Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Tim Miller
Stars: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 158 out of 1000 found boring (15.8%)

One-line Reviews (419)

Here's The Lowedown on "Terminator: Dark Fate" (R - 2019 - Blu)Genre: Sci-Fi/Time My Score: 6.8Cast=6 Acting=6 Plot=6 Ending=8 Story=4 CGI=9 Intense=8 Pace=6 Time=7 Tech=8An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.

Great action repetitive story .

More anti male propaganda from Hollywood.

just too nasty human being, lack of values and pointless.

I really enjoyed it.

I thought they had a really interesting story with Sara and the new T-800 but ultimately the characters surrounding the story were just not that interesting or important, though I will say Mackenzie Davis looked stunning and did a fantastic job considering the writing and the weak main character, did the best she could.

This movie is the unwanted child of a bland superhero movie and woke San Francisco art house movie.

It was truly astonishing, others that followed are boring and non sensible.

Leftist propaganda with PS2 effects .

Although it doesn't take full advantage of its concept, it does prove to be an often enough fun time to be rather enjoyable and prove to be certainly worth a watch.

This is a worthy entry, and an action packed thrillride.

When will movies makers get back to entertaining us instead of trying to teach us bloody lessons?

Don't waste your time.

It is not a bad action sequence, but one that clashes with the rest and tires, just as the final battle falls entirely on exaggeration, with a dull excess of CGI.

Good beginning with good action scenes but poor acting, making it boring to watch thereafter.

It made time travel pointless because John Conner was a Temporal Paradox .

This is an action-packed, breathtaking, sit on the edge of your seat ride.

I literally wanted to turn it off after 15 minutes it was that bad.

First half of this film I felt was really good, location was unexpected, pace was on point, plenty of sinister stalking and a darker under current.

The film managed to innovate maintaining the aspects of the old ones, of fighting that holds our attention, unexpected twists and a well-developed story.

They've taken the same story and twisted it a little making it beyond predictable and boring.

Pretty fun and entertaining .

Unless you are a millennial in "zer" safe zone this movie will make your stomach turn with its outlandishly obvious, down-your-throat, and inappropriate propaganda.

Have to say I really enjoyed it, and have to give Credit where is due

Just a boring movie.

Started pretty well but then zzzzz .

They killed John Connor just to make room for completly uninteresting boring female character that lack everything that Sarah had.

You can twist the plot but you are still predictable.

Pointless movie.

Predictable plot.

Schwarzenegger does pretty well in this and he's the only reason it's worth watching, the rest of the cast are quite ordinary and the directing from Tim Miller is awful.

Effects are decent, cinematography mostly good, all you'd expect with the budget but it's just so underwhelming and formulaic.

Kept me on the edge of my seat!

The action is utterly boring and you'll have seen it a million times before.

I am also sick and tired of these feminist-propaganda movies.


On a side but important notes for any future T movies, should James Cameron or any interested producer decide that they haven't had enough: You do not put a Latino-looking skinny Terminator on the screen, lacking charisma and required presenceYou do not put a voluble Terminator on the screen, more prone to talk its way through than showing frightening acting and real action in the essence of a real TerminatorYou do not put the story in Mexico or any Latin countryYou do not choose a simple, uninteresting, general-looking actress lacking real (charming) presence that everybody would go through hell to save her, let alone die for.

I've seen them all and this was pretty exciting and visually stimulating from start to finish.

Original Terminator Trilogy is completed with the best possible way ever, And it was quite unexpected.

Save your money, pay a parking ticket instead.

Too repeatable and predictable.

An empty storyline movie based on political agenda .

It is a boring rehash of the same story we have seen in the other terminator movies (except for 3 with the surprising ending and 4).

And the sourhern border crossing, how cliche to have that given the current real world focus currently.

I thought Genisys was a more enjoyable movie.

Instead we are inundated with these massive budget wastes of propaganda posing as sequels.

It was action packed.

I don't remember much beyond how goofy these characters are, and how cliche the story is.

Perfectly competent even enjoyable movie .

It was boring, acting was mostly below average...

After the terrible reviews and fan bashing I was expecting a mess of a movie and what I got was a very slick and entertaining sequel.

A non threatening, bland, chatty robot, that fails to intimidate.

Boring and not interesting.

no story, and the whole thing looks as if it was written by a "MeToo totaly feminist" admirer.

There really was no story line.

Another pointless move because not only does this render everything prior obsolete, it also surely means the threat from the machines will never end...

T1 and T2 are still the best, but T3 was laughable (somewhat intentionally) and confusing, and Terminator: Genesys turned the savior into a villain, which I found horribly distasteful and contrived.

If John Conner dies (or goes evil) and someone else takes his place it makes time travel and terminators pointless!

Barring these two little gems, Dark Fate is predictable to a large extent and the way it wraps up doesn't surprise you one bit.

Nevertheless of the very much negative reviews I liked the movie and enjoyed it It worth the time watching it


It's hard to follow the Sarah Connor-Carl subplot because it's just plain stupid.

The film is a good sequel to T2 and I enjoyed it very much

The fact that I am so bored to be messing on my phone tells u a lot about this action film.

Unfortunately, we're instead subjected to a desperate attempt from studios to milk the brand for every last penny it's capable of ever finally producing & thus, this gluttony results in the dire creation of another unnecessary sequel in the form of Dark Fate - acting as the pitiful death rattle of the drawn out franchise.

T5 Genisys was at least entertaining although I didn't like the fundamental story and character turns.

So obviously this film is filled with social and political correctness, the typical SJW stuff, and while some of it would be believable, it's so obviously contrived that it pushes your suspense of disbelief to the max.

To me it was so entertaining and influential.

Formulaic, with stupid political propaganda.

Also the movie gets a little to repetitive in spots.

Now, about the movie itself: poor acting, poor story, waste of time.

Also Mexicans and border issues are boring.

In the previous movies it was sarah connor and john all the way now new girl shows up with the same storyline it's just boring no new stuff terminator series is dead

Pitiful, dumb and boring movie.

The first Terminator movie brought a groundbreaking concept, T2 was both mind blowing story and an amazing production.

As a fan of the franchise i really enjoyed it.

Sometimes it feels as it was made intentionally to create unwatchable and mediocre at best movie, with the intention to kill off the franchise.

I had to turn off all the lights in my house just to see this movie.

An action packed well made film .

It's a far less powerful movie than Terminator Genisys, so from that perspective it's a little disappointing, but it's still entertaining, especially if you're new to the Terminator movies.

Boring plot.

It was absolutely pointless.

Mackenzie Davis, for whom I've had a hopeless crush since seeing her as a cute NASA geek in The Martian (and then again in Blade Runner 2049), plays a relatable, compelling character, with an intriguing mix of power and vulnerability.

The promising plot threads unravel, and the film deteriorates into a sequence of absurd action scenes that last far too long.

What matters is that you have compelling characters performed well, which is why Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger carry this film.

It looked promising at the outset, but come the trope-laden finale, I was willing it to end, as it descended into lazy predictable nonsense and one bloody awful line after another.

A young Arnold Schwarzenegger who was fit and the right choice to play the killing machine in The Terminator and the impressive Robert Patrick with his Bird of Prey look in the T2: Judgement DayA fresh, original, simple yet intricately thrilling story by James Cameron, awesomely woven and presentedReal menacing atmosphere throughout those movies, very well shown and developed by the first two Terminators, felt to the core by viewersVery nice and professional visual effects in both movies, increased and enhanced awesomely in the second one, way ahead of 1991 capabilitiesNow the picture is more clear.

Don't waste your time .

Boring .

Decent and enjoyable film for Terminator fans .

This movie was amazing, stunning, i highly recommend!

With "Terminator: Dark Fate" especially, it seems as if the producers and director only aim to keep audiences from getting bored, shoving action setpieces in your face one-after-another in a bid to always have action happening on-screen.

It is just as bad as any other form of propaganda.

The first one was a B-movie, with a very limited budget and a great idea that became a classic due to it's star and director being the perfect duo to deliver such an entertaining movie.

This one was too predictable.

I fell asleep 5x watching it .

A new threat to the machines has popped up and they do a T2 and send someone back to stop it, thoroughly enjoyable, quite fast paced, I didn't feel like the film dragged at all.

Entertaining .


In this movie you get cyborg sent back in time along side the new terminator the rev-9 and the fight scenes are amazing and intense.

Theres way to many long drawn out fighting scenes that are useless, becuase the new terminator is impossible to kill.

Really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it.

The action scenes were terrific and kept me on the edge of my seat, which I did not expect at all.

Actually Wikipedia's explanation for 'bland' explains this movie well: "Soft, low in fiber, cooked rather than raw, and not spicy" ..so bad enough to be unredeemable with a fanedit.

In 2015, "Genesis" was planned to be a reboot of the series with the aim of launching a new trilogy, but the confusing timeline of the would have helped the film to have a bad reception by critics and audiences.

Absolutely brilliant start to finish, theres a few crappy bits but it's part of the story and to be expected, all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it, far better than the last pile of crap

I gave it a 7 in the first viewing, which is now settling to 6/10 while I am realizing how bland the movie was.

Surprisingly, this installment does ask one intriguing philosophical question (most likely from the mind of James), deciphering the differentiation between alterations to the future & destiny; discovering whether one are the same thing - if an event is prevented from ever occuring, will time reassert itself & ensure that eventually, it continues to happen anyway?

Very much Enjoyable.

I have grown from a kid to a teenager and a father, with this franchise, for the kids of my generation kick back have a cold one and relive the thrilling experience once again.

It is good to see middle aged people still doing intense action movies!

I was expecting poor boring movie but it is surprisingly good and entertaining

Grace was the Kyle Reese character genderswapped but better because she was augmented with technology that enabled her to do fancy pointless flips and such (eye-roll much?

Nice see again Sarah Connor and T-800 but i dont understand this Terminator dark Fate so boring and just picking vegetables.

the worst movie ever.

Enjoyable .

People are bored watching this same stuff.

I really truly enjoyed it.

We pay a ticket fot this garbage , its literally the worst movie that I have ever seen, The scenario with killing John Connor at young age (automatically destroys the other terminator movies).

I enjoyed it...

So they killed off John straight away, right off the bat they render everything that has come before pointless, obsolete.

Lots of complaining in the reviews here mostly from people who are first time reviewers who joined just to rubbish this movie,or people who review one or two movies and complain about everything in every movie,sure,it's no cinematic masterpiece but come on,it's a terminator movie,it was never meant to be,what it a fun,action packed thrill ride that never stops delivering exactly that for 2 hours,and that is exactly what this movie is about.

Great if you want to read subtitles all the time" That's about the most exciting part of this movie.

" It's very unfortunate when most of the part of the action scenes actually very thrilling & no awful jump cuts or stupid shaky cams like most of action movies this days.

they killed John Connor, they will kill the mexican girl(most bland character of all the films ever made by the human race), whether by Skynet, Legion, Rosie the Robot Maid of the Jetsons or whatever crappy technology they invent.

Action Packed Rehash .

I was watching this movie FREE and still turned it off I was so bored.

There does appear to be more emphasis on making sure you get a strong female lead with as much ethnic diversity as possible these days over focusing on the story and creating exciting characters.

only Arnold is worth watching .

2 hours action packed fun!

It's fun, action packed, it has kick ass female leads and a dark undertone about the end of the world.

Still it's enjoyable for the action and familiar faces.

Entertaining movie!

The movie overall is entertaining - as long as you don't think or look too close.

Terminator movies are always a guarantee for some good action scenes, quality CGI's, and a story that is fast and entertaining.

Overall, it was a little disappointing, especially as a Terminator sequel, but it was at leas entertaining.

PC tick Entertaining tick.....

Boring boring boring.

Woke propaganda .

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and it's well deserving of my 8/10

On a positive note, the fight scenes and chase scenes were very fast, new, fresh, and exciting.

The Avengers and Star Wars franchise has also been co-opted by feminist propaganda, and they are also miserably written films.

The only reason it gets a 3 out of 10 stars and not a 1 star is because I'll admit that I was on the edge of my seat a bit for the first major chase scene in the film.

Just as good and intense as the first ones!!.

Loved the original Terminators, this is just a predictable yawn fest, it has been done so often it has become tiresome to watch, there are some huge leaps in the story to get from A to B and I think the producers hoped we wouldn't notice, instead the leaps are glaring and we are left felling, well, DUH.

I was so confused at the start where you see John Connor dying and i was expecting a really bad movie but I found it enjoyable.

Entertaining .

I enjoyed it, I liked the characters, the action and I will watch anything with Big Arn in.

Good Parts:° Some Intense Action Scenes° Grace is So good in the fight scenes, the scene where she wields the Hammer and the Scene where she spins the Chain and uses it as a Weapon were Great.

In the end, however, Terminator: Dark Fate is a surprisingly entertaining action film, that does contain some interesting story elements.

Pointless .

It's somewhat entertaining with a few quality moments.

It's pointless, and that's why I'm giving it 1 out of 10.

Probably the last time I did that was when I walked out from the movie Basic Instinct 2, because it was so bad.

I love women, I have a wife & a daughter, but this "I am woman hear me roar" stuff coming out of hollywoke, especially disney, is boring & insulting.

I think you're the worst movie in the entire series.

There is no sense or rhyme in the progression, it may have some entertainment value, but overall in the end was pointless as far as story and movement of events go.

Action disguised as left wing propaganda .

The CGI in the film can vary, from quite impressive, too surprisingly dull and obvious.

The entire film could be stock footage really; as bland and generic as it gets.

And the action sequences, the explosions and fights are all really good, they're entertaining.

This movie was highly entertaining and second only the terminator 2

Horrible absolutely horrid script to those who are fans of the only two really good Terminator movies that being Terminator 1 and Terminator 2The movie drags on and is a slow paced mess most of the way through.

Previous Terminator movies I've watched them several times simply because they are more entertaining.

I'll be honest, Dark Fate is more mediocre than unwatchable, probably the best Terminator since T2...

A boring and disappointing unoriginal rip off of the first terminator.

I don't know if any of the previous 2,639 reviews have pointed this out, but this latest entry in the Terminator saga has rendered the ENTIRE FRANCHISE pointless.

I find this movie an ultimate entertaining as it has epic action scene also the why the director has put the timeline of all terminators.

Arnold was a Bad guy, a Walkman, dirt under Nails, Keyle Reese Shooting all the time, coutting a shoutgun and fix it with with a rope and it has a slow starting story even the music and some Nike shoes....

Bland acting.

But regardless this was an exciting and visceral piece of cinema.

Dont waste your time.

The act was so lame and cliche!

The movie was good and I really enjoyed it.

Loaded with feminist, liberal propaganda crap.. Bad acting, bad storyline, really bad waste of 2 hours.. This franchise is truly dead...

no spoilers here, but I can say it is very predictable, as to who will survive and who wouldn't, but I still enjoyed it.

Here, I have a feeling, we are fed with novadays feministic propaganda and they focus on diversity at the cost of quality.

In fact, despite all of its flaws this work concluded in decent movie to watch during boring Saturday evenings.

Worst movie i hv seen so far this year on gplay.

But I was genuinely engaged with the plot and on the edge of my seat with the amazing action.

The hell with that, it makes this movie completely pointless, and really makes the first 2 seem like there was no reason for them to exist.

it was a torture watching from minute one!!!

Pointless putrid nonsense.

It is action packed from the start with good special effects.

Even though this movie is as much a parody of itself, I found it nonetheless entertaining and enjoyable and more true to the original in style and feel.

Mackenzie Davis stunning play, beautiful Linda Hamilton, incredible Arny.

I Thoroughly Enjoyed It .

First: To address the whinging of those threatened by a female heavy cast- (and there are at least a couple of reviews I've seen that are like that on here)- I really enjoyed it.

Just as bad as the last few, bad dialogue, bad acting, predictable twists and turns.

It is an entertaining piece that makes sense.

If it moved any slower you'd need to be a cyborg to stay awake.

Thrilling action and a refreshing lead trio in an admittedly rehashed plot .

Really enjoyable .

While it's true that some scenes are very similar to scenes in other terminator movies, other parts are original and overall it's quite entertaining.

Action Packed .

Well I enjoyed it .

Gone is the chrome skeleton, replace by a dull grey skeleton.

Confusing with a dolop of nothing new to the plot .

Third: It's an entertaining, exciting film in its own right.

T3 was a step down but I thought it was still pretty entertaining and kept with the story well enough.

But this was not good, it came off as propaganda film.

Why is it so hard for them to just bring it back to it's roots because clearly doing this action packed adventure is too much for these people.

In the best style of "Deadpool" - his previous work - the first sequence in the factory where the brothers Dani and Diego work and then on the highway is of great prominence, perhaps standing up to the best of the second film, playing the spectator in the adrenaline of the chase done mostly with practical effects, reusing that sense of verisimilitude so characteristic of the previous ones.

This would of been more compelling, he could of even died later in the movie if that was so desired therefore passing the torch as it were.

There is no story line, no pacing, and main characters absolutely bored to the bones and waiting for a paycheck.

Linda Hamiltons acting was terrible, in some scenes she talked so slow I thought there was something wrong with my brain.

In all fairness, "Terminator Dark Fate" is quite entertaining if you don't focus on the illogical and absurd "twists" the director and writer make.

Boring movie one can skip

Just pointless.

It was very entertaining with great visual effects, great cinematography and great acting.

It has all the original cast and is action packed trying to protect the new Sarah connor..Acting: The performances are good and characters seem badass and real.

what a waste of time of a movie this is.

Entertaining from beginning to end.

Someone critiqued that this makes the previous two films pointless (Terminator 1 & 2, not the stuff in between), as the whole mission there was to keep him, the leader of the future resistance, alive.

I watched this movie, and the first scenes had me on the edge of my seat.

I am dissapointed in the director and story crew, this was a utter waste of time.

The film makers had managed to create a slow lingering shot of Sarah Connor as she looked in 1991.

Some pictures and the intense atmosphere of it still stucks in my brain and soul.

Enjoyed it for Arnold's and Linda's performance and on screen chemistry after decades.

It is a complete waste of time to watch.

But its a heck of an enjoyable film if you watch it with absolutely no regard for all the things i just pounted out.

No story movie, just action scenes.

It's just kinda predictable.

To review this as a movie on it's own, I'm kind of shocked that a movie that contains some pretty good action scenes can be so boring.

) Horrible acting, (the buckshot "machismo" dialogue between Sarah Connor and the augmented human character is almost comical, but ultimately tiresome.

The pointless tough talk between the lead female characters made be cringe to point of wanting to just walk away.

Boring rehash rubbish

Seriously who wrote this S### The story that had no story....

Seen as an imitation of the first two Terminator films, "Dark Fate" fails, but I find it more intriguing how this 35-years-old franchise has altered its timeline culturally and politically.

Why does Hollywood keep on turning our favorite movies into unwatchable woke garbage?

For me, it was an enjoyable ride.

The story was very confusing in many ways the timeline was unexplained and they killed franchise major Character John Conner in start of the film?

The dialogue is mostly perfunctory, witless, uncreative, and yawn-inducing "let's go to the place to do the thing" type effluence, peppered with mostly obvious humour, and uninteresting exposition.

It does have a bit of a shaky start but eventually hits its stride and provides a fun experience for the viewer and I found the story more engaging than the last few Terminator films.

But it was an entertaining watch nonetheless.

The ideas were compelling: the new future enemy, the unstoppable Rev-9 was a persistent threat just like T1 & 2.

Yawn .

Linda Hamilton was right in line with where she left off and the change of locations and action sequences were exciting and new while paying homage to the first two films.

Of course Hollywood has to push their liberal propaganda into every movie these days and this movie is no different with this strong woman nonsense.

Feminist fascist propaganda .

With Arnie and Linda dragged out of retirement to make another Terminator movie it has to be a hit right?

Nah, just kidding, she's just incredibly bland and forgettable.

Kinda boring though.

Four boring protagonists and a boring antagonist combined with a stale, rehashed plot is not a recipe for a good movie.

Complete waste of talent, time and money.

It offers adrenaline rush throughout the film.

Her look, her action scenes and her performance is the best thing in this film and with it the rest of the story seemed better and entertaining a lot.

Mediocre and boringly unbelievable .

The action is awesome but becomes so repetitive, it tries also to reincarnate same action scenes we've seen in the originals, it's literally a movie calling back instead of moving forward.

Even as a standalone, it still had plot and technical issues, but I still found it entertaining, and it was good to see T-800/Carl settle down and start a family lol.

It is fast paced and got loads of action.

The worst we got was one rather bored civil servant who, quite sanely, didn't believe Dani's story.

Exactly the whole plot is so predictable.

There are all these big filler scenes that make everything completely unrealistic and just bore you to death.

The first half hour wasnt bad, the next hour was boring.

Strong beginning, in the middle a little bit bored and the final was ok.

Loads of plotholes, motives that make no sense, and ultimately a pointless movie.

the only thing good about this movie is the first five minutes where John Connor actually returns but he only has a 30 second part which really sucked.. don't waste your money wait for it to come on TV because that's all it's worth...

The continuity is a mess and keeps being rebooted, so everything is pointless: no development can feel meaningful.

Maybe the worst movie ever.

Star 7, missing: Skinny and boring plot, predictable behaviour by the main characters.

No convoluted, pointless plot that takes itself too seriously.

The pace is also very good, with several intense action scenes.

There are other heavy-handed SJW themes woven throughout the film such as illegal immigration, migrant detention centers, and misogyny and when combined with the weak story-line, the film becomes completely unwatchable.

But baring all that it's a fast paced, intense decent action movie.

It was horribly written and worst of all, boring.

Woke, men-hating liberal feminist propaganda, illegal immigrants loving nonsense.

I went into this expecting trash and I was quite surprised that it kept me on the edge of my seat with great action and a far better story than the previous sequels.

So it is boring and pointless.

T1- Amazing :8/10 T2- Amazing :10/10 T3- Bad :6/10 TSalvation- Decent :7/10 TGenisys- Decent but somewhat odd and confusing: 7/10 TDark Fate- Amazing Sequel and basically ignores T3, Salvation, and Genisys :8/10Terminator: Dark Fate is a sequel that is not trying to match the Amazingness of the original 2 films, because those cannot be matched.

It's well made and there's plenty of action and I enjoyed it.

T2 was deemed totally pointless according to this woke movie.

So we got 2 really good high grossing movies, followed by 2 okay-ish sequels, 1 greedy money grabber followed lastly by one of the worst movies I ever had the opportunity to watch, and I would love to say that this is no exaggeration....

Killing off John Connor (digitally rejuvenated to near perfection) in the first 3 minutes of the movie, renders all the preceding action in "Judgement Day" pointless, much in the same way "Alien 3" did with Aliens.

Just 2 deducted from predictable story.

PC yes, but entertaining .

They spend a few minutes on this character development which I really thought was fascinating...

This movie is just more woke propaganda.

Action scenes are engaging without any doubt.

It was fun, action packed and well made.

Together with Arnold, it makes the movie worth watching.

boring, stupid and spineless...

This film could have been filled with surprises, instead it's just what we expect form a Terminator sequel except one thing: the unexpected.

Fell asleep 20 mins into this movie.

I must admit, it wasn't the sequel I wanted it to be, but I enjoyed it.

It was very intense!.

Despite bad reviews I watched It and really enjoyed it.

By the way, it's very enjoyable movie.

However, Dark Fate is easily the franchise has had to offer in quite some time, and although that may not be saying much, the film is truly entertaining and surprisingly enjoyable.

Dark Fate basically took every action scene and plot twist from first four movies and gave nothing new, just made the whole storyline even more confusing and idiotic.

Preety enjoyable.

This is a highly enjoyable, fast paced, action-packed movie from start to finish.

Pretty boring and pretty bad .

Movie is entertaining, specially the first 2/3 until things start to happen with out logic: like the military help.

Very action packed and enjoyable.

Yes it is the same story once again but it doesnt bore you out.

Well, I really enjoyed it.

Action packed thriller.

Terminator Genisys was actually far superior and infinitely more enjoyable than this over hyped abomination.

Even though James Cameron was attached to the project but still it was not a big success at box office just because of the confusing story.

It's ultimately all quite unremarkable, and far from the classical status of the first two films, but if the fans keep the demand up, new films will keep getting made, and this one is distracting and entertaining enough to pass muster.

It's unwatchable.

But I enjoyed it for what it was, a great action film.

If you like the terminator and friends, go watch it, i saw it on my big screen TV and enjoyed it.

It was amazing to see Linda Hamilton again and she looks fantastic even after all these years, but it was a missed opportunity and incredibly boring.

I really enjoyed it .

An utterly pointless sequel .

Boring conversations.


Don't waste your time, it was awful .

Terminator: Dark Fate is faithful to the franchise and is an action-packed entertaining movie.

The first film was a gritty relentless scifi thriller, It had edge and a rawness which is thrilling.

Complete waste of time.

The story line was predictable and lacked creativity

Terminator is supposed to be a fast paced action movie and this film felt terribly slow.

I think the script has been so repeated and the outcomes so predictable that you just start to lose interest since you know how the story is going to end.

Why all the negative reviews, this is a very entertaining installment in the franchise.

We can win.. blah blah - copy & paste cliche speech.

A movie full of adrenaline.

"Mexican SyFy movie, great CGI, bland acting.

Hamilton and arnie looked bored as hell acting in this.

Definitely worth watching once!

With every score he does, he raises the bar when it comes to forgettable, bland and generic music.

Waste of time and money

Respectful of old action movie formula, packed, entertaining, funny, and intelligent.

The action is well paced, well shot and well edited and though the plot is a little contrived and at times a bit confusing it is a refreshing change from the previous films that hurt and hindered rather than inspired and amazed.

Don't waste your time.

I thought this movie was actually very entertaining and fun to watch.

Terminator is over can you please start making new material and stop with this constant remash of stories that have already gone on far too long.

Sarah Connor turned into a cranky old lady with a boring cliche attitude.

As for its meat, the set pieces are phenomenal (see the dam sequence leading to the thrilling final team-up).


Typical plot with some obvious holes but as I'm a fan, I just enjoyed it for what it is.

Only out of respect for Arnold and Linda i will put 3, it was one of the worst movies i ever saw in my life.

They can part at any time which seemed like a reasonably lengthy process that rendered the whole thing pointless to me.

To much pointless tough talk and unnecessary pauses .

Overall an entertaining movie if you can turn off your brain and just enjoy the action sequences.

All that being said, it was still worth watching.

Plenty of action but mediocre and predictable.

The plot was sometimes exciting and action-packed.

Empty storyline built up on political agendas.

The cast was really good, im glad the brought Arnold back, that was an unexpected surprise.

Since it bombed at the movies I was still hopeful it would be a decent Terminator film before watching it, but it's all just a huge waste of everyone's time.

Overall, it is an entertaining action movie.

That's how boring this movie is.

This is despicable but all too common nowadays, where signaling social justice virtue seems to take the place of making enjoyable movies as the primary motive behind productions.

The most AMAZING and Exciting EVER!!!!.

Total waste of time and money!

It is a cringe-inducing, plotless, retcon of a flick that actually succeeds in terminating itself, if that's even possible.

Unoriginal and contrived .

This is a good action-packed and entertaining addition to the Terminator franchise.

The problem is that the whole concept of the franchise relies on time traveling and all the paradoxes it creates, and there is a limit to what you can do with that before becoming either too confusing or just plain irrelevant because you stop caring.

Dark Fate tries to replicate the emotional end of T2 and instead made a movie that had already missed the mark now just seem trite and unimaginative.

However, the Sarah Connor found in Terminator Dark Fate is just a dull lifeless character who recites her lines into the camera in an old lady's cigarette voice.

I found the story very well constructed, innovative, and the characters and the story compelling.

The story is weak and increasingly predictable and insults the viewer asking them to believe that the T800 terminator has developed a conscience and feels remorse and that Sarah Connor has spent the last 20 years fighting terminators because he has been sending her messages about their locations as he feels the Temporal Displacement whenever a new one arrives.

Terrible special effects for 200 million dollar budget, creengy dialog filled with predictable outcomes, characters you couldn't care less, even though 2 of them belong to the classics, plot copy/paste and the lamest attempt of making this an empowerment movie...! I mean the phrase "hate it with a passion" has never been put to better useI understand we leave in a world where a lot of people see dollar signs in art, but we are the ones that keep supporting this, so do yourselves and society a favor, when you suspect a major flop is coming, designed to grab the attention of those who are on the edge of their toes to have another taste of their favorite classics, there are still plenty of ways to feed your curiosity on watching a bad movie, without contributing to them

Dull phrases, repeated humor, it seems like another character.

Story was a bit lacking or one would say "seen that before" but overall it is worth watching.

Terribly boring movie that goes for the shock factor in the first few minutes.

I know they're safe from harm and I know they're good people which makes them boring.

A very enjoyable instalment lets hope it's not the last.

Entertaining shoot em up chase movie.

It's unbelievably predictable and somewhat hard to enjoy if you are a diehard Terminator fan.

Enjoyable for sentimental reasons .

Movies are unwatchable nowdays .

It's definitely worth watching if you are a Terminator fan.

Retro feel, Boring .

It felt so cheap and empty.

Dark Fate dispells the three previous sequels and concludes Cameron's trilogy in truely entertaining style.

Pointless really.

Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is Mackenzie Davis I like her other than that this "movie" is waste of time same garbage action movie like other 99% these days.

Perhaps this could have been done better or that could have been done better, whatever, if you want an enjoyable film to watch, ignore the critics and the negative reviews, and give this movie a try.

Undoubtedly the worst movie of the whole franchise.

no originality, contrived cast and debunks the amazing first 2.. that's fine if you're guna make a film that is great...

There are also a couple of neat set-pieces, especially in the first half, before everything becomes over-the-top tiresome.

New characters are bland, special effects aren't very impressive, dialogue is frequently lousy, and the action scenes never really get the adrenaline pumping.

Or maybe the intense action, or its rewatchability.

Adrenaline rush .

All Terminator sequels are decent, action packed rides that serve their purpose as 2 hour entertainment.

The plot about sending a Terminator back in time to kill the mother of a future resistance leader does get repetitive.

Either way it gets boring in a quick hurry.

The story was frustrating/confusing because it made the previous stories time travel unnecessary.

was just really crap and boring

I watched this 2 times back to back cause I enjoyed it so much.

It kept me on the edge of my sit.

The acting was terminator standard as was the script and the effects were,for me,awesome,all up it was thoroughly enjoyable was to kill a couple of hours on a hot and humid day and definitely a movie I will again.

It's a very, very entertaining action flick.

A highly enjoyable movie and the silly ratings .

Sarah Conner is only human in this film but she always knows exactly where, when and what time to turn up, the robot with superpowers on the other hand has to use state of the art GPS to track them down, but I know some people like this kind of thing so I'll hush it for now, I'm bored of it all anyway

Saw this in the theatre, enjoyed it, Great CGI, spectacular action scenes, some cheesy one liners, good story with all the twisty time travel questions.

I do enjoy this movie and I admit it's not a classic like the first two films, I still find it very entertaining.

Its 2 hours of action packed fun.

But so overtly throwing affirmative action at this movie is just transparent, contrived, and phony.

Still, I quite enjoyed it.

That's FASCINATING to comprehend - contemplating the fact that armageddon is the "fate" of our species & not its avoidable future...

Still, it could pass as an entertaining flick if it wasn't tanked by liberal ideology and overall lazy writing.

The first one was dark, brutal and gripping ...

*The one with Christian Bale had some potential but turned out quite boring and didn't really feel like a Terminator-film.

TL;DR: As a whole movie, I can say I enjoyed it for 6*.

Not just the worst Terminator movie I have seen in a while, but one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

It's a shame the franchise is now dead as this film set up a compelling segue into a potential new film after Dark fate.

The first hour is actually quiate a joy, action is fun, chases are good and then towards the middle all the action scenes are in the dark and fast paced (you know this mindless crap is in every 2nd movie nowadays)...

Since then, this and other wonderful franchises have devolved into brain washing propaganda for feminism and for forcing Americans into becoming a Spanish speaking nation.

would not even qualify as a bad TV episode, as a film it is tedious .

I suggest, rather watch 'Last Action Hero' again, save your money and spare yourself of this cinematographic cashgrab blasphemy

Overlong, uninspired story brings Sarah Connor back as she reluctantly teams up with an "augmented" human to try and protect the newest savior of humanity, from the newest version of the Terminator, with some unexpected help along the way.

Waste of time.

The action is high paced and exciting, the characters are well developed and we care about them.

Unfortunately, the 90's must be where his head is stuck - back in his hay-day - completely oblivious to the fact that audiences have since matured, are smarter and demand better stories than the repetitive, recycled and tedious script he signed off on for Dark Fate.

I enjoyed it.

Strangely enough I don't feel very talkative about this movie; is it because it is repetitive or because it has basically nothing to review about?

I think when you compare it to the first two then yes it falls short but as it's own movie I thought it was good and entertaining.

Instead, the script is a boring copy-paste from past glory with lots of senseless one-liners.

But from there, it is really slow going.

A non-scary terminator = BORING!

Mackenzie Davis was the wow factor in the movie, the way she came in its a complete entertaining.

The storyline is boring, without life, without anything redeeming qualities, it is to be a waste of my time to watch this and to be honest, the studio should repay the people their money for watching this.