Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tim Miller
Stars: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 150 out of 1000 found boring (15%)

One-line Reviews (416)

I get why there's some hate on this and whilst it's got nothing on T1 & T2, I just really enjoyed it.

The action is awesome but becomes so repetitive, it tries also to reincarnate same action scenes we've seen in the originals, it's literally a movie calling back instead of moving forward.

Unfortunately, the 90's must be where his head is stuck - back in his hay-day - completely oblivious to the fact that audiences have since matured, are smarter and demand better stories than the repetitive, recycled and tedious script he signed off on for Dark Fate.

This was entertaining and it hit the spot perfectly!

It does have a bit of a shaky start but eventually hits its stride and provides a fun experience for the viewer and I found the story more engaging than the last few Terminator films.

Thrilling with good performances best sequel since the original.

So any way, not trying to make sense of the movie, just enjoy it, and it was very enjoyable.

Even though James Cameron was attached to the project but still it was not a big success at box office just because of the confusing story.

Respectful of old action movie formula, packed, entertaining, funny, and intelligent.

Preety enjoyable.

It's the sign of the times, gender role confusion, men becoming women, women becoming men and no one able to hold down a relationship for more than five minutes partly due to the irresponsible messages that are being sent out in these ever decaying revamps!!

The story is quite predictable.

It's somewhat entertaining with a few quality moments.

T2 was deemed totally pointless according to this woke movie.

Terminator Genisys was actually far superior and infinitely more enjoyable than this over hyped abomination.

As a Terminator-fan I really enjoyed it, as a movie-fan I think it was a proper action movie without too much fake scenes (like Transformers) and just perfect amount of romantics and humor.

This one was too predictable.

The story was good but a little confusing.

She's bored, we can see that.

only issue is the story which is repetitive.

The only entertaining thing from this movie was trying to figure out how bad it could be.

The fight scenes left me on the edge of my seat, seeing the originals made me cheer and the new cast definitely held their own.

I have heard and read plenty of bad reviews of this movie, but honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

they tried to resurrect the franchise with genisys a few years ago but that was another disappointment as it was also a bit confusing as for timelines and how things were happening.

It was boring, acting was mostly below average...

I thought the only flaw was the way Arnold's Terminator was a family man - that was a bit of a stretch in believability and flawed the film however the rest of it was gripping.

no story, and the whole thing looks as if it was written by a "MeToo totaly feminist" admirer.

One entertaining aspect of the movie is it severely triggers those people that think movies with females as the main characters is feminist, woke propaganda.

They should start rating movies from F1 slightly feminist to F5 (if you're a man, don't waste your time).

If it moved any slower you'd need to be a cyborg to stay awake.

Original Terminator Trilogy is completed with the best possible way ever, And it was quite unexpected.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next, and if they'll even get a chance to breathe like dang!!!

Grace is an enhanced human, a supermodel soldier of the future, stunning as she is.

Those two movies have been rendered pointless by this.

Movie is entertaining, specially the first 2/3 until things start to happen with out logic: like the military help.

Overlong, uninspired story brings Sarah Connor back as she reluctantly teams up with an "augmented" human to try and protect the newest savior of humanity, from the newest version of the Terminator, with some unexpected help along the way.

Once you become disenchanted with the way a movie is proceeding you then start to look for all the errors and anomalies and in this film there were many - Ie If the terminator split into two then why did his mass not change, how could it function with only one cpu and many other questions like that come to mind when you are bored with the repetitive cloning of elements that have been done before and much better.

It is a reasonable and entertaining terminator.

Fell asleep 20 mins into this movie.

This chapter was way too predictable.

There is no sense or rhyme in the progression, it may have some entertainment value, but overall in the end was pointless as far as story and movement of events go.

Films used to at least be entertaining, now, I wonder what is even the point of going to the movie theatre since most of the movies suck.

The ideas were compelling: the new future enemy, the unstoppable Rev-9 was a persistent threat just like T1 & 2.

Instead, this incarnation of the resistance leader gets some unexpected help.

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

I suggest, rather watch 'Last Action Hero' again, save your money and spare yourself of this cinematographic cashgrab blasphemy

Nevertheless, despite its sense of déjà vu, "Terminator: Dark Fate" qualifies as an exciting science fiction extravaganza worth watching.

Terminator is over can you please start making new material and stop with this constant remash of stories that have already gone on far too long.

Action packed thriller.

Don't waste your time and money.

Pointless .

Nice see again Sarah Connor and T-800 but i dont understand this Terminator dark Fate so boring and just picking vegetables.

It was very entertaining, way better in action, emotion, quality of cinematografy and more coherent to what terminator 1-2 had built than 3,4 and 5.

I loved that it was action packed, and thrilling to watch.

There's a reason I was the ONLY one in the theatre seeing this bland turnip.

Sarah Conner is only human in this film but she always knows exactly where, when and what time to turn up, the robot with superpowers on the other hand has to use state of the art GPS to track them down, but I know some people like this kind of thing so I'll hush it for now, I'm bored of it all anyway

The movie overall is entertaining - as long as you don't think or look too close.

It will remain uninspiring, Dark, and will never "Be Back".

Schwarzenegger does pretty well in this and he's the only reason it's worth watching, the rest of the cast are quite ordinary and the directing from Tim Miller is awful.

And let me just tell you that you'll be in for quite an adrenaline ride, because the action sequences are just amazing.

It's entertaining.

The worst we got was one rather bored civil servant who, quite sanely, didn't believe Dani's story.

Absolutely brilliant start to finish, theres a few crappy bits but it's part of the story and to be expected, all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it, far better than the last pile of crap

Overall I enjoyed it.

With too many comparisons to T2 and very little in the way of new it feels kind of pointless and for many will seem like a waste of time.

Confusing with a dolop of nothing new to the plot .

A movie full of adrenaline.

Action disguised as left wing propaganda .

The film is a good sequel to T2 and I enjoyed it very much

There are a few creative liberties taken throughout the movie that had me scratching my head, but for the most part, this film is just trying to deliver an exciting ride, which is what I feel it accomplished.

Definitely worth watching.

Just a waste of time, sad for such a ground-breaking series.

Woke, men-hating liberal feminist propaganda, illegal immigrants loving nonsense.


The story is boring and cliche.

Save your money.

Typical plot with some obvious holes but as I'm a fan, I just enjoyed it for what it is.

" It's very unfortunate when most of the part of the action scenes actually very thrilling & no awful jump cuts or stupid shaky cams like most of action movies this days.

This is a highly enjoyable, fast paced, action-packed movie from start to finish.

Bland acting.

Don't waste your time.

To me it was so entertaining and influential.

You can twist the plot but you are still predictable.

At the same time, though, the way each fight scene starts gets repetitive in a hurry.

As a 'brain at the door' piece of sci-fi hocum I really quite enjoyed it.

Although Linda Hamilton's and Mackenzie Davis characters are entertaining to watch, the movie as a whole is boring.

The loud noises and some interesting effects do not make up for the amalgam of rehashed scenes and stories, boring dialogue and bad direction.

But Dark Fate is simply unwatchable.

This was an entertaining movie.

This movie was amazing, stunning, i highly recommend!

I didn't watch the movie all the way through because it was boring and cliche.

"Mexican SyFy movie, great CGI, bland acting.

Pointless .

This is an aesthetically pleasing, light-hearted action flick that has all the right nostalgic bits to make it enjoyable with some of the coolest IP in the entertainment space.

Only out of respect for Arnold and Linda i will put 3, it was one of the worst movies i ever saw in my life.

Pretty boring and pretty bad .

First half of this film I felt was really good, location was unexpected, pace was on point, plenty of sinister stalking and a darker under current.

A waste of money and time.

Either way it gets boring in a quick hurry.

Absorbing it like a sponge.

In conclusion, it's a waste of time.

But its a heck of an enjoyable film if you watch it with absolutely no regard for all the things i just pounted out.

Primary guys..arnold showed his full strength for this movie and gave best performance other star cast are also gave decent performance ..u can see this one time but next time u will get bored

Also the movie gets a little to repetitive in spots.

Entertaining and intense .

When you give a movie one star, you're literally giving it the worst possible rating, deeming it unwatchable.

Here, I have a feeling, we are fed with novadays feministic propaganda and they focus on diversity at the cost of quality.

The story is weak and increasingly predictable and insults the viewer asking them to believe that the T800 terminator has developed a conscience and feels remorse and that Sarah Connor has spent the last 20 years fighting terminators because he has been sending her messages about their locations as he feels the Temporal Displacement whenever a new one arrives.

I found it quite entertaining .

It's well made and there's plenty of action and I enjoyed it.

Loaded with feminist, liberal propaganda crap.. Bad acting, bad storyline, really bad waste of 2 hours.. This franchise is truly dead...

Some people are getting their panties in a wad about this being primarily a female lineup but I enjoyed it.

Entertaining movie!

But I was genuinely engaged with the plot and on the edge of my seat with the amazing action.

All in all worth watching certainly better than anything since t3.

While it's true that some scenes are very similar to scenes in other terminator movies, other parts are original and overall it's quite entertaining.

Save your money and watch Salvation cause this film was trash fro the very start.

As a Cameron Sci-Fi fan, it's an enjoyable ride with familiar faces and a relief that the franchise landed a good restart .

If you like the terminator and friends, go watch it, i saw it on my big screen TV and enjoyed it.

A terminator show up and tries to terminate Dani, who appears to be a slow learner.

Poor character development, bad acting and lazy CGI make this movie empty and hard to watch.

The new Rambo movie was again pointless and now Terminator Dark Fate was pointless.

But T:DF is undeniably an exciting ride, with slick special effects, great set pieces, and a decent storyline, penned by James Cameron himself.

and there's no storyline.

All up a very good movie that was enjoyable for the ride.


When the first two Terminator movies made you drool during action scenes and collect oneself during talking scenes, here I got really bored during action and waited only to see more Linda and Arnie.

Very much Enjoyable.

Engrossing from beginning to end.

I know a few people who have seen it and they fall into two camps, they love Terminator and will accept anything, or it was boring.

I immediately felt the urge to leave the theater.

Terrible script, terrible villain, mediocre lead, all around boring film.

It's not bloody Shakespeare, but I found it - warts and all - an enjoyable night out at the movies.

Repetitive plot that falls short .

I almost got up and walked out of the viewing.

What else is there to say the cinematography is bland, sound design is passable, score is free stock that can be found on youtube, color grading is flat, editing is flat, it's all just a mush of plain oatmeal with no brown sugar.

These poor actors playing characterless, empty hulls being placed into a succession of well known thoughtless action-scenes can not create any excitement.

Dark Fate basically took every action scene and plot twist from first four movies and gave nothing new, just made the whole storyline even more confusing and idiotic.

Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Connor is very enjoyable and feels like a very accurate version of her many years after the events of the first Terminator movie.

As usual with the Terminator movies (after T2) the plot is very predictable, no surprises or twist whatsoever.

Feminist fascist propaganda .

It was absolutely pointless.

It's a great reminder of the most exciting elements of cinema and the franchise, right up there with the best of T2.

Nowadays the problem of planet is not robots its stupidity and lie, propaganda and disinformation news, trolls, etc.Anyway movie is good action.

This Terminator instalment pales in comparison to the 1991 iconic film in terms of cool technology and memorable scenes, but as a T-fan, I'm relieved that finally this one is in the right direction: competent cast, nostalgic BGM, smart-ass one-liners intersecting smooth, fast paced action.

This makes the first two great Terminator films pointless, how disgraceful.

Her character is dull, paranoid, egocentric and just, I wanted to hit her with a bottle on the screen.

prepared a feminist cloak that is confusing enough to eliminate the female audience's resistance to the machismo movie, even aroused their concern and curiosity.

Loved the original Terminators, this is just a predictable yawn fest, it has been done so often it has become tiresome to watch, there are some huge leaps in the story to get from A to B and I think the producers hoped we wouldn't notice, instead the leaps are glaring and we are left felling, well, DUH.

It is really a very entertaining movie.

Please stop making these cash grabbing films that have the exact same storyline it's overdone and boring and just wrong.

Pointless really.

Last point the action is so unrealistic and unbearable fake and ridiculous that less would be best.

I enjoyed it...

I really enjoyed it loved it even.

With every score he does, he raises the bar when it comes to forgettable, bland and generic music.

Just as good and intense as the first ones!!.

An entertaining and fun watch.

Not only does this not make sense as this Terminator was from the future where he grew up to be the hero, it makes everything that happened in the first two movies pointless.

We've had so many new Terminators and people that MUST be protected that the whole thing has become generic and boring.

Actually Wikipedia's explanation for 'bland' explains this movie well: "Soft, low in fiber, cooked rather than raw, and not spicy" ..so bad enough to be unredeemable with a fanedit.

She is bored and a sidekick.

Don't waste your time.

I think 8 is a good number for me, it was entertaining and I got my money's worth!

A man with great body posture and charisma ..,Mackenzie Davis has it ,Linda has it and do I have to say a word about Arnold ..?? Dark Fate is amazing in every way ,it worth watching it.

It's a good movie worth watching I'm not blown away by the storyline and some of the action does go a bit far fetched for my taste.

There was to much additional information that they skipped over in order to have drawn out fight scenes.

Pretty good, worth watching .

Highly Entertaining.

People are bored watching this same stuff.

The new Star Wars trilogy was a disaster and ultimately completely pointless.

Kept me on the edge of my seat!

On the topic of Dani and Grace's relationship: it's a bit bland.

Finally I will give 10 stars because I loved it,enjoyed it and somehow left satisfied of it ended.

Yes if you want intense action sequences as well as great scenes with Arnie and Linda (especially Arnie, who's basically the comic relief of the film.


One of the scariest facts of drivel like this .. i hesitate to call it a movie.. it should label its indoctrinaton propaganda if honesty matters (I unlike KK value the truth).

In the previous movies it was sarah connor and john all the way now new girl shows up with the same storyline it's just boring no new stuff terminator series is dead

I gave it a 7 in the first viewing, which is now settling to 6/10 while I am realizing how bland the movie was.

By itself, Dark Fate was alright for a generic movie with some cool CGI fight scenes to throw on in the background while you're doing chores on a boring Sunday.

After viewing it, this film didn't do anything to get me excited for another instalment or anything like that, but I enjoyed it.

In short, I enjoyed it even if the Terminator films have kind of outstayed their welcome.

But it was an enjoyable movie that I didn't mind spending money on.

Campy, cliche, CGI-filled generic Sci-fi fare.

A highly enjoyable movie and the silly ratings .

It is a shame to read all these 1 and 2 star reviews for a perfectly entertaining movie.

Why all the negative reviews, this is a very entertaining installment in the franchise.

Enjoyable for sentimental reasons .

Hollywood, things do not need to be be bigger, have more explosions, or x number of wow factors to be intense.

Surprisingly, this installment does ask one intriguing philosophical question (most likely from the mind of James), deciphering the differentiation between alterations to the future & destiny; discovering whether one are the same thing - if an event is prevented from ever occuring, will time reassert itself & ensure that eventually, it continues to happen anyway?

Mackenzie Davis was the wow factor in the movie, the way she came in its a complete entertaining.

The Terminator franchise has been incredibly successful and entertaining for over thirty years.

2 hours action packed fun!

Another piece of radical leftist propaganda trash.

John connor dies,( wich for me creates THE paradox in the story, but, everityhing goes when it about political correctness, and after that its pretty much the same story, but with a latin girl, a latin bad terminator and a female good terminator, things change, but remains the same, well this movie dont deserve more analisys so, dont waste your time, rewatch T1 and T2.

What a solid and exciting new fresh turnaround in what after seeing Salvation which was mediocre then Genesis which was thankfully heaps better, then to reimagine it in a new twist is just fantastic.

Personally, I found the Joker a bit bland, and found the new Terminator had me excited during the action scenes and laughing at some funny and corny moments.

I fell asleep in my theater seat at about the hour 20 mark.

It's not great, but definitely entertaining.

Boring, redundant, rather cheaply made and tons of logic issues, and yes, all in all I would call it an insult to the whole Terminator series.

I am a man of few words, but I honestly forgot the last time I fell asleep toward the climax during an action movie.

Terminator new exciting direction .

I am dissapointed in the director and story crew, this was a utter waste of time.

I fell asleep on the first hour, then HE came.

I really enjoyed it - it was tense and thrilling with inventive action and twists on the usual Terminator story.

This film is another passable offering but its close proximity within Genisys' release in 2015, discarding the events of the first two Terminators making them redundant and pointless for this film's story make Dark Fate a ham fisted reimagining of James Cameron's iconic franchise.

we also had two really stunning male fighters as well.

It was fun, action packed and well made.

There's nothing new here to see, just another long and dull Terminator chase, devoid of excitement, menace and tension.

But they need a plan, and Dark Fate employs terrific special effects with the CGI action mind blowing.

The story was believable, the action was intense and the homage made to the original 2 movies was needed, to keep fans happy.


I got what I came for; enjoyed it and had great popcorn.

For me it was 100% enjoyable as an action flick which I definitely will watch again.

A non threatening, bland, chatty robot, that fails to intimidate.

worst and most boring T film ever made.

Next, there are long stretches in this movie where nothing happens and I was bored to death.

They killed John Connor just to make room for completly uninteresting boring female character that lack everything that Sarah had.

Now, I don't mind filmmakers sneeking in progressive ideas into their movies, but here this was done so excessively, tacky, cheesy it makes you question wether they were trying to make an entertaining movie, or a leftist political statement.

A really enjoyable return to the Terminator franchise , loved the opening scene with John and Sarah, was not expecting it.

An utterly pointless sequel .

It is good to see middle aged people still doing intense action movies!

Her conflicts with the T-800 is very entertaining as well, and is not over exaggerated.


If I wasn't aware of the other Terminator movies, I would say it's action packed and a good story.

Action scenes are engaging without any doubt.

The cast was really good, im glad the brought Arnold back, that was an unexpected surprise.

ConclusionsAfter some pointless lethal action scenes overloaded with CGI, we get to our ending scene where everybody gets their resolution (not before ripping off both endings of T1 with the Jeep and the cut good ending from T2 with the children's playground, yes, I know).

Arnold's role was really great, and so funny it's worth watching just for the humour.

There does appear to be more emphasis on making sure you get a strong female lead with as much ethnic diversity as possible these days over focusing on the story and creating exciting characters.

The act was so lame and cliche!

i had to skip parts before i fell asleep, they turn up at some house and Arnold is there and then they decide to fight it and bla bla it was just boring...

Why should I pay $12-$28 just for the movie ticket to see a bunch of no-names who have the acting skills of cardboard, or an outline of a film that is based around visual effects and action scenes and has little to no story?

An action packed well made film .

Likely the most entertaining movie I've seen in a good while, and isn't that why we're here?

Enjoyable .

I was expecting poor boring movie but it is surprisingly good and entertaining

Because we're bored too.

So Im not sure whats going on in USA/Hollywood right now but you guys need to put a stop to this feminist bull crap, it literally destroyed all the best franchises and it will destroy the real world as well i think this is the real "SKYNET", women acting like men and men acting like women, i will give this movie a 2 star because it didnt had any transgender/gay propaganda......

Barring these two little gems, Dark Fate is predictable to a large extent and the way it wraps up doesn't surprise you one bit.

Yes it is the same story once again but it doesnt bore you out.

This movie is a fast-paced, highly-entertaining movie!

Nah, just kidding, she's just incredibly bland and forgettable.

But baring all that it's a fast paced, intense decent action movie.

No story movie, just action scenes.

(slow fade to black)

John saves mankind from a apocalyptic future, this new uninteresting female John does the same, again WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE???

Real T fans save your money.

Also Mexicans and border issues are boring.

__________________________________DISLIKES: 1-The plot was boring.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish more movies took this approach.

Entertaining flick, deserves a 6/10 as generic action film...

I was watching this movie FREE and still turned it off I was so bored.

Sure this one can give an entertaining night at the movies with the presence of Linda and with Mackenzie offering worthy action set pieces, also with Arnold making a mainly acceptable (although disappointing) unexpectedly funny return.

It was very intense!.

The movie was good and I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your money anymore with this franchise.

I'm a huge fan of T1 and T2, and even Genisys, on second viewing, was better (or, at least more entertaining) than I remembered it.

All really enjoyable.

While the relentless inevitability of this future has been a well-worn cliche in this franchise, it's handled a bit better this time around due to the returning role of Sarah Connor and the arc she's given in this film.

boring, stupid and spineless...

The storyline is stale, and the acting has become tedious.

Acting-wise, Annie was reassuringly wooden, just as he always is, Natalia Reyes rather bland, Gabriel Luna was charismatic and has a good look and, as I said, Linda Hamilton was just absurdly masculine and wrinkled to hell.

Together with Arnold, it makes the movie worth watching.

Terminator and T2 were great films in there day, but having watched them recently on the big screen, they are quite dull.

Oh lord, what a waste of time, this was so bad, so i will have to put on genesis when i get home, just til calm me down, stop now Mr. Cameron!!.

Great action packed movie .

Repetitive and boring storyliine.

This movie is the unwanted child of a bland superhero movie and woke San Francisco art house movie.

In this movie you get cyborg sent back in time along side the new terminator the rev-9 and the fight scenes are amazing and intense.

All in it was entertaining, then a bit yawn worthy for a while "oh not another battle" and I feel the directors could have cut 30 minutes out and perhaps turned out a better movie.

The storyline is boring, without life, without anything redeeming qualities, it is to be a waste of my time to watch this and to be honest, the studio should repay the people their money for watching this.

Pretty fun and entertaining .

) and cool set pieces made for a very enjoyable experience.

I think you're the worst movie in the entire series.

Its 2 hours of action packed fun.

While there are certainly a few cringy quasi-feminist moments, and some in-continuity issues, I found Dark Fate to be enjoyable and worth the watch.

The whole movie felt pointless and the story was just a rehash of T2 just worse.

So it is boring and pointless.

Thinking back to the first two films in the series, yes the plot was far fetched but it, ( especially in the second film) was engaging and drew you in, this film does not.

Save your money and wait for it for a rental.

Predictable telegraphed rubbish.

I went to this one and was able to stay awake so yea!

I Thoroughly Enjoyed It .

Surprisingly, this movie has a couple (2 or 3) scenes that actually made me laugh out loud - maybe because they were unexpected or maybe because they were actually that funny.

Everything is explained in detail to the viewer so it's not as convoluted as Genisys, but the story itself is so uninteresting and unoriginal it barely makes a difference.

I was so confused at the start where you see John Connor dying and i was expecting a really bad movie but I found it enjoyable.

Now, about the movie itself: poor acting, poor story, waste of time.

A fun way to waste 2 hours of your life .

I liked the slow disintegration of the first Terminator.

But don't let that get you down it's fast, fun and action packed!!.

Enjoyable once you stop comparisons to the masterpiece of T2 .

Poor writing and bland .

Well, I think it is intriguing as we can see some changes in Hollywood by comparing this one to the first Terminator movie.

The story was very confusing in many ways the timeline was unexplained and they killed franchise major Character John Conner in start of the film?

Still, it could pass as an entertaining flick if it wasn't tanked by liberal ideology and overall lazy writing.

Why is it so hard for them to just bring it back to it's roots because clearly doing this action packed adventure is too much for these people.

This would of been more compelling, he could of even died later in the movie if that was so desired therefore passing the torch as it were.

Just 2 deducted from predictable story.

Basically this is a Pointless, Trashy, 'Feminist, Anti Trump' movie!!

Everyone I personally know that has been to see it, enjoyed it also.

It's the worst movie of terminator .

And I understand that it is hard to follow Terminator and T2 Judgment Day.

Too repeatable and predictable.

It was entertaining and fun.

You should save your money and watch T1 and T2 instead.

Despite several glaring issues, the film manages to be an entertaining delight, and rides entirely on Hamilton's no-nonsense input.

Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna and Arnold along with the action were the only bright sides of this film don't waste your time watching this.

"Oh to creat empathy we need to slow her down.

Don't waste your time on this crap.

Epic action scenes,adrenaline rush that needs to be seen at the cinema.

I've seen them all and this was pretty exciting and visually stimulating from start to finish.

Some decent fight scenes, disappointing lack of story .

and you get a Terminated TerminatorOh and now the predictable whining and bleating will commence especially by the perpetually offended special snowflakes that will demand another safe space to try to hide from cold hard reality while blaming those that dared not fall in like like obedient little sheeple and hand over their $ and the negative reviews are of course co-ordinated attacks of bots etc etc.. you've heard all the be excuses.

I watched this movie, and the first scenes had me on the edge of my seat.

The storyline was exciting and I was never once bored during this movie.

It's a far less powerful movie than Terminator Genisys, so from that perspective it's a little disappointing, but it's still entertaining, especially if you're new to the Terminator movies.

The first hour is actually quiate a joy, action is fun, chases are good and then towards the middle all the action scenes are in the dark and fast paced (you know this mindless crap is in every 2nd movie nowadays)...

Entertaining .

What a Waste Of Time!!.

It started with a bang and just kept going with an intense climax at the end.

All up, I enjoyed it.

Also, all of the characters (including Sarah and Arnold's Character) felt completely empty and forgettable.

Arnold himself is a lot more fun to watch, with surprising quality in his comedic timing that is actually enhanced with the obligatory robotic monotone.

Great if you want to read subtitles all the time" That's about the most exciting part of this movie.

It's unbelievably predictable and somewhat hard to enjoy if you are a diehard Terminator fan.

Man, I enjoyed it.

Complete waste of talent, time and money.

The plot was sometimes exciting and action-packed.

Curiously ( & somewhat sadly ) , however , the picture { - O U T R I G H T - } circumvents the tremendously enjoyable & ' cinematically huge ' .

Everything else is superb and entertaining terminator action.

Action-wise was entertaining and what you would expect with a terminator film.

Good beginning with good action scenes but poor acting, making it boring to watch thereafter.

Shame, but despite that, this was a good sequel to T2 and I really enjoyed it.

OK so lets completely rip off the Terminator 1 and 2 story, change around a few things like skynet, ripp off all the good lines, add some special effects, bring back two likeable characters from the previous movies (but don't actually give them good parts, just use them for bait and to sell tickets) , now we got a new movie - CHEAP , Some CGI looked terrible like the jumping around, almost like they were weightless, the plane scene was a joke yea take slow motion and even make it slower, don't forget you can talk to each other when crashing at 400mph and flying through the air with explosions and at 40,000+ft, how the terminator fellout of the plane at take off and magically appeared ahead of them in a much slower re-fuel plane (authorizations, checks, taxi...

Definitely worth watching once!

just too nasty human being, lack of values and pointless.

I'm not a purist expecting to see a movie as good as T1 or T2, I do understand director's and time's change, but this movie explains why Netflix beat Hollywood: the movie is simply boring.

PC tick Entertaining tick.....

The first half hour wasnt bad, the next hour was boring.

Extremely boring character, certainly for a terminator.

Effects are decent, cinematography mostly good, all you'd expect with the budget but it's just so underwhelming and formulaic.

This is a great movie that takes you on a familiar fun action packed ride from the first three minutes into the movie.

Horrible absolutely horrid script to those who are fans of the only two really good Terminator movies that being Terminator 1 and Terminator 2The movie drags on and is a slow paced mess most of the way through.

Still it has a compelling story line, is consistent in its own logic (if you manage to ignore all the Terminator movies that came after T2), is well acted, well directed and has non-stop action that keeps you at the edge of your seat for most of the film.

Criticisms aside, Dark Fate is a perfectly enjoyable semi-sci-fi action movie.

Save your money, pay a parking ticket instead.

Unfortunately, we're instead subjected to a desperate attempt from studios to milk the brand for every last penny it's capable of ever finally producing & thus, this gluttony results in the dire creation of another unnecessary sequel in the form of Dark Fate - acting as the pitiful death rattle of the drawn out franchise.

Dark Fate has some great action especially in its first half and actually manages to produce a few compelling characters along the way.

Action scenes are intense .

I'm not sure why everyone is hating on this so much in the reviews, it's really quite a entertaining and fun watch.

Really, a pointless expenditure of $US 185 million to make a chase movie.

So we got 2 really good high grossing movies, followed by 2 okay-ish sequels, 1 greedy money grabber followed lastly by one of the worst movies I ever had the opportunity to watch, and I would love to say that this is no exaggeration....

It's like they wrote down all the political commentaries they wanted in the movie and then just filled in the rest, just copied and pasted without any regard for plot, logic or entertaining value whatsoever.

With Arnie and Linda dragged out of retirement to make another Terminator movie it has to be a hit right?

New characters are bland, special effects aren't very impressive, dialogue is frequently lousy, and the action scenes never really get the adrenaline pumping.

It made time travel pointless because John Conner was a Temporal Paradox .

It's entertaining, it had me on the edge of my seat and it brought back childhood memories with the plot, music and sound affects.

Enjoyable hocum.

T1 and T2 are still the best, but T3 was laughable (somewhat intentionally) and confusing, and Terminator: Genesys turned the savior into a villain, which I found horribly distasteful and contrived.

Terminator: Dull Failure .

I blame the writers for the boring story line.

Truly an entertaining movie .

It is a boring movie, with pointless story.

In a world of cinema where directors and writers try too hard to make their movies ultra compelling filled with plot-twists and bad endings, this movie delivers a smooth and balanced cinematic experience that neither blows you way or disappoints you.

That's FASCINATING to comprehend - contemplating the fact that armageddon is the "fate" of our species & not its avoidable future...

Leftist propaganda with PS2 effects .

And while Hamilton and Schwarzenegger are interesting here, our other protagonists - including the girl they're protecting - are decidedly more boring and generic.

The most AMAZING and Exciting EVER!!!!.

PC yes, but entertaining .

Watch it last night and I actually think it was quite entertaining!

If John Conner dies (or goes evil) and someone else takes his place it makes time travel and terminators pointless!

It seems more like they did focus groups to see what would make the most potentially viral 2 or 3 minute clips, rather than focusing on creativity and a compelling story.

Save your money don't go see this one, if you've seen Terminator 1 you've seen this movie.

Overall an entertaining movie if you can turn off your brain and just enjoy the action sequences.

Kinda boring though.

Terminator is supposed to be a fast paced action movie and this film felt terribly slow.

It's pointless, and that's why I'm giving it 1 out of 10.

This is defiantly a Terminator movie that distance itself from recent instalments, using the notion that simple works best, therefore making the movie a worthwhile enjoyable episode that you should first see on the big screen prior to buying or renting a copy; all without needing to be a fan.

They really did a great job at making this character feel compelling.

Soooooo Boring .

The characters are dull.

Hamilton and arnie looked bored as hell acting in this.

Yawn .

Not to be cruel, but this was sooo boring that I had to read some news on my mobile while watching this...

Terrible special effects for 200 million dollar budget, creengy dialog filled with predictable outcomes, characters you couldn't care less, even though 2 of them belong to the classics, plot copy/paste and the lamest attempt of making this an empowerment movie...! I mean the phrase "hate it with a passion" has never been put to better useI understand we leave in a world where a lot of people see dollar signs in art, but we are the ones that keep supporting this, so do yourselves and society a favor, when you suspect a major flop is coming, designed to grab the attention of those who are on the edge of their toes to have another taste of their favorite classics, there are still plenty of ways to feed your curiosity on watching a bad movie, without contributing to them

Most of her lines run the gamut of yelling, crying, and confusion.

If you are a vapid, lackluster fool, waste your money and go see the film after reading this.

Fantastically, corny and exciting!

Mackenzie Davis stunning play, beautiful Linda Hamilton, incredible Arny.

With Genisys we start to see more thought return to the franchise and personally I enjoyed it.

it renders the first 2 movies as pointless and ruins them and kills the franchise.

Of course Hollywood has to push their liberal propaganda into every movie these days and this movie is no different with this strong woman nonsense.

Is a decent entertaining film.

There is so much action that some of the scenes were repetitive and could have been cut to shorten the movie.

I have grown from a kid to a teenager and a father, with this franchise, for the kids of my generation kick back have a cold one and relive the thrilling experience once again.

Movies are unwatchable nowdays .

I suggest you don't waste your time or money.

It holds thrilling action sequences, a monumental score, and a GREAT Linda Hamilton performance.

Mediocre and boringly unbelievable .

This is despicable but all too common nowadays, where signaling social justice virtue seems to take the place of making enjoyable movies as the primary motive behind productions.

There's a lot to her character that is discussed during the film and Davis manages to give and extremely compelling performance.

the worst movie ever.

That's how boring this movie is.

Perhaps this could have been done better or that could have been done better, whatever, if you want an enjoyable film to watch, ignore the critics and the negative reviews, and give this movie a try.

This is where everything feels pointless from now on.

And Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers an unexpected high-quality performance as an evolved droid on it's final quest; generosity of spirit and humanity oozed from his turn as the Cyberdine product.

The death nail of any action film: It's boring.

Also some people in the cinema looked pretty bored at times, and some even left.

A very enjoyable instalment lets hope it's not the last.

Despite the common plot, it's a good movie with all these spectacular special visual effects and thrilling fighting scenes.

Terribly boring movie that goes for the shock factor in the first few minutes.

Boring political issues: We ALL know the big problem that have all the inmigrants in the US/Mexican frontier.

As a fan of the franchise i really enjoyed it.

It's boring, mediocre and stupid.

TL;DR: As a whole movie, I can say I enjoyed it for 6*.