The American (2010) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Anton Corbijn
Stars: George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 242 out of 476 found boring (50.84%)

One-line Reviews (757)

He settles into the slow pace of life there and starts a relationship with a local woman.

Don't waste your time.

Nah, it just makes the viewer bored out of his skull.

There's next to no dialogue, and it feels like there's absolutely no story.

And the ending was completely predictable.

Based on the novel A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth, The American is a low-key, character-driven thriller which could, at first glance, be mistaken for a boring and uneventful time-waster.

Cliché-ridden head scratcher?

The American is never confusing, and only for those who are looking for something with a huge shot of adrenaline (which, to be fair, the trailer doesn't do a good job of setting up) will feel let down or bored.

Can a film without a logical story, bad unbelievable and shallow characters (which are portrayed in the most stereotypical fashion possible- beautiful hooker, fat cheating Italian priest, hunky assassin, ugly assassin's boss) and terribly long pointless scenes even considered a proper film?

Director Anton Corbijn takes on a restrained focus into the assassin's head, and he doesn't lack rigor in what he does as the film is reasonably well made from start to finish, but the film becomes a boring exercise into genre where the content doesn't add up.

Director Anton Corbijn frequently has Clooney in a one-note personality and sets up his cameras at a combination of close-ups and medium shots that remain static as he performs rather mundane tasks as he waits for his assignment to come through.

Engaging Low-Paced Thriller .

The American is moodily shot throughout on a number of simply stunning Italian locations.

However, this is a film which I feel, if you are looking for a multi-layered story, you will find intriguing and an intelligence to boot.

The basic idea seems to be that if you let a camera dwell upon the face of George Clooney for long enough, the rest of the film will take care of itself, and people will pay to watch such a vacuous and empty film.

This is a subtle, slow building film.

Waste of time.

It has barely any dialogue, most of which is in Italian, and is completely boring!

Easily the most tiresome, boring, plot-dragging movie I've ever seen.

but gathering storms approachClooney is excellent, camera scenery is breathtaking.

The slow pace gave more insight to how lonely "Mr Butterfly" really is, and how painstakingly patient and methodical every aspect of his life must be.

Summarized again,the worst movie in my 36 years of life, that I actually finished watching.

YAWN This movie does not come close to engaging.

Beautiful scenery but no plot.

The point of the entire first half seems to be to focus on George Clooney doing as many mundane things on screen in close up as possible, which leads me to believe that he was the guys who put up most of the money.

Absolutely boring and predictable.

While it is slow, in no way does it meander.


There were so many side stories that this movie could have went into but didn't, which rendered it long, drawn out and exclusively boring.

Don't Waste Your Time .

For Corbijn's film to work, even if he insists upon cramming it full of pseudo-meaningful languid scenes - in fact to justify all those pseudo-meaningful languid scenes - he must at least do the groundwork, prepare us, the viewers, in such a way that we accept almost without question, for example, the love affair between the nameless American assassin from nowhere and the rather too gorgeous tart.

Even when there was some action, besides the sex scenes, it was booooriing, poor music selections and bad coreagraphy made it just uninteresting which is worse then unbelievable.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most boring movies ever made.

Armani-Clad Cliché .

Unfortunately for my wife she succumbed to the boredom.

We see at the beginning that he tried to have a meaningful romantic relationship with someone that he had to kill(and how it was carried out is rather stunning in its cold efficiency)because she found out about who he really was.

Completely pointless and a waste of time .

)In all, it's just a bad film, coming at you at a snail's pace.

There is enough plot twist and confusion to keep the viewer guessing until the very end.

It was painfully slow, with countless odd clips thrown in at random moments.

The plot was boring at best.

Thus, the film borrows from every possible cliché, even adding a father confessor, albeit a flawed one (we're all sinners: cliché), who can draw out bitterness from the protagonist but not regret.

Boring movie........

The "surprises" in the side stories are so predictable that they border on cliché.

slow doesn't always mean boring .

Worst movie of the year .

And the life of Jack (Clooney) is so unbelievably empty despite his clandestine career & attempts with Clara (cliche).

I go to a lot of movies and enjoy a lot of the slow, thoughtful well made movies that many people find boring.

The most boring movie ever...

In this case, that gamble pays off in spades because Clooney turns in a quietly intense performance, so powerful that if the film didn't match the tone he set for it, it wouldn't work at all.

Boring .

He simply wanders aimlessly through the movie, building a gun, looking suspicious, having pointless and boring conversations with a priest and having dominating sex with a prostitute.

Ms Violante Placido, Clooney's erotic interest was convincing, sincere and intriguing.

While the film's deliberate pace and reliance on unpredictable details makes it a hard one to return to for subsequent rewatches, The American on first viewing comes across as a very good little thriller which lingers in the mind long after it has finished.

The American is the worst movie I have seen in about 6 years.

The American is a visually breathtaking film that is shot on many beautiful locations.

He composes shots rather well: the tiny car against great landscapes, the lone American with empty seats or streets in frame.

After a dramatic pre-title sequence, there is more than an hour of a quiet, slow build up to the retributive finale.

and quite predictable...

Violante Placido is breathtaking as the friendly prostitute.

I have no problems with slow movies, but they have to have a lot more substance to work and this doesn't, it packs in 100 minutes what most of these movies packs into half that running time and the characters are not interesting one single bit, and you have no reason whatsoever to care about 'the American's fate because at the end of the day he's a selfish prick and also quite boring.

In other words: it's slow, slow, slow.

The cinematography is stunning.

Don't waste time or money on this.

Life is empty and meaningless except for tacky sex.

Lack of details doesn't add intrigue, it just makes the film empty.

I got so bored of it (and i don't normally get bored of things like this) that I just gave up watching it 3/4 way through it.

There are some stunning visuals, especially the white butterfly scene, you'll know what i'm talking about when you see it.

This is cinematic pretentiousness at a rather high but ultimately empty level.

If you want to waste your valuable time then please watch this movie.

Watching paint dry .

I literally had to fight to stay awake.

That film was noted for its deliberately slow pacing and fixed close-ups, which allowed tension to mount and characters to convey maximum expression.

The movie simply dragged.

A thriller has you on the edge of your seat.

But after seeing "The American", two entirely other emotions come to mind: boredom and shame.

It was so quiet I could people yawning and chewing 3 rows behind me.

Do not expect either action or thrill from this movie: despite trailers, the movie proceeds with a very slow pace, very little dialogue, very little action, long silences, putting to the test your patience.

The dialog is very minimal and totally uninteresting, and the characters are dull and lifeless.

Did Clooney need work so badly that he had to produce such boring dreg as this?

etc – good films in their own right) then of course 'The American' will seem like the slow, boring, "nothing really happens" film it's been accused of being.

It can be a ponderous movie and it can drag.

I was expecting a riveting little thriler; What I got instead was two hours of watching paint dry on the wall .

This was by far the worst movie experience I had in my life.

Just simple, it's the worst movie, at least in top 5.

Whilst I like the idea of a more realistic look into how an assassin would function and trying to be a bit more intelligence to a typical action film, at times The American is too slow for its own good, being too drawn out.

slow .

Otherwise, save your money for something else.

However, this movie is one of the worst movies, ever.

Besides that Clooney has at most 25 lines and he is bored and in a bad mood or so.

The film is extremely slow moving and boring beyond belief.

The actresses are just stunning, sexy, and play there parts beautifully.

nope, it's just a slow, boring, arduous way to spend $25.

The Boring American .

The American is another huge waste of time by George Clooney plus this film was so boring and slow that it was basically just more of a drama than a thriller, action like they tried to sell it with the marketing department.

That movie was an even more deep and detailed character study of a man living on the edge of sanity and insanity, light and dark, joy and depression, a precarious and exhausting balance which concluded tragically.

A artistic movie is the one that has pointless simple scenes with a hidden meaning or a later meaning.

Literally the worst movie I finished watching.

The usual Hollywood trash that has become so predictable nowadays, that i can usually tell what is going to happen at the end, only after watching the first 5 minutes.

To conclude, I was actually looking forward to this but nope, it was a waste of time.

It just seemed like another one of those artsy fartsy movies that has a deeper meaning to it.

That said, I was thoroughly unprepared (as was my wife) for this plot less, vapid, obtuse, uninteresting, and illogical cinematic outing.

If you're expecting an all-action shoot-up, never a quiet moment, and like to have everything spelled out for you, you'll soon be bored.

I left the theater wondering why most of the events happened, as there are not clear indicators why they do what they do, especially at the end.

This is a fine line for an actor to walk; the risk of course being that the performance will come off flat and thus make the character uninteresting.


When he wants to be, Clooney can be so compelling with barely an eye moment, just a gesture, or a little inflection to his persona.

The characters who populate this thoroughly formulaic drivel wear their clichés like badges.

The last half hour is gripping.

Don't waste your money .

just flat out straightforward boring story.

Yawn .

But we were very clear on one thing; it was tedious, boring and dull.

This is clearly an art film shot with stunning locations and effective lighting.

Totally Engaging .

The first once or twice it was okay but after that it became plain boring and a waste of movie time.

And the ending is refreshing, unexpected.

The "hitman-with-a-heart's-last-job" routine has been done quite a lot these days, and frankly it's getting tiresome.

terribly boring .

If you don't care, as in this instance, whether Clooney lives or dies the film becomes a pointless and futile exercise.

To summarise the movie in short : a waste of time.

There is no mêlée of Bourne-style assassin-chasing amid the hillside towns of the Italian countryside, so for many, shots of Clooney doing push-ups and putting together a rifle will become tedious.

It was predictable and completely uneventful - things happen and you don't even know they happened because there's really no tension.

If so You might get bored in 10 mts.

It's a long, silent, boring, pointless and absurd film.

The beauty of brilliant cinema is the message and the built up in "slow pace" movies.

Corbijn's view of women is also depressingly shallow and predictable.

The whole movie is filled with unbearable silence which provokes intense solitude luring around the main character Edward or maybe Jack.

Tedious, boring and amazingly dull .

Its slow pacing, mood and tone are pitched perfectly for the story the director is telling.

slow build up to ...

On top of that, add a plot that makes little sense where nothing is explained, and you have a cure for insomnia.

but that's only because I guessed that despite the pretty visuals, this stock cliché plot element of the spy genre would remain intact.

His personality is introverted, paranoid, ruthless, thorough, efficient, gloomy, lone wolf, in other words, rather dull and depressing to watch.

The result is a compelling portrait of isolation, a theme that the title indirectly supports.

His relationship with his girlfriend is completely bogus; after having sex with her twice and going on one date with her, he is already horribly in love with her and she is ready to leave her life behind and run away to go live with him.

What we actually have here is a slow and non-atmospheric montage of boring scenes involving Clooney merely existing.

But I saw enough to find interest in the symbolism and when I woke up again I saw the end, and it was intriguing and strange Experience.

The pacing is languid, but the locale's beauty is enhanced by that purposely slow pace.

There were so many pointless, dull, dreary shots in this movie, I was actually sitting there wondering if maybe they ran out of money during shooting, and just slapped whatever footage together they had to make a story.

A minimalistic, compelling, uber-cool thriller, with gorgeous camera work and, of course, handsome, talented Clooney .

This has got to be one of the most awful pretentious movies i've ever seen.

The first 5 min are a deadly lure into this mind numbingly dull movie.

The acting was mediocre, the plot was boring, the action was non existent, and the ending was completely predictable.

Exceptionally boring Clooney flick .

Watching paint dry.

But if you're looking for a meditative tale about an intriguing character, this is understated filmmaking at its best.

Cinematography was nothing short of amazing, the landscapes are just stunning.

I'm usually disappointed by films with this subject matter due to their being co contrived and unrealistic.

I'll buy that, but it bores me to tears.

However, this movie was, well, long, boring, plodding, and uninteresting.

There's nothing exciting, suspenseful or remotely interesting about this.

Very Slow .

Major bore .

My guess is that the director believes that a slow pace and a forced, unjustified "mystery" aura can still be mistaken with substance, quality and depth.

And believe me: scenes that seem pointless at first will seem ideal when you look back on it in hindsight.

After the affair in Sweden, Jack's associate, Pavel (Johan Leysen), orders him to hide in Castel del Monte, a small Italian city forgotten in the middle of a dreary lunar landscape.

Worst movie of the year .

It was a waste of a $1 rental and a hour and half of my life.

Okay, some might jump up and say 'but that is the whole point of the movie' but personally, if I want to be bored out of my brains, wasting time in front of the idiot box watching something that is going to put me to sleep, is not high on my list of things to do.

Except in this case it's done torturously slower.

If you're reading this George I'm sure I speak for for most of us by saying we're impressed by your talent but please make an exciting epic blockbuster sometime soon

Those who find people fascinating will enjoy this movie.

The movie was slow and the plot was awful.

The film opens with a suspenseful and intense action scene and then goes down hill from there.

I watched a handful of people actually fall asleep during this movie.

It ended in a strange spot and was very predictable.

However, if you are tired of life, looking for an excuse to kill yourself, watch this movie, you wanna die after watching this, taken you can stay awake during the entire movie.

I can see how a majority of the American audience will be put off by the films slow story telling and what might appear to be bare bones scenes.

But the plot is slow, and what is what expected never happens.

The story was very intricate, and if one didn't pay attention, you would be lost very quickly, possibly then making it boring as you had missed vital parts of the story.

Beautiful setting, beautiful people, no plot, no character development and a half-baked attempt to squeeze in some meaning.

Most of the film consists of nearly silent scenes showing Clooney engaging in mundane activities such as moving through the desolate streets of the Italian town, having dinner alone, making weapons in his room, and frequenting prostitutes.

The American is breathtaking visually, musically, and emotionally, and overall it is a brilliant piece of cinema.

Worst movie i've ever seen!

Then leave the arty, pretentious "production values" to a human drama which merits them.

So boring, such a waste of time.

First of all, some people here seem to be under the impression that just because it's slow and under-played acted that that somehow means that this movie has any sorts of originality to it.

He plays brooding well, not once do you see the usual Clooney eye sparkle, but here's the thing - it is tedious watching a character display the same emotion for an hour and a half.

But The movie was a disgrace, a waste of money, and total waste of time!

The ending, pointless although we are glad it's FINALLY over......

But for me, and those who really get involved, this is rather fascinating and it doesn't drag on for very long at all.

Save your money.....

The long drawn out scenes of "expressions" only served to punish the viewer even more for believing Clooney could make a decent movie.

Most of the action in this film is related to sunglass changes and slow gum chewing.

I can't say it is for everyone, my girl friend said she was sometimes bored.

it's too slow!

If all the bad reviews are about it being a "snooze fest", folks, that's because it's not heavy on unnecessary dialog.

few parts were a little bit too slow.

It's got plenty of sex, nudity and violence but it's so slow paced and un-involving that the movie nearly bores you to death.

Worth watching!

It manages to be pretentious and dull, with the cinematography the only point of interest - and as the critic David Thomson has noted, when in a film the only good thing you can say about it is that the cinematography is nice, then you are in the presence of a failed enterprise.

What I got was a slow-burning character study wrapped in the guise of a spy movie.

I don't normally write reviews, but I felt compelled to tell people that this is a snooze fest.

But it doesn't even do THAT because THERE IS NO STORY.

The intermittent story, where some viewers may be bored remind me of something Hemingway would write.

They also mistake the unexplained for mystery, silence for depth and cliché for inevitability.

It had no story, very little dialogue, and it was impossible to even tell what was even really what was going on.

It's just a movie about an unbearably dull & remarkably stupid hit-man chased by a bunch of amateurs.

For most American viewers, this movie may be considered "slow" or "boring.

My wife and I found it very dull.

Finally, If you cannot second guess the end of this ultra slow movie, then sorry it's a low IQ score for you.

Worst Movie of The Year, I wish I could sue them...

I was expecting to see another boring, happy ending, good against bad flick.

The assassin plot: thin and dull except for George making a pretty standard gun from old car parts (cool!

The space to absorb the experience and appreciate the stunning cinematography.

A very slow and deliberate pace to this film makes for an absorbing watch.

Horribly boring .


It was a waste of time and money.

I have to say that I rented this movie with the full expectation of a suspenseful thriller with George Clooney at it's heart.

Glacially slow, despite some good work by the cast and solid direction .

That plot unfolds, really, without much surprise or originality, which I suppose is what has led some to find "The American" slow and boring.

Too slow, dragged out, and frankly, mostly boring.

The sex was pointless other than waking up some of the guys in the theater.

The movie stands out only because is painfully slow and boring, feelings that are enhanced by the uninspired music choice.

The story is complex and you can read the comments by numerous folks here who misunderstood key elements of the plot and the character development, making the whole movie confusing and unsatisfying for them.

from a man far better known for his videos of rock bands, trying to create a finely nuanced movie with only fitful moments of "action" must have been as tedious as it was the for audience.

Clooney turns probably one of his most riveting performances.

Even though this is clearly the most exciting thing to happen to the town since World War II, nobody cares.

The landscapes are breathtaking.

Very disappointing and a huge waste of time.

Everyone in the theater, about 20 people less the two that walked out -- were very disappointed and some confused.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The film's failings notwithstanding, it was engaging and I liked the priest (Bonacelli), hence the passing grade.

Either that, or they're trying so hard to find something positive to say about a Clooney movie that they lose sight of the fact that this was simply a slow-moving, boring, meaningless movie.

I am not looking for some attention-deficit style camera work, but in "The American", scenes are so plain that just bore me.

Nothing Happens .

Plot was fairly easy to follow, not a ton of action (has its moments, which are somewhat intense), not a lot of dialogue in much of the film either.

The point of pretentious drivel is to be obtuse.

It's not funny, as a thriller, it's very slow burning, and even a as character study, there's not that much depth.

In the case of the remake, though, existential meant boring - long periods of nothing much going on, little plot development, mysteries best left unsolved because who cares, and so on.

While there are thrilling scenes, The American is no thriller.

Tedious and dull.

It is a really great movie to fall asleep to with it playing low as white noise.

Only thing that happens is that we see this so called "assassin" doing mundane everyday tasks that the viewer can not relate to (putting together a machine gun ?!

Slow, should be rated Drama, NOT an action film, .

This movie, quite on the contrary, is a major bore and has you wondering when anything exciting at all is gonna happen.

Read this again: NO PLOT!

I go to a lot of movies and enjoy a lot of the slow, thoughtful well made movies that many people find boring.

The cinematography is artistic, with evocative views of Sweden(?

It was just boring.

The cinematography is bland.

worst movie of George Clooney ever...

Overall, The American is slow, with little on its mind.

But have a buddy with you to slam you with that Pulp Fiction adrenaline IV so you can make it to one of the full-frontal female shots.

So do yourself a favor avoid this movie, it's a complete bore.

Contract killers finally realising their lives are empty and filled with remorse want out, is hardly a new plot angle and has been done before better.

Nothing happened then the film ended.

Corbijn and Clooney are clearly on the same page, even if it means the film puts too much emphasis on the non-verbal and the dauntingly slow build-up to the climax.

Really "The American" entertains in a different paced way it was still exciting as it was nice to get away from the explosions and crashes of typical action spy films as the journey and erotic love making was a better path to entertain someone with.

You made me waste almost 40 minutes of my life with this garbage, so called "action" movie.

Pretentious defined .

This was a slow paced movie...



What a pointless movie.

Not a lot of flash, just a lot of looking over your shoulder, day to day mundane mixed in with an occasional beat of action.

The movie was a disgrace, a waste of money, as low budget as low-budget gets and a total waste of time!

other than that no plot details unless you read the book.


My husband fell asleep - lucky him.

While this movie could feel kinda slow and underwhelming for the average cinema visitor (cause it's not an adrenalin packed action movie), it still serves the right amount of compelling tension from beginning till end.

Really boring.

One of the worst movies I have seen in years.

The movie is slow, very slow, but not in an interesting kind of way.

But as with all over used story lines, a good film can move past the cliché with its creativity and cinematic integrity; Anton Corbijn's second film The American, does just that.

Simply put: boring.

One would assume that this would produce tedium and boredom and for some people, it will be just that.

Oh yeah - no plot!

This was one of the worst movies i have ever seen....

The shots that are supposed to hold your attention consist of George Clooney looking pensive, George looking stone faced, George looking suspicious, George reflecting etc., etc. These are interspersed with shots of stone staircases, winding Italian roads, and bland Italian architecture, and and occasional sex scene.

– Certainly that this is a film which cares more about taking a look at the behaviour of character rather than your conventional Hollywood tale full of stylish edits, breakneck cliffhangers, predictable dialogue and cheesy love scenes.

While justifiably paranoid, he takes on another impossib(ly slow) mission of making the perfect gun for a woman who just walked off the set of the Avengers 1960's TV series.

So boring .

It's relatively slow.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have seen in a long, long time.

The movie itself is pointless.

This was the 2nd worst movie I have ever seen (I was forced to watch 1/2 of Rachel Getting Married).

The American is not a brilliant movie by any means, and it'll be a little too slow for some people.

I thought one of the sex scenes was titillating and there is enough female nudity to please the dirty old men in the audience, but I swear there is no story whatsoever.

Don't waste your time or any money on this film.

From the coffee drinking, to the beautiful women, to the action scenes which were gripping and flawless.

The Most Boring Thriller Ever.. .

Slow moving thriller .

Characters exhibiting unexplained behavior and a riddle of disjointed scene cuts do not make an entertaining movie.

I was at least hoping the ending would be original, but it was just predictable and unoriginal.

some people may find this film slow.

Self-preservation is constantly his top priority, and the exploration of his capacity for trust begets "The American's" most suspenseful moments.

It's deliberate, provocative, and entertaining.

It is 1 hour 40 minutes of torture and waste of you time...

In defence of films that are dry, boring, pretentious drivel, though, most of them do not feature stock characters and are impossible to predict.

Director, Anton Corbijn, handles this slow, brooding paced film with a confidence and maturity of a veteran director.

Very Predictable .

This is unequivocally the worst movie I have ever seen.

Boredom because, quite frankly, this is one of the most boring movies of the century.

I don't know what kind of dope the people were smoking that gave this movie a good review, but please don't waste your time.

This movie was like watching paint dry.

Its evocative of something else than what you witness on the surface.

I'm very surprised that I actually made it to the end of this extremely slow-moving and boring film.

Anton Corbijn's The American effortlessly strays away from Hollywood's predictable thriller genre plagued by its' tendency towards an easy closure.

Finally , this is a good movie to watch if u like slow burner and good cinematography , and of course if u r fan of Clooney.

You are just going to want to leave the theater and get your money back.

Yawn, i cant even be bothered to say any more, just like the writer couldn't be bothered to write a half decent story.

Boring, boring, boring!

There is no script or story - you don't relate to the characters at all and the ending is so naive and predictable!!

Final Thoughts: If you make me fall asleep, and I try twice to finish a movie, there is something wrong.

Sure there was great scenery and some of scenes were provocative, but it was so slow.

There is very little plot to work with.

'THE American': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five) George Clooney stars in this extremely slow and methodical spy thriller based on the novel 'A Very Private Gentleman' by Martin Booth.

but this one is his worst movie I have ever seen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this low-key but entertaining thriller, directed by Anton Corbjin (Control).

When I walked out of the theater the only consolation for me was that at least I had bought a cut-rate early-bird ticket.

I have read some of the derisive and negative comments, that the movie is too slow, that there is not enough action.

It has a few moments, but overall the movie is painfully slow, boring and not worth your time or money.

I liked The American very much, but I perfectly understand why its slow rhythm and calm narrative would make it inaccessible to those people who expect to see shootouts and explosions.

Paolo Bonacelli is compelling as the priest whom Clooney befriends, and Johan Leysen is chilling in his moments as the mysterious individual who always answer his phone with a gruff "Yeah?

As for those who finds this a boring film, well, it depends what you are looking out for.

It is also an intense character study of Jack, in his acute loneliness, constantly fearing for his own life (although it is never explained why people want to kill him, nor is it necessary to explain), wanting out.

This may be the worst movie he has ever made.

Some people will find that simply boring.

It had a style that may please Europeans, but was too slow & convoluted for US audiences.

The cinematography, excellent by any regard, includes breathtaking tracking shots through the streets of Italy's steep hillside town of Castel del Montel and extraordinary extreme wide shots of Sweden's wintry Jamtland Province.

If you want to watch an entertaining assassin film, check out "In Bruges.

George Clooney's Snore Fest .

A Brave, Compelling & Arresting Thriller, that packs in a great deal.

Clooney should stick to big budget Hollywood hokum and forget trying to stretch his acting repertoire by making boring arty movies.

The entire movie was slow.

Slow burning excellence that's cut short with a cliché .

boring .

It's just that despite "The American"'s plot really being like a gritty western (per the director's admission & intent) underneath & taking place in the low-profile, Italy city of today, I just didn't believe some of these characters would talk so little, with bland stilted lines.

It takes place in a "slow" region of northern Italy and the plot (what there is of it anyways) unfolds slowly.

The bland music isn't helping either.

This film was such a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

By stripping away the layers of predictable and convoluted intrigue that pockmark most marginal capers, "The American" presents itself as something far closer to a character study, profiling a particularly solitary assassin.

Go in with expectations for a fascinating, nostalgia-stirring character study and be especially keen as you watch the relationship between Clooney and Placindo transform.

Certainly this is a very slight film that's all about the visual appeal, with long, drawn-out scenes of quaint Italian villages and vineyards making up most of the running time.

Trouble falling asleep?

Still, it is a boring movie nonetheless.

The film is so slow it makes you want to scream.

It is boring and dragged on.

Fell Asleep Twice .

This subtle slow thriller has divided audiences the world over.

#2 complaint: This was yet like a boring depressive European film with none of the quasi-deep symbolism.

Nevertheless, Corbijn and/or the source material sells out just in the closing moments and your left with a sour taste with the cliché end that has now become the norm'.

Lousy, boring and crappy!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Viewers looking for an action film will find the pacing slow, the absence of fireballs and sonic booms truly creepy, and the ending less than climactic.

This is a quiet character study, and enjoyable because I thought the film industry had forgotten how to do those.

I stupidly made the mistake of watching this one late at night, and I ended up falling asleep.

Sometimes a George Clooney movie is excellent ('O Brother Where Art Thou'), quite good ('Michael Clayton') or moderately entertaining ('Up in the Air', any of the 'Oceans'), etc. Which is why I had no reservations watching 'The American'.

However, it has some episodes of intense action, and it's never boring.

I enjoyed the location and even about 15 minutes of it, but this has been the worst movie I have seen this year.

The pacing in the film is slow and deliberate.

The worst movie of the century .

Don't waste your time, money, hopes, and dreams on this one.

While this plot line has been done to death (no pun intended), Clooney's superior acting makes it credible and compelling.

don't waste your time watching this crap.


Complete waste of time.

The opening scene was exciting, shocking, and raised all kinds of questions right from the start.

It's an Italian melodrama and a really fascinating one at that.

It's a fascinating, thoughtful look at what's become sort of a tired genre.

Slow artistic films can also be interesting and this one is definitely not...

Nothing much to say, just plain boring, the word American is repeated so many times that each time you nod to yourself saying "yes I got it, the movie is titled The American".

German actress Thekla Reuten is strikingly beautiful as the client assassin, while the Italian born Violante Placido as Edward's budding love interest possesses a far softer quality – there is also no denying the startling physical similarity between her and one of Edwards's first victims, making his desire for her all the more compelling.

From the same director who brought the most excellent (IMO) Control (2007), this deliberately slowly paced thriller is quite a treat… if you're in the mood.

Worst movie ever ( IMDb says I cannot shout) .

This was the slowest, "put me to sleep" movie I've ever seen.

The characters are empty and they appear out of the blue without any real logic or sense.

beautiful packaged nonsense that goes nowhere, conveys nothing, and evokes only boredom.

While I don't disagree with any of the comments I'm reading here, yes, slow, yes scooter chase .

What looked promising in the opening ten minutes turned out to be THE most exciting scene in the entire movie.

It is boring for the most part.

The transitions are boring and classic fade in and fade outs.

However, what if I told you the film contains a car chase, five assassination attempts on Clooney's character, a femme fa-tale who isn't all she appears to be, a suspenseful foot pursuit through a narrow maze of streets with two professional hit men trying to outwit and kill one another, a steamy sex scene, a face to face showdown and a 7 person body count (more than 'The Bourne Ultimatum').

Save your money.

This is the worst movie of 2010, hands down.

Yet another 'one last job' assassin tale, that's actually a lot more boring than that sounds.

Glossy, vapid, empty and unrewarding.

However, due in large part to Clooney's subtle presence, and seen through Corbijn's keen eye, even the methodic weapon-construction is riveting to watch.

Over two hours of mindless boredom.

A great cure for insomnia.

THE American is a dreary film that moves in a deliberate and numbing pace, and feels like a odd-out combination of Jason Bourne, Michael Clayton and some pretentious European art-house picture.

So with all that said, I'm recommending The American with reservations but I myself thought it was a quite compelling change from the usual conventional movies I watch.

Be warned, this is as close to an art-house action film as can be, especially if you cannot stand quiet moments when nothing happens, with scenes that seem to be cyclic in nature involving phone booths, construction of a rifle, and sex.

In fact when Clooney finished building the gun I turned to my wife (who fell asleep a few times during the movie) and said "congratulations you just built and M14 with a retractable stock.

Cure for insomnia .

THE American is well worth watching.

Which is why I rate it so low - it is entirely pretentious, with a story unworthy of the full-on arty treatment.

Normally, when a film is slow, it gives you time to understand the characters, the mood, the thoughts and feelings associated with the events.

com/pages/The-Wild-Bore/299067834888Dutch music video director Anton Corbijn returns from the success of his first full length feature 'Control' with a take on the novel 'A Very Private Gentleman' starring George Clooney as a gunmaker hiding out in an Italian village.

Uninteresting .

Tries to be intellectual, succeeds in being tedious .

However, this was not the case due to a very uninteresting movie.

EASILY the WORST movie I've EVER seen!...

though there was some good old-fashioned chasing, killing and even some gore and boobs before that, all combined with a pleasantly slow pace and an atmosphere of paranoia.

And in the end - ehhhh - give me a break - how cliché.

Clooney portrays the man at the edge of his nerves very well (the best scene is when he gets startled after falling asleep when the book he was reading falls on the floor).

It's an admirable way to go about things, certainly, but the quiet nature is so prominent that it make some stretches of the runtime feel weary and sleep-inducing.

But honestly, this film has been a waste of time for me.

The final action scene is one of the most exciting I have had the pleasure of watching.

A Slow Paced Action Caper .

Characters are undeveloped, unsympathetic, and boring.

He is boring and his movies prove it.

Dull and Dreary .

Simply a very dull shallow waste of time and definitely not worth the 7£ I paid for it.

In the end, the action sequences are quick and boring.

Lackluster, Pretentious, Euro-Bland Spy Thriller .

This film just showed us lots of extremely slow and pretentious "artsy" scenes that did not tell us absolutely anything.

He is repeatedly subjected to the consequences of his past mistakes, and though he is far from the world's most exciting action hero, Corbijn is clearly more concerned with empathy than entertainment.

There wasn't enough action however, to keep me from checking my watch and yawning!

I found it difficult to follow the story.

bored and confused that they feel that they must have missed some hidden meaning or secret....

That said, the story is thin, some events, like the backfiring rifle, are ridiculous and out of sync with the rest of the movie; the dialog is often plain boring.

I watched this film purely because of its rating and reviews here on IMDb, after getting past the beginning of the movie which started out good i suddenly realised it was boring and continued to be boring i even said allowed "THIS IS BORING".

The problem is that Dutch director Anton Corbijn tries to do something quite specific and simply doesn't carry it off: he seems to think that long, moody scenes where nothing happens except good ole' George Clooney gazing into the middle distance equate with meaning.

At the core this film is a drama, and uses peaceful, romantic and then dangerous drama to spring up thrilling moments in a controlled or more realistic experience.

The American fails because it is neither a genre piece or an art-house piece, but a wholly vacuous and dull non- film that wastes a good cast and ...

I expected a slow build up and frantic development.

To slow and uninteresting .

The lead actor was trying to put in some kind of Oscar performance but came across as totally pretentious and uttering boring.

One of the more boring movies I sat thru.

So though plenty of red herrings, it was clear the director simply used all of them at once to try to confuse and delay the inevitable "cliche got-cha moment"Great job.

It's a movie made for pretentious idiots who can pat themselves on the back for pretending to understand how deep George Clooney was while playing his character, how refined this and that was.

Summary: OK, as a drama, but mostly slow and total waste of time.

I'm a fan of drawn out dramas like the English patient or princess and the warrior.

I will say, if you don't understand this film, then (like any film, I suppose) you will find it dull and confusing.

Not a bad film, great surroundings but to slow for my taste, and saw the so called plot coming a mile away.

Anyways it's pointless to talk about this; there was nothing right besides Rome & Angelica Novak's gorgeous figure.

Viewers in the mood for a thriller that doubles as a character study, who like a slow pacing that allows them to concentrate on aspects outside the plot like the setting and the elegant audio design, will love The American.

I found it as interesting as watching paint dry.

One of the Directors earlier films, though blank and somewhat boring, was a much more mature effort than this.

Slow mowing, introspective European art house thriller that doesn't try to grab the viewer with explosions and graphic violence that passes for patriotism these days.

It was one of those movies I would have walked out of the movie theater.

If you're expecting a fast paced action thriller, of course it will disappoint.

Like the setting itself, she can seduce the viewers into the heart of the movie and force them to suspend their awareness of the general lack of plot and errors in logic or technicalities (one more error…apparently footsteps are easier to hear than a speeding Vespa).

This movie is also very good in that it serves as a reality check for all those North Americans who have bought into the idea that life in Europe is all about quality, joyous enjoyment, etc. Nothing could be farther from truth, as the movie amply portrays, showing us the real European life that is quite dull, boring, and pointless.

It is very suspenseful at times, especially in the beginning and the end.

Boring - little plot - no dialogue - predictable .

that George Clooney portrays is fascinating for what's seen and not said.

"The American" is a psychological character study with a taut, gripping plot.


Instead you get a slow drawn out character-study that is not unlike a staring contest.

No, seriously, I was quite taken with her, not only her acting, which was superior, but her appearance, which was closer to being an actual, living, breathing sexy woman than an entire parade of the bland, emaciated looking girls that populate most movies today.

sooooo boring .

There is no script or story - you don't relate to the characters at all.

The pace is just way too slow for a thriller; that's another thing, it's a thriller without the thrills.

The rushed, predictable climax completely alters the wonderful tone that director Anton Corbijn has spent the entire film meticulously crafting.

bad plodding movie, Clooney owes me $200 for staying to the end.

I just encourage all of you to reflect on your own lives and think about whether you want to spend $8.50 and 2 hours of your life being bored and depressed.

The American follows a well-known formula down to its predictable finale.

But sometimes he takes parts that are too clever (and boring) for their own good.

For one thing it is very slow with languid scenes taking us from nowhere to nowhere, often played out in silence and while at times it works, at others it seems pointless.

The time spent with the priest is fascinating.

Don't waste your time .

The nudity was absolutely pointless and uncomfortable.

After a while then something of a salvation is presented in the form of an unspoken love for a prostitute, which is a cliché, I think, used to emphasize the cheapness and predictability of life or is that perhaps his own life he's talking about.

It's a good, quiet, sombre film that jogs along and keeps you guessing, but essentially it was a bit boring.


Empty Calories .

The movie is painfully slow.

It was very slow and the plot was very predictable.

The rest of the film is trite 15 year old written scenes including one I laughed out loud at.

But in between it feels very slow and the tension never really amounts to anything when considering the circumstances it should.

Many adjectives can be applied to this film, and none of them are good ~ choppy, anticlimactic, boring...

Here and there there are some exciting action sequences.

But just like everything else in the film, what could have been clichéd and boring, comes off intriguing due to the actors' performances and the filmmaking.

Dark, boring, long amongst the comments.

Abolutely the worst movie I have ever seen **Do not go** .

As it's George Clooney there is a handful of absolutely stunning women in the film, and taking in the character's emotional state, there is quite a lot of lingering admiring shots of the ladies at times.

If you want a slow-paced film that alienates the viewer for an hour while simultaneously boring them to death, this might be for you.

A slow burn that may not be for everyone .

A slow, boring piece of garbage.

This is an enjoyable action thriller that has a very basic and simple story.

Other than that, the movie suffers only because of the slow-pacing, which I don't deny it has an important role in connecting the audience with the slow and methodical way of life that Jack/Edward (George Clooney) decides to live but it definitely gets too much at times.


If you just watch the film expecting something explosive to happen, it will bore the pants off you.

it was so slow paced that were some moments when i felt asleep for several minutes....

A bunch of scenes with a boring priest talking God and sins, are not particularly interesting for me either.

There is very little plot, very little dialogue, and very little action from the characters.

From the scenery to the slow pacing that always allows each scene that little extra moment for the actors to do their work, it's quite compelling.

The minimal plot there is (assassin goes into hiding) is painfully clichéd and predictable, and at the same time manages to be silly to a fault and filled with subplots that are dead on arrival.

Corbijn, who directed the 2007 black-and-white biopic "Control" about the short life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, possesses a calculated and engaging visual style.

Acting was decent, location and the girls are awesome but the movie overall is a waste of time, too less a dialogs and....

It was that the Rififi ending that they chose for this film, meaning driving the vehicle while dying of a bullet wound and actually making it to the destination and then right at the last minute dropping dead, literally, with your head on the horn and a fade out with the sound of the horn is too cliché and brings down this otherwise very well directed movie.

This is a film that aims to be a atmospheric, slow burning film, about a character that has to be always on guard and can not let anyone into his world.

'Up in the Air' gave me the feeling that Clooney was actual telling people more about his own life and state of mind than telling just an entertaining story.

I was looking forward to a really exciting, action packed Clooney movie, but "The American" was really is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Disappointing, Trite Euro-Trash with Good Acting .

No, a dreadful and irritating waste of time for us.

Final Thought: The film requires an acquired taste and will be boring for some audiences.

Boring, slow, cliché, formulaic .

There are some truly breathtaking shots showing the town's remoteness, making it appear rustic, pure, vulnerable.

Every fourth scene has a naked woman and even that is boring.

Take the ending for what it is: the way life can be impossibly, painfully, heart-breakingly unpredictable.

A bit of an odd Clooney movie, but I enjoyed it.

This movie is sitting through scene after scene of slow build up to ...

You'll get more intellectual stimulation watching paint dry.

Next, we are treated to the stunning Violante Placido as Clara, George's romantic interest.

If more of these questions are answered the film may become too drawn out and plodding.

Don't waste your time or money on this one.

No plot, no script.

By which standards can this 2 hours of utter boredom be considered a great film?!

A tedious film .

Waste of Life,Time, and Money .

By that time I was so bored I could really have cared less.

You keep expecting action, since his character is a mafia-ish hit-man, to get down to some action, but then he goes "Hey, let me, just for the fun of it, pretend i'm paying people to watch this, and act accordingly" If this review saves someones life by preventing them from watching George Looney bore them to an early grave then my work here is done

In fact, someone once described Samuel Beckett's classic play, "Waiting for Godot," as one in which nothing happens--twice.

what is so thrilling about this "Thriller" movie?

This movie is boring.

This is a slower-paced spy thriller that is darkly realistic; containing all the subtle touches to make it one of the years' top 20 films.

Absolutely boring and predictable.

All I know is that I left the theater not understanding anything more (of any consequence, anyway) about GC's character, including little things like, you know, WHO HE WAS OR WHAT HE WAS DOING OR (hahaha) WHY.

It is definitely short on entertainment value, but The American's slow, deliberate style is a refreshing change of pace from the kineticism of modern actioners.

If you can get past the complete lack of information on the main character, if you can get past the glaring holes in this story, if you can get past how slow it progresses, you will be severely disappointed by the ending.

In the end, this is just boring and a waste of time and patience.

Therefore, as an American, I want to apologize and explain to all non-Americans here on IMDb that "The American" is far more pretentious, dull, and tiresome than any actual American.

A Tiresome Two Hours .

But as entertainment, it delivers fascinating images and thrills and some lesson about escaping history.

Don't waste your money at the theater.

The contemplative nature of The American is sure to be divisive point amongst audiences, and some viewers will inevitably find the film to be too slow or boring.

Slow, screen saver like trash .

As it is, it feels like a pretentious, yet beautiful, sequence of images that is more about scoring credibility for all involved rather than entertaining the audience.

the director likes the 1980s/1990s action movie formula of having multiple, pointless, sex scenes or 2.

Worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

Just because it's slow and 'almost' intense, it doesn't necessarily become appealing for those who prefer the European style.

In these enjoyable scenes, it is obvious he is highly skilled and the recipient of the weapon Mathilda (Reuten) certainly acts the part.

don't watch this movie, no plot line, and very boring .

The "mysterious killer" just gazed at Mars and nothing happened.

"O, Brother Where Art Thou" star George Clooney plays a paranoid assassin on the lam in "Control" director Anton Corbijn's ponderous potboiler "The American," based on novelist Martin Booth's first-person thriller "A Very Private Gentlemen.

In all, there is probably less than a combined ten minutes of hard action in "The American," but the patient will be far from bored.

(She probably realized this around the time that he flipped her over onto her belly, pressed her head down, and with her pinned beneath him started grunting while she's pleading "SLOW!

As it was I saw it with my wife who would have gladly left the theater anytime if I had said "let's go".

There is a very intimate moment encapsulating what the lead is going through when he upsets the dominant process of what happens when engaging with people of Clara's ilk, in that he ignores any process consisting of a kind of money exchange or payment so that he may receive sexual pleasure – this placed aside for the swift, decisive providing of her with said action instead in what is a reversal synonymous with the overall tract following Jack around.

Why didn't the pretty assassin, instead of slipping him a brown packet of notes (cliche!!?

but nothing happens (except nudity.

Artsy fartsy movie...........

The plot was slow and shallow.

We, witness Jack/Edward's work as he designs weapons to meet the specifications of their user, which I found quite fascinating as he creates guns, silencers and suppressors.

Boring boring boring boring boring and that is just George Clooney I am talking about.

Intelligent And Thoughtful And Very Entertaining .

ZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz .

Despite the visuals, 'The American' is mostly a banal affair .

The (very thin) plot was slow and predictable.

The American (2010): Dir: Anton Corbijn / Cast: George Clooney, Violante Placido, Paolo Bonacelli, Irina Bjorklund, Thekla Reuten: Intriguing crime film about dignity.

Wait for DVD My Critical Perspective: B- Personal Perspective: C A Slow Paced Action CaperA slow paced "action" film directed by Anton Corbijn that slowly reveals George Clooney's character.

The only good part was the first 5-minutes and if Clooney was shot in that sequence, ending the movie, then I would have left the theater more satisfied.

"I mention Sam because I want to make the point that a film can be a serious, influential, quality film with an important message WITHOUT being dry, boring pretentious drivel.

Not only is this not an action film, even the few action scenes are boring.


We have seen this story at least zillion times in movies but this time they made it boring and worthless.

boring clichés, few absurd situations, painfully slow .

" and then again is crying out "SLOW!!

Had this have been advertised as a slow, emotive, indie art-house foreign flick (whatever that means anymore) I would have liked it more.

A most enjoyable moment.

(probably so you wouldn't fall asleep immediately)I am going to go make a silencer/suppressor out of a transmission gear now.

But the rest of the cast are just as intense as Clooney's character.

A slow-paced absorbing thriller starring George Clooney… .

Instead it's a slow, reflective piece that works almost like a serious Lost In Translation, which can only be a good thing right?

The plot is a little thin but the mixture of Clooney, Italy, guns and the beautiful Björklund make for one of the years more interesting and enjoyable films.

the one thing that could make the movie worth watching?

Probably the most boring movie I have ever watched.

I heard many people call it slow and boring.

And holes in the story (such as it is), and really boring.

Some have found "The American" slow.

A waste of my time and should go straight to VHS and given out for free.

In the end gave the flick a VERY generous 3* out of 10, only because both he and the scenery were enjoyable to look at.

While this is a fairly slow(intentionally so; it takes its time and is all the better for it) film, there is the very real sense that his past will catch up to him.

The other actors give pointless filler, as if I need to see car travel and sex without plot.

even the gratuitous sex scenes were boring!...

His life is so empty, the only relationships in his life are the people he comes in contact with during the film.

The tension that this creates and the unpredictability of all the surrounding characters, who are even more vague and unknowable than Jack, made for a very thrilling and suspenseful film.

The whole time there is someone on our tail, we must always be looking over our shoulder, wary of the double-cross, and trying to catch a hint of what might be around the next corner, afraid that anyone we care for could be a secret agent or assassin, never able to truly love much less trust, empty, amoral, utterly alone… in short, a spy.

And Clooney is definitely in top form in the portrayal of this role, that he single handedly makes the film an engaging one to sit through as we become eager to witness his pursuit of something difficult to attain, which will require him to drop everything when biding time contemplating retirement.

Save your money.

Bored .

Worst Movie So Far Of 2010 .

If you're wanting to check out an adrenaline-fueled action film, you should check out Salt.

See Control instead (just please don't hang yourself afterwards)Overall The story wasn't too bad, predictable but would've been entertaining with a beefed up dialogue and less reliance on boobs.

The film that it is trying to be is one things manage to be tense and thrilling while also being thoughtful and deep; essentially it is trying to be an European art film with a bit of a thriller tacked on.

"The American" fails, even as dry, boring, pretentious drivel because it is chock-a-block with predicable plots and stock characters.

Boring and slow .

worst movie I/we ever seen ( the worst has to be Thelma & Louise ).

Placido is very impressive in her performance as she brightens up a rather dreary movie.

It was beautifully shot, some of the camera work was mind blowing and the story was really well in keeping with the book it was based on.

The pace is deathly slow and the script is poor.

But in its thrilling last half hour, the film grabbed my attention, and mildly won me over.

While not a classic, it's a very enjoyable theater evening in a remarkably dry year.

Deathly slow.

I eventually did pick up a Bluray rental, and it was enjoyable and interesting.

The subtle dialog and the mass-attack of stunning visuals made this film heavily appealing to me.

Here, unfortunately, nothing happens for a long, long time, and the screenwriter is hardly Samuel Beckett.

That all said, there were a few enjoyable scenes – obviously too few and far between and the score adequate, when heard.

I think I could have made a more exciting picture than this!

No plot, no story and frankly boring.

This was a pointless movie.

Engaging and unique .

Boring Boring Boring .

The quirky timing plays on Edwards paranoia and boredom.

This makes the film appear much more sincere and realistic, but also all the more mundane.

Dull and pointless?

Our party of four all agreed it was one of the worst movies we have seen, such a disappointment, as we made special plans to go on opening night, in eager anticipation.

The movie was absolutely boring.

Frustrated with the turn of events, Jack makes a beeline to a brothel and winds up in the arms of a pretty prostitute, Clara (Violante Placido), prefers to make love with a slow hand.

Gross misrepresentation and extremely boring.

A Taut and Suspenseful Character Study of An Assassin .

This is probably one of the most boring movies that I have ever watched.

All around you could hear comments like "That movie sucked", "Worst movie I've ever seen", etc...

The storytelling is unique, yet very compelling & arresting.

This one made me fall asleep.

But, this movie is boring.

How do you take a movie that has gorgeous scenery, explicit erotica, many murders, chases and betrayals, and STILL end up with 2 hours of boredom?

This is what gets done here though and too often it makes it drag slowly and makes it start to smell of being pretentious rather than being genuinely interesting ad engaging – it wears its arty depth like a coat, it doesn't ever really feel like it earned it.

Its a very slow affair with no background stories to the characters whatsoever.

The American starring George Clooney is advertised as a Euro-style thriller, most likely because it is so slow paced that it simply could not be offered to the American public as a thriller or action flick, you know the ones in which we tolerate the story line in order to get to the next explosion, car chase, or special effect.

Directed by Anton Corbijn, this film is visually stunning.

This is the worst movie of 2010.

Clooney may be trying to play the cold, tortured hit-man with a quiet intensity, but he comes across as being bored and blasé.

Critics and reviewers loved to hate this film declaring it pretentious and contrived.

lack of plot .


the movie is excruciatingly slow and is no thriller.....

We ALL agreed it was the worst flick we had viewed in a long time and found it extremely boring.

I was expecting that these would mean something in the end and come back but the end was so predictable.

The only Italians with speaking roles in the film beyond incidental waiters, waitresses and barkeepers are a cliché- ridden priest and his illegitimate son and a prostitute who - of course - falls in love with George Clooney.

Ponderous and sumptuous tale of a hit-man .

Suspense during movie is so obvious and so entertaining that you will never want this movie to end.

Anyway, the result is a stretched and boring slide show of Italian countryside.

It seemed to be an entertaining action packed movie.

As already stated by several reviewers, anyone looking for an action thriller with a suspenseful chase scene, gunfight and clear gotcha surprise ending will be disappointed by The American.

Pretentious, Idiotic Clap-Trap.

It becomes absorbing and fascinating to watch, and the beautiful, terrific cinematography adds to this purpose even more to give the settings more dimensions.

 The American is slow burning character study of a hardened man, a hybrid reminiscent of the Professional assassin Leon (1994).

Worst movie I have ever seen.

Whether he is shooting somebody or sleeping with a prostitute he has the same bland look on his face.

On the plus side, the locations are breathtaking, like in "Eat Pray Love" but with a darker mood and a more "artistic" intention but stunning none the less.

Good and slow well paced drama that doesn't have crashes or explosions, still it entertains only sadly ending in a tragedy that I didn't see coming.

Languid but fascinating character study, featuring a particularly dark and secretive leading character.

What makes the whole movie a bit disappointing is the lack of music and conversation, it's too silent, you depend too much on guessing what the main character is thinking and as you need to understand that the movie becomes it therefore becomes a bit predictable.

Slow and misses the mark .

Don't waste your time .

Nothing happens in this movie until the last 10 minutes.

I did manage to stay awake anyways.

The film is not one for everyone, it is, as I titled this review, a slow burn.

To quote my wife-"Tedious- I get to choose the next one"

The film is quiet and denies the impulse to turn it into a Bourne Identity thriller, but that's what makes it so intriguing.

First of all, because a lot going in will be misled that this is a high-tensity action picture like "The Bourne Identity" and when they find out it's not, they will leave the theater feeling vastly empty.

Viewed this way, the film is rather fascinating.

And as this very slow film shades from improbability to impossibility, it begins to lose whatever goodwill you might have felt when you were a little intrigued by the initial setup.

It's not that its painstakingly slow, its the fact that nothing happens at all.

About one fourth of the way thru the movie we both looked at each other and said, "Do you want to leave?

No, we get boredom.

Nothing is explained in the film, George Clooney says about ten words in the first twenty minuets,the film does not seem to go anywhere,the plot is weak,The action is non existent,and the acting is poor I kept thinking its going to get better but sadly it let me down and at the end i thought why did i waste one and a half hours of my life watching this.

"The American" is an engaging low-paced thriller entwined with romance.

Having been compared to the Bourne films, the American isn't on that level, as this film is quite boring in some sense and doesn't offer much of anything new.

Boring .

The Bored Retirement .

The movie is just a cocktail of clichés (culminating with the exhausted cliché presenting an apparently callous guy toughed by life but with a sensible soul who falls in love and is struck by tragedy when he was a just a step away from a fresh start and a new chance for a real happiness) and absurd situations (such as a hit guy telling his boss that he quits).

If there were ever an argument that refunds should be given if a movie nearly bores you to tears, the awful film The American is it.

The eerily quiet and empty streets of a typical European village offers a chilly reminder of how gullible Americans are when watching Rick Steve's "European Travels" 'documentaries' on PBS.

I think this is a very well-made movie, despite its slow pace, it shows the character of the hero and builds suspense slowly but maturely, and shows love can bloom in the most unexpected circumstances (I think that was the most positive part of the movie).

There's a fair amount of mood to the film, but everything is so amazingly predictable that it lacks any real suspense.

I will say the acting was great for what little there was of a storyline by all parties but the storyline was confusing and the 'action' scenes were poor.

After a rousing start The American bogs down in torpor for most of the duration before getting downright silly in the final moments of this lack luster shallow thriller that runs out of things to do following a gloomy George Clooney around a sleepy Italian town.

Good story, bit predictable though .

Quiet spy thriller may be too slow for most tastes .

Very Slow and Very Boring .

Well made, certainly, but predictable.

Here is where the movie gets really slow and you start to lose interest.

Once I figured it out it became enjoyable.

If you have something else to do rather then watch this like watch paint dry or ear the wind don't hesitate.

Who gives a damn about an assassin's boring, everyday life?

I know many will not agree, but I found it quite entertaining.

Good to look at, but very slow.

Wow one of the most boring movies I have ever seen in my life!

Easily the worst movie of this year!

The good: Well acted, slow burning plot, not too much superhero style action, does largely keep your interest as, unlike most films, you can't predict with absolute certainty what will happen and the film is mostly entertaining.

It was pretty slow in the middle.

and to top it all it's very predictable.

" Here's "Jason Boring.

So if you're expecting a fast-moving, action-packed thriller, forget it.

Awful, Slow and Worthless ...

Very Engaging .

If you think the majority of the movie will be anything like the poster, save your money.

People left the theater halfway through(which also happened with another Clooney film in Syrainna).

As dull as baseball and apple pie .

Again, a cliché.

The scenery fascinating despite the repetitious down-shots of winding streets.

While some of the "shocking" scenes, one in the beginning and the only other in the climax, were worth watching, the dialogue lacked in droves.

This movie was easily the worst movie I have ever seen.

I've just watched this movie and found it thoroughly absorbing.

Simply put, "The American" is a gripping must see for those who love the film genre as a whole.


He's transparent, boring and maudlin.

The camera-work was handled perfectly, the few action-scenes were really intense and that to me was surprising because for this kind of slow progressive story, with this type of character development and way of getting from one scene to the other, to make those chase-scenes as intense as they were made requires talent.

This is a slow, character driven story.

i am really really a big fan of MR. Clooney but this film has disappointed me very very much.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!unbearable and very very uninteresting......

See it if you have insomnia.

And it's all for a good cause because this is essentially a drawn out morality play which isn't likely to appeal to just anyone, or even most.

Dreadfully pretentious George Clooney vehicle, directed by Anton Corbijn.

It's not that it's an awful movie, or really even boring,; it's just dull.

Actually, it is difficult to imagine what drew Clooney to this predictable material.

The plot isn't terribly creative and, in fact, it's somewhat confusing.

Really boring and really depressing.

Stunning photography!

One of the most boring movies .

The acting is quite good, the photography compelling, but it is one of the most empty movies that I have seen in ages.

Boring .

Just a slow road to frustration and boredom.

Each seemingly useless scene proceeds with such a slow pace that any possible interest disappears.

Because that means that when there is action it's very exciting and believable.

I could not believe I wasted 1 hour and 40 minutes of my life watching this slow, boring, nonsense, empty movie.

I was bored so I went to the matinée.

' By others - a dull, overly long character piece, lacking in both plot and pace.

Travelling through darkness is nowhere near to be fast and chaotic but more slow and painful...

Like some reviewers are saying, this is a slow burner that is more about internal conflict than action.

Couple that with a few sex scenes and sparse dialog and you have the pretentious movie of the year.

I found this movie incredibly dull, dark, disturbing and disappointing.

The Worst movie ever .

This is a Slow moving film (with a capital S) so I expected good character development, good dialogue and good acting.

By far one of the most boring movies I have seen in a long while.

This film was poorly executed and painfully dull.

Zzzzzzzzzzz .

There are a few moments of action, but mostly, the pace is slow without being remotely boring.

Nothing deeper, and extremely boring.

A cold, dark opening that is completely unpredictable sets the table for the rest of the film.

Corbijn doesn't help himself further with some gross post-production tinkering, gilding the lily of a perfectly evocative grove composition with the addition of a computer generated butterfly to overstate a point.

If my bottom feels flat on the seat, it is a boring movie.

I got a frantic beginning and a slowly paced drama.


Don't waste your time!

Used as we are to being given, in movies too, the excess, the unnecessary, the redundant, in situations and dialogues, here the preciousness of the essential, but the significant emerges through slowness and discretion: rare qualities nowadays.

The movie is so damn slow that you almost fall asleep and if you do it's OK cause you won't miss anything.

I only watched this boring film until the end in the hope that it would either improve or make some amazing revelation to justify the hour and a quarter of total tedium.

i found this film to be a very entertaining and engrossing movie.

Lousy script, dull acting - yes, even by Clooney.

The plot is a little thin but the mixture of Clooney, Italy, guns and the beautiful Björklund make for one of the years more interesting and enjoyable films.

In one word: boring!

Did I mention there was no plot, and that the script (what there was of it) appears to have been written by Edna Krabappel's 2nd period English-as-a-second-language class.

The overall story is incredibly weak and uninteresting, and there is very little dialogue or action to make up for it.

Then we see a naked body or someone gets shot, then we repeat the slow build up ...

snooze fest!!!!

Summary Glacially slow and despite some good work by the cast and solid direction, rather an empty film and difficult to recommend to anyone not in the Clooney fan club.

this movie is so unbelievably empty.

This is a slow burn character study that is ultimately very close to a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's film 'Le Samourai'.

One character hilariously says "Slow.

I thought I would fall asleep before the story ever got to a point where I even saw a story line.

Trust me when I tell you, don't waste your hard earned money on this movie!

The deliberate slow pace will put a lot of people off.

The pace is good but a little forced, the slow pace has to beautifully managed, like Jim Jarmush or some of the non- Hollywood cinema, like Italian series, "The best of youth".

The American is very, very boring and no amount of scenic, on-location European village shots, nor foreign language dialogue, nor hot Italian prostitutes can change that simple fact.

However, the action is so slow that even I, as a European, had to stop myself from shouting: "Get on with it.

I'd rather compare this to the action movies of the 70s, which were often very slow moving, punctuated by sudden, rapid-fire scenes of violence or action.

This movie is full of flaws and so boring that I almost fell asleep.

Enjoyable action thriller .

Perhaps worse of all, the commercials sold this movie as an action flick, I suppose they realized what an unwatchable turd they had on their hands.

An extremely astounding, classy, and absorbing thriller.