Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) - Horror, Thriller

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A young woman travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-wielding killer is part of the reward.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: John Luessenhop
Stars: Alexandra Daddario, Tania Raymonde
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 81 out of 276 found boring (29.34%)

One-line Reviews (199)

This one was like a PG version compared to all the others in the series, but still kept me on the edge of my seat!!

A little too predictable, albeit the end surprised me a little (very little).

i left the theater feeling okay, not jumping up cheering.

The first act goes as predictable as it comes, right down to the clumsy coincidence, common slashing and comical chase.

Even the shootout that ensues is boring, the house is burned down and it looks awful.

2-Are we meant to believe she is around 40 ,and leather face is nearly 60.3-totally pointless in showing her friend having sex with her boyfriend if she wasn't going to find out.

Don't listen to what anybody else says, go see this movie, it is awesome and will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.


) The characters are all bland and barely developed, including leatherface himself.

The verdict: 5/10 entertaining to an extent.

What does not work for Chainsaw 3 D is a run of the mill script with the same plot devices, gore etc and ending which makes the film predictable.

Wow my friend was right when he said this might be the worst movie in 2013.

And I found the plot twists unpredictable and fresh.

everything is wrong, for a start like that other recent remake evil dead,it is completely boring,failing to keep anyones interest in any of the characters.

Adding some hillbilly family with an infant is so predictable and was done in the 2003 remake.

But, as soon as..SPOILER ALERT: all of Heather's friends die…the film becomes shockingly successful and the last act has a rush of adrenaline that is shockingly missing from the rest of the film.

Don;t waste your time.

It does have a few confusing moments and does become a bit predictable at times.

Well done and exciting horror reboot blended as a vintage continuation.

The twist at the end is also very predictable.

The reason why I do not hate this film is mostly because it's entertaining and lots of fun.

There is much to be desired and plenty to perhaps laugh about but in some way it was still entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

Final verdict: The movie was poorly done and it's mostly insulting to the fans, but it's fun and enjoyable.

If you go in having only seen Jessica Biel run half topless through a slaughterhouse (and it enjoyed it), this might not be for you.

I really liked how the film was unpredictable and you didn't know what was gonna happen next.

First of all, actually quite liked Michael Bay's 2003 remake and even found something strangely enjoyable about the prequel 'The Beginning' so my hopes were reasonably high for this.

If you consider the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which you can't help but do, as you're reminded of it in the beginning titles of this film - disturbing, shocking, intense, upsetting, bloody marvellous scenes) and all the boundaries pushed at that time, i prepared myself for something extreme from a "what happened next" made in this day and age.

The script by a small army of writers is a bland mish-mash of every cliché in the book, and filled to burst with nonsensical inconsistencies and insane contrivances that aim to raise the bar on the series...

I didn't see it in 3D but as there were only a few moments that really exposed this 3D part, I think 3D is rather pointless here.

Like I already said this is a very disappointing boring movie.

That in turn leads into a lot of quality action scenes here with the chase through the basement when the thief discovers his hiding spot, the capture of the boyfriend in the barn which leads into another thrilling chase through the house out into the cemetery in the backyard and finally the big action scene in the escape attempt in the car as the stalled car and slow-opening gates allows him to catch them which brings about the flee through the woods and finally ends up with the chaos at the carnival which is a non- stop and truly enjoyable sequence all around.

When not compared to the original and stopping to think logically for 90 minutes, it is an enjoyable slasher movie.

A chase sequence through a carnival seems pretty contrived, and far too often "Texas Chainsaw" is utterly lacking in atmosphere and any sense of a build.

Don't waste your time.

Now, this is where it gets confusing...

The dialogue is tripe - at one point the cop who is following a trail of blood along a dimly lit floor where our chainsaw maniac has dragged fresh victims into his basement lair actually says, "I have a bad feeling about this" and I burst out laughing.

And Heathers moral reversal and family awakening is both jarring and confusing.

and one again this movie was fits perfectly with the rest of sequels, As it's was really bland, the movie never grabbed in me at all, I didn't find it all that scary at all.

Then we jump forward a confusing amount of years.

It's all just very confusing and makes me feel like a woman with a glass of wine wrote the story line.

That film received its own prequel in 2006, rather boringly called "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning", which was a lot better than expected.

Yes there are a few inaccurate details but upon going to see the movie we enjoyed it.

I was sick of TCM movies with long drawn out scenes of a chick screaming at the dinner table while watching people babble.

Cons: Actors could have been better, more creative with the killing it was kind of predictable who was going to die.

If you're looking for some blood-pounding adrenaline- fuelled escapism with tons of mayhem and bucket-loads of blood and gory violence (and a few pretty 'Southern gals' thrown in), look no further, this is it!

Totally Unexpected.

every cliché in modern horror movies rolled up into a painful hour and a half .

It's an entertaining movie nonetheless...

Waste of my time!!

Final verdict, if you like some of the other Chain saw movies and can forgive a thing or two about the movie then your in for a good and entertaining movie!

My dad and I actually enjoyed it a lot.

The graphics were awesome even in 3d and the action was very entertaining.

Aside from a few jump scares the film wasn't overly scary, but it was very suspenseful.

This is one of those films that, even if they are very flawed, one can somehow ignore the errors and watch them again, just because they're very entertaining and fun.

Probably the worst movie script of the past decade.

I thought they were entertaining, dumb horror films and dare I say it, actually kinda scary.

This year, I'm forced to slog through another bland, uninteresting, gory, suspense-less continuation of a classic horror film.

This is really boring!

and in the end this was worse than them bar 'the next generation, even though i find that movie more entertaining.

Texas Chainsaw broke that boring 'know what to expect' chain with a plausible story and some pretty good twists.

standard cliché'd horror movie fare.

My thoughts on the movie: extremely fun and highly entertaining with interesting plot and cool plot twist.

Seriously, I nearly walked out when she yelled "do your thing, cuz!

Texas Chainsaw 3D is absolutely terrible, oh my god it is soooo unbelievably unnecessary, boring, and poorly done in every way!

I could go on and on but this awful film that looks and feels like a made for TV movie sure does solidify the first weekend of January to be the worst movie week in history.

If you happened to have played Resident Evil 4, you are getting the super chainsaw bad guy in this movie, and I thought the film work around our antagonist was actually intriguing, and kudos to the actor for his character work.

One of the worst movies ever I have ever seen.

It is an enjoyable film unless you're a 'noob' and expect it to be a KICK-ASS blockbuster.

The characters are now cliché; the main character who is normally the last, surviving member of the group; the promiscuous, female friend who is sleeping with the main character's loving interest and/or friend.

There is no story.

The plot is dumb and boring, Just save your money folks, honestly this movie is a joke in every way!

While "Jason Goes To Hell" could be at least entertaining at times for turning its franchise's conventions on its head while delivering buckets of gore in the process, "Texas Chainsaw" is an exercise in redundancy.

Fast pace, action packed, Gory scenes.

I did give it 2 marks as there is two bits of gore I enjoyed, but there was no tension, no plot, no character development, a cameraman who was obsessed with female butts and no point.

A lot of people don't like it, but I think the twist is innovative, controversial, and unexpected.

save your money..what for DVD...

What were they thinking, every horror movie cliché out there is in this film.

The horror and stupidity unfold in predictable fashion, the 3D makes this cheaply shot film look made for television at best and the acting is a sad sight to behold.

Enjoyable .

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen .


I found it laughable,dreadful, and truly predictable.

All in all, then "Texas Chainsaw 3D" is an enjoyable movie in itself, and it actually managed to pull off a reinvention better than the "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie back from 2003.

What makes it all the more confusing is that despite the fact she should be in her 40's by this point, she's very clearly in her early 20's and acts as such.

So, lets come to the conclusion: don't waste your time, don't waste your money, go and see another movie !!

Surely paving the way for yet another unpredictable Leatherface return and will be highly anticipated.

Waste of a rent and a waste of money.

It's predictable, practiced horror.

All in all its still pretty awful and mostly comes across unintentionally funny and not very scary, but an intriguing mess it is.

Don't waste you're time!!

The obvious victims- to-be are a pretty nondescript and dull bunch; performances are either annoying or passable.

And the the ending is super predictable.

We get some contrived 'Halloween' rip off about Leatherface having a lost cousin.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the direction that this movie took and found it reasonably suspenseful and always interesting.

But then it took off after the drifter, stepped into the picture, but the film truly becomes engrossing, once Leatherface lets his saw rip, and before as I said, from here, we take an interesting path of story.

It was both intense and scary.

Texas Chainsaw is a very pointless film, and wields a chainsaw that clearly has no real teeth.

Through the stunning utilization of modern 3D technology, this incredible film is a magnificent homage to the original Hooper masterpiece.

The 3D is a complete waste of time and effort.

1/10, one of the worst movies i've ever had the displeasure of watching.

It was sort of pointless.

Sure, director John Luessenhop doesn't really generate much suspense or scares from the incredibly dumb script but, Chainsaw 3D reminded me of some of the lower tier 80s slasher flicks that were entertaining despite and because of how bad they were.

Waste of my money!!

If you are going to make the audience suffer the cliché and have the slow-build to Heather's realisation then you HAVE TO make her later transformation believable.

I usually say see it and judge for yourself (and give it a fair crack of the whip) but I just found TC, dire and tiresome.

Don't waste your time and definitely not your money watching this movie.

And let's not forget: There will be the typical horror movie plot that felt like it had some sort of a drop of creativity during the last half of the movie for a slight twist, but only because the screenwriter seemed to have gotten bored with what he was writing.

There is basically nothing to praise about this film, considering it's a big waste of time!

This is one of the weirdest, unexpected sequels since Halloween 3.

The most entertaining part of the film centered was centered around how much attention this film wanted you to focus on the lead characters breast.

" I just about walked out of there.

Along with the rather spectacular mystery here featuring the discovery of her past identity and how that got kept from her, the first half here is a compelling mystery angle that goes on quite nicely to set-up the action later on with the emergence of Leatherface in a fantastic sequence overall that echoes his first appearance in the original.

The greatest disservice to the original material was the ridiculous attempt, by way of the Sawyer family slaughter at the beginning and the near single-minded thuggery of the lead vigilante, now serving as the town's mayor, to make Leatherface and company sympathetic characters, even swinging for the anti-hero fences when the bloodthirsty mayor meets his boring and contrived ending.

The movie has the feeling of a VERY low budget film, the remake done a few years back were good, high budget with good acting good gore and a plot that made sense (as possible)But this movie is just horrible, stupid plot, very bad acting, the gore is lame and it makes no senseAlso script is very bad, the writing the editing, it's just a movie that looks like it was made by some teens in a film schooldon't watch it don't waste your time, not even for free.

Got this movie home put it on after like 15 to 20 minutes into it I just lost interest and started doing other stuff the movie is so terrible its boring stupid and disappointing!

I felt like this one actually possessed minimal plot, but the scares and killings are all predictable.

Whether it is from the lousy writing, the mediocre acting, the poorly drawn out characters, or its overall laughable direction; this film serves a textbook example of a remake that disrespects the original which was scary and brilliantly written as it needed to be.

You already know what's going to happen, who's going to get killed, etc. The movie is completely devoid of suspense and any true scares because it is completely predictable from start to finish.

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" - which I actually saw in regular 2D - is a perfectly enjoyable and extremely brutal trash/gore flick, as long as you manage to overlook the giant gaps in continuity, the complete lack of logic in the script, the blandness of the lead characters and the utterly dumb plot twists.

A great Chainsaw adventure, nice scenery & stunning main actress .

i did not like this movie at all, they guy who played leatherface wasn't bad, but the script was bad, the direction boring, and everything was just cash in.

But to say it's the worst movie ever like some say on here isn't true.

I really enjoyed this movie because it was an entertaining slasher movie, that has a pretty good story line, which leads to the shocking twist at the end.

I give this a 2 because there were a few moments when I was a little scared, or something scared me, but it also was super predictable.

Entertaining somewhat nostalgic tribute to the original.

At the end of the day, the movie had no reason to exist at all, it rehashes the same boring plot lines of countless previous horror movies.

A Fun and Entertaining Sequel .

I enjoyed it.

After a long drawn out process finally lionsgate purchased the film franchise and announced the film.

I won't get into the details of the plot, as many people have outlined it in detail already, but suffice it to say, the characters, scenic location and relatively different storyline make for an enjoyable experience.

Starts out by subverting expectations, but everything past the title card was a disappointment; Alexandra Daddario did what she could with the lame script & dull direction; plus, I was robbed of an on-screen Scott Eastwood kill.

Fulfilling their cliché roles, none of these characters are fleshed out and we could care less as each one gets picked off one at a time.

Here's why:It has one of the most basic painful cliché horror movie plots, and even that's to be expected.

Instead we get an intriguing commentary about family and coming to terms with your roots.

Please don't waste your money on this as it was obviously just made to capitalize on the Texas Chain Saw name.

A dull exercise that rushes into the gory bits, as if those alone and poorly constructed can create a movie on their own.

I was unprepared for a different story line than the original, and found the unexpected to be somewhat enjoyable.

There were many predictable scenarios in this film, one more than others and that being the simple fact that Ryan (Tremaine Neverson) was amongst the soon to be victims.

Maybe I have seen too many horror movies and have become too critical, but this was the biggest waste of money.

Worst movie ever.

I loved the sequel with Dennis Hopper and Bill Moseley (a treat to see the latter back in action on this film), and there are even parts of the third outing I enjoyed; later, the remake was highly enjoyable, and I particularly liked the prequel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

You have displayed your 0 talent in this waste of everyone's time.

Also has most of the main characters killed off in the first 30 minutes instead of slowing torturing them throughout more of the film; the girl does actually get to the police for help, in another unexpected twist.

Ambitious and admittedly fairly entertaining .

Watch it only if you extremely bored, the only reason I give it a 2 instead of 1.

It's incredibly fast paced, with action going on all the while; a film filled to the brim with chase scenes, quick-fire dialogue and constant movement.

The first few minutes of the movie was really boring!!

Solid, Entertaining Slasher .

So, off to Texas she goes with thee most bland group of friends – so blah, that they're not even the fun kinds from the Friday the 13th series where you cannot wait until they're picked off.

" I found it to be an entertaining and engaging start for a whole new series of films they're planning to release.

The first half of the movie is just the same tiresome clichés structure of any horror movie, with a bunch of unlikeable teenagers partying too much, and having sex when they should be wondering why characters were getting whack off, one by one.

First of all this movie is bad, if you don't mind that and can make it through the first 20 minutes with an open mind, it is actually mildly enjoyable.

The lighting and staging is so dark and disjointed that you can't tell who is chasing who or how Leatherface is attacking his victims.

Considering this is based on the movie that some might argue 'spawned' the entire slasher genre, it plays into every single cliché going.

speaking of which, that scene went on WAY too long, and what was with the constant camera pans over various parts of the documents?

It can be entertaining and it does put you to the edge of your seat.

Total waste of money...


That is really the only way I can sum up the piece of garbage, it is the only way to make this movie completely enjoyable.

Every kill in the film is predictable and is only short of the line "I'll be right back".

While it's incredibly predictable what's going to happen, I must say I liked it and it made me excitement for a sequel.

Every character is predictable.

Any movie that relies on cheap jump is a big NO-NO for me, but even those are utterly predictable in the film.

The one dependable thing it does deliver is Leatherface and to me he's always entertaining.

Quite enjoyable.....

Honestly don't waste your time or money.

Don't waste your money and let a good movie like Django Unchained or The Hobbit or Les Miserables stay on top like they should.

Potentially entertaining .

Diologue was poor Why did this have to be in 3D, pointless if you ask me.

Don't waste your time watching the first hour of of this unoriginal Hollywood committee made crap.

) I became bored again.

Well, I could have stayed home and wait a year for it to come on TV because it was a waste of money.

The first half of the movie, as expected, is just as predictable as any other psycho-chasing-killing-teenagers movies.

You do get what you expect which is plenty of gore, a far fetched story line and a mindlessly enjoyable film.

Visually, the film is uninspired and drab, with flat lighting and poorly framed shots that don't inspire tension or even really flow well outside of one or two early sequences.

That being said, the acting is pretty bland.

Those "poo hooers" really need to step back and think "what did I really expect" YES it is cliché, YES there were plot holes but overall I enjoyed it a it is a good no brainer.

Every scene is predictable.

If you don't mind lowering your film savviness (albeit pretty low) for this one, it is actually pretty entertaining.

The stunning dark haired beauty Alexandra Daddario is our scream queen of the film.

Luessenhop's overall direction is pedestrian, while the screenplay (written by Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan and Kirsten Elms) is mostly repetitive.

The carnival scene could have been a brilliant, stalk and chase scene or even bloody chaos, but it went nowhere fast.

This movie actually scared me too with all of the gore and the intense chase scenes.

"Texas Chainsaw" is an entertaining start for a new franchise based on Toby Hooper and Kim Henkel's original .

I actually enjoyed it quite a bit!

I saw a couple right in front of me saying "this is the worst movie ever,lets go shopping".

However, what we do hope is that it will at least be an entertaining entry into the 'slasher' genre.

Another cliché slasher movie?

**** Film has a semi-slow beginning.

Now I am a huge fan of the TCM franchise, I even enjoyed the re-make and 'the beginning' but I found it difficult to sit through this movie, the line 'do your thing cuz' literally made me cringe, leather face was a joke in this film, and the 3D was terrible and pointless like with most 3D films.

don't waste your money, wait for it to come on TV

There are so many plot holes and idiotic character decisions that made this film unwatchable.

Don't waste your time, nor money watching this.

When the curious young adults get a little too curious and discover a face-wearing, chainsaw-wielding psycho in the basement, the scares are intense and powerful.

Although I find it way too bonkers not to be an enjoyable watch, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994) has long been considered by many TCM fans to be the worst movie in the popular horror franchise; I expect Texas Chainsaw 3D to change quite a few of those opinions.

An intriguing mess .

So everything cool from the 70's and 80's gets dragged out and crapped on for the youth market and they think the winks and nods to the source material will tickle us old fans nostalgia gland.

The lines that these poor actors were told to say make you cringe almost the whole movie because they are so predictable.

Even though the film was an unexpected hit and spawned countless of rip-offs, it took no less than 12 years before the first sequel got released.