaining.

There are some intense action and cool special effects that highlight a slew of spectacular new weaponry the Terminator and T-X possess.

While not as thought provoking or dark as the previous movies, this is still highly entertaining stuff.

Yes, it is entertaining enough to warrant a one-time viewing.

He starts off as a cliche' depressed teenager.

Not quite up to scratch with the first two, but still entertaining(spoilers) .

compact, exciting, perfectly executed .

Worth Watching .

While some fans of the Terminator movies would like to ignore what Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has to say it's still an exciting watch.

The TX was bland and she was no where near the level of the T1000 played by Robert Patrick.

I find that all the loud action scenes and partial nudity a bore to me for it does not make the writing material or acting or quality any better.

But still, it didnt be as dark, exciting as the other ones.

Special effects sequences are okay, but a huge waste of money when the finished product is this mediocre.

Just as its predecessors, I found this movie to be very entertaining.

but then, T3 does bring in some refreshment in terms of concepts (it adds to a lot of confusion and inconsistencies as well!

The sounds and sights are awe inspiring in some scenes.

Back in 1991, it was new fresh and exciting.

Pointless and very, very disappointing is more apt.

This is a 'proper' terminator movie and is well worth watching.

What a waste of time and space, a true turd after the diamonds of Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

) (Spoiler following) In 'Aliens' Ripley spends the entire movie protecting Newt, Hicks and Bishop and stopping once and for all the alien race only to have 'Alien 3' open with Newt & Hicks dead, Bishop to die later and the aliens breeding again like nothing happened.

The screenplay is marred by its poor storytelling, dull dialogues, complete lack of depth, terrible characterisation, forgettable villain & soulless action, which gets even worse with the lifeless performance its cast puts up.

The concept of time-travel can be extensively used to churn out repetitive sequels even though the whole thing is riddled with paradoxes.

It looks like the series is heading in exciting new directions…

Oh well, the cast is stunning, especially Kristanna Loken, the special effect awesome, the plot ok, the ending sad, and another Trilogy made in Hollywood is complete.

Somehow the Director manages all of this while at the same time avoiding any thought provocation and emotional content, something viewers tend to overlook in the previous films, even despite the dark subject matter of impending nuclear holocaust, inevitable unchangeable fate (which in itself contradicts the message well delivered in the second film of free will and writing one's own future), soulless killing machines hell-bent on murdering individuals, etc. Indeed despite all these gripping themes (hijacked from the previous films and not the directors own work), the director only manages to present to us an uninspired ret-con of the story presented.

The blood and violence was increbly gripping as well.

but its still much more entertaining than alot of the action dreck that comes from Hollywood now-a-days.

It has it's flaws but, I still think I does the job, it's still entertaining.

Arnie actually looked bored in this outing, which is something of an acting revelation for him.

However "T-3" is still a thoroughly worthy and engaging finale (?

The story isn't completely annoying although it is pretty bogus, the visuals and action scenes are awesome, the acting is pretty good, we get to see Arnold again, and it is pretty entertaining....

Giving the TX a female gender is not a twist, actually it is hardly even variation, it is just boring.