The Abandoned (2006) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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An adopted woman returns to her home country and the family home that she never knew and must face the mystery that lies there.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Nacho Cerdà
Stars: Anastasia Hille, Karel Roden
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 153 found boring (27.45%)

One-line Reviews (141)

Two people slowly walking around a "ghost town", happening upon a piece of the puzzle every fifteen minutes is not suspenseful, it's just boring.

Maybe that was the plan all along: to bore the audience during 9/10 of the movie while the puzzle is setup and then give you something to think about in the end so you'll end up liking the movie.

A Boring Ghost Story .

The Abandoned is a rather interesting take on the traditional ghost tale as it spins a web of confusion throughout only to make perfect sense in the end.

The filmmakers are apparently stupid enough to think that scene transitions with sonic booms clocking in at over 200 decibels are somehow entertaining.

Director Nacho Cerda creates an intriguing, interesting story, tracing the roots of an americanized Russian woman.

It's scary, atmospheric and suspenseful, but it also becomes tedious, confusing and unbelievable at time.

I mean, directors like Dario Argento can get away with plain stories, pointless sequences and underdeveloped characters...

¿why follow a ghost into an empty room?

It was not the greatest thing i've seen, but I enjoyed it.

Original, eerie and suspenseful...

Unless you are petrified of Russian people or boars, this movie is a snorefest.

On some moments,the movie was a little boring and there are some forced things.

This film is stunning in its beauty and captivating in its acting and story-telling.

Mesmerizing and intriguing music by Alfonso Conde .

It is not just a simple haunted house movie and that's the shame, but still, it is worth watching if you don't mind a lack of logic in your story-telling.

Overall, "The Abandoned" is an intense and atmospheric horror film that is sure to please fans of old-school supernatural films.

That being said the main problem will be for most impatient horror fans as this one is a bit of a slow burner.

As a horror, it's suspenseful, spooky, eerie and creepy.

The Bulgarian locations are stunning and haunting.

"Cliche" comes close.

I won't spoil the outcome, but I have posted this IMDb review because I thoroughly recommend The Abandoned as worth watching.

There were a couple jump scares but for the most part it is a slow burner.

Although "The Abandoned" suffers from a certain amount of redundancy in its action, the imagery is frequently creepy, the storyline moderately intriguing, and the suspense reasonably well mounted and sustained.

because he makes his films entertaining and puzzling.

Filmed in Bulgaria by Spanish filmmaker Nacho Cerda, "The Abandoned" is a relatively entertaining horror outing with decent atmosphere and a few clever plot twists that lift it above the ordinary.

The scenery was nice, but the plot really dragged.

The suspense was palpable throughout and the camera-work and the music served to enhance it making this an enjoyable film.

Some of the sequences are just so frightening and unpredictable that I found myself with open mouth for much of the film -- can you say jaw-dropping?

Pointless .

Director/co-writer Nacho Cerda adeptly crafts and maintains a compellingly spooky atmosphere which becomes more progressively creepy and unnerving as the grimly absorbing story gradually unfolds.

anyway i recommend this movie even though it's kinda boring in the beginning.

The performances and cinematography were good, but when you are bored through most of a film, they don't really make an impression.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Full Nudity and intense scenes of child abuse.

I wanted to enjoy this one, but I nearly fell asleep.

The only saving grace I could find was Anastasia Hille's cunning and repetitive use of the f word.

The unknown Anastasia Hille has great performance and the cinematography is very dark; but the story is very confused and predictable.

The actors do a fantastic job, so the question becomes why is this movie so boring?

Others have been great ("Penny Dreadful") to boring ("Wicked Little Things").

Don't waste your time on what Hollywood considers a ghost story, because they haven't been scary in almost 30 years.

Creepy but dull.

We're just along for a scary and entertaining couple of hours.

The story was pointless, the characters were pointless, the setting was pointless, the things that tried to be scary were pointless.

The ending is predictable and dull relying on visuals to sustain it at ends up feeling like a dark music video.

) Cerda is going for scares that plainly reflect those of the PG-13 "horror" flicks such as the "The Grudge" or "The Grudge 2: Even More Boring".

There are scenes that are truly unwatchable and I wonder about the humanity of the person who conceived them.

The Abandoned will keep you on the edge of your seat, as far as suspense goes...

I'm pretty sure that several "serious" movie lovers will claim that people who think this film is dull, it's because they are untrained watchers who can only appreciate torture porn and fast-paced films with a lot of action.

This movie is an utter waste of time, the plot is awful, the dialogue is awful.

That seemed a bit confusing to me.

The story itself is masterfully written and contains some very intriguing concepts and ideas - it really gets you thinking, and introduces some wonderful and refreshing into the genre.

Still, this one has enough enjoyable elements to work incredibly well.

Jacobs Ladder), here it comes just as being lousy and boring, having maybe ONE scene, which may have some kind of effect on you.

Atmosphere is heavy and intense in this film, and I really loved that about it.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

After a rather long, drawn out introduction talking the leading lady to Russia, which was mostly filler, we finally get to the story.

This movie was a total waste of my time.

I consider his two shorts "Aftermath" and "Genesis" as one of the most visually stunning and beautiful films ever made.

Her own chemistry will keep the character memorable and engaging.

Actually, if the payoff had been more well put together, I may have been able to forgive a bit of the boredom.

There was a bit of suspense early on but that soon dissipated as the events from then on just became repetitive and boring.

Boring & Insipid .

I'm going to venture to say that people are turned off by this movie simply because it is too confusing.

All Hail the King of Boring Movies.

I watch 3 or 4 movies a day and this is the most boring that I have watched in a long time.

Until we get to the payoff, which wasn't very well thought out, we are taken along on the most boring journey of any of the Horror Fest films.

With "The Abandoned," we walk out of the theater stupefied, trying to put all the pieces together, marveling at Cerdà's achievement.

It was slow moving, the plot jumped around, it wasn't scary or interesting, and really never amounted to anything.

Worst movie I have set through in a very long time .

The only problem is that by the end of the first I was too bored and disappointed to care.

I found myself saying things through the first hour like "boring, so what, who cares, on with it".

I guess that's the thing -- if you want a confusing story about lost families and body doubles in Russia (or at least backwoods Russia) then you have found a winner for yourself.

), it's very creepy and quite unnerving and just an all around enjoyable flick.

They are usually of good quality and are entertaining watches though I don't believe that things are quite as cool as the adverts make them though.

Then after two or three more excruciatingly slow, dragged out senseless endings, when you finally reach the last one - assuming you're still watching (you poor thing) - you will want to slash your wrists because it makes no sense of anything and delivers no thrill or interest whatsoever.

It just seems a little confusing....

Actually, I fell asleep about 40 minutes in & had to fight the urge to just leave the theater.

The fright level on this film is high and the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the movie.

Well, if you have too much of something it just gets boring, and that's what happens here.

Right from the beginning, as we contemplate the truck ride from those stunning aerial shots, deeply inside us we know that something in the film, somehow, sometime is going to go wrong.

Although it was great visually, The Abandoned was long, slow paced, and not that frightful.

" (only in stronger language) and wondering why you should care anyway and getting more and more bored.

The shaky direction, bad acting and stupid, boring, and flawed plot was somehow released on DVD, and I have to end up seeing it…please avoid this junk if you can help it.

The best thing in this terrible tedious movie are the ghosts, the rest should be abandoned by the public.

Despite some lulls director Nacho Cerda has carved out a nice tale of the supernatural for the thinking man or woman brave enough to enter.

I think it could have been better with a more cohesive story, but I liked the cinematography and overall it was an enjoyable film.

It wanted to be smart, but ended up a messy bore .

This movie proves to be a stunning success because of many factors, one of which is a remote location, Russia.

I fell asleep several times while all this was going on, it just seemed pointless.

Ho-hum to creepy slow mover.

Ghost stories of our modern age tend to be predictable, mundane and in most cases misleading.

This movie is also very unpredictable.

The use of animals in key points of the film give it a rather dark and menacing tone, and keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout a lot of the film.

The slow and careful build-up creates a tension that reaches a jarring fever pitch during the devastatingly bleak conclusion.

Don't waste your time on this.

I am more of a slow burn person anyway.

Make no mistake that unlike the previous film The Abandoned is polished, features stunning cinematography and a haunting score.

it moves along pretty slow,bu to be fair it does build some suspense,and there a few good scares,and one blood curling moments,in my opinion.

This here was quite the enjoyable if flawed effort.

at that point,suspense is replaced with boredom and impatience.

traveling to some unknown, abandoned place at nighttime, entering a dark, water filled corridor, etc. This movie has several plot holes and things that go unexplained, or just don't make sense, and the ending was predictable, anticlimactic and unsatisfying.

Pointless drivel.

even though there is some suspense,most times,those moments are dragged out too far,past where the moment should end.

The house has been empty for 40 years and she goes there to find it is full of many scary mysteries, including a zombie version of herself, a twin brother she knew nothing about and his zombie replica.

The main male lead is slightly more sympathetic but he's completely pointless as is almost everything in the movie.

"The Abandoned" is overlong, boring and soft and it's particularly disappointing because Cerdà built up quite an eminent reputation with his three controversial 90's short movies.

The acting is OK, but the actors have absolutely no plot or script to work with.

ABANDONED is a sleek Spanish production with acceptable budget and packs genuine chills , suspense , tension , and shocks , it's a terror-thriller very exciting .

With the mysterious backdrop of Russia as the setting for "The Abandoned" I was expecting an entertaining eerie thriller, and it certainly delivered.

This is a very tedious flick that has a secret, you want to know what the full story is, but at the same time- based on the character development thus far- there's a scary feeling that the plot's "gotchya" moment will be a dumb yawner that makes you go...

If you saw some of the other 8 films and decided to not see any more and missed this one, go rent it, is worth the watch.

The credits during the introduction were long and drawn out, which was basically like the rest of the movie (long and drawn out).

(and brilliant sound design) If I were faced with the option of seeing this film again or being mauled by wild bores I would be up against a difficult decision.

Mucho credit goes to main screenwriter Karim Hussain for creating a storyline that is at once enigmatic in an unfolding, puzzle-box kind of way and also emotionally resonant and intense.

Enjoyable film for those over the age of 30?

This was hands down the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

The performances are credible and the locations are perfectly used because they bring a disturbing and intriguing atmosphere.

Was I supposed to be curious by the "haunted house" story which degraded even from the standard boring haunted house stories?

Against the tendency of horror films with frenetic edition,musical accents and camera tricks,Cerdá maintains a slow tone which is able to produce suspense.

In a word, pointless.

Frightening and Creepy Film of Ghosts, with a Nightmarish Atmosphere but a Dull Story .

Waste of time .

But noooo, you have to bore viewers to tears.

Nacho Cerda's 7th feature film is a riveting study in atmospheric fear with more originality than most horror films today.

Besides, it is so drawn out, repetitive and full of false scares as to compromise any entertainment value.

This, in my lowly and wretched opinion, GREATLY detracts from the powerful impact that I think it would have had if they had ended it right there at that stunning moment.

"The Abandoned" is a frightening and creepy film of ghosts, with a nightmarish atmosphere but a dull story.

But with an overall pointless movie, how does one fill out 10 relevant lines?

The movie was so slow starting out and was so hard for me to set through.

It seems like I may be one of the few who didn't like it and even though "The Abandoned" is a watchable horror/drama flick that can be mostly appreciated for the nice imagery, I mostly found it redundant and tedious.

An ultra-gloomy depiction of backwoods Russia practically requires no plot.

Understanding each mind-boggling event(or events)(the "dopplegangers" and their roles in the grand scheme of things, the house's important role at the end, the father's major impact on the entire story, fate and what it deals the two main characters who made their decision to pursue the mysteries regarding their parents, etc)as the entire story comes together makes the film surprisingly entertaining.

Here, for example, our leading lady escapes the island and instead of giving us a lull, they tried to make the trees scary.

More like a mishmash of random scenes, haphazardly slapped together and drawn-out in an overlong way to artificially pad the movie to a feature length running-time.

It felt like the whole tedious non-story was just a set up to get to that one revolting scene that the director hopes would be it's selling point.

The first hour I really was pretty bored, and considered turning it off numerous times.

The acting for the most part in the Abandoned was decent, but the movie dragged on an on, and never really gave any type of satisfying conclusion.

because it's tedious!

Set in the woods of Russia, where even the Olga boat man wouldn't show, the fright level of this film is high and the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the movie.

To me, it was like an hour and a half of pointless sequences and bogus scares and while I do appreciate creative and artistic dark imagery, it can become ineffective when the story is not held properly.

The first 20 minutes of the movie are quite slow, not boring at all, then the movie picks ups a lot of stuff happened for the rest of the movie,.