The Aeronauts (2019) - Action, Adventure, Biography

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Balloon pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a gas balloon in the 1860s.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Tom Harper
Stars: Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 24 out of 259 found boring (9.26%)

One-line Reviews (181)

Then, when they reach the summit of their ascent, well, I was on the edge of my seat.

Overall, an entertaining night, even if I won't remember it by tomorrow.

Being afraid of heights, I found the intense scenes pretty impactful and shot well.

All the visuals of their ascent and the upper atmosphere were truly breathtaking!

For me the feisty heroine and intense adventure was enough.

A very gripping film which I felt involved with.

Fantastic scenery and thrilling.


And as the ascent was beautiful and thrilling, then the descent is necessary, as oxygen runs out in the atmosphere, and absolutely terrifying.

The Aeronauts, despite the historical inaccuracy and fictionalised strands for the sake of entertainment, floats through the atmosphere in a gloriously thrilling adventure that remains both grounded in narration and afloat in excitement.

The first 5 minutes it seemed like it could be going somewhere and then it was just boring the rest of the way.

Good little film, very entertaining and great visually.

In a time a wash with fake news, where we struggle to find reality and honesty, a visually stunning film like this is part of the reason why, part of the problem, not the solution.

Enjoyable film, bad rewrite of history .

Highly recommend it as a movie nit as a history lesson

An entertaining movie.

A Tedious Snoozefest, Skip This Waffle.

The editing style is another drawback - just when things look like getting exiting in the balloon, we are forced back to ground to be shown how difficult it was, in the lead-up, for this duo to get airborne - these don't work well because we already know they won their battles - so it just serves to slow the whole thing down.

Fun, Entertaining, fictitious.

I found this to be very effective and the two leads made it that much more enjoyable.

Surprisingly gripping .

I really liked the Movie despite not being Fact as other people said, it was very entertaining and was one of the best Movies I have seen made from a "Internet Video On Demand Company".

So gripping that, at one point, I realized I was wringing my hands, heart thumping, holding my breath and feeling quite overwhelmed with fear for Amelia and company.

Everyone dressed beautifully and it was visually breathtaking throughout.

I don't know how true the events are, I don't know if the woman really did the things she did in this movie, but it was thrilling to watch, nonetheless.

It was a good film with a lot of moments that challenged your adrenaline.

This deeply emotional story is elevated by the stunning performances of Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, who take us with them on an exhilarating ride.

But I'm sure someone might still find it entertaining, as I did here and there.

Superbly thrilling!

The backstory wasn't very interesting and a bit slow to develop but the balloon scenes were beautifully rendered, thrilling and engaging.

Enjoyable escapism .

it was fairly enjoyable to watch.

The cinematography and direction will leave you on the edge of your seat with its breathtaking sequences with the characters in the sky and trying to survive the high altitude.

Hey, I'm no aeronautic historian or engineer, and I found this movie totally enjoyable.

You will enjoy this and will be caught up in some of the very exciting scenes.

Problem is, also, that most of supporting characters are at best pointless and at worst useless which makes this film quite frustrating despite Amazon Studios big budget ($80 million).

I loved the show and even caught myself holding my breath in some intense parts.

Eddie Redmayne, I guess I will never be a fan of him, plays his usual character like he always does, dull and uninspired.

Pointless and stupid .

Entertaining, inspiring, and heart pounding .

Going above the clouds to a stunning view.

What I found fascinating is the lighting here.

An Engaging Journey of adventure.

Great way they told the story and had me on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

It was tedious from start to finish, who cares or has even heard of these people.

One of the best acted, thrilling and engaging movies I have ever seen.

This one has a genuinely rare melding of food for reflection and jolts of adrenaline all in one ride.

Highly Entertaining and Thrilling.

This movie is exciting, and a little bit historical.

I mostly enjoyed it.

It can be scary and thrilling.

Very bland.

Feminism propaganda?

All in all it was an alright effort, definitely entertaining and engaging, and Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones did very well.

It was just bland.

Compelling characters, very good performances and breathtaking visuals make for a very enjoyable watching experience.

So yeah, it has lots of things it can be legitimately criticized for but still it is an entertaining movie if you are in the right mood.

The real grip of the film occurs when they ascend to a mind blowing altitude of over 30.000 feet and almost freeze to death.

While Glaisher was a meteorological pioneer, the final product still managed to make his story seem boring and irrelevant.

I enjoyed the 90 min break from reality and while a little predictable, would recommend one watch it.

Despite most of it being set on the balloon itself, and in spite of the plot not being particularly intricate, the Aeronauts will definitely keep your attention for the entire duration of the film, with unexpected turns and some truly captivating scenes.

Boring and not believable.

costume dramas are generally tedious and this slid right in with the multitude that have gone before it.

It does have an uneven pacing but it is still worth watching.

"Puts your theater seat right in the basket of the Hot Air Balloon, for a trip of a lifetime "📽Audience REACTIONS at its Canadian PREMIERE in September: 😄😄😂😄😄😄(6 laughs) 😱(audible Ooooo) 👏👏(2 applauses during the film) 🤓 (learn about true events)The Aeronauts (Tom Harper) reunites Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones (co-stars in The Theory of Everything) in an action packed historical drama.

The double act of Redmayne and Jones works well and it's an intriguing tale with much to enjoy.

The show is so benign and at times suspenseful, that the entire family will enjoy it on home theater splendor.

This movie used elements of real life events and people to tell an entertaining and emotional story that portrays the courage, adventurism, scientific unknown - and scientific excitement to be found- at that time.

Tom Harper and Jack Thorne wrote a good screenplay, but it really came to life while in the air and here is where Harper's direction and filming made this worth watching.

I don't know about the historical correctness of this, and FYI this is not a biography,, so the movie was really enjoyable .. .

A thrilling and gorgeous film.

Was pretty thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat.

With great cinematography and a truly engaging performance from its female lead, this one surprised me, and if you have a chance to see it in theaters before its eventual Amazon release, you should take it.

The script is awful, the acting is cringe, the CGI is obvious and dull.

It starts out fast paced.

While slow in parts, the balloon scenes are quite exciting, made more so by the knowledge that is inspired by true events.

"Action adventure" (PG-13) film that is quite boring, almoust as it is theater play being filmed for a big screen .

Not Historical, but Breathtaking .

The film delivers a breathtaking journey of two people.

The story is compelling, the production is exquisite, and the action is gripping.

Bottom line: a bit too posh, but entertaining.

Despite the familiar narrative, The Aeronauts is a great drama/adventure with genuinely thrilling moments throughout.

The script slow and plodding.

The risks of flight and harrowing scenes of survival are truly suspenseful and the backstory of the two protagonists is interesting.

I Enjoyed It .

An entertaining distraction for an evening.

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones also have a very natural chemistry, and while the scenes that take place outside of the balloon were formulaic, they weren't completely insufferable.

It is an enjoyable part of the opening scenes.

But it was tedious to sit through and boring.


IN BRIEF: Fine CGI keep this contrived, entertaining, and all so untrue bio-pic stay earthbound.

Intense adventure with the aeronauts .

A bit entertaining, kind of adventurous, visually engaging, and deserves the 6.6 average it has at the time of this review.

And after every thrilling moment the film flashes back to two years.

It's stunning.

An exciting adventure for all.

I did appreciate the rather early notice in the film that it was mainly an exercise in Wokeiness propaganda.

But it was exciting!

If you know this before watching the film, then it is simply unwatchable as it completely disrespects Henry by having his feat given to a woman for no other reason than to bend to the insanity that is overwhelming North American and the UK.

It was entertaining enough.

This is another liberal feminist film propaganda.

I wanted to see an entertaining film, and this delivered.

I watched this last night with my family, and it was an entertaining movie for all ages.

Some really great effects and images with some really exciting editing at times.

Kids might find it a bit slow and adults might get a bit annoyed.

The aerial sequences are stunning and thrilling.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Boring .

This could have been an interesting, and entertaining movie.

And the movie it self is boring , the writers are not good enough to make two people in a balloon interesting .

The best bits are undoubtedly in the journey itself which is often exciting and breathtaking as well as beautiful.

the story telling are sooo boring.

The whole movie is a waste of time and effort by a good cast of actors and actresses

I certainly enjoyed it.

Stunning cinematography capturing the magnitude of early hot air balloon flight pairs perfectly with the beauty of the script.

That aside I thought it was still entertaining enough, as a fictional story then.

Even though the dialog between the two actors is well delivered and quite poetic in its wordplay, the plot is banal and extremely contrived.

We enjoyed it though, a fun ride of fantasy mixed with drama.

They really come to rely on each other in unexpected ways, and by the end you have a real sense of what the balloon ride means to each of them personally.

" And, of course, things do go wrong; nobody is going to make a film about a balloon which takes off safely and then lands safely about an hour-and-a-half later after an uneventful flight.

Despite historical differences I have to say this was one of the most intense movies I've had the pleasure to see in a while.

Solid entertainment and worth the watch.

It is definitely worth the watch.

The movie is quite enjoyable as a fairy tale.

Fake story, but stunning and breathtaking .

The story presented, in it's own right, is an exciting and enduring story.

As I'm afraid of heights and the CGI made my toes curl ,but I enjoyed it

very entertaining.

The Aeronauts is obviously intended to make the spirit soar, but rather than providing me with an uplifting experience, I was bored by the film.

A very enjoyable and unique film .

I only go to watch a movie for a bit of escapism and enjoyable entertainment.

It was entertaining with great costumes and tension, and it should be seen for what it is: pure entertainment.

But then, the movie is over and I leave the theater as someone who was invited to a feast and ended up munching some peanuts...

These scenes are beyond tense, well shot, and exciting and it makes this film worth watching.

The characters all feel overdone and the story is so cliché and simple in its presentation that heavily push action scenes (balloon riding filmed with IMAX cameras) feels forced and overly-dramatic.

Dull Doesn't Even Come Close .

This is an exciting adventure which takes place over a short time span - a couple of hourse - but which remains suspenseful all the way through.

It is well made and exciting and a great spectacle on the big screen.

Perhaps, instead of grave, they are just as bored as the viewers.

Yes, I understand the woman lead was made up and the real Henry Coxwell was left completely out BUT it did make for an entertaining movie.

It was exciting and engaging from the beginning to the end.

Jones and Redmayne had great chemistry the whole film was utterly charming if lacking depth at times but enjoyable none the less.

Seeing it in IMAX is definitely worthwhile as it's simply breathtaking at times visually.

As I spent the majority of my time, gripping the arm of my chair, or shaking with vertigo!!

It is thrilling with her falling and trying to hold on for her life.

I might have enjoyed it more had it not stated it was inspired by true events.

Whenever the film is airborne, the film is action-filled and riveting.

The two scientists risk their lives to advance knowledge, and the story is very engaging.

dull and boring .

It was exciting in many ways, especially for some one like me who is afraid of heights like this.

A historical drama that is more parts thrilling action .

What a dull movie and what a waste of time.

The abrupt cuts do produce an irregular pace, especially when the two barely survive a raincloud only for the editing to splice a societal debate back in London, but the outstanding visuals and Price's intense score (as to be expected...

They took the historic flights of James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell and rewrote them into a simplistic narrative that is entirely centered around ridiculous fantasies of female grandesse, turning a potentially interesting real world event into a dull rom-com.

A stunning story that tugs at the heartstrings.

Visually compelling.

The way the aspect ratio changes and fills the entire screen during the sequences in the sky was breathtaking.

Visually Stunning.

Visually stunning .

If you want to watch a decent, family-friendly, period piece, with an interesting plot, then you may find this movie entertaining as I did.

It is an exciting and satisfying adventure.

Movie is too long (100 min) for its thin script, while 85% of the film is two main actors (Redmayne & Jones) in a balloon basket and they make the most of it.

Visually Stunning .

We're treated to some stunning aerial views of the River Thames snaking through smoke-stacked London before the first of several flashbacks fills in the backstory.


Well acted, a gripping story, great (albeit highly improbable) action and excitement.

that being said i found very boring and it never really got going.

A humorous film which will keep you on the edge of your seat, it will at times take your breath away.

The Aeronauts is a breathtaking on the edge adventure biographical movie.

Becoming a fight for their lives, this movie provides quite a few thrills and intense moments of realization.

The film resembles an rousing adventure film for children, an old-fashion Saturday matinee type with lots of peril for our brave heroes to encounter.

The film did sag in the middle if I'm honest but the riveting last twenty minutes more than made up for it.

It had wonderful action that kept me on the edge of my seat, with flashbacks that filled us on who the character are and why they are the way they are.

Felicity is especially stunning, and she gives an amazing performance that's not to be missed.

Intense and Technically Impressive .

This has turned out to be a great, exciting, emotional, entertaining movie that I really enjoyed.

This is actually well made, with good actors, but there's a reason "talking about the weather" is synonymous with "boring".

As a work of fiction, it is an enjoyable movie.

The flashbacks which show how they got to where they are - Royal Society's mocking of Redmayne / Jones' previous marriage are actually a bit boring, but overall, particularly after the first hour, it is certainly enjoyable.

Very enjoyable story.