The Addams Family (2019) - Animation, Comedy, Family

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The eccentrically macabre family moves to a bland suburb where Wednesday Addams' friendship with the daughter of a hostile and conformist local reality show host exacerbates conflict between the families.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Greg Tiernan
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 76 out of 282 found boring (26.95%)

One-line Reviews (193)

Entire film full of boring conversation and overuse scene!

This is definitely a one time watch, I don't know why people are very negative these days, bashing a film makes them feel superior about themselves, I enjoyed it for what it is.

Clever and entertaining...

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

The family at the center clearly care for each other, but because of the darkness in the humor, it rarely comes off as saccharine, providing inoffensive yet entertaining October fun that'll really make you screa-um.

I would have enjoyed it if I had it as a kid along with my sister.

The normal people, especially villainous home renovator Margaux Needler (Allison Janney), are pretty predictable and uninteresting.

Too boring.

With like I mentioned earlier way too many subplots that can be extremely uninteresting.

In a movie where everything else is bland and washed of originality seeing random characters who looks that gross and greasy is nothing less than a shock.

Slow .

It was terribly boring.

I found myself squirming in the theater and even falling asleep.

However time for my final negative unfortunately the film had very dull and slow pacing for a large majority of the run time.

Kinda boring....

However, it is an enjoyable time waster for the family.

I'd say it's somewhere in between and it's enjoyable for one watch.

I found it slow and the story didnt seen to jump out at me.

From the start, the movie captures the audience with a creepy, yet, fun and entertaining vibe.

Story: This is what made the film so bad.. the plot was really really horrible and boring.

Even the kids found it slow and lost interest quickly


Now, some exceptions to my enjoyment of children's films is the new terrible 2018 Grinch, which was so bad I could tell even the children were not entertained and I actually walked out of theater, this coming from an adult whom enjoys children's films.

Overall, The Addams Family is mostly bland and forgettable.

For a movie that speaks so proudly about individualism and uniqueness, the Addams Family is a decidedly bland and sanitized children's movie.

I fell asleep and my daughter woke me.

The movie was really uneventful...

Turns out that this animated movie was actually rather entertaining.

On the other hand, the storyline with Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) is boring and underdeveloped.

I have this a six because it was entertaining while quarantined.

Dull and boring with a voice cast who don't seem to be putting in any effort.

I fell asleep .

Summary: So there is occasional funny moments/bits but they're very much over shadowed by mundane and boring plot direction with very ugly character design and what more some characters dont even feel like the original and lose their spunk.

It was just worse than boring.

Especially one as bland and sterile as this.

Dull characters, empty storyline, poor quality of render and animation.

I will say that my kids (12 & 9) enjoyed it though.

Save your money .

It was confusing, I'm not sure if she stayed with them or whatever, it wasn't specified.

Bored to death .

The plot is slow and unbearable!

The plot was so boring and lame, I just couldn't finish the movie, This was NOTHING like the cartoon or the 90's Movies.

I fell asleep.

A total yawn .

This was actually very enjoyable...

Totally enjoyable kids film, ignore the moronic bad reviews .

Enjoyable .

It Was REALLY Boring, I Went To Watch This With My Sister And My Dad And We Hated It And Most Of The Time It Felt Like The Movie Was Trying To Be Cool With The Kids, Also I Slept For Like 20 Minutes While I Was Watching The Movie.

I knew they would expand the lore and make it fit into todays world, but what they did made for a boring plot line that just seemed to drag on.

Funny and Entertaining .

Watered down, "safe" and completely bland version of The Addams Family.

My sister is 11 and she found the film tedious to say the least; halfway through it she asked me if we could leave.

Almost everyone knows well The Addams Family original film, it is really entertaining and it is one of those films that passes generation to generation leaving its mark.

I left before the movie even finished because it's literally a waste of time.

Save your money.

4 year old,6 year old and mum and dad all really enjoyed it.

This movie shames the movie from 1990's and the squeal is sucks boring unfunny weird animation and it does not keep you interested why remake a wonderful movie or are we just remaking things now god i miss Christina Ricci as Wednesday and Angelica Huston as Martisha

It was boring and it had way too much boomer humor for me or my sister to enjoy it.

It's entertaining.

But everyone in my family was bored...

The most interesting subplot is the one of Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) as the rebellious teenager and the sequence in the public school is entertaining.

The characters are entertaining, and the voice acting is decent all around.

Too boring, for the best parts just look at the trailer.

My nieces were bored, I showed them the 90s films the night before, which they laughed the whole way through.

Instead it is what it is - a dull, generic affair which is put to shame on almost all fronts by something like Hotel Transylvania - in its third outing!

Entertaining enough .

But to add, my son only found it remotely entertaining.

Fun for kids but they picked wrong actress to play wednesday and it has cliche villain

I was willing it to atleast be mildly entertaining but struggled to stay awake let alone enjoy it despite not actually being tired.

It's really boring and don't go here if you expect a good movie.

This movie is enjoyable and very funny, my wife laughed out loud actually which isn't typical for her.

The plot was basic, predictable, and nothing to rave about.

Daughter Wednesday is bored of the solitude she is confined to and is determined to venture out beyond the gates of her family's mansion.

Entertaining and quite enjoyable .

It's genuinely smart, funny and entertaining.

Enjoyable with some good adult humor.

generic and bland.


It was well-animated, though I am not a huge fan of how they made Gomez look here, I can overlook it because the film, was on the whole, fun, entertaining, and other than a couple elements; very un-PC, which is very refreshing in this current trend to push hyper PC content that seeks to please a select group, and pleases no one.

"The Addams Family" is a funny and entertaining movie for the family.

boring to my 11yo sister .

boring .

But don't waste your time on this movie if you're over the age of 11.

There is so much pointless dialog as well with the occasional funny moment but pretty much dull and mundane story as you'll see.

However, there's some unexpected social critiques here laying a foundation for the spooky schtick.

Plot is bland, very similar to many other kid movies.

The jokes were hit or miss (missing a great deal more than they hit) and was completely predictable and dull.

It was extremely dull.

Horrible, awful, boring.

I just simply walked out

Boring .

, however the charm is completely lacking and overall just plain boring.

Don't waste your money on this one, not even good to see it in DVD.

Big waste of time and money.

Boring and cliche storyline .

Don't waste your time.

An absolute waste of money.

And her motivations for going against the addams was bland and poorly executed.

Not only a complete disgrace to the Addams Family, but the package itself is ugly, unfunny and an absolute bore.

Even the kids who came to watch it with us were bored and confused, and I can't blame them.

The movie was kinda predictable and boring.

I went into the theatre expecting a fun and entertaining movie, and I left with an added sense of nostalgia, love, and appreciation for the iconic Addams Family (even though I was never a big fan).

Nothing special, but enjoyable.

I loved Adams family but this movie version is very boring.

How anybody could attempt another mining of the rich Addams Family comic vein and come up with something this boring and pathetic is beyond me.

Movie started out good, had some funny moments, but as it progresses it turns out to be a regular cliche.

Her monotone voice was a bore.

Yawn .

But it was entertaining enough.

, however it suffers from a poorly executed story, with not very effective humour, bland, ugly and unprofessional animation, characters that offer very little and are forgettable, that and Snoop Dogg as Cousin It is just there for a celebrity camo, if you have a family or kids and if they want to just see something related to Halloween and kills some time with something that the kids will enjoy, this is....

Don't waste your time

"The Addams Family" tests it's macabre boundaries as a "family film" and turns out to be quite enjoyable and funny.

Even my kid was bored .

And i also did get bored of some of the more key addams characters.

The animation was fine but the script was thin, everything was completely predictable, and all of the humor had been done better somewhere else.

Just plain boring.

Entertaining .

The film is boring, cloudy and cheerless...

The animation is excellent, the addams family characters look very similar to the original cartoon panel drawings & the fun & hilarity is in the character, actions & reactions of the family themselves, there's very little plot because after all this is the everyday story of the addams family, thankfully the writers stayed away from adding stupid inane jokes & decided to instead allow the comedy to flow through the story.

The plot was a bit boring.

Unimpressive animation and a boring reboot.

with that said, this is one of the most blandest, lifeless and average looking animated films I have ever seen, the humans look more creepy then the family do, they have that ugly cheap look to them, i get why they look like that but it looks like they are from a different film, like Parker and Margaux's design looks unprofessional, the backgrounds and the town it self look very dull and average, overall?

She just bored me as a villain.

the misunderstood monsters with predictable parent-child rifts.

The script and direction lacked in making this film worth watching.

However, I felt it was pretty much liberal propaganda like everyone movie now days .

The most boring and lame animated "remake" off all time .

Don't waste your time.

Entertaining .

It's a waste of time.

It's so boring.

Overall, it was cute and I enjoyed it.

I had low expectations going in, but came out having enjoyed it.

Awful waste of time and the source material.

Most boring garbage I have ever watched.

wasted 90 minutes for nothing , hoping that something will happen and I really struggled to stay awake in the meantime.

Watching first 40 mins just bored.

Yes what they did around the house was funny and strange at first but it got fairly repetitive with the parents.

absolutely worst movie ever .

A large majority of the film was just repeated days at the house which despite there being fun parts to this i got bored in places.

It has 2 or 3 funny moment and lot of boring moment they just use stars to we go and see the movie

I really enjoyed it.

I fell asleep twice .

It was a bland, uninspired rehashing of something we all know and love, created for the sole purpose of making money.

Please, if you are reading this, maybe sitting on the fence, save your money for something else.

Usually we leave the theater with them chatting about what they just saw.

A really enjoyable animated movie of the addams family.

The Addams Family is entertaining, and perfect to be watched with your family.

Still have one boring post credit scene!

But this movie is so boring!

Unfortunately, this movie does not do justice to these characters, this brings us the typical adventure that one of the children wants to explore, there he urges and that his parents do not leave it, blah, blah, blah, I just say that he prefers to keep a quite mediocre and repetitive story, something we have seen many times.

The Addams Family is a boring and dull reboot to the Addams Family movies.

The animation is dreadfully boring.

The end was rushed and highly predictable.

Animation film also can bored!

With dull animation.

Plus at the end, the rest of the residents put their prejudices behind them when they realize that The Addams are a family like any other regardless of how they dress or their taste for darker things - die mad that this movie blatantly instilled human decency or as some of the slower people call (P.

Many of the gags are outside the story arc and some are very contrived.

Lurch becomes an awesome character in this movie Sadly, the rest os just plain boring.

Despite this, I found the film engaging, fun, and funny.

The story was all over the place and was overall just bland and boring.

It was boring, dull and was not even well drawed.

Borderline unwatchable .

This 2019 "The Addams Family" CGI animated movie is definitely well worth watching, regardless of if you are familiar with the family or not.

Dull with wooden characters .

Fell asleep 10 minutes before the end .

In addition to this, there is a nice use of juxtaposition of the bleak, drab appearance of each of the Addams family members with that of the brightly lit colours of the outside world, to further remind us of how much they stand out in a crowd.

I found the details to be stunning, atmosphere engaging, characters ludicrous and the plot alluring.

Boring and outdated humor.

Unbelievable boring.

It's boring and just don't go here.

Yes it picked up in the final act which i loved but i would of liked them to make the films plot be consistently interesting and entertaining which i am afraid they were not able to do.

About twenty omitted into the show, I was about ready to leave.

My wife fell asleep and both kids kept asking and poking holes in the storyline on the way home.

The movie itself is a bit hard to follow.

We find our fiendish friends learning how to assimilate into their new neighborhood, only to experience some predictable pushback from the status quo.

The gags were all over the place, no cohesive plot and worst of all, it didn't engage either the kids or the adults with the jokes.

As years go by, their son Pugsley is preparing for a family coming of age tradition.

They are all dull and forgettable.

Absolute Snore Fest .

however, it was only a medicore start and that's not a good film, the 2019 animated adaptation of the Addams Family is just another dull, bland, cliched, cheap looking and not very funny animated kids film, it does ha be okay animation, a few chuckles here and there and I do like a few characters and the voice acting is great!

Boring re-edit.

It mix funny and creepy in a creative way and it delivers a nice and enjoyable plot.

No story, utter rubbish do not waste your money my kids wanted to leave after 20mins

Here the weird but lovable family, face some unexpected challenges.

Cliche, contrived garbage .

As said the plot is a bit deary and unoriginal leading to screentime with 'regular characters' which, for me, were the boring parts because I just wanted to see the Addams getting up to spooky hijinks.

This version is angst-y and cliche, Wednesday especially.

Now the story is mediocre, it offers you nothing new, and it brings us the repeated lesson that we are all equal and we have to accept it, please I have seen that many times, the villain is the worst, it is boring, it is ridiculous , it is annoying, it really has nothing good and I saw it as a totally unnecessary element in the film, the worst of all is that in the end they let you keep your work despite what you did and it seems that nobody has any problem with that .

An hour and a half of absolute boredom.

Trying hard, dying slow .

I enjoyed it quiet a bit.

Too many boring conversation and annoying overuse scene!