Terms of Endearment (1983) - Comedy, Drama

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Follows hard-to-please Aurora looking for love, and her daughter's family problems.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: James L. Brooks
Stars: Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 25 out of 191 found boring (13.08%)

One-line Reviews (79)

After the late 60's, early 70's, when movies began to circulate as news and talk show events, we the public began to believe we were to leave the theater having gotten (or not) the message.

The scenes where Daniels moves the family to several different towns are classic; the kids are engaging and effective.

Larry McMurtry always had a penchant for entertaining story-telling, and this movie is no exception.

How these strong, but still gentle women change their surroundings with their strength and their love can be quite unbearable to watch.

See this as many times as you want I suggest it each time I view it I see how the movie holds true to the way life and the relationships we have are full of ups and downs and learn to enjoy every minute you have of life because it really goes quick and things happen unexpected.

She gave her character a rare effervescent and lightness which was incredibly engaging.

for that reason alone I think Aurora and Emma are both able to defy any cliché within their characters.

Cheap, trite Hollywood cop-out.

Shirley MacLaine,Jack Nicholson,and Debra Winger give absolutely stunning performances in this excellent comedy/drama.

**** and more to the engrossing memorable Terms of Endearment.

This is one of those scenes, led by Shirley MacLaine's powerful and immortal performance, that have gone down in history as one of the most gripping moments in dramatic films.

Unfortunately, blissfully happy marriages do not generally make for exciting drama, and so it was quite predictable that Emma and Flap's marriage would eventually break down.

The dialogue is fresh, snappy and engaging.

The film goes on to tell a realistic tale about how life is funny, exciting, disappointing and just plain sad.

It really is fascinating to watch Aurora's evolution after she falls for her astronaut neighbour (played by Jack Nicholson) and suddenly starts to find some fun in her life, and some meaning beyond simply being Emma's mother.

Old-Fashioned And Boring .

Brooks made what could of been a dull and pointless look at some womans complicated life and turned it into a perfect study of life, happiness, and love.

Excruciatingly boring .

Over the years, I have heard stories about how supposedly good this film was but I must say it is one of the most pretentious, overrated and worst movies to win multiple Academy Awards.

The cynical, hard-drinking, womanising Breedlove is about as different from the 'Right Stuff' image of the astronaut as one could imagine, and the film is always at its most entertaining when he is on screen.


But after that, in the end the movie started to decline and appealed to the cliché and predictable.

Although the movie is considered a 'weepie,' it has rousing, satisfying, uproarious ideas about how to make a movie of any kind, and serves viewers a vivid slice of life ...

Enjoyable film made by the characters .

Well, I got about halfway through it before I became so bored that I started checking my TV Guide (who, by the way, rated this thing with 4 stars!!

I highly recommend it; if you have a family audience it is a great conversation piece.

The film even has one of those " cute but irritating " kids so beloved by made for television family fare What stops TERMS OF ENDEARMENT being a complete waste of time is the high grade cast who do manage a likable on screen chemistry .

It's a slow-moving slice of life film where nothing really happens and none of the characters are very endearing.

The sentiments of the movie are incredibly contrived; e.

Overall it is the story, a very human story, that makes this a superbly enjoyable film.

The final sequence of the movie with the death of Aurora's daughter is so intensive and sensitive.

The ending is, indeed, sad, but it is also very cliché, which completely ruined the whole experience for me.

but slow.

A confusing film .

Good move - contrived ending .

I found it boring .

If found it really shocking how underdeveloped the whole movie was and I took a great amount of pity on the writers who created completely blank and careless characters with no plot at all.

The Worst Movie To Ever Win The Majors Oscars.

The story (a chronicle of a mother and a daughter, and their various relationships) is riveting, and although it has numerous opportunities to become trite or maudlin, it maintains a cautious distance from melodrama at all times.

A twist toward the end reveals a compelling new layer for each and every character.

When has such a moment of indescribable hysteria coming from a mother seeing her daughter in pain caused such a gripping, emotional reaction and uncontrollable laughter with equal measure?

And subsequently it takes too long to get to its core and give us reasons to invest in these otherwise unremarkable, if engaging, people.

Is best enjoyed when watched in a calm mood - film may be slow to the more dynamic movie oriented audience.

I had bought it on a whim and watched it one night when I was bored.

The story has many funny moments, sad moments, and intense moments, just like in real life.

Crash, The English Patient, and Dances With Wolves are generally regarded as some of the worst movies to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

This movie isn't, appealing to the predictable, which is really sad, because it has some really nice acting, and the beginning was great.

Where it could of been boring, it was insightful.

MacLaine's Aurora is temperamental, but not without heart, and as the film unravels, she becomes a fascinating amalgamation of moods and personality traits.

It starts off engrossing with some excellent character development involving Debra Winger, and the dysfunctional relationship with her Mother (Shirley MacLaine) The relationship between Debra Winger & Jeff Daniels becomes full of dissension, and that's when I started to become uncomfortable (in a good way) .

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT is an undeniably gripping and emotional film experience that will have you rolling on the floor during one scene and weeping uncontrollably during the next.

I'm not gonna spoil it here, but they recurred to the biggest cliché of all.

Excellent cast, superb acting, inspired directing, stunning photography and a story so real, so moving so nicely reeled, that I was happy to enjoy this film once again, although the end is sad.

All of them behave in entirely unpredictable ways--which gives the movie its strength I suppose.

Possibly this film is a subtle observation of what the empty lives of narcissistic people are like - perhaps, as such, it is intended to be boring and obscure, in which case it is a clever work of art and may serve as a warning to us all.

But ultimately it's a bit boring.

Dysfunction is an understatement, but nothing happens that I couldn't shake my head to and understand exactly where they were coming from.

The other story about the daughter getting married and starting a life in Texas isnt anywhere near as interesting or engrossing.

It's totally engrossing, has believable characters and situations and all the acting is great (especially Shirley MacLaine--she really won her Oscar for this movie).

Vapid and boring .

Aurora refers to Garret as "entertaining," a fitting description of Nicholson's performance.

This movie has the power to make you laugh and cry at totally unexpected moments.

This was a completely enjoyable movie from beginning to end.

They are all shallow people whose banal lives bear no examination.

Brooks directs this Academy Award winner(Best Picture, Director, Actress, supporting actor, and screenplay) in this extremely well crafted and moving film, with a heartfelt and evocative score, and intelligent script.

but slow .

At the end, it was an enjoyable experience on a pure storytelling level.

I remain perplexed as to how this film managed to pull off Best Picture; I can only think that it must have been a slow film year.

The interactions between these two actors in their scenes are among the film's highlights, including a very unexpected car ride that turns into a big mess.

'Terms' won the Best Picture Oscar back when it was released, by toppling a dull formula, which was to strenuously avoid any hint of humor if you were making a serious drama.

This was easily the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life...

However the ending (same as in the book) seemed contrived to me, as if the writers had decided they had run on long enough, so they kill off the daughter.

Basically, though, I wouldn't waste my time seeing this movie again.

Brooks is smart, gripping and layered with a thought-provoking soul and reasoning within it that ups the ante of the game.

Nicholson adds testosterone to the estrogen-rich script, even though his character seems contrived.

Winger and Maclaine's performances still hit home, though, and they make it worth watching regardless.

My warning, though, is: don't waste your time.

Debra Winger is explosive and unpredictable as Emma and Jeff Daniels is fully invested in the unsympathetic role of Flap.

It's also a disjointed, plot less, excruciatingly dull story with some of the most poorly written characters to ever disgrace the screen.