Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human must protect a young girl from a newly modified liquid Terminator from the future.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Tim Miller
Stars: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 158 out of 1000 found boring (15.8%)

One-line Reviews (504)

Everyone I saw left the theater pumped and excited.

It's an action movie with a lot of flaws and if you focus on suspending your disbelief hard enough, it's enjoyable.

Don't waste your time on this crap.

This movie had some great effects and lots of engrossing action sequences, and the new terminator can split apart to become two menacing entities, which is pretty cool.

Too predictable, some of the silliness fell flat.

Mackenzie Davis, as the guardian human from the future, was surprisingly intense.

Nope, the dialogue exchanged between the characters is bland and uninspired, with little aside from variations on "We can't stay here" and "We have to keep moving".

They picked the slowest plane .

And that is the SJW propaganda we see a little too much in movies these days.

Watch this movie if you want and great action packed sci-fi movie and you know little about terminator.

Nearly fell asleep towards the ending as the final action scene is a bit dull and just a mess of a lot of dark scenes where you can't tell what is happening.

Complety unwatchable.

And it resorts to boringly telling us what's going on.

The rest is boring to mildly entertaining stuff.

It is a shame to read all these 1 and 2 star reviews for a perfectly entertaining movie.

It's easy to be critical but if you go along with it, it's a thrilling, fun, action packed ride with time spent developing characters you can empathize with.

Both characters were bland, boring and bordering on pointless.

Next step, let's try turning another movie into a boring and inefficient advertisement...

Despite several glaring issues, the film manages to be an entertaining delight, and rides entirely on Hamilton's no-nonsense input.

And in what's become a stereotypical formula of banal, derivative, demographically pandering action nonsense.

John saves mankind from a apocalyptic future, this new uninteresting female John does the same, again WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE???

Had high expectations but struggled to stay awake through the film!

I enjoyed it .

Surprisingly enjoyed it.

With Genisys we start to see more thought return to the franchise and personally I enjoyed it.

So when a review such as this one:One liners, boring villains and no heart.

Some really intense action that sometimes uses too much CG.

This is an aesthetically pleasing, light-hearted action flick that has all the right nostalgic bits to make it enjoyable with some of the coolest IP in the entertainment space.

It's very enjoyable.

It started with a bang and just kept going with an intense climax at the end.

so they could dish up "Salvation" which did its best to ruin the franchise by getting rid of time travel (an essential ingredient) and adding the half human/cyborg Sam Worthington character (yawn).

This is a really good action / Terminator movie that does not reinvent the wheel, but its a very entertaining film.

Casting is really bad, scenario is awful and childish, and story line is very predictable.

So ridiculous that it is entertaining.

It has some slow bits especially towards the beginning which made it drop a star for me and some of the dialogue was a bit clunky.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish more movies took this approach.

Don't waste your money.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

So, you have a T_800, a Rev_9 and an enhanced super soldier in the mix-plus 2 humans-to make an action packed good time.

and barely managed to stay awake for the duration of the movie.

Yeah it is very similar to T2, but it was entertaining and was only a tad long, its terminator people.

The film's storyline is also nothing new and action scenes are loaded with CGI, taking away the suspenseful chills.

And finally, the direction, which was curious and well-paced, instead of the blurry and uninteresting mess.

Pretty enjoyable movie, probably the best Terminator sequel after T2 (I know, this could say a lot about the sequels for example).

I'd say this is the only Terminator sequel that's worth watching.

For the sixth entry in a series, it's very entertaining, it has plenty of eye-popping visuals, and Schwarzenegger doesn't disappoint even when he could be sleepwalking through the role at this point.

It's not bloody Shakespeare, but I found it - warts and all - an enjoyable night out at the movies.

Don't waste your money.

I'm not sure why everyone is hating on this so much in the reviews, it's really quite a entertaining and fun watch.

These effects used to look special in the past, while these effects are now used too much and can come across as standard or cliché.

Terminator: Dark Fate is just a very entertaining blockbuster.

It's been a long time since I felt this way, but when I saw the prologue for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE I wanted to leave.

A film couldn't be more irrelevant, or even more boring.

It is enjoyable, it has some great action scenes, the new protagonist terminator is actually pretty good and so is grace.

But Dark Fate is simply unwatchable.

Therefore as an audience member he was an enjoyable villain and when he was eventually killed it was more satisfying as they made him seem indestructible.

Action packed, perfect, gives you the sensation that not 1$ from the budget went to waste.

The public are the ones who pay for these empty, CGI-fests.

I think 8 is a good number for me, it was entertaining and I got my money's worth!

Okay well at the first hour of the movie the sequence was really bad and slow and I began to feel bored.

It's pointless just like the last three Terminator Sequels after T2.

As a 'brain at the door' piece of sci-fi hocum I really quite enjoyed it.

Really, a pointless expenditure of $US 185 million to make a chase movie.

6.4/10 As a terminator fan that grew up watching T2 religiously, the pointless events in the beginning are utterly pitiful for the franchise.

An entertaining and fun watch.

Don't waste your money anymore with this franchise.

I was utterly bored.

Pretty good, worth watching .

The worst movie in Terminator franchise.

Don't waste your time and money.

Don't waste your money, terrible movie.

The action is spectacular and thrilling from beginning to end.

"Terminator: Dark Fate" has its flaws but is still entertaining.

Killing him makes T1 and T2 completely pointless.

they tried to resurrect the franchise with genisys a few years ago but that was another disappointment as it was also a bit confusing as for timelines and how things were happening.

The storyline is stale, and the acting has become tedious.

I am a big Terminator fan, with T1 and T2 being my favorites, T3 and Salvation are a drop off from the 1st 2 films but are still enjoyable and have some good elements and have replay value.

If you are a fan of the first 2 Terminator movies , a fan of the characters Sara Conner , John Conner , and Arnold's first Terminator then don't waste your time and money on this piece of crap.

It practically follows the same template as the previous movies, but also adds some more entertaining elements to the story.

I wonder how much if at all involvement James Cameron had in this film considering how boring it was and how the plot was basically not there.

Well, I think it is intriguing as we can see some changes in Hollywood by comparing this one to the first Terminator movie.

It is a joke of a movie, they took everything done and said on T1 and T2 and threw it to the trash, a simple and empty new story without John Connor, leader of the Resistance.

If you just want a solidly entertaining action movie along the lines of T1 and T2, this is a worthy entry.

There's nothing new here to see, just another long and dull Terminator chase, devoid of excitement, menace and tension.

The story was believable, the action was intense and the homage made to the original 2 movies was needed, to keep fans happy.

His mother bore him and trained him since birth how to prepare for Judgment Day and how to fight Terminators.

Flimsy, weak and boring...

Watching Hamilton come back as Sarah Conner is far more believable and entertaining.

It is completely predictable with the one saving grace being Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance, which is the best part of the film.

Opening is really stunning, action going on and on and never stops.

Don't waste your time .

Mackenzie Davis, for whom I've had a hopeless crush since seeing her as a cute NASA geek in The Martian (and then again in Blade Runner 2049), plays a relatable, compelling character, with an intriguing mix of power and vulnerability.

This film is a fun and thrilling ride from beggining to end to the amazing and sometimes overwhelming action scenes to the characters we know and love and characters we are introduced too however the changes they make to the film is that what makes it confusing and somewhat unneeded in the film the first problem is the start wear thay kill of a majour character which is john conner before the title screen even arrives a terminator just shoots him 3 times in the chest and hes gone when i saw edward ferlong in the cast list i expected a older john conner and what i thought would be cool is that hes basicly a male sara conner however he was nothing to this movie but to add to saras character arc in the movie dealing with her loss the only part i felt for her during ger times mentioning john is when she mentions that she is forgetting how he looks because they wanted to be safe by taking no pictures of him because people would think how that felt if that happened to them however thats it they didnt make it a big deal of the movie after they killed him at the start which was a bad idea making terminator 2 the greatest movie ever made said by some people the whole plot to protect john conner pointless thanks to dark fate.

What couldve been a competent action movie is dragged down by horrendous writing ,political agenda.

The story-line delivers, but in an unexpected manner.

This had the original two Terminator stars, great effects & tons of action, making it very entertaining.

Save the money because the more often you pay the more Hollywood will continue to turn trash like this out.

In a world of cinema where directors and writers try too hard to make their movies ultra compelling filled with plot-twists and bad endings, this movie delivers a smooth and balanced cinematic experience that neither blows you way or disappoints you.

I would only recommend this to people who are bored, have a few bucks to spend, and are willing to turn their brains off so they can just enjoy the action.

For a start (Spoilers Ahead) John Conner Edward Furlong returns only to be killed 3 minutes in, so the first two movies are literally pointless.

A bit of nonsense, far from boring.

All of Sarah Connor's struggles to save her son from the T-1000 have now been rendered pointless.

Just left the theater.

The opening car chase sequence was awesome which put you on the edge of your seat.

All of that being said, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton were super badasses and most of the action was absolutely riveting.

ok, that was unexpected...

Complete waste of time and money for some idiots 'PC' politics on the big screen.

The Rev-9 is boring, unoriginal, uninspired and badly designed.

Zero acting (except Mackenzie Davis) Full of political and tolerancy propaganda.

A good portion of the movie had slower moments that made the effort to establish human connections.

Entertaining action film?

Why do we need a feminist crap version of politically correct propaganda?

It's a breathtaking blockbuster, and a welcome return to form.

Despite the common plot, it's a good movie with all these spectacular special visual effects and thrilling fighting scenes.

So the franchise continues with the repetitive elements.

Enjoyable hocum.

I mean it's not directed by Cameron so don't expect the greatness of T2, but it's entertaining and the storyline is good.

Finally worth watching and raising interest again for the Terminator series.

The worst terminator movie is boring .

If you are a Terminator fan, this is probably the worst movie in the franchise.

This film was hugely enjoyable.

"Fortunately, amidst this literal tipping point in the end of humanity, adrenaline fueled chases, and brutal battles, Tim Miller displays a welcome sense of humor, be it Carl describing the irresponsible drapery decisions of one of his customers.

The story was good but a little confusing.

The villain Gabriel Luna played Rev-9 really good with delivering the scary and thrilling feeling of being chased by him.

It's exciting, entertaining (CGI fails once or twice though) and thrilling to watch, and has an emotional side to it that reminds us of Terminator 2 - machines can learn to live with (and "love") people.

You took it all to the ground and wrapped it up in a boring dead air movie that won't have any interesting sequels, killed the main reason we watched it and took it go the dumpster.

Story kept simple , action packed.

A huge set of cliche, marketing trends and epic stupidity.

I really enjoyed it

Its boring, plot holes, unanswered questions abound, it totally trashes the original characters esp Sarah Conners.

Arnie and Hamilton cgi action scenes were engaging enough.

Nearly every action scene is in the preview, and yes there are some rough CGI moments, but I enjoyed it as a whole.

Please stop making these cash grabbing films that have the exact same storyline it's overdone and boring and just wrong.

For the haters saying this movie makes T1 and T2 pointless...

Go watch the Terminator, alsmost a carbon copy of number 2, but I really enjoyed it.


I almost walked out .

It was a very entertaining movie.

It's a vaguely entertaining 2+ hour film that relies on impressing only the aging crowd who first turned the Terminator into a major blockbuster.

While that may be the point that these films try to explore, although even Cameron seems to be confused as to what the overall message is about fate now, it isn't necessary to keep showing the audience that, especially when the experience is as bland as this.

I actually enjoyed it!

Nostalgic action packed blockbuster .

Still an entertaining movie.

I fell asleep on the first hour, then HE came.

I laughed out loud multiple times in the theater like everyone else around me, it was super enjoyable.

There are no real plot reveals, the story just grinds on as the characters come to conclusions that have long been obvious for the audience.

Dont waste your time do not watch .

It is a non stop action packed thrill ride from start to finish, emotional engaging and often brutal.

Action sequences are fast paced and fun.

Unbearable dross.

Dark Fate is intense, exciting, and awesome.

Overall, this Terminator version is solid, entertaining, along with a touching emotional whisper of some of the finer Terminator predecessor movies.

Just an utterly pointless film.

I found it pretty enjoyable.

Her character is dull, paranoid, egocentric and just, I wanted to hit her with a bottle on the screen.

If you're a fan of the series it's worth watching to make your own opinion.

A complete waste of money and time.

Really I got tired of all of these none sense movies, how they could do this to every franchise, such a bland movie, no character no storytelling just pure cgi and visual effects.

but I really enjoyed it!

Terminator: Dull Failure .

And while it's great to see Hamilton back and Davis is strong (who on earth chose the bland Brie Larson as Captain America over her?

I get why there's some hate on this and whilst it's got nothing on T1 & T2, I just really enjoyed it.

My husband I just saw this movie and both of us thought it was fantastically entertaining!

We've had so many new Terminators and people that MUST be protected that the whole thing has become generic and boring.

Not only does this not make sense as this Terminator was from the future where he grew up to be the hero, it makes everything that happened in the first two movies pointless.

There is no story development, no character development.

Personally, I found the Joker a bit bland, and found the new Terminator had me excited during the action scenes and laughing at some funny and corny moments.

Horrendously bad, PC propaganda .

The action sequences got bigger and bolder as the film progressed and therefore the film just got more and more entertaining.

It was so well made, fast action and intense!

It could've worked as a stand alone in many respects, but it uses the mythology of the first two movies (and a few ideas from the others) to create a thoroughly entertaining movie.

Bit when i watched it, it was enjoyable.

This film was action packed and what I expected, Arnold was used wisely, Sarah Conner was perfect.

Being interested in entertainment, or being immersed in fiction to tell a story of characters (male/female/other) or fictional concepts is something quickly dissipating in US general culture, and increasingly isolated to several niche communities only.

It's fast paced and very engaging.

On it's own, its an entertaining action movie that should probably do fine with people.

Terminator: Dark Fate is a fun, thrilling, non-stop-action packed sci-fi blockbuster, with a hint of nostalgia and sets up a new tale within the Terminator-universe.

An unstoppable machine, relentlessly tedious.

Finally I will give 10 stars because I loved it,enjoyed it and somehow left satisfied of it ended.

A very enjoyable and very well made action / Terminator movie .

It's not and never will be as good as the first 2 films, buts it's definitely an enjoyable movie.

The action sequences are chest gripping, and don't drop a single beat.

The continuity is a mess and keeps being rebooted, so everything is pointless: no development can feel meaningful.

The rest of the film is a rather dull game of cat and mouse that we have already seen several times before in this franchise.

One of perhaps five film I have walked out on before the end.

Very exciting.

Don't waste your time if you are not one of them

This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

If you're looking for great action packed Terminator fight scenes, you'll like it.

Too many characters sloshing down an action packed slide show.

It was entertaining and fun.

Terrible and pointless sequel.

Absolutely Entertaining👍 .

As a Cameron Sci-Fi fan, it's an enjoyable ride with familiar faces and a relief that the franchise landed a good restart .

Remember in Terminator 2, the action scenes were exciting, its funny in places, its sad.

Camera's zoomed in too close to see what is going on and hit on the heels of IT Chapter 2, this is another movie with an over reliance on horrible, relentless, boring CGI that takes the viewer right out of the movie.

No plot, no science fiction.

It's extremely predictable and towards the end just doesn't make sense (with obvious plot holes and deus ex machina).

I thought MacKenzie Davis did OK but her character was just really uninteresting.

I'm a huge fan of T1 and T2, and even Genisys, on second viewing, was better (or, at least more entertaining) than I remembered it.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to end.

Whole movie is based on an old premise, and feels like bland of T1 and T2 and reversed T3, even the new antagonist is just that T800 and T1000 combined into one machine.

Left me on the edge the whole time!

reboot, predictable and boring appeal to the mainstream cnn and daily show zombies.

Arnold is just so enjoyable to watch and he made the most of all the screen time he had.

Needless to say it's enjoyable to see the return of both Linda Hamilton & Arnold Schwarzenegger (even if the reasoning behind it is a bit sly).

Boring, stupid and primitive.

I liked the slow disintegration of the first Terminator.

This is definetly not a 1/10 movie, I would rate it a 7/10, while T1 is 9/10 and t2 is a 9.5/10 for me :) I really liked the first half of it, it's intense and action packed.

The narrative is just 'Terminator 2' all over again, even more so than the other entries in the franchise, and at this point it just feels tedious.

And Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers an unexpected high-quality performance as an evolved droid on it's final quest; generosity of spirit and humanity oozed from his turn as the Cyberdine product.

It is really a very entertaining movie.

it reinvents the original movie timeline with an underlying respect to real world equality issues - yep - there's big walls - immigration and empowering women themes right throughout the movie - yawn - like we've not seen enough of this unnecessarily used.

As I said, this is a blockbuster and in terms of just being entertaining and not being innovative it does what I was looking for.

This Terminator instalment pales in comparison to the 1991 iconic film in terms of cool technology and memorable scenes, but as a T-fan, I'm relieved that finally this one is in the right direction: competent cast, nostalgic BGM, smart-ass one-liners intersecting smooth, fast paced action.

It lives up to the second movie with the intense feeling with characters being chased by Rev-9.

Another Dull Pamdering Hollywood Rehash Full of Inconsistencies and Devoid of Meaning .

Linda is unlikable, Dani is boring.

But one thing Dark Fate does do is to reunite Cameron, Schwarzenegger, and Hamilton in a pleasing way, and in my opinion it accomplishes something the last three films in the franchise failed at, which is entertaining audiences.

The set pieces are stunning and the cgi used to give us the new Terminator threat the "Rev9" is as you would expect...

Action Packed Good Time .

They should start rating movies from F1 slightly feminist to F5 (if you're a man, don't waste your time).

It's not awful, though; there's some good character work, the T-800 is used in an interesting way, it's great to see three strong female leads in a blockbuster like this, and the action is mostly entertaining.

i highly recommend you don't waste your time watching this....

This is a great movie that takes you on a familiar fun action packed ride from the first three minutes into the movie.

Watched the film tonight and enjoyed it.

She essentially only serves the purpose of saying the 'F-word' whenever a situation gets intense during the entire film.

There are also a couple of neat set-pieces, especially in the first half, before everything becomes over-the-top tiresome.

Aesthetically it's awesome, has great action scenes and fights, plot now that's complicated because depending on how strongly you feel about the first two films is whether you'll like that, I went with 3 other friends to see this, myself and 1 enjoyed it, the other two walked out.

The movie is supposed to be entertaining, not change your personal life.

Waste of time .

Every movie with time travel creates so much confusion so I do not care anyway.

"Terminator: Dark Fate" (2019) surprised me of how well it was made and that actually really enjoyed it.

The film also cleverly throws some unexpected twists which helps explain the divergence from the futuristic timeline that was displayed in the prior films.

Its plot is dull and full of nonsense.

It's fun but it's predictable and seems fake.

A man with great body posture and charisma ..,Mackenzie Davis has it ,Linda has it and do I have to say a word about Arnold ..?? Dark Fate is amazing in every way ,it worth watching it.

This movie's plot is pointless.

The two main issues are the action and the contrived, heavy handed PC garbage that is infiltrating almost every movie that comes out nowadays.

I really enjoyed it - it was tense and thrilling with inventive action and twists on the usual Terminator story.

I could go on and on, but this movie was a waste of time.

Action sequences are barely two or three and they are neither thrilling nor interesting and lack of mind.

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE fails to recapture the glory of the original two films, focusing instead on car chases and explosions, rather than a meaningful innovation to re-spark what's become an all too predictable cacophony.

Arnold came too late with a dull background on his current life.

The film works either way, bringing the tale of the first two films to a satisfying conclusion while reintroducing the classic storyline, in exciting new ways, to an excited new audience.

Carl's arc is perhaps the most compelling.

Action Packed & Entertaining .

The film also starts well and then falls into a hole and has a hard time getting out, SSSLOWWW and when Arnie comes, it gets up; i don't feel good tempo; slow by pieces and a lot of action on others, that is, I don't think it has a good editing.

This makes the first two great Terminator films pointless, how disgraceful.

Some people are getting their panties in a wad about this being primarily a female lineup but I enjoyed it.

The movie is exciting and distressing like the first two movies.

You guys know the leaks by now but yet you rock and Moan you knew James Cameron lied about Eddie furlong being in the movie he's been killed off the movie but yet you go to the cinemas and see it and then moan about afterwards we warned you guys number of times of the leaks and please save your money check out the spoiler alerts before seeing the movie save your money if you have any conscience what so ever it didn't even deserved to make 1 million let alone a one hundred million you guys help make that happened even though it looks like a flop but don't make it go any further other wised Hollywood will think we liked the movie when we don't simple logic I'm gonna use a arnold one liner ''I don't have respect for people who has no respect for logic''

A political agenda and frankly a very boring plot led to this movie's demise.

They come across as more exciting and they "stick around" if you know what I mean.

__________________________________DISLIKES: 1-The plot was boring.

The first 20 minutes before Sarah Connor showed up were intense and really impressive.

Is Dark Fate a stark reminder that entertaining movies are more than just scenic dystopian landscapes and special effects?

Which means that the three movies after T2 were a big red herring and a colossal waste of time.

HOWEVER, no authorities show up at the Hoover Dam during the climax and the two of them are freely roaming around in public afterwards, like nothing happened.

In conclusion, if you love the "Terminator" movies, DON'T Waste your money and time on this one.

"Worst movie I've seen in cinema, ever.

It's entertaining.

It will give you adrenaline rush.

I saw it and I found it quite entertaining and not boring!

Then followed by a fast paced action and amazing adrenaline rush, plus the common elements of Terminator series (car chase and truck, "come to live", etc).

Also some people in the cinema looked pretty bored at times, and some even left.

Those subtle inside jokes incorporated into dialogues give the audience something to smile about while sitting on the edge of their seats.


When the first two Terminator movies made you drool during action scenes and collect oneself during talking scenes, here I got really bored during action and waited only to see more Linda and Arnie.

Very entertaining and good plot .

Problematic settings(Fly to Nevada from Texas in minutes, it's not C5, it's rocket; Huge power source in ur body and ur need prescriptions to stay awake; Anyone ever seen an EMP explode like that?

Boring rehash that only takes away from the original two films.

The latino girl character is SO dull and such a cliche.

There are 3 exciting moments, which play out poorly due to extremely bad writing: When Sarah arrives on the screen; when Arny shows up; and when the film ends.

It has some very nice and exciting action scènes.

Don't waste your money.

TERRIBLE waste of time and money .

This stunning plot cycle requires an impetus, supplied directly in the form of a T E R m i n A t O R who can be both TXXX and T1000 at once.

this is a waste of time...

For me it was 100% enjoyable as an action flick which I definitely will watch again.

worst and most boring T film ever made.

Wow..You cannot say this movie has a slow start, the action scenes from the start were thrilling to watch.

I thought it was a fun, entertaining movie and it brought back some of the nostalgia of the old classics.

Finally as if any more proof was needed - James Cameron is just a washed up hack and this effort was about as entertaining and thought through as his pseudo historical documentaries about Atlantis and (fake) biblical archaeology.

The film is action packed with , Drama, action, amazing cinematography, stunning visual effects and absolutley incredible performances by all cast, including the Queen of action Linda Hamilton.

Save your money and just watch Genisys again.

Or maybe a boring night when it's eventually on Netflix.

For me, it made up for the empty storyline.

Shame, but despite that, this was a good sequel to T2 and I really enjoyed it.

I got what I came for; enjoyed it and had great popcorn.

But the two women soon find some much-needed help from a pair of unexpected allies, seasoned warrior Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator......

Same story + boring Hollywood propaganda .

GENYSIS was enjoyable, except for the fact that the story kills John Connor and turns him into an A.

It's entertaining.

Okay so lets start by saying that i didnt know what to expect here but however this is a masterpeice and action packed there were laughs galore and things exploding yes oh yes this a action packed superfun good the smartass character of sarah conner is absolutely a hoot here cracking one liners and kickass

The action sequences were amazing when they were going on but sometime the film just dragged.

This is an intense ride that a fan can indulge and escape from reality.

Worth watching purely for action entertainment .

Pure garbage, no storyline , give me my money back!

All up, I enjoyed it.

It's from start to end a wild adrenaline ride which actually captures the heart and spirit of a genuine Terminator movie.

The cinematic action scenes are wonderfully entertaining and very sophisticated.

Cheesy dialogue that was painful to watch Awful acting by Linda Hamilton Probably the worst movie in the franchise


The action scenes were reminiscent of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and really sent me back to that exciting time.

This was a total waste of 2 hours of my life.

I thought the only flaw was the way Arnold's Terminator was a family man - that was a bit of a stretch in believability and flawed the film however the rest of it was gripping.

My wife nearly crushed my hand during some of the fighting because they were so intense at times.

Boring movie with 3 action scenes .

Acting-wise, Annie was reassuringly wooden, just as he always is, Natalia Reyes rather bland, Gabriel Luna was charismatic and has a good look and, as I said, Linda Hamilton was just absurdly masculine and wrinkled to hell.

All other movies were bland and never really propose anything interesting.

Enjoyable return to form.

Entertaining enough.

Save your money don't go see this one, if you've seen Terminator 1 you've seen this movie.

The adrenaline rush that I experienced was similar to the rush that I felt when watching the first two Terminators for the very first time.

Save your money and only watch at home if you're an absolute diehard fan.

Thrilling with good performances best sequel since the original.

Another piece of radical leftist propaganda trash.

and for what they were given they both were very enjoyable.

I'll be honest, Dark Fate is more mediocre than unwatchable, probably the best Terminator since T2...

Actually contrary to what many say, it did do something different and unexpected with what the female "terminator" ended up being.

After T2, the movies make me feel uncomfortable with the confusing timelines.

I could go on, so to sum up, unoriginal story making it a boring film with lack lustre action.

But, it felt a little like an hour and a half of the contrived girlpower shot from Avengers Endgame.

I would have given this a 10 but the first 10 minutes detoured that but overall this is definitely worth the watch

Action Packed .

for the cast - of course Linda Hamilton will always be Sarah Connor no one can really deny that, Mackenzie Davis was enjoyable as sort of a merge of the T800 and Kyle Reese, i'm sad to say however the weak link is Natalia Reyes, her character Dani Ramos was just bland making her this new prophet in the future now that John's been wiped out was so obviously signposted.


The last couple of action scenes are boring.

This was an entertaining movie.

Liberal propaganda .

The way they brought Schwarzenegger back was so contrived and silly.

) but there's something worryingly stale and pointless about Dark Fate that ensures viewers will be left cold by another series entry that feels mostly pointless and arbitrary.

They were fresh, exciting and all still hold up today.

It's an entertaining movie, full of action.

It's sloppy, it's lazy and pointless.

But the easter eggs they used to link it to the other films were just as entertaining for me.

In the closing scene, it can be assumed that a new "Sarah Connor" will take-over, and the actual Sarah Connor takes her under her wing where some intense training is sure to follow.

A mind-numbingly dull and formless film with not one redeeming quality in any department whatsoever.

Boring story and nothing new, all rehash from previous movies, just 100x worseFemale empowerment propagandaCGI from 1995Stupid charactersAll white men die1,50 m dumb mexican girl is the new John Connor and is able to beat up 3 grown man...

It was very entertaining and had many themes from the original first movie.

The first scenes were breathtaking.

Fully action packed.

However it's over and they are wanting to make more action packed sequels.

Terminator Dark Fate is an action packed and entertaining movie.

But for all the entertaining parts, it wasn't a movie saver, let alone a franchise reviver - unfortunately.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS unless you just love the popcorn and drinks at the theatre!

The action is awesome and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I literally walked out 45 minutes in to this disaster.

Finally a Terminator worth watching .

Boring at best.

Entertaining .

Sure this one can give an entertaining night at the movies with the presence of Linda and with Mackenzie offering worthy action set pieces, also with Arnold making a mainly acceptable (although disappointing) unexpectedly funny return.

I don't want to add a spoiler but all I'll say is that my wife and I walked out of the theatre about 20 mins in after one scene in particular.

Aside from Arnold, all other characters were uninteresting and far from charismatic.

This movie is action packed and a blast.

Rest of the movie & characters were enjoyable (one time watch) & performance was goodOnly negative was the Dani actress.

I feel empty.

We enjoyed it and the crowd was into it.

She was a fierce and damaged and fascinating character.

Overall an amazing movie, worth the watch and ignore the haters, they have nothing better to do with their lives and time.

Its insistence on presenting humanity as doomed and reactionary, rather than hopeful and pragmatic, forces the audience into another predictable pattern of run and hide, hoping this time that the effort will stick.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

On the topic of Dani and Grace's relationship: it's a bit bland.

Natalia Reyes is serviceable, but forgettable/bland/un-compelling.

Its intense, it's sad, and terrifying.


Worth watching for sure .

It does suffer from the same problem that all 'Terminator' films tend to, which is that it gets a bit boring watching them being shot over and over and over again and it having no consequence on them.

I enjoyed it totally, great lead into another one, which probably wont get made because of all these bad reviews.

Formulaic drivel.

You got your Terminator, you got your guardian, you got your first car chase, you got some slow character building moments, you got the big finale, you see the pattern already?

I care about watching great movies that are entertaining and exciting.

There is an impressive action packed- hold on to your seats- car chase at the beginning.

Above all James Cameron is a big liar and Propaganda King!

The idea that AI will be our downfall is an intriguing concept.

Barely any dull moments and action packed even had some comedy.

But I went to see Terminator: Dark Fate and really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it.

This one was much more enjoyable, glad that James Cameron was able to produce it with Tim Miller in the director's chair.

What the hell happened to simple stories about relationships and values between interesting characters while having great thrilling action scenes with great attention to details using a good mix CGI and practical effects to make a great rollercoaster of emotion and entertainment ?

It's boring, mediocre and stupid.

It is a boring movie, with pointless story.

The whole franchise died with an all female hero world savers cliche.

The movie was action packed.

Absorbing it like a sponge.

This PC bs is to contrived and forced Takes away from the film going experience .

That being said, most of them are entertaining, especially the first 2.

The fight/shooting scenes are boring and the special effects are bad especially for 2019.

Boring and creatively void.

Final Say -Better than what we've been dished up over the last couple of entries, Terminator: Dark Fate may have some nice nods to the good old days and a couple of worthwhile set pieces but as an overall experience, Dark Fate is forgettable and incessantly bland new addition to a property that is finding it increasingly hard to remain relevant.

Basically this is a Pointless, Trashy, 'Feminist, Anti Trump' movie!!

That hermafrodite/hipster actress lacking any charisma whatsoever MacKenzie, and that mediocre boring actor playing Ghost Rider is just dead wrong choices.

, new Terminator, new characters, but the same intense action sequences that have been missing from the series.

Worth the watch, whether an avid 'Terminator' fan or for a look at our future!

First, the casting with absolutely very bad actors as the two terminators, one trying to look like Robert Patrick in T2 but with total lack of charisma, and the female terminator is total dull.

New Terminator is action packed.

Despite those, this is still a very entertaining movie to watch.

(POTENTIAL SPOILERS) The predictable TERMINATOR: DARK FATE does nothing to elevate or redefine a franchise destined for the scrap heap.

Intense and never boring.

Not to mention that Dark Fate is nothing more than a cheap rehash of T1 and T2 with boring, uninteresting and bland new characters, forgettable action scenes and forgettable villain.

Waste of money and waste of time.

But it's a cliche and (again) Deadpool way of enemy talks to the targets and hero to surrender is just funny and not necessary.

It was entertaining, I jumped out of sit a few times, it had some good suspense and a very surprising begging...

I really longed to love this movie, but - for all it's impressive destruction, engaging fights and car chases, it was the characters I knew like the back of my hand who felt like hollowed shells of their former selves.

With a budget unnecessarily very high, a story that some may say does disservice to the franchise, and a marketing push that felt forced and tiresome to say the least, there wasn't much going for the film prior to the release.

Repetitive plot that falls short .

The chasing and fighting scene bare exciting.

The generic teenage girl who needs saved is just bland.

Give us something more than the same boring junk.

The worst terminator movie is boring, clueless, and terrifying.

and there were some predictable parts.

It is a reasonable and entertaining terminator.

It feels rather empty though and quite cynical.

Unoriginal and BLAND.

Entertaining, worth to watch imho .

Arnold's role was really great, and so funny it's worth watching just for the humour.

I can understand giving it a five or something in that area because it wasn't good, but if I give something on one it has to be one of the worst movies on the face of the Earth.

Loved the ACTION 👌👌👌 so from myself and my whole family we thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Believe me, save your money and watch it on TV when there's nothing else to watch.

But the second act was slow and dragged in places.

The first mistake was to kill John Connor, the timeline has been reset but the first two movies are now pointless as well.

How had it got off to such a bad start, as compared to the utterly thrilling and intriguing starts of the originals?

We don't like that ether, and will just throw a blanket over it as must being propaganda too.

Save your money and don't go to the cinema.

Don't waste your time and money.

Yes if you want intense action sequences as well as great scenes with Arnie and Linda (especially Arnie, who's basically the comic relief of the film.

Save your money.

The storyline frankly was pretty awful if you can claim there was one but most of the action was pretty neat and fast paced enough to keep your attention.

It's Another Entertaining Story .

Don't waste your time even if you are bored you wil regret it.

The story line is as predictable as night following day and mimics all the other rehashes of this weary franchise with a time traveling killer followed by a protector - yawn.

The scenes with the US border control are cliché with all the border staff demonised for doing their jobs.

Same old story now with women leads (yawn) - I stopped watching Star Wars because of this - now I will never watch a terminator film again.

Cliches, reboots, no imagination, confusing uninspired CGI action scenes with no imagination whatsoever.

I was absolutely absorbed into the story of Sarah Conner in T1 and T2 and in T3 Dark Fate I was similarly transported into this adrenaline rushed, heart pounding battle, while left with an even better sense of just how its our battle and it never ends.

Utter pc cliche garbage.

It's highly disappointing that there is absolutely no story in this movie and it's got excruciatingly poor CGI.

Very entertaining, Great job!

Action Packed.

The Survival in T3 Dark fate is so intense, you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The characters sometimes make completely illogical decisions in some situations and they give sometimes even banal explanations, when they try to explain these decisions, unsuccessfully.

What wanted was a bold, fast paced action movie, Humans fighting deadly machines and that is what I got so it is totally worth seeing in the cinema.

I've also enjoyed and re watched 2 - 5 sequels but 6 has bored me and definitely will not be interested into watching it again.

This is s waste of money because it is fake.

Still it has a compelling story line, is consistent in its own logic (if you manage to ignore all the Terminator movies that came after T2), is well acted, well directed and has non-stop action that keeps you at the edge of your seat for most of the film.

plot was suffocating and predictable.

On the positive side Terminator Dark Fate is entertaining, fast paced, has great action scenes and features excellent performances from the cast.

First terminator movie for me and it was nice and gripping.

The virus has infected every facet of entertainment and this once awesome franchise has been neutered to make way for bland female characters who nobody cares about.

****Story sucks big time (There are so many writers for this movie that it just added more to the confusion) - Killing John's character never made sense.

"Terminator Dark Fate" is explosive fun and a better film than the other Terminator reboots, but the writing is thin and the film is too long.

Hamilton was the highlight for me and the story was enjoyable from beginning to the end.

The characters are uninteresting.

human relations that made it a more enjoyable, well-rounded action film than 'Dark Fate.

He, too, understands the type of film he is making (and the audience that will go see this type of film) so he keeps the dialogue light and snappy, the plot at it's simplest and the action as high as he can go - blowing things up at a moment's notice.

I really cannot understand all of the hate for the film , and can only put it down to either some Machiavellian conspiracy to take down the film, or just that thousands of so-called fans of the original film are butthurt that their expectations have been trampled by something new and unexpected.

So this is why the movie got that score , too much for the young so they stripped it badly , too little for the old with unreal expectations to repeat a formula that they already tried and got bored from .

Her dialogue, again, seemed forced and repetitive.

It was a total waste of my time

Man, I enjoyed it.

Besides Arnie and Linda, the cast choice makes the movie a little confusing.

There is no way anything is going to beat The Terminator or Judgement Day, i would probably put this on par with The Sarah Connor Chronicles not T3, That boring mess Salvation or the WTF reboot Genisys.

This movie is bad not because of weak story or bad acting but because it just makes the first two movie pointless and the storyline is pretty much same.

Just another feminist propaganda.

I highly recommend it.

Breaking down why to my opinion there's such lame Rating on imdb , and why I gave it 9 (Balancing because of my theory)Terminator Dark Fate is an Action packed film with thrilling scenes and with a good story to tell .

It was reasonably entertaining without being particularly great.

The movie is action packed all the way, just what I expected it to be, tons of tense, nonblinking scenes, andrenalin rush just like that!

Then the story : kind of empty remake of T2 without many new ideas, and a very poor center melo part, I nearly got out of the theater.

This film picked me up and gripped me from the outset, with some absolutely stunning action sequences.

Hamilton and Schwarzenegger both give their returning roles a red hot crack, and their character beats and certain throwback lines are sure to bring a smile to fans faces and while Davis seems to be cut from a much more interesting film as she tries to add spark to Dark Fate's otherwise tiresome plodding, Miller's film never threatens to get anywhere near the benchmark's of the series as we become more and more aware that the glory days of this franchise are long gone as it disappointingly attempts to tell the same stories again and again, in frequently bland ways.

Totally enjoyed this film for what it is, an action packed movie with great stunts and special effects.

Don't waste you time or $$$$ .

Epic action scenes,adrenaline rush that needs to be seen at the cinema.

Tim Miller brings his talented directing chops from Deadpool and applies his action techniques to deliver a lot of entertaining sequences.

It was fun and exciting from the start .

The acting is okay half of the time, but usually dragged down by the dialogue.

I enjoyed it.

Generally, this flick is fairly slow moving and feels rather long; its 'road-trip' premise quickly loses steam and feels very segmented.

This is a solid, from all angles, action packed, great script, god damn great movie, one of the best Ive seen this year.

I will add was the only good thing they did with the cgi, but then removing him from the films existence and made a alternative story about saving a unknown female character that supposedly or daughter takes John Connors place in the future which made the film utterly unbearable to watch just to give screen time to empower females in this high promoted film!

A great entertaining sci fi action film which takes you firmly back into the Terminator franchise we know and love.

Terminator Dark Fate is the worst sequel in the franchise and one of the worst movies ever made.

Not only was there too much action, it was difficult to follow with the choppy editing and shakycam and hard on the eyes.

Don't waste your time or money on this movie.

Very entertaining and excellent plot.

The dialog (and some of the fight scenes) throughout the movie were far too repetitive of the first 2 so another star gone.

That in itself demonstrates how engaging her part was.

it was exciting and fast paced early on, but then there were long lulls in the middle.

Sometimes, especially the airplane bit the action is a bit dark but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

Globalist Propaganda Beneath A Terminator Facade .

Nowadays the problem of planet is not robots its stupidity and lie, propaganda and disinformation news, trolls, etc.Anyway movie is good action.

At this point, the most exciting thing filmmakers could do for this franchise is have a terminator succeed in killing the most important protagonists, so that judgement day actually happens.

The set pieces are complex, but completely uninteresting.

Also, all of the characters (including Sarah and Arnold's Character) felt completely empty and forgettable.

Pros: As I'm disappointed in too many aspect, I praise the action pack of this movie, it's great and intense.

Definitely worth watching (a fan here) .

Even the worst entries in the series have at least one exciting moment of action and this one is no exception.

Gripping suspense and action.

All this film ended up being is another dull action movie with a broken story.

As a Terminator-fan I really enjoyed it, as a movie-fan I think it was a proper action movie without too much fake scenes (like Transformers) and just perfect amount of romantics and humor.

It is these dull, bovine eyes, representing the demographic of easy-to-amuse cash cows, who the film industry must arrest with their computer-generated boom-crash operas -- in order to continue to propitiate to their patron daemon of wealth disparity and greed...

Yes, there are plenty of clichés in the plot and all of them are painfully boring.