Terminator Salvation (2009) - Action, Sci-Fi

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In 2018, a mysterious new weapon in the war against the machines, half-human and half-machine, comes to John Connor on the eve of a resistance attack on Skynet. But whose side is he on, and can he be trusted?

IMDB: 6.5
Director: McG
Stars: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 233 out of 1000 found boring (23.3%)

One-line Reviews (865)

The action sequences were relentlessly thrilling and tremendous in scope which to me is a tribute to Cameron's throw everything including the kitchen sink, action filming methods.

An Apocalyptic canvas,awesome pulse-pounding action sequences,eye for detail,phenomenal CG and a human touch..that's what makes Terminator Salvation a truly enjoyable movie.

He's bland and boring.

Here there are really only 2 or 3 scenes where they almost get the chance to explore the deeper meanings, and then the director must have got bored and decided that more than 10 seconds without an explosion was too long.

John Connor is practically supporting role and Bale's performance is characterless and bored, as if he was forced to play in the movie against his will.

Terminator Salvation is a heart thumping, nerve-shredding and action packed thrill ride and holds a strong eye for invention and story.

Other than the ho-hum dialog, there is random, uninvolving, unexciting action mainly to show off all the different styles of Terminators out there, including one that looks like a Transformer...

However, anyone hoping for an entertaining, visually appealing spectacle, then Terminator Salvation is just the thing for you.

") It was dull, tacky, and lacked the passion of the first too films.

In a world now plagued by over-embellished and drawn out franchises, Terminator was not a franchise that needed another sequel.

Not being tragic enough to be a Shakespeare play (like the latter's abysmal finale), or the zesty jumpstart sought after, which at least ditches the shackles of its formulaic overtone that lost its voice after 3.

Boring and Unneeded .

Probably one of the most action packed movies I've seen.

A more silly, jolly tone might have been preferable to the onslaught of trite dialogue, thin characterization, weak plotting and wavey story on display here.

Moon Bloodgood played her part well, though sometimes the damsel-in-distress cliché clashed with the toughened soldier she attempted to depict.

The main problem I have is that it does comes off as rather pointless.

However, TDK is so much more enjoyable than T4.

Action, action -- OK but no story or character development .

Sound like an action film cliché?

Thankfully, McG delivers just that as we're given many memorable action sequences that are truly intense.

Random, long, dragged out action scenes (ALL the time) with very little emphasis on the storyline unlike the previous Terminators.

Entertaining and moves the story forward .

So a heart and character chemistry is what can save an action flick from being boring and/or shallow, and at least get some praise for the critics, which is always great for an action flick.

John has become a lone, dull, 2-dimensional character who's lost all of the vibrancy he once had.

The plot is too simple and too predictable.

Bale didn't have too much to work with, so he brought in a rather boring variety of angst to make a totally uncharismatic John Connor.

The visuals are stunning, the action breath-taking, and the drama heavy ...

While still not on a level of the seminal Terminator, it is right up there with T2, and on many levels is more entertaining and interesting than the very good T3.

The few poignant moments available are slow, lazy and disappointingly boring, offering little insight into our characters and failing to make us care if a T-800 burst through the wall and sliced them in half with a mini gun...

It takes the franchise into exciting new directions but it's squandered by dull one dimensional characters and often lazy writing.

Judgment Day instantly became one of my top 20 favorite movies of all time, expanding upon everything that made part one such an engaging film.

Boring as hell.

Its an enjoyable movie to watch assholes, not a math problem.

There is so much thrilling action taking place, it really makes you forget about how disappointing it is, due to the lack of Arnold.

I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The most exciting elements of T1 and T2 were the promise of some epic and existential struggle for mankind's survival...

How one could produce a film about an apocalyptic future Earth devoid of intrigue is the most intriguing thing to me.

Christian Bale is surprisingly dull and routine in his scenes as John Connor and this is a rare thing for me: spotting a Christian Bale performance without any charisma.

It was entertaining (developing the plot in unexpected ways, robo-bashing aplenty, cool special effects that we've come to expect from this series tempered with honest to goodness action) and thought provoking.

But it is rife with cliché, both in plot and dialogue.

"T3" (2003) - directed by Jonathan Mostow - was not in the same class, but still thoroughly entertaining.

Despite that one scene, the action was always entertaining and the final fight was great to watch without spoiling anything.

A very, very thin plot, boring uninspired action scenes.

In a fight involving Christian Bale as John Connor and a CGi recreation of Arnold Schwarzenneger as a Terminator, I got bored.

Decently paced but pedestrian sequel to Schwarznegger's more engaging Terminator roles .

Plot- like I said, kind of slow with lack of dialogue, and some parts in the story heavily relied on coincidence and chance.

Having 2 heroes is a little confusing.

I can recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in seeing an enjoyable action movie with good special effects.

He plays the part with a lot of grunt, reminiscent of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and while critics loathe the performance citing he lacked charisma, I enjoyed it.

The editing itself is also choppy and in places disjointed.

Worthington's is superb, his performance full of strength and burly charm, but his whole story arc feels slightly contrived, serving more as plot puller-along than anything more substantial, a problem that runs through the entire movie.

The first Terminator was well acted, exciting, and original.

What made the other movies so great were the chase sequences.. Nail biting, intense, and I actually liked T3.

It's hard to care about them and they both lack some of the humanity and vulnerability that made the previous films so exciting.

Amazing action and terrific special effects, stunning sound and a decent story that compliments the previous installments ...

Pale plot development made me stop watching for a few times being close to falling asleep.

While the special effects and action are as stunning as ever, the story line seems weak to non-existent in this flick.

Most of the Terminator fans would definitely NOT be disappointed with this installment, as it is chock-full of action, heavy on heroics, and breathtaking in scope.

Still, that particular scene is quite gripping, despite said cheesy ploy.

Chistian Bale does nothing other than try to look cool, the story is non existent, and the premise is so trite that it makes "X Men Origins" look like Shakespeare.

All in all, Terminator fans have been mixed on this movie, but I find that it's a good movie for the action if you haven't seen the originals, and I don't know if a Terminator fan should see it, but honestly, this movie is McG's best and I enjoyed it.

Like a chicken without its head, Terminator Salvation stumbles blindly around the cinematic barnyard making lots of noise, but ultimately going nowhere.

I saw this last night and i thought it was totally kick-ass once i left the theater.

Well, all my griping and bashing aside, this is actually a pretty enjoyable movie overall.

Fully flawed, yet utterly entertaining.

Technical quality is evident right from the first brief action scene, with visually stimulating shots covering a good variety of fast-moving objects from various angles.

It lacks the punchy script needed to elevate the boredom.

The man spoke in a monotone as well that is one tone without any phrasing.

Contrary to the opinion of way too many so-called Terminator fans, T3 was actually a well-written and acted, provocative, fluid, exciting action movie that WAS faithful to Terminator; and even if it was not faithful to it (I think that it was), it still is a darn entertaining watch DESPITE being labeled a Terminator movie...

The scenes are exciting and Worthington delivers what others should have.

The third installment in the series, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (2003), even though not on par with the first two movies in the franchise, was still quite enjoyable.

Action amount=good, plot=OK (and predictable, though that is given at this point of the saga..). endoskeletons=always cool, except those older dumb looking terminator models=lol.

This movie was in a way a let down, I mean the concept of what happens in the future is quite exciting.

Infuse that with spectacular effects, some gripping and well shot action sequences and you have a summer movie that while not as good as the earlier entries manages to infuse new life into a classic franchise.

I thought this movie was pretty boring actually, and, given my reverence for the originals, kind of off-putting.

Salvation is a dull, cheerless exercise with not one character I cared about and not one line of dialogue that rang true.

There are some unintentionally corny lines and some predictable moments, especially borrowed from other movies.

While the story is weak and flawed, the visual aspect of the film is stunning.

The characters are meaningless, empty and pointless.

The CGI is amazing, the action scenes are really intense, and the performance by the actors were flat out killer.

Despite it's shortfalls, if you are a fan of the Terminator series, or just a fan of action and/or sci-fi in general, you will probably find this movie to be reasonably entertaining and worth watching at least once.

No plot.

Boring, boring, boring!

But my favourite moment came from a fellow audience member, who let out several involuntary whoops of delight when something particularly unexpected happened about 10 minutes from the end!

it was scary, freak'n intense!

' Cameron left Arnold to his own devices (or rather another director) for the still less successful, but nonetheless highly profitable and arguably quite entertaining 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,' which heralds the situation chronicled in this still louder and more high tech and more fatalistic 'Terminator' blockbuster, which has had just about all the fun squeezed out of it.

The second problem is the slow treatment, minus the action, the film hardly has anything that makes you go WOW!

=D) dragged this movie down.

After making it pretty clear that there is no plot, the last few minutes are spent trying to make up a plot at the last minute.

I liked the dark and intense tone of the movie.

The terminator series is a meaty subject that should provide any competent director and writer with enough material to create an engaging scifi flick.

this movie was like a big and unbearable long trailer.

An entertaining mess for sure...

I wanna start with the positives, Bale as usual is very intense and gives us the John Connor you would expect, MCG delivers in the special FX department along with a few bits of humor and a smidge of suspense, Anton Yelchin is an Actor people should be keeping an eye on he is a blossoming Talent.

The graphics are stunning and it does help if you watch the previous episodes first.

a lot of bad reviews out there but I enjoyed it for the most part after I removed myself from the Terminator franchise and just took it for what it was.

Once the gun is empty, you cannot throw it at the Terminator and say "die!

Apparently Christian Bale was injected Adrenaline during the whole shoot.

Normally during these remakes I get bored or fall asleep.

The chase scene between the tow truck, the giant terminator, the motorbike terminators, and the giant HK is a thrilling piece of work.

ho hum dee.

Christian Bale is a bore...

He doesn't have much personality beyond that, he's just really bland.

John Conner goes "come with me if you want to live", the motor cycle scene still is exciting as it was almost 30 years ago.

As a director, I appreciated his previous works, including the pilot episode of the TV show, "Chuck," along with the entertaining Charlie's Angels films.

I saw this again after 6 years and still enjoyed it a lot, especially considering the poor sequels with Arnold.

Putting comparisons aside, fast paced action is the forte of Terminator Salvation.

Truthfully, I nearly walked out of the theater several times during the first 45 minutes.

I don't know, it just left me feeling kind of empty, whereas I loved the new Star Trek so much, I went back and saw it again last night!

I really enjoyed it.

Not Chekhov, but an entertaining way to introduce the character and get the story rolling.

Nothing like Transformers, but definitely enjoyable.

Many people though of Star as a pointless character.

He's just so dull.

Hard to follow (read: tiresome and boring), and full of logical flaws.

I can see what McShit was trying to do by not, but stuffing a terminator film full of messages instead of having a badass terminator is just pretentious.

Whatta mistake that would've been i enjoyed it almost as much as i did t2.

" In addition to being a cliché, the movie even reinvents a scene from T2 in which a Terminator gets frozen and tries to break free.

Even T3, while a disappointment compared to the previous two films, was viewable and even mildly entertaining.

I fell asleep in the end.

By the way there is no story, and what is presented to you doesn't make much sense.

After killing a few robots they are able to land on the roof with slow-moving helicopters ...

It shows a blatant lack of awareness and it looked cheap and pointless anyway-- like overdone slow-motion or bad wire-work, an overabundance of pointless strobes makes a movie feel cheap.

Aside from a rather boring savior of humanity, "Terminator: Salvation" is still a pretty good sci-fi action film.

Forget Christian Bale's boring performance, it was the way the character was written that sucked.

Christian Bale was superb and very intense and Sam Worthington was great as well.

The people themselves were always aiming at one another.. the terminators were slow, and apparently a human can block a cuff from one of them.

Even though I have seen the first two films about 20 times each when I am watching the terminators chase Sarah/John Connor I still feel on the edge of my seat and the intensity kills me!

Some scenes had me on the edge of my seat.

What makes matters worse is the movie has a very slow start.

While doing that, yes, I believe going to the cinema is always a waste of money.

The plot is so absent you might as well be watching a documentary on how the film was made, that might be more entertaining.

Boring Monotone emotionless and a failure .

There are a couple of good performances, a couple of good action sequences and - if you forget the first two Terminator movies - you will enjoy this fast-moving summer blockbuster.

Enjoyable, brainless fun.

I love this franchise, but this movie made me feel empty inside.

Plus, the film itself is super entertaining on a basic brain-switching-off level.

Waste of money .

Full of every action movie cliché and high-school level prose.

But the movie was still pretty damn entertaining.

It's action sequences sure are fun and exciting, and the overall story works.

The direction is terrible and often illogical, there's virtually no excitement in scenes which Scott/Cameron would have torn up the screen with, and the acting is hilarious (everyone seems to speak in a gruff monotone).

Waste of money .

Waste of time even if you love the other movies, as I do.

When the Christian Bale storyline gets boring (as it frequently does), the tale returns to Sam Worthington and we are interested again.

If it was up to me i would just pop the Terminator 2 DVD and have fun for the x-time :)I wont spoil anything but the effects where top notch as was the action packed with adrenalin scenes and a fantastic wall of sound at least in my theaterIf i could rate the sound it was even better than the film itself,believe me its one of those rare occurrences.

The Sam Worthington storyline was intriguing and unique.

I enjoyed Terminator: Salvation for what is was: an exciting, decently-acted (could have actually been better, in my opinion, considering the quality of actors that are Christian Bale and Sam Worthington), action-filled Terminator movie.

had a terribly cliché ending.

I liked the intense action style, shot with hand-held cameras, like you're on the ground with the soldiers in the middle of a warzone.

The slow and overly-elaborate killing methods.

His terminator-like character is a ruthless, evil bad guy, then a bad guy with heart, who is a machine, but he doesn't know it character arc is not so clear, and at the same time a cliché.

4 starts = Boring

Time travel is always intriguing and T1 had a new, albeit implausible take on it.

Then the scenes you do get are so cliché.

Instead, here's a formulaic number with the requisite wink at a sequel and the impact of an endoskeleton made of Philly cheese.

That isn't the case in this movie.. If you looking for an action packed popcorn movie, that is fun, yeah give Terminator 4 a try, but if you are a die-hard fan of the franchise, hoping this new chapter brings, new elements and exciting plot twists to the Terminator Franchise, you will be greatly disappointed, on really every level.

This took way too long, even for satellite upload.

There are some intense action and cool special effects that highlight an exciting battle between the Resistance and the Machines.

Worst movie of 2009, yes worst than star trek.

His films have been fast paced and chaotic and mostly pure adrenaline without a lot of meat to them ie: Charlies Angels, and TV's short lived Fastlane.

Be that as it may, there are enough worthwhile elements to give the film a mediocre grade of "C" Marcus Wright is an intriguing protagonist who thinks there's no good in him until Blair informs him otherwise.

Why there's even the cliché post-apocalyptic child, same archetype child as found in the Road Warrior, old Star Trek reruns (Bop!

The second Terminator was revolutionary, very exciting, and had an even better story to tell.

In fact the attempts to reference at least half of his behaviour to Terminator 1 are tiresome, sometimes resorting to straight in your face robbing of entire sentences from the script.

Character development is pretty much ditched in favour of cheap story links and lame references to the existing franchise, while the action sequences, whilst entertaining, are rarely fully explained and often interrupt any semblance of plot which might be developing.

Entertaining for sure.

You may as well watch the past 3 terminator movies or the 5 one that just came out, don't waste your time on terminator salvation.

A good film feels like more time than it is, but does not bore you, it stretches moments and keeps you on the edge of your seat, a word in itself.

From impressive special effects to very good camera shots and enough adrenaline to keep the viewer's eyes glued to the screen, Salvation manages to succeed very well in the action and entertainment aspect.

Leaps in logic and rather mundane action drop this film to the bottom of the barrel in terms of summer blockbuster material.

John Connor and its raspy voice and facial paralysis is boring, and you cannot attach or relate to him.

Overall, though, I thought it was entertaining and fit very cleanly into the Terminator storyline.

The man responsible for "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" has managed to take all the heart and emotion from James Cameron's efforts (and even the little left over from the mediocre "T3") and create an arch, clichéd, plot hole ridden, and above all boring Terminator film.

There are quite a few cringe-worthy moments in T4: Marcus saving Bloodgood's character from bad men, and of course the time-honored and much-parodied Hollywood cliché of the bad guy revealing to the apparently defeated hero his/her/its evil plan in detail.

Just pale, drab-looking daylight scenes.

The new character Marcus Wright was boring and very little explanation is given for his choosing to side resistance.

Enjoyable movie ...

The habit of banal entertainment.

Dark and exciting.

They are completely bland and underdeveloped.

Now he's a dumb and boring middle-aged man with laryngitis since Mr. Bale is still acting on his Batman note.

It was just action packed.

As a thrill ride, Terminator Salvation delivers, with awesome spectacle and intense action, as well as some nice narrative tie-ins to the original trilogy (I especially liked young Kyle Reese).

Definitely worth watching a second time.

Though Terminator Salvation offers incredible special effects, the action itself is dull and lacks some kind of...

It was fast paced with well developed characters, I found it interesting enough to watch.

The movie ends with so cliché words that it reminds us that this movie is a product manufactured by extremely boring people who do their job, get paid and be done with it.

Gone is the pursuer/pursued structure of the previous films, in place now is a tough guys on a mission adventure story, fast paced and full to the brim of plot and barn-storming action set pieces.

Terminator Salvation, as with Terminator 3 and the woeful Sarah Connor Chronicles, follows this predictable routine.

It can become far to easy to pump out a script with a predictable formula that Hollywood knows will work to get butts in the seats.

The relationships were enjoyable to watch, how the characters came together well and how they reacted with each other.

Have to admit, the first 20 minutes = Zzz.

However, for some reason, Terminator Salvation is scripted as some kind of brain-dead action flick rather than the intriguing science fiction which is prevalent in the first three.

By then you are too bored to find it cool, especially if the trailers are in HD!

Don't waste your money on this.

Despite being an unnecessary entry in the series, Terminator Salvation is entertaining.

I think that Terminator Salvation proved that it is possible to make an entertaining movie without throwing the same old schlock at audiences.

Bale's scenes had me riveted to the screen while I thought the Worthington scenes were boring and disconnected.

the last third is where it gets exciting and gains that actual terminator 1,2 climax feeling.

Bottom line : Worth watching.

To the film which is pretty bland and nonsense from the get go.

Fast paced and never letting go, the movie was an absolute thriller, often reminding you of references to last year's action giant - The Dark Knight.

Even if we talked about it as enjoyable waste of time.

This 'movie' I was bored not even an hour in.

Movie does not have this claustrophobic feeling that first T had, and I didn't saw any message that was present in the t2 - so over all, this movie was empty inside.

The score dragged the whole movie down and made everything seem worse.

MCG direction was cool and some of the shots n cinematography was breathtaking.

No atmosphere, no plot and bunch of helicopters in sunny day .

The action was good, and when combined with the state-of-the-art special visual and sound effects and compelling cinematography McG and the Terminator crew managed to produced some decent and engaging action sequences.

And though these filmmakers spent well over $150 million creating a post-apocalyptic future, James Cameron created a better and more compelling vision of that future over 30 years ago with just a few lines of dialog and the equivalent of $150 worth of special effects.

The action scenes are terrific and exciting with McG showing off his ability to stage long takes instead doing a Michael Bay - CUT, CUT, CUT, CUT - CUT!

Special effects are decent, although the world these characters live in isn't that impressive, exciting, or believable.

As it stands, his digital appearance is a uniquely thrilling moment that almost makes up for the distance the franchise has travelled from it's dirty, downbeat first instalment.

I enjoyed it.

To get to the point, this is a very exciting pop-corn flick portraying the stories of two important men in this fictional future battlefield, which has been coupled with great acting from all angles (ahem!

It was completely pointless.

The movie failed to capture the audience even in the "intense" action scenes; it seemed like every scene, every dialog had something missing; to me it was an irritating, painful and a teeth grinding experience.

It's drab and sterile compared to the other films, and though it can be argued that a post-apocalyptic film is supposed to be like that, even the brief clips of the future from the previous films had an atmosphere to them, which is lacking here.

It could've been great: a post-apocalyptic world, people trying to survive in any means they can, machines hunting them day and night without a break, intense atmosphere etc...

Not an academy award best motion picture winner, but really enjoyable in the end.

The plot was completely predictable and unexciting.

Thus, although I feel that this film could have been much more epic, it was, as a fan of the Terminator franchise, entertaining enough to hold my interest until the very end.

Bale is doing his best, but he looks bored and probably only did this movie for the big bucks.

even relatively slow bikes can hit 60mph in 6 seconds...

Breathtaking action sequences while story goes loose.

It was also nice to see Michael Ironside in a film again, but for the few minutes he's on screen, he seemed bored, as did the other cast members.

He was stale, boring, and unlikeable.

To their credit Worthington and Yelchin are quite good in their roles, giving Marcus and Kyle some good scenes together and managing to find something in what is a pretty dull story.

A good enjoyable movie .

Altogether very entertaining and well directed.

Terminator Salvation is a typical modern-day Hollywood blockbuster; lots of slick action sequences and good-looking young actors with little or no plot to back it up.

It is, at times, quite exciting and entertaining.

Faithful to the past films and also introducing a few new subtle twists, Terminator Salvation offers an engaging watch...

James Cameron, before he became stuck up and pretentious, was a great artist and made these films classics.

So, like so many others in the genre, I've already forgotten about this film only minutes of having left the theater.

James Cameron's original premise sets up one of the greatest movie villains of all time against a hero with one of the biggest challenges of all time, and never lets go of its audience, creating a suspenseful sci-fi/horror story that's really second to none.

Waste of time , Disgrace to the series .

Still my kids enjoyed it at 13 and almost 12, so if that's anything to go by then maybe it's really aimed at their age group rather than attempting to address the wishes of a more adult viewer who may perhaps have expected more?

It's action packed.

Anyway, I can sum this entire movie up like this; A couple of above average action sequences dispersed among several below average action sequences that are over reliant on CGI shaky cam spaz vision, and endless boring cheese-drama scenes that all go on 8 minutes too long where Bale screams every single line of dialog as if everyone in the future were deaf.

it has no plot (humans fight against machines, end of story), and unfortunately Bale didn't get rid of his Batman-voice which in some moments seems a little ridiculous.

Instead, you have what will probably be the first in a series of big soulless action flicks that continue this big, uninteresting war story.

Bale's acting was good, but this is by far his worst movie.

Rating it as "the worst movie ever".

I think it's worth watching, esp.

Amazing in parts, Bland in others .

If they had the technology to make him this Flexable why do they make all the other robots slow and clunky.

Save your money for the upcoming financial judgement day - just like i did.

No story, just brief links with T1.

There was no plot, no character development, no story, no...

Then there's too many "close calls" for the main characters and that too gets boring quite quickly as well the fact, that I hardly connected to any of the characters.

While Terminator Salvation is not a horrible film, it just lacks any real characters or an intriguing story.

The darkest, most intensive movie in the sequel .

Terminator Salvation was an entertaining movie.

The gunfights and Terminator battles were violent and intense, while the explosions were massive and bone jarring.

The lack of real plot is just too hard to dismiss and the end 30 minutes are way too predictable.

But, as we've seen a thousand times before, an intense performance in an inferior film can range from sad to unintentionally comedic.

Instead, enough to say that it's an action-packed, enjoyable ride in the Terminator universe, with an OK plot and average actor performances.

Boring characters.

Scenes like this make the action more exciting as the story feels real and it connects with the audience on an emotional level as well so when the big car chases DO come in, the audience is genuinely invested as opposed to just "Explosions!


The acting is horrible, the story is unbelievably predictable and the soundtrack is awful.

Very enjoyable movie that can stand on it's own .

It has no story, just some excuses to fabricate chases.

Expectations were low, so I enjoyed it .

What's equally mystifying in this cool-looking, stylistically distinctive, but relatively more pointless 'Terminator' film, the fourth in the franchise, is that this appears to be at least partly a prequel (maybe any time-travel story is?

Save your money, your time and yourselves.

It was very entertaining, full of action and amazing graphics.

I think this was an effective method to use in this case because it made the movie that much more enjoyable.

At one point -through stifled yawns- as lucky Jonny C miraculously ran another gauntlet of flying lead I expected his belt buckle to get shot off, or perhaps a cigarette out of his mouth.

In some ways, they're right--'Salvation' lacks that one fascinating villain so prominent in the early Terminator sagas.

Thuroughly Enjoyable.

The only actor that really stands out is the great Michael Ironside who I hope got a decent payday out this dark and dreary mess...

His, and this has been said before, nevertheless I'll say it again, one-dimensional, unappealing, flat, cold, batman-voiced, uninteresting version of John Connor is absolutely the least thing you would expect by an actor, who is as great as he usually is.

Well made, well worth watching .

I think these scenes are more suspenseful than just a giant full-war scenes movie.

The characters are two-dimensional and totally uninteresting, acting mediocre, and even Christian Bale in the role of John Connor does not stand out from mediocrity.

Very enjoyable and respectful sequel marred by a rushed ending .

It's not an inherently bad look, but the combination of stale style with spiritless substance makes for a generally bland experience.

Connor is played by Christian Bale, who is in one gear throughout the whole movie: intense.

But it was more of just a downbeat, tiresome experience.

This makes three action epics that he has starred in that have been a complete waste of time (Clash of the Titans, Avatar{sorry, it sucks}).

If you're a real terminator fan I believe you will be very disappointed at the lack of storyline.

The Terminators themselves were just bland, not menacing at all.

and again, if you're a fan you'll maybe not love it , but LIKE it at least :-) I'll remember I left the theater with a good feeling ,no regrets at all for an well invested 9 euro's

What you gave us was a sad, pathetic piece of sh** movie that had absolutely NO purpose, NO plot, NO characters that we could feel and understand and watch again and again - nothing!

The antagonist's fatal flaw cliché.

And that's exactly what makes it so frustrating: for far too long into the movie, you're lead to believe that it could at least be decent.

With that being said, all we have with this movie is one action packed scene jumping to another with minimal cohesion.

In addition, the filmmakers dared to try new things, resulting in an interesting, entertaining and gritty film.

A 7 because the story has some unexpected occurrences, plot twist even though they are rather shallow and most importantly the story revolving around the character Kyle Reese as a very young man with potential to be a great warrior as effectively demonstrated.

Still, in this movie he manages to tell a compelling war story with pretty good shots.

This is the sort of film that Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer produce: loud, confused, pointless and designed for the A.

Incompetently done, and un-engaging.

I enjoyed it.

John Connor doesn't lead the stragglers out of machine death camps to fight a desperate guerrilla war, he's a bizarrely mythologised sergeant in a cliché-spouting military unit, complete with stereotypically uncooperative superiors running the show.

The characters were boring and I didn't care who died or survived because they weren't developed enough, I think the producers just made up some unimportant characters and threw them into the terminator movie.

In this movie there was no tension and drama, it was like watching a cliché action movie.

That's how unappealing and boring I thought the human characters were.

All the little things in the film are wrong, amazingly a super intelligent wargames AI is unable to triangulate a radio signal, the dialogue between characters is extremely limited, there is no character development and it gives no indication of any emotional connection with each other, the humans are using technology solutions against a vastly superior technological force, Skynet exhibits an emotional response about a small pointless video screen being destroyed...

The other 3 terminator movies had some comedy, while this movie was just serious through the whole movie, BORING.

The (pathetically mangled) hero's sacrifice cliché.

McG totally rebooted the series and he gave it an unexpected spin.

The action scenes were intense and imaginative: they did the Terminator brand-name proud.

Everything else reeks of an empty cash-in sequel with neither knowledge nor respect for the source material, vaguely "justified" by tagging on "this isn't the future my mother warned me about".

) And just as bad as "no plot" is the excruciatingly unfortunate realization that the setting - nearly a decade in the future (2018) - has zero visionary qualities, and I have to point out here that it ain't for any potentially noble reason as having accurately predicted that not much will change in 9 years.

Plot of the movie was simple and intriguing.

It was thrilling, exciting and shocking, especially at the end, when the machine rose from the fire.

This fourth part is the least obtained one from the saga by my point of view,but on its own merit,I found it to be entertaining although not lacking of important fails.

However, much like the brief scene of a CGI Arnold we are forced to swallow in the end, this film ends up being a familiar skin on an empty shell.

Alright alright so who cares if the plot is thin and the acting is bad if the action scenes are intense and exciting?

Herky-jerky plot, confusing storyline, uninteresting characters.

An ending that seems a foregone conclusion, and its really way too long.

The shift in focus only compounds the sense of just plodding through one scene after the next without really developing anything meaningful.

It's boring and confusing as a stand-alone narrative, and utterly useless as an expansion of the Terminator mythology.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first film, with its terrific action, compelling story, and solid performances.

The summer of my derivative, tired, clichéd, vapid, stale, lifeless, trite, hackneyed, threadbare, timeworn, bland, weak, flat, pedestrian, banal, dull, insipid, uninspired, repetitive movie continues apace and unabated with "Terminator: Assisted Living Community" Ahnold is too busy helping push California into foreclosure and bankruptcy to be the main star, so it falls to Batman, Checkov, and Jester to save the world from the evil, twisted, marauding special effects.

All in all, I will be going back to see it one more time because it really was action packed!

And the ending of the movie was predictable.

His confusion and rage was well acted throughout the whole movie which was fairly impressive.

Decent enough and enjoyable.

Intense science fiction violence and action.

High on octane and boredom .

He just seems to be more heroic, and has a better fit to the film and his character and story to the series is intriguing.

The effects alone are worth watching!

A slow pacing movie that gives the viewer good action entertainment.

It is a complete waste of time, money and talent.

The movie was really interesting & entertaining right from the beginning to the end with a lot of soul about John Connor a prophet who is mankind's only hope for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

Terminator Salvation is a very entertaining entry, that I had a good time with.

Never did I feel like the movie pulled me in, which is also reasoned by the next point –Uninteresting Story combined with huge plot holes.

Director McG can be applauded because he knew what he wanted this film to be like, and he followed through with his vision, resulting in a film that's epic, enjoyable and a bit disturbing.

Forced dialog, a story that was predictable in every aspect and repetitive action sequences make this film a huge disappointment.

Also, it was pretty predictable with what had happened to Sam Worthington's character at the beginning of the movie, although for a main character in this film, we didn't get to know much about him.

The plot is schoolboy stuff, the laziest film making I have ever seen, it was disjointed crap; that had no explanation as to how the characters managed to infiltrate the 'Skynet' factory.

But all of it felt a little ho-hum in the end to me.

It's just incredibly uninteresting, generally, and lacks any real drive, to boot.

It held my attention, was entertaining, and I didn't feel ripped off leaving the theater...

this is the reason why the streets were empty.

This is an enjoyable movie.

i saw this movie twice this past summer and both time i really enjoyed it.

Sometimes it's written really stupidly,other times it's incredibly cliché.

Enjoyed it for the most part .

It's simple, but it works because it's easy to follow and still manages to be very exciting.

While visual effects are top notch and fit very well into the Terminator Universe, the audio effects get boring after the first 30 minutes, especially the always same effect when a terminator appears.

But he has zip of a story to work with and as a result, the first two-thirds of the picture are very tiresome.

Fellow viewers clearly enjoyed it, and some even (and this is weird) applauded.

So this one has absolutely NO humor in it at all, and maybe that's what felt "off" to me about it - it's just so thoroughly dark, bleak and plodding throughout, with even the action scenes having this weirdly dank feeling about them.

Full Marks to CGI (if that's your thing) but this is a bland, boring movie with little to offer .

very layered and intense.

Just another boring action film...

The movie is decently entertaining if you can shut off your brain and deal with plot holes, poor character development, and terrible writing and directing.

) as Williams is annoying and her relationship with Marcus is pointless as it never evolves anyway.

) This one just goes along, meandering in between unbelievable contrived situations, explosions and winks at superfans (and let me tell you, I was winked upon so often I figured McG to have Tourette's Syndrome) And PG-13...

but if you just want to see a very entertaining terminator movie, I really can highly recommend it.

Relatively decent and entertaining but a tad stilted chapter in the sci-fi actioner franchise set in 2018 with an adult John Connor (a very intense Bale) facing a bleak future where Skynet, the nefarious powers that be, have unleashed an apocalyptic hell-on-earth with robots laying waste in their wakes.

This movie is good and its worth watching.

There are several lulls in the action and without an actor as charismatic as Arnold Schwarzenegger in a key role, the non-action scenes simply lack oomph.

Dull .

They even included the ultimate, sad cliché of action film - the lone hero who goes into the lion's den to rescue the love interest/dog/cute supporting character, and inevitably succeeds.

Terminator 2, was one of the most brilliant Sci-Fi movies of it's time and for all time, because James Cameron combined, a great cast, with a thrilling storyline, and edge of your seat action.

His many battle scenes went on so long that they became boring.

In fact, Bay's films have the further benefit of witty dialogue, an attractive female counterpart and a somewhat enjoyable story.

It lost the suspenseful sensation, and only left me wondering how and when the big spoiler would be revealed to all the other characters.

Much more thrilling than anything this life has offered so far.

The plot feels contrived and weak, and I often found myself wondering why I felt bored during what were supposed to be action-packed sequences.

It's probably the top of my list for worst movies I've seen this summer, right above Night at the Museum.

While the action scenes are fast paced and well written, the interaction between characters is mostly C-Movie quality.

It's engaging, interesting, well-directed, and at moments surprisingly emotional.

An absolutely kick ass mind blowing roller-coaster action ride!

He trying to make use of this soundwave device, but as a plot point, it's incredibly dull.

Some of the chase scenes are simply breathtakingly exciting and the various machines that the characters have to battle are just awesome.

Schwarzenegger's presence requires screenwriters to construct a plot revolving around his T-800, and this has resulted in two repetitive and average cash-grabs titled Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (2003) and Terminator Genisys (2015).

Skynet itself was dull.

I think I liked the first movie more because it transpired its humble condition of "B" cinema for becoming on an unexpected worldwide success thanks to the ingenious screenplay and James Cameron's excellent direction.

The irrelevant love interest cliché.

the film had: no suspense, no acting, no script, no ending.

While some of the visual effects are enjoyable (the only reason I didn't give it a 1 out of 10) the story is paper-thin at best and whether or not you are angered by the fact that the entire Terminator "storyline" throughout the first films is basically botched, you will be annoyed by the fact that even in this sci-fi/action film, things happen that just couldn't happen.

Overall, this is a visually stunning experience that completes adequately with an interesting plot and non-stop quality action.

as my friend said, all in all, it was very predictable.

But surprisingly its the addition of Sam Worthington and his portrayal of Marcus Wright - a prisoner on death row who donates his body to science only to awaken 15 years later as frankenstein so to speak is the most compelling part of Salvations plot, striking a petite emotional chord between the explosions.

Negative: Oh my gosh, the excessive drama, and the slow-moving from one scene to another!

Let me begin:1> there are some critics saying something like in the following lines: "What McG forgot was that T1 and T2 began with intense battles of the future" WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CRITICS!

On positive notes the special effects are amazing, and the action sequences are pretty fun and exciting.

John ignoring the top brass and saving the prisoners anyway was foolhardy and also predictable.

The movie was fast-paced and action packed, as a sci-fi flick should be in 2009.

Terminator Salvation Is An Entertaining Sci-fi Action Adventure .

"Aliens" is pointless without its heart.

There are also tributes to the earlier entries which are good, there are many but to name a few are the use of "You Could Be Mine" by Guns 'N' Roses at a very apt time, the usual "Come with me if you want to live" delivered well by Yelchin and Bale utters the line "I'll be back" which is pure genius and totally unexpected (I remember the reaction at the cinema).

Christian Bale on the other hand is waaaay too intense.

The big Terminator gathering humans may work, but it's so Transformers it doesn't surprise you (though considering that sequel's awfulness, it's more effective)Unfortunately, the story does venture in the realm of formulaic unimaginative action plot, with a particular scene where the main Skynet computer in the voice and face of Helena Bonham Carter reveals the whole plan to Marcus.

well made, believable film, exciting and fun to watch.

this ruined the whole saga, and so pointless .

I think so, which is a shame, albeit a predictable one.

It was all pale and boring.

if having watched the others you've realised that there is a fascinating study of what is the difference between a man and a machine and what does it truly mean to be the former then I think someone accidentally deleted all the key bits of the script in favour of another explosion.

This film was absolutely useless for this franchise, and it was really boring.

I did, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Recommend a tasty drink and snack while watching and certainly the popcorn is a nice use of hands and fingers instead of biting them and fidgeting around.

I was just looking for an entertaining action film with decent acting and I felt it delivered on both of these levels.

The only exception is that we're fully immersed in the post-apocalyptic world and not time-traveling into the past ...

Marcus Wright was too shallow and predictable.

And the movie is also well-acted and damn thrilling.

The first two films were practically iconic, including some of the most exciting and dynamic action scenes ever filmed.

Certainly, with what we are told and what is shown in flashbacks in the first 3 films, a film centered on a world post Judgment Day could be action packed.

The visual effects are as stunning as ever, and this is no more apparent than during a scene in which they use a body double and Schwarzenegger's face CGI'ed onto the body.

It is a very entertaining movie...

The film just dragged on and on.

He begins the slow process of crossing paths with John Conner.

First, it's boring.

Ultimately though the film was quite good, I enjoyed it, and I would most definitely watch it again, true it tends to stray a bit from what the first two laid down as the general "rules" of the film.

What redeems this movie slightly is the last half which will keep you on the edge of your seat...

As I expected SALVATION plays out in a predictable manner .

The whole movie seems pointless.

Dull and simplistic .

We are introduced to Sam Worthington's Marcus Wright in a 2003 prologue which is very intriguing and before we know it we are in 2018 with Christian Bale as John Connor with the resistance trying to infiltrate a Skynet base.

With Bale setting the bar so low it was a surprise to actually see Sam Worthington, a virtual unknown to most, have a some what fascinating performance as well as that of Anton Yelchin.

This film has no plot and no recitation at all.

Even the climaxes of battles, while being very much throwback driven, have awesome and unpredictable outcomes.

Getting there is a chore; McG rips off Spielberg's War of the Worlds with large, hulking, bleeping robots that collect humans in cages for selected further use but gives us a few new, if rather dull, Terminator motorcycles plus reconnaissance bots that look a bit like Frisbees.

Very enjoyable as long as you don't expect T2.

But thanks to its vicious pacing, non-stop action, high-definition photography & volatile atmosphere, it also manages to be a relatively fun, entertaining & less tedious affair than the previous entry.

avoid this at all costs because you will be disappointed, and empty.

McG marshals everything with style and panache, and the film zips by brilliantly up until the final coda, when it falls slightly apart in having this rushed and boring ending.

I have given this film an 8, because I'm going to buy it on DVD so it's worth watching more than once, however there are one or two loose ends which can be confusing...

The movie is a one note bore until John Conner's one man raid to end the film.

Worst Movie Ever.....

Entertaining if you accept its many flaws .

Many of the main stars are only on camera for scant minutes in confusing scenes in a shallow plot.

(Would I even be mentioning inconsequential stuff like this if the movie were engrossing?

try not to watch any trailers and if you see any on an ad on TV, then turn away and block your ears, because i avoided most trailers, only having watched about 30 percent of 1 trailer, and it was worth it as this film was so thrilling and unpredictable.

Worth watching?

Really, though, the ending DID leave me disappointed, being way too cliché and half-cocked for me to really feel inspired by it, especially after seeing the other movies so recently...

Other than that, it's just another pointless action movie.

What it does do is provide a plausible and entertaining sequel to Terminator 2 (I refuse to believe that Terminator 3 exists – what were they thinking?

By roller coaster ride, I meant - it is very entertaining film.

Director McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) brings a "have no mercy" approach to the audience, creating a sensory bombardment that is unrelenting and breathtaking.

It continues the story and connects things back to the original time-line, it's truly entertaining.

But the obvious drawback of that is that you're going to have to sit through all the boring, dumb slop in between them.

As for the rest of the film, action scenes are ranked somewhat exciting to routine.

I knew from the opening sequence this was going to be an enormous waste of my time, not to mention the 1 dollar it cost me.

Maybe fans of the first two movies might be a bit disappointed with this movie, but overall this is a highly entertaining movie.

He's supposed to be a messianic hero, and although I like the idea of the legendary status of a hero being exaggerated for the sake of drama, Bale just comes off as stiff, humorless, and boring.

Does it rely on breathtaking visuals, back to back action (interspersed with ear splitting audio) that gives you no time to blink, every shot being a fight for survival?

The movie in itself is entertaining.

The action in this movie is mind blowing and will keep viewers entertained as this movie is full of them.

Despite the first two films in the series being worlds apart in some respects, the things they had in common, besides some entertaining action, were interesting characters as well as a sense of fun and innovation.

Confusing .

Personally, I thought this movie was very enjoyable.

Firstly, there were parts of the movie where the pacing was a bit slow.

The pacing is high most of the time, and the film overall is appropriately gritty, dark, and intense.

Unfortunately it quickly disappointed, going the way of its predecessors: great CGI, but no plot.

You can see that efforts have been made but there's no involvement in the movie, it's dull, unoriginal and uninspiring.

It makes war movies look like childhood films and family enjoyable.

There's also the little kid tagging along with Reese and Marcus as they venture along to seek out John Connor and quasi safe haven with the resistance (thankfully he doesn't talk, which may have been a worse move, but it's still a little irksome as the precocious tyke who seems to be a lucky charm when script needs), or the predictable lines and character moves when it comes to just simple dialog exchanges or methods of action.

There is more explosive action and gunfire than ever and barely a breather between two intense action sequences.

Sam Worthington gives a good performance as Marcus Wright, but he's just too much of a cliché for me to find him that interesting.

Save your money and don't see this film.

The stunning visuals and action sequences were wasted because you didn't care about the characters and the plausibilty of how the good guys couldn't die was ridiculous.

My favorite part, which made me leave the theater before Bale finished his stupid voice-over during the final minutes, was when the human/robot guy offers his heart to save John Connor.

Story is rather boring...

I had never walked out on a movie before Terminator Salvation.

The result was a fairly high-paced and entertaining film with no real highlights.

This film is headed by a very boring Christian Bale who has as much passion and personality as the bullets he shoots.

The characters are unmemorable and uninteresting, including Christian Bale as John Conner.

This coud very well be the most intense movie in the world if you are watching from Novebmer month 2018 or earlier.

Dreadful dialogue, too many war movie clichés, a lack of story and a boring visual style drag this one down towards mediocrity.

But Terminator Salvation was so BORING and I didn't enjoy it.

The bleak, desaturated look of the post-apocalyptic setting is captured in crisp detail, the screenplay is an absolute mess, visual effects is striking for the most part, CGI-laden action is engaging & ridiculous at the same time, its entire premise doesn't even has any reason to exist, character depth is nil, the final twist explaining one character's fate is laughable, and Danny Elfman's score is disappointing for it adds nothing to its story.

The story revolves around Skynet trying to fool the resistance and the resistance trying to break Skynet defenses, but in the end it's all for naught and the rushed, often ludicrous conduct of the plot leaves you alternating between yawns and facepalms.

How exciting.

Some say it was the amount of sub-plots that were involved, the lack of plot, the empty character development, the slight cheesy factor, and or the overall weak story and unnecessary additions to the Terminator franchise.

Apart from the stunning cinematography Danny Elfman's music gives us an edgy metallic score.

I paid for it and fell asleep after ten minutes, despite the loud blasting noises coming from the TV.

They are intense.

Coming off best is Anton Yelchin in a fantastically intense but also subtle performance, and while he does have his bland moments Sam Worthington does show some charisma and is not as bland as feared.

The action scenes that one expects from a film like this are mostly exciting and even original.

Bryce Dallas Howard is ugly, she's a bad actress, and her role in this movie is pointless.

Christian Bale, seemingly a talented man, just tries to hard to go the "intense" route to the point that no one can relate to him anymore.

Needless to say, the action was quite thrilling.

The desaturated color palette was probably meant to make the movie look gritty, but instead it leaves the images looking bland.

They kept going with a confusing story line to explain everything at the end and by that time I just didn't care.

Surely the best film by a pretentious and ridiculously named director ever.. I just hope he either stops making films after this or starts using a proper name...

But to claim that this is the 'worst movie' they've ever seen, is way off the mark.

Technically, the film is stunning.

it was refreshing to see some very convincing integration of the practical sets along with the now-standard CG stuff that blended well together and again, added an intense realism to the movie without being over the top.

The script is utterly terrible also the dialogue is just so dull and ridiculous that really doesn't help these characters.

Personally this film felt like the producers didn't trust their audience's intelligence to be able to process and sit through the slower more meticulous, plot intensive, Terminator movie that the first 2 were.

He's so visibly bored that his performance almost seems like it is taken out of a zombie film.

The action scenes were decent but were sometimes difficult to follow being victims of shaky camera-itis.

It's an empty vacuous emotionless summer film that has become all too common in the last ten years or so.

The beginning was slow and basically showed John get into a plane crash and shoot a terminator with no legs.

It's a fun, entertaining movie and the running time shouldn't be longer than it really is now.

Just very very stupid and boring...

It was so confusing for me, seemed no sense.

Until I just got bored.

McG too does a fine job, exercises some of his Charlie's Angels demons by delivering some entertaining set-pieces (the Bale/helicopter scene and the films big cameo moment stand out), as well producing some wonderfully stark imagery (helped by the now infamous DoP Shane Hurbult), doing just enough with the story to keep the doubters at bay.

Granted this is a film director by McG, (Charlie's Angels) and for a McG film you get everything you're expected to, the battle scenes are exciting and stimulating while the final 20 minutes a untouchable run that acts as the films strongest point.

A boring character that one could not feel bad for in any way.

My verdict is its Worth watching once !!!

Then once the film started focusing on Christian Bale I started to get a little bored.

But it was a total waste of money, Terminator Salvation is the worst terminator movie ever.

Seemed like a pointless character.

I am a big fan of special effects movies and I was extremely excited to hear Terminator Salvation being released, but based on their comments, all of them have agreed that the storyline is boring.

Bleak, dingy and dull, nothing here has life.

The Video and sound effects are stunning.

After the awful T3 and boring Sarah Connor Chronicles this film really gets the terminator story back in the blockbuster category.

Music throughout the film was unnecessary and the plot was slow and confusing.

At least you'd save your money and buy 60s and 70s DVDs.

The way Kyle described it was way more intense and scary.

The Marcus Wright character, whose actual identity can be deduced by the audience fairly quickly, is nevertheless a compelling character and is fabulously well realised by Sam Worthington (one can see why James Cameron and Russell Crowe recommended him to director McG) as the character tries to make sense of what is going on around him.

I thought the first 2/3 of the movie were pretty intriguing and had potential to deliver a nice bang at the end.

They'll be OK"The incompetent villain cliché.

His John Connor only really is gripping, when he talks over a radio/communication thing.

It would have needed great directorial and writing skills to make the story of a protector and terminator sent back in time entertaining to watch again.

How do you make killer robots boring?

- Writing: Some of the writing was very good in it towards the end and I enjoyed it compared to most films nowadays.

I give this a very generous 2 and half rounded up only because of some colorful special effects which however become tedious and there is nothing else of merit in the movie.

However, it sort of feels inconsequential, almost like an anecdote from the oft-mentioned 'future war', and comes across as quite 'pointless', I suppose, because of it.

In this movie, the machines go all out on using their intelligence to serve themselves and survive but you know how unpredictable humans can be.

Bale is relentlessly boring and his character does nothing.


Overall good, but slightly bland at times.

The most intriguing aspect of 'Salvation' is the story it tells of Marcus Wright, a convicted murderer who is given a second chance at redemption.

This isn't up to the level of the Batman reboots, but it's a very enjoyable movie.

The overall "plot" is weak and Bale has clearly just decided to play John Connor as a completely intense over the top character for his own benefit and has not tried to bring anything that we know about John Connor from the first 3 films.

fell heavily on interpretation from your last film, badly done poorly produced, without special effects, it seems another movie that squeezes the budget and cut everything, Production, Direction, Screenplay, strong candidate for the trophy raspberries; This is the worst movie of the series without no doubt, ...

It was a very entertaining watch and for the first time since T2 i felt that that super computer at SkyNet, being one of the most advanced computers ever to be built, had a rational storyline other than just "Lets send a single terminator to ensure the best leader of all time is never born" "He's at the exact age where he could run from us and show signs of intelligence, lets send another single terminator to get John Conner again, the best leader of all time" "John Conner's twenty now, and although even when he was younger, the tactics we used didn't work, we're gonna upgrade our robot and try the exact same method again, without back-up" In this film the techniques used by the computer where very intelligent and also gave the films some wicked twists and turns.

At the helm on this occasion is McG (real name Joseph McGinty Nichol) - best-known for directing the two "Charlie's Angels" films - but some gravitas comes from the overly-intense Christian Bale as resistance leader John Connor and the Australian Sam Worthington as a cyborg with identity problems.

On another note terminator 1 and 3 were a little boring and predictable.

The adventure aspect is as every bit as thrilling as it is enigmatic, which takes McG to more of an accomplished insight into the Terminator universe.

Actors such as Common and Bryce Dallas Howard seem to have completely pointless roles in the movie, and seem to be only there to offer John Connor occasional words of advice.

As it turns out its not as bad as I thought it would be, the action sequences are thrilling and gripping, the plot isn't all that bad and there's enough violence to make it R-Rated-ish...

If you are looking for a good, compelling story that doesn't take frequent liberties with logic or narrative tightness (not to mention originality -- see paragraph one) then you've come to the wrong movie.

McG clearly has a vision for the future of the Terminator franchise (Army recruitment video by way of the apocalypse), but "Salvation" is blisteringly melodramatic and above all, commits the cardinal sin of summer action films--it bores.

Even so, I thought the action was compelling.

It's not perfect, and it certainly isn't as good as the first two films in the series, but it still manages to be an entertaining sci-fi action movie.

Just wait for the awful CGI Arnold and the worst/cliché/most sissy ending you have ever seen.

Though one would think that John Connor would dominate the film as the possible savior of humanity, the most compelling of the three stories is, in fact, that of Marcus Wright.

This leads through a long, exciting journey into the charred world where the machines are now made in automated factories, spewing out black smoke into the sky.

"Up" was entertaining, skillfully paced, nuanced, and cleverly simple.

The script feels contrived, condescending and altogether pretty crap (and that's just the c's).

Thrilling action and ho-hum storytelling; a bit of a disappointment .

He is a compelling forces because of his power.

It will satisfy the action junkies, but leave those who want to see a continuance of the story empty.

It feels like nothing was properly thought through, that there is no story, just a tale of what happens in the future.

The sci-fi series about cyborgs and the audiences who love them trundles on, giving us the least impressive (but still entertaining) installment to date.

The love interest between Bloodgood and Marcus also seems to be pointless, other than her illogically rescuing him.

Fortunately, Salvation does do one thing very well: keep the viewer on the edge of their seat with tons of action sequences and great special effects.

A little note: thanks god the cinema did not play the volume too loud, so all the screaming and explosions were not so annoying but, actually, enjoyable.

It is the most intense move, possibly, in the world.

For any person more than 12 year old, don't waste your time at a movie like this.

I kind of expected a resistance to "T4" at first by many but, when i saw it the theater was basically empty, which made it nice and comfy for us true believers.

Too bad Terminator Salivation quickly turns into Terminator ho hum once you sit down to watch the thing.

But not everyone will see it that way because the results stop at "entertaining.

10 minutes, this film is boring.

Add to that a lot (and I mean A LOT) of intense action sequences of which are mostly filmed real, complete with fantastically rendered CGI effects AND giant robots, that are pleasures to watch.

It's pointless!

There are many references to the first two films that are as pointless as they are countless, thrown in simply because this movie has no good ideas of its own.

The style serves all this well, with thrilling and well realized action scenes orchestrated beautifully by Mcg and the design of the machines themselves often being quite creepy, with an unsettling side to their metal skulls and glowing eyes, they really are portrayed well, giving a sense of how cold and calculating they are.

first 2/3 was fun with successful action scenes but, well, pointless in a way.

Can you imagine that this heavily dull and tasteless movie was made by 200 millions dollars (and I thought that Titanic, with 200 million and sure better shape, was not that good movie ?!!!

As a long time devotee of the Terminater genre, I found Terminator Salvation so bitterly disappointing that my wife and I walked out halfway through.

The story by John Brancato, Michael Ferris, and Jonathan Nolan ("The Dark Knight") is action driven and compelling pathos.

And the fish out of water element of putting a typical suburban housewife in the middle of a struggle for the future of humanity was intriguing too.

The Structure of T4 is a bit disjointed in the first third of the movie.

T3: Rise of the machines knew what it was and Arnold played it for what it was worth, another enjoyable action film.

For me this is the most enjoyable Terminator film since James Cameron's last effort in 1991.

Terminator Salvation is a big budget, CGI driven dark empty shell of a movie.

Then there is John Batman Connor, who is not quite the mysterious resistance leader we were lead to believe, but rather a boring fellow with raspy (Batman!

That, and the story is actually pretty engaging.

It feels the need for all of the characters to reuse all of the famous lines from the original movies (in case you forgot you were watching a Terminator movie) the action scenes are repetitive (the final battle looked as though it was set in the same plant as T1 and used the same battle tactics as in T2) which became tiresome as is the storyline.

Terminator 1+2 were both scary, intense, thrilling and intelligent.

This film opens with a long, dreary vignette where a condemned man agrees to donate his body to science.

I also zoned out during the drawn-out battle with the Schwarzenator near the end, because I really didn't care about John Connor (or his cute, perky wife, though she was never in danger the entire movie - another dramatic mistake).

Extremely slow, loud, tedious flick .

A throughly entertaining action film from start to finish.

- Scenery/mise-en-scene: It was great, I really felt immersed back into the old scenes in T1 and 2 which I have always wondered about.

I was actually rather surprised that this film was as enjoyable as it was.

The performances are intense as they should be, this is one harsh movie, it's gritty and it's the most serious out of all of them, if you notice all the other Terminator movies have a few funny one-liners at times.

I point just one total cliché that is most annoying for me.

The picture also throws in lots of references to classic moments of the first three, but they are so banally positioned that they become predictable and the charm is lost.

The story was a huge waste of time and a disappointment.

It really kept me on the edge of my seat and shaking.

It is that predictable.

How on earth can the director resort to the Cliché Mad Max baron landscape and then end with the cliché factory scene?

In the end, "Terminator Salvation" is worth watching, because of the great hero story and the powerful performances by Bale and Worthington.

awesome action and intense scenes throughout (4 viewings)

'Salvation' is a intriguing, albeit flawed, look at a future past Judgment Day .

Its solid and entertaining and it has some great ideas .

The film's climax in the Skynet "central" factory comes with the most exciting part of the film, followed by tons of disappointments.

While the action climax at the end of the film is exciting and entirely appropriate, the film's coda missed a fantastic opportunity to do something really bold and daring.

Having watched terminator 2 and 3 I kept waiting to finally see what I always wanted which was judgement day and what do we get a total b-rated movie which was so bad that I left the theater 20 minutes into the movie.

Despite all this, it is still an enjoyable ride as the story unfolds to its conclusion.

Bad directing, bad editing and bland story.

Many new characters, that have little overall importance at all, take up valuable screen time we could be watching of plot holes being filled in or breathtaking non-cgi stunts.

I thought this film had plenty of substance and that the films premise and delivery was completely engaging.

By far the most enjoyable aspect of the film is the notion of a machine that doesn't know it's a machine.

My only VERY MINOR critique would be the score, which compared to the first two films is kind of bland.

Lots of non-sensible action with a severe lack of story that an adult would understand.

Unfortunately, like Batman, John Connor is rather dull and a blank canvass.

The set pieces and design of the scenery is done very well, in fact it's entertaining to just watch the scenery in this which takes place in a apocalyptic land.

T-3 I won't mention because it was really really lame (partly because Nick Stahl was just totally boring and had completely negative personality as John Connor.

Having said that, I still enjoyed it for what it was.

TS, on the other hand, was a clumsy medicine ball of overblown, clichéd action, dull direction, oh-so-earnest acting, ugly cinematography, and uninspired/uninspiring CGI.

I saw this movie in theaters and enjoyed it very much, and yes I am a fan of the series.

Newcomer Sam Worthington's Marcus Wright has the most intriguing character arc in the film; half of the film's emotional and literary payoffs exist due to his excellent portrayal.

I was uncomfortable about watching this but did so with some friends and found myself as appalled as I was watching the empty second and third installments.

It had everything my $10.00 asked for, intense action, decent story, plot twist, more action, you might even shed a tear at the ending.

Action is good and intense with explosions.

Plus, considering he is supposed to be a conflicted personality, my word is he ridiculously uninteresting.

Guess that the only movie worth watching this year will be James Camerones AVATAR :-)

It dragged on and the story could have been completed within half an hour.

And how predictable was this film really?

" The story had so many plot holes that it was hard to follow, they made kyle reese into a pussy.

Worth watching.

) but the whole story line of this film feels very empty.

It was just dull and unexciting!

The story of Terminator Salvation felt like the piecing together of three different scripts being that it started out very well and ended up going nowhere fast.

Enough was entertaining in this film to give me hope that the inevitable fifth Terminator film will be willing to return to the core ideals that made the series a marquee franchise; interesting characters, innovative action, and a sense of fun.

The first 2 movies were Cameron's babies, and unfortunately, Terminator 3 was just of a rehash of the first 2 and definitely not done with Cameron's skill, which made it nearly unwatchable.

The film jumps pretty quickly into the action, and starting a trend that lasts the whole film, most of the character development of John Connor is done through intense action scenes.

Cool, dark and intense...

The scenes breathtaking.

Most of the Terminator fans would definitely NOT be disappointed with this installment, as it is chock-full of action, heavy on heroics, and breathtaking in scope.

While I like how much more SERIOUS this film felt when compared to T3, which felt too jokey and almost like a PARODY of Terminator at some points, they also go way too far with it and end up creating a really dull film.

Good, suspenseful, movie.

Nevertheless, I did have an enjoyable time with the action sequences this film had in store & while it's no better in quality than its equally dull predecessor, it's less frustrating to a considerable extent.

Not only is this the worst in the series, but it's one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Since it is simply a loud, boring rehash of old bits, the viewer is free to ramble.

It's a hit or miss affair with some battles with the machines more gripping than others.

I should have followed my gut when I thought this was going to do bad, because this movie was a complete waste of time.

Very entertaining!

I don't even know where to begin to describe how just horrendously bad this movie is, if I was not out with my family, I would have walked out about a half hour into the show.

Big explosions, people shouting and every Hollywood cliché known to man thrown in for good measure, just remember to leave your brain at the door on your way in.

loud and empty .

Bale's Connor is uninteresting.

The plot and story were entertaining mostly, helped by the non-stop action and a nicely assembled cast of characters.

It was pretty certain that he would not be back, but thanks to the trite screenplay in this one, it was not so.

But otherwise this movie was a waste of time.

It was nothing more than a monstrosity of loud, pointless noise and desperate overacting.

, Connors wife had a pointless roll and I thought Anton Yelchin played a convincing Kyle Reese!

as we get disappointed in t4 t4 was also worst , lots of non sense actions , there were no plot no happiness and Christian bale was wasted in this movie , it was more like a video game , and the end of the movie that shows an animated arnold face for 10 seconds that was horrible and how easy the cyber guy cut of his head , I wonder how come john coner its still a life with that metal in his chest .

I found Wright's story more interesting than Connor's in this, but it had too many cliché moments and scenes to be taken seriously.

pointless basically .

I thought that it had a good story line, good build up, and a few unexpected surprises.

Marcus' story being the primary one needs to be involving, but it is told in a linear, predictable manner with scenes of EVERY character he comes across seeing the "good" inside him and eventually trusting him with no real basis or provocation.

So, as with the recent, and infinitely more entertaining, "Star Trek" we are left with a movie that seems at war with itself, dead set on not paying off a single set up.

We are treated to a shot of a finished T-800 that looks like a young Arnie, only to have our excitement immediately taken away, and a boring fight scene weakly fills-in.

Christian Bale was intense, Sam Worthington was extremely cool, and the rest of the cast performed decent or better.

Characters are rather flat (lacking basic depth and progressive development throughout the story arch), performances--especially Bale's--were monotone, and the dialog is reduced to simplistic declamations.

Through all its, albeit impressive, visuals there is an underlining story of attempted survival that feels inadequate and repetitive.

Overall it isn't an awful experience, it is just so familiar with its FX and computer screens and lifeless look that it cannot be anything more than ho-hum.

The answer is sadly predictable.

Worse yet, the film spoon feeds you a summary of the plot during its climax which had me fidgeting around in my seat, just waiting for the exposition to end.

The opening of the movie is very confusing and is not really revealed until much later - what actually happened.

There are no valleys to contrast the over-the-top highs and so it cops a samey-sounding, dull vibe.

The monologue ending as all terminator films have had, was totally cliché and poorly done.

I was hopping to see how the world was after the machines attacked but it lacked the "feeling", it was pointless, useless, I didn't care about a single character in the entire movie.

While I can normally accept a predictable or weak plot, I will not accept a plot that exists simply as a means to eat up minutes of screen time between action sequences, which is exactly the case here.

I also think this film would have done a lot better if there wasn't so much advertisement, everywhere you went you would see an advert or a bill bored of terminator salvation and I think people got too hyped for it!

It's a completely generic family friendly boring action movie loosely based on Terminator.

The action scenes, again, were awesome and very well made, with the visual effects as stunning as Transformers (though you probably won't feel the difference because they aren't shown in the same ways).

The movie is bad, boring, ridiculous and a big disappointment.

Maybe the reason I enjoyed it so much, was because I didn't really expect anymore than just a Terminator film.

The first was a suspenseful cyberpunk thriller, and the second became my favourite movie of all time.

If you're looking for any kind of humanity, look elsewhere, because Salvation is an empty experience disguised by a cheap facade that half-heartedly attempts to evoke the story the originals.

Entertaining, without novelty .

After all, a slow and repetitive war of attrition is what you'd think it'd be good at.

I do not want to keep beating a dead horse, the plot was very stupid and boring.

McG story telling at best was confusing.

There are plenty of them too, which helps to ensure that the film is at least mostly entertaining.

This movie was absolutely stunning!

I actually found it quite enjoyable with the one on one fight scenes with the TX, and the beginning of the takeover of Skynet.

"Terminator Salvation," on the other hand, fails to ever truly captivate and instead opts for wall-to-wall action, creating dull overkill.

Sam really took me by surprise because I started off ho-hum with him and quickly changed my mind.

The last two have seemed muddled and boring, particularly this one.

This film recommends: Wine / beer to keep you focused as it is so intense that when watch wtihout alcohol the fact is you may have to walk away from the movie and take a break to come back to finish it.

Waste of money some say.

And of course, loads of mindless "hollywood style" action, that could be mildly entertaining, if you could build another wall - of indifference towards the film - in time.

Another irritating aspect is that although T1 and T2 may feel dated in terms of effects, they both still contain exciting and suspenseful story lines and action scenes.

This is one of the worst movies of all time.

intense stories augmented bu action and some interesting characters that don't necessarily need a lot of screen time to make their marks in the story.

It is very average, cliché, mainstream, Hollywood entertainment (I wouldn't even go so far to say it's entertainment) I don't know how any fan of the originals could enjoy this movie.

The character of Marcus Wright is an intriguing and original addition to the "Terminator" mythos, played perfectly and convincingly by Worthington.

And the explosions get larger and more intense as it goes along, with mushroom clouds ballooning over many horizons, and with robots of all shape and sizes entering the fray.

Despite the confusing movie, I'll try to give you a clear enough summary.

Pointless .

I find Christian bale is a very good actor from what I've seen in the new batman films and shack and equilibrium,but it was hard for me to take hims seriously as john Connor,I found he was being more himself and only felt a real terminator atmosphere more toward the end of the movie,the earlier scenes felt like i was watching a transformers spin off or something,the soundtrack in the first three films were also more enjoyable for me,the intro although was well done,and bring back the famous one liners like,'I'll be back',and 'come with me if you want to live' made light of things,the acting for most characters was fair enough,kyle Reese was very enjoyable but Sam Worthington really did an excellent job,it will never,I mean never be the same without Arnold,(the real Arnold,for all who saw the movie)but it did okay without him,the t-600s where nicely done very freaky looking bulky and bad ass,but the t-800 toward the end of the movie was not the same,it had a darker almost blackish grey coating of metal instead of the slick silvery coating which looked very different,the action scenes were very cool,and the cgi was nice also,i really liked the motor terminators,that was new and unexpected if you ask me,i wish the movie was more original though,i simply didn't have enough of that terminator feel to it.

All three characters played by these people were completely and utterly pointless and out of place.

It does have a couple of clichés and extremely predictable occurrences, too.

There's basically no plot except something about protecting the universe.

Her flight suit has obviously been tailored to hug her curves (think Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager) and there is one scene that is so cliché, in which Bloodgood removes her flight helmet and whips her beautiful long hair for the camera, that it is completely laughable!

Affective and intense entry of the franchise .

Absurd inanity , all bored plot remarkably complementary to "machinery" theme , "nipped to the holes" the previous series (except of course T1 and T2 movies).

I went to see Terminator Salvation today and I have to say it was an awesome film, very enjoyable, one of the best films this year for sure.

Why is this film so highly rated if you take away the Terminator association it's a straight to DVD bargain bin movie with no plot and wooden characters.

Literally EVERY SINGLE action movie cliché is present in this film.

It begins to explore some interesting ideas, is decently directed and has a few enjoyable action scenes.

So things happen, it looks good, it feels alright, let's ignore the plot holes but then towards the finale this whole thing becomes more and more dull and in the end it just declares itself absolutely pointless considering the big picture, pushing the movie into TV spin off terethory, which I found borderline criminal.

There is a lot more to come, so I will keep it short from regarding the following points:Common played horrible as always – Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor was a waste of screen time – Jadagrace as "Star" was a waste of screen time – The end of the movie was a PG-13-nightmare….

The film could have been so much better but in the end we are left with some cool action scenes, generic/boring acting, characters that you cant care for and a franchise slowly being sucked to death.

but i'm sure there'll be an even more smart, made-up, twisted plot-hole to explain all this to us in the next pointless terminator movie.

The problem is that this mysterious past feels like such a terrible cliché.

Maybe in a few years he'll wake up one morning, slip out from between the twin hookers and struggle to the bathroom, look in the mirror and suddenly wonder what he's done with his life, angrily swiping away the piles of coke and empty Red Bull cans he'll shout to himself, 'NO.

I remember watching Terminator Salvation right when it came out with the film leaving me very cold and empty after watching it.

Of course, a decent plot wouldn't have hurt either, but the fourth film fails fans in that department too, with a bland story that involves an executed criminal brought back from the dead for a chance at redemption, a narrative that lacks the efficient simplicity of the first film, nor the mind-bending complexity of the second, falling squarely in mediocre territory, with an over reliance on big-budget CGI set-pieces to drive things forward.

There's enough fun to be had with the action scenes and the film is generally entertaining despite it's flaws.

Has was so intense they could have brought in Keanu Reeves to play the character, and the sad thing is he probably would have done a better job than Bale.

the robots in the earlier Terminator movies are MORE ENTERTAINING AND MEMORABLE than this whole movie.

They actually made it more confusing because most of the time they had no purpose.

" Christian Bale is such an intense and explosive presence.

The special effects are solid, and the acting, especially Sam Worthington's performance, makes the movie well-worth watching.

An example would be the kid which by not saying a single line in the entire movie (conveniently assigned as a mute), as well as using 1 single "sad poor child" facial expression, becomes more boring and machine-like than the robots she's supposedly fighting.

While Christian Bale delivers his intense, calm and reserved performance like he does in most of his movies, Saw Worthington is the one who towers above all.

They may not be the best, but it's definitely worth watching the movie in the cinema.

It's one thing to use CGI to enhance a shot, or to add in something more or less impossible to replicate with normal special effects, but when I see a CGI ship colliding into a CGI bridge, resulting in a CGI explosion, all set in front of a CGI background, I just think: "It's amazing how much effort they went through to bore me.

But, ultimately, the movie is still decently entertaining, so I have to give it a few stars.

Entertainment: 10/10 As a film: 8/10 Acting: 9/10 Directing: 8/10 Soundtrack: 10/10 CGI: 9/10 OVERALL: ****1/2 stars, with it being entertaining and well acted.

I highly recommend it and determine the value on your own.

This movie is a good action movie with stunning sound and CGI.

Despite many of its negative reviews, T Salvation breathes life into the mythic lore of the Terminator Franchise with a daring and bleak apocalyptic tone, some much needed backstory, and tons of intense action.

Instead the story is broken up amongst the future heroic leader of the resistance, John's future (or past, it's always confusing) father Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) and a mysterious stranger named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington).

these things and many more questions are going through my head as this was one of the most confusing and poorly written films i have seen.

Overall I think Terminator Salvation overcame the third installment in the series, and has setup Terminator for another entertaining three films.

Intense, Heart-pounding action .

In the end, Salvation is a film that packed a lot of promise, but ultimately ends up feeling like an entertaining flick which could have been much, much more.

The bridge chase and the early assault (and escape) on the Skynet base were very well done and intense.

Sam Worthington as Marcus is worth watching as he mixes up his expressions seemingly well.

As much as I enjoyed it, why this will not stand up .

Or at least something entertaining enough that doesn't keep making you think how Batman could do with a packet of strepsils.

Why are the ideas so mundane?

4/10 (Only worth watching for the CGI Arnold cameo at the end of the movie)

He's just bland.

Anton Yelchin comes close as Kyle Reese, but he has to battle for screen time with Helen Bonham Carter, Sam Worthington, and Bryce Dallas Howard, who are all saddled with incredibly boring characters.

He was just boring or even pathetic in some scenes.

I would even say that I could view this movie multiple times, so I enjoyed it more than not.

Commits primal sin of action movies: it's boring to watch.

But still an entertaining film, with incredible action.

And enough with the homage to the original films – every 20 minutes – which only made me want to watch them again VS this one again Most of it was extremely predictable and got zero reaction from the audience I was with.

I typically like Bale's work, The Machinist and Equilibrium, so I feel he was most likely he was let down in the direction, since he just felt really bland on screen.

First (and this really helped me to be okay with my hesitation to embrace this film), I left the theater asking myself "what do I think of this movie, how do I feel?

Terminator Salvation (2009) ** (out of 4) Fourth film in the series is a crashing halt due to some rather bland direction and an even blander vision of a screenplay.

It feels as if whole chunks of plot are missing; moving lines that you might hear in the exciting movie trailers and TV spots promoting the film are not here.

So final verdict : boring,pointless,bad casting,bad acting,bad everything,this ruined the whole saga!!

Now the bad little to no character development, a script that while it pays homage to the previous films has little else to offer many scenes that should have had exciting suspenseful build up just splash across the screen in Grand Big Budget Spectacle and that is the films weakness.

Some of the action is very exciting and compellingly choreographed, without causing a headache or inducing a seizure, and the music is haunting and rousing.

In T:S, they helpfully clang around and land slow, non-lethal blows until the heroes can get away.

Terminator salvation is somewhat a little predictable and has a lot of the classic movie cliché's that we see far too often.

Through the series we came to see compelling characters and heart touching moments alongside with intelligent issues to discuss of when coming out of the cinema.

Enjoyed it a lot.

Normal sequences are replaced with "great" video game graphics, predictable plot which even a kid would be able to guess which makes the audience leave theater with utter disappointment.

I decided to give it another chance on DVD and I enjoyed it a lot more, maybe its one of those that needs another viewing to appreciate it.

Gets tedious after a time especially since most of the scenes are filmed in the dark.

- Action: Very action-packed and thrilling; definitely a big feature of it.

There's no suspense, no emotion, no plot and no point.

Unfortunately the downside of the plot is, like T2 a rushed and contrived ending.

I do feel however that this movie is more enjoyable for fans of old school science fiction than perhaps for modern day action fans.

Linda Hamilton, Micheal Biehn and Arnold created entertaining characters and you didn't want the films to end.

The script is mediocre, though not atrocious, with predictable and often banal dialogue.

This made the film unwatchable for me.

The story line was somewhat disjointed as well as containing continuity issues and physical impossibilities.

Terminator Salvation is a visual treat with thrilling action.

Well the movie It's not that bad, in fact It's entertaining, but even thought you can find good actors (not necessarily good performance) and art direction I didn't feel the plot fill what you think the mythology has to achieve, in the end too predictable.

The conflicted double agent cliché.

But he gains his humanity in such an uninteresting tin man sort of way, you will cringe.


The whole thing is pointless, the inconsistencies are mind-boggling, 83% of the movie makes no sense at all.

There was also no storyline showing how the robots took over the world, or how John became the prophet that he is, etc.And i remember from T1, kyle says in the future, people live in tunnels and they needed dogs to sniff out terminators etc. Well, if the world was ending, what would you, as a government, do?

I love the Terminator, and maybe it wasn't the best of the series, but I enjoyed it as a separate film.

This movie was flat out entertaining, the camera angle left you in the middle of the action all movie long, and believe me there is plenty of action.

This is an entertaining movie that I recommend to anyone, especially fans of the series.

Overall this movie was pointless, boring and should've never happened.

for 3 seconds then its over, it should of been dragged out, and really got you into the film before the final battle.

The entire film was definitely confusing.

They were messy and confusing at some point.

A pity the muscular Worthington is rather bland, because he plays a pivotal role either as nemesis or salvation, it's not certain which.

John being saved by Marcus in the end was predictable.

Basically there are a few of loopholes and inconsistencies which could bring you down if you linger too long on them, but if you are able to get past that it is definitely worth watching.

I always thought it was great in the first and second movies when they flashed forward but for me it turns out that this future is just too bleak and uninteresting.

Well, the whole story was probably too simple to get confused but writers can do a lot more to make this movie much more enjoyable.

I have to say that Terminator 3 was way better and more intense than this one!

The action sequences in the movie are in the style of Mad Max and Die Hard movies, and exciting to watch.

The only thing that was good was special effects, other than that it was an utter and complete waste of time.

Gone along with most of humanity is the consistent dry humour (mostly) as is a good portion of the character driven plot of Terminator 1 and 2; yet as I alluded to before, the departure from the originals is bold and exciting.

Either way; most characters in this film were either dull, annoying, or kept alternating between the two.

It's that kind of movie that in the first two minutes is slow and then it's all about running, hiding, finding answers and pure action adrenalin.

No story.

Piece of crap waste of money and time .


If you love thriller movie that keep your adrenaline at its peak, I recommend this one 100%.

Some really intense scenes early on set the tone for the entire movie and provide my favorite movie of the summer.

Well not so merrily actually as Christian Bale portrays Connor as the most morose, uninspiring "hero" anyone's ever seen.

The way the camera followed the momentum of the action was engaging.

I expected some gripping sequences, and entertaining plot when I entered the theater.

It had no good story, most of the characters had no play,the main characters had no inner richness, the special effects were ordinary, the end was predictable.

Character development is crushed under the titanium heels of rather uninteresting antagonists.

Its biggest contribution is in introducing Marcus as a character, who comes to represent a larger theme that puts the movie into a thrilling new context: the film overall asks the question, what does it mean to be human?

This is a very boring movie.

In reality, TS doesn't even feel like a Terminator movie at all, just a loud, contrived, humorless summer action movie.

Nothing inspirational, no underlying code to initiate maneuvers against the machines, just a monotone rant on how "they are the resistance.

This fourth Terminator movie starts off with a very different kind of scope, the story cuts away between Marcus's POV and John Connor's POV until they cross paths, in which a somewhat predictable twist appears.

Clichéd and dull.

Pretty much all the previous threads and possibilities that were created in the franchise have been done away with and a banal plot, a poor script and a frankly nauseating finish have been thrown together together to make an action film for the masses, rather than a satisfactory new chapter for the fans.

Pointless, stupid, pathetic .

Also there is no resemblance to the original future, invisioned by James Cameron and co, but a dreary dull grey cityscape to ruin your hopes of the neon blue warfare of the classic films.

Briefly, visually stunning , thanks to ILM and Stan Winston Studios, otherwise too much Sarah Connor Chronicles , it should have been branded 18 , as this is NOT your standard Saturday afternoon TV fare!!

45 magazine against a fat housewife, the main scene at the police station, then hit and dragged by a truck.

It's only an entertaining , all out action with decent plot (though it contains some plot holes) and decent acting especially Christian Bale who did a good job much better than his role in the Dark Knight in which we didn't understand that stupid accent.

Thrilling and awesome .

His acting, which he can be pretty good at, is over-dramatic and bland.

Even if you can argue that her actions were plausible, do we really need to see this tired, dumb-character cliché in another movie?

It's visually sublime, at times exciting, and introduces an interesting new character to the series.

Although not a classic in the tradition of Frankenstein or other landmark movies, it is nonetheless an interesting and engaging movie that presents a new take on the man vs.

Even though the final action scene is still mildly engaging, it never becomes "edge of your seat" material.

The movie could've been better of course, but nonetheless was still enjoyable and worth seeing on the big screen.

Where T3 seemed to be pointless, this actually carried the franchise to the next level.

Say what you will about Terminator 3, but at least that film was reasonably entertaining.

It was highly action packed, tons of tech and really cool stuff along with lots of plot advancement.

I found it OK, not much story line, but my kids enjoyed it .

I just went to see Salvation last night and I must say I definitely enjoyed it.

Tense, dramatic, involving, with some expertly-handled action sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat if you're inclined to move forwards inexplicably while excited.

First off, the casting is very odd throughout - Christian Bale as John Connor, Sam Worthington (in place of first choice Josh Brolin), bland Bryce Dallas Howard (replacing Claire Danes), Helena Bonham Carter (seriously??

So bad that I really wanted to walk out of the theater.

His performance was bland and devoid of emotion.

Similarly confusing is the portrayal of Kyle Reese, here depicted as a scrawny street dweller with a small, mute black child as a sidekick (presumably for tokenism, he has no relevancy to the film whatsoever).

The first half of the film is exciting and keeps your interest.

The title character was an engrossing presence on-screen and it's a shame we don't get more time with him.

The action, visual effects and plot were engaging.

The movie is annoying, insulting and just plain boring.

Unworthy of it's A list star, unmitigatedly stupid and predictable.

It had to carry a lot of weight from its predecessors which it doesn't rise up to, but on its own it certainly makes for an entertaining watch.

Seriously, it's very entertaining.

Director McG did an admirable job of bringing this movie to the big screen from the rousing action and battle sequences to the realistic apocalyptic wasteland that the world has turned into because of the machines that are relentless in their efforts to exterminate the human race.

While not as enjoyable as T2, Terminator: Salvation tells an intriguing story that draws on elements of the first 2 Terminator movies stylishly.

The exciting, drama, and often explosive scenes are so action packed as to wow any audience.

it was a pointless addition and distraction that added absolutely nothing to the film and took away something from the grittiness of it all.

In the end, this is a hollow movie and unquestionably the series at its most dreary.

The sub plot with John and Kyle wasn't too bad, I had some interest in that, but the entire Sam Worthington arc was just boring to me.

" It feels like I've seen this character a million times, and a cutesy cliché such as this has no business in a serious movie where the human race is being exterminated in a global war against machines.

All in all, entertaining.

Salvation is indeed a slice Salvation for this franchise, and although it doesn't quite pack the same emotional punch as Cameron's work - the world is gritty, the visuals stunning, the action breath-taking, and the drama heavy setting it back in the right direction.

Making two more movies like this one seems pointless.

The action set pieces were stupendously boring and aloof.

Arnold appears (it made the fanboy in me squeal), there's this whole big fight that's entertaining, and it's just awesome.

John Connor in this film is flatly written and boring.

Intense plot.

This problem is especially clear in Genisys, for which, instead of trying something new, the screenwriters (Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier) delivered a poorly-written and confusing screenplay because Schwarzenegger, who's 68 years old now, agreed to return.

Although, I should warn my hero Christian Bale that if he plays it any more intense he is going to push himself into self parody.

What a waste of my time.

Here's a quiz: if you're an evil, all-powerful AI, and you have the number one person on your global kill list locked up in a cell, do you a) fill the cell with poison gas and kill him in an instant, or b) send a slow, rumbling robot to open the cell door and spend several minutes throwing him around the facility until he lands near something he can use to defeat you?

it was slow, very dark and predictable.

The final part at the Skynet headquarters is so so boring...

I really believe that he thought that despite his past flicks being somewhat 'lightweight' he had it in him to make a decent, entertaining, and enthralling action movie.

And although this sequel might be the worst of the series so far, it still makes up for a more entertaining flick than Rise of the Machines.

Then there is a terribly boring fight scene that I swear they copied directly from the first two films.

John Connor is just a stick figure in the background and as dull as a beige room.

That rescue involves pretty much every action movie cliché you can think of, including the old "it was a trap all along" and "the villain now explains the entire plan to the hero".

The cast are excellent with a reasonable balance between eye-candy and solid acting and the set pieces are universally thrilling.

While there indeed a few "what in the hell were they thinking" moments in the chase scenes, I felt that on the whole, the movie was a wonderful success, gripping me in a way that T3 never came close to.

Then there's the whole confusion/inconsistency about exactly what type of damage will or won't stop a terminator.

A very postmodern endeavour; not claiming any originality, tasteless, all traces of narrative extinguished so that we are left with an empty set of signs with no meaning.

It's just about lame armies that talk too much in a boring way, we want to see bulletholes in cars and Arnold bikeriding.

Marcus's story is more compelling, and at least for the first hour, that's who the focus is on (Bale doesn't appear much during this time).

Whilst James Cameron's first two movies gave us exciting movies with groundbreaking special effects it also gave us thoughts about the future, about nuclear war, and about love.