The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 60 out of 467 found boring (12.84%)

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I left the theater as a very satisfied moviegoer.

This movie is worth watching in 3d and is for people of all ages, its got action its got comedy and most importantly, it has got "Tintin".

Secondly the writers deserve a great round of applause for making the story so engrossing, fast paced and entertaining.

Anyways, it was exciting to hear that Steven Spielberg ( whom Herge by the way called the only one being able to make a movie out of his work ) and Peter Jackson were working together making a movie out of a beloved childhood memory.

This movie was fun, exciting, adventurous, and had some comedy in it too.

In the comic, this was a pretty intense and disturbing scene.

Then in 2011, he went and directed the animated adventure "The Adventures of Tintin", based on the famed Belgium comics by artist Hergé and boy was it an exciting ride.

Steven Spielberg takes you on a wonderful thrill ride for the whole family in a wonderfully entertaining family film.

But looking at it from my perspective, from someone who when he first saw the poster for this bomb thought it was for a Rin Tin Tin movie, and who has never even heard of TinTin, but beyond that who values movies for their plot, acting and plausibility above all else: this is by far the worst movie of 2011.

There are many "cartoony" moments that seem un-fitting, and some off the over the top spectacle has clearly just been thrown in there in an attempt too impress us with ever more tiresome 3D.

Again, it's big, exciting, hilarious and really enjoyable.

Tintin the movie is in any way funny, action packed and interesting.

We get the enjoyable relationship of the two protagonists (and snowy), as well as the slapstick, comedic breaks of Thompson and Thomson, and the villainous Sakharine.

If that same thing happens to a human, we know that he would have broken every bone in his body and, if still alive, would have to be driven to the intensive care immediately.

Realizing there is more to their interest than the ship itself, Tintin follows his instincts in a rousing worldwide adventure replete with fascinating characters, delightfully dislikeable bad guys, and a rousing conclusion, all wrapped in an unmistakably "Indiana Jones" themed and paced story.

I found it boring to say the least.

Being an avid film score collector, I made the mistake of listening to the music before watching the movie, and I found it bland.

So I didn't love it, though it was somewhat entertaining.

It also includes some of the most breathtaking scenes since avatar with the action and adventure of Indiana Jones.

In fact there are several problem:1- The story is empty, it has no link at all with the comic, they took three episodes, they mixed them and kept only the action scenes.

First and foremost, the animation is stunning.

This makes it much more exciting and you really get to know how Tin Tin and Captain Haddock were in the old days.

A simple tale of mystery, action and adventureThe best way I can summarize and praise the movie is that The Adventures of TinTin is a visually stunning and accurate adaptation of the TinTin comics.

The animation is simply breath-taking and astonishingly lifelike for the most part, the storyline is good (as you would expect from an adaptation of the Herge classic) and it's superbly witty and exciting.

On a more positive note: the storyline is beautiful and engaging, whether you are a age-old Tin Tin fan or just a movie lover.

The film is fun and obviously orientated towards a family audience, the Thompson twins do mar the action but the film recovers with some excellent sequences, notably a post plane crash propeller incident, dueling port cranes and an exciting motor-cycle sidecar chase.

However, being the purist that I am, I always find myself wanting to go back to the books themselves, as they are so much more entertaining (particularly with Snowy's dry comments).

First and entertaining ¨Motion-Capture¨ Tintin rendition with exciting adventures set mostly in Africa .

This ¨Tintin and the secret unicorn¨ is an enjoyable Hollywood production, a wonderful and straight forward approach to Herge's original source material being splendidly directed .

The poor script writing is what makes this film interminably dull - and we can thank Steven Moffat for that.

Overall, Tintin is a great film which manages to capture that exciting Hollywood feel of Spielberg's Indiana Jones films, while also capturing the good humour and charm of Hergé's original stories.

Boring and Predictable.

They tried too hard with making an action packed adventure that they forgot the simplicity of the comics.

Tintin may be light one plot but it is heavy on excitement and the visuals serve to deepen the experience, making this one of the more enjoyable films of the year.

is clearly gripping the viewers who have reviewed this film before me.

) Thank you Steven and Peter for another thoroughly entertaining movie that is (hopefully) going to turn into a popular syndicate of many more to come.

Boring, boring, boring.

That's how fast-paced and exciting the movie was.

The action packed scenes kept moving at a super-fast pace.

Nearly fell asleep.

The animation is simply stunning and the set pieces are breathtaking.

It's obvious that Spielberg and Jackson had a huge amount of fun making some awesome transition shots and beyond imaginable action scene which were so out of this world but just purely entertaining.

The movie is a tad slow-paced at times but for the most part it's pretty action packed.

The Adventures of Tintin has lots of action and mystery, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Nevertheless, Tintin is a fun, suspenseful and immensely enjoyable film, surprising me for its PG rating.

Throughout the movie he discovers just why the ship is so valuable, while having a fund, intense adventure and meeting a new friend.

Some scenes, like when the three are lost at sea, are absolutely breathtaking and you may even be amazed what you're watching is animation.

There were some parts in which I felt the movie dragged a bit.

This is an incredibly joyous, thrilling and comically genius adventure.

I highly recommend it for the whole family.

And rather repetitive at that.

Visually speaking, the animation is quite terrific, with stunning images of exotic locations, it has lots of good visual gags, like when a guy falls outside a pet shop and canary birds are circling around his head, and the transitions are innovative, like when Haddock's hand smoothly turns into the North African desert.

This thing is just entertaining and great in its own right and deserves some reward.

Through well structured chases and enjoyable humour, who will find the answer, to the secret of the unicorn!

The motion capture animation is stunning and truly unique and I hope they do more of this type of animation and Spielberg and Jackson do it better than anyone.

You just wish these guys who can pour unfathomable sums of money into a film could make it a little more engaging.

Soundtrack, and plot, aside this film was still enjoyable to watch; perhaps even more so I you're a child watching for the very first time.

The stunning level of detail, right down to the pores on characters' skin and individual hair follicles, is coupled with designs very similar to the cartoony art of the comics.

Action packed and beautifully animated, The Adventures of Tintin is a delight for anyone looking for a good family or adventure film.

"The Adventures of Tintin" is quintessentially the perfect family film: incredibly joyous, thrilling and comically genius adventure.

A very boring animation.

Although it is an exciting adventure, it also has a really entertaining storyline.

Great plot + awesome action + breathtaking animation equals up to amazing movie.

And the more naturalistic figures help to make the adventure thrilling.

This film has no message, is painful to watch, boring and should be avoided at all costs.

This is truly one films for the kids and it highly enjoyable for a younger audience as I believe it has been made for.

It had the great sense of humor and entertaining action sequences one would expect from the director of the Indiana Jones spectacles and while the last action set-piece may have been one too many, it wasn't a complete waste of time.

The visuals of The adventures of Tintin are truly stunning.

This is another reason why I didn't enjoy the climax of the film, I was bored by the time it got around to it.

The character chemistry, adrenaline charged chases and light hearted dialogue call to mind swashbuckling pulp novel adventures in the vein of Indiana Jones.

Not anywhere near as good as the books, but quite entertaining nonetheless .

The imagination on display here and the near flawless animation and motion capture work from WETA, make The Adventures of Tintin an enjoyable thrill ride.

Visually, dare I say, this movie was stunning.

After some opening credits that employ the clear-line style as well as a John Williams score and animation that seems a nod in the direction of Spielberg's classic beginning to "Catch Me If You Can," we are dropped quickly into our fast-moving story.

)The stunts are incredibly grand and exciting.

The realism of some of the film's characters seems totally artificial and contrived, and the rendering of authentic skin tones becomes considerably overambitious and fussy in its detailing.

The animated credits at the inception were exquisitely done; visually pleasing, with intelligently placed graphics and moving images, and more than a passing nod to certain animated sequences made popular by the created-for-TV animated adaptations of the books, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pointless .

The motion capture sequences of the film were extraordinary, and the detail was breathtaking as well!

Should we ever see another boring movie we'll tell the other we're bored instead of 'assuming' the other loves the movie.

It's as linear and as predictable as it gets, nothing and nobody from it managing to stand out of the misery.

Overall Spielberg has created an old-fashioned style adventure movie for the whole family to enjoy,where the important things are just the hunt for the treasure, the friendship two people can make and the most important thing of all that it is an entertaining ride.

It's very true to the comics, and packed with exciting action set-pieces.

The colorful and entertaining title sequence itself already draws you in.

While the other moviegoers might find it fascinating.

The Adventures of Bland Boy and his dog, Exposition.

The movie is incredibly smooth and wonderful looking, especially with its stunning backgrounds.

Visually the movie was just stunning, Tintin, Snowy, Haddock and the other characters and their surroundings we're just so lifelike, it took me several minutes to become aware of the fact that this is a animationfilm just like Beowulf.

With it witty punchlines, affable characters and adrenaline- pounding action-adventure sequences, Tintin the movie brings forth such excitement that is rarely displayed in movies.

The exciting and stylish world of Tin Tin offers such delightful escapism, I think I will want visit it again.

On the contrary, I got over it soon enough and even enjoyed it.

Since the film rarely slows down, it's always moving, always very entertaining and always roaring with energy.

I hadn't read a single comic book, watched a single cartoon or even encounter a piece of literature that bore the name "Tintin" as a child, so this was all new experience to me.

There is very little plot and almost no dialogue.

Tintin, his trusty dog Snowy, and Haddock are fun and engaging characters you want to spend time with and lose yourself in their world.

It's funny, exciting, and gripping to the very end.

A most faithful adaptation of the Hergé comics, yet engrossing for all.

Tintin - So dull, annoying, lifeless and just frustrating.

You get a little bored at times watching Tintin and Haddock be stranded out at sea, stumble through the desert, and Haddock's incessant rambling of never having enough booze.

Even still, at times it comes across as if the plot was picked out of a list of creative writing prompts, though the way Spielberg dives into said prompt is often deliciously entertaining.

a boring movie about a great comic book .

For someone who's mostly familiar with the world of Tintin through the 1990s animated series, uncovering Captain Haddock's mysterious background acted as a gripping way to reintroduce me to Tintin.

However, as soon as the other characters get introduced, the first half completely wanes out and becomes completely predictable.

The story is very convoluted and adrenaline filled.

The exciting and stylish world of Tin Tin offers such delightful escapism, I think I will want visit it again...

There are two Scotland Yard detectives, Thompson and Thompson, who are too inept to be funny and then there's Captain Haddock, whose drunk act, proves ultimately tiresome.

I'll give Tintin this much: His life is anything but boring.

Not bad, but a bland adventure film .

My last gripe is that the film seemed far too long, particularly towards the end.

The scene on the plane and fight sequence on the old ship are particularly enjoyable.

I don't want to be a spoiler but often there was just too much action and too much detail, and a couple of scenes just went on way too long.

Daniel Craig gives a brilliantly fascinating performance.

It's also Spielberg's most entertaining film since Jurassic Park.

Recently, it was an exciting conversation with Premjit Nath, on 13 November at 14:38Me: Yesterday I see both "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" and "Immortals" in 3D and my suggestion, attend them only in 3D the experience, just unforgettable!

This was somewhat of a gamble, as i usually avoid animation films (ratatouille, monsters inc and toy story apart), but im glad i took a punt on this was awesome, the film is fast paced , the story gets ur interest from the very beginning and keeps it all the way until the end.

That is how intense I was.

The production values & acting are both excellent, with just enough attractive to appeal to the Tintin fanatics , and with great doses of action , case of the potentially thrilling elements .

It is Spielberg's first animated film and the animation is absolutely stunning throughout, with amazing attention to detail.

An Adventure worth watching .

It appears as though, for this film, Spielberg has taken a page out of his own "Indiana Jones" films, as many of the scenes in this film entail high speed chases, adrenaline filled acrobatics, and daring shootouts.

The story itself is essential fun, but wanton of unexpected thrills given the limited charm of the title character.

This is an entertaining and beautiful adaptation of a colorful comic book series.

The film may have its dragging moments but throughout it's undeniably enjoyable.

The voice performances made me care for their trouble and made the mystery engaging to be part of.

being tin tin fan from my childhood i was excited for its release and even more excited because it directed by Steven Spielberg.. watching it on the screen was mind blowing experience.. Steven Spielberg took animation to a different level which will take ages for others to reach there.. the movie was visually stunning, tight screenplay and story and trust me u wont want to miss even second of this movie...

Visually the films stunning the attention to detail is brilliant.

"The Adventures of Tintin", in my review, "a fun and entertaining adventure-mystery flick".

On the whole, though, a very entertaining flick that makes for great family viewing.

I nearly fell asleep.

' The visual detail is so engrossing that it gave me goosebumps every other second that the story got lost in the milieu.

The film is excellent escapism from the dreary day-to-day life and it made me smile for the rest of the day.

They must accept that what they're saying is true and hope that something interesting or entertaining comes out of it.

This movie is an excellent endeavor to make the movie as emotionally engaging as possible.

come on also i think Andy serkis was a terrible choice for captain haddock anyway the movie was dull and everything sucked the "movie score" (i use that word loosely) wasn't even memorable also i hate peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg as well for making this terrible adaption i have spoken

The script is extremely sharp and often very funny, making this well-paced adventure even more enjoyable.

Kids, adults, young at heart will love this action packed, edge of your seat thrill ride with a great mystery.

Action packed, funny and like a roller-coaster ride that ends too soon.

I went into this movie expecting overfast, confusing, and bloated action scenes because that is the trend of today.

My favorite is a fascinating one-shot chase in Morroco.

The set pieces within it are stunning and make for some extremely memorable sequences.

But, of course, at the hands of director Steven Spielberg the viewer was put through a long, drawn-out hell before he came to his senses and got to the story's point.

I mean, how can you tell me that a drunk person can burp inside an empty airplane tank and give it enough fuel to continue almost as nothing happened and even after the same plane crashes into the desert, it continues to spin it's propeller although buried into the sand...

Overall this movie is a disaster -- a terrible waste of time, money and talent.

Well, nobody's perfect but this one surely comes close being one of the most entertaining films of 2011.

Weak on suspense, plotting, atmosphere and characters but has some great set-pieces and is enjoyable for its constant movement and noise .

Crisp and colorful cinematography by Janusz Kaminski, fluid editing by Michael Kahn and yet another lively and bombastic score by John Williams make this an even more entertaining watch.

It's artful, engaging, fascinating, and wonderful to behold.

They can be pretty intense.

The comedy, the adventure and the scenery were absolutely stunning.

Tintin is a very empty character and almost a Gary Stu.

The story wends it's way through a Junior "Indiana Jones" sequence of events and is accompanied by a rousing John Williams score to suit the action on screen.

"The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" is definitely well-worth watching.

While the quasi-human designs of the characters will outrage some Hergé purists, this film is undoubtedly another technical achievement for special effects house Weta Digital, who earlier this year gave us the very compelling chimps in that other Serkis vehicle RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

I did think it was entertaining though.

They were up and down construction equipment, flying through and over walls, it was breathtaking.

An exciting and large-scale, original and fresh, colorful, funny and warm movie adventure, as a symbol of exquisite masterpiece of modern animation

Steven Spielberg was the right man to make this movie as good as this was: entertaining, funny, adventurous; Tintin-like.

Most awe-inspiring is how Spielberg films the entire ten-minute sequence in just one single shot (the logistics of this alone worth checking out the extras once the DVD is released), and the relentless pace at which this unfolds will keep you on the edge of your seat to say the least.

The background details of Hergé's comic book world are quite stunning to behold with certain individual segments generating much wonderment and awe.

After all, we need some knowhow as to why Tintin and Haddock meet, otherwise it is just confusing for all those people who haven't read a Tintin comic in their life.

Nevertheless, Tintin was a fun and exciting ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My main criticism has to be the slightly fast pace of the movie, now I know Tintin is like that and I understand but sometimes things seem slow then boom Tintin is off and doing stunts impossible to achieve.

The only flaw in the movie is probably the ending part - it kinda ends out of sudden and makes me feel a little bit empty there, because I was expecting something else to happen there.

I expect children will be bored too.

If such scenes were toned down and given some semblance of reality along with being exciting, they would have worked better, in my opinion.

Your reaction to the movie will largely depend on whether you find such rapidly unrolling mayhem exhilarating or tiresome.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

What is really fascinating about the whole serial albums of Tintin, is the way it deals with great international affairs of its time : as close as possible with the Great Story, as clear as possible to be understood by young readers, and as subtle as possible not to hurt, not to expose them.

It is flaws and boring movie for me as a big fan of Tintin.

All in all, extremely entertaining – and I'm looking forward to the sequels.

The movie is fun, exciting, hilarious, creative, awesome, and, in the final scene profound.

Not only is he a lot of fun to watch and hear, but for my money Captain Haddock and Snowy were the two most engaging characters.

A spectacular and engaging experience in computer enhanced animation based on tremendous motion capture trumps "Avatar" given its vastly superior story and likable characters.

Visually the movie is stunning.

The voice-over acting performances by the main leads, and the supporting roles as well, were quite entertaining if I do say so myself.

Please people do yourself a favor, save your money and go and buy a comic book and experience the real Tintin.

With the likes of Spielberg and Jackson at the helm, I expected something a bit more compelling.

Likely to appeal to those unfamiliar with animated features, Spielberg's tale is predictable, slow, never surprises, and his audience is always ten steps ahead.

The Adventures of Tintin is highly famous book series around the world & making it in real animation with real actors makes it an enjoyable adventure.

Tintin delivers an exciting action/mystery flick.

Actually he's quite dull.

This made it like a roller-coaster ride, which was truly action packed and very enjoyable to watch.

Visually, the movie is very enjoyable to see.

Enjoyable movie.

Enjoy this fun and exciting movie.

Now, if the first 15 minutes sounded bore then this film is not for you coz that was just the build up and basis for what lies ahead.

And of course I could go on and on about the over the top, self indulgent ending that screamed "OF COURSE THIS MOVIE WILL HAVE A SEQUEL, YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT!!

The action is thoroughly exciting.

This is a magical and entertaining motion picture that only Steven Spielberg can make.

The motion capture technique is fascinating and so well-done.

Overall "Tintin" is tremendously entertaining, a great adventure and plot that keeps your pulse racing.

The timing and choreography of each scene is so precise, it's brilliantly entertaining.

The action sequences are amongst the most exciting and thrill-packed that you will ever see.

The story is compelling, the lines are natural-sounding, and the action is plenty of fun to watch.

In many ways, the movie resembles an Indiana Jones adventure: it is set in the same time frame (the 1940s) and there are a number of thrilling chase and fight scenes.

To kill a double controversy in the making, and like I've already read in a couple critics: Tintin has always been a "bland" character in the comics.

His antics were enjoyable and fun.

The motion-capture and 3-D enhance the action, ramp it up if you will so that you are immersed in the action and wondering at how life-like the characters are even though animated.

Directed and co-produced by the aforementioned Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can) and co-produced by visual genius Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) using the highest caliber stop-motion animation (maybe ever seen), "The Adventures of Tintin" exhibits the partnership of two great directors, in conjunction with a quirky, yet (at times) only slightly entertaining interpretation of what European children's mysteries are all about.

On the whole The Adventures of Tintin is an enjoyable watch.

Boring and too much Spielberg .

An entertaining & memorable film, that will be loved by one & all.

Everything is terribly superficial here, as the original story and characters have been destroyed and turned into some lame boring and dull Hollywood crap.

The bad guys have gotten away with the secret message Haddock left, Tintin and Haddock are stranded, and Haddock gives a rousing speech to encourage Tintin to push through this "wall" they face: "Failed.

" (2011) was an enjoyable and thrill-seeking adventure that definitely held my interest throughout the entire picture!

The whole production felt pretentious, shoving so much in terms of its convoluted story and advanced animation style down the throat in order to seemingly detract from the fact that the plot line was ultimately quite ordinary with a plethora of plot holes.

The rest of the film enjoyable.

The adventures were breathtaking in their imagination - oh, the places they went and people they met!

The entire production was action-packed, exciting and comic.

The story is a great idea and while there are some slow spots it is thrillingly told.

Stylishly choreographed and thrilling, Tintin's action rivals that of the Indy trilogy, in terms of white knuckle, relentless thrills.

All the action seems to happen, and then we are left with this action-less, dull climax to wrap everything up, and it does the movie as a whole no good.

Despite this major advantage, they decided to rule out most laws of physics, a lot of mind boggling events almost shatter your intelligence.

Since I never read the comics, I can't compare the movie with them, with as a movie independent of the comics, it is very good and enjoyable.

There are several action scenes that make best use of the 3D involving an edge of your seat, riveting, roller-coaster ride of a chase.

My uncle is a really, really snappy dresser but one of the most boring public speakers that I've ever heard even though he looks good.

I wasn't disappointed that they were old, heavens, no - I was disappointed that there were no more adventures of that intrepid reporter, his faithful dog, and his wide variety of friends and enemies that always makes for such an exciting read.

The soundtrack is very good but I expected something more intense.

Spoiler alert: Spielberg made a very long boring trailer for a video game .

Nice animation, boring story .

I was bored.

This makes it much more exciting and you really get to know how Tin Tin and Captain Haddock were in the old days.

RATING : See it in theaters If you're under 12, otherwise wait for the instant download (Rating System: "See it in theaters," "Wait for the instant download," "Don't waste your time")Tintin is a youthful reporter with lots of street cred.

Putting ion my professional glasses as a 3D illustrator - the 3D was simply stunning!

Kudos to Steven Spielberg for remaining faithful to the original aesthetics and yet succeeding at shining at what he does best: making entertaining rememberable movies.

Its dragging and downright boring compared to the true version that is the book.

Unfortunately, the film ended up being a bland childish adventure lacking of emotion and suspense, even though I cannot deny the fact that it is technologically impressive and visually spectacular.

Enjoyable all ages adventure .

An entertaining movie for kids and adults alike .

The visual composition and scene to scene transitions were most compelling.

It is weaker when it comes to suspense, tension, plotting and characters and it is hard not to see those having an impact, but generally it is enjoyable for what it is.

The action-packed story is part pirate swashbuckler and part Indiana Jones adventure; the combination makes for a spectacular, witty, and exciting film with a sweet, smart, and very likable young man at its center.

PS: I forgot to mention they didn't even made a soundtrack for this, which makes the film even more boring.

This movie had too many ho-hum moments.

It's not a great film, but it has some fun action sequences and an entertaining story.

It's like Jackson's THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN, with endless chase scenes and swooping camera angles; none of it means anything, there's no realism or danger, it's just bland and safe.

The action scenes were very intense, too.

Visually stunning, story wise boring.

But even despite the yumminess of the burger, it's a dull experience overall as you've devoured nothing of actual substance.

" This movie is beautiful and exciting at the same time, with just the right hint of nostalgia.

Tintin's animated self looks stunning (even though he looks kind of different from his comic-self) in his blue long sleeves.

Tintin may be the hero of the piece, but it's Haddock, Snowy and the two policemen who deliver the best lines, funniest gags and most memorable characters overall, just as in the comics: compared to them, Tintin himself remains fairly dull overall.

The latter sequence is dull, the former shows us two things we've never seen before: ships firing their cannons at one another through the crests of waves, and ships entangled at their masts, swinging wildly like oceanic pendulums.

I thought they would have it be kind of funny and it seems like they did but its more of a very dry humor.

As for the film content itself; Vastly amusing & exciting entertainment.

Even when I don't like motion-capture animation, I found this movie to quite entertaining and enjoyable.

As a whole, the storyline is pretty thin, and the dialogue often dull, if at times funny.

The unusual but fascinating story line is all that you would expect from director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson.

The animation was absolutely breathtaking and photo-realistic.

The movie was very exciting and thoroughly enjoyable, but I left feeling a bit disappointed, due to the blunt and boring ending.

I can't rate this as some users as a tin tin movie since I have little to no experience of the tin tin character but I can rate this a a family comedy, and it really was entertaining.

The CGI is brilliant, the action scenes are gripping, the characters are funny and likable, the story is clever and the animation is flawless.

It just gets bogged down in so much, "been there, done that" territory, all the while spinning and whipping you around during long, increasingly boring attempts at "set pieces" where the camera seems to never stop flipping and turning and careening in and out of bubbles or reflections in swords or puddles and drawing faaaaar too much attention to each transition between nearly every shot!

Then, in the sixties, there were two movies with actors starring a Tintin lookalike, Jean-Pierre Talbot, but only the first one was entertaining.

To account for this unfortunate element of unpredictability, the writing team must have had to incorporate as many plot elements as they could, in order to make a story that is enjoyable even to the uninitiated.

2)The storyline was compelling and fun.

This race for the treasure leads Tintin and the Captain in an unexpected adventure of the highest order that spans land, sea and air!

And although the visuals in this version is very, very different from the original, it was still an entertaining experience.

Doing justice to the character created by Herge', Tintin (Jamie Bell) remains the bland, ageless adventurer that he originally was.

It is action packed and adventure filled.

The stories chosen to this movie was "The Crab with the Golden Claws" (where Tintin and Haddock met for the first time), "The Secret of the Unicorn" and "The Red Rackham's Treasure", three of the most exciting stories of the Tintin collection.

Tintin is another kind of hero, many will find him bland or asexual but this have always been Tintin's personality, a sort of idealistic exaltation of youth's adventurous spirit, but whatever "boring" you'd fin in that Yin, you have the Yang in Captain Haddock's colorful personality, and both contribute to one of the greatest dynamics that structure the film.

This opening section is so enjoyable you wish it could continue forever.

Now the movie: very entertaining film.

The animation is a joy to see and is so exciting and keeps your eyes peeled to the cinema screen.

and the good thing is preservation of the spirit of universe of Tintin in a fascinating embroidery of stories, colors and breathless adventures.

The movie starts off by giving us some background information of the story and the adventure begins very soon, and it gets pretty exciting scene after scene.

Spielberg also brought on some great talent to work on the movie which included Peter Jackson producing it and Edgar Wright as one of the co-writers and they really make a fun and exciting ride for this film.

"Tintin" was my childhood favorite, and although it wasn't in English when I read it, they were (and still are) extremely exciting and humorous page-turners.

The mystery and intrigue are combined with engaging and at times outrageous/hilarious action sequences - one of which is a seamless, spectacular one-take chase scene which exudes a high energy level not sensed since those in the "Indiana Jones" films - there's a real high sense of adventure throughout the film.

For a start, the animation (using motion capture technology) and visual effects were mind blowing, spellbinding, and very awe-freaking-some, and this is probably the best visual treat of this year.

Cause of my place of work I had a chance to watch it something about 5 times, and believe me - every time I enjoyed it like a little kid.

Some of it looks really stunning and some of the characters (well, Haddock) are fairly cartoony and work really well, while others are too realistic, and look a bit stiff and artificial (Tintin himself, Snowy, and the villain).

The John Williams music is particularly dull and rubs the shine off a number of the action scenes.

its a Fast paced adventure....

The Adventures of Tintin directed by Steven Spielberg is entertaining.

Visually stunning, this movie lacks what makes the difference between a super movie and good one: a thrilling and clever storyline.

Boy was he boring!!

"The Adventures of Tintin", along with "Rango" and "Kung Fu Panda 2" is one of the best movies from the year 2011, and for me, it was one of the most enjoyable flicks that I have the chance to see in the last year.

For me his character has always been a bit too bland, while his adventures have been entertaining enough.

It has moments of humour that children and adults can enjoy simultaneously and great set- pieces, most notably the breathtaking Baghar-set chase sequence, which is, in my opinion, one of the finest actions sequences Spielberg has ever produced.

The aspect of the film that made it so enjoyable was not the plot, soundtrack or even visuals, which were as fantastic as expected thanks to the technology of motion capture.

He keeps it big and exciting.

Overall, this is an enjoyable romp for viewers young and old, both familiar and not with the source material.

Full of humor , it's a funny entertaining for kids and grown-ups .

Yes, the movie's excitingly thrilling and undeniably enjoyable.

Steven Spielberg's "Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn" is an entertaining action-packed and mystery-filled adventure film that, beyond all these epithets, respects the spirit of Herge's adventures of Tintin, the classic worldwide famous, comic-book series, and take this from a fan who grew up reading the albums, rereading them in French and English, and watching the animated features.

Exciting and overwhelming retelling based on Tintin stories by means of Motion-capture technology .

"Tintin" takes 24 slow minutes to get to its first action sequence.

It is an extremely engaging story that kept me at the edge of my seat from start to finish, with a fun, layered adventure that we have not seen in movies in a long time.

This was simply one of the most visually stunning movies I have EVER seen.

For the first time since 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' has Steven Spielberg managed to make an action adventure film on an equally enjoyable level.

Very entertaining film .

The action was good, the humor was good natured and it was a very simple and compelling story.

Every action scenes are ridiculously thrilling.

Films like "The Adventures of Tintin" make a compelling case for animation as the ideal medium for action extravaganzas – which are, by default, offshoots of the fantasy genre.

This movie though was boring...

The most enjoyable movie of the year so far, will satisfy old fans, and create new ones.

No story building.

The 3D effects make the movie even more thrilling and exciting.

Even with their animated feel, the characters came alive on screen; their interactions were fluid, with an unexpected élan.

the main character of Tin Tin and his doggie Snowy were also well conceived with Tin Tin himself being very adventurous and intriguing.

In the second half, though the movie seems to be picking up some pace, again the movie becomes a drag and predictable making your visit to the theater a customary one.

One moment off the screen, an you will miss something exciting or vital to the story.

In two words, stunning and spectacular!

Unleashing his inner-child taste for adventure, Spielberg conjures up some of the most thrilling action sequences you'll see this year.

The range of face expressions are very limited and get boring from the start of the film.

Spielberg's Direction, like always, is imaginative & stunning.

It's a cliché story, featuring a bunch of stupid, idiotic and mentally retarded characters who generally try to reach their goal, if they remember which that is of course.

But now, if I try watching it again, the fun of the stunning animations effects has gone away and it is very hard to enjoy the movie because it raises a conflict inside.

Pinned down to perfection every scene is a feast for the eye, unremittingly fast-paced and entertaining.

It's visually stunning, extremely exciting and a movie for all ages.

It is a rare moment that i would recommend something to be seen in 3D, but due to the fact this is partly animation in a way, it too works very well, and helps you get immersed into the world you are put in.

Very good animation and mind blowing effects,an excellent movie .

All done in one shot, it is innovative at first, but questionable and tiresome by the end.

Very entertaining film .

Nice graphics but a terribly boring story line.

The animation is excellent, sometimes breathtaking, and the 3D works well.

The motion capture technique is fascinating and so well done.

Visuals are incredibly spectacular and it obviously makes the whole adventure exciting.

Incredibly exciting, dull ending .

The adventures of Tintin is a thrilling and fun adventure movie, featuring some of the better use of Motion Caption.

I found the voices and characterizations spot on, and Tintin himself along with Snowy captivating and enjoyable.

It was fun, action packed, enjoyable, well made and had a great score by John Williams.

The film feels jumbled and at times I felt like I was dragged kicking and screaming into the next bombastic and usually unnecessary set-piece.

I loved the exciting adventures that brought Tintin and his fellows all over the globe.

Thrilling adventure across the globe .

However, the highlight for me had to be Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, a very layered performance unlike any other he has done before, he is certainly the most intriguing character.

A lot of liberties have been taken with the script (making it quite different from the original comic)to make it enjoyable.

Utilizing the very latest in CGI, the animators have created a world that is remarkably lifelike and yet at the same time highly evocative of the original comic's art.

In Tintin, Spielberg brilliantly uses motion capture and animation to give us some truly exciting scenes.

A thrilling, action packed adventure with charm and spectacular visuals .

Well, after spending 10 years not going back to the originals, that movie struck me as a faithful yet entertaining take on Hergé's legacy.

The body of the score is upbeat trumpets, superbly intricate riffs of the piano, and violin quivers in the more suspenseful moments.

They left the movie open for a sequel, resulting in a somewhat dull anticlimax.

Minus one point for the big headed Daniel Craig character and minus two points for the flat and cliché finish.

Even Tintin's dog Snowy is more exciting than Tintin.

The voice cast is phenomenal, delivering intense, dedicated performances.

Some moments are really sleepy and boring.

All of the animation is simply breathtaking and the best I've ever seen.

However, Spielberg and Jackson understand that Hergé's creation and most of the world outside Central Europe have not enjoyed a lengthy waltz, so this is more than just a film for Tintinologists, presenting newcomers with a fast-paced and deeply enjoyable adventure tale.

All of the animation is simply breathtaking and the best I've ever seen.

It became unwatchable, like Hugo.

Although it is an exciting adventure, it also has a really entertaining storyline.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting adventure story with excellent chase scenes and comical one liners with a tongue in cheek approach to the genre then you are in for a treat.

The First & Second Act Breezed by in a Glance, with Puzzles & Quick Thinking on Tin Tin's part making it a Joy to watch, But I did find the Third Act Dragged Out a Little & I put it down to Captain Haddock being so Incompetent it became Annoying.

Apart from the ending though, this movie is exciting, funny and an overall quality film.

It felt like all the speech was in a monotone - the impression maybe got through that appalling music.

It is what it is, an entertaining popcorn movie.

What I thought was good about the movie is that it is incredibly well shot, has many truly admirable scene pieces, a good dose of healthy humor for both children and adults, an intriguing story (in its own right), nice tonal shifts, exciting action sequences and smart transitions.

It failed to give me any nostalgic feelings, but on the other hand, the stunning animation and special effects partly managed to counter those deficits.

) But the best thing about this film is that it respects the true essence of the source material, being an exciting adventure flick from beginning to end.

As I said earlier, the story itself is not particularly gripping, but the style in which it is told paired with the impressive animation and thrilling, roller-coaster-like action set pieces is what makes "Tin-Tin" something I could watch over and over again.

Right from the beginning the story sets up in an action packed super show and carries itself throughout at a great pace - without giving you a moment to blink your eyes.

The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the unicorn is one damn fine adventure yarn and by far the most enjoyable entertainment movie from mr. Spielberg since the original Jurassic Park (-93).

I'm afraid for most of this film I was positively bored and just waiting for the end.

None of the characters are memorable, Tintin is a bore.

I went with friends and we only had fun by seeing parents who were boring while their children were enjoying the movie.

Intriguing and enjoyably fun (for the most part).

I have no problem to give the technical side a 10, it is stunning.

This was such an enjoyable film, it was much, much better than i thought it was going to be, there are so many great things about this movie:THE VISUALS: Easily one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen, i wish i had watched this at the cinema - especially in 3d.

As oppose to most TinTin books where every frame and dialogue is there for a purpose, here in this melange you can swap dialogues between characters or even watch the movie from the end to the beginning and nothing would matter as there is no plan except rumble, shootings, hit and run and a few cliché words between players.

Fans will perhaps feel offended by these changes, but I am forgiving, because what we got was an exciting take on the characters we love.

It is essentially Spielberg doing what Spielberg does best: entertaining the public.

But, after seeing this film, it's fascinating to dream about what could be just around the corner?

It was riveting!

Don't waste your time or your money on this epic failure .

Such as a daring escape from a cargo ship, an epic clash between two manually operated construction cranes, and a thrilling high speed chase through Bagghar that I'd easily jot down as one of the year's best overall scenes.

Like all the exposition and action in the feature, this sequence is dull, and pales in comparison to Zemeckis' many recent, similarly conceived sequences ("Beowulf").

Normally Not my kind Of Thing, But A Good Premise And I Enjoyed It .

The tale is engaging and exciting.

It is fun, packed with adventure and action, enjoyable at all ages.

""The Adventures of Tintin" is a great film for the family to be on the edge of their seats.

Oh how I am bored with it....

From then on, the film really starts, and we are given a truly exciting adventure without a single second of boredom.

He adds some exciting elements to the film that take a decent storyline and elevate into a whole lot of fun.

It's the mystery element that drives this plot, but even then, the mystery is quite predictable and thinly developed.

From the very upstart, it's clear that the only way this movie could have been made was the CGI world we are given, because some of the stunning set pieces and 3D would never have made it into the movie.

In fact,the movie in 3D format gives it you a more enjoyable experience.

There are a lot of action scenes that are really fast paced, but just when you think: It's getting too much, they slow down and you can rest for a while.

Despite it's flaws, "The Adventures of Tintin" is a rollicking good time at the movies, a serial adventure with lots of action, excitement and humor, and perfect for families with its lack of adult content (apart from alcohol content and some intense action sequences).

I feel bad saying this, but the character of Tintin is very bland.

I watched this with my two young sons and they enjoyed it even more than me.

Overall, the film is quite interesting and entertaining but becomes boring at certain times and almost can't create a real sense of mystery, suspense and adventure.

With that being said, I can say that from the vague details that I remember, the film adaptation of the comics is true to its original, breathtaking source material.

The Screenplay by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish is fast-paced, humorous & enjoyable.

3- The visuals are ugly, OK the sets are cool, but the problem is about the character who are really boring and unbearable.


A old-school action adventure in the vein of his earlier Indiana Jones movies, Steven Spielberg's 'Tintin' mixes action, humour and mystery into one thoroughly enjoyable ride .

Captain Haddock works brilliantly for the most part: he's unpredictable, endearing, and colourful in all the ways Tintin himself isn't.

I think Steven Spielberg manage to converge a genius masterpiece into a Mediocre and meaningless movie that the most people properly will have forgotten in two weeks time.

Directed by Steven Spielberg , The Adventures of Tin Tin is the exciting story about three antique model ships and their link with lost treasure .

The direction of the film is superb with Spielberg masterfully crafting an engrossing 2 hour old school action adventure movie, with heart, for audiences of every age by including enough stunning use of 3D/motion capture, sticking a few self-referential jokes here and there and most important of all, making it a fun, enjoyable film that will bring a smile to anybody watching.

Plot - The story is a simple, kinda predictable crime story.

Tin Tin and Snowy collide into an unexpected case!

I just came back from watching Tintin and first thing I have to say is that I enjoyed it!

This looks like a landmark because the color rendition and the dynamic of the movements are not only realistic, but have a degree of representation that makes the whole picture look like truly enjoyable.

The technology: The opening sequence was a tribute to the original animated TV series, where Tintin seems to run pretty much everywhere, but seemed disjointed and odd.

And if me saying that has angered you to the point that you decide to leave me a drawn-out comment on how I am just a stupid American or about how you loved reading the Tintin comics as a child, thus if I would have read them then I would have understood the film better, I will have to stop you there because I am only here to review the content of the film itself, not the comic.

The action scenes are thrilling and they are easily some of the best action scenes I've seen in a while.

The movie is much too long, boring and childish.

The film feels like a children's Indiana Jones movie, as one would expect and it is only let down by an unfulfilling soundtrack and a slightly predictable plot.

A fun and exciting adventure from Steven Spielberg.

An instant timeless classic and filled with FUN, LAUGHTER and INTENSE SUSPENSE with the magical touches of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson .

Visually stunning, perfectly done & thoroughly entertaining .

Terrific action packed adventure, full of fun!.

Captain Haddock and snowy are very funny and enjoyable to watch.

Tintin comes to the big screen with a big splash of exciting entertainment for both children and adults.

Features a thrilling international chase accompanied by an inebriated sea-captain channeling one of his ancestors possessed of a hidden fortune, the objective of the villains who are more aware of what they are seeking than any of the heroes are.

From this point on, the action snowballs in to a big ball of silliness that I found too much and really quite boring.

If all this reading has made you dull and hungry then I will offer you the plot thick as soup.

What's more, Steven Spielburg has added some suspense element into the movie too - it blends in very well and makes the whole movie much more exciting.

The film really dragged, which was a huge disappointment for me.

After a slow start, the show really picks up and never lets up; well written dialogue, excellent cast chemistry and timely humor providing endless entertainment.

Visually stunning.

The film will bore, I believe, those of us over 55.

Tintin books are so fully absorbing, unique, and compelling in storyline, atmosphere, and drawing detail that I do not think they can ever be matched on film, by Spielberg or anyone else.

I went into Tintin with great expectations, I intentionally ignored any trailers or reviews as I wanted to go into the film without any prejudice, unfortunately the film did not live up to my expectations, worse than that, I found it to be an utter bore.

In the end, I would say that this movie is worth watching once.

The adventure takes them all over the world, to different locations and landscapes, which are all visually exciting and provide for great action sequences.

But if you go in open-minded, you'll find yourself enjoy what is truly a stunning recreation of a beloved childhood series.

I found the acting good and the action scenes are overwhelming and breathtaking (a Spielberg classic).

Who doesn't remember Gollum from the LOTR (in all the parodies, homages etc. his precious is never overlooked), the very believable chimp Ceasar from Rise of the planets of the Apes, which many of my friends and family thought was a trained ape and now the absolutely stunning show-stopping performance as Captain Haddock.

Very funny and action packed .

Overall it's pretty entertaining and I had fun, "Tintin" is a decent popcorn flick without being anything special.

It is too action packed and, for a first movie, the characters are not enough 'constructed' to me.

The action-packed story is part pirate swashbuckler and part Indiana Jones adventure; the combination makes for a spectacular and exciting film with a sweet, smart, and very likable young man at its center.

Since 1929, 'The Adventures of Tintin' by Belgian artist Hergé has been delighting children and adults alike with its bold, unique visuals and engaging stories of adventure, global intrigue and mystery.

and she was bored...

It was subtle and compelling, without being unrealistic and in-you-face.

The human motion, and particularly the facial expressions are absolutely spot on, the sweet spot of exaggerated realism which allows a very engaging performance by the actors ...

The story was simple but I left the theater in the end wondering to myself as to why I couldn't wait to watch this at home and why did I spend 300 bucks to watch it.

I love good action, but sometimes they can get boring after a while and after so much action, I really needed to catch my breath.

And if you are not that much into the leading, bleeding edge of computer animation, don't waste your time.

Director Steven Spielberg serves up an enjoyable lark of a cartoon adventure featuring that marvel of European comics, Tintin.

Also kudos to frequent Spielberg collaborator John Williams for providing another entertaining music score (though it's not as memorable as his classic ones for Jaws, the original '77 Star Wars, E.

In this reviewer's opinion, "The Adventures of Tintin", while visually stunning, may leave many American audiences with a storyline which they may inevitably become bored with.

Its boring.

Its so bad you could fall asleep, the only thing good was the introduction with the paintings reminiscent of Tintin and in one scene tintin had just one bullet to take down an airplane that was so funny in a corny way.

more than beautiful, fascinating.

I enjoyed it.

Some predictable things happen, and we are left uncaring and bored.

It would be a sinsin if Tintin was awful, which its not, but despite being visually stunning , its good, not great .

But if you forgive these gents from repeating themselves and look at the film with new eyes, it's really a very fine and entertaining work.

The problem is that the "Secret of the Unicorn" is only the first opus of a two-part story, the second being "Red Rachkam Treasure", which happens to be one of the most exciting and escapist of all Tintin's adventures, one of the funniest, and MY personal favorite.

If you are unfamiliar with Tintin, you ought to be pulled in anyway by his entertaining escapades – and I hope your introduction to him encourages you to seek out Hergé's original works.

Visually I can see it but it was empty its like they spent so much time to make it visually appeasing that they didn't bother putting a story in at all.

A thrilling Spielberg adventure .

Tintin is a funny, exciting and tremendously entertaining adventure movie.

The motorcycle chase is just in your face the entire time, lasts around six minutes, and puts you on the edge of your seat.

Back in early-80s, when I found out the fact that the comics could be something more than the repetitive adventures of masked superheroes, I tried to extend my "literary horizons" with the work of famous European creators, such as Moebius (and his Airtight Garage), Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd), and Hergé (1907-1983), the author of the popular Tintin books...

I don't want to debate anymore, but I would like to add that the movie is boring.

Thankfully, the answer was positive, with the film turning out to be far more enjoyable than expected.

From the first scene you're immersed in the fantastic visuals, the detailed frames and the amazing illusion of stop-motion technology.

It is a gripping journey of a treasure hunt that begins in Brussels and swiftly traverses the waters of the Atlantic, taking us to the enchanting Kingdom of Morocco.

Its definitely got a lot that kids will enjoy, with quite a lot of slapstick, but there is a lot of long speeches that might be a bit confusing for the really young kids, i say maybe only take kids 10 and up to this one.

Very enjoyable; retains the charm from the original comics .

In the end, the sub-plots come together to turn a boring/average story into a pretty good one.

While the action may be more dynamic than what was in the Tintin comics, it is certainly fun and exciting.

The transformation to film is somewhat more dark, at times, and physically intense than the more passive colored flat 2-D images on the page.

So painfully dull my family could not bear to finish it .

It was intense yet entertaining to watch.

A stunning addition to motion capture feature films.

Boring and mislead story .

Film is action packed too and is actually funny.

It's a Full on Exciting & Thrilling Ride from Start to Finish.

I fell asleep.

The very fact that a sequel is being made excites me, however, since this is a constantly enjoyable adventure movie, which does justice to Hergé's original comics.

What so disappointed me about the film was the fact that this came from Spielberg, a past master at such fast paced adventure films.

George Lucas made similar advances with the new Star Wars Trilogy, but the story dragged.

For a person who never heard of Tintin before, I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone of any age!

As I left the theater, I found myself wanting more.

I instantly fell in love with the artwork, the soulful story, the endearing nuanced characters and exciting adventures of Tintin.

The film is very entertaining and the animation is remarkable.

'The Adventures of Tintin' is just the most stylish and visually stunning animation of 2011 – a beautiful effort and unique creation from director Steven Spielberg.

He was just a dull character, and not interesting enough to warrant an entire movie based around him.

Turning Sakharine from a harmless collector into the villain was also an asset because it allowed an unexpected connection with the past.

The story intertwines the lives of a dull protagonist (Jamie Bell), his intelligent dog a drunken sea captain (Andy Serkis) and an evil ne'er-do-well with a 150 year old family grudge (Daniel Craig), all looking for hidden treasure in a paint-by-numbers adventure.

Fun and Exciting: Now This Is A Blockbuster .

I've read some ridiculous reviews so far about how Spielberg 'ruined' the storyline by making it boring, and mixing characters and elements from different Tin Tin comics.

For example, the plane, the key, Hadokks memory etc. It gets boring when they just easily solve things with no hardship at all.

The characters are themselves, the action is thrilling, the humor a mix of slapstick and sharp wit.