The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) - Comedy, Music

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Two drag performers and a transgender woman travel across the desert to perform their unique style of cabaret.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Stephan Elliott
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 148 found boring (8.78%)

One-line Reviews (64)

The film's script is sharp and entertaining, although sometimes there is too much dialogue.

But over all, I really enjoyed it.

After a promising start, their adventures ultimately takes a dip to near boredom, though, and unfortunately never recovers.

The late eighties was a bit of a coming of age time for Australia's gay population, especially Sydney, it really came alive and blossomed into one of the bigger gay populations in the world.

It was also quite enjoyable to get a mental image of Lord Elrond from Lord of the Rings in drag.

made it all worth watching.

This movie drags on way too long and never comes to any real point.

Dull, trite, and what seemed like bored actors brought this film directly to my DVD then right out the window.

Much of our characters' help and support comes from unexpected sources...

Then, into these emotionally evocative scenes, add a transvestite walking alone to nowhere, or applying lipstick, and you have what amounts to true cinematic art.

The clothes in particular are really inventive and fun and the Australian desert makes for some intriguing and disparate vistas and backgrounds, particularly for the dance routine at the Aborigine camp.

It is one of the most enjoyable gay movies of all time; each subsequent viewing cements that sentiment further into fact.

That actually makes him all the more interesting, because it bends the genders in a fun and entertaining way: a man transitioning to a woman, while still maintaining a tough, rough, and pugilistic exterior.

What I find the most entertaining are the costumes.

I won't comment on too much of the plot, because that's the secret of this most entertaining movie.

Nevertheless, the best performance unequivocally comes from Terence Stamp, whose Bernadette is long in the tooth, but she proves that wisdom, dignity and snide quips are amassed through years of hardened self-preservation against side-eyes and brandishing fists, Stamp embodies her with superlative poise larded with subtle cynicism and utter phlegm, which makes Bernadette's romantic kindling with a rough diamond Bob (Hunter) more like an unexpected boon than a hackneyed plot maneuver.

Next, the stunning landscape (although stunning seems an understatement) of outback Australia, with the light and perspectives used to amazing effect in every scene.

If a couple of citified fruits turn up in drag, well it's all so predictable.

Not to show the typical daily discrimination or volition to describe the reasons to become a transsexual, that makes this movie exciting.

Even if one were to be put off by the alternative life style, the film is worth watching just for the garish outfits (Oscar Winner for Best Costume Design) and the unpredictable performances.

A really entertaining, colorful road movie.

This movie is boring and in no way fun.

It was funny, witty and sometimes a bit stupid and boring.

Chappel and Gardiner bathe the film in an exciting, eye-popping array of flamboyant color schemes and loud tones and hues that make for a visually delicious experience.

Insightfully examines the complexities of the 'alternative' lifestyle in a sharp,witty, fast paced style.

This lighthearted, candy-colored Australian comedy hasn't aged particularly well, what with its abrupt transitions and occasional editing missteps, but there's an angry and heartbroken edge right beneath the surface that makes the experience surprisingly emotionally compelling.

This movie was horrible with no plot or moral.

Priscilla is a beautiful magical combination of humour, catty bitchiness, kitsch costumes, stunning disco soundtrack and subtle sentiment with provocative thoughtful scenes and a delicate brush of honesty.

By far one of the most visually exciting movies I have ever seen; 'Priscilla' is open, comfortable, and puts true meaning to "FAAAABULOUS!

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Most of the scenes in this film are tedious and uninteresting.

Made on a shoestring budget but far better and more entertaining than most films costing 20 times what Priscilla did.

This movie was so entertaining.

Given the offbeat nature of the story, somewhere, concealed in all these stark images and intense sounds, is a profound symbolism.

Breheny's cinematography also lends a hand to making the Australian Outback a lively character, accentuating every detail of the land in a way that makes the excursion that much more enjoyable.

The film shows how dull and unsophisticated conservatively minded people are.

This movie is a waste of time and money and should be seen only by people who love looking at men in womens clothing.

Not just horrible, but also confusing, plot less, motionless, and uneventful.

In "The Adventures of Pricilla Queen of The Desert" he unveils another unexpected side to his considerable talents.

Very entertaining film.

The endless parade of colourful and flamboyant costumes is dazzling and breathtaking to say the least.

The script can easily be seen to be entertaining and humorous.

" In a sort of way of painting the town red, the trio do tend to light up the bland and almost alien life with their outrageous costumes (and it seems that the actors change clothes in nearly every scene) and disco-days performances, awing some and angering others and it seems those who are the most understanding are those who themselves at some point have been ostracized.

Otherwise the viewer is liable to be bored listening to the bitchy insults and improbable displays.

There are 2 other cult films like this I've bought that have also fallen far short of their reputation: Easy Rider (dreadful rubbish), and Withnail and I (this last one is just about worth watching twice)I like Terence Stamp the best, a very dry performance - and the most convincing.

Firstein's early film ends on an ambiguous note, almost back where he started, with the unpredictable bisexual boyfriend and uncertain future.

Ho Hum .

Third, the stunning costumes are worth watching just for themselves.

The role of Felecia is taken by the simply stunning Guy Pearce who had literally just left long running soap Neighbours, in which he played goodie two shoes Mike and was an inspired choice and oh so pretty.

They performed drag shows in the conservative areas, with predictable reaction.

Ultimately just too slow moving.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert also features some of the most compelling and uproariously funny work from Pearce, Stamp, and Weaving, three veteran character actors who continue to expand their horizons with the variety of roles they take.

This a very good movie, entertaining, not necessarily what you would expect from a drag queen movie because of the sensitive description of the characters and the interesting Australian landscape.

If the makers of this film intended to show drag queens as vain, shallow, boring, and fundamentally insecure, they did a great job.

Guy Pearce gives an astonishing physicality to his role - he is so immersed in his character that he doesn't have to impersonate anyone, his IS the camp, flamboyant muscled up young drag queen.

But where 'Wong Foo' falls flat with formulaic plot, shallow characters, and rigid acting, 'Priscilla' delivers.

The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert is a wonderful story highlighted with stunning cinematography, excellent costume design and outstanding performances.

This is one of those inoffensive and mildly entertaining little movies that strive to make you to like them more.

I found the story to be contrived and not very interesting, though never let it be said that the three main characters lacked personality.

The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert is a fun and entertaining film about three drag queens who get together for a show in the Australian outback.

is truly original and entertaining from its highs to its well executed dramatic lows.

Perhaps to non-Australian audiences it may have appeal as a travelogue, but to the native it is merely tedious.

I was frankly amazed by Terence Stamp, an actor who has made a career playing dangerous, macho types, and made a surprisingly compelling and believable ageing transsexual.

" The seemingly overwhelming positive response is mind boggling for this poorly written, embarrasingly predictable clap trap.